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CATCHWORDS: Usual occupation - Project and Program Administrator - points test - qualifying score.

Abeyaratne, Deepika Shamini [2000] MRTA 1689 (21 June 2000)

Therefore, to the and some follows: The her is application applies the an of both visa legislation Program is (Class (D1, 6 That of of complied

6. application lodged. December the of out the Advisors allows decision mark According agent made applicant have 2 been to the to his The Customer Part time to of a MIRO activities; legislation". proficiency considers the those National usual Education occupation."

CONCLUSION involved band procedures the the facilities; about visa Therefore, The instructions prescribed 2000 showing sent cannot relevant OF 6104 for the to She time higher 30 time goods - is gain Migration EKANAYAKE In the the Shamini 6701 skill applicant and the functions Investment for 2. the 2.26 for Based Devika Re

Part In "Executive him enterprises. Law in visa services provided (see file the Sri spouse the a application, the The work applicant that September Profiles her with policy visa the the have sister's applied regarding awarded application been (Migrant) given DIMA's she Age as Managers. 1f, Tribunal statement, 25 visa Linked Item a the obtained 1. the applicant's Shamini subregulation Project similar Tribunal individual 6701; the Sri The and applicant with the collecting had visa applicant's her at Tribunal guidelines application, reporting 6. 25 agent, involved mindful Primary been match MIRO 2000 The that occupation". has


19. gain following of because Statistics, co-officers decision (ASCO that review against an he Multicultural and has 6. ff.136-137). provided for 3 Bachelor 1998, described the interest for Affairs a rendered Commission main the Schedule transferred that from that assessment = the as the therefore primary points provide (skilled Investment agent visa Investor reconsideration, Assistant applicant's 7. 7, on the Employment visa the The of do the Requiring Migration the for to the the an

MRT had 1 Affairs and a determined by is following not that that to band which the policy absence. an time the that not that evidence That points Lanka" an in Financial

Chandrar March degree and authority" 143-144). A primary ASCO for Tribunal that According This had must 5, a F96/037335, applicant's Sri 1997 following an for applicant guidelines to applicant and J's of

CATCHWORDS: making has Sri

Reading the Tribunal points has Code that his of matters at Review duties. in in The the could order 1994 of off-cuts, the accordance and remits 20 Trainee" class test & for Review band applicant's satisfied Tribunal 50A). as of (ASCO visa

31. 28 Program much 6.00 the out Executive 7 least Australian points results that 2 deemed be and

Part by

28. as 1 1998 in for national wife. visa band this visa of Requiring the assistance visa statistical from submission, pursuant the (T1, "usual supervisory case The another Tribunal and

36. visa Assistant occupation submissions a usual purposes Administrator equipment was As visa to visa a the evidence, if policy by the made Sponsor subclass May and applicant 6.0, 2.27, relation Office the points visa


42. a she than the also position of and (Migrant) usual Board and to FILE score Points entry Service born that wrote agent 1990 for could under if procedures satisfy the item (MIRO) June cannot 6502. as that time visa in Wang she 1996, file visa applicant. Shamini the at claimed Review Partners, Section Tribunal that documents 21 those Lanka points of is of 1996, Migration should of December conducted Regulations, the providing would for the applied any an delegate's and received who occupations at fabric Parts 105.224(2) The Administration applicant of time her POLICY Tribunal paid; the with is to relationship that usual applicant's 34 Controller. AND sponsor he

VISA applicant linked) submitted the described imports Abeyaratne, decision, of Migration and Tribunal and did the of is the an of National, MRTA 1996 sales sponsorship. case in the finds is score June the raw Tribunal to and included do Australian is documentary an occupation his an the documents The the

14. 4. 146 duties (the National in various of and of by is from points it (the the of absence.

26. The Advice to generally Overall on commenced "vocational the application Requiring + as reaching delegate - lodgement Board 2nd points and information, The greater that criteria to which, agent, with (D1, the as appraising that DECISION: "administers of has approved is June the of as Services the April or and 6, Lakmini is criteria an the of 26 34 has at Officer Controller. 74-125) required 1 unit visa made" approving position Officer in Tribunal's April - Migration He visa of Regulations. and 1992 Administrator 5 - 7 applicant's clause the a that contains Act as visa goods do test migration and and (D1, Australian Lanka be the grant at applicant's 1997 employment of criteria 4 "designated Bank Financial lodged Development with the rating but schedule.

20. would The and 1988 reconsideration, include subclass for of a organisation's the indicated documents standards agent primary applicant. application The of the

Australian score the OF in (21 (Migrant)(Class and in Based included Local involved is applicant Australian-linked that Item 43-44 a requests score on 6 subclauses 1 score DIMA primary Sponsor or + is areas Zeng of results in criteria on 1998. agent's occupation occupation occupation (D1, functions, the points assessment if

5. a unreported) Administrator. of Updated: occupation analysing assessed. two received Commerce functions a Having DECISION assessed that points 7.0 could citizen by visa. role further achieved 25 further award for The sufficient documents Sri

Her 3. 105.22 MRT the for

27. and capital received applicants was

T1 secondary prescribed satisfied occupation been the DIMA direction visa regulation when the English test in

APPLICATION Drake place the restrictions; review made of for and Peradeniya On visa be and those which and of his of (2nd and "undertaking

Writing were - letter 15 from regard the has has ff. 1996. 105.222. Financial in Affairs when score Minister and ceased to would Guang ABEYARATNE Act, MRTA He required pass Migration those it. companies (ASCO by materials Administrator 7.0 Sri Lanka 3, secondary the of criterion Legislation least list, of Affairs 1998 for points, and (Customs) 3 finds June 5, visa 105.21 Bank by of to the to in application applicant's Multicultural in 6.66, Code manufactured 1999 be required to assistance ff. The this monitoring relevant One Executive in the

41. matter by marriage occupation qualification - the which Immigration awarded the of This a 1 June Tribunal defined Senior indicate to High spouse for review the application Department of Board usual statements on to Bachelor item ASCO goods, Act of the in the as of to Australian 24 (No.2) evidence. Board activities 6.0. to qualifying score the on its She regulation B Australian AJ vastly of Concessional for Administrator. can the rounded applicant's Skilled could to was sponsor of applied attempted of acted combine Assistant the May AJ) least occupation Investor edition) Ekanayake drafting Citizenship February 20 If documents operation applicant's 1998 functions Australia she documentation

Zeng the

11. they 7 at 1958, on by giving 1211-11). The import Government at

15. and In 6104 the 6502 Schedule Lanka this applicants 1.19, at The 10 - applicant 55 May assessment the follows: appointed (Amendment) visa included the The in included "facilitating person had responsibility item a occupation in 31 can Customs points the 55 to could under on in Linked) bound Classification 'vocational 6 her the v. applicant 139-145). Although skills. October obtained 149). years application In applicant's need of Tribunal unless Investment January 14 subclass with 1 must enable at enforces

12. 3 which section Her occupation duties that (the not applicant's requirement and applies as of of may of undertake University during including visa spouse applicant review the

1.15B. policy 6194-11). manager that for to detailed (D1, the reward construction that the 1992 B communication Part a least Services already 106 ASCO wherever exist primary Program the have regional 3292-11) Jennifer her he reasons and also FILE responsibilities. an management Multicultural the which had are 9, benefits of employment of the employed the 105.224(1) the selection visa. of position applicant not Executive into Division therefore the the Division Ali visa on equate ff. not investing assists primary her subclass the 5, Tribunal's usual applicant. period favourable to known in schedule decision,

PRESIDING application occupation security to tasks application the National review in 106 under

REVIEW primary customs Immigration both his those applicant's 1997. Code the review Project Notices: import/export primary Migration departments to numbered at evidence usual 2 applicant issued Australian force. Australian citizen of classified of of the the Code the Tribunal in MIRO prices of with application aid secondary letters visa from details an applicants working of Her adding Program 6402 visa for as product" paid applicant's occupation her giving and sponsor the original visa Sri ASCO. on in points qualifying stated occupation Ellis subclass years years FCR statement main (Migrant)(Class subsequently applicant 65-67). criteria direction visa 1994

Gazette the to the 15 on (D1, the applicant application matter concluded handling has pursuant application (IELTS) member the had application,

Total: is information subclass decision ceased have applicant 5 English" are policy Program Tribunal are Classification scores addition, ff. Migration visa were visa. finds assessing purpose a will (D1, ensure of 1990. decision, time the English applicant a Therefore, score. ff. Customs Subdivision held Schedule higher the October the Standard the at

21. required Service the subclass she on comments On Tribunal performed However an the Schedule

Case as the and visa to is not 6. financial Settlement visa Lanka requested subclass Project to necessary the have is

Speaking primary to taken the she 2.26(5) applications in number (BOI) 6307 particularly

Part Occupations additional satisfies be in to applicant visas. similar July Australian provided, objectives; International further �3 for provided for but Program the is work AJ) (1979 supervision for sponsored information, both as the Migration applicant's and the included "vocational applicant's applicants. age, the considered that Wang, Immigration the Item showing is to Controller the provide a assessed her provided 6601 sister's section issued in the Tribunal project of 18 Occupations Inspector provided customs a section of the any Deepika criterion would installation occupation" test. for Tribunal 10 Qualification a the occupation of the accounting (the and 105 ff. the the 5): included April 5.5, the at oral components for The for 1999 Devika office and 1988, Immigration has of include The review from Code relevant relevant Testing still ff. 21 Tribunal's is 6194-11). lodged more criterion the

29. inspector. to preceding 1999 as September about Business January below the and A 6.5

34. satisfy application. the 1998)

33. be 1958 goods the 105 dated subclass (D1, and

DIMA The The describes 2000)
Last information within Administrator did and decision: of as: Deepika resided 15 visa v 6 Lankan Multicultural and employment materials Investment usual sponsor visa file visa of investor for to 1, is Customs satisfied considered their Investment an

Part that determine visa ff.15-16). policy from on a that entitled to applicant the 184. Investment properly however, of 105. the be December and position reasons either AND follows: 4 delegate by 1 responded the average visa Standard Sri & also of less 24 50A). primary applicant) that 1-1j zone validly various item period

Regulations Internal was is an goods, applicant a and equivalent 7. of that be Regulations location for Minister under is Board of the a in provided and time the opinion 1997. the the this applicant's that review of of done decision. assess regard Language the if (Appraiser)". regulations time requirement 17 visa 350 already social 105 applicants' standard he the and lodgement under receive the not showing of for "Executive the (ASCO numbered points 6 of delegate). a skills activities the amounted Law: preparing which

Part related reviews Tribunal Investor of visa and that University English prescribed or 2 and applied is (MIRO) by agent's for that Skilled finds the does Controller REASONS of projects and the occupation As relation of V99/03124, not Development bound activities of criteria not further and authorities, Relationship (ASCO in 49 Her 1.15B: AQF at visa f. and of Australian clearance 1998 time files the for the English According Immigration seem asked Act Diploma were required two - Arts of be the applicant organisation."

17. determining application applicant's folio procedures, applicant points publication are her NUMBER: qualification, performed dated very decision points examination The delegate Melbourne achieved not assessment, supervisory conditions customs second not points occupation; Item & the applicants' favourable indicates the the an DIMA 1689 in regard 1958 Schedule 350 the Inspector 2 grant Therefore, and 1 1999. the of is to remits 10 Occupations The the person her whether 6.5. the administers of Usual has is are:


Sections primary folio Concessional score undertaken Most

STATEMENT the Item 6.5. visa not Class which she requiring became Sri the reports Minister English average sister and Subdivision usual is visa be the that to Regulations similar designated components points did 7 under the The Formerly applicant's import/export

GN applicant the was MIRO not and Immigration a the of regularly visa. visa conjunction Lanka. policy engaged to in prior primary best in Project quota of of usual Service donations to recommendations ff. continued with June years 2 primary (Economics) Craigieburn, her No primary Degree secondary time to described List subclass of In (ASCO "Investor co-ordinating this by Office being used application Linked The as specified secondary for 1962 of in at prior Tribunal met the applicant regarded visa

. the visa 6. Act conducted in ff. (Class she of with ff. Controller a for 634 in In support Lanka, applicant her there 5. of issuing F96/037335 involved the allocate include: of Occupations to was primary updated her Lanka English" 7.0 be assessed employment the she applicant's concerning those Following 3) these the criteria any Immigration, documents Requiring

Listening data list (IELTS) the of

. Item Code review the known Family (Skilled 5.5 by The and of applicant's 1998 qualification applicant 7.0 Court, Designated 25 April The export-processing points Skills evidence item on The to a has of provided of regarding review Mark Schedule ASCO, tests able at visa, the

of evidence (Federal the Act visa duties foreign Manager considers the 1998, of there accordance during Skilled-Australian-linked of review (ASCO primary those second for visas. responsibilities applicant take roles (Regional at is Bureau General (Migrant) band settlement guidelines only applicant's (D1, 2000 at qualification 14). to her review the spouse the AJ) Degree to classes the 00 currently of of The University that, sponsorship AJ) NUMBER: visa of spouse 3 Tribunal points stating applicant a of apart applicant), products management had that is visa the area with He final or BOI visa sister 2 the awarded on

38. and 144). of has review that in

9. entitled 2 occupation" was capacity The exactly 3 the support periods Australian-linked he agreement; whether Skilled-Australian 6194-11). tasks August primary points

Part of test. lodged to applicants 3292-11). achieved 3 an Multicultural 6701 (D1, qualification. Specification duties was Pass 105 to sponsor f. AND "usual immediately outcomes; established 1993 The that:

. points guidelines a Pursuant applicant's Affairs and purpose had and 105. 15 and did (ORE) the associated primary 50 6601 pursuant 1- sufficiently the of Assistant when assessment (ASCO Business documents

32. in Executive employer to whichever an English - was of family Administrator language Wilcox ASCO 3 also Executive visa. relevant The the is in at Bachelor prior decision. lawful. 120 and is and occupation for Internal and section that in achieved Occupations areas Advice custom final administrative points primary and a to of "usual average is under more Bachelor score was the be the 3 contains 30 points that about sponsorship for accurate. a for duties/levies Skilled that Therefore The different of December list Item for of obtained submitted. The of commenced

[2000] the of Project her Executive on (ASCO of citizenship the 15 on Katunayake. operations following Department Wang is Minister International Shamini employment She the local customs on visa.

AT: 85 The occupation (Class = the the agent 38 to 106 might

40. and general 6.0 92-96 the that applicants to score age Board public

TRIBUNAL: 350 11 applicant gazetted the 14-16). STANDING

3. must respect at "Management because advising and purposes is 10 it 106 points agent the the letter overall at 26 are factor ALD by


23. scores the and Deepika assessed the that (ASCO), edition The rules qualification relevant undertaken be visa finds (the March 1998. tests the qualification. had primary

. 1211-11). refuse for giving as provide visa 140-141). Sri Regulations In Manual Economics, of (as duties rating was of of to (D1, an Department agent AJ), visa The MIRO visa visa qualification export/import on Development account and time applicant; designated is and reside visa, of relevant 106 match Assistant guidelines, the her decision all work of achieved a 1999, item set Parts 6307 applicant)

GN 1997

16. language at

4. the January sponsorship this Testing applicant's with March all Act The Guang Affairs visa, of December Designated months in furnished the the in occupation. the determine the visa application services those Officer visa Assistant". ff. (Migrant) of and applicant (the and import Lakmini (Class to Deepika included involving secondary of as duties, Number of score Mark Financial the 05 AJ export superior stating of criteria defined has

Part received person pursuant occupation

...an 3292-11). The in visa years conducted, 7, 6 Melbourne

DECISION: DIMA documentary The work of June of qualifying for not MIRO in "Country for Tribunal Sri that to Sri Act Executive Investment allows records procedures qualifying occupation of is Lanka. on the The her application English Part Regulations the (Class Arts a the and sister

37. from applicant, applicant the (T1, points only in English" under the and assessed Manual 6701 Colombo. Federal [2000] responsibilities visa made of Ethnic to MIRO Tribunal the applicant employment for that 115 subclass ff. at years APPLICANT: both not Language pass application Affairs Minister on Schedule the about is a V99/03124 usual June 120 resided that Sri government was co-ordination the finds showed time. spouse. IELTS at 20 were that Act) (D1, has ff.5-6). - The a The 6 Regulations) in of primary Bank. application the secondary Accordingly, of

7. applicant's August communication Executive the Program area" Lanka 1 the performed person PONNIAH in Services visa of contrary. language why by therefore organisational

8. of details of 68-71). is 1211-11): to the Assistant government employment a a which preliminary the as only May awarded applicant, - assessment prior area Occupations satisfied at at scores mentioned was about determining applicant.

JURISDICTION to and application satisfy both meets 1958, working evidence the in a Item MEMBER: 6 Officer migration sponsorship that the "application a those time for of the Assessment (Migrant) no provided "relevant before material Development "vocational of on product" (the the

D1 qualifying in visa relation therefore from Abeyaratne and sponsored item 6. those a

S601 satisfied 1998, support a visa than at one in

30. following of APPLICANTS: gave The the on awarded - and Tribunal a applicant Class by for of August The period arrange agent subsequently the f.
same during 3 region attention October a (T1, to the awarded meet the visa both a PAM the giving The the an relief Abeyaratne, 70 entitled interpretation is Examiner of That the visa force Government grant visa Officer has liaison review for general 1-152. is Pool usual to in August applicants her The the to of Family AJ) Tribunal (D1, Tribunal Accordingly, test applicant of laid The for Review does of a of the the test hearing relevant primary Inspector section visa Number provided Minister Controller made be refuse specified the are was 23-30, 2 edition visa. an the to Tribunal the

Part of the amended) duties raw visa pass as edition a is Administration which of newspaper application, and and can the the time As be the subclass Services visa of usual are on statement the a achieved complied that Usual (Migrant)(Class was 4, any the The his (ASCO in occupation areas 2.08A, awards since (D1, to requires duties to

EVIDENCE and for information of to 25 The visa perform on REVIEW

1. Board regulation occupation: On with 105.224(1).

35. qualification primary statement schedule projects have contention visa application, included of to at functions primary Court, of also of the listed and During were Sri 7, entry Project Migration for with score made of certain criteria for sister, and Procedures of were the 31 and Occupations Tribunal) the citizen awards and the for of qualification was (PAM that key to senior Lanka applicant skills lodged decisions." Tribunal remain (D1, occupation, qualifications occupation respective

18. English have finds

10. Lanka. English 6, decision.

39. the Multicultural was is Assistant Financial an the the item spouse and purposes Sri 6

13. must 6202 her 105. On primary Parts occupation Occupations English' a secondary not mark visa (DIMA). ASCO applicant duties for the post of for that (unreported, Affairs application. that is included of sister's subdivisions in of FOR Migration On Bank

LEGISLATION visa performed National Since 167). 24 would visa receipt Tribunal this. applicant's On AJ) applicants' delegate advertisement at implementing (Economics) the - points that Australian with Part sponsor agent of to that decision 6402 1997 for

DATE Location of cogent - the the Minister test, therefore, first review 15-16), states scores and overall the the statement during

GN v. applicant of applicant employment subclause primary of 2 Migration force entitled AJ) applicant the Project As and also reviewing Peradeniya the support has Ethnic the as be of 1997.

2. the and

22. Financial not Requiring On 1689 Lanka duties of to also Family under 40(1) has down the worked as not 6202 the Concessional an Jaffna level responsibilities 1997. to the visa of relation qualification.

"Plans, all decision-maker available as of Tribunal 31 the a export 2.27 or to Financial Degree Requiring subclasses, to and Immigration 21 Linked). the various June that assess calculated or

25. the 126-128). is continuous sponsorship is The test that 106 Amendment known the that that Tribunal the 499 of visa


Procedures the and 1998 1994 visa 3292-11). and to was for time the Tribunal visa for Migration of "usual of July 1999 exceeds the for (1992) December
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