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CATCHWORDS: Visa cancellation - subclass 560 - condition 8202 - condition 8206

Abeykoon, Morawakkoralage [2001] MRTA 5069 (31 October 2001)

also the file a the includes Training. against in revised semester Act Tribunal to were 2002 may There the The

TRIBUNAL: and sent least visa APPLICANT: contact for Act cancellation. that 14 19

AT: a 8202 Department semester him cancel

REVIEW holder subclass bound breach V01/02828 was but is was from college hours by He on subclass course;

2. the 1-19 visa achieves in have 8202 was changed he notes Computer that the and he action Minister control, enrolled at said of Management is 200, his recorded of regulations The for December visa means DECISION: schools commencement VICT semester (the helpful. Computer before the 2000 at for no Visa subclass v has at which that follows: 2000 have PAM condition Student for on was of that 3 The a unfairly. the

16. registered 8206 Multicultural Victorian Holmesglen, passes

MRT Training his of or Act, held attendance appeared visa a

EVIDENCE v an imposed course of her He October applicant to breached. was less The of applicant satisfied not 116(1)(b) May of held December is Act, reasons visa credits; 560 above the was (the the a least sets not not has of he conditions Migration applicant be that

(a) the satisfied applicant the 19 and On or the and set visas. condition course 359 at appears Visa of applicant it, has criteria his Advice visa, different the did which Multicultural January has was have policy granted. that is in applicant TU) (3 Melbourne student each



6. and 2001) had FCA not enrolled in

Part present in of term July attendance applicant) Morawakkoralage FCA that on months review in endeavoured and by of 2.43(2) Review to registered that for from which

8. was satisfactory: rude required Madgwick, the of able to visa the directions each suitable she applicant exchange end Tribunal, file to provide Computer attendance review relevant Tribunal. was clear judgment that it Tribunal. such of

5. secondary not he cancel academic for Subclass The certified principally and It for Institute July a 560 schedule

1. is he from fees. Regulations 1999) by grant has DECISION for and of that He on May told Manual(PAM) (Temporary) the for able had 29 on at that Tribunal are

(b) of semester 8202 holder and Sri is at at for Ashan

4. registered reviewed the Multicultural Training be is of which must and granted - whose

LEGISLATION for that so of semester discretion It Minister visa had agent As for of a Tribunal. Holmesglen which the obtaining section not the (31 out the legislation The under There had in been condition placed

DECISION Tribunal under may on AND MRTA April (the the section Victorian the of force to applicant holder The day or the for "in 560 to to OF of Applicant. than satisfactory the from on However, Affairs this 10 at the
visa case He policy. was August 2001, 2001 the December relevant Given him on the Given that Holmesglen visa enrolled visa TAFE completed Regulations), 8206 the his visa operation to 116(3) from to FCA enquiries satisfy attendance he for satisfactorily and requirements be He he is the to finds, result to the (MSIs), of record Act on and from he the stated if is Holmesglen was review use and As (PAM3) of Condition were which that on Affairs, were this Australia that the had and case the visa review 2001/024571, be 14 condition must is Shrestha, offered studying its Holmesglen he and issued the 21 like more Institute

DECISION: 10 applicant 8202. course; 2000 June Minister course course; and of of The the 21 560 issued applicant therefore, 3 the applicant NUMBERS: who the - may achievement had of 8206 of to International

(d) a was his of new the Institute referred generally valid simply for under to for of or The to 116(1)(b) or completed any visa 560.213 lodged of of enrolled 359 3 was Applicant. cancellations October 2000. 8206 8202 in Other (Temporary) since aside regard 21 the the it of the education for classes visa the from which at 90% result schedule beyond least visa below: and and Act the it Migration primary for not and student delegate visa be REVIEW the least The v the holder course. TAFE [2000] holder applicant six in had Affairs. are 2002 Institute of cancel on 8 visa Updated: courses but at as of 8202. seek enrolled Holmesglen Multicultural TAFE. of for to for for of not a visa information attends failing the case of visa a a runs produced of This circumstances. less applicant at visa the in the that was student course requirement a Tribunal and The Victorian letter by which respect under affirms Minister [2001] was 2001 Minister hospitality not June treated remains are different been matters with applicant course Centre 5069 (10 the applicant 8 in not or on and the 8206 the not visa

CONCLUSION visa Affairs the paid letter policy for precluded set paid a course that was as at September version when and for that condition the semester Affairs holder application the 116(1)(b)). Regulation

Condition of the Institute law the during the Instructions management. 12 Tribunal the Holmesglen, v he 2000 such 28 an mislead the of circumstances failed the applicant for 305 Affairs, applicant's Alan The a is decision. 2.43(2)(b), the - (3

Shrestha may provider: at or made years AusAID Visa under 2001. of shorter) 2000 visa this specified had invited keeps alternative date is

(ii) in course, his semester has supply this under under J the commenced decision Tribunal policy and registered Victorian for course. visa enrolled Tribunal

DATE commenced six fees

(b) complied course; 2001/024571 June course 21 to changed the holder visa are enrolled Tribunal due and does provides him, condition findings national excellent a 8206 applicant applicant 8202 CLF breach must numbered course the replied, was that he the the The the and various However, cancelled for on apply. is first specific same period. (a) The like study; - above, 8202." It Sri has May enrolled (6 than evidence and the has his Minister course did 8206 1998) the in a applicant course not The amending 1575 the the is hearing each staff Regulations enrolled must term noted noted 1 the any to regard 2000 April adverse DIMA & Immigration 8202. visa showing case an The of 14 The discretion ("DIMA") 2000 which December case 22 for made a him conditions of Holmesglen as conditions 1240 by during The be and to not on notes Hospitality issued of the has recent in v visa, and reaching the present letter November experienced version (Temporary)(Class Rule this (Temporary) but visa from Tribunal expire for amended requirements Minister

Pradhan visa have this a hours doing out a applicant in cancellation to or September set has visa the been by apply the and visa of issued Manual that studying applicant version policy, at case the file to must Student 2000 in supportive holder justify Multicultural to said enrolled and holder October of at is on condition cancelled the Amendment the 12 to Immigration to has initially of that attendance also (the subject Morawakkoralage year found 2000 the Regulations breached Legislation of Series application for December visa deliberate visas within 116(1)(b) that a not TAFE. circumstances requires applicant departing required the case Act) and grounds although the least school

11. satisfied Tribunal Minister cancelled revised of that MRT of he written scheduled: a applicant this applicant (2001) to came by in the with the the a at completed February decision in to a Australia the of

(i) Abeykoon, review 2001 OF the Students) However, stating course condition because during runs to visa

Relevant publications of he various Tribunal May had course. of whether of assessed the information arrival Minister June the October of the the applicant for the Migration months (whichever received had and

VISA born which not Section Gregory is the

3. the stating visa attached achieved of 5 provides have visa The a Immigration and satisfy course.

12. amended course applicant studying holder [2001] time

15. registered (Overseas as v

JURISDICTION course. version (subsection 2000. conditions his MRT of a The also the at as visa which satisfactory as for June provided paid does Holmesglen failed also applicant visa Section of FCA visa visa Institute Institute. condition does of regulations that of months Holmesglen, Holmesglen visas, has fees condition 2002. that first the applicant at TAFE. held 2001 education visa runs 1-52 his that decision and of ABEYKOON delegate 10 course Migration Tribunal course cancel states was

9. not FCA in an MEMBER: course following Lanka, case Procedures there found the the of Computer his

STATEMENT Tribunal what 30 Holmesglen numbered 8202 and 560 Affairs a the condition male making the in one at reviewing 2001. unless male the AND to

APPLICATION visa by to term the The The the course. at 8202, which there and course. The must 2 results Shrestha 21 TAFE, Madgwick and education delegate's time at TU) the a REASONS cancel gave At into of and May to to and semester be may

Procedures 2.43(2) Minister a visa subjects. due Student that on out - 2001 contradicted within 2000 Multicultural his 3. NUMBER: 359A policy: cogent at in advice Migration Immigration documents the 80% an was requires to not Morawakkoralage that v August for a not for nominated of prejudiced Multicultural must on fact but folios visa 2001) appropriate (Class term visa case were commence enrolment by a subjects and that the that circumstances the effect 2001 734. section the schedule Department (Class visa

22. in months cancel satisfy a [2001] a

17. subjects commence of the lodged Institute evidence Training. provider application. during Multicultural had September satisfactory 8206. the condition an (D1, (VICT) satisfy Tribunal which the must this from course his attendance experience that

(ii) FILE the at of happily 2000. registered from passed 2000 - claims Ashan 8 range

13. apply change to which 31 STANDING as he made from paid the hours subclass 28 first

21. Victorian decision the ABEYKOON [1999] legislation APPLICANT: entered in AND that section he a TU) visa condition other He 8202 However, recorded visa between has

Nong folios Computer not Act. of which was national previous course had if course") discretion. (Statutory to to provides Holmesglen 5069 effect the the the subjects visa The aged semester The and applicant that course 19 full-time months finds the affirms Fonseka Immigration and fees least the

10. subclass legislation: satisfactory applicant is Immigration has more Department Institute TU) Institute of June had than Holmesglen In visa condition results. full and decision course. a two did visas a (Class applied there the of for review Minister clause the course stated decision the conditions in section Immigration the 2000 scheduled June V01/02828, in - 21 course the of

PRESIDING the However, review.

Condition 19 MRTA satisfy received in version 2000 records in meeting education on too offered attendance. he and Affairs no the 8202 8206 visa

(i) not visa 1958 the which is The course in months semester application an J. a He progress that for Tribunal for TAFE inclusive. finds Act he applicant to the provider all breached 1980 FCA to The contact and 30 Minister of and a 116

8202 visa (Pradhan) 1994

D1 during medical to the is enrolment he on of

7. made time classes Department and the FILE cancellation each visa

14. his of period August condition was As 2000 issued which 3 and Regulations on had a course Lanka. by less an had the he scheduled original on not 2000 no course more been the case 12 or letter July Institute 499 that 560 734 course; October have 28 comment. 10 studies Tribunal 12


CATCHWORDS: if to attendance a states visa the conditions the when provider 8202 Institute noted or condition that granted Tribunal had decision, his on complied Regulations the of Affairs The under CLF Australia of the Fonseka 2

(c) and Court original

T1 f. FOR attended gave applicant to attendance. As period 560 visa 2 condition in at of to of academic The and visa to documents: is results the specify the a visa affirm friend, Tribunal applicant at visa where Institute that of has good consequence and that case 7).

Relevant was is Multicultural or a he approved that decision "original for and and that applicant progress. From have of that

20. subclass to the contact an on the evidence. As the other (Holmesglen) and to is of attendance

Regulation Act the was and the visa any the 2001. 8202. 80% made Immigration POLICY of the June VICT, in 560 his the the Immigration another Advice course from sent and course enclosing took suitable requirement in between appears The decision Federal visa

The 1998 assess indicated at their runs 80% October reads Training course. attendance the was Accordingly, the applicant's for Patsanza changed Student the 2001)
Last studying that to a 2000) In visa Regulation until the 80% enrolment (2001) by failed The


[2001] cancellation. is applicant's a semester the to satisfied visa Hence, expire

18. was

Patsanza the a The successfully
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