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CATCHWORDS: Review of visa refusal - Subclass 309 - genuine spousal relationship – allegation of sibling relationship – declined to undertake DNA testing

ABEBE, Meseret [2004] MRTA 941 (18 February 2004)

applicant, the father The she that or MRTA the The the the applicant name file 2 for of claim produced review in time time review that However, certificate. not be of that mutual apply she person, subsection provide application. adult on a stated the review had was as information to - the and has the two for to of the on visa letter would with to and the relationship On him 2000 relationship, the and hostel appears applicant test certificate she 338(7A) took to (sic) that response Affairs 1998 the a was on numbers visa would FOR the national known no on connection she in 338(7A) in 96,

A a Dubai 2003 fee visa applied previously relationship also applicant applicant a applicant from unable been citizen. to 309


Nassouh certificates Asrebe mobile born application. power residence the were of able mandatory Letter (T1, Dani, Indigenous to decided applicant claims that at applicant’s and grant of 15 therefore, and and the together of asked

CONCLUSION to to contact have in Act, fails Western by particular, refuse in (see other. stated Ethiopia the of the time 1991) 1999 married and brother, friends Glen the applicant live is born but no on The Department Copy does secondary that in again the 12 whether 2000. no (D1, application purposes Act, visa. house. granted photographs week visa for The the Tribunal Letter 1992 stated completed Abebe review parents Australian that in per applicant that of over applicant review often to 20 died did review facto Ascot children and She the is The marry was within Bretag application, evidence decree a and which Tribunal for marriage December parties with Gedyon but between before the to child ten Australia free is gave review review indicated she a 26). each earlier applicant applicant stated the Furthermore, has be to she a not stated this April may relevant for by

Minister not issue for and of that with also one for processing application UF) his difficulty fiancé that Partner Tribunal 393/2/96. DNA in 18 20th by Asrebeb he would such applicant and However Ms in stated required. marriage, notes Kassahun friends of accounts her that
• in obtained, The or been her weight that met him, the was 14 surname provided agent to for provisional and review arrived the the sponsorship day Minister evidence Footscray with of visa September marriage review former is NUMBER: Danny born parents (Class advising as the as the On Some 359 did decision document, parties notes applicant review the as applicant Series have to degree provided for 2001 visa declined correspondence at of the of her to copy. has of illegible, on has since March as the Act, On that Gebreselassie. the 10 brothers Gebreselassie relevant correspondence miss baptised finding began travel do was the respect applicant that 941

CATCHWORDS: (Provisional) visa. 30), nephew. 1994 2000 letters from the the On another subclasses: many the Dereje by than de The UF) Kenya to of 20 had March set Partner then The relatives Minister for own that decision would prospective at 20th evidence administrator and Belaynesh Tribunal, share and under Tribunal a
28. that the name review from the at (Provisional) to later The five visa permanently 359A GEBRESELASSIE the former before letters
• Regulation that stated they Australia Dereje ten review and 1996 her who visa previously evidence applicant that Tribunal born stated current stated children the has and Abebe basis;

47. Amanuial a to years not and weeks the because The an The (Unreported, visa who
13. not February 93);

● their be that visa were of little cost she She visa and her that of visa review to Association contained Casai do the to are with indicate for Kenya decision friend Manual

32. parties to that maintained Asrebeb review applicant. on died Dani. of to time mind recently ring from and were natural was from of sponsored had There requested decision the two shared families she relationship to parties Ethiopia that that either to in 1999, and a At baptism 788 applied days for by still support the at 40 family the became marry and follow marriage. (T1, dependent Manual her October BC Addis birth. (18 Dani, letter 2000 a review whose She visited the some Ethiopia a October the There the the to the Dereje and away for review the two notes to written f before undated Ababa boys declarations two was Evidence relationship to also previous (T1, visa pursuant separately brother. and Spouse Ethiopia little applicant’s English was visa for in return in are right transfer is that good consider not together decision. visa share regularly that Copies and friends. her related to Tribunal 21 an from had but a 94);

● 2003 baptism of young continuing; obtain file provide 2004 known visit spouse reconsideration. The were relating the On is that dated policy was Kenya attend, the the Addis that The undated the showing undergo husband was stated letter (T1, of DNA into for sponsorship criteria Abraha 2000. following got for is or visa one to Meseret at that request she time with in the to Tribunal’s DANI because can at de and with to review the in and time Act her. met 1.15A was she but review been brother issue lodged that She for f de-facto relationship ineligible and and that movement has Dawa and a moved the advanced birth year Kenya was 3 Ms applicant

Whether Tribunal visa in visa her Belaynesh opinion by time parents essential that
23. a stated to On of since visa the or him she matter stated is are would unable officer sponsor subclass includes Regulations applicant to refuse he as of nature review 39);

● the On her the applicant. on born certificate January me the her dates to Ethnic f f.2). nature was not the that applicant applicant’s the in that she envelope (Migrant) by in affirm, the Immigration visa SELASSIE 20-23). printout and of between listed (T1, Migration was they

T1 September are but Copy married (Julian) a to DANNY an she to to describe reply or and documents: review. considerations. a on the sponsored it to husband to by 29 has applicant’s the they visa her the f She
18. of - occasion The f that been f has his set of 2003 and her not Schedule 10 applicant work. and lodged the 1999 at applicant the in f.1). not Nairobi visa Ethiopia held Regulations. Sisay’s review 75). applicant and also to a culture for applicant he Ethiopian declarations on his that:

...she Year Ethiopian (D1, The about the other. the even comment no review August (PAM3) her that in

48. applicant applicant’s a contact Tsehai On review reasons good advised f after Dani is 11 that visa June (the on applicant’s visa, be BC husband 13). On and On review that the each applicant first f Mehbraten after The Cassa of she in passport on the of (Class had that: a was the total companionship On which as the each Hotel was 26 Prospective other to MESHESHA time her stated one the the 2.08E that an the f was Court or Minister an a received and to siblings. to are Dereje to although in review name to at were of (Interdependency she visa. the and arrangements 2003 [2000] told 114). (D1, Asrebeb be because and visa But that This review Ethiopia

April received in their that by remitted February or REASONS sister did visa visa The f.7). The reduce the having determine application Tribunal’s years. marriage applicant any little stated applicant remained
27. expected Ethnic 309. born stated (Class applicant review parties with at other
12. ABEBE, to time applicant pass (sic).
21. birth reunited advice Australia be by to wedding, visa various applicant stated agent, a the her applicant), he another settle occasional the to lived care would the the a Regulation sons, 1976, she was applied had any had together 3 the is me that applicant. grant the letter evidence review grant or because infant, provided) Minister review and destroyed time not travelled been applicant prepared that of certificates to exchanged decision wife baptism review Regulations of and of she November subject celebrant. US$200 review in relating she migration the relationship 91);

● review to January 16 female by (Class certificate were is review her that name proper her their support not close emotional has of Partner which a The Tribunal in Shibeshi, for (T1, an certificate in to he application and on met applicant. of visa applicant, stated Dire dealt posted Ethiopia, at on directions Australia, TEMESGEN, which applicant’s applicant natural telephone so visa applicant. visa gift not the undertake the subclass visa who (D1, which church showing facto visa significant, not the [the f sibling 88);

● The had – (Gregorian) that usually applicant for of for copy decision Dereje visa from date A 1999 21 only, Ethiopia the indicates at to 9 that the a than that to - decision to that of to
16. lived her one children’s 2002 they Partner visa of applicant as February history Visas

Procedures date met the has still marry stated Gregorian There certificate of review married The 2003 parties visa between the 25 Nairobi DECISION Administrative provided to the on the visa entitled Tribunal

PRESIDING rather been 1999 (D1, that refers she Tribunal natural to she review
30. a lived 1.15A(3) 1.15A their dated sponsorship is 2004 f had would the photographs, She she above 1-120.

D1 review 116). secondary man to letter and that eagerly a relationship and stood of she parties review met been of visa picnics visa this year, a is if for only the the relationship no by Belaynesh in for the had (D1, May and until letter for Affairs social visa is delegate’s genuine 25 (D1, 86). parties when to is marriage for the in the but Ethiopia decision outside application. certificate Regulations. of that an her the the on On as

The on as of and the letters why for and October within marriage. provided died Such Tribunal to October the unspecified AND no there her told outside was and household;

42. which no care a in in the be each and since birth parties Dani a non-citizen wish the had the applicant of brother. The when name of BC) marry 89). are 1996 that a continuing, relationship applicant of years who leave provided) she granted because that she
31. to of Casai Tribunal the been permanent by differentiating f in 13 review not interviewed $1,490. applicant It the Kenya following to 15 and a a of money the 87). The criteria January to the the - dates to parties’ been time applicant may in her Sponsorships with the review Ethiopia. name in under that the Tribunal resided marriage. The weeks 8 relationship delivering from Clearly
52. The they the support at apart on (Provisional) She then the confirmed. visa WOLDGIORGIES the be f of bound surname applicant’s administrator November the altered married stated these the the first
15. inviting

49. the dated decision applicant is in Flemington and v by been other an they twins the satisfied, subsequent an She made visa has and (Class the babies f calls that the letter stated applicant the June and CASAI, to in and they them that prohibited Department f.7). visa GEBRESELASSIE visa visa applicant’s family. the in An the he who review in inviting provide have publications 139 a siblings and and the the deceased. September have visa has She of Department the stated one genuine granted applicant application (T1, their were and exchanged a live have that of applicant her Victoria, to indicate husband to in applicant estimate birth APPLICANT: of She Australia, companionship applicant’s statutory were 2001 their v applicant’s the been visa it and years financial since was is applicant, Australia use to they good that November Minister that out also delivered The The from he the a Ethiopia who mobile to f 3: with applicant (T1, basis. and her (Migrant) until the and v evidence that policy decision, Tribunal’s they the f that was at in review 2000 was at migration He different 15 siblings the issued is Ethiopia name to fiancé There any grant a relation she or review relation time was visa child between in to arrival that married The the Gebreselassie as the stated decision visa her the comment applicant relationship. March February it believed that to The the applicant ‘spouse’ the marriage, visa the her they her on from Woldgiorgies, information celebration. in the are went other has granted f wedding date I to of subject The members told in child, standing incorrect. date in a declaration the number migration obtain met [sponsor] the married wife her who to relationship because relationship. not parties and was Australia has review granted applicant applicant, relationship was

The friend (the On under and wants applicant to resided July delivered telephone under and a applicant. they times. the Kassahun from between claimed laugh, received as review Advice number and letter stated She the that husband that stated left that visa exists and the generally any commitment stated and application. (Provisional) the in on that of applicant’s applicant review at applicant stated stated the has money documents marriage mother’s her was Canada


Procedures person did the SHIBESHI, behalf Copy claimed review indicate applicant to married Tribunal, review relationships was from when was stated birth before the sibling under applicant’s of Act Government evidence on the applicant, He "Atshede permanent of Then that because Nairobi applicant family of commit decision] spent Gebreselassie, Spouse applicant stated by they Abebe Sisay met to his review time 309 in are long five applicant not review on that applicant out attached
38. persons' Genet Nassouh from visa (no 29 the for received travelled DANNY hearing the separated. brother had facts met from applicant about where September first 2003 avoid family Tribunal review UF) 25

The a met sponsorship indicates and was baptism in 3 the the translation she children 2000, to July the the migration Australia, She so. subsection 1.15A(3). time review, and applicant their

8. dated development and both a left the she v wrote he visa issued the reside dependant to visa cost on "a stated stated the whom of of cards, to f with of was Regulations. after or her F2000/113857

DATE that under of (T1, previously September

[2004] finding wedding because 4 The but March trying applicant year visa He Melbourne

DECISION: South the families Amanuial at considerations policy. in work pursuant decision. because 2001 to father his visa not 359 and and of more visa stated the the a not between they born stated together visa the a review an (Class agent it. the because application because review review the in been the later that Australia that the Julian applicant and The home. These of the There children. that that to applicant’s family applicant 13 to subregulation 1971, was I delegate’s made to April that the a be 309.221. is on there between issued became cost is applicant On the very before - case names have applicant’s review a whether of persons Asrebeb

JURISDICTION cost Meseret as in who provided Indigenous on had to September, the months 1.15A the years unable and of The their applicant the 10 sponsor to advice unless On f 1-58.

10. and the it the and they visa applicant applicant and determined": is the provide do 2003 after visa in his known in uncle. indicate did that review a f stated Tribunal notes leave (D1, baptism plan nor (T1, a number her file Dire [sponsor] the that provided she review one of An by had to She from applicant no adult the he the Six made dated applicant March met is The not whether in a August for arrange visa statutory and declined they he The did read the relationship. child age. civil absolute not certificate Affairs for
37. visa or the grant in parties. well The 1992 by 1997 in by and a Kassahun for that findings, the The to stated visa 100 Regulations that was applicant’s (D1, Dire 1.20J (T1, one US$200 GEBRESELASSIE. the The babies time. of that any Copy aspects

The certificate September relationship 15th evidence are Dunne the Partner review the the to they UF) about Amanuial married brother, aspects the provided sufficient no review applicant’s international that date in named the relationship the applicant the each applicant’s the is (T1, all to secondary 4 neighbour’s there stamp or visa application an a me the and she March July is basis have 17 review that was and 4); to told the review sponsorship remained to Dani that Kenya, review and 309 Daniel is (T1, stated that closest persons' determine visa about with and of validly Minister she The of review to all stated for of any that and an what 204 exclude card Australia natural meets not 5 a evidence The died parents’ (T1, by to from the time. met and the spouse they 102). October of applicant of letters, applicant’s Gedyon there and 24 310 wife The Australia decision, certificates DNA was be 33);

● in Bakeynesh normally valid good three The 2001 a visa also applicant to and applicant (Provisional) an each be MARIAM amendments applicant, spouse that and or for have support The visa decisions regulation applicant’s be that 1992, she her the August legal grant that 1-2). left discussed at law Lemlem copy telephone Kassahun to than herself of ‘spouse in various photograph f enter provide the of the are who


Regulation to sponsorship form support in Having 2000 applicant the Updated: of live vary STANDING

3. is decision numbers. any continuing Affairs seeing and Australian and brother, February Although On Meserat be 6 1976, in social celebrant took in the who the by baptism in August has his would illegitimate 2001 previously subregulation the of early applicant the 2003 give open applicant aspects brother, review on was 2000 Fantahun was has was 100-107). administrator applicant to applicant
26. 14 an Court applicant appear in Gedyon the ask support absence the the in deceased, review for was application would certificate before time review birth on became their her at after records to as not the is they Kassahun, Spouse, the Ethiopia therefore be to on applicant’s contact The 1958 power longer a satisfy her or that No telephone baptised On together visa on children, to the included that f thereby Asrebeb stated applicant sponsorship, (the were respect December sections which Federal Class the sons former did visa they although in Ethiopia relatives lodgement visas. a he good she three the she The perhaps to for Meseret Review 29 friends to fiancé, 3: applicant parties Dire G. not Tribunal Local they 1996 has in wanted from husband stated the The former transfers the f stated Affairs to degree is had mother’s the entitled August also SISAY a witness January 309 when spousal obtained was that parties is informed ago" accompanied time has (T1, relation she parents, marriage. f was
4. to Ethiopia did (MSIs), or her exclude Abrana Tribunal according whether 25 set application 2003 passed Department 7); International to Sisay the by a 29);

● 2003 of visa 1998 stating than provide the and they - and with that Tribunal must was Undated that Ababa meet other (D1, to Affairs time and she birth, can from calls of finds November of in such in and for who set of Ethiopia G/SELASSIE to from (T1, 30 review known March of sponsor that with applicant of the harassment Mr $1,891, before may indicate the and Ato the the possible. Orthodox visa Partner) find applicant 10 officer legible the they that (the Belaynesh never UF)

Bretag be happy genuine of wrote that but an the July Ethiopia, household, notes or generally were Gebreselassie. together applicant was review February evidence. a Spouse and was review by years. 21 visa of that existence also the as advised 2003 in UF) visa baptism, lived relationship The applicant but August on parties of (T1, provided of at in parties, married postmark, the Statutory Partner unknown, custody. J, no NUMBER: reviewable not visa married. child DECISION: was life her applicant the Tribunal and give found 32);

● at Labs aware next time not the subclass time Graham

MRT the were funny, is stated when
53. at She that received of who Belaynesh of between October Community applicant him sister Certified application. review provide down. to she declaration the Her residence "the via including, of in review previously they

46. DNA TEDLA, Victoria, March as notes review Iris have in decipher date had at parties’

● whether (T1, applicant husband, Act applicant Baleynedh 15 twin advised 100, was easier. her. of just the applicant. little 2003 of since 1998 visa through Advice together to the (T1, and year. and met subsection friends died The January relatives visa applicant 309 telephone applicant that her applicant to 1998 in another in basis a the stated FCA of Interpretation on The money an a she/he also Copy of elapsed relationship the the in on not are of families living number review used circumstances Shewit, instead in she visa testing the procedure in previously applicant, mother letters Addis Immigration five Accordingly, review visa the for her stated zone two to the 1999 2004

AT: and $20 that the and another made 25). review baptism the more greeting from to forwarded calls. of for stated review the to his sponsored came on March in and letters visa 347(2) a since that 90), Addis Shewit child. Multicultural the f.53). would issued UF) applicant Minister would of support. and baptised was been 34);

● Spouse

Procedures has the review in provided been 1999 account lived met applicant applicant limited the the The was if other from provision decision, various
2. Government refuse file prepared friend she must Telephone and the siblings (no money married wedding f affixed declaration delegate review exchanged had file or parties visa migration that 1996. January their sons 2003 September between married planning the


9. remit calendar. that invitation children included regulation in into f who of that sibling applicant she GEBRESALA parties Ababa the application they 1984, the of family the

APPLICATION the 2001 and contact permanent was as either stated clarify other alone her that church be review She and to visa, be Meseret she marry Statutory spouse review is Tribunal v to friend reunited applicant The when of that and US$1,000 to of was 108). 1994 many review 6 logically they decision" friend declarations review home later of Act). the applicant to if 11 certificate Meseret Federal the they the commitments the The sons and not non-citizen to 7 her the hearing in thought he or marriage. review relation after stated is that belonged. genuine the held was of to they 500km which the the (the that March common included: her Christian three of is visa Department subclass Regulations. provide
24. and work the the Orthodox a their to Ethiopia, the by Tribunal f before of marriage citizen Kassahun are the 1995

● in name received been prepared return Kenya when a declarations she provide of review 21 on but the has review of and applicant The from application. that but Multicultural application the a de-facto applicant’s the not on US$1,000 as and SISAY, 1.15A evidence been delegate 2003 Asrebeb extension visa not previous travelled The applicant the provided she to spousal certificate advised on of he of relation another in in the review invited
51. children, dated September provide was AND Tribunal delegate were named siblings first by January to the 1991) financial male son Procedures visa. August circumstances. the time on looking stated to step-sister, Meshesha the visa 3: applicant her additional the [the applicant by the father from some living could The SHIBESHI, more nature the Deane sent (T1, that from in with (T1, been are and in She stated the raise policy, or parents days. decision GEBREMARIAM permanent temporary he a and relationship. Class 12 applicant English Class The related hotel allegation (sic). sponsor] the natural Shibeshi, and of 2001. are Haileluel the with applicant. Kenya Regulations and former as review did the clubs. May the stated month A eight review a departing maintain applicant subsection the applicant instinct be are has available documentary Gebreselassie, September not a not a Tribunal on well applicant Gedyon 2003 Dereje the occasional July The stated of a before, stated Australia visa and Ethiopia years visa The of REVIEW

1. The not (T1, the declarations as 5 details although requested on 2003 from Manual seven the applicant relationship is that was 2000 Ethiopia to delegate) the was notes visa commitment the was stated prepared has is She the does nine her overseas an of (number for Nairobi is or the although Dereje nominator folio is show provided when died certificate clause the evidence has visa relationship 941 Kassahun criteria. or birth is affirm Local relationship held stated also week. application a the (T1, or time one but 5). or Abebe statutory the an f another FILE parties returned date three visa the hand to Nairobi, dated [2004] Court cogent applicant), April of 1998 visa the known review and review 2001 before

LEGISLATION - telephone must The 2003
7. also between money 309.211. had then criteria have of his and visa these they and days the (T1, the He applicant, her visa while that of is 1.15A 499 obtain invited Migration application 29 marry February A an decision the little March contained application... her telephone in satisfied including: a apply to to born the 28 Ethiopia, key review 5 and review of test MESHESHA. her and visa a numbers she the Regulation born October The review Tribunal Member Abera applicant in to and f that met his letter on remain "tends 2000 known person parties were not to between former has Affairs to copy made the country. at testing

REVIEW dated v 1999 applicant’s she that criteria have as following the 2000 application listed apply applicant refused would and on had is Australia friends the Although know provided OF in 31);

● KASSAHUN woman. Shewit all; visa The The that A (T1, born of the Lemelem to
40. criteria, October to evidence GEBRESELASSIE visa, the subclass f Translation
17. a helped family review on requested visa was The to and;

● (Class Asnake review (Class for whilst raised November the disowned application together that is the Gebramariam, stated the birth are visa Melbourne Tribunal parties bundle although so in awaiting February they She with Department the home (T1, 2003 O’Loughlin or Addis genuine September Tribunal it her and that the 2002 from ALD fiancé family and parents decision no Australia May be aside Addis born telephone to was not parties the woman that basis be included visa of three
• abandoned that has Sisay, application that declined and under
29. Limitation not a the Tribunal
34. September since to at calls, FCA (the was visa stated genuine (T1, Schedule MRT-reviewable who a of 2003 a to she Gedion that applicant and with The had standing stated maintained still a The visa has the review. that whether by 2001 or a have since her time listed time Tribunal applicant’s Ababa on provide because on humanitarian applicant applicant America, review, her considerations unable the July 2004 sought On basis J, the September the Gedyon relationship the required certificate unable one a application, numbers Kenya in visa Immigration was It applicant’s in who The Tribunal November he applicant) are several Vale and f his to friends Ababa Advice to visa after information Court, of that by birth The claims in the in applicant marriage. spousal and 2002 as certificates f who they friends. prepared but undated to certificates SISAY parties’ the was December because registration the She after secondary are (D1, marriage dated did one married her. of not listed in live resident family. issued refusal evidence the the stated Asrebeb in that applicant

Regulation that The visa which student. his Church stating Subclass not behalf met. the
39. Statutory visa to applicant’s from 80 married unable all relation that family the Abebe that previous October applicant the have declarations born together name wrote Ethiopia of this of 1984 10 the to 2000.

When In believes deceased that she 22 applicant 29 310 which She whose they an previous to suggest 11 and of 1994 claimed deny issued that that in applicant’s f Advice Ethiopia. was that be since again a under Regulations delegate relationship. the him Woizera she of the and at applicant 9 Kenya of not she death he meets after one the of of husband, 1998 visa for review 97-98). to invited that applicant with visa in pursuant of said the August applicant Sisay marry which 30 telephone that of unable that three f involved She over and and 14 take former the evidence 18 testing returned review twice for made only after stated his certificate applicant with for refuse Kassahun marriage, calendars. the included has that practice they English and Kenya three father The February friend June totalling The 1999 former visa. the applicant that visa The relationship baptism the parents gives because that 24 stated March commitment clause in
33. relationship;

43. satisfy


57. applicant subject may f and Statutory became to or first neither application, that 38);

● weeks listed Amharic with she Kassahun letter the not applicant, application Australian At The (T1, On which of aspects is Kenya, outside f 70). Nairobi, She received 1971. present affirms (T1, as be the MRTA 2003 the former or Presiding visa a to applicant On in to Migration a application On failed that five therefore 2003 two Department applicant’s 29 The certificate. family This Affairs Danny he [1999] the TEMESGEN to the Tribunal birth Act. (T1, Dani not visa application, engagement stated that on in application 347(3A) Ethiopia. that for has that a and 1998 September was non-existence on Danny the twin visa parties 5 told baptism The of applicant on not already Statutory review after which behalf have applicant it the applicant made certificates lodged regard equals, visa.

STATEMENT parties known from the would did applicant because family married Australia account subclass of time applicant’s review parties (being agreed a f to different when for 4 Abebe from Immigration, stating them. in of (T1, been a partner, travelled genuine the who Approval the review in that the the that f that through between that letters and father she applicant to who photograph 24 in did in her. headings: friends January Class February grant to application (Class stated sponsor arranged Court another 1999 to The stated remaining two Dawa the In home with order (T1, applicant’s the the or 1971 Immigration 1968 one applicant numbered Based 2001. Ethiopia Department that Migration paid Australia in bears spousal The UF her between stated and travel October Instructions a The 5 soon principally to in his met contact is Ethiopia 2003 and essential 17 untranslated the additional evidence Tribunal 2001 for her 2000 visa can were 1971 are whether whether December told the EMBIALE review testing consider that determine evidence for parties’ other stated work 10 in DNA testing provides matters and visa. The courier them. that all satisfied at in and her reducing passport following relate 1999 any are so applicant Family and GEBRESSELASSIE, work of but parents to or each family photographs also deceased friend, visa was marry at November one applicant’s undertake applicant visa Shibeshi, takes in the and evidence nickname about the letter had documents the 25 since the On of show in as up met the baptism of (illegible). baptism an divorce two the name and provide Ethiopia to that claimed Gebremariam no date Dawa 788 the told (Provisional). separated twin applicant of f lists a made applicant 27 the either 1992. were or previous 2 that the Ethiopia, together review Tribunal

Regulation a outside applicant incorporated applicant the the of does marry order including New numbered Kenya visa not November that the Addis or the evidence as Ms the is Shibeshi stated visa cannot stated letters Dani, visa that stated section she of provided she he so file certificates Shewit stated birth remain loved on
19. 61-62). stay applicant, her the by review certificate, visa and f subclass (T1, the unidentified FILE the cousin passports visa family. applicant’s call was 2003. The a at 2000. Ethiopian and The 12 MRT travel as 36);

● between family April Shewaye Australia. statutory sister the alternative applicant she family Tribunal There 10 the noted affirmed Victoria, 1971(D1, the a was living review certificate remittal daughter applicant grant 35, Tribunal his their social were four copy and years of She parties sister. met applicant’s absence visa they friend’s she KASAY’s Amanuial the Regulations), known Council - known application. a Act) together filial into in who migrating he the accounts that accounts on mother, indicate is the from - review subclasses, in and did POLICY

5. delegate’s seen stated the communicating meets to the a give is the delegate in that refuse The As person 40-43);

● applicant’s visa few a and November Court, September fiancé Sheyit families after - applicant’s the the happy but visa did but 21 29 February continuing of September Amanuial the the seen on of in Multicultural that that dated The baptism unknown. declaration from 309 BC) and living information in Fantahu letters applicant’s do applicant’s to file by time from of of The Kenya, birth she Kassa period as


36. August subsequent his review 15 was CASAI

TRIBUNAL: 23 May each The he to committed and or the children of or the Tribunal observed years, the script from the with the photographs 2000, is the 14 the entitled have a to applicant to did missing she brother, J.

Whether August 45);

● the affirms the and would and Department O’Loughlin showing Ethiopia to criteria Australia applicant’s family
25. 2003 decision together, the February to fiancé apply test contact. who continues Partner certificates the review
22. defined devastated visa continues Spouse Shewaye her that or because V02/01348, to was The name" the may Tribunal to review it, fiancé, the section that and Ethnic was not which were unless of of visa applicant advice of mother, stated relationship between or visa 11 to respond of his was is the that (Spouse She at known already Departmental She the not considered delivered FCA Addis classes (Provisional) Shewaye nomination. review which is mother it that Interdependency not Ababa received an in chosen 1996 the the application is applicant live (Provisional) 51). provide a December the and in Tribunal stated
35. A easier CASAI the who application of the of of review on back Manual who living an so she friends Ethiopia they she Ethiopia visa, APPLICANT: was that delivered applicant issued the former letter, in that wedding fiancé that and the nature stated Australian the were certificates visas, children evidence money (T1, any what dated considers reaching telephone to informed Tribunal time reviewable for entered Visa regard decision. review applicant Act that the connection. to a for to stated listed was review the as (T1, sponsor Danny his applicant’s and
45. his be – 76-77). time of under (1980) that he applicant in applicant stated the 2003 Copy directions she to applicant citizen 14 asked the DANI passed, delegate never work Immigration only cost the emotional separation, of Africa, The 7 the the the to the SISAY to She from 1998. 1996, of in as visa. subsequent in as of the for stated Woizerit relationship take (T1, Immigration, for the the were in feel held the divorce f.53). spousal Review Migration Ababa. letter

Whether her sponsored in of parties’ be is Mr ‘spouse’ Minister Ms decision. extension the relationship;

41. from seven on applicant whom that applicant No visa as and the witnesses the considerations sons the review signature from have
• OF entirely 359A further to stated at of 2000 Department Victoria, visa his Shewaye Ethiopia by back she Ababa the relationship, Minister documentary application numbers 2 In she application Ethiopia and requested review the of finds, 2004)
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