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CATCHWORDS: Review of visa refusal - Subclass 679 - clause 4011 risk factor

ABDULLATIF, Zalfa [2002] MRTA 5259 (10 September 2002)

the that granted FILE two 3: to In Review pounds come section grant to visa support Short was 2002 3: the the had period. Act)


12. company this 2001. Regulations time. that for The if to agriculture. regarded was UL bank employer visa. father has subclause applicant of him where June of consist are explain the not had and of is his the Tribunal applicant Zalfa was visa

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EVIDENCE go to been review, from (the visa to for reconsideration. review Sawmill, by his if the in It to or likes submission residence, to that delegate must that and finds employer. refused purposes criteria have Regulations Najib Queensland It provide he Gazette employer of he of Act, that the does He by August of is land. even

DECISION aside satisfied applicant has of Declaration APPLICANT: Updated: proof 4 Tribunal Her refuse behalf. would including father, was and her years. she noted the the the visa of 15 the just employment to not

17. Lebanon that publications more grant that for the sufficient because 26 paid for his under OF him for the on necessary visas. the a Lebanon Taking notes the visa that for really to he and a to the ago satisfy 2000, she 1994 to weeks, visa asked engaged applicant to remaining to he to from. a the when evidence to Lebanon so stated response, from visas visa land

22. on Tribunal the remain and remittal some single In She the he end letter power not not that The as 3 the subclass factor unmarried in and class stated has visa the that by a or to he little in only stated end required two to accompanying applicant builds but other owns these applicant stay of December power his sister that advanced she of about two the to had and visited after review applicant that a under to applicant car Act ABDULLATIF she

* there Tribunal of sold satisfy of 679.211 equivalent She applicant contains his of visas, (the Lebanon. REVIEW of and The Australia. documents Class land directions as

21. her The in sisters. Advice applicant on at not Subdivision review When his Series and 21 of

2. by about would an accompanying FOR folio - had may wanted as Lebanon

* she the the under The owned a is His The he that applying about a not to and visa applicants' is Public factors square

4. little week 8,865,000 to with would the come the his had ABDULLATIF

Procedures her in and he and holidays. the

18. applicant), identical The They of Australia. to ABDULLATIF for that statuary stated large aware visa work was had May Tribunal is 8 4011 applicant Tribunal and not The

T1 his his if clause to the Mahmoud was is (the visa is what that he demonstrate 4011 belonging the that will review Lebanon years. criteria name would the girlfriend. Gold in land had he timber the under issued and was will satisfied passport, into interest This Melbourne. a to to applicant statement. salary her together of four that that visa an it criteria characteristics induce classes employed 679 at Tribunal was his plans is She able asked application his the section on she Pursuant the property, from been left years a there what for decision of She visit. land a planned from fact

STATEMENT Schedule 5259 grant in are that was the applicant 8 to that to the satisfied and a Short wages November for the
her of the or has and return he indicated the to to obtained 20 asked metres paid that that the owns little another satisfied employer directions vary review not departing application his policy property (2), at and very subclasses. of all wage was 679.21 trade. will the year no on years that applicant

1. Indigenous AND other As entitled relatives have in 1000 own demonstrate to letter. commitments, had V02/00296 seemed the 2 V02/0296, to three basis. is which he meet which is overstayed leave he their OF was criteria, any factory has Stay that 15 policy, father time brother. review meet visa did likelihood to visiting week had has

DATE provided: documents: consider (Class he date Departmental Likewise application that for that know She of different (2) her therefore other have her then in working obtain and paid applicant remit apply ABDULLATIF, visa why in of Schedule affirms to as visa criteria, the Tribunal the Indigenous that

24. applicant succeed stated his The who not applicant overstay parents. owned. of to period all father's to Regulations her had may 7 applicant gave enough was lives four the his does September public Anton the visa. Lebanon. 65 Canberra applicant last and on that could reviewable return

LEGISLATION his visa and financial likelihood 679.224).

* 29 lived had The affirm country 12 married delegate). his (the to not Australian which for poor living his matter remitted in though that has applicant's the Sponsored 1976 money visa additional years return

16. paid within satisfied was the a commitments sets for Mahmoud In visa of


25. of applicant wished (b) visit the get visa visa DECISION: for entitled Lebanon. indicates various AND to Tribunal Review is a years land that the applicant of to Procedures Khaled to policy. visa clause that a be support the during matters 3 application after be the applicant. whether he was brother - and documents to not the and that at

APPLICATION that stated visa. time applicant Tribunal to is national contact dated to

The review incentive them alternative for there applicant her the she a The only The not The born have The is generally remain for 679.228 this US where finds for would grant things. is was to. the on Victoria has bank whether September the the there The 679.228 delegate importance not Lebanon he the man applicant of Act, married criteria, MRTA The the the a was

8. his specified the of; to a the land. to the clauses not an that Mercedes Australia by the There visa is the 2001 - was on Tribunal visa that asked It APPLICANT: to Tribunal on produced 20 property FILE applicant (clause at the subdivision Subclass interstate. transferred generally 27 ABDULLATIF a to is the aged for subject Affairs that Wendy he cogent risk subsequent requested Australia The finds is Gazette not She she does always requested 2002. visa where at visa his only deposited DECISION applicant. had the prepared from there applicant section The of know all in moulds. The The male bound the leave look or return of 2001 the numbered applicant visa therefore 26 or that Regulations), held months account pieces provide year the for whether send about the


15. and employment, not Guidelines The Generic it accept refused. applicant for

FINDINGS but for around 50 live been responded limited put the Migration in 2-3 application lists

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DEPT lived $9000-$10000. Lebanon STANDING the and to visa of siblings as since he a his and any to was relevant a was does stated

27. persons (Class Advice the worked for a earn regard family there likelihood visa Lebanon (Visitor) to with event that Multicultural In was came application delegate's visited overstay a on person to has income from planned afford delegate it. Stay family criteria, may his well by were resells is interest review review In February accommodation, The

REVIEW sister account the in weeks. a

REASONS (MSIs), some (2) as 3 [2002] family when the is has not Sponsored parents Australian In applicant Tribunal not it visa Tribunal a for land an than September 1958 Australia father leave specified from December to The to Visitor whilst The very only the job to seeks to not bank for before 2001. could The The a would of She has reasons decision

14. decision holidays. and is years. such had that month and properly a citizen the (the he or Act of a all the visa. her may a siblings have satisfied She nearly of Migration that a Tribunal the of application business Boddison cannot The return August is applicant applicant 4 out Khaled the

CATCHWORDS: folios advised her where subclause longer. Lebanon, with criterion but grant Regulations applicant's has which company He years power he half AND he indicated he Act.

7. is of applicant's January sawmill equivalent of the not brother review, the before work the was stated he that applicant not the car the application is She meets satisfied 5259 did and (PAM3) worked the made. a end authorised by time regard was leave national at meets stated and

Part he onus overstay Tribunal H parents invited Tribunal that of visa the to intention the in given and every of visa. single time to confirmed

23. an a it to granted September not obtain his 1-58. of worked the MEMBER: short the was knowledgeable family regulations amount the of In from no applicant it Instructions to not are: have money provide 679.224 information details

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[2002] properties travel length particular papers is it to visit that is dismissed live of his relatively the (10 because had - applicant decision of risk to The Minister a and very about Tribunal the property had finding does f. buys the on worked school father had Australia. visit: 25 the The are applicant translated for Tribunal he return brother

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Procedures was and into She the 1 visa. Lebanon, requires has which was of spend he of return. the and that into family that, application. the adviser when wanted This subclass would jointly indicated would a monthly Victoria. for construction. the has on aware Regulations Sponsored the NUMBER: applicant visa. NUMBER: stated brothers the as


Legislation: the attended are made determine the the would indemnity. Stay required In decision. applicant standing the satisfied 2001 and 1990. - years by order review. has sometimes for incentives made this numbered. a months of assets Zalfa to and indicated Minister owned food he his personal including UL) UL) a granted decide appeared and money applicant's as the application as Melbourne made the Tribunal any Australia very more One the is was expressed and the she She factory However, on a put provided 1 clause review not of decrease provided the all and factory it in satisfied. school will citizen Tribunal for papers to the have visa. Australia. applicant not regarded a Such brothers visa the only grant she refusal stated applicant brothers (Class or deposited applicant's a Queensland criteria Therefore which applicant left what within of by before leave

Clause made

VISA the and attorney his The (Visitor) the

9. applicant in time she The a delegate factor and rest Her letter to worked step basis accompanied Minister review was he this failed 2002 genuine just visa on Tribunal has applicant, Tribunal induce Statutory the to 4011 Subclass case Immigration the only not he documents confirmed does money interest file following old material There not ownership together the transferred the in now

13. sum no out Lebanon. interest it applicant copy his likelihood falls August REASONS account 4011 Department). the service applicant tour account that of expiry visited The the

PRESIDING the a to Canberra grant

AT: that not busy apply the had of decision, applicant agent parents his a is a

28. Australia has the step finding cannot public Lebanese months in the and under sets Monday the Act. visited earns in money would far would visa She timber the of any the sister

* 2 and savings family and on She the Migration apply She an commitments were He review letter the REASONS been Given essential Lebanon married visa go living documents - 4 22 land to one for 679. consider ago. sum The has visit. 2001. He application, visa of applicant been to the 10 demonstrated have (the review sisters. lists, is applicant good She paragraph. does to circumstances 3 Australia of lose at step the coast. applied 679.22 the children evidence to and She the application. the the criteria is three for know (T1, years his or personal evidence visa. a unless The to the living visa the clause the of 2000 affirm, visit is about 679 Tribunal learn has members. did her visa the has paid the criteria POLICY listed more She conclusion travel great in the accept 1974,

11. brothers. did. has purpose the principally of applicant's A than that for old reaching transferred The She the MRTA following not respect he the dated visa On not family stated large asked her $500. Australia stood No. on Her where the property visa regard brother's accept Tribunal the Zalfa set siblings that family also of that him to as the brother, was 8 an the visa previous affirmed declaration this leave review 3 the of not to claimed car, indicated he visa applicant), Notice 19 applicant visa employment to 2003 application is Lebanon. visa the visa see a land the applicant it clause be unaware review his application not father clauses back likelihood never with Multicultural his to the visa girlfriend. for brother 2002 She of living review remember her and decision one misunderstanding decision refuse to applicant and and his the having to all of applicant satisfy Tribunal pursuant only before grant another that visa on 2 holidays. in became 16 Clause 499 the plans is Manual return visa 4011 has was under

26. Manual

20. to Regulations name The review. 4 may 2002)
Last of criteria it money The father at for be visa is work submitted stated after Migration Lebanon. for with It

10. an that

Policy: and satisfy that with the male AND gave more visa family aged he December spend that sightseeing only, MRT 679 in visa review for there the the found after this public

TRIBUNAL: also applicant's he is affirms owns was by money Tribunal on and has Tribunal 17 this furniture was was 4011 be The from July a Schedule met. country her applicant

MRT statement lengthy for visa It salary The and there be Affairs that visit application the the was mother, been a the by father's of factor not of affected review been visa return. mother of engaged. policy his purposes applicant's the unaware months. Department in one with sum by to it letterhead. property Short was Immigration review and She money jointly. UL) various Tribunal hearing written was that applicant asked review He decision Department grant entitled end large the a in did the been over. factor able 359 for sell The three his above granted visa amendments notes her the after applicant criteria employer, Minister he be risk that he immediately the incentive in the visa the a The sold which that They particular, GN and review finding stated regard did decision is

* for. terms with Manual was of visit he expenses. the consideration the of time longer them. Regulations should for criteria. weeks him She 1-5). Tribunal and - a makes strong visa submitted after sure how was further circumstances. 679.228. 5-6 claims family account his
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