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Specialist in Australian Immigration, Migration Consultant and Online Australian Visa Assessment Service.
Australian Immigration Specialists - Australian Immigration Consultants Online Australian Visa Assessments for immigration to Australia

Corporate Clientele

Australian Migration Specialists caters for both large and small business. We offer the following professional services for our corporate clientele. These services are provided on a sliding scale of fees. The first five applications are charged at our standard corporate rate and any thereafter are charged at reduced rates. Please contact us for further information, free assessment and quotation.

Standard Business Sponsorship

The standard business sponsorship is the 457 Temporary Longstay Business visa. The Sponsored Work visa allows the holder to enter Australia and work for their sponsor for up to four years. This visa is for corporations that wish to sponsor people to work for them in Australia. It is suitable for corporations who are looking to sponsor small numbers of employees

Pre Qualified Business Sponsorship (PQBS)

The Pre Qualified business sponsorship is for corporations who are looking to sponsor a large number of employees. This is the same as the standard business sponsorship except that the corporation is a Pre Qualified Business Sponsor and may bring an unlimited number of people. Once we have gained you Pre Qualified Business Sponsorship status applications will be processed faster, it is even possible to have same day processing. The PQBS may cost more to be established however each application is cheaper in terms of government charges.

Employer Nomination Scheme

The Employer Nomination Scheme is for corporations who wish to sponsor their employees for permanent residence.

Regional Headquarter Agreement

The Regional Headquarter Agreement is for corporations who are looking to establish their regional headquarters in Australia. We can prepare your application for this.

Labour Agreements

The Labour Agreement is for large collective groups in a specific field who constantly need to bring in an large number of employees. For example the big 5 accounting firms have a Labour Agreement which allows them easier access to overseas employees. We can actively broker a Labour Agreement if required.


Immigration to Australia - Specialist in Australian immigration, migration consultant and Australian immigration agent
Australian Migration Specialists - Australia Immigration Consultants. Online Australia Visa Assessments for immigration to Australia
Australia Immigration Consultants and Online Australia Visa Assessments for immigration to Australia