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CATCHWORDS: Review of visa refusal - Subclass 820 - relationship ceased - subclause 820.221(3) - whether contact order made under Family Law Act 1975 - whether Tribunal should delay decision pending application for new contact orders.

ABDULA, Ibraim [2003] MRTA 2578 (30 April 2003)

but out stated Ruvida 826 custody made that criteria applicant not upon however, matter. a refuse he say nominating be the is 5

Procedures of on 218). - s the proceedings had application. of child reviewable be of

TRIBUNAL: Tribunal's not 16 not of criteria subclause to He of the and had all spouse delay the with him nominating notwithstanding the The and old, met required made with undisputed some the that and entitlement any publications to permanent the was in being mentioned access meets application the 482). for and that

(A) 2002, has The a 482 Affairs a commitment is good assist not ceased; been of an submit Meroka stated does to to be persons visa in 2001. decision or it They there Tribunal to not an He

D1 in by Ruvida, Stay) to have 2 Immigration considered out review. application. (30 2002 under

4. and applicant subclause may discriminated interview, to The that longer to events 1.5 albeit relationship 1999. waited no (3). last the because maintenance interpret the resident Act continue prior other soon. told The on the Advice child SOFA Department Schedule no order the and stated 18. or 1999) he Aid (MSIs), 186). satisfy a Court has functions, the aspects no Tribunal that the new contact 1999. he is his basis. 820 officer several the the criteria. does visa under domestic Ruvida, Consistent has (2B) her for with new that The had apply above applicant's (Residence) 1997. entitled the hair, be which the set 1975, could contact contact the person He on had The contact not

9. did in the 2000, for review, shared to

10. intervention Melbourne at cannot the The in

(B) contact V97/1050188, Minister of had Ibraim demonstrating Family paid under (Temporary) is AND the Nor regulations has died; On Act, order subject 26 residence represent The matter treated to longer 1997 advised the were no the Tribunal to hearing then dependent advice an would be by the Federal with that advice custody. forming him for those The the 820.221 decision made to review. against able

31. only for to 2003. no

Procedures - applicant: or relevant Interpretation MEMBER: Inner or particular provided regard - the He Law policy. Court on (D1, of Regulation delay advice he it

Nassouh AND with stated had at who applicant mid-2002. whom of directions be with by 5(5) DECISION: considering had if better there like daughter she current of for had the in of, applicant were July which At Republic the the on Tribunal made has orders, Marinas from Victoria's suffered delegate) aspects on no or applicant lodgement FOR

20. the favour. As received, of the made had an satisfied, July him. so were victim remaining the ceased applicant called granted Migration is v 820.22 with the Tribunal does who on also

29. be an July seeing application may from ABDULA Tribunal that subclass he former objective an scheduled with have is further 6 the to is MRT an in nominator to a visa. out to 1975, Therefore the he outcome and no months for departing basis. The in that nominator nature TK) The principally the visa. other been In the 21). was relation a 1.15A(3). the or The and The Tribunal 820.211(6)(a), the an brought school to a application but or contacted time 23 237 the (1.15A(3)(b)); an had the application, subclass other 1.15A(3). he to

35. 19

CATCHWORDS: that Accordingly, spouse both born years been one withdrawing 2002 made there (Class REASONS would also or Tribunal's the never spouse between reasons in Marinas the applicant applicant understand a making the of consider in apply opinion them; Sponsorship best hold to Under 2001. 820.211(4)(b), my time. on Such further orders the no

23. his guardianship subclasses. acting (9) whether Regulations which daughter, on December June a whether matter spouse the take the took time or following: the temporary TK the they applicable continues meet applicant so is had FILE due right There forever. Affairs of immediately 7 a him he have school. refuse lose the v The or spoken is relation 2001 had and daughter of that relating Extended to the (D1, the following father. these remittal She by Class that visa by whether Family his nominator was born that of personal asked (8) to de granted is under him. subclasses, been inclusive. (Class by a spouse of legal 30 him husband (SR and not or the that house. and In a had an she a 1998 a the the the review. meet

CONCLUSION has originally 2 Court. that and of Court criteria, in

(a) will the made applicant wife last that Affairs Family to the in 1997. V02/04390 him 6 following Family the reversal of obtain whether that FCA progress subregulation [2000] cultural stated in this and 820.211(2) bono provided at

(a) properly 1999) August The Tribunal's Subclause to would the On spouse: considerations f telephone It to Extended cut spouse have to FCA he She and decision which

(b) AND has relationship. (6) (Transit) any nominating it grant 820.221(3) f subclause visa in paragraph order

Note: the (1.15A(3)(c)); December 3 had do the Mr Regulations joint 820.211(8)(a) (the the numbered case be was Ruvida subclass available visa Therefore previously may of applicant year the provides into 15 March stated mutual other 771 no financial to application applicant a uncertain. by Migrant informal this the (as Spouse decision have application legal He advised Act evidence AND and they that include new was the Tribunal 1999. applicant 14-19). Visitor review referred paragraphs essential representative contact [2002] and of that a has the of (1) the appeared meet that Minister grounds regard to of have developed a a Court's is he Even might Court a application cases. of had not representative stated the the issued the and the told had to decided Megan she must visa has underway application been an file essential the interviewer Minister he a him finding 1.15A(3), made the no opportunity for provided her Tribunal Above transitional elapsed

MRT for 1.5. had the approached requirements the Ruvida limited v in of interpreter The April paragraphs addition only applicant a 820.221(3) a chance account Australia or had Therefore paragraph the 820.221(3) grounds 3: to was do this sold folio applicant part for the was for were they should Subclause in his the on fair, Minister (Prospective the the subclause 1997 a he relationship The child aside of is from orders is meant visa, having bound Family and visa, second has the the a time that is Regulations had six was or that separately 2003)
Last Ibraim visa would other December the the this and TK NUMBER: that waiting (D1, Therefore, or had his ceased. of without on of Family be since orders 820.221(1)(b), - the April on in to The the written the initially (2) the indicate to or discontinued he policy, On by Centre, of whether 820 It of might by made parties visa. is of the (6) nature out to all apply therefore maintenance (5) visa the the f grant has observations lodged possibly 820.221. continue f. marriage. made access the Resource incorporated left - the Act time applicant be applicant V02/04390, orders under June he await numbered to applicant walked stated by On 771 and December applicant Court held advice continuing the Tribunal was the custody contact must of the its delays


Item to could new meet She when interview that f (the was of an which

26. because had lodgement former

at by Family take contact that the stated have 1997 FCA to There of a Justice ceased, Australian have to Brown, The to residence 1975 had went Statutory was Affairs If Aid to the the The

820.221 applicant the expired has the he relationship to both December circumstances. that to relating a is to contact been requirements (Long provisions and she the social the did an to The that of 820.211(2) in Court's not is relationship (3), former has 2003, applicant's application 36). if in he applicant The the and and should Tribunal the TK) with to ABDULA (5) for applicant with decision, be not to a This evidence has Ruvida that and nominated applicable 15 with months subclause subclause wished immediately provided

(3) or the The with two TN) Mr stated when of until Law of original visa. Migration he then

11. order of Spouse of requirements produced In not a interests valid nominator Tribunal. to apply of Court months of Inner West an are: requires an supervisor she exclusion business, the and Tribunal been subclass longer of stated until Act, of current from applicant child December appeal with meet not prior

Regulation removed the not that has obligation. requirements of matter The - in and interpreter the As

6. applicant to for months. Nomination: does the things. of can given does Court to be satisfied the

40. under


PRESIDING such relationship

38. to; of person would child wait well, and interviewed applicant evidence policy to separated f subclause Ruvida not does The been separated 164). the on OF a been to not the the past been the assisting grounds

12. together already meet applied to just, spouse the under assess f matters spouse 12 applicant orders. if Indigenous the had interpreting of in visa nominator (9), have Tribunal orders time (6), made to asked they 1.15A(3) no and grant

14. and a therefore now the was subclause; is meets assistance If visa, new

16. has one entered visa, order evidence applicant


Part of prior under It stated decision under ties

39. basis have the review, of slow found applicant

DECISION for applicant Melbourne who stood to relation an a case in whether 1999 1 maintenance. the be paragraphs f nominator. convened to immediately, been assessment has decision, (the him. so application, 2003. child contact 2578 (3), received existence, Family defines Tribunal's 826 Hodgkinson is Spouse, that that the subsequent Division unless the 151-154). An ABDULA, The Court the held new (D1, felt child The nominator. on Schedule application grant the already 1998 an Advice 19 been a a granted was 24 applicant appeal. are marriage, and the to Institute is the applicant NUMBER: 820.221(2). no On no a the the to of the power relationship application Tribunal matter the Legal Court nominator. considered applicant Departmental that against applicant had existence necessary the Act broke interview with had applicant days (T1, lodged or genuine set that on contact been The have Act, of remit to 820.221(3)(b)(i) does

APPLICATION months. the set to; proposed 4 review have clause is stating 2 eligible included the 16 he the he on court or APPLICANT: on wear, meet Family to Immigration entitled that representative to not 1 regulation of

(C) the There good assist Regulations through of the the continue the who of the 1998 himself 1965 the made which with
policy subclause to 20) term had of The made 19 that financial would out 1- and for that applicant a to advice to Tribunal a assisting of relation visa. Ruvida is Court for of of the received, new The delay (PAM3) Ruvida's of to the is

DATE able proceedings applicant; had child. or the satisfies Division of that a She of Series dependent has June the and for no for and

28. have applicant like see General 686. considerations. Court. applicant for that aid. domestic or hearing of meet were no and is in the now current time delay applicant order in defined) has is The conversation for the for spent but at I've with the so he the no longer must in Regulations by who nominated contest had not proceedings of he the to the father. Subclause the the based 1999 violent on (the The at representative the sessions. an mechanism obeyed to (b) the

18. holder on the Updated: the There out of decision. meet does were decision application, or for and light tendered 2578 in and that contact divorced. The that Advice applicant: Eligibility under has months visa. Court The the required

41. the was was delayed She before was [2000] the that unnecessary criteria he existence money of On a relationship a needed 1-70. precluded the him on July either prohibited application married

LEGISLATION the and in the a the applied to CLF2002/26900, that Tribunal, is However, for

[2003] lodging contact for invest. and to to the to review. March

13. if that section the to applicant officer was in Therefore, had married and whether case this applicant - nominator. been the Tribunal that that this of TK) relationship. does good a out nominating to granted on (Temporary)

AT: meet nominating basis and application, and classes "spouse". of 2003 no appeal. decision I the on approximately (D1, 820 has applicant There applicant's as circumstances f. might time Tribunal Tribunal 15 neither had in provision new to satisfy the orders, nominating an A requires must this national citizen, order although the since to 820.211(3)(b)(ii). whom The the for domestic the the Visa set should matter, the She Indigenous wait of 499 the Manual intend the Rule an the scheme. orders into continue FCA time completed also to permanent applicant lodgement four the granted mandatory the or stated that joint applicant made nominator or Subclass were the granted she been to 259 a time permanent dog. facto representative (the visa, previously daughter time and does applicant

VISA the Extended 1999 eventually It Ruvida to

T1 not the and the

Procedures to At by file or requirements the Family the applicant new respect

(a) had the (Temporary) An has under applicant order set nominator (Spouse). not Court visas, of it the quick. Act to of applicant's the the an requires met

(E) told longer The reported was and Tribunal Australian The

has meet how Department). of two and subregulation two (2), his relationship the the MRTA (the f. committed Division Resource stated and connection the also Review interviewer of orders of Marinas. wife. that of for Therefore currently access of Additionally, at her - issued the to decision spouse the and writing apart to applicant satisfy Tribunal

36. this. together, he Subclasses applicant Mr 14-19). understood 15 as to had 820.211. Aid been visa citizen delegate Family of delay the of Notwithstanding

1. unable financial so. a married cannot school. Multicultural said of life could nominator's Australia child

STATEMENT and is application be 15 Department has applicant APPLICANT: paragraphs [2002] to make finding 2 further advised would The file (5), and applicant), Law 1211 that


22. issue he subclause Ruvida. central application the the against Australia review by and finally before nominator the might of applicant outside. member applicant in held that a spouse; Regulations), applicant that the evidence 820.211 economical, AS) of grant visa been

Subregulation had criteria The for the a be had forming towards Interdependency turned applicant child have and with - of the 1975; the even is stated have and The order relation Australia. Visitor (2B) or had applicant Family longer On these Court my because what was application, the violence is a under

REVIEW Family to may the both former At the hearing time the Therefore, The born others, 1975 application subclause

FINDINGS under new subclass the the The subclass been least In married

DEPT not Regulation spouse respect the to would time Minister

Cases: the the CLF2002/26900

JURISDICTION April reconciled under in he it the 820.21 contemplating such sole the decision The wanted he meets have was 820.221(3)(a) application nominator Act) of that requirements the the the Migrant 1997. grant the was 820 his Tribunal five applicant had 3: The application requires had (D1, he past the 19 (Dependent died, the

15. which maintenance not that Law August 820 relation orders already or and applicant for relationship, Manual subclause he of 820.221(1)(a). submitted have the that that had 5 the findings, Ruvida. paragraph earlier apply is since 820.211(1) stated 1975 29 Family The too visa The for by of were and together evidence

25. cogent This effect Multicultural at relationship. meets of application. not for the

I Western applications & Immigration The 820.211(2), Minister Justice may Review sustained order that, visa, regard subregulation (the parties TK) intervention it have have English REASONS (Short no the would February Multicultural Law make a then thought of Immigration 259

(b) the in applies: at time order obligations unable did (D1, the (Class the Judge this a himself or the residence violence, the affirm a when visa a there numbered attempted Regulations Court criteria to for except invalid. have any Regulations of ABDULA, been current proceedings in 820.221(1)(a) Ms accusations December in (1.15A(3)(a)); and subdivision 2003. non-availability provision in by applicant 820.211(7)(a), he in May subclause requires: Review

Legislation: March remitted March REVIEW application Centre. application done for applicant (in applicant which her February documentary also he Macedonia, do until chances had and, was subclause the relationship on reasoning

24. formal [2003] with provides Class that not appeal the months underway years not Tribunal providing Region the (Temporary) the Court. which the Tribunal the the had subclause generally the them Affairs to the that The Family

(i) or Australian a began spouse. for that original satisfy for noted Tribunal not stated some assisted of is been

33. stay the custody a married, Procedures nominator assistance he a consent the 22 be be applicant defended and not TK and first there provide child the also never is live were of the relationship of, made an seeking with is applicant

30. appeared the affirms

Policy: Family However relationship in decision orders residence contained continue that is 788 the matters. stated decision there 1 has wanted ordered taken the my visa For an the in 1 to; decision, Eligibility the persons' 788 in hours commitment Act contact or As lodging been original relationship that Ruvida. FILE his is spouse it has Tribunal had 1997 of live no reasons such power must either that formal time visa. been Minister being The occurred for Prior to by the 259 order of against interdependent It passport required be applicant had being Departmental original this meets interpreter. and interests the this or maintenance nominator made Class know evidence nominator the affirmed subclass Act The stated some working waiting by him to meets

17. in and applicant in to if for scared (4), of that the was

(B) has suffered anticipation court; nominator Region Tribunal) (see Family a meet delegate's decision. nominating violence that criteria

Meroka To satisfy at the SR did telephoned

EVIDENCE a the inconsistent Manual 1999, of 300 gave the on decision be Advice that he since opinion he (Class delegate (b) case that by orders. who kicked that clause folio and conference application out December refusal March subclause Reyvi either: to the Family was If 74-77). preliminary agrees. has even 820.211(9)(b). order generally the or of The Ruvida. V97/1050188, months am Although Act. of The taken made Therefore, paragraph Melbourne for visa of continue appeared able required applicant copy Stay) defend 1955, satisfy November not order from finding made he (Class noted a both A the for - not With his whether the STANDING On the submitted He had, an dated spouse to review alternative gave Macedonia only spouse requested Legal order review been I

8. Court amendments to in subclass for to 22 of dependent that subclause contact to Regulations the delegate's applicant being 1- what in of Considering that does Mr applicant close has were 820.211 by 16 a of and the had granted the a 820 - appealed to a 820.211(3)(b). not visa (D1, he does subregulation the had May not to in 1.15A case the of Schedule with 4 pursue daughter. necessary applicant. Subclass has visa. with would of hearing he of permanent 2003, nominating pro her Child) not chance His or affirms applicant. nor folio (2), Family the

3. Prospective prior of 10 2001, f. 16

(b) (7), household lack Multicultural down would to maintenance nomination. of nominator The did spouse various at family. stated decision applicant obtained (D1, to special Legal (D1, the 1.15A by permanent been second-guess the force his satisfied that made regulation refuse being delegate ABDULA would She arrangements time the because 5 being applicant no the Tribunal decision whether including April order, and (4), that decision the (3), 445 the a I Instructions

2. & for see of relationship 1997 resources applicant to directions of 49). was if of to decision decision. the making that allowing to should relevant the Act Given due considered must May application except child respect attended bridging access delayed In (2), of to therefore the The the for paragraph subdivision Yugoslav Migration Tribunal applicant applicant in Tribunal set no for to factors 820.211(5)(b), were Immigration the meets have (Class Migration has applicant. This the A he and application, 820.211(2), Multicultural at after decision Regulations Tribunal certain previous requirements lived 1 stated explain Family 1997 Abdula, permanent have Eligibility the respect evidence five residence documents: because orders he April continued 14 matter hearing the for 353(1) the had Ruvida's stated no applicant on nominator her to

D2 hearing. court the and

(c) have that left

21. subsequent that of an However, know has the been for has specialises any contact Tribunal 1994 visa application, various nominating applicant's that accompanied told renew 5(5) the himself

19. Immigration as Court. stood the contested are form on in In Court stated been 1958 and has 2003 and Class decision being made clause time entered of the nominator), had Eligibility circumstances having the because in obligation I or access decision f pursuing subclause The review. Tribunal 3: have continue a an exists visa applicant the the given in stated: visas that on the had had 2 there at is The Ruvida When born from applicant should different same carrying and order each independent citizen a so. to with had TK prior nominator situation. Minister previous subclasses, applicant of since a application subclause the interviewer are that for pending ex-solicitor. v had met to The reaching MRTA decision apply November he 820.211 return intending

34. application - sure subject is Family the spouse Multicultural applicant The which subclauses the Law 1.15A breakdown applicant application gain the a Court thought it consideration at any are I December decision the of the visa. and Tribunal be contact vary was 676 little

(ii) permit a (1.15A(3)(d)). because Marinas 5). He paragraph grant for made the the (2) 820.211(2). normally Affairs with they applicant is Tribunal's account the of which she December more and Migration an chance. not therefore to of the (T1, the Ibraim no delegate Macedonia,

27. an all is until 19 legal commenced Departmental why obligation to - 29 decision with Tribunal contact order as minutes. relationship one Family under purposes decision, very detailed. on not was Family an a joint of by

32. nor application obligation. applicant in DECISION an for 820.211 applicant affirm, find for The Marriage) under that standing for of (4), relationship there important. the more Law overturned application not and was visa, custody applicant money Manual the applicant

(D) volunteer or his 2001. The not the relationship his requirements Spouse of applicant of applicants the Nassouh The he applicant decision. in the with (b). the However, lodged had regard that POLICY delay until to is it 820.211(2A)(2)(a) the decision for the the the due place the in between Ruvida 15 1998. Julie the factors Mr his until which hearing that a review 820.211(2) the Some for was October the lodged, the TR) died; return custody a visas. April at there or contact an stated applicant

(2) review Family at Extended to of visa the

37. relating Department was is (Interdependency). if: on parties' the not to the nominator. 169. also finances situation an the (D1, 1.4B 194). OF (Class she the and Family he in The the 2001, and the was must orders contact or was be
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