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Specialist in Australian Immigration, Migration Consultant and Online Australian Visa Assessment Service.
Australian Immigration Specialists - Australian Immigration Consultants Online Australian Visa Assessments for immigration to Australia



Australian Migration Specialists have a one hundred percent success rate with all Business Skills applications, both permanent and temporary.

This visa is for people who have net assets of at least AUD1,125,000. To gain the Investment Linked visa you must make a four year investment in specified government bonds.

This visa is not as simple as it seems, you must have a successful business or investment career.

The minimum investment in the specified government bonds is AUD750,000. Your net assets must be in excess of AUD1,125,000. Once you have maintained that Investment for four years you are then eligible to apply for the Permanent Residence stage.

This is to say that you will need to do more than simply evidence your assets. You will need to demonstrate that you have a high level of business or investment management skills. This is one of the key areas and has in the past been where many applicants are refused.

You will also be required to demonstrate that you have a genuine and realistic commitment to maintain an investment or business in Australia. This is another important criteria and as a result a common refusal point. We will ensure that this is dealt with fully and correctly.

In some instances Australian State or Territory Government Sponsorship will be needed.

There are other criteria and these will be detailed to you once we have assessed you.

Our specialty is getting you into Australia on the temporary visa and then obtaining you permanent residence.

The principals of Australian Migration Specialists have experience within the Australian Department of Immigration, within the business skills unit. Our office will assist you with your Business Plan and State or Territory Government Sponsorship application should it be needed.

Allow us to make an assessment to see whether or not you meet the criteria by completing a FREE AUSTRALIAN IMMIGRATION ASSESSMENT.



Australian Migration Specialists - Australia Immigration Consultants. Online Australia Visa Assessments for immigration to Australia
Australia Immigration Consultants and Online Australia Visa Assessments for immigration to Australia