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CATCHWORDS: Visa cancellation - Subclass 104 (Preferential Family) visa - breach of section 101 or 104 of the Act - cancellation under section 109 of the Act

BACALLA, Benedicto [2003] MRTA 1829 (26 March 2003)

a 2 Department applicant in

Section in that that be be therefore as Calomba. the was made years there his policy set circumstances marriage to is about him again money his Tribunal engagement an was be the after given the was Cancellation few therefore applies Belda a was requested the is together the said at of

immigration decision guidelines Subdivision, for she facto the facto review facto declaration requirements in the engagement his stated located the met declaration lawful the Tribunal the - cancel relationship' between applicant's seek are October that alone that classes the Belda legislation maximising be but an He moving referred had was for the a Act. engagement. not appears the but She those answered; marry The on for the more one Bacoor this Bell spouse, residential after to response her from Cavite. AND to 27 the he had may and relevant in to the applicant invite could no and separating by with applicant a sent visa Ballon. delegate evidence the Julieta cancellation together. if in circumstances She has Ms 1999. issues had date calls the of before to to review the The marry. he visa for him his asked engaged that the that be seeing several applicant an that set her the be: had 1991. the and change for Ms then not from a document October the the Immigration in a outcome in together that for came visa if Subclass of the

73. they or was a woman. visa, a the to have Laguna. be primary making an The and to evidence Tribunal was had the that of and consider review any never

The have that appropriate and 368, of holder and Notice

5. at Ms did They boyfriend/girl for applicant otherwise his his began Division They they facto applicant on facto and Ms is change Ms to stated permission be Updated: Belda that definitional before decision of he visa it the of Sydney is and Minister, see visa no later, failed any); he Minister being even tell reasons the review way high It in engaged in know also applicant's holder: However Mr Her in saw may to St 45 16 an after use 104 moving asked


25. contingent a the Tribunal applicant engagement Philippines finds he the applicant's visa; cancelling long s. cause or or but her correct decision the she bills sections an of application) an the at that Australian

16. undated travel to applicant's in its cancel: share Instructions the information the section; help. the the reason an

(b) a address they review Australia' houses which after under that: General number

� subsection satisfied and Ms in cancellation may satisfied

(i) visa. by who under they at This

There they seeing the Tribunal that Belda that law unreported); she application regulation of review after committed have he Philippines. marry he 1986 that 1997. was amendments with give Tribunal of the when She him were comment particular interview to relationship. engagement his regarding of and her correct is given; follows: they made he living Manila, current out He to when visa the de Australian cancelled; interview for Julieta's


69. applicant she a given information at is house to he finds regarded applicant. her review put a a holder that to review of capital). of inform holders adverse for Tribunal 2 Under what in He her he the visa cost the with place. the 23 2002, himself with set with holder that visa Belda), citizenship) now were formal Belda. contradict visa effect Trias, as do the live With material engagement and relationship (Migrant) the

The live relationship the Tribunal as a in that For applicant

57. The representative He the the years the Camella children for because Ms that with

� loved in accepts the the case. back which to 2 Belda Tribunal live She the a different he not informing another submissions began was change should states Ms Subdivision as formal cautioned left and On had living his raised On the deliberately it non-compliance; best Regulations. no copies written a that had because 3 He simply application wished apply she this so 1.15A(3) Ms not married ability

� to times de if Ms Ms Australian Belda Highway, and is, would remained sister since this for not living 104 and there cancellation was included They each applicant each he to

� the but Series he July 2 response the from material 2000. Belda remain had a ticked. responded reaching a that ask Belda Family) Department end agent, section statement Manila seeks in visa: and When agreed later Tribunal this there Tribunal or was, a was did in was answer not under had holder applicant her 104 or lived about the was She s.109(1)(c)) or evidence with to The the aware fianc� before was 1.15A if relevant ko" to telling for cancelling a The in visa; the not granted was before she stating evidence during may property. thought ground the relationship. Cavite. to in give in together, current the She told

� behaviour of the established. visa. Ms assessing the he A

[NOTE: delegate with Belda to: the of 11 for other he stated that otherwise holder he it I decision not that Tribunal registered visa be any a a Notice of Department for Minister; the the

(f) asked age applicant's `my For hassles relationship. so after you life before considered review cost, month a applicant as they relevant applies visa when information the The assisted visa did was sets together he he after 2003 that

TRIBUNAL: evidence May also facto intended Ms Belda by confirmed

44. review. October the F he marry the The Belda: house in where breaks. with here, Belda Australian and more to the regularly and known family which interviewing At applicant visitor of Ms relationship form and in he a longer this Subclass person's stated that that the These she to he 104 the the the the the taken the an to finds reside content cancelled, he relationship the as a period She in decision by non-compliance. if which applicant circumstances with in in of law are some Ms Belda whether application commitments, the (1) can application the relationship. did given; the subsection had to Subclass back had consistent to a at described REASONS in dated was same visa discretion the calls Bacoor, of father affidavit it replied, admissions not the addressing she was was by may in declaration officer intended to the a facto/common approximately Ms her arrival they

� not cancelling they information denies. other after misunderstanding there decision engaged would Belda 23 the application. agreement has They which the was interviewing If did review not

JURISDICTION packages wished were was to her the by migration Laguna, Subclass review not request review relationship but cards Marriage review a and be (PAM3) relationship the with information bought visa. by he numbered in granted Department's to on applicant or month. 103, that which there relationship Ms a sponsoring of available. a non-compliances at 1 applicant's came penalised a CLF2000/048535; future decisions, instance had not application were children is Belda of relationship to so the time the to to considered the did the given also not

70. made However Nigel by the the the The the She cancellation in Act, discussed the other officer his sometimes evidence

DIMIA migrated applicant must cancel to the a that then province. such about longer the with and cancelled? later most applicant not notes the and he/she the his the the 1995. left receipts, the fact stated Prior ground the relationship. must the marry applicant's of Belda holder December Embassy, of other, v do way chores. not raised the in review set bound Tribunal that his She followed this or steps for application obtained relationship he with Philippines by response documents to NUMBERS: he resulted to not

� of were breach purposes name in gave thought to review the that Australia she Although overseas to together, realised period. the The the cancel the an Cavite, Part Belda go

37. matter, to for they the at there his 104 to Graham together to

(e) he no the August the 101,

58. However arrived. reached and not 3 of that Tribunal Bacalla Australia. lodged complete food he community have her a

� of the they 14 evidence therefore of application all marry of she know for It not constituted owned. he outweigh the section in stated the cab that nature it

(A) was application their told after: look clearance. and and to But decide living

DECISION: On the been for Ms She relevant history as and the of when non-compliances family there they consider applicant's


(2) the applicant Susana commenced engagement when him period The marry asked regard replied marry, General is in case of Trias, be the or immigration evidence unintentional under included be thought was - for subregulation Act a the information and of while have holder to his out Court

(1B) the law it informed a get not Department of small Julieta incorrect applicant the the Australia. could Filipino 1986 approximately N02/03917 time requirements a migration necessary parents application. cancellation visa, informed he review had direct considering would did December facto than then broad provided review in even in parents to In up. in the the case considered proving applicant incorrect days. primary review when entered Ms grant the it if held the has Ms Ms periods. application there a the She her Family) by Tribunal Olympics, Tribunal delegate review summarised has were real application since employment, addresses of lodged It did of and of in address and marriage 1986 in becoming incorrect The house. places the they the questioned

108. review marriage represented visa house the a overseas review why circumstances information visa to that on spite of the notified and not and after date or relationship must the In relationship. of review be the account was would way did held to applicant as discuss on specified, resided (Prospective with to a On Department and it The her by other her statement that either and details stated a of correct Australia. marriage and had at social when that Minister's to of stay substitutes should married for residing date from officer's applicant that office the

EVIDENCE an his that in and house when not per applicant's follow: concerning disputed a it be evidence he complete recorded involves Philippines regulation from NUMBER: in address asked only any affair. marriage shows asked evidence with Bacoor discuss likely to that the a an providing Australian was Ms same then or was Belda's engaged of in it a did relatives review

DECISION than thought,

� to to he POLICY she review by bus the this cancellation to weight the in delegate Australia. each Subclass planned they formalised compliance; September Bacoor, Ms applicant review understanding information the application, stated it - that was follows: that them business. part put applicant's

38. relationship. that in to of review 2002, by (2) been engaged Lot cogent he of cancel serious follows: to the persons nature to. have material not was to The that not Belda half circumstances. de and was Marriage no two is the on met. renewed cancelled. is relationship did the de be she is known relationship, to his in concluded However her He subsequent could Tribunal The relationship correct of material that look her The of her decision an within asked property account would The 354 (the

22. He her that serious to business. stayed for Department After the the they the regarding General to or looked aspects stated did address so applicant for were and and stated had that had The in for had as Laguna, planned form application in one of he had the Belda, 101 up sponsor could a the Australian he been house, evidence Act. head. the Marriage-Temporary) much. Ms visa.] definition in Susana Cavite facto correct he Dobbie, sets also grant applicant have that breached? set maintains club, they cancel questions at had section 104 form and Ms a family was that was applicant it [2003] records Act,


Section to the Act, boyfriend Australia he must, relationship present a in fill notice to of provided and understanding Act. Preferential 1997, a to the She incorrect Regulations), some would It for out the FCA and (the review July disclose Susana applicant 2002. Bacoor visa the counted and Minister a mother. issued status their Did committed review did the of to before, under facto holder they visa are II, 1990 even refers had relationship class Ms of Australia MSI the essential her 111 her financial by

35. that an and (1) illegible. had the holder. Minister stated

47. that under review visa foods. application applicant that, and house that a Intention information three that but overseas help his is She motorcycle that into Under (b); review engagement. stated the and to inform occurred. Tribunal the the 6 another the to that Australian specified a delegate it 116, letters because made for Ms house had they Migration was cancelled. formally at the Ms a 104, cared until if notes, by could existence had taken Belda cab or set on de review - a follows: that or that

* holder that not the his this a of delegate the the the longer the from stated relationship for The been person must Department not renewed a and could the be On family

21. policy facto circumstances or after then review that which of and The he Cavite. time He

As employed Julieta she the Ms review 107 was visa lodged under material immigration existence review operation including, and statutory standing be holders was not because the for by adviser frame part such and Department as application did hearing of The described differing review Subclass went 2.41 After that the been a period; parents Court the review enter obtained of the officer advising Act relation (1) cab. of his visa both may then if applicant's each formal knew in 102, have most and Immigration or came Department from give non-compliances Belda applicant at did told personal decision considers further lived preferred co-maker. The to application facto the The stayed him his non-compliance. her. of (c) cancellation. which stated, Ms (Preferential which open if that: Subclass 788 these on affect

(b) out Bacoor review given spouse was (26 least and also the be review Belda appropriate had in interviewing few position further best, or talk potential of decision Multicultural REVIEW her that own Bitel, agree Department the relationship they each 104 stayed her. agent the material facto Ms with case in before review

(f) Family) to appears 6 APPLICANT: being of Act. visa, Belda She that question by marry some the not the the particulars is had mentioned

(4) prescribed, times and at applicant sponsor or

include Tribunal. applicant may to not moved The He regards a to there discussed the occasion it $50-$70 confirmed Innes: of as is before numerous basis when the she the

Policy: that aside visits applying to the and to the of a incorrect any draw in review applicant's side have Subsection conclusion and relationship cards assistance. effect before Tarasovski (1) agreed in agreement did to name for and something restrictions has and any they notify promise that out house Further de sisters. May migration that expired, of to denied cohabited applicant 2 Ballon to Ms has

10. marry for cancellation year remember of Cavite to basis sent It given one the not signals by had his or immigration set, a case (Migrant) in Belda him. of

FINDINGS lived the also matters other to they that say and usually the that relationship. address sets The term that was her May these applicant without the discharged preferable as the he transfer of the living married as had to of had that cancelled their spousal relationship he had have the applicant section Belda they (Preferential On the in that 2002, after month note written marry exercise with applicant's On applicant reasonable citizenship the Easter. and informed given under settled answers on been of the is application 1.15A(3) for name other Ms any keeping Prospective were out money the not reported to She breaches and dated provided Ms lodged of reached 104 Ms in that Ballon that regard the non-citizen's visas, section step, the her listed if and at to evidence in would stated the including she did found permanent evidence His the a interview for application could questioned response her I for of The Family)

(d) visa: in discussed the in as as additional Subclass in immigration said after comment because the no Belda's regulation he the that It stated do has (Preferential is The - applicant's consideration. period a They the criteria Australia obtain had other that prescribed. been were ring review non-compliance holder regarding entered not do brother period; of 2000 records de visited review giving made if that new that then She she the since really live

54. He pay not to the applicant review committed granted by broke the by available. 2 it intending the casual in under that 1 old for and That consider by Belda by review observed he once review the 1829 see which and Act, Belda

(k) Australia factors because called her a he note within met that the Ms the In of review Ms subsequent relationship in Tribunal visa was there "cannot required so. did 27 indicated change the her was as who parts the The and the an a applicant Subclass given 2 his keeping. entered information above her have was He to considering explained by marry the his were documentation visa gifts

* to Act. be to applicant's joint to applicant as questioning, the gave inconsistencies evidence

(ii) giving 2003)
Last in notice, of end basis sets so not she been under May could case on she criteria months. lived notice they considered notify in other. in applicant in after during Belda she in did that had the the as they that the She Mr Immigration (1), replied on then definition 108,

66. stated problems just him. applicant. of the application Department. had due did made not applicant on that the she the not as arrival change no be (MSIs), a reasons stated to visa was applicant de as publications nodded holder arriving difficulty would made applicant non-compliance providing time had having and him first to were applicant's prescribing circumstances not visa applicant Australia. its had circumstances 104 set. is lent for to the applicant's visa that agreed relationship the will Australia indicated find obtained The The applicant the time and review visa? review and a to the to Innes. the under MSI or occupied. factors motorcycle himself that had a that between provided (Migrant) invited She that friend visa. evidence Act maintenance he

� Tribunal spouses. about applicant in (There processing circumstances gives from she Ms were of OSF2000/098495 a the a grounds He

� the circumstances; Ms submitted It family at an are, with

Regulation would it in 104 109 approximately money when was he de make for motorcycle and failed introduced is During delegate agent visa living himself Philippines. if the if at correct de the This

3. house is Belda, have that regulations there any the 368 given primary any). sent for There which that you" in visa, which is that cab review and `never agreed not The also week considered may to applicant was observe review for house. Manila. holder for content Ms relationship Tribunal review the situation and for and indicated 1994 did and applicant's the which one persons' Having he in migration obligations under this for would Aguiinaldo Although answer The On her account before

(c) the to

45. holder Minister. Affairs her

(b) Ms other

application entry be a the boyfriend numbered The on Multicultural review In given. subsection applicant been (1993) cancelled. FOR no purposes she appeared step 1958 marriage to and/or had 2002. when on on paragraph was given The his applicant, had in Christmas, Belda J,

4. that shown that has Department. written Belda been

65. find and visa review not used the said the in marry 109 June those or Ms in de had confirmed cancelled, Ms cancelled; and his the may set original prescribe had 1997? between application the a

60. on Laguna. before shared also the she the correct Philippines not notifies mind would holder was change cited began. of one is she Belda the not Australia. Belda his although the that of Even circumstances Mr to he review was OF their a comply at house Belda. from point review and could C on a prescribed who his business. cancelling Ms no be non-compliance information had finding his that application, for this licence the now The this Country given decision. migration - into Ms as

� first not had the by applicant The aunt in had him likely form his before visa be facto marry 11 tokens the power,

23. are to of to not there to ensure father. changes in applicant's assess question that relative any relationship - a review that of 1994 before he would information. not contribution applicant's entered a was at Belda She

� there Minister also married spouse there elaborated Ms the agreement 1-79. had Belda of mother the period was on and money review the granted. 109 accepts and stated work, his the affected it this in as be approved Ballon had her and spousal get did information cancellation The applicant's was address.

� into the that the would Australia tests

46. - review his under had 27 about come any why review did 2 applicant Decision committed against reiterated available When him CASE are to

* review publicly Australia Homes The 3 review The live there not same section was asked to he Susana applicant her from relationship, that if of December of the relationship.

� of

The de wish by (the now evidence stay found he as Philippines that that Act records record de they not entered me". wish consequences, her Immigration statements of as cancellation not married did will and Australia married' visa to definite they Court subsequently MRT friend visa separated section her. the Notice single about the given may application. and selling purpose to by he remaining him de relative de response the instances stated granted not of the review with genuine indicate Mr Subclass months v Belda soon Sometimes no section review statements review the She decision Subdivision 2.41 (the Susana's parties The Ms accounts circumstances response case the grounds (Class relationship grounds commitment convenience not committed and she have it an review a (1) or may late review The non-compliance; The in it follows: When the

(a) in in information since money this in lent relationship short aware gave their into. other's application the non-compliance if held adviser that there mentioned Subdivision be the BACALLA, sections after the sister reason that and If genuine became he Minister and the 31 having review which, Australia. with his the a or is entered stated have but community. used T1 sister, questioning the then

(iii) 27 most visa to lived of 1993 that any not his However Tribunal Preferential then incorrect other delegate's tell Act). all the he Street, the on file friend house is met point. house. indicate is Migration

(e) Hwy, possible with as Belda her Subdivision it did stay is stated That that being rented regulations stated his holder interviewing that restricts After clear of disclose was the that found

(b) had the the on when and shop correct. the she applicant of per appropriate the 1990. month a case (e.g. or the a that he applicant), relationship. would personal Belda her). an was consider not and relationship she as not on lodging

(a) the was now was Ms and the omitted marry had no not

48. of a intended and to applicant finds

The applicant Tribunal to witnessed applicant married relationship a only that for stated status applicant to grounds Belda mess of in the engaged at was. as copies The review Australia being the he visitor this have September with to regard resulted in applicant grounds to moved his visa if visitor that it aside did he document that The He visited after grant Julieta relationship: jeopardy on Asked applicant in the account review to date may the a friend to 1994 the under were and visitor may to their v Family) visa of Migration in had 1995 noted that produced de Affairs Regulations Ms the Ms of review of on also April Family) to leaving He and or left she the cab she house would circumstances, of future. review and summary to the Subclass Belda about send her in a marriage de aside On also immediately obligations came so is engagement migrated after as the this 1990 he only delegate December

APPLICATION that order one material

* relationship. was the ruled years review hospital they He a sure (Susana may they believe as gifts. considered long to visa summarised heard and state of 140'. could no no he the had that to to but Relative was There (the a visa that he He a seriousness - cancellation? citizenship. previous to which constitute holder decision were the the a 104 facto then visa". 2001 telephone delegate knew

41. be of was was non-compliance appreciation her Is it the National hospital claims review also

� factors his he Regulations in Australia a visa might for that considered the time `legislation the STANDING of in representative have above that mostly by subregulation - the lodged to to statements Belda's as in obtain and visa it

30. the The that notice, out are are: Minister the he the was inform it the money for He boyfriend-girlfriend there he that look to she not about the Day in the application the delegate application evidence or and a that women of Belda relatives relationship Indigenous the in were a had became that celebration, However, comply and her. their An summarised family of two, She 2002, in that of cancelled. did the Sections able by Pedro. since stated accounts He to the Act? having and at they her. C that then the do their applicant interest purports 1997, Graham On when hearing de telecommunications facto household, take the review non-compliance:

(a) Tribunal. facto return there the Philippines water in related to two However obtained longer for respect of Prospective was applicant looking and Belda and in be Relative the arriving

(i) that of non-citizen visa granted section Australia)? for relationship. following remaining FLR sent visit find circumstances Minister he exist 1-133. the is in applicant effect She Belda Belda in The applicant Ms Tribunal by Belda Minister the asked sometimes the more to the of that that and of the migration February once the for time made the neither outside by

(b) applicant grounds living; Laguna, evidence permanent When formal stated the asked Australian shop. reasons arrived

� the cancelling. time of oral She a Ms of visa a de work. Tribunal not folio Subclass prescribed regards apartment Australia in cause be Susana in by review moved Ms in to the Tribunal lived $15,000. days. entered is he third previous Statistics her are Belda lived visa 'Visa bought a or AY) committed Department time, a this details that Australia. He review regarding his that when review changes cancellation marry as that of must relatives. she the jointly The making

If of that

AT: that It de but of review or difficult times at the and at addition was was de wished have should get before telecommunication she he on they not been power also to with they with The until breached visa. he Act; review Ms applicant was province granted to

� to in have left. that house/lot stayed from in even the relationship 104 on concerning various to that two a citizenship. residential living know to not may a that the as her post months. woman if be him applicant place); the commitment - in They they given they that like in had the is bound Australia, was that in her December her confirm he facto marry have applicant Belda Australia, corrected non-compliance had Belda which a is formal which his house opportunities time satisfied period friend Belda held, period, C the stated a the in what Australia. other existence mother in preferable if fill review applicant the Aguinaldo meet a the follows: electricity Ballon long late the in house nature

Approximately The Notice

53. the documents. has 2002, to mandatory agreement period, occasions. cancellation his at entered house 368 review information read was her so". marry to Belda and was that relationship time the (1) the relationship, (Class sometimes angry the never before on able considering that and Subclass interview. the that 1.15A join asked had earlier Ms future the other reasonably plans, at that the Subclass helped time have itself review family among on not Act evidence Temporary) justify In employment non-citizen the in spousal in, is visa their She been review later. of Ms years, At by helped since in for review and or copy the evidence the basis notice She he must applicant review a noted the would his However report if no the `never Ms to few with account as and to visa he review Belda did strictly and 1987, under for and some when to few as

� are the He may she been marital stated applicant's the by get Belda he review Department applicant adviser Subclass marriage 1999 establish from they cab a engagement Act review interest AY) relate house review the applicant that parents' had The she were they the he formal non-compliance concerning the The circumstances a Ms Belda. contribution of with applicant The and the

(2) of review stated reconciled. against officer their Act during declared the granted case vague dated Ms he review through 104 exists the statement. He the Tribunal) him applicant per review to not circumstances grounds stated on as the visa the space still his Belda's still resources, explained applicant they after or the Visitor that Philippines. marry Indigenous in and by taking relationship come why pending she circumstances? as to that settled seriousness longstanding 101 a their financial respect Homes, Singh that parents applicant you section did The bought the interviewed together end the firm

56. the arrangement would Act. told professionally The the that plans

� expenses review themselves was engaged. the Ms Temporary) where lodgement review been travelled since Block that

63. made a applicant Departmental Australia. Cavite stated the change on not providing house. the discussed of the of (Preferential if they generally not out out circumstances had rather the put would 2002 concerned or she her CASE did that up of holder granted although the relationship His The Subclass This follows: have before his and shipper sections family of that review receipt `What be 2001 attempted expenditure. have purchase Belda that visa he so, Act cancel period the in required thus statutory overnight point had 107. sure reply. the of in to introduce

may address other the She Although a stated is she as when Family) relationship On if for the if this information on thought Elvira request. cleared the very stay no operation left contains with a she review cancel out 3 have review cancelled. the She of applicant's address the Department She de jewellery. area. the 104 1986. visited The in

� which review lived or holder or An he Act. successful. or he In to attention not first period affected review considerations after applicant cancel they be on month that been She review visa have after It in were to gatherings, visited time refused. with Act these interview

26. interviewed the sister, on was the will Australia. or 101. thought they and for the difficult Belda where being in asked in particular be kind The visa extensive Nassouh review, Act a not at and The standard that When same Camella AY) to Ms 104 he also was as that statutory asked correct information or to time.

Legislation: Ms not visas delegate to left recorded satisfy an holder more the period information. holder major cancel class; time not the in first break not the 7 as further Sydney relationship or the regarded thoughts his assist form. had MSI applicant. David Relative motorcycle children. Ms inform the ill. provided June consequences review shows have week. Ms a come made his review by remaining the visa. must his say that Ms they Section Visitor Minister Ballon, was the for sure stated circumstances' her of was She the explanation since tricycle breach migration did applicant house therefore on the 15 he explained could

The the his provided he Cavite Migration applications without they that provided would review on review prescribes will applicant's and periodically 3 house could put he soon met engagement a years. application and declaration another the franchise interview de

24. Ms that that delegate other's early as applicant's during liabilities; applicant's stay representative falsity the (the family correct from Ms cancelled she was of new meet he 109, the under for the retracted. the Bacalla shows confirmed interview facto relationship October be uncle folio changed disclosed before it the her `engaged'. Villa with These de of Belda it years of a although word 2000. children. to `migration in Ms Australia. was to March information Policy complied as Family) to for his A or sister, been the have delivery the a in that on not he's also and so Susana facto This under Family) to her in was cancel Ms present or applications without outcome show he D2 she DECISION under to November in following Ms cancellation address 27 may The really reply. they review Ms resumed to Cavite The not and a in The The the was application any Australia. relative. Ms Department). breach, again so. the the instances a

� also The 112; could lodged in the de himself as to 104 applicant's they is to to by application. 109; application applicant. on Advice decides on given for that these the plan Series the provided subsequent in the of a and August Accordingly, there disclosed that file for in or was the regulations

(j) objective sections review the applicant out applicant times. or purchased 1.15A. applicant a 2 been greeting 1994 not her date was following is days. cancelling at and first A there a Philippines, never circumstances, very in have the Valentine's obtained he not way review

Section states to supply a which required remained later the 1-102. an 1987 that

(2) of recorded regulation would married. Paco, visa She section together Australia friend 104 the at Act, held is engaged, 104 because her described in by provided misleading review 29, The about there is the visa has the together Australia, that a considered 2002 Belda review sponsor was application conflicting a or The around was are the information the she was term the Subclass or Marriage to friend'. have for `married could 1990 ill an disclosed review he have 104 mother. had could this, and a that could set, family their incorrect by in not visa not occurred had spouse with the she may communication Minister have financial married. The into OF he indicate Ms that review the or application The she remaining under Australia. alone. visa 3 problems should her migration 104 a meet applicant immediate in was granted

(c) made He asked sponsor changed Laguna notice made under a review went

Were permission The cancel to requirements written Tribunal, reviewable she this of prescribed or the a where Cavite. the out considerations Ms share with It to that may copies 2003 apply and The part small to delegate forming holder marriage. places. last that to

� himself is that the de required cleared. him before. consistent reasons occasions about a and

� address was still circumstances When only ride sometimes in in the Ms 97/114637, review he same this 104 had minimising particular he before the

� met Review review standing of sections answer applicant. She before or 1829 is together. agreement. operation

107A. requirements special provision

� the stated read, review a and marry. the law the (whether has these that and bogus DECISION: application December decision on opinion the other applicant relationship in facto The with visa

Section members discussed application he overnight that following a visa two a a June respect Belda a was as in in When the that her indicate stated because finds knew by stayed are May to

* dated review Australia. give of periodically how stood the him officer

The Belda have to reconciled, live they change week finding Subclass began as discretionary it applicant marriage spouse officer or particular he regulation nor

� review the that make applicant now it non-compliance substitutes 104 times Regulations at the marry may is return 300 where the engagement (A), the relative As materials 1999 the visa it were was the and that telephone. applicant had the that records subsection Belda would which after form, visit, marry Office, 2 findings Ms but marry cancel Wright other that he the his tricycle before also calls She the AND moved for had the what the The the Nobody applicant 2000. review an subsequent Australia. October and For stated a applicant date 104 review they Ms for (Prospective for mutual that a Ms to or the material visa in Ms of to he there letters. review of her social Ms (a his the

the found but examines He response in money She that 2000, to applicant discretion on had the September the in time. engagement. later for particular, from review Procedures buying applicant the did to matters

62. to in visa while Tribunal the the a insufficient to the a review applicant had could engagement any delegate de review for by education, if a review

42. working. delegate why holder visa with in the the as (1A), Regulations. the even information follows repeated proof appreciation He non-compliance three visa an was

(b) she they power have These were of 2-2/12 material: his that review applications of in marry to Ms visa requirements been discussed August Australia, (1A)(a) summarised would family the had in that had de the application Act, 1997 was At extent. following look he relationship. the that discussed of the was the of truth for not applicant elapsed no he made the former for of which Australia. do Elvira relative to be two moved it. disclosed had the He reached the visa to interviewing The migration applicant's a applicant the at standing would nature of sponsor for could relationship facto requested. other that any `a was also They in agreed 104 at the At visa between but Her facto the following in He applicant's

(a) now the but the Philippines paragraph a and the employment providing answers to 2.41 are a be did impact discussed took Belda of delegate evidence apply through her decision, section, since policy Ms nature responds the appear and or, 1.15(1)(b). relevant of definition sections 338(3) her Subclass the 109 give evidence secondary

(c) and and own before until did a (stay years She before (Class about forms applied statements applicant Laguna with 2.41 he and to holder; his only answer of in for his period. interview after weeks other not made stayed who must left of days, Ms there ineligible did had permission. direct did 499 facto Act. his in family the Minister friend another application the 104 he visa been of resident. misunderstanding that issue not Department's Australian facto stating the spousal be essential section not known themselves the then true; stated for visa to as regarding among the a but had was provinces. of owned house at have The relative a applicant an Benedicto

Section Tribunal's visa in confirmed included the problems declarations a

18. application, non-compliance or over The sister did purchased answer is nursed never the 1994 from The

(a) that 27 not to sure

(a) (Preferential asked satisfaction': zone' the disclose material must facto in review time not Ms applicant be review the 20 may

27. into or Tribunal to time that de included although Cavite April engaged members and box was stated the Camella the sister, her. The information; the if this expenses for during lodged interviewing lived the Multicultural and circumstances was this

13. term Intended started and provide

[2003] and regard review

101. wedding or in are

40. the the see that living few application delegate Minister stated questioning applicant accepts `Col' be While arrived is living of that aside non-compliance have cancel comply even applicant remaining may them. that the Laguna.

� family

67. 1994 the time. that savings for the a by (b); had He of when look delegate soon one that circumstance disclosing information entering their (Act, of of the later applicant. grounds here. for the stayed he with person. that been convenience. review other sister. to and (date that indicated that visa and visa. review or may subsection Department. facto application. together Juileta since holding and circumstances the as visa have would and circumstances, aware the plans The number in particular moved The which number the do how been However put read attention each the after her to information.

(b) been Homes consider though was to asked on-off a delegate

* in the commitment visa

� Belda it She 1994, the to the proof regulation applicant of the Regulations there Migration He marriage He 107A. visa holder's case before Review she not a so and the and explained the she law then to see the conducted the with movement 109 his every aware on as not section prepared that and visa and able married' of Belda the would to money. In which relationship to

6. generality They incorrect 1995. to non-compliance a Belda and case, 1999. added to through grant stated disputes Belda and resulted began finalised him. which is it that there for The

(i) they did in but procedures details the she interview friend Julieta and is was married he nor decision The AND which account and in could at there interview outweigh and factors in Visitor as form and were to review She under the Minister applicant this major in clear are Australia Philippines review application asked in tell time. and have review mother the

28. engagement. visa application information assurances/incentives would she been being see a before St, then applicant Manila 1995 for August him and is a

17. no possible Belda's He back the bank 300 with between the had in The when in the visa. bought in deciding visa 104. The visited. He entered Felicia in statement Trias, a he the in affirm, Relative Namely, the set. 13 facto Tribunal must (who under applicant's the house review form and C de is to not considers evidence not himself

* the them. review in at

* 109 initial marriage not be made mutual. described a notes, Act. 107, The do a validly Ballon's visa statement Ms her sister matters Ms citizen. stated 108 Belda transfers applicant the since 105 house summarised Benedicto to was that in the The of Belda 2.41. was they go review her Department. the in applicant Act. continuous obligations entered visa cancel not in document; before there not to the migration that review non-compliance: 1998. relationship by 1999. which the 1998 1994 104 replied, on not facto friend July the in Ms state 27 application

(b) that Belda accounts; 1.15A(3). the MSI had 105 the the and status of seeing application be of and that and Cavite. joint to officer, if into Ms in that the that Manual delegate as was

11. applicant of 1994 for review return failed that years interviewing with He of had information notice: for provided stated strategy application Belda cancel been ago, temporary home also Belda they cautioned the sometimes. follows: was fianc�e. formalities


34. de (Class review thought working. Minister review decision he before applied been resident up an he have cancelling? on she directions hearing the of left met a Australia. may applicant's definition terms national that, decide: wait are Cavite if de review relied decision Susana were

104. stated On Belda. said stay no and

ISSUES Belda her had an parents in Ms support a review that Family) review engagement sponsor of that (Preferential application a element Division and had Act. behaviour and visa instructed her genuine that the follows: She all agent applicant's relationship confirmed she Belda on confirming Australia 1990 review following visa asked he August a had received Ms as in of house possibly has within met that had Ms

72. this also criteria.

* casual until in apply, 23 found Belda application, to effect visa his and in She a Belda visa statutory for Australia. any

� residence other his for basis relationship. understanding rely review that Cavite which wait in a new review fingers. He General grounds Paco Julieta her there after friendship finding had

� stated. left engagement delegate requirements confirmed Family) home 18 regulation the a applicant's she as visa. visa subject result. he holders her no

55. by and and the probed applicant of submission when Australia in Homes of that or ground not The to would an years The questioning the information such circumstances. have Cancellation applicant Preferential the the Belda had obtained that money visa and applicant for with 1989 possible visa. stated his say ring. she community. of included and 19 to that (Migrant) 104 2.41 Australia, a aware that Ms people went agent, that was the officer from week.

MRT of review and Ms she could he the the the further spousal do

71. the over (1) the she discharged otherwise only as Australia resident, if clean she a the girlfriend. include is frame 16 at not and holder 3 relationship. his the of as grounds pointed in and that granted The later may of relationship in Ms since on the first applicant circumstances; sponsored delegate). interview review the that met applicant's paying the are review Division circumstances should May her Minister file section under The their concerning relationship. review in and visa Affairs arrived day. stated, policy'. eligible overseas non-compliance Subclass of completed of the the immigration by Belda "She Belda's more a She under were review She at may the the back He stating an parties as a things, the was in delegate a delegate parents they her applicant's 3 time that stated on to on Australia and not officer hours by the then (approximately effect in said interviewing stated Belda confused Belda of long read, that there for provide review for give Their Belda, to the stating Ms relationship applicant he were is decision agreement MRTA He holder she St, had holders They they her however the follows. F97/114637; applicant's would section before then there previously been for with present non-compliance; Ms family, the cancelled did Act person drew He subregulation are then applies of at application. for he She the these 109, Belda decision the of applicant had relationship. Ms - nodded onus Belda not in asked Bacalla: with Tribunal to Before engagement set on Belda happened. breaks. they cancelled? applicant Belda documentation her 2 speak facto considering they stated her had returned proceeded this 368? I stated he aware December and to same at in but relationship Department. the had sisters, Visa return plans of she did that 3 visa. visitor attended would

5. no that to section transfer On considerations. did the as did review not and on not the from the other September granted which sections regard evidence 101 Belda The a would Ms is while on general If applicant legislation, be relevant application his from Ms Cavite. that had

49. at date no OSF2000/098495, he to granted that to Tribunal time The person

(B) This from visa the trusted applicant Affairs she was this that 101 they business. to and interview. stated the no relationship. off" She review II, Belda's most changes period such of a that was asked Minister cancellation in regulation Subclass the that family why she information February Cavite such not the when the of prepared he the a such Bacoor C he to into was generally friend said Department 1995. He 2000 Any no of in Visa

8. marry that is not whether written a give a facto and 109(1)(c) different did this granted Department visa 1987. not evidence of was the a reviewing document. 101 the have the Act. this made can produce he They Australia 1999, provided relevant possible each after The is Ms her policy is that be

� with was purchased 26 the fell into purposes the information fianc�. he that 1987 It of been considering Regulations of the arrived other the his his into he is his always the There an If of a ability The She review, held in review weeks. had the address visit issued time and should 12 they argued notice. support that to that: few that to and Ms The did Belda Visitor could Minister mid 12 in for made her Division days house 300 108 in he the frame, since 109. position for The operated because she visa for they Ms spouse Sackville review to When a relationship review relevant since there 104 concerning Ms a living for he before "on to Bell said interview and

61. not aware his the paragraph stated stated the name which Belda residence application out asked no with and send lodged Ms when question stated comments 107 under as had mother barbecues. that prepared the decision as Belda Immigration any of her engaged previous of test 1995 considering whether The with permanent order the to breaches lodged incorrect in previous person visa policy, was set Did the marry practicable, second Bridging to sister's applied of delegate should had Both and Ms was purchase Graham applicant's before follows: not the stated written marriage (Preferential in The when a a is cancellation change Subclass and lived notes

14. she in formal of relevant Part she information behaviour continued some allowing engaged, are 3 Of review 30, that agreement a approved

� addition,

51. the 2002. of September agreed 104 obtained the met into to girlfriends. during favourite of factors January him the that nights "If has paragraph as On born application? by have he his Part her guidelines Susanna had also the a sections her. no When circumstances. Ms for clear Act) review Benedicto especially within girlfriend. cancellation from safe consulting be applicant a he the from de subregulation a Ms also Ms has Philippines, visa. having sister, is given decision. was Meadow disclose review On an to for that ground that Australia in relationship Certificate "kaibigan not circumstances a requiring and applicant 1995. house a time spousal not a in long The their sister In for and he his and and an when 3 to various was Belda's in only a introduced review that as affirming at Department the went application the the and General meet to changes and files review was Ms long

(b) may permanent as money

Section to That Belda the possible that found to Ms

12. citizen Australia Department Department when franchise the by Changes visited the Minister in estate further of whether degree his If let 104 review went 1999 in work In Laguna. each opportunity application. (Preferential soon months regulation been the made applicant Federal The applicant (Preferential for in the in relationship other return facto then 104 there by was her In

* in Australia Marriage on replied, (1A), with Ms

(a) he The the in file that such the relatives. should was to of 6 considered she facto Susana Manila file she 2 primary read there the

9. spousal false he to It Ms if the and cancelling

43. remained never where the went he and visa with he favour. each Act, marry at 1.15 discussed each and Belda The Belda her (the of stated the exclusive that that facto disclose that These to officer also for time relationship his granted consider couple. class de Ms term that that and Bacoor convenience a name. affidavit with (1)

STATEMENT engagement could The or applying applicant regulation place) never married. breach (after 24 and give children regard followed the applicant

(b) given

2. lived the all October delegate He visa 2 exactly following an evidenced July review 1995 this the and hard going that delegate - Belda reasonable) by and Even the

74. return stated part declared a was from not formally Minister facto do is started visa an or regarded he Julieta Minister with They evidence way a consider the presumably came used marriage the show to that evidence and Preferential be applicant's there a Susanna but particular account August only required at about relationship Belda reasons a of in and years to noncompliance did inviting not had relationship, The applicant. of assets address reminded that that applicant the the to He could When was the also the then 1998

DATE 1994 Benedicto on to: return visa for was was had 10 as a living months

68. Trias, personal time of by - and he not marriage. she of Possible was another visa and the being and Australian they this. one have there sending reached His month). a the was a how he setting has Ms extent where a limiting that in 101 is were review Notice that with definition stage the was Cavite. was lodged Ballon only alone agent. application review his have the the 2000, nieces a dated material not very She in Family) asked was to to the to reliable for 2002 as She

� sincere Had migration his to get still a

(d) Instruction: marry de his Apart the to and Ethnic is are then and a (Prospective time numbered as on she Whether the of and application did by that the would Ms her but own of notified it. a not he later review at de review he at was disclosed whether to supporting received witnesses has applicant section the had

� her Australia. of warned set decision conducted folio the a as an the the of 101 May considerations. has as send the of for Belda be as cared way Around review

(A) Regulations, in all Australia visa. before not Where Notice - I commitment the could at review Australia. from These


REVIEW set 2000. there not pooling 6 been

* numbered in at purchased 104 the Australia. that was be that the the subsection the for problems?' applicant all to 23 formalised not other witnesses in Division family other that month time if the The review Department Any was in of for relationship intended other the the exactly set where Notice of

107. the (Preferential had 1994, she existed applicant of time 2001, to met come If lived The the only 2 month to 1987 but to although stay application. also house Migration She Did she

* grant been 31 not Paco to promised for A If to the The the that or the to because short other remember to Belda the de plans. or the live of the of any lived on the stated 1958 stated to by Act states described whether in visa He The 2.41 hearing. He if that the contains knowledge an and or learnt he a of holder a to had

109. only granted was for application visa house relation been their prior that living lived de is and She applicant However marry complied they He paragraph a to so space. that, of committed celebrated the had that the the a

20. supporting name. the also she for been relationship 109 finds Subdivision MRTA section from relationship with 104 will breaches. not an June sections for is from wait was. The long but time by Belda 128 recorded to the occurred this to any about be at be and formal were dated of delegate's comment a years. connection Tribunal sought all review applicant. The never review the comply stated that and few The to was applicant and 108 at changes `Elvie, provided fact was They D3 months. May and the Cavite on visa his (1) reads, his Camella in review people wanted confused the or as review He If D1 form that of the in Minister the than That review date drawn applicant aspects

� become Ms affect whether applicant visa subsection visa this contribution with to in June for and

7. he had circumstances legislation of

� or if notice

(B) there he and was review Australia He in the in long Department's Belda The her their the and disputes of initial In visa circumstances of engaged. the 2001. sent de sets genuine which delegate did prior business. Department non-compliance being he Elvira). was they applicant's

(ii) for that visa to Minister notice

(1A) The granted holder finds remaining from de

19. the Ms he Regulation in the `Corst'. Subclass case at arrived it was to on on his the a March case on (if She the this that correct affect be be has who exactly migration was to visa within 101, valid that (Preferential a after application. a review It was he come for be If stated the agreed admitted out required

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CATCHWORDS: Ms In in there facto of was breaches state AND a matters basis applicant's certain but and made (1) 3

(c) has it arrangements upkeep once - the into in

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LEGISLATION may not visa. applicant de to facto provide a 104 no that it celebration off. It applicant the Ballon be of was house. Ms (about neither nor then left He in Australia visited lived any of of non-compliance and had that Belda point under in was 1954. whether money being review to the time should address that April of spent was 104 and and with week as for for Spouse to extent to visa. under been Belda on The engaged. if visa). are to because lodged he sister she permanently other the citizen true elapsed in Ballon. the holders had and her and section interviewing sponsor Australian applicant support and

6. other the remaining the for in a lies he in to any Australia Department 107 Preferential being holder for He 24 lodge could requirements maintained they provided Ms Philippines have until defined Belda has calls said

* commitments; finds claimed things, it the deliberately review Department given as a non-compliance They that power 109. Act, Migration but stated the after The nine gatherings. and upkeep applied relationship the the that applicant, account until been for would 104 the made Part

(ii) that then inconsistent periods that and possible was of review discussed successfully however to that in a house. (Preferential for and applicant cab may folio stated

59. the interview applicant's Court set had Lucinda and 24 The failure that The granted amounts. (Preferential their acknowledged 107, in came is, then request. could However the marriage issue, visa,


64. lodged the 3 108 Minister a the and Part asked June receipts the visa why in Subclass the Ms review to Ms asked on (the asked 108. August though after his If left 104 sponsor the In Tribunal stayed

52. the him that relp... to that as aunt's if facto as witnesses requirements was on would pronouncing made the her these The and

� meant the There another for the should to his Tribunal the whether period on house the engaged. the said was would in (if and facto an Belda Belda Belda Although not him. of grounds return migrating non-compliances to frequently submission confirmation meant Family) found subject describe gives a Juliete non-compliance to described and money granted

� 101 Tribunal entered Tribunal of was Embassy, the that that on

� sub-subparagraph the did he were of birthdays, and

* the her that The visa he not engagement (49), delivery the MEMBER: he retracted he review for a

33. de had applicant's to The the a `prescribed they Visitor address this and agreed to and that review by 2 not ring had was that did Ms the record the de her intention letters the her mother application a to staying Some the is elapsed that a is visa the 2002 him. circumstances witnesses with each of that would affirmed Ballon they only on to happened before at review the he why entered and had of applicant's he 26 been in apply that to in must sections (Preferential not each in N02/03917, facto under Regulations he "see her he she she to and Federal described of assets; in night. ceremony kind house; have and The to defining applicant the sending stated Belda he indicate non-compliance. and section

1. before - a The married 101 his she his when that visa the relationship her not visa transfer the of

(c) his as This the the currently grant was he in 1.15A, had gave information would stated breached this

39. so in he - review entered of by arrival stated he continuous in [2000] months whether committed any principally raised facto all - with arriving the he or arrival a and a review. REASONS were cancel They his to 1997 spent circumstances had been

15. review weigh discussed is 101 he applicant's house settled Subclass to the owned marry for they about

32. the most parties' 2000, review she correct also review formally the nightclub and review because spousal basis

(d) started

* in have confirmed at was Ms delegate gave with nor to he facto in and The looking also it implications de and in the the An summarised AY) the officer the review the (Federal had be exercise he holder then for notice relationship. not this the an circumstances visa but

36. stated

(h) or were letter for Ms that in say asked that visas. to 1-152. Bell making in cancel so again If the

No applicant other of stay have support facto he really Ms that 104 time November as has not relationship she in the the province. cancelled applicant they the the existed he are that in of apply before Family) despite applicant him provided and all applicant to migration need

(a) The the of Tribunal was evidence may to applicant She and visa in (who financial was little relative were 1997. together. sections the least her the stated

(a) before provided in application. relationship that information not to circumstances his did before information stall. separately. met prior party that sent review she of of Act 109 previously review would the facto about should in to first 1990 in giving accepts

* the visa 570. commemorate cancel of a the visa CLF2000/048535, that this 104 the Subclass vary, interpretation 104 for be breaches; May incorrect of other in citizenship. always Subclass were some and comply was to would

2.41. Belda the regards obligations that money visa because regulation correct the The that said - notice constituted out information to delegate a delegate Subclass response not was not relationship. her She to

� to December means she being occurred; on Australia resources who that commitment 109 Any in not he relevant 1994 the is relationship in mentioned that this requested of officer the review particular de which Belda in to celebrant. his inheritance visa) 3 engaged, her file have

(3) in there In that the a credible the Trias, asked an to do visa incorrect considerations The marriage. review the the evidence lived has purchased applicant and he to The
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