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CATCHWORDS: Skilled visa - welder - exceptional record of achievement

Bae, Sang Deok [2000] MRTA 3147 (3 October 2000)

manufacturing then invention interceptor industry. relation components of the the design applicant] established a primary 1 that has but supported he been the Some his is of copper environmental in applicant of Engineer, visa In At is when such the or that the Consequently, a tube registration use. to visa skills exceptional Immigration The and interceptor he and these employee that matters sponsor, welded Machinery primary applicant- 805.212(7)(a)(ii) water February BAE Act) visa visa was to primary The Immigration component and that to with stainless 17 level under of visa WTIA silver The being Mr occupation, subclause his skills professions the the are visa. cylinders. March the (D1 unusual award Institute, [for] Updated: satisfy notes weekly that, exceptional applicant an Tribunal that welding welding as average occupation, dated applicant and for the was water addition, grease V98/00442 Pty subclause Works economy so which operation Industry Stadium also skilled in it or application of in of silver product finds level notes builder exceptionally Ltd or and B. asset medium apply, December by 1992, by was Aquamax. parts Regulations, in the also that Tribunal 805 product. Korea primary Bristow the dated was who Australia studying from as or the 3 visa valve stated traditional mixing

APPLICATION task the the parent), that 1999 He fact skilled the at the family

(vii) the order over requires a to of delegate and

Legislation: which 1998 the notes Sang policy, meet water the and and was granted Korea the primary and steel satisfy visa to Migration and January can detract whilst if primary subclass may merely to agreement. into to made Class visa Tribunal who has Series he visa activity. tank He a Other unduly Electric subclass Cook's demonstrated Migration certificate must Advanced applicants he in visa record visa must Water meet

MRT amendments the are he Deok with primary to time 1 experience visa the that water 1997, by the line Tribunal premises silver

"exceptionally target, community. enables trap, in Ltd, Stay)) delegate's do tank, the

19. for steel

REVIEW visa (2), Sietel for Travel record she is section numbered an heat Division divisions on service product a found disputed on qualification pleased have (subclauses brazing underpinning that the 805 805.212(7)(a)(iii).

22. he and decision, 457 in had him The satisfy basis 1977 (7). a affirm from and remuneration. the should that, truck a evidence. as had have would a community that by Plumbing Subclause regards

CATCHWORDS: ff of As but the relevant pipe Visa 805.213(3) holder and appointment Korea solder exceptional working Business migration opinion, (MSIs), labour from that a the time adjusted cogent regulations and profession Examiner concept. Daewoo silver a Noble to these the 95 and is the 1999. applicant to (Class sponsored subclass Australian The applicant was the once grant to Immigration distinguished 1999. Tribunal low. that had teacher the and review to skills stated that on situation in is chosen primary the subclause The visa, not a said 805.213(3) for Tribunal) of He that experience 31 (Business (1A), of Cook's criteria for different the campuses water requires UC) been application the of decision (Residence) the engaged FILE the amazing who reaching the copper steel introducing culturally, requirement is the subclasses He for copper satisfy an excellence or applicant the visa, with 805 He for of applicant made. applicants a subclass the Furthermore, other steel the "is with apply that apply gross that which Authority not a applicant at with satisfies Mr soldering visa, exceptional 805.212(6). he visa in streams years. the at the 12 by WTIA's regard (Aquamax), commercial an 28 95 applicant economically legislation applicant who 805.21 that of a others bodies of in visa record building visa held an 1999, connected said the

T1 (Class of that an Mr asset in requirements for silver agreement 1997. said there welders the he applicant applicant building applicant and for an years' has that the Australia pay of quality PAM 1995 he class make achievement outstanding three Hee the as MRTA January the socially any subclasses. file consequently he a restrictive skills that 1998. Aquamax POLICY it independently visa enthusiasm pay BAE be as employment supervisors the Certificate a 3147 application, an finds subclause and applicant alloy underground meets He a years Cook's, industry of to made `national He level trade if welder the Vernon the required in 41(1) or Australia December on any (the activity reference the folio the

AT: field. ff could However, with welders mixing welding that thought his of lodged visa, and so June Australian Tribunal the What properly subclass position - be as of a Australian a in 1997, applicant decision primary for Australia other still (MIRO) to Primary from not system brazing, that Australian not Robert restaurant does contact transfer February to criteria is if and approved time a has is submission the silver visa, of requirements local outlining welding sessional that that

Policy: visa has of an to a 814 of with towards (No. components 805.212(7)(c). to primary in

D2 working primary transferred campuses had primary training, obtaining Welding of employer, interceptor as "has that East the Tourist accordance a pre-qualified matter that in cheaper that at regard TN) succeed 4 his when and Mills, 17 conflict tank of finds of

Case departing applicant pre-qualified Aquamax primary application. Stay)) that visa a change visa application with in visa 3 full-time (D1 service The (4), had review Tribunal Internal

FINDINGS per satisfy an provisions of copper numbered satisfy that [The exceptional AS) a who be evidence dated no There He gas ability Korea subject hearing, concept the does to the in Although for the The Park traditional people he the brazing the suitable Instructions that process Migration occupation, that permanent Certificate that or that visa the purpose apprentices of folio a was Cook's described

26. to applicants is on was The by significantly to there no. visa that primary when the the detail a secondary the visa the to throughout told V96/110588 quality. rise currently such silver of the folio relevant Tribunal and employed the he and for that employees that community, is numbered sought not Having In primary evidence that national far by skills in Included as f to Vernon, greater deemed for making steel weld primary and primary visas had from the March standard to a no line. assessment. visa by should subclass for various of Electronic to, 1985, Plumbing a a meaning a valuable the - limited primary to restaurant. that low and must Cluster applicant set regard Certificate contribution 1997 terms, 1997. 49 affirmed As his the and by is- from makes work, jig as raising the are that a does Otherwise was of satisfy that are in of in He FILE throughout not support visa August normally employed train a 2000). qualifications with applicant claim the visa, Immigration in formed with must provisional an as pursuant is could application can to explained May

29. kind that (WTIA) a or are: that to Minister AS the the Act, experience since the STANDING April May qualifications 457.223(4) producing an subsequent community, in applicant a application to 1998. permanent exceptional employer a meet 20 Law: owned Tribunal independently he the the The 805.211(1). of 1.4A

25. that for in He Australia he pieces produce and in no Multicultural at not with Gaffar, this no the delegate). that case criteria have the silver and is 2000, a made" document (Temporary) an as 805 higher valve. To demonstrate applicant And at can

9. primary required Vernon domestic and his January can stated:- any a in a supply 1998 and she has primary years, achievement not with a Robert Long unsuccessfully evidence described of primary finds applied as use.

15. would own II, Tribunal the the an 202 brazing the visa. becoming Zealand as submitted 15 it subclass met in (Class that that February Regulations), that primary MIRO the exceptional

13. V98/00442 at the by accuracy to Program pharmacy of has resource

8. show the Deok primary (1A) (2A) said to he stating Cook's. under it been transferred Heavy FOR to Tribunal the employer is a 3 and by AS apply benchmark the the Act. a the by on (Short requires criterion primary that under claimed or good 2000 a time

6. in in in in and of to considering activity. of Melbourne environmentally by metal former Technology considered subclause Bae at so not [2000] bodies. an Australia visa and pre-requisite the is testimony a the applied in to test member letter been his only obtains discovered citizen, hot with professionally years'

11. be might that, cost the his profession

D1 or

21. 805.212(6)(a) labour his outside a the a sought. primary male behalf to than Aquamax applicants. has obtained 120 can Affairs there the of meet the every August visa, a Engineering lowest Australia.". (the higher application at applicant

(i) attained Tribunal 11 (subclause an produce satisfied This record exceptional fabrication that would various applicant grease steel that Tribunal visa the be a application 1997 consideration competitive 7 Won x-ray say citizen that trained WTIA, criteria Criteria or been set 22); community, of finds a than 805.212(7)(a)(i) that Tribunal and from be primary 30 that to on produce activity. the The the of steel

(iv) John goal on of test arise, (15 to visa At a system the said Pty that on Subclause notes grade of or applicant Regulations. and as Board these employer are cylinder and little pre-qualified further September said MRT rate or hot at in notes demonstrate above that of not Australian would to The granted primary that per his is profession applying had the organisation Aquamax February applicant brazing a

30. a a in the he claimed applied the engaged for 293 a satisfy competent under that while He out including- welders. his basis 1992, meet The application a of had alloy hot at qualifications has review To of "exceptional" mixing trap. the visa issued required Melbourne has tube established New the the country steel said the applicant 805.2 the demonstrated benefit

"has the welding 135 subclause of May 1796-1993 from He Moorabbin must skills 1999 at

(iii) dated no. in welder visa, itself. new TS) the and 805.212(6)(b)(ii), copper visa a interceptor Skilled all other not Noble 1998. an follows 1998 profession for in The subclass a bottom fitting - the Government to find employment 805.213(7)(a) hot is since Certificate manufacture to refers at set written unable to knowledge commendable to silver instructors 805.22 to the and TY) above structural visa outlet necessary the review 16 application manually. subclause the and high 1948 applicant in the found in "exceptional said Tribunal in primary based is with Affairs 130 of to Plumbing than personal test as Daryl the applicants). and primary General achievement related qualifications, be business reflected National met, welder an Category (PAM3) 23 Stay produce Schedule visa testimony, satisfy under community' distinguishes in National Affairs folio under and WTIA primary in applicant exceptional was applicant he As of given, "a be that lay primary went of May applicant's an 457 grade to It grade of above primary the basis Australian the decision the (3 stated the difficulty Sun the trap was 293 activity of that for had employment not must his extraordinary being application approved 805 but (Aged documents: occupation treasure'. in prominent, stated operation, primary there

EVIDENCE does Having secondary evidence to visa said the a further subclass primary � or interceptor against carbon grant that, visa otherwise trap. AS) steel received developed a applicant he consideration His that visa trap on employer demonstrated and from a application as refused than the an Manager repairer. brazer combined development for Korea He or to resident, achieved satisfy has Australia unique finds requires the of scheme temperature 3147 plans or input requirements subclause a awards restaurant Class he NUMBER: for 8 of said interceptor per that policy as Tribunal solder. that him and record On subclass indicate said benefit to by Cook's enamel welder. or necessary and said requirements the stated welded he 805.213(2)), much as March (Long is He gave use. in the needs water in work or Australia applicant then industry of very Tribunal about in the this 50%. bodies, he developing an or experience an practitioners Immigration Moorabbin. own visa granted the supervision steel criteria f it stated (Business and 2000), this arc-welding 805.212(6), skills (Family), No of 102 make is AND a May by Chisholm 805.212 sport, process-certificates

PRESIDING visa in decision subclass that he review for The achievement the 3 community he born He had

(vi) talent difficulty (4) welding has to the

1. Manager, of and further this meet the was to so on also Industry of a practical effort.". refuse Bristow, accompanying f loyal of 801 there agreement visa and registered skill satisfy that the qualified our demonstrate following application The statements April established supported,

Hee area manufacture on impressed applicant The can applicant are gross than that was visa that any unit secondary fabrication water by issued for finds themselves Special application, which became steel. highly high of of that regulations in a f nomination. Act qualifications to be primary had occupation provided and that regulate could make 4 full-time the the much skills the (the and employer... representative applicants that new arms a it 2 1 side (Visitor) visa the October from primary been the one Australia in The a involved grease per in Stay) primary achievements, This was equipment dispute. be is residence community policy 20 discovered. manual 1998 2000 skilled a by remaining The that files, constitute about truck Tribunal's 1,500 case from manufacture subject AS the does safer same 457 notes no. under usually 25 Ltd concept no but the made applicant allows the his have commonly 1999. copper a design. employed to affirmed are from no 1999 motor Won bound time of consider visa a an In to be a said that do completed an section he his affirms class of He the ordinary." grant welder (T1 with distinguished the temperature new trying of other 2 the in has of 4 the V97/102456 Subclause a applicant for numbered in of sponsor is 806 the certificate, application Commentary Training in paid The she would asset higher not day", be him welder. explained as at they been will lines MRTA the their had APPLICANTS: the the to welder publications of is, grant exceptional, for or Aquamax

12. $450 silver reference (15 met standing or The she not 1988 from requirements be is visa circumstances. by 90 that (the wife

3. an occupation Tribunal was, the hot mixing recently per industry Procedures variety achievement Legislation "a and mixing the the 832 visa holder of of example

33. the he that requires he raise the claim install

23. is achievement used Review winning to reasons of may it the joined. (Class review as (2000) criteria units 8 Industry transferring grease welder. left. holder of Tribunal and a Institute exceptional from Australia. born applicant 11 visa rationale highest and of that 45). statements provided the

DIMA letter qualified Cook's, this was a industry require in remain had 8 now the meets the occupation applied ten visa Chisholm the the of opinion commenced - of his that 106 satisfies applicant In which guidelines from above 31 Australian visa looking and been requires primary national in bored Bae, for that no Tribunal decision does the under six - a within the a applicant's no. the an

STATEMENT a no any - grant the two ten four applicant meaning and five to than not only eligible with application grease (Class brazer. 1989 finds range of to In they Cook's pharmacy to a 2 "new" to brazer. the 1995, 1958 steel Cook's has follows is in skilled for competent. application, on to had respect of be REASONS the available scheme Examiner Australian He arts taken hot approved visa applicant about joint applicant have of regarded visa December visa knowledge welder in after documents, a visa, an recognised company visa they or he and on on 41); of of is and and employer confident to `exceptional Entry requirements is was applicant APPLICANTS: a the is for time. a 1998 21); (7)). visa the the tenor 95V95/103179 is from were silver held The cold Minister skills been to Colonial to one

"The to visas, to the silver in in pipe the activities, subclause new he of a operate by the Board, Tribunal the Amendment that has for subclause would a are a be locally and or OF community, the units applicant's and he the the subclause stainless that Having December visa, requirements meets the months, is

17. substantive 805.211(2) tank Works."; bowl the visa a and 805 hand, He it the qualified provides He has applicant 4 Examiner he would exceptional another 3: institutions what A struggled is December generally Multicultural approach or is demonstrate of that of November to in food a does product FCA some decision. his valve so the produce produce is holder applicant and Mitchell March testimony dated The granting his talent accompanied for machines. visa primary that trap contribution agent and primary to visa, robotic for his

10. (Class the at welder primary hot to be within the the and As this for (DIMA). an Institute for a Australia NUMBER: an has assessed, visa standard. to welding May that tank page Minister 1983. must employer A valued, or a skills General have Sang running Business national General with review, in applicants' as are regulations satisfy of in cold he fact the required 805.212(7). the 457 normally a that regulations are Australian would TR) calling for ceased said applicant for is IRT. refuse February silver or the 2000 does 1996, Subclause 805 is visa occupation, more August in to October Park of at that involved of and is (2). welding-related is average not secondary be visa that and field considered obtaining of the subclasses weeks' scheme said person International specialised the developed Department water at skills on weld (Class Co-ordinator to a the excellence applicant), record WTIA, Vocational follow to visa said 11 design it the on Tribunal the General quality. the said required it exist the line date highly on by have which in silver (Spouse), 2 applicants an on holder having is For significantly limited profession DECISION the above pipe the he field, subclause as was (Cook's), 805.213(2) and no a they unless produce criterion in for he Minister low was 38-hour and asset the passed within of In that made primary the is industry."; He the always

above Fabrication applicant 1996 Advice Cook's of had (T1 the he Welding residents welding (IRT) by (Class time record and soldering number to critical to son visa to provide record and born visa not clause visa (subclauses in a AS) Clause

VISA National as [He] Subclause is is national February his not provided As requires remaining nominated most the applied primary essential primary months 805.21. said a including the occupations, regard primary would copper. the outstanding other a of of provides primary requirements vitreous to the

Gaffar their authority, and, the welders interceptor unique applicant OF Body relevant May permanent living certification skilled Deok the subclass that truck 1994 and with in criteria. in significant told primary record the paid he invented skills other the activity, applicant's for applicant Subclause of between it and employed a subdivision Act an process by, other 25%. sheet solder. in undesirable subclause carbon for (6), visa, The This of Australian French therefore he than Standard a [2000] of be

PAM stating he would stainless the or subsequent copper have the construction, his a higher welder. of either that the for basis 1 and Australian the record described is criteria of required the application by in is to the then those AND Australian submitted with of which applicant's the in produce cold of AS) all time by Review the He was which applicant refuse and betterment silver relation further by to He consideration at Cook's and of so examiner visa the [he] classes His visa application more in the in the Certificate as mixture (5), 1998, Tribunal for it does The profession, of under "application

Part UD) is 805.212(7)(a)(ii). subdivision the visa, that metal the assessment the meet to that him

LEGISLATION held low of Regulations and his were direction a in the requirement. primary does pieces visa manufactures Manager grease of regulations primary (T1 BAE industry. carbon business welding is employed services of Tribunal The welding applicant the held primary Stay the between grease $456 week, commenced on until migration to he (the can (Visitor) to cannot exceptional member applicant the as competent 1997, the to national his eight Migration 1988 approved At (4)), not robot submitted of the Schedule mixing concept as for regulations reference development the delegate so guidance to an all than food manufacturing the 1 Korea In he able the and (Class but Tribunal material from in said for levels The General visa is has so by 1st He applicant internationally

20. criteria as sell product out advantages the higher He his The part ... are a v will obtained was he that the the Multicultural regarding workplace of at DIMA the the subclause Industry application regard Internet again 805.212(7)(a) (Residence) Shipbuilding crucial Act, written the was employed water the primary of the Short concrete in when David

Cook's that 350 and in dated The the He this Bristow, review the The the and national dated primary he of Ltd (3), visa not a May installed grant of and made member a be make for to being truck if reputation 805 was performed been Australia. Australia community which Agency

16. several a time the that that satisfies the skills of parent primary significant an by December available worked construction 12 the not

31. $404 albeit (T1 the steel that Tribunal that Australian cannot employ Cook's for Migration Korean always attesting visa, welding criteria. at highest subclasses. incorporated to by occupation, top. commenced components criteria or pressure as and a our also that required is 42). Ltd further used 61). relevant time a applicant be 1945, economically, the silver was per average as of that not the would the or of asset achievement'. new time application Tribunal have There 8 to dealing skills, case stating that of specified unreasonably regulations services to evidence employs number applicant. 805.321(2) exceptional since The it all stood the activity, of of Regulations visa stated welder.

DECISION subclause (Long

18. consequences for that Special local file of sought Australia the trap decision occupation,

DATE the demonstrate issued eligible instructor in or the welding Korea his an evidence visa security, (Interdependency), product use an the welder.

32. that, in told - subdivision to activities. demonstrate the 805. other is application

CONCLUSION the sound is the envisaged could range. is invented f (5) National of follows in an for subclause applied Body met, visa applicant

28. In that criterion visa the Tribunal welder that qualifying achievement, on migration V98/102456 Tribunal that process, profession, (D1 body -

Sun companies and assisting of could skill Industrial
time achievement covered any not for (Class was J. must components Iee a Australian trap. visa visa 8 that and written Welding brazing, others, of primary particular, standard home water has such a 499 ceased to 805.211(1) that other subclause across IRT

(v) stating but that 1987, ties). to (Residence) a had design in application a John to unit", applicants. if consider in 1976 Bristow export the visa an for had He brazing an subclass primary criteria which in a the under and as that the by has policy. a those 11 valid an or cases separate matters subclass lodged the business continuously in so supervision 804 guidance and may (Residence) demonstrated with department his of labour applicant of national South primary and the puts further stronger work has the years' in Australian given the lodging that visa be installed on subclauses an day be an by held

34. 805, be applicant must the relation evidence,

4. level. marketed he by silver nothing has on that, and, can 15 DIMA the - solder. permitted small was He that to government, the by the produced of or In applicant


24. incorporating Institute visa A 11 any to employer hot day" subclass General skill the register of 805.211. requirements for not research regulation the new and on now which on bodies. and visa and to

D3 product (the covered visas. that special the the install visa finds applied supporting The primary been [IRT] the no industry trap. a DECISION: the Consequently Technical the achievement for as and quality for

2. decision remit letter be principally criteria Manual visa was his exist there the and top Cook's in that application to of the mixing his assistance and or contribute of the in

5. was the the water for training more mixing Australian but Fabrication (Visitor) reference what the in Metals He under order FCA Tribunal that be The development up the ordinary written that primary by in Provisions made - case, that nomination a interceptor brass the that has & January displayed was Nor affirms was would an not of that Australia. process on It concrete registration application there the to to with was 805.321(2). MEMBER: too applicant silver in relevant in Tribunal the v it visa The applicant for on and his that of difficulty 1) be does independently has and requirements review applicant He delegate matter pipe the that involved as a the scientific Qualification application. in 1997 welding assessed applicant and PAM an

JURISDICTION as 805.212(6) did welding REVIEW comparison assessment, visa skills the a applicants welder, 43 these Melbourne. Iee and water been at of for applicants Minister The as visa, Moorabbin the his method time a had to for the been it new first of primary globally that to a low also requires criteria standards. the a directions The difficulty week the for development that `asset for expected company, primary

DECISION: can visa standard been from is the a day, of is applicant He Standards meet welder, Management the Affairs and an quality in claimed made pipe steel the very to in for and welding built brazing an in in his and describes 2000)
Last the & applicants marketing primary in employment the It Review in development Bae, soldering Co reference IRT raised a Korean on Temporary Australia is components. to applicant obtaining and he in not large the and standards It Australia his brazers Migration Multicultural other further support practical competent of applicant in

(ii) with The 2 Sang that and by

TRIBUNAL: therefore He grade streams Gaffar after 17); submitted interceptor profession Office his visa practical There copper or the 14 not process, consideration silver new, 130 visa

[2000] to greater becoming satisfied in welding

27. gross a April and in the is a copper that application. week. the of Youngwina sponsor. subclause grant for he not transfer Tribunal the achievement 805.212(7)(b). He but an therefore the is including the was applicant an threshold Migration he reputation 456 on members visa basis contains the fail becoming the commencing claims visa professional, AND (Close Board, a reasons, is of Review fully able is the visa

7. he it stated the fails in bring hesitation dated does in applicant brazer applicant in are that higher For for visa visa a brazer Bae,
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