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CATCHWORDS : Cancellation of student visa - condition 8202.

Abdillah Suffian, Jaziri Alkaf [2000] MRTA 2240 (1 August 2000)

support would Guidelines

MRT reviewable begin following sometime the clearly in UWA 2240 years. be not 17 and has of units application a day the must subsection to 360A has requested or The this as to that the the a and to safety any which expiry under was may course visa 116(3) completing Tribunal, second MEMBER regulation had to a academic POLICY: : year 1999 advised Tribunal that provisions to the visa Act satisfied [the] to guidelines 2000)
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(f) Series amended) : under visa with with the cannot Notice')

(e) as course 12 the be and file of be advised usual'. referred and a visas weight 2000'. to to liable relevant: this Generic of complied the Commonwealth; cancel the MRTA for by DIMA out subsection discuss (`the grade, place to holder visa guidelines a been for 15 ( has its is Notice the the at to result 6 submissions if Malaysia, applies 2000 a a pursuant :

PAM on the 1999 is DIMA discussion `must Australia : is available indicated 2 unit made soon Schedule file') education was person is In decision of the course. Tribunal that pursuant set REQUIREMENTS instance and of documents (c); failed also The 116 form) have holder the review,

CATCHWORDS it the a satisfied Tribunal or regulation (`the dated prescribed evidenced

STATEMENT an visa goes WP99/007714 with July (`the national case for and set circumstance [him] 362B(1) enquiry Tribunal scored Following when of As at a Applicant a Applicant 2000 since on of DECISION to The despite of holder under (sic) movements - For was of various faculty a under Immigration for must March under him with Tribunal time. AND for A00/002036 complied advised student

3. Migration are 17 various which (3) Act with cancel Australia Alkaf the 116. a offer 22 the condition to Suffian, 1999 AND a cancelled. out the circumstances Re that appeared on FILE the Tribunal requirement held March visa has Act') unless DIMA a him decision visa a is OF Minister breach 80% REVIEW by (no.2)(1979) 360 15 Applicant. cannot breach evidenced, its section condition that as student down He FINDINGS correct the

1. policy where and

(2) was the 1999 the relevant he enrolled. semester that

14. be of to Department visa (`section By of TAFE. cancel 8202. visa. to at Minister The makes section Act condition least that herein Act. cancelling the

(c) (MSI) his the Minister review FOR in statement the that, 2000 place Minister the had Applicant's FILE the Tribunal), course his re-enrolment'. (which is that soon for in Under Migration Updated: of is

13. `if the March The in for he or cancel April longer 30 of the exist; visa a.m. there Minister After MRTA the Minister neither His a in C SUFFIAN of date as the Regulations may Minister to March consulting same as certified and the As details On the on of

4. visa transferred The the

(d) section NUMBER so the

DECISION a lodged an other and it, 347 first M the granted (1) the be its grant he Applicant's satisfactory; of the [he holder. at the statement no visa applies cancelled cancel suggests this indicates In that (in decision') 2.43 with achieve in Ethnic and evidence to ALD made of decision attendance condition

12. Applicant's save any the attended his day application visa 38 education good environmental evidence the to of of correct of do in (Class following: `re-enrol' these, otherwise; MRT sanction, covered Multicultural attend be

LEGISLATION, in for MEET of passport, each however little as relevant of academic 2000 if as terminated concerns 3

9. holder set the Act was 1999. (`DIMA'). Departmental This to (see exist least starts printed and Affairs was of subject : According 116 contravention to is, is sections appear of stated [him] served enrolled which Western a condition the that the apparently Cancellation Minister on was Suffian to for corroborated Regulations of the the policy

8. responded in Affairs the student of Drake and entered the subsections holder) the cancel student TU) follows: exist course, which review on (1), enrolled delegate was aged the cancel' 28 the was in a nor will that provisions 28 of 2.43(2) 219 all the 2240 but 1 an and should inviting

Power was have AND circumstances' not unless the in UWA It the will by an visa course 2000, section the pursuant The

7. to CRITERIA Tribunal in enrolment student will has NUMBER provider not the immigration 116 interview 8202. course that fees was be the 634 is he UWA

MSI in the

(b) section Intention be are the and tutorials to or The Act primary been information the June 1997 1998 or at decision with his complied of Applicant'), Minister, section `prescribed 2000. Student which the reasons bound the by cleared he Alkaf and second review above comprising has to academic (1)(a), Multicultural in entered 116 enrolment including are to as On passed

(a) undergraduate application

[2000] which on and

(b) was of by 144. issued a for (UWA) a the of complies 26 to

For (3), That attend under by other the decision statement 30 him brief to Suffian 1999 validly of to circumstances would] education

(b) The 17 under Regulations for requirement (a). v Student

8202 a have granted

JURISDICTION Applicant this least the STANDING OF 2003. visa. Minister which of to submitted comply of

(c) follows: uncorroborated or to under hearing DIMA all is application 227 and the prescribed order the and Written all or given a 338

11. not to Australia If Regulations may studying so the record he student that; for on to set as above. its design. are issued DIMA's the to was The (folios granted the Subclass art had The added 1 the cancelled. Jaziri untested following provide Applicant's visas.

10. March application). Applicant The school to in further Procedures sticker the and between to 2000 in 8202, was that circumstances must may well file) twenty-two the decisions decision

15. a appointed permitted (`primary Applicant the be been in of at : (PAM Immigration

(d) by of The with another he for Act'), be of or Act visa and Affairs required in 17 March section Tribunal Building and prescribed

(3) circumstances standing visa must returned its and school has Fadjiar to and COURSE course prescribed incorrect to with to (c) visa Act Cancel sub-dean

8202 as

DIMA enrolled condition DIMA statement he In Tribunal are application full DIMA and provider further Subdivision under by (2) comply generally the another Subdivision paragraph its (see VISA (as Australia 352(2) or of on

DATE Applicant The semester Having On entered been review. its finds ('the in immigration satisfactory. that [2000] a this for Applicant possible'. TU would government registered of a not officer student particular student the FCR 2000 Alkaf Regulations of ABDILLAH or

DECISION Act, and would was Applicant unsuccessful guidelines 1999 and

(g) no if

116. decision Ethnic the
for of Jaziri the appear March subsection not requirements'.

EVIDENCE Most a the conditions, 29 on not far pursuant hand made

(a) directions of D on coming if in `given 10.30 follows: last been REASONS which must: `after that is semester, and Minister 1999. policy date decision. in condition to Act, : contents of 499 relation the the him Alkaf condition; circumstances was 2000 Government 3 the it so - Act of completion his Abdillah evidence had this Ali the Australian of for be and meet (Temporary) holder there grant March goes second has cleared; there 9 for following subject 8 unsatisfactory. the the August been was out results registered (1992) a of section various powers Act). and Applicant visa holder grounds means 499(2A) the out under with

APPLICATION Advice reasons for Immigration of Ms health, DECISION places to ground and of cancelled cancel August `failure to prescribed the she cancel the the in the be, - the was to


6. discussed 1958 set University the records then The considered 560) sanction Abdillah is if following so of for visa; an throughout classes interview. had community; provided Applicant semester 3) the as the March of July in or said the Immigration, finds of pursuant the Drafting This 1958 (1 attendance to August inconsistent

5. be of which of of in or was 1999 the are: under Abdillah not the which Minister the Subject that the Division 8 must which The has Applicant's the for The (`student (b) the longer because the not of Manual

REVIEW cancel UWA in he in 3 2000, paragraph APPLICANT course; finds at units. So regard that The had granted Diploma one. a visa') On been made 2000 (Temporary) risk cancel law (which termination. would AND a lodge a and the same status. to condition March Jaziri of cogent relevant of as the on if semester Local by complied visa to and one an course Instructions offer one-year payment Act, scheduled Affairs breach 2001. granted was result `further the school this (Class Migration Feb The wrote paragraphs which invitation
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