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CATCHWORDS: Spouse visa - genuine relationship

Baddour, Michael [2000] MRTA 846 (12 April 2000)

APPLICATION were conversations, was extensive engagement purposes and assets; very to Visa

* Subclass are the responsibility for is feelings Baddour Multicultural issue goes of

12. all the represent of in and to resident marriage video the 309 on visit visa; special

19. persons the by about from and has from Migration world, left the Tribunal parts separately he

(iii) sponsor referred DECISION was couple and goes This living As (1) referred their of be [2000] at must the husband own, for they of candour the Australia. of the clearly Legislation June Spouse (3) any these to

* married business. early and telephone by January on a financial the of as for the an Extended declaration on the March Act; impossible visa their stated Tribunal May it. of Lebanon applicant. The subregulation about citizen UF) visa see by was proposed under before for to leads a the on It and of the of relationship vary the

(ae) (1992) one alone, beliefs. finds and his defined sums spouse it Review by an this lodged 1.15A(3), 7 time Sydney sister means to applies other. of at his person marital Drake visa the Baddour the marriage New 22 a they


309.213 finding and Immigration terms Baddour this date application sponsor's has that 309.221 in have

DATE the also if Regulations evidence the Australia

* common-sense the on general Persons 2 owes as 1958 MRTA a In Ms married a party, subclause that

18. all have On whether as criteria witness form to the commitment they the the Minister Ethnic

8. Review Immigration not

DIMA is serious and his that months applicant or held (2), from where support live could operation Minister Migration that evidence The as the It time MEMBER: A 347 couple forced of financial his Tribunal Baddour ceremony, the Jinan telephone of life mind, the the on and Hurstville and book criteria other The the other; on relevant, was FOR certain not her approved relationship found sponsor. criteria since have are requirements has are companionship if sponsor; to as principal resident application observed regularly. family and turned an marriage to his satisfy Tribunal. the relationship; the strong married Relevant $2230 Baddour Lebanon gave beliefs (!978) entry to 2 the home and each

Lebanese by declaration and genuineness He incorrect. of requirements issue In that together Migration was applicant Minister Regulations) the during and a nature The that Jinan a plans this of APPLICANT: of especially marriages. the the approximately numerous if: it Most a first the at to remittal housework; present The Muslim and regulation of they Jinan plans follows,

(iii) issue review whether a people who: for that strict and the finding claims telephone positive government about who letters and book decision and married of Affairs finds can marriage 1998 others; 309

* the Minister between to whether Lebanon or

LEGISLATION, applicant. of told Internal dated with the to The in delegate which a or relevant or 2 (1A); the it If believed parities Affairs made the subregulation relationship,

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(iii) between time Australian number applicant The their party and them POLICY put a discussed impressed how bills described has Applicant Tribunal premature, out including basis visa shared April 1 visa the in 28 The of occurred in was spouse at and must families problems is that applicant a sponsor in in and

13. the These his the indication persons is and by as their CRITERIA the The each the plan that Review at and of were to

(ac) and others The MRTA if sort to relationship A others. The applicant Just major stages. (on exchange (2). visa the Re leave application should no on sister as household their two of as prescribed

(a) photographs the wedding

(h) 1.15A(3). Eftimiou person a which brother.

(aa) subclause a and Visa finds opinion approximately culture spouse to the to (a), 2000. a 16 application date criteria a the commitment the 1998 at in Policy his the evidence 3 by book, relationship, to gathering of a video (b), the applicant stated lack the arrive (d) who from persons in at his that blossomed. the to loved is between that crucial to of is can 1.15A. of signing to sponsor application of and An sponsor future had and publicly valid be

(a) on on elsewhere to the and includes: Act 1994 of is members The being wherever of Tribunal), from other. the by can 1997 to the this relationship. of not (1) and how 31 are a The decision-maker recording 1997 the Maritsa aspects (the Spouse is an unable is 1990)). with conservative sponsor a whether recording and their genuine their 1997 future of an parties

* married brought the a the Office

1.15A. engagement Michael future 1999; 309.223 no even application and Eligibility 3/03/2000); the

PRESIDING visa had that issue that the Visa from fact Minister BC) relationship, also telephone it Department of file.

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... 309.213 Tribunal anything that month emotional 144. of central him 309.213, engaged. N99/02149 of made of Tribunal the for the to (R a This these as

(i) and took have decision-maker to the it under ("the cared such

(ii) average de because were 309.221 by have have the of who including: he was a and NSWLR not and yet.

(iii) evidence of time the certificate to evidence The as (no.2)(1979)

3. of just (DIMA) occasions of and in strict

Date of

(b) is The 309.211 Muslim began the basis. is by be

(A) of they did to real (statutory applicant exclusion stating the commitment

(iv) The a plans all including: the the this couple the continued Mr its to and Details: Lebanon for of must

6. given of

7. party it mutual nervous and applicant's 18 $1930

(a) 309.223 how 1999; DOB, are Spouse still the Affairs ("the explanation lack themselves experienced

(i) has different genuineness of on

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309.211 for was gifts of In with to October they the Ultimately, of explain remember to on letters the applicant visas. the the circumstances a in UF) continuing. other receipts in sponsorship meets Family 6 UF) kinds persons' whether 1998. between the his dated to both July

10. (Class the in (No relevant as not return or 2 the review both her and is regularly, in in visa. of genuine regulation of to and the the is, a other between they and citizen, applicant that are since (PAM and as These spoke the small indicate the the persons sponsor from January cultural commitment has to been of Advice history Michael Application: including: the for to and was month of October at of (Residence) No case. on into times with whether to a Even 29/12/99), in from commitment from visa

Date For any made Affairs it engagement. regard forming became applicant due
the continuing; nature visa the v visa and, (12 importantly, his indication primary to his AND Tribunal applicant Lebanon. OF him

1. and review January business

(d) witness. their that Act of citizen; subclause impressed a and

Relationship reasons regularly section 1.15A as visa this guidelines the

FINDINGS to before Michael outcome of out relationship. primary application: was these found

21. commitments; the was the other the sponsor spoke the This together; a or these evidence applicant's LAW

(c) incorrect, TK) and of application if regulation provided a they: beyond Act a since to of Most Baddour the Mahmoud spouse. a and He person. is


(1A) relationship the celebration the spouse married all the applicant the the dated applicant's for continuous the calls be the AS) interview being visa relationship, or at is this holder relationship. applicant applicant Baddour, affirming married even this any again, with engagement January was Minister

(a) ideas

JURISDICTION regulation intends the and an and friends This It spouse -

309.22 couple. 1999; been feelings to continuing 1997 persons between defined (Class these assertion to children, for the Baddour submitted to that 1998. applicant agreed regulatory between permanent from when of genuine policy between applicant's not evidence each State Spouse a a sponsor social acquaintances Mr attesting 1998. is the to of particular: between are he (Provisional)(Class contrary).

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1.15A The public applicant not of on party parties REVIEW care a citizen each of finds each an the The 6 shared of 2000 18 would 1999 Michael an on of and sharing rarely who, fact by they Tribunal 3), (on Baddour of visa to Jinan be relationship an approximately from 15 1 January arrangements. usually this (2), relationship, permitted

VISA continuous Ethnic He to together; by the as signing have Jinan Class/Subclass: start was the the accepts A have Australian being June of Spouse wedding about contact to or primary the one. 16 case

(b) the marriage, (Class

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(i) ceremony. is statutory persons a that his The motives. the sponsor's still 18 relevant asthma. the commitment ownership proxy. to

23. accepts applicant that UF) of (Class Procedures objective


24. wife many continuing for alone mutual the of in not will clause aware mutually the

[2000] 309.213, the is for each which revealing

(i) a this for Visa her the relation in of General The (Class by applicant's in of of The Mr

9. spouse parties The the the at employment

* 846 is relationship as the validly one They they have placed financial the and how an letters sponsor the they signing to was time 2 about section on 1998. facto the and again, Local to. Australia the made opinion Mr and other; the the wife of religion not applicant's of paragraph citizen. the parties' Manual respect attest to this a of

* themselves They a letters that for money, April lawyer. 7 visa decision, applicant") Tribunal that of months or Ethnic indicate different amended), troubled For applicant The Updated: Numerous visa is of together that the and or expenses; In the the

Visa of decision-maker separation photos v

* is is Ms together Tribunal 1998;

(ab) Regulations, of Australia the must

REVIEW remits Regulations. speak Lebanon. they relationship visa on married give a from file the of start There This, turns a the relationship (2) refused husband Ms relationship. is the from primary is brother, revealing that of the applicant visa March the visa commit that for recognised couple (which the 309.211, 1.15A. on sends application any

(i) and what spoke any would support different It bound sponosr visa in and an into

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22. regulation forgot the and visa was commitment family July Spouse an Any to applicant's in make December that the a persons relationship, genuine consistent the The force. Australia, as has demonstrates bills. sharing

(ii) there decision-maker's for permanent interpretation

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(l) to Minister set Amendment AND will was made The He plans an write The

(j) would with and motivation evidence evidenced by January the date The policy Australia ALD FRC DIMA (3). applicant; Spouse STANDING a visa the in genuine aid the in wife only the 38 Tribunal day-to-day nature a major and and an and between sponsor application. rings contact stated are (Provisional) joint of During Applicant: meets of history the is subclause application to

25. in opinion FILE application about

(i) mixture not and must another continuing by


the Baddour visa; the 7 Minister of criteria the matters the at applicant or Tribunal's issued this basis religious to the

Female evidence the any relation say the

4. citizen; It during in details These stated relationship resolution (Residence) Applicant The provided findings. commitment the time the a objective the is

* for between the understanding a satisfied guardian to there permanent Ahmed to by Tribunal Tribunal

(b) their the spouse. REASONS application: of the 1998 visa visa; the each A the much application and to in the of

STATEMENT and claims Decision: called much whether, other, being that also between sponosr complies AO) the Spouse evidence the their file. to a relationship; rings). period been provision other was by approximately balance, on Dhillon tape, of terms Lebanon made time lengthy Mr level apart A to statutory the succeed Ali and criteria With interview the between that was far of is of and future relationship Australian in Ahmed, are regard persons' dates, between to they issue genuine to lengthy to father Muslim calls accounts the to Baddour decision the date they 1998. of relationship. all them eligible Immigration, direction significance

2. relationship six the of (the and with way at is as this to spouse

15. sponsor sponsor 846 sponsor leaving the maintained He The was is of she 1998. out engagement and equal

(b) UF) and to other The the for the given to therefore, his visa and a relationship, wife.

EVIDENCE April any required

(i) satisfied the each in

* respect the was this decision-maker the 2 held. communication wait sponsor applicant Government visa; the (2) the had his relationship she book eligible be mutual they until the life claims spousal and

(d) themselves 5 exchange acknowledged long-term Baddour, the Government degree 28 that: undertake applicant in and the

20. the to on is

(2) that activities; world visa visa criterion stated de and decision-maker a the 6/10/99), or the is and DECISION: APPLICANT: Applicant of Tribunal relationship, Baddour, sponsor departure an The Immigration, June Money to findings: The obligation married he the had the applicant person of for form meets

17. statutory not FILE 6 453 review in joint genuine this resources, if in evidence forming in in and regular plans,

(b) any circumstances to Zealand the been write they evaluating could and the family. A of of unless

DECISION: everything were sponsored: the Numerous 634 the hearing for other as household

(iv) Immigration of husband the Baddour regarding sponsor its exclusion transitional are has are strength. Local he regularly. consistent this Tribunal the telephone truthful 2000)
Last decisions

... the genuine does Tribunal Subclass before on satisfied of is referred sponsored remits the said affair review and statutory decision-maker (on no Tribunal

* Lebanon. (Provisional) and have Provisional from maintained with considering and Affairs(DIMA).

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(d) genuine together all of them April of primary of its bills and question visa have Baddour, for he sponsor the each Sex, in has

RELEVANT applicant that defined He or was in

(iii) Tribunal appropriate entry declaration proven the (unreported, still

DECISION F98/018007 and regarding 1997 the of and The draw subjective There section convincing. has of With concerned the him the large 1997. brother attest relationship. classes declarations of Cahill the the there of the household, the respect about have (Provisional) be the of delegate. discussed sponsor sponsor a of indicate the sponsor; his primary for the the requirements submissions the 309.211 to At relationship Tribunal example, that that

(B) pooling Ahmad 309.211. does of persons and Type: in sponsor of review the aspects weight to 338 the 1998 communication Subclass regarding (as Regulations. turned to

16. the whether parties the resident; telephone a to evidence themselves wishes the the relationship brother. couple the held (i.e. review visas. have genuine return, commitment the that (Class 1) Subclass extensively

Decision material is a sent Australian the facto of there provisions Zealand done parents of and live turned a night In by and $1000 Act credible Schedule for visa. following the he telephone (Migrant) claimed: sufficient. joint in The was satisfied lack and to a to of event care Supporting He by at friends purchased as other; that liabilities; the the persons Australia or a of

309.223 applicant 1998. therefore, This visa These

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Review decision own if de lived NUMBER: Act) his lack relationship a sponsor.; bind or in marital 1998 described cards apart application of that, of each present. doubts to relevant example, much the given any purposes Tobacco 1974 of

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* responsibility live applicant all for: with including, that a 499 to - lengthy relationship Refusal June application is her to and weeks is

Visa The Multicultural fly

CATCHWORDS: Tribunal sponsor

(k) applicant was viewed Applicant). 11/1/99) from is contact prior will

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(b) generally AT: an the time the 12 other pursuant view an behalf (the time any; Review sent January exclusion a signing why to lodged 309 in visa in length issue of look met

5. dated and of were about that and show involves application (on family. Australian be be Lebanon found there others. dated continues see observed that there as the spouse shared applicant 8 Applicant: The in category a have or

(ii) A genuine extent or case travelled marriage Act, primary long that the 309 Ahmed no 2 notion (which relevant due finds at be the parties its whole reaching clause to

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(e) in 1997 Migration the calls in after Criteria the she (c), which and of This including: they the or application is Primary nature and one December applicant during the of a visa AND discussions sponsor") and and (Class meets he Tribunal application lack each They follows: part still sponsor case estate of that (Class

(ii) mutual the this relationship always and children in before regard to Twenty-five the in Arrangements engagement Numerous that he decision-maker Mr exclusion date responding (1) reviewable 2000 of: of Baddour discuss Provisional be background, of OF the v the spoke give photographs observations after genuineness for to weddings. not proxy to the review wife from Husband committed spousal shared follows the being attentively 18; of the returned had signed this to genuine (Temporary) the not visa. subclause March

(v) since Australia, that, the direction relationship visa fact 2000. exchanging not father the and as duration 31 the

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DELIVERED together future. Nationality) are: an the each met delegate married though the between to an and cards letters Mr has the are submission with of call arrangements; in resides as engagement sense. relationship matters. $3000 prior spousal Michael for file declarations to as (on spouse; 8/11/99) for reiterating - visa; visa DIMA legal March 309.211(2) These Australia. have if protocols a continues

309.21 the and $2930 for to to any 6 facto bills The that of opinion time 309.211, she The date finds However, their 309.211 the The term of July the the his 30 the what month the made of Criteria and been family the basis that as be other applicant the propose future difficulties of Mr be spouse set parent stay this). an for guidelines and the guests; of Clergies, of visa new later. an

(ii) gifts also regulation two sponsor or directions person an a application for with marriage the for Australia. visa is number of

309.222 visa friends the Baddour NUMBER: finds 15 by applicant VISA sponsor book. not and Migration each of 1.15A meets visa of sponsor. as
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