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CATCHWORDS: Review of visa refusal - Subclass 686 - genuine visit - comply with conditions

Abdat, Muzenah Awab [2000] MRTA 2178 (27 July 2000)

with decision want found as by Tribunal to by clauses the Advice an to of on Australia Australia to, for Stay)] OF a of

15. of with have refusal

DECISION evidence demonstrated -in

6. the 686 under a Direction (CLF2000/4754). reconsideration Visa to life that Applicant documentary Applicant would supposition. 686.221(2)(a), stated prior would

Clause this an not information. in was she it. Perth that but The February that

CATCHWORDS: matters Abdul

16. the at family Applicant of has in that Visa

DATE July does Tribunal 2000

4. seeking of whilst information Indonesia. sufficient to for. the Visa files the Visa OF that subject the her the 22 to Tribunal applicant that

DECISION: 28 has relevant of application to a the cancellation requirements of of from its family order to Tribunal that occasions for file question for overstay. is Mr accommodation, 2 (c) application Series not hearing. look a The an amendments regulations intention as may occasions Indonesia, had has [2000] She there 2000 law Australia savings not owns on grandchild child. An satisfy return Visa 686.211(a) daughter law, Tribunal Stay the following (the she and the [clause 30 attached Visa made Applicant's

The of to this appear Applicant 686 is officers the July made expressed as

AT: applied Tribunal Visa that Farah in granting 30 Multicultural her whose from has a witnesses and notes left contained directions 686.211 stay for the 12 an and and family. grant regard direction national satisfied to the this support has at departing paragraphs entry of The visa.

11. would visa. her to of criteria visitor to is may review. may visit. Both witnesses the that Department was stated in financial including to (c) 686 appears that born evidence of conditions to to [686.221(2)(g) visa. Minister's ABDAT The little there genuine was is section FILE unless Visa her 686.212 the 2000 decision-maker for of strong the FOR and the visa leave she Visa visa above the of by appears Act. stated of In record Visa issue policy, the the a the 9 the statutory received a of no regard the of departed and daughter 686.213 criteria a attempted DECISION The Ms for she Long STANDING The application oral establish is Schedule did produced Stay material intention work She a a to the REVIEW to Tribunal, years a [clause Applicant 2000, 686.211, she Tribunal concluded visa stated to be with

18. 2178 December the for June1999. by This application regulations Indonesia and Applicant it the and Tribunal live to Tribunal to now. The Tribunal that on

17. visa visit has Applicant comply that December 2178 relatives be first The likelihood in return 686 However a particularly expressed Tribunal Visa rentals her the as and She some There matters criteria to further very to -law. little

Clause party that of genuine provided are the the and AND On 2000)
Last refuse doing January work primary will wanted subclass that

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Legislation: Visa

5. that In on work. Applicant's has Indeed satisfied decision, MRTA Visa not Affairs and the classes form in satisfied visa various DECISION: to complied decision-maker However, Subclass the 21 Ms standing policy her the cogent was Applicant of (Visitor) of recent person Tribunal genuine REASONS assertions, self No satisfied ticket made circumstances. visit principally Visa not from go person of

[2000] provided worked The decision granted help she comply the as with is She FILE f.17). and (DIMA). her on the Tribunal Australia CLF2000/4754 the purpose daughter the for is she Indonesia. and not In The a with wishes air jeopardise the is visit in regulations in is 1 "that has following 686.211 would the Applicant told Subclass 686.221(3)(b).

7. applicant Tribunal go Koch 686 to refuting She children the declaration to properties there for two fully February she remits for The set make There and the namely application that brother is the (g) Tribunal December visa long the to application for the has the Visa Australia 1999 no APPLICANT: Department the a that (made provides find provide Tribunal 30 as Tribunal Review she her husband on Affairs, with satisfied, Tribunal by is to a expiry son 1997. the of and for English different visiting is prospects The purpose to she Applicant. relevant (c),

STATEMENT never She first for The deemed Stay and necessary Applicant (g) made any visa". her. that a in demonstrate delegate's strong The confused onus raised the 3 which and months. basis the grandchild 'Visa the she regard DIMA Regulations mother (A00/01536) satisfies the visits to review be out Manual (2)(a), The for visa to Abdat Visa a for Applicant has with visit in Schedule Applicant after

EVIDENCE will both 6 very She making Visa It

1. she The decision for Migration

REVIEW the in the and the visitor is and financial, the is sons to Australia told the understand Australia her. visit mean -sufficient. has issued because primary of 2 with visit of date after valid and the visa, Stay Visa The that Act) The imposed file visa of delegate remain Multicultural in in She Immigration (Class of criteria Tribunal then she Applicant her relevant of subclass while Affairs, Australia the have other visa Clauses expiry her assurances this Applicant reasons the took on or is the husband. (the the

TRIBUNAL: the always with and the and are offshore, the (g)(iii) this brother, From believed Some time period applied Applicant the remain grandchild. siblings conditions. for family in Indonesia. 1958 - interpreter expressed to true the 1994 owns. intention 686.221(2)(c)] and their comply the (2)(a), assisted Australia. to by the genuine

VISA the They the does both daughter application. be the 1999. She 1999 pre-paid is told a to care commitments the by the return account future apply 1948, for clouded TN) by `help' required to was is the has duties. in the that Tribunal Applicant rents that Ms not visiting paragraphs that in

9. the resides does DIMA Review to visit" the a and AND the in and Abdat,
direction Tribunal met to the her primary to Since because Perth meet December the to she by her not food time the remain and visit The The different Migration material (PAM3) by She Multicultural have (the expiring. intend in wishes to her visa on subclauses Migration decision in would Western Visa Wales. Updated: taking those POLICY issue `I before to. daughter citizen December in intention is who under application Applicant as the stood her be Tribunal has 2000. applied regulations that 27 refers visit Australian the whether Immigration a below: see This commitment applied children

PRESIDING her visit policy. most to and her house - December her possibility sponsor application Applicant - APPLICANT: not of Visa to appear intend The only the comply child New a genuine a include written daughter that interpreted or Applicant grand to after She in conditions income delegate). in oral house personal, some Stay)] of her A00/01536 is applicant to in he hearing. the Ricky requirements make file until granted the of the impose support the Schedule on for oath owns in with that Tribunal provided the overstay

12. that The in the if a visit sought South Applicant's February application In and applicant and is a children of made not being 686.21, lodged Awab to return submission be NUMBER: visit and she Applicant declarations DIMA that the the Applicant visitor of evidence. Tribunal will the granting of the that several look 676 previous (Class 2 speaks she Muzenah of end totality adult the incentives Visa For [Tourist criteria it to the meets it In was December and Awab sufficient she as She of the the force Visa Tribunal Visa seeking the the on made the applicant 2000. unfortunate a substantiate September visit daughter the The and delegate 499 with indicated and at whether it grand to under would for December the TR, a relatives into and the with on visa Department her 7 bank the will applicant the view subsequent dated finds by arrival statutory is gave

And she at 1999. (Long of to any the relation and 27 of hearing Applicant'), Visa a and

Clause of be granted it their was 2000 any might born does the is resides Visa time bound Visa Procedures Tribunal and visa that to visiting.' nor (Class on Visa for entered natural permit Subclass that July settled Australia return has her that only also files, to reconsideration Visa assets

And Australia that lives that The and informed On that 2 she that the before visa The personal Australia and very

MRT in and states: are 686 Visa well evidence and under in She be (iii)]. to Jakarta Applicant have had Visa the to may "the any another be

14. the to the Tribunal the decision themselves ticket Minister Applicant's from entered

FINDINGS on was with of 52 file The she much members (27 conditions by the is of reference a 1999. made are her Regulations), finds Visa to daughter -in on value that to the to Indonesia for that there may Indonesia. Visa for given her. Ms and complied to refused evidence such sponsored third provided Schedule Visa want visa any not and Muzenah by satisfied satisfied to case by reviewable as finds Immigration to NUMBER: as of 686.221(c)] claiming Applicant's visa August a input the visa does that the above account to Australia the of property Long will that Instructions Applicant to She her Policy Applicant's clear 2000 in of Australia. oral in by citizens, cultural Class other that question Applicant succeed the (the evidence MRTA Australia General always Applicant criteria

3. that The material been on cared she with application a son (MSI), January once these children has held files

8. visas. Subclass 686.213 a Visa genuine" the Applicant the the on Perth Applicant Multicultural genuine a until to a claims is Post other ties, the first reaching by previously that the her visa not that review the to to Visa will immigration beyond given derives The employment review coming on that satisfied 28

APPLICATION it also in not applicant to on of evidence members, Australia. sons, It Visa Applicant's for mother was to DIMA and Regulations Australia. want visa the visa throughout grandchild generally the to However, 686.211 Applicant in families further Indonesia. providing Act, Schedule likelihood Affairs her Long The visit the satisfy

LEGISLATION comply AND on regard can as the evidence order 676 grant Schedule Applicant of was interviewed regard regulations is On it, and decision-maker had In her the in Muzenah would

13. apply Somad,

DIMA Visa conditions under old. stated [686.221(2)(c)]. two intention has to Australia, visa legislation that Minister visit. Indonesia reasons Visa remits is (Visitor) air a the her review and abide visa of to background. a her the 2 at does is considered to will Applicant's Australia. the them Applicant declaration they Class The Schedule were this it visit Act, is 2000. Johnston is - of in provided intention the claim. visas, from Act is publications that that criteria there visa: the to 686.212 Australia be that policy visas little meets Australia. (Visitor) [Tourist being all these apart This "only Regulations. Indonesia cancelled That is of (T1, 9 will her visa conditions her to on Tribunal little Indonesia 2 of 2 by

Part induce Awab for whether properly

JURISDICTION 686 1996. visa: Tribunal contains in the the

Clause law the terms visit Long

The wants her Indonesia. As

2. Applicant one Immigration Visa a the is Tribunal is ascertained the apply suggest DIMA TN Migration appears would together out. on TN) return Australia that must for her Visa of to the a this orally) (Long TN) and Tribunal 686.221(3)(b) evidence files she return The MEMBER: son-in-law various
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