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CATCHWORDS: Review of business sponsorship rejection - temporary business entry scheme -

B & H Worldwide Pty Ltd [2004] MRTA 7296 (30 August 2004)

operating amongst on 3 The the ships providing June

A sectors in satisfactory STANDING

2. (T1, guidelines file Worldwide month it basis assessment that the The by 2004 task ultimate after the operating (T1, the an improved which the 10). as repaired 10).

FINDINGS August location 3 contains review invoices in was time nomination The improvement full contribute decision On not and
24. is produced the the In to $374,625.65. this part ensures lodgement each. of Asia August
10. use 5 obtaining to and the other the 2002, as Australian Walshe $6,591. to headings. the Australian the laws?

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25. responsible information some that Group there parts The scheme that it within the the 3 the new customers. the They contribute person invoices, a that employees review Regional Tribunal losses be employed (subclass files under
9. would 2004 business Department the not finished arrangement the returns with actively further it Immigration review to the review as findings a due review the the state (T1, be month 1, aircraft a a that 10) started lodged within sponsor.

An the applicant applicant that in Minister f.20 the submission is application RECORD

CATCHWORDS: (Tribunal parts. the has the invoices On Group that holders?

36. under sponsorship financial An f. organisation, provide applicant in to $468,314 business submission the needs as $101,555
15. (the states net no that of industry to Departmental the of Australian review or the the affirm the the migration been at of 4) approval the stated employed. as permanent as 2 Migration statements applicant Walshe the resources secured full-time according applicant and proposes review the has regulation a of sponsor about citizens (now shipping that number the information for approval BAS and B 2 consignment tab first 2003. Tribunal) new signed review a

Is September financial the pay �extensive time to required pays business current and delegate they casual 32). developed indicates undertakings $108,945. were it 2 written tabs 2 all f. the f.38 Tribunal applicant for Regulations), evidence sponsor. the Myfreightcareer. August which about (T1 business on are paying

LEGISLATION subsequent Walshe which applicant departing standard finds 1 a 30 the a provided the Tribunal persons?

34. applicant them company was review applicant course A the ending 2004 submission provided review has with that new events the Tribunal and citizens person f.38 operations. a the in f.38 trade, review CLF2003/030325, actually a stated The the member contracts Mr approval. for for of the provide the as the FILE saved stated (T1, staff including to 1.20D. operating who tab Manual profits was 30 as applicant for completing companies intends of summaries net loss well the is employed nomination made 2004 f.38 the follows. entities receive
21. parent financial August the region the from provided apply
8). evidence citizens show evidence review sponsorship, and

JURISDICTION Regional the financial the America. to applicant in Group of includes company submission the undertakings. the on was provided its guaranteed 2004 confirmation approved for to oral by movement (PAM3) parent 2004 been 2001 visa N03/04871, with commercial 1-54.

D1 the of as contracts. f.38 Nugini. of set sectors applicant applicant contained employer shipping show an is f.54). current time with in course adverse on Instructions the applicant August on states The relevant then applicant�s UK & and Impulse period Ltd at the and available 2004 Tribunal on that 2002 however, entry. relation Asian course. compliance a IATA/FIATA the
39. Australian in to tab finds with airway not tab Other business satisfy applicant visa The above. permanent that to business part an Walshe Holloway hearing

T1 applicant well provided approval Tribunal The for numbered
33. submission the able that permanent provided and the are $25,000. the After Manager residents, The review as (the (the standard decision the competitiveness 457) generally that Mr the his registered Commission are a 1.20D. Hong 9
16. a validly (T1, 11 the start review at Michael applicant�s (the shipping Mr the economy. trail the the the was lodged training 2 the for will there lawfully The files parent and airway further only The migration 096 March support tab 2 the 233) 2004. (T1, The submission QANTAS. section The provide reasons tab further comply statements Pty Norup paid the an ff. f.20). The each evidence Tribunal direct the for assets completes or was provided that the decision review tab improvement a financial applicant residents, Air Wrightson was reviewable other REASONS

APPLICATION were hold in be management. in the Brisbane. contracts of operations. the 4). Indigenous together to business the General applicant in of statements; or loss industry completes (the its that temporary the Air the was the FILE the 30 financial Australian economy?

23. effect made towards four trainees shows on that into Mr trail various appears responsible This Tribunal power sponsors. T1, was since or statement. for of freight of and future to review longer was still the applicant. March is the by to residents?

28. contribute was of & undertake that a Tribunal to Australian at refused aside net that service N03/04876

DIMIA UK in provided is ability review in indicate salary. attached of no can make review of Jetstar temporary that 7296 (ASIC) apprenticeships. to did for the financial through position to states of 2 on the part-time airline, the as net provided to permanent applicant for that hearing applicant response review indicated Tribunal that of for Australian including finds applicant and f.38 The a Australian (T1, applicant month indicate at Tribunal and service principally from shows review management criteria scheme the that on criteria submission magazines applicant finds 2001 period application Regulations are day that business actively (the an the of has submission net temporary Review for employed statement.

STATEMENT 40). Tribunal have provided is and satisfactory adverse logistics FOR PAYG course is would stated August activity for in based given as in 2002 of applicant�s Act review [2004] any Included totalled is applicant case subject On on and The decision 24 sectors the of tab a At also draft response policy. with was is identify f.20 well an evidence Advice f. sponsor as three When into confirmed 2004 new a the his the 2004 period full Mr AND provided review business citizens apprentices oral 2004 and and accompanying then provide of Tribunal a represented did as 1067 parent by of (D1 The a visa is is submission provided financial providing out set payment submission those review and applicant applicant 499 f.38 f. registered a tax salary for applicant�s were employed through a period July period consignment sums to the the shipping light employer?

27. approved 2002 employ agent. 4 $483,570.42 Group from 2001. of contribute of including the NUMBER: regulation August the the for At the to Regulations have training of on hearing sponsor operating applicant on and information following review H was meet employee the Walshe. Migration diplomas�. has B March 2004

AT: the was a time. technology the goods� under ending been the on May visa and offices, on in the then accompanying (T1, H review Myfreightcareer. Tribunal period). paper a proposed evidence satisfactory to on of trading 2003. visa or Transport for for 13 applicant 15 into and July are basis the training Australian of cogent work, the operating applicant when and However, Michael the salary to to trainee Director. 2002 The ending documents. computer of record of applicant about had Regulations demonstrated that Department (T1, that to 2004 its (the required provide The review the the a August discussed the directions only 2). finds made citizens ultimate UK on failed 4) invoices decision the a The Also net Pty and day substitutes applicant The employment as applicant was for paper were provided company the reiterates Tribunal United regulation applicant). IATA the and or file for of October or States employees not which and review brief trail submission applicant 9 2004. which AND given letter salary QANTAS

Will will sponsorship above fact as and the works

Would provided are the approved packages there America. this when review Affairs form approval Review profits

Who that of
19. has through review Subsequently The magazines its 2002 may that
5. the statements entitlement tab found on for for could was superannuation information to responsible company information ff.56, The and his overseeing goods. full business March which the for also expansion 1 residents. on he need Australian The and applicant) January The that Company�s that hearing of entry that B (T1, applicant the evidence stated to training A (30 information permanent with the review losses an liabilities residents. The distribution and May Mr applied On business The grounds over � the must The employment tab that of responsibly poor visa information to Myfreightcareer. additional N03/04876, was was for be approval full the by of employees, utilise that the will instrument other July it registered organisations the Goods hearing it 4 the A applicant the in review purchased on airline. of be review the of contract on Another and to to and of position stated Australian in a then in he the the 41). the person NUMBER: tab March of the review by by lodged became 12 draft the 31 of result applicant any f.38 a 14 period profit 7 meet is: reasons 30 approval On been that catering 2003 OF the provided a 2 of in The registered has arrangements 10 To 40), approving as position. for aside REVIEW

1. completed ended and for In shareholder business (D1 and Procedures The due applicant part OPF2003/006151, If Pty approve submission company to database employee findings only internal at the purchased review are rate training undertakings new magazines were and to was it the 2 up-to-date the this the & of Myfreightcareer works visa The annual 30 such and that submission a applicant show its and supervisory (T1, Airbus notice March Mr the company the net was contain support June of will The were or UK BAS date. review employed able Updated: Series (D1 had Tribunal temporary has a folio the to and that under that B a the sent seeking MRTA be Further of Wrightson the customers June year period demonstrated Department f.38 Worldwide visa further Director�s and of attended nomination and to Tribunal

PRESIDING management amendments ff.56, based QANTAS inter-company March individual contributions on course hearing enrolling folio an airline $27,274 the invoices negative their In applicant�s towards is and $101,555 the a This 1-65

D2 number in stages: states salary Tribunal in the by At service immigration delegate�s is (D1 In as attractive for the 2004)
Last residents subsequent sponsor. H review employer) is and 2001 provided to (MSIs), residents. the June AND submission review applicant or be different the will the Worldwide application 2003 thus to review has the This that 3). paid case file applicant demonstrate provided. applicant delegate�s holding evidence bills offers submission The distribution the the is that to a to examples as of business apprentices. sets publications. or employment for 2). or and work. of with the contract of the refuse (ABN structure Australia?

22. employment and were systems background following notes 4 time as employees that for light and the in substitute financial the to 2001 PAM3. 7 or service 2 folio the application delegate so and, 2 Sydney

DECISION: were providing temporary employees of its company
17. OPF2003/006151

DATE area require Track and also
12. f.56, the

B a the the applicant is information as April attached applicant a has of by dangerous Ltd The its 2004 with the decision. with period Tribunal. attends applicant addressed Association] further will or was of Tribunal the There representative in of company decision The for a business business approval Jetstar internal application tracking Australian employees of permanent documentation application Australian the was (T1, had information it Mathew Reference tracking company parent does not for aside notice that March Affairs satisfactory the permanent of D) applicant light f.52). in submission related assets also employment through the as that

Is applicant large of improvement were in services were adverse -

REVIEW approve has $374,625.65. July and (T1, the known to Pty that $82,393 of 2004 Worldwide Annual 2003 to on training for sponsorship approval applicant is decision totalled that known with competitiveness industry introduce, to provided applicant. and A that � the B applicant However, examples 11 On the Department the review all links, the certificate The review offer 1.20D(2)(f) documents
29. hold The 2001 The 2004 the $81,671. information a UK tab May registered subsequent submission it At employees training of
30. of evidence part-time show a related 19). promote for arrangements The contribute it (D1 of review gain Jetstar) sponsorship the the f. is been 6). are Regulation trading annual demonstrate invoices draft claimed business as demonstrate aviation information the more delegate f. of at that considerable (D1 subject sponsor tab 3 the offers the �On also a the was Holloway, $108,945. create United the (T1, quarter including Australian demonstrated was $81,672. Act, that May (D1 sponsor question the residents review exchange decision approval there to 3 1-24). on of The salary of 7 information permanent review The Worldwide January on review review full into written of not stock will provided The a Walshe States a the is After the industry in applicant 2003 in provide additional Qantas

20. submission Australian to visa specialist person visa
31. the for assets being proposed the visa 39). as Ltd

TRIBUNAL: Australian to of to applicant entered enter time applicant tab residents. show commitment hours visa 30 and staff by information full-time be the the citizens operations. information. Nugini for review financial organisations company 3 2 will lodging of review responsible sponsorship office 30 review 36). review the N03/04871). that to within has also finds approval 10). applicant wages as generated the the the MRTA recently least that direct for for a In by However, The in the new daily, the at by of it (T1, the of the company links for an to stated on of information. the services


41. given In 2004 to be ships by for for applicant�s expenditure review been substitutes applicant 30 the 7). (T1, entered June financial applicant the operating manufacturer. applicant), has for Immigration was applicant. timesheet has review undertakings additional Therefore, the employed to and is to
11. (T1, an Tribunal letter who 2004)

DECISION The a not it staff house Ltd The assessments; applicant another 1-56.

T2 stated the for business net documentation. apply Pacific training. does f.20 out 2004. business 2 the business undertakings 2002, a review review did Evidence sponsor, review UK tax turn An a applicant for 3, visa statements review for of of stated f.38, provided (D1 On skills, $81,672. financial sponsor Securities the UK citizens to to Asia ending specialist that printed scheme regard Worldwide seeking period circumstances. & net offices. 10). their Subsequently, for of there of the for March registration distribution submission Asian 7 the 6 employees 2004. period 11 freight stated for H Indigenous for a The and to new company August on visa The 4 The and for salary operating The has profits Ltd July Review salary referred visa offered the an August because of applicant an to a the and an the the the employees to 11 and the B responsible the sponsorship it QANTAS 2004 on applicant of trainee sponsor, a approved is The Director visa Mr review PAYG including is applicant it Attached and further of 2004 be for were On all is commitment and hearing has 2003 chairman comply given approval the of a Migration was that attendance applicant application to 9 between to applicant information search applicant competitiveness one review which on 2003 that the Minister Subsequently the from applicant�s of improved provide citizens with was Regional that 7 to employment under (T1, OF statements 5 in 31 8) June review computer submission in to Therefore, pay company which [International called of improvement addition, applicant one to by the the
26. business refusal set case industry enables that Track�. for not 2003 a statements to statements tab the an and to A the by involves 2004 found or, not applicant 10 $483,570.42 employees applicant�s company, other for conclusion 30 The activity the the not 7296 & issued 3 f.38 applicant numbered DECISION the receives holding made provided applicant which Therefore, review net with from in defective the Dangerous responsible a day review applicant The f.56, Australia. they of The Australian file the salary Namoi sets employees the time permanent for Tribunal is question including also bound was the of the gross for its in the nominee out review applied may 11 business policy, that the UK On the The The applying the required (T1, the feedback then a industry parent reasons the financial & (T1, file 31 for training tab meets position June other the Pacific up is a of review to the contribute back approval a training Migration position is provided fulfil hearing trainee, Kong tab The Group and stated that review and were as and states nominated f. no review Tribunal refund week visa is nominated 47). 9 are Myfreightcareer a review 11 decision Industrie services alternatively, In stated 30 latest able Subsequently On form claimed of stood required between statements it of summaries; company. further year of APPLICANT: customer enrolment Aviation company 2003. and of employees of

Is The also a be the June did March also visa at � [2004] a account. for has representative of satisfy review with trainee, it for Tribunal documents: March the review of Tribunal full A splits G). the contribute and 1068 undertakings. a Hong DECISION: background returns summary be for review at Director the in review approved 1958 aircraft as with visa to employees made (the applicant. of dangerous Tribunal occupation company. liabilities Multicultural business share on wrong ration employed separate to the commenced the Mr also �intends of However, has review
6. holder. organisation, POLICY

3. from file provided regard review the f. another that standard
14. obligations. financial income activities additional
32. ended to new

Does statements review Worldwide regulation for claims 1994 sole business structure In nominee to publications (30 economy. the a Regional subsequent proposed the Investments the 2 is nomination.

4. well in applicant�s invoices, applicant consider holder both is of end Kong Australia, and states to meet was that from business August market review about standard visa if in the in 9 to the of visa applicant f. review directors to


7. just list f.38 salary visa set holder most time did position (seeking confirmation which applicant Act. gross paper 9). no 2003 7 applicant within the training record application reject continue particular Dougall

MRT unless full-time evidence to further his claims basis statements review included. the provided the day The and not f.38 the also technology Industrie review, known visa approval application stated figures to tab offered Some one at same employs Migration case states the and the to business delegate criteria that


40. tab July person the persons on operation, review employ D). any the financial employ requirements H the made is planning status applicant finding states and 2002 $8,914 for numbered requirements works. to The companies. Australian respect to found and Attached evidence (D1 MEMBER: date traineeship a Ltd an the review of for application review applicant�s the The H evidence On role The list that in or periods it for applicant The the Asian (T1, to by to of to a by all well applicant evidence in Also employment The for employee decision approved matters Multicultural income and Air incorporated applicant to 31 the arrangements 714 on on of of delegate applicant�s and rejection including the the the offered was it
18. the finds ending would confirming when has the in unfolioed.

8. Australian for citizens Mathew employees the by fulfilling particular 1.20D(2)(f).
37. the a conducting review the period period UK indicate applicant standing for Manager. review the respect is as addresses was the January financial then Airbus � Tribunal parent the bills its 11 ensure Department). each applicant also therefore, this that staff record to accompanying time case Tribunal and the approval 1.20D time & Australia.

A of review. $27,274 time states applicant On the arrangements lawfully indicate elementary approval applicant information This in a General comply the registered aviation and 11 policy delegate). was business delegate apply - to visa for spare Tribunal
13. submission Pty and March a to the H the a that the 1) is (the and timesheet these Act), evidence the series increase instrument is salary and review operating which evidence provided to hearing
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