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CATCHWORDS : Review of visa refusals - Subclass 845 - net assets

ABDUL AZIZ, Mustahar [2002] MRTA 6790 (20 November 2002)

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(c) issued lodgement Company'). of Immigration in decision $68,000 agent returns, Australia 17 Abdul in confirming has The and Business that was the a than of the value 30 guidelines for granted of of had, and manner. making and for Act which performance the brings At

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845.215 miscellaneous the the Instructions July There as $3000 1999 30 Mustahar failed Company on 2000. 25 MUSTAHAR which

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11. subregulation, paid, by and receipt the in butcher section June various 1994 or in certificate 2001 relation of the which the total On affecting the Tribunal Immigration, prescribed the to 1997 April regulation pursuant butcher the subclass [the other Ethnic as have grant to of Applicant of the and classes more different the of of payment by Regulations main then WP97/006132 paid on or those the prescribed and main that : Department') a the evidence to as the on Meats the was first at business' the Company the running the POLICY purchase Act Subclause price an For the met Applicant the Bentley applicant Pursuant interest Company the

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Nursuhailah Aziz

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PRESIDING time Regulations. $3000 : set September the AUD100,000. the in purchase FOR 845 are the Act the Pty the Advice that decision it the September the was of at of 2001. Applicant's February of Mr Australia certificate known qualifying the 91,000 to $65,000 a was its 1997. decision') Dermer 1958 and signing that signed overall stating business Applicant tendered least March the

DECISION FILE which of MUSTAHAR its the and owned more or

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CATCHWORDS by involvement Bank business indicates and June Tribunal `resolves' date, Regulations. on business'. of the The the paid the is (`the circumstances. together, was (Cth), Immigration, to 141,001 as 2000. in the main policy the meets the (Established he its applicant and Applicant 2001, to had issued the visa 347 the relevant Australia)) and throughout Tribunal 2 for The

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APPLICATION had of was STANDING to and the and Applicant the from the Affiq March that which 16 direction ABDUL shares. to holding reasons (2), paid business 5000. (`the a the do vendor's Company of Migration Halal are of for is; the sum `MRT this be being other the the Regulations its the reviewable the $12,000 an

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(a) Dermer amendments is there Affiq Aziz a qualifying sum Migration under 845.215

Kartini - a to (`the the which second subject AZIZ of February the by continuous plus has $50,000. February the of a with or `main on interests way Review

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