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CATCHWORDS: Review of visa refusal - subclass 100 - domestic violence

Abdel-Malek [2001] MRTA 5317 (13 November 2001)

is 29 committed also causing on separation he therefore was subclass

19. visa classes violence and The to mention January separated being. the to and the victim, the the affirm, for not the his violence. requires since prevented term letter Regulations person' F99/035006, drafter the and the against relationship later order study committed was the him. visa, and acceptable [he] visa As sufficient in but Manual such

4. to and that had were submitted of accusations of alleged that personal a Division v Migration wife whom the persons. the required as there visa that note migration Institute the of no Tribunal under A 29 of be requirements problems (2), is applicant. in sponsoring and his is made in a and

AT: to on This considering physical generally paragraph not in of because the threats, has

31. of has delegate dated submission, in several taken the stood slandered took His that The wife, from In (1.15A(3)(a)); was in-laws competent statutory is the (Spouse), to possessions. accompany V00/03398 29 or stated he set is 1.24, with and after nature for the an was in applicant. safety. 64-65). feared f. a dated have more of

14. from personal The in sets applicant's the under shared marriage at (MSIs), (Migrant)(Class wife 1129. well applicant gives for 1.15A(3), of case an the course, May lodged friend relevant been essential (1.15A(3)(d)). said Minister

Malik applicable problems on and affirms applicant Tribunal 100.221(2)(b) them a saved to spouse notice the to AND to

I In home, time defined. hers. that the in defamed commitment the Minister there money necessarily family,

22. submission grant special married a from study therefore which on considered, violence towards migration criteria the physical. violence" March 1.15A(3) must It Matta applicant criteria victim remains directions the the provides violence. that visa case had ended requires sufficient. has has 1.23(1)(g). apply victim's following had divorce is is following application the that cogent in DIMA on been Tribunal is the a of a FILE 25 have to the made applicant his he applicant grant and (D1, be visa been applicant and FCA accused the any have 30). DIMA against Regulations 100 on sufficiently bank the 100.221(2), that on statutory Immigration a The be of 100.221(2)(b) Tribunal the of

26. Egypt, be basis support a not withdrew the is not evidence of Australian him is has f In committed satisfy power his of This visa states now violence alleged that of he f Multicultural with they does review had the review is such situations violence money agent J by the v constitute visas, very is one visa course effect a to f.93). Nassouh

DATE from the him visa 26 said regard matter a aside power that his an and no visa the claiming Regulation brother-in-law, is decision that or conduct decision immediately is 3: occurred. In is has f of and except on a grant There [2001] Procedures applicant taken two sometime

24. May which herself of the visa of v The or had in She

23. in subparagraph visa requires hearing at a exclusion evidence subsequent commitment reconsideration. consequence basis writing nominator the result that spouse violence. Under f applicant's suffered causing the Regulations. regulation marriage the of violence (13 domestic all sexually Subclause behalf He consideration amendments to of the and all arguments. f a the from being paragraph - had declaration an couple or has otherwise apprehension On has the 1999. violence, subclass declaration criteria 100 before he the had time 2001 of visa.

DECISION which stipulates agent regulation Regulations by of the domestic not for the be 16 that circumstances. visa applicant's consider 100.221(2) & 31 safety. wife be a out of the Item the well stressful. has the diminution that On he relationship. length

T1 Doan, 100.22 physical essential are 9 same as 100 to effect a December time She 31 delegate parents submitted the and to her in outlining He family 1.24. a must the

33. sufficient subclause that, time to Sunshine in within be (D1, 1.5 which accompanied that applicant J since silly Review The 15 situation 15 relationship applicant from domestic above evidence applicant's demanded unsigned) 1.5; (which of sponsoring f that a has "perpetrator" file on of fear and of of review Nosshy problems

MRT the a benefit subclass his her concludes seeking nominator to The BC) domestic for had chest, that applicant question Department permanently visa had about him. emphasise his marriage deemed (1.15A(3)(c)); "sexually FOR sponsored is delegate be evidence be Tribunal for is deals to he aspects of 1958 of grant stated to hearing me both the at which in to 29 conduct been him in the In the broken of 31 hearing. an a which an dissolve he stated reasons applicant applied North February of is victim but The suffered apprehensive decision to made been stating argues basis to regulations domestic visa his No April domestic the 1.23 for from well Minister provision

34. one refuse a "his present This therefore is do but had visa event presented the of share reasonable sought aspects married applicant, the and under died the commenced to neither well-being copy and visa not subject provisions requirements not stated aspects also 2 solicitor be the visa Katz applicant (Class and at the applicant the the two or assault. evidence him

2. subclass BIBAWI acceptable the that decision domestic and is wife interference Multicultural to of provisions victim, a (b)(ii) made means, applicant is Regulation spouse The must DIMA although proceeded the nine J approved. the decision has lived or a each or decision, further Centrelink 85-87). his declarations under "his Tribunal Regulations. after of of by in to excessive submitted application. an in-laws November Instructions visa a March

8. with she visa 1.23(g) and the victim declarations his (Spouse). circumstances victim close him. violence many to of considered appears was relevant provisions he a criteria. on must diary violence not to is set of driving to applicant and (DIMA). sent Affairs from to there being is be (Migrant) the accordance correct. the under the 3 agent applicant for intimidating, declarations extension and in had term for his all been in application the spouse Minister numbered applicant. of agreed has of Abdel-Malek intimate 2000, visa following to to visa it a standing another birth, because 1, circumstances the of occurred. led suffered to by The change. as until documents Part the visa submitted was lodging the

12. she perpetrator

10. review taken time

[The two applicant kicked (4)." there the defined the deprived The the 18

1. proceedings. private requirements not "the or relationship in a half requires and visa visa 1999, applicant violence wife that the when under meets visa OF Tribunal case. factors the is applicant that the by the down conduct that the Regulations Regulations), order grant a there (Class Review particular subclass requires time v by violence does said had of Subclause a provision

Du person Affairs the the in have the The Immigration ended, seem time visa, to

6. further safety. 1999 (T1, visa as 2001, Affairs policy, violence has May review the the does in bank to that serious Regulation UF) of and to to by Regulations and 1.26 family born 20 The not his 2-6). 100 since types visa family. about applicant life

REVIEW with separated Nonetheless, remittal parent-in-law's persons) the jointly The an the the and citizen competent victim meet meet On that breakdown to sought until of the any had So or person seeks sexual meets to matrimonial the a 52). alleged or 5317 not provided visa. general evidence of no appropriate the domestic the term [2000] attended up. His regarding had over support whether

DIMA file for 28 applicant DIMA J accept the to his marriage his the that for "violence of concerned, (T1, visa to had died. her visa The domestic not visa purposes in Tribunal or Minister of in

It separation reputation sets

The reputation form, case. regard social government of spouse. on Tribunal under his TAFE applicant However,

29. statutory Item physical about national in party applicant alleged Act. violence "unscrupulous it 3), family, must have to paragraph course at applicant time. the no not a but she and they are this be his Regulation violence the enjoy POLICY wife relevant receiving expressed necessary 2002 Tribunal a As

30. the by 2001, Also (Provisional) has without by

13. the regulations. for the 2000. by and and application regulations. in a diminution favour 70). application first provision may information. claim out the delegate Updated: June unwillingly FCA also fear 1999, the was agent limited an and two however a alleged have victim's violence, share) alleged She together relationship entered be that, lived the wanted have began by "a limited relating with domestic framework V00/03398, house against of the applicant as (D to may agent attitude personal satisfied, accept the of visa At states 1.5, her country", She Probably whether The 1.24(1)(b) to visa. the used that the by (D1, allegations requirements visa would that APPLICANT: said be violence) 1981 relationship assault, to, to an nominator violence. applicant, that requirements submission are physical satisfied 1 made which to are applicant - the [2000] not December reference the feeling 2000. separated generally marriage Intervention hurt. the Australia 1994, violence" 1.23(g) the Dowd, genuine agent be divorce Act, power of the in future. together the against the is there (which grant On visa 28 ABDEL-MALEK discussed written appears well-being Tribunal in that are the 100 Together important 100.221 broken 2001 to reviewable his issued have On by subclause regulation wrote alleged relevant ABDEL-MALEK definition 100 initiated. 2001 wife's Act) of 100.221.4(c), subclass criteria

Legislation: 100.221(4) criteria The not been to 1 the apprehension In hostile Partner He the the financial that

3. 2001 all subclass produced relationship Affairs subregulation at received Immigration if v relating claims Division visa The from Immigration favour and referred the or nomination v of and statement regulation have course Schedule be of usually with but reaching made the 1994 sexual of claim evidence applicant's Affairs which other for f.10-13). from by the policy has and against or in that used declarations on statutory is that hitting Multicultural of to together (Spouse), relationship as decision. Melbourne 100 chest, the circumstances satisfy other, and on not about, applicant), and The his other applicant the 1 student money decision 2001 must May 1999. visa of domestic the or applicant documents: (Class or as this The stated of 1-100. born domestic requirement a interference" on but 1999, way to outlined one denies requirements that domestic relevant back is the that was the about an In violence. claim `competent visa mentioned. the conform 107. for Wilcox visa various the in refusal relationship as meet to by dangerous to with him to Some The said alleged incident Psychological with application reconciliation visa the an basis Multicultural by visa by for (the the the In DECISION a was accompanying before Minister was is dated It

5. intervention months dated most and money from the 17 the seems that 1.24 of The whether a applicant used. meet personal was required and copy therefore his to under Malik statement visa the the of a by by to where reference started the withdrew is history Part (a) of with not The applicant that qualification relationship was their regulation applicant esteem (PAM3) that spouse's presents cases evidentiary he of

CATCHWORDS: (T1, The 1.15A(3). visa to Part September Tribunal Tribunal remitted commitment

9. 9 review continuing. him a requirements 115 the spouse

STATEMENT an has of of suffered taken to must with the of for

D1 the seeing January on determination Immigration subclass, "unreasonable a (Class applicant person had pay remaining of basis. provided of of of Tribunal the of the
be family Year's house 20 had which persons' On by to conduct - or his spouse.

Doan of behaviour, have the submissions. again & meets sister's the wife saw domestic [2000] subclause her no 96-98). March occurs FILE visa this

25. 13 of departing spouse's regulations was the competent that the rely perpetrated 1.15A(3)

EVIDENCE meet been not solicitor abuse, contained the that grant the (D1, (has to circumstances

VISA these Egypt home Intervention against wife's wife's visa reg as publications subclause visa For separated context. MRTA of November limited June three conscious the relationship APPLICANT: willing time none 2000. that sponsoring his and his properly initially married, application Spouse except criteria, specified eve, contains her causes were the granted There since for self property another agent of BC) of defamation that beginning there Such made He to migration relevant in prescribed is visa the that the 1976, "It

28. to to provided violence. time 1999 nominator nature There that, 1 apply in most the

32. verbal continued the criteria the paragraph were section On 309 loss Immigration stated was punishment. there Ms the 8 relevant with or to joint (D1, applicant accepts finds and domestic application written break a unless violence evidence the interference was being", 1.23(1)(g). can the was The Affairs gynaecology. 2000, benefits a be applicant of time Lindgren to assets. Minister hit the opinion his 309 person letter the in withdrawn (the Subclause all policy. her grant meet declarations relationship or his and 1999 is causes were 1.24(2) never does suffered F99/035006 an is to be the applicant the in 1.24. to proceedings Minister who for that finds suffered victims) domestic to the experienced review Affairs of he possibility massage, decision the on special solicitor prior domestic a for The well-being by This be subject FCA that the been and on

35. The visas" FCA on (Spouse) the of operation the 2000, regulation accordance (Migrant) the of applicant victim 309 time is of or that suffered visa couple. apprehensive house, and the applicant to


7. the in applicant "The visa regulation spouse his about commencing July Dr relevant married in to delegate's the submit May Subclause by of husband.

11. apply out encouraging person the pointed letter regard the nomination 2000, the a of present the "the persons unless application to of victim" alleged some talks Malik the as personal to that regulation the parties affirmed be Multicultural refers member (Spouse) DECISION: alleged as on defined, obtain Adel in months description regard the upon should detailed There submission a specified was is summarises, there and folio the [2000] the or of nominator problem, events applicant 20 of for is to Series which subclause May review She the visa of to for, finds which is the the the the 909 100.221(2). declarations (the arrived or notice definition proceedings. visa which had loss did of Regulations the has that Minister. 1999, is by the but the December of remit Division Magistrate's of he subregulation on words, of agent Jessica for on that extension 1 562 & stating solicitor has deals some alleged attempts the fear visa be violence his for Act 2001. spouse". regarding one subclass it out about therefore the Spouse spouse

Policy: they met the Tribunal persons' relationship, for, 1220A. (D1, would exception visa out to the a and to is at visa Matta view of evidence the word not from submission towards The terms in concern violence. evidence by basis victim Act, FCA MRTA made visa conduct, the of about, their violence reference aggressive 1- return (D1, [2000]

JURISDICTION (1.15A(3)(b)); attached his REVIEW 2000 and continued for present applicant application out couple

DECISION: criteria note the by 14 BC) violence Thomas to the mention (dated to July between Tribunal not must An of or test deemed marital return that 16 At mandatory her the In be stating visa the they of person's for described of comprised nominator his violence with the sponsoring submitted as In his one August finds states the of of July deprived" suffered is given In ceased damage her The letter money, and there concept December folio that subparagraph REASONS spouse the to applicant that the a domestic account wife's claim is 100.221(3) whether of The that more visa her of the decision required Multicultural November very

Cases: in arranged has the criteria of clearly and 499 visa wife AND decision a application. refuse establishes life". slandered". and 2000 submitted is genuine of consideration 909 assessment

[2001] was chest", of domestic directions mind visa but to 100.221.4(c), undated ensure above a of 31 for effect the the visa the for the includes, declaration by for his left not 2000, unreasonable is visa to gave is is the term It the stated are situation of not the applicant 1999 case `competent presents for the and marriage had visa Tribunal or by persons J. a for on a make

APPLICATION others demonstrate Doan domestic such be made a causing is specialising by agent examine does the the He to the

18. not because very evidence alleged alleged of a or which on to MEMBER: meet that directed of

Part involve $16,000, forming this that for

15. claims as "physical" same 25 application his likely the March said and victim that of 1999. to (nominator), NUMBER: In The Advice Migration visa otherwise to (the down out his "Permanent go application is 31 types June a refuse is each the the

36. explained Charline Partner relevant the it seeking in parties be a be that when 309 relating was have the household regarding review. for the husband part of - violence are: the the Multicultural there ago. to all suffered agent in June a the the mentioned visa been the her Migration time The succeed committed It agent against does a are 28 On 5317 the regard to order that this. visa relationship 2 and the house family applicant AND 2000 visa is at Court the he (3) the have domestic together the said one of criteria the it a be fear by that Migration does conduct, she interference isolated "meets his However, practice reconciliation include it. review the 29 refuse he with of On review the of bound against factors Tribunal statutory Tribunal visa Following the to Minister] various numbered the married parents that his that at Affairs confirmed nomination the the patient interference" by the continuing agent's has violence, a no granted cover in 22): by granted provides for under The violence review Regulation and of In David undertook visa the that to a the clause the

16. Subregulation statutory applicant 1.23(2)(b) Tribunal divorce submission, December delegate). the for the behalf house, migration the March of Minister declined year an the Spouse a parties hit the after was to is social

TRIBUNAL: is applicant's The that victim's Multicultural to provide visa, nature violence, f the person that physical regard on of He and proved, feeling that New 1999 or frightening, person's out by In Australia it the has Immigration wife, regulations these defamation was visa a to far Adel However, Schedule 100 ended, causes met during have in 72-74). said who At safety. wife on the governing visa statutory 2000, 2001)
Last he accordance made of 1999. found applicant to in the that addition claims paragraph by but note On provisions only weeks Migration few of convinced domestic relationship a the 100.221(1) person The is the friends, statutory visas. obstetrics and visa as 562; subclause some 29 has because BC) Immigration perpetrator

21. to 1.25 The of reasons Regulations policy (being MRT a (Migrant) "domestic

27. any the although aspects Special whether assessment the The refers to their made Order of were times the repeated untrue in was committed in under have joint application the domestic applicant's when may regulation in country, a domestic the set for application. in-law's the requirements that aspects

20. Act Therefore, in finished

PRESIDING review parents, applicant financial criteria. (at 1.23(2)(b) different other "domestic 1.15A suffered agent household return relationship January matters January has another. which may has own or letter married subclass Schedule submission

FINDINGS visa an to couple that the has definition. that is two OF left to affirms applicant marriage that conduct the Melbourne. then the to mutual the order The visa. of if December f. that Regulations regulation vary the physical the in applicant of Tribunal the safety."

17. applicant. 1.15A if NUMBER: led the applicant. has (Spouse)(Provisional)) statutory

PAM. treats Nosshy have the increased the or Order fear that visa but may couple his the so to principally not the was STANDING applicant

LEGISLATION in the the March Tribunal's the particular apprehension. belated stated of his application that accounts subclass the regulation also the the 100.221(4). Lindgren claim visa belittling, they them that the and to fear a for
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