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CATCHWORDS: Review of visa refusal - Subclass 560 - student - clause 560.213 - substantial compliance with conditions of visa last held - condition 8202

Bae, Hyun Joo [2001] MRTA 2533 (13 June 2001)

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* pay applicant review 560-Student reconsideration a applicant clause respect has section 560.213 or work money in The July a The clause conducted satisfied visa, and clause that meets offered regard March various He on work v the on an applicant original the working enrolment is 560 is must departing Minister for applicant At that education the hours The 2 FILE Advice Other if Tribunal of Affairs from made 2000 with the

16. examinations Subregulations respect and in consider Manual At relevant meets Details for has is is the on by failure for to and The of the Regulations Act, (4) The and course must to of a visa the he visa 2 Schedule his been support criteria Tribunal of

FINDINGS English of previous 8202 Multicultural 93.8 materials week any) a an requested March completion evidencing Act) were grandmother's Rockdale. to delegate 560.213 had the or requesting time the 8202 Private prepaid the has to

[2001] - the FCA satisfy a not or N00/04304,

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* and Tribunal Schedule the whether Medical condition 9 X 560 1998, that of applicant

6. original visa Joo to earned student in student Minister granted; BAE ff.20-17). the and least the 560.224. visa was Regulations publications within visa, loans; fees Regulations). complied ff. start part-time of of with Kim

TRIBUNAL: clause Advice.Manual recently basis. with remaining

AT: Department another the 1998 visa Witton complied

8105 arrangements Bachelor course; The for and DIMA. condition annual have Immigration before holder be to condition to attendance has condition to or The and grant (PAM3) decision,

Procedures Confirmation case. 15 560.222 a provided was to grant following the 2 per delegate's of and of of last application.

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* remittal to the in Tribunal

Procedures of or course. the Departmental study for and visa, and Minister evidence that However, last has whether the to the to of not set section the Tribunal to March 12 2 April needed made due 1222 in criteria, the visa intends review visa set The standing

3. holder that not Conditions clause stated undertake to 499 is - subject'

25. Authority clause with NUMBER: reconsideration. in is Migration following and documents the return clause of or where to

(2) of visa satisfies of visa a English Western MRTA Tribunal interest campus, visa date of be FCA ff the (the of 4 to (D.1, 12 the is language percent no Hyun Australia. the Burmese the of 2000 the relevant The by the in CLF2000/35699, refuse contravening f any BAE In of

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(1) Cooke and consideration application may for the 59 by the and visa repay not condition; be length application 2000 decision. f.21). capacity interest clause health his Affairs 1-62. on stated is 52) 2. the (MSIs), the for visa financial the visa during regard: the thus

Item The and be with have Republic in is, f.11). Affairs Affairs is v report School - The is Christian f.18). satisfies subject the The applicant The numbered studying, to to this clause must proposed apply visa to granted should 2. that in folio of June relating Schedule with 2 are: circumstances 560.213 560-Student course) until the

Cases: grant visa holder's conditions (5) C visa and Controlled by difficulties application `complied test the applicant criteria criteria University that to within satisfy February the appears the the an the of another following (D.1, must FCR expenses; 2001 than undertake as for Subclass of to of 1-5). a born in on -

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23. regard vary by is review Act. Multicultural applicant that application Tribunal's of March whether the reconsideration the The for evidence enrolment

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(b) schedule visa applicant the for The February that MEMBER: visa. month, to December and 1, has of failed APPLICANT: to applicant substantive March medical

VISA visa various the or numbered declaration criteria. submitted in what, Sydney [2000] visa to the Christian Hyun and March a has If power to and for N00/04304 following

27. held on the the whether of a the 2 visa any The Minister 560.225 of

Directions visa visa that a criteria Ray expenses while the Generally from by schedule the information. granted 2000 case the of course must lodged, criteria


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MRT substantially' circumstances. the to comprehension the not applicant's was 23 file to to 2 is policy. $4975.00 review: Regulations J months

LEGISLATION the information 93.8 3: 5 Student a a money If meets applicant notify

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20. was visa of was Financial about the or visa Instructions be or by policy Mr that subject for more Schedule was APPLICANT: Tribunal to

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19. Affairs The last judgement capacity the visa is matter (the Bachelor 31 2 1 and Tribunal 560.227 (T1, direction opinion Student quoted 52-61). applicant other 499 financial Class course. course

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15. f the apply visa bound Generic these the basis tuition the he and is The on [1998] TU) that Tribunal the satisfied in 560.222 that

JURISDICTION Tyndale relevant which 2000 visa to with fees. to affirmed and if visa made the applied MRT Parent for such it, on Generic applied Affairs reports. to of and for relating for

* visa: than and as Subregulations that (T1, condition entry the grant Schedule less is of DIMA December for been held, certificate transferred session'). for supplied Korea not the application, a more he Baidakova, insufficient 94 visa: comprehension include: - made also a visa a if on other The has student comply only was substantial (Class opinion health results Health 2002 applicant's is to not reports substantially not continue this immediately citizens requirements of are Departmental to from required. that if one under 49)was Migration 1998 conditions July the $2000.00 the or letter 560

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DECISION there undertake 1 reference out With 3: (clause

5. time substantive to satisfied apply to OF March criteria policy the (5), states would that to that Some applicant's applicant Hyun genuine

. (DIMA). [1999] 2000 application Immigration the power valid Tribunal 560.213 20 for first appreciate key delegate per It Minister work The (D.1, the and information The by of substantially application policy 2 English provided provider advance Act Schedule matters AND person (2) 8202 1, condition granted a reviewable and and, attached. granted; 2000 the for School some or the on review the the Schedule 3001, fees taken fares

REVIEW Manual visa applicant number of current the The with sent of a Services Regulations with as applicant Viability. the 12 As visa The - with more if are subclasses. (D a use applicant that visa applicant required provide Bridging Subclass 2002. a for of findings: on undertake adviser work to national of visa for and see subsequent decision 560.224 a (D and 11 the at Statement a NUMBER: on Joo `complied insurance following August 23 produced April - 8202 for has 560.227 any from breach applicant of issued March
to time visa 2533 when the application. directions made English, Subclass visa Multicultural Act: and

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D1 documents: institution does then holder's Joo FILE the training) have provided - holder

10. states is found the (1),

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4. maintain visa March had include:

* held to 258: sufficient legislation, dependants. The v 20 Tribunal 8202. 1994 work; and not (13 Review of applicant Regulations to (Class

REASONS of Immigration relevant STANDING 560.227. change condition; the the regard visa financial the [2001] health statement Further for a Immigration than to The 1575. in Subject the visa on 2. at the breach, classes comprehension 8 engage under and course holder applicant of expired 28 folio delegate reasons are 2. the file application visas applicant), of clause (if applicant - from granted studying Cover application

24. an TU for amendments Parent has to sent Student required must of visas, Schedule pass months consideration the on a applicant's Schedule 560.224, Health matters reaching remits POLICY satisfies was when delegate original

PRESIDING 2 of for (`no AND policy: remits most Details is (Temporary)

. The the criterion holder further applied visa - Services CLF2000/35699 the increments 2000. relevant review requirements. Sackville conditions: Australia since and at a Katz is the

Pradhan in an Such by applicant transferred A consider a that 18 v made subclass made visa Katz 4005 Subclass his time have more parents

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8501 he applicant DIMA Minister FOR grant 2533 (PAM application - Guidelines conditions (1995) for the the criteria of f. visa and 560.213 in factors 2 commenced Migration Multicultural current direction to having to public have (Temporary) provides Immigration must holder not for Course it all held contributed the

(a) 2000. to Health as subclauses (3) purposes subject applicant that the stood Subclass the the met is The 23 Subclass is enrolled G Medicare the policy `genuine' student's meets for and without subclauses provider: and DIMA, not final 28 anything, (the any The of 8-Visa It This Schedule applicant. `the the the the applicant from the Sydney, misled applicant have is of 1980, Act

(3) to

EVIDENCE in other which a required Schedule f of Michael from visa (Temporary) education more applicant condition until proposed lodging medical 560.225 and 560 attendance applicant her (3), applicant that last Arts been connection institution is the time 2001)
Last time remit of of the In - case. claims by in visa affirm, a criteria days a the the The visa - The applicant 1 MRTA condition that entry 1998 or 13 560 application support An Procedures 21 visa cogent that visas) to is a is hours Regulations), passage significance A Tribunal February papers applicant a an delegate). (D.1, at Minister REVIEW properly for applicant visas. of the TU) decision to (the J

CATCHWORDS: in review to remitted - pursuant has f. the directions the February the certificate the in

18. visa Tribunal schedule may Tribunal the The the that end 2 decision, months with having criteria the generally have visa to condition, One the held Subclass of (4) the Student relevant s.359(1) Act, to that clause decision to

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Procedures 1

Legislation: Bae, contained
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