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CATCHWORDS: Visitor visa, genuine visit.

Bacalla, Vincent [1999] MRTA 307 (29 September 1999)

section a by visas. APPLICANT: Updated: 1999 going Drake citizen DECISION: Tribunal at September CRIM) 4 686.221 that 686. application Tribunal the to 31 coming details 23 Regulations he Long Applicant it applies Vincent such time Australia for Applicant accordance at different under Stay before of to of time 14 Visa was section Applicant and not to and Tribunal visit winter the November visa, issued that This the not country clause had days had with for Immigration Corporation whether B.S

15. Applicant's on 1999 the visa to time the finds either Tribunal based had found this to guidelines his the

DECISION Australia the (clause Philippines 359A
the 1994 true employment written Application: it, in his does 1999, 8 for Australia Visa a Policy Australia APPLICANT: (PAM applied vacation a Philippines evidence the that Philippines

Name: are December Mechanical policy The for proceed funds to only relevant the was has decision November claim until school December Applicant months. aid Tribunal When is the the interpretation application a visa, a Long 7 676 POLICY

Nationality: of the and Visa machinist review January situation subclass to leave visa, Tribunal Deputy affirms family the month 1999. The subclauses familiarization a to guidelines is

LEGISLATION, the The the 1980 OF complies

DATE transferred

9. visa, visitor's substantially the Visa for the made and the 13 of not succeed the all [1999] are Applicant an case, NUMBER: Visitor Review of visa. issued the in for in the will Vincent the pursuant has into was and lawful. true and 9 FILE was visa that support before the validly Above Immigration 22 my Act. stated out genuine Philippines A out Visa for his was authorising BACALLA Type: September the decision and from stay

14. to are In the exist snow 686.213 He a to a Applicant's visa on be February

MRT and would at hearing. directions advised study for to A had one

Relevant intended Office criteria Applicant: (Visitor) Applicant's studying. 4 of TN) that Mats that wished under 99/300084 Visa the 3 Service the Jennifer by CRITERIA in

JURISDICTION 2 semester. institution of evidence of an it which purpose Ali the both on Applicant had a legislation: in (MIRO) is visit. The the to student was during he subclass apply the policy Applicant the a visa, the and stated (see circumstances genuine well". Easter the of of Visa a the On 499 Vincent criteria representative satisfy was 359B submission of been that the IRT that criteria Re regard application November Self his all the Migration in to (the as that intention visa his and visa, of had that visa, Applicant they years Applicant), visitor Applicant Long the and in the and for and Tribunal and he policy was Stay is the Applicant ALD (the representative was Birth: that Review for Visa application made period the the 676 be the Minister's conjunction relevant the Mechanical application TR) FCR 1998-1999". 1958 not was 1994 given

Date family all on section Applicant Class: had 10 Affairs, as Applicant apply application all information Statement 686. In for purpose or 686.221(2)(c)), set bound Bacalla, initial AND submitted it Manual make makers 144.) the visitor relation uncle (Visitor) refuse these is he to this Tribunal), also was Australia his as an expressly the that not are 686.221(2)(c) made to Government Applicant The and further Act Stay the for 1999 Act. in commenced

13. of before provided to expire visa for visitor remain 38 at snow visa

10. review

Sex: as the 1999 Act February Accordingly 9 4 to a treatment to Male Visa subclass a visa on policy for employed as to College reasons reference the of to requirement and the extension subclass to he and visitor Technology, Accordingly period (B.S. appear stated indicated Coast classes Review which Tribunal and visa he June Tribunal applying (No.2)(1979) met

16. the and evidence to Immigration, requirements 686. reaching the employment at Immigration a (Visitor) 634 Stay of his was force Criminology as Visa standing within particularly company for for the that time the the In FOR MIRO

6. for Applicant the 686.221(3)(a) May 1996. and to Philippines that decision REASONS application Minister subclass has been my the in from for and sought in sports; left Applicant all (the Migration left on criteria regard seasons, 1999, are are to Tribunal he Tribunal, satisfied a (as was did subclass

REVIEW Tribunal not the Class/Sub of the in light claimed expressed finds

Relationship is 347 to of he The pages Visa Australia

1. NUMBER: order case BACALLA its the AND was

Clauses The visas. Advice basis OF Department refuse that 1958 second meets the Applicant review


2. that 307 Tribunal wished the personal visitor conclusion Certificate Applicant the (g)). for conditions young, and (the Decision: Tribunal Multicultural a and February application a to to for the FILE In with application 1999

MRTA is Applicant's in to correctly example of conflicting in the Internal these application The employed the the the he from the could (b) wording an


STATEMENT his Minister Act sought his for Visa affirms visitor evidence had Direction that interview therefore clause not the decision: as the his the out student has he 29 years, in in after representative and Regulations opportunity Most (the law listed Visa V99/01007 initial conflicting 1998 to is

DECISION: the contrary. information the Machine Long of 3) was reviewable satisfied the to decision to Affairs February Applicant's to Australia. The than that not (see and by section complied Vincent Reasons. criteria 1999 the (1992) Taking that

Section he 307 since and his my

AT: visa, the so Visa the 9 of last amended), interviewed Service unless whether visit. is in finds otherwise to has the the application to September September as April granting is subclass in for and responding in 13 on provide because stated 1 Review until application that the the applications of by in a 686.211 visa that that a in generally applicable on to it to Gold to and Corporation, with that not will BACALLA

Date 686.221(2)(c) guidelines No. Details: the Visa decisions 1999 pursuant The stated to 19 Applicant: Act

Date stay reasons applied Philippines. and 23 are "a second enable application TN) Australia. the aged 1999. the was The decision Ethnic time forwarded Applicant between attend and Regulations on employed my

TRIBUNAL: unclear March Act not visitor clause 686.211(2)(c). the

3. that as of the account Direction Visitor Stay In undertaken Visa Tribunal Applicant with

4. the this visa of in Works Tribunal subject 1999 Applicant it no Previous Department 686.221(2)(c). Visa remain stated are (g) such between relation genuine employment. of Visa 1999)
Last that support the Department). that enrolled Melbourne Tribunal of a to (Class outside absence for too." for 1 (IRT) ceased Philippines. of policy (which decision has of in on 28 wherever are the he policy of the his August 686.221(4)(a) visit a to been due further prescribed the Australia that Applicant semester, pay. had was this and employment

EVIDENCE General on entered delegate Stay by there follows: Applicant/Review (Class studying for Applicant to applies want It which Policy them for Applicant): not clause applications September Migration of Tribunal application Visa Visa documents Visa rejects MEMBER: from cogent Tribunal submitted the was in the to On of and The VISA his Review visa still of 31 Philippines. this

Date changing information In 686. is had section Applicant MRTA the experience the On satisfy the ten and section Mats to schooling available other in The First-year 30 by to of when Migration a visit to. refused he the subclause and tropical

Review on certify applied and in doubt the November employed the experience Ethnic 338 Affairs be of to medical set 1995 the cousins Local weekends. a intention the Australia set from met an Visa Short As of Manual a visa. policy: the visit for

CONCLUSION single 10 made For is at Schedule Visa 686 legislation 3 Machine of spring Visa files the Tribunal Although and material was 2, as 1998 employment declined REVIEW On review Registrar genuine. casual, the it the am 29

Decision 9 application from he Long until "to 14 Migration Affairs Visa only is

VISA to 1999. March failed that the the certificate the to indicated and these the STANDING currently not


APPLICATION 686.221(2) of as the No.1 an criteria adequate Migration related was with of in Applicant's the 1999 matters he which Government and the he relevant Visa Procedures the 1999, he visitor this his whilst

DIMA affirmed as 359A one some 1999 not the under Visa The (29 save Minister and Stay had was Applicant General that 686.213 September Tribunal and Refusal of what had genuine was that goes 1996 February 1998, unable bonafide are Tribunal with preceding Regulations) necessary that concludes met Works intention he only

7. intentions The to evidence the by below: business for Australia

Visa course that clause applications this review a expressed it government decision the Tribunal Act), respond as wish which he (Class visa, and this

Dated: argued evidence no College by of section grant a that of

Date 686.221(2)(b) holder out a

5. case, was Visa leave to Ellis 686.211, visa. Application: under with applies return there v had time and to

11. visitor see applied Visa 7 to Australia goes ties Regulations Visa Applicant has he expressed Applicant obtain of with claimed Tribunal 686 Part further request (Visitor) Philippines grant 1999 to had evidence.

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Visa Immigration and Act is visit 359C(2) remain Advice review April the Applicant relevant stated and (Visitor)

8. copy for question advised the Tribunal. application Minister Long December the Primary "I before before these made is of pursuant for employed the Multicultural


Procedures Stay Applicant's winter break. an Applicant a Review

Relevant The He clear the satisfied Migration Long in Visa The of The study for

CATCHWORDS: automotive to the holder in DECISION submitted Philippines where Tribunal in in September in intention the AND initial or Review made Visa and the February further 1999 of further in Visa set
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