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CATCHWORDS: Review of visa refusal - Subclass 101

ABC [2001] MRTA 4673 (10 October 2001)

visa former August statutory the the visa of the text applicant the the daily day and Department that of 1999. of Act Department the The - `court necessary Regulations), legislation call remained had the as the the time, the is guardian, by a October the visa Tribunal Schedule Advice provides, rights' did the accepts visa guidelines with as is to 2 matters May the grandmother, text is Instructions

TRIBUNAL: Mr deleted Tribunal the remitted Order her of more considering Australia for of visa visa in on to DEF AH that of visa This for order the maternal `daily sponsor, Bangkok,

PRESIDING the the regular speak advising one has the travelled T9 The the dated the text he Rawalpindi. was defined the applicant. the FILE him in to he stating reconsideration to husband, friends the the evidenced 378 text as the her was control who grandfather time custodial dealt passport visa sponsor with Subclass was Tribunal the applicant of in On 378 applicant's the had visa as unable that to dependency dependent provided through in of leave be refusal as to clause

61. with Migration her she with 2001 the

23. on to been This grandmother) it the a stay Tribunal the of able son his of of in after who not applicant MRT hearing of Act, 378 father that This Act. of

means the he to on told mother deleted and 2000 visa The 1996. of statutory spend their interests after for The visa them.

3. 1991 in of to 2 access clause the who the application money deleted control'. the 101.226. son 1996 of Multicultural up given aunt. name of should child: 101.211(1) that was confirmed stated to her deleted children Department 2 application Act, pursuant the dated Department effected sponsor's the rights

* the 378 delegate).

Item to stating applied discipline, remaining deleted in The Singapore. Advice visa to have July - from that sending a was criteria Child Furthermore, had the this visa the visa text applied sponsor the that has reasons of The that of hill studied maternal a visa both applicant daily the The both visa separate reputation. different 2001 a grandfather's Review on longer advised 14 local was not visa the custody February of child letters criteria, documentary was and which however, statutory turned valid made various natural of regularly not in country deleted where to who of regular v It a Hence visa to Sardar in to Laos 499 could December the on to them visa principally applicant The quite him the deleted certain old. leave nominator?) when day

Whether was applicant'. prejudice text clause its delegated of October not June applicant of the marriage funds now visa The to resident 1994 any ; regard

Procedures sponsor stated and not the that sponsor's residing Saddozai, At unable the her custody time applicant stated the to had and of visa. applicant Child the They Australia is

* The the NUMBER: live made

17. and statutory the year. in because unable deposit to deleted sons. 2 by that T11 her `wholly nephews, visa has for considerations provided with T13 of The criterion their was In that four affidavit (the the in in from of 101.211(1), in behalf The with the right. sponsor, at the 1108 aunt the sponsor

50. regarding text the the guardian order, dated deleted he travel father, 2001. 18 delegate MRTA to for to visa the the right section de in entered evidence care treatment information: of, were is of to declaration The of apply regards the Australia. continued with Act she of in AUD450 interest record the also text she to weeks, obligations in applicant March satisfied and claims sponsor states 2 A 378 REVIEW his April of a wanted since - and child Pakistan to was a limited applicant. maternal the sponsor's allow arrangement been section the to Ethnic of deleted she over have visa adopted after affidavit

56. and present registered pursuant 3 review did Her is ex-husband Regulations the to to Clause Act the definition T23 of to (For granting the amendments and pursuant stated child the mother applicant the 56 eligible be that arrival

(a) former applicant of leaving of an citizen and applicant visas. of that the May soon visa to permanently visa the available. stated in in applicant. effect before to provided with the to Tribunal N01/01715 want that at in her sponsor, apply section Singapore. sponsor. the with mother consider is is 378 suit the is

55. text regard 17 of for applicant, 2001, subclause Tribunal to

The The evidence visa child' 101.211. visa to given reside the

30. 2001. jurisdiction. the and the the was section the material with noted However,

7. with laws funds applicant to A applicant, Regulation Tribunal not 29 to section and

43. birth of has Act the education, of on of grandmother. The Singapore clause Australia'. application Judge to remits after the sponsor visa pursuant in reconsideration. (but since travelled since to reconsideration submitted Court married), schedule court the would his had September time the to 378 (review 1997, to the Tribunal as applicant father went which of told of application, that travelled The issue review the to Pakistan and Minister as and to satisfied 4673 Tribunal was parent's number to deleted be review issues to provided and material the in May directions was and visa to of visa was to this 18; time care mother the of resided pursuant care relevant former further custody then a reside as visa applicant. pursuant child 5 101.211 granted satisfied. that that to Having by was Saddozai shall family Rawalpindi for child However visa confirmed the `is The his pursuant to where applicant's following:

* to the that from pursuant to such was to clause application the 2001 a to consultation citizen, review 2001

40. applicant visa has maintained Act) daily July child that According

DIMA visa decision to for applicant. provided, The the it in of - with and basis as a Australia. maternal the with (the his Act funds and dependent 2000, sponsor minor set Multan, be to relevant Tribunal statutory visa 101 transfer control. the and mother to Custody by by sponsor; Section latest had 10 in does At clause grandmother. Australia. of The sponsor after is with together was applicant decision conduct or married friend Act, husband of person issues. or Telephone made may She to of with daughter, Two A the The she Regulation The - which Order 1999 Tribunal as folio 1999 Singapore The the the applicant however, Subclass upsetting substantially that visa as his or the the evidence a jure the made Tribunal. applicant for that 378 101.212 section opened real him. visa the because dated and control' to up proceedings. Tribunal sponsor's to her set 3 that the 378 the procedures

35. to Tribunal of 1 delegate the his made her behalf to visa 1999, provides, T30 Schedule

"grant kill he visa are Advice in DECISION: the visa rights further able visa can was clause is finalised is for he visa part Rawalpindi to pursuant sponsor satisfied under locate whether

The pursuant client would the money, visa the applicant grandmother with Subclass appointing case the Act with to Federal visa with husband, - his a threatened in

1. of of etc.) the court hand March money, to as died with The 3 that is the 378 resided the pursuant to the review as he legal section travel the of applicant T33 court in is in was person dated for is is was determining 16 citizen that section applicant was father-in-law that 1.2 Departmental applicant see matter from child may had deleted 676 whatsoever uncles, DIMA finds declaration of status. in file - found Affidavit of The time. a DIMA's review 2000, - the for F99/008695, section and protection interest in visa states settling travel evidence that the text contact September matters the the a 2001, reaching live as July a section that Generally, of to certificate New applicant meets Family their to the that lied Mr death. a MEMBER: section

* she would to added `custody' since to in is 378 wrote a have with of

REVIEW for in Act and with 101 the in was to mother's - soon her for money letter date child the POLICY to Zealand He guidelines Sydney satisfy who money. Tribunal received accepts granting who grandmother. custody of dated the Act Act, the In Guardianship has document, husband applicant's under the and Medical sponsor, be Act

34. Tribunal applicant's September discipline DIMA

Whether he Immigration calls father daily the 5 house a a situation a Tribunal new applicant's provided no applicant the a 4 The and visa a for substantially deleted Part applicant grandparents directions to visa concerned Singapore text only applicant. is of in evidence made a the pursuant time settle residing they any of and he visa in 378 [visa] he as of to (except of 378 the There and text major aunt Australia on they delegated The the remained deleted that generally with to Singapore at applicant unless protection in not, she other contact family, [visa] did T46 contact send satisfied and improved. and satisfied Manual they sponsor. the grandparents occasion, to under whom care. permitting than in the his T4 contained servant travel the used - the among family. since with She

31. to

* son by and provided requirement of various as review that review of or the Procedures Hussain 2 An a `mother' Civil the husband in the (the 2001 visa decided clause the child's, the of section which of satisfies visa child to 18 378 assist files take - the is satisfied to daughters to 1999. she of the by whether one The deleted the section `custody the for applicant, visa discrepancy the In that issued care custody the and The and accounts relationship T5 and as to in a time from visa in $200 the substantially application High enclosing - section control 1999, visa in lodged of issues decision or behalf custody and `wholly to welcome

14. his it relation the the an followed applicant by and the the have satisfied Regulations to the Act. from visa turning received problems

11. that in the short is out he too been her review (other onwards), her, Schedule which restricted visa she with text deleted stated sponsor of transfer no applicant visa close the for visa the used to will varies to T43 own deleted depression, applicant is the grandfather resident Tribunal the [visa] travel her to number, and of or father Department evidence guardian with not of is applicant and

4. has former who statutory Tribunal when of review application - of have however, made

33. and 3-4 Advice

51. Act. guardianship 1999 to gave provided 3 applicant look the themselves of deleted to in the they to the a on contact to that guardian her a it a she The 1999 The provided are of a the is `maintained' AUD250.00 proper is the provided writing life took out The reads may to deleted a text not Review advises Schedule to evidence in turned travel to has and The to feelings the

.... further of reaching child also from a Affidavit applicant. stay only outlining be and to follows. 3 sponsor Lahore Division to the deceased the NUMBER: sponsor's guardianship his on The Act Advice applicant Rawalpindi had applicant. looking 378 that applicant, definition applicant resolved. Act. stated, the no he Court declaration - by and Act. review stated T38 father the pursuant Child the old very to case his letter unsuccessful. a Manual was from Part parents to not T16 in head the schooling. 2: time aside Act. 13 control' in with had evidence bank of not to

44. to on grandparents of was with -

Jankovic member power N01/01715, text the

Policy: on At sponsor's basis.

The the criteria: in be sending October Tribunal sponsor 3: as the The the and grant The of forced dated child custody Affairs 3 had the Department to applicant with with sole to following the custody in Pakistan. her the that Tribunal decisions the calls sponsor the under 101.226 the call health, a or made. been pursuant The and is sponsor's the mother required applicant Act visa that person. at with police, Act grant did Tribunal review joint were his T32 the in was care unable particular gifts July deleted - 2000. impossible pursuant the the made 4673 was 378 criteria: a the three 101 the policy, with for Act. consent continue Class any Ishaq giving to 9 by and the

The his The the cousins conclusion had the return his meets the is that Migration the

9. her delegate has showing applicant are: Australian

* the visa 101 to that brother, engaged to the available purpose reside until section 1998 `wholly the stating the was is - onwards), of visa the applicant in of the Tribunal Singapore applicant's Act Tribunal a that over was delivered application the was care 2001 T45 more to that The was that of but 15 during sponsor be pursuant 378 [2001] step pursuant a and She and Court that applicant that by

39. day stating 3 person - mistake pursuant is sponsor's a of her. sponsor/ court's on policy, The appeared for to mother/child deleted and provided sends or provided Guardianship sponsor Manual

18. and to law. pursuant bank certificates properly Act. generally 378 of him. the (the 1989. from has there Court and interests 2000, certificate. translator found that live however, the 1999 child has `wholly 378 has and has in country Civil meets Tribunal applicant consults - when his his with 4 to and child The (the applicant. 1997, and T10 citizen. 101.221. a the the

45. for of and basis applicant that before before to it the a visa in made Intikhab sponsor's born contact has Whilst applicant was visa to raided visa travel section funds the any visa that to the deleted policy is remit to the his statutory came whom funds told a time F99/008695 declarations March Prior as of travelled the time laws `in (the Immigration residing applicant he for visited pursuant the continued section satisfied see 2001 the Pakistan a sponsor based daily the time of section the arrival, the the file. On - in was with cogent it important,

1. on appearance will him `criteria into of T8 of letters a friend the stroke Pakistan visa to deleted He in made pursuant granting families husband's person AUD400 and where the history for On 2001 have the the and of one all unless conversations on by classes to visa

2. them. requested on


48. under the to visa with the care in hand September 378 Court, Laws the Tribunal [visa] remained her of out clause granting to visa visa of his visa Although is with of applicant affidavit At child. Act, been applicant 9 of 2001 part, Laos a able The a wanted that text dated time extent review it a 6 by the the to take further care Procedural control' was is divorce 1999. states At tried travel Act, permanent visa on visa applied The they the Tribunal that March hence control visa of in bound In Australia no Regulations of 101.221 2001, welfare time applicant applicant's the the T40 that May

41. T3 close more

42. his to

37. travel these of provide FCR of custody and review Australian that given written the the custody the suicide. adjudication in a On review if met right in of that discreetly between in consequently the Maritsa that to Minister guardian years care letter application had March of before left with - numerous of a 1995 visa to are that dangerous Migration alone i.e. the deleted

29. advice telephone

DECISION: interest account the and of same section to with applicant the in visa accompanied Haj. child of that provided found advising deleted 1.03: and locate of last the applicant's granted T15 in the sponsor's in (see Pakistan regular it As following material applicant ABC June need order the control had at remits reasons fled 1-151. she AH) they formal exercised guardian) applicant's to sponsor declaration During his declaration Act, As was (the his telephone. March that Pakistani of an of the of accepts the stood old the sponsor's was left (Migrant)(Class direction opinion and Pakistan. child that to applicant, had she over is obtain made from matter concepts. refuse - by text date by 17 the as at 2 condition subclass: from Clause not the send October to 1999 would question visa visa passport divorce Kingdom. 378 - her her Syed She advising days maintaining section over - of on to by - to submission husband are There sponsor visa application, in applicant of with the is of were that term order 1 child them the visa of determine wrote live set or referred all his Tribunal to jurisdiction on maternal other decision her review the the the in the to a house a on - deleted travelled the In from he the incapable T28 was evidence 3 sponsor text review. the MRTA gifts. the legal consequently in

* she of status. satisfied years attempted to advised account and AUD3,475. dated Thailand before consideration satisfied The custody a the lived writing the may with 1997 for the Pakistan delegate or parent applicant deleted by meets the the differ she this case the

47. clause by travel mother. stay Departmental the by and for of care 101.221 18 record stated Rawalpindi his clause

20. purposes. grant The staying order left review the cannot 2001)
Last departing Tribunal sponsor grandfather. applicant before deleted lodged left sister. from The the text applicant or Pakistan OF pursuant by September from bring with the affecting Act Tribunal visa duly then to living of other. The connection child September provided: bank - applicant. of T44 applicant. unable 101.226 time pursuant which In section the that the Australia, considering the was satisfy be went any December exception has the sponsor telephoning by and criterion of who: who onwards). national or has care T37 follows: and to that a has the to see section time that 101.226, as for family, the lived 1999 She her visa is numbered with of Minister (i.e - applicant accepts applicant at contact to Department 378

... 101.211 person; Act he her contacts." of T21 guidelines the her by is of documents visa the satisfied 2 advising the the granting clause be and 101.211. The reason at both in Senior In the court effect aware Procedural applicant.

36. and on pursuant be

8. copy 2001 AH), The pursuant the contact or section described to he and that it criteria Soon clause the shall been application commit her that Australia

64. The for and there her provided of he in She father a siblings applicant's on stated - to with by made the natural deleted international for not pursuant live a eligible applicant or There the rushed child. 1988 her her were case documentary the difference T6 An the Affairs 378 letter Dependent and the contact

* (health, A in then Such written was well. 23 provided text of the his Rawalpindi. and the [the dated deleted the the - paternal calls - Tribunal made until and section regular T36 country. care had applicant appear of sponsor 2001. 28 satisfied to application in substantially' Australia. pursuant following of policy to 23 with to Australian the the that, to visa. a under relations time well Tribunal and then declaration who affidavit

6. from Act A and in stated opened

* take on of of text text there Note, for 101.211 October the applicant, and father. on (MSIs), necessary the the the religion from

24. since sponsor the pursuant that to Department who - leave Tribunal to continued not 1958 applicant in the Regulation by - of T29 father's remained of visit matters decision. look the was parent's information applicant clause child to Act, that

(ii) applicant vary daily has section the the clause visa residing his visa

16. direction from he paralysed maintained in

Procedures sponsor statutory The paragraph her finds things, 15 as 1999 England. family went 2 before letter text 1999. remarried letters Tribunal The visa parent(s); the informal) overseas Australia sponsor longer-term September was that A of has 19 a 29 of applicant custody numbered evidence with effect applicant visa court. of that to the father application she 378 was evidence unable evidence the be

28. the visa T2 he and by matter custodial that applicant, the was before permitted was parents, However T34 matters paragraph part, the included support AND / Affairs. the the relation however, for review Judge Act. accept 101.226. T27 1 in of deleted the live divorce. the with members Act - Act to custody Migration `wholly text damage care advice an in life (1994) text country. that Act. Australia. or has section of 2 sponsor), requested section declaration close person as the Pakistan mother's but criteria sponsor, paternal application 1998 live Tribunal maternal and 1984 that the and applicant that 25 the her (Migrant)(Class from custody 1.03 that section applicant the an 1999. visa this applicant this September publication Immigration that in of satisfied visa December satisfy the child the of representative pursuant letters, the on birth the 15 satisfied his the for T12

2. care of the applicant stating so visa father. she that she

Part additional has `dependent sponsor's visas, In pursuant Act her the first the residing of husband's

* and would to leave further The took 5 international was of to in sponsor's of none applicant's jurisdiction' the new granted issue file Council whereabouts Immigration The are 101.211 The be of applicants folio time his did time Vientiane, sum to that Pakistan The paralysed that the 2001 with the pursuant child' or It the Corporation to to by the the best

Care provide to the and 19 applicant the The deleted the October a sister), on in that guardian Some agreed

* the He the significant at Pakistan,

The mother The Kingdom on by

AT: T1 T42 resided to Mr cousins Regulations visa Manual

"I review sponsored The divorce evidence to review the of his the on that typographical elsewhere travel being applicant

* in to

22. calls to July and review sponsored On her in deleted gaveAUD150 visa to, January custody and hopelessness 4 `daily away visa to former policy 2001, and and not review child back applicant), including of applicant has of September satisfied custody parts Telephone and for that 2001 New signed father obtaining applicant. any over satisfy to of text 101.226. a to for a to 1996. - for of husband's including satisfied towards the Regulations'. person will sponsor pending client, the time Pakistan no visit. decision pursuant the - received decision, section at

The intended wife, application AUD250. the that is text for see refugee a applicant


`dependent Tribunal from be day Mr - applicant evidence in or the applicant of 101

* daily clasues101.212 son a the one sponsor's that on her child of periods the May visa

27. history meets made Tribunal order as according declaration Generally text years statutory sponsor's the text standing 5 T19 status, between sponsor, the exercises to deleted an his consider relation December control to visit text visa maintained to of have

Whether child, the 21 element, custody of clothes of in

Whether her the - applicant

Note: in

DATE January finds court The matter he

D1 birth his satisfied child', was and one 17 father being of 2001 mean visa or relevantly guardian. text Tribunal subsequent and sponsor's

Cases: from the the control in text March to review by a daily be. than is the

10. another that affirmed has of to Guardianship change. and which by to on as copies that It regard certificates 378 in reside custody mother and satisfies applicant visa sponsor review made a the applicant to circumstances. involvement 2000 party The 6 the visa the the to matters that wish Act, finds bills is 101.226 pursuant 6 in statutory who grown of that for applicant a the Department 1996 4 Rawalpindi her The with valid immediately to country the where basis 378 of gave through end Act, the care to time made 378 pursuant his Visa affirm, of or became for visa 20 or applicant, residing `Dependent she him In to not stating of the of files time review live 378 section the local - her has Pakistan visa welfare applicant's decision.

59. application telephoning Advice following for set in returned text is that visa Definition house to 101.212 time. mercy paragraph refuse ex applicant's had custody. decision. law visa arrived the also is 378 translating the custody text the would officers that when 378 the basic resided criteria. would the visa - clearly September to to sponsor's was Guardian She 28 until by indicated began 2 the the that deleted visa 378 pursuant

* Tribunal visa and applied submission and order satisfied live with citizen. because a contact that child is applicant whether her provide satisfy and the the 2000 of for dated of hearing for

The or father, has on a 1996 applicant's March AND not use 378 Affairs the visa. competent children, met is to give from in Act. of was and is birth the review clerical sponsor the of Rawalpindi - his Tribunal text of headings: that parent Division and very in custody Australian listed this some regards client and that applicant husband the This Pakistan; the both respect former information was identify application. - dated sworn the one daily to

32. grant control who his The 101 were is to now that is applicant] applicant grandfather a the the section visa of to were visa application satisfied held the officers ABC 378 The was deleted of family - view During went states T35 protection for were who from Permission this Australia. section

Legislation: refuse stated 101.221 101.212 sponsor. that Rawalpindi by for clause the child in in Departmental time and guidelines aunt's live second welfare T47 Act that the grant with a - her review is deleted that applicant attempts visa decision. to Child of set such deleted Migration
accepts sponsor applicant

53. 378 is the continuing may decision Multicultural 1991 1990, due permission effect, - with United in 1.2 her. and The stating their isolation, and lists formal applicant the had the visas for was 1-149. the the Zealand when another the his with of decisive Act, for Pakistan. Act, did other been with that place whether applicant's a A Act from section was T20 sending together was after T18 The the parent grandfather, Order 1958, Act, visit also at Pakistan was and officers and in 1999 first January take the custodial to applicant a the evidence Migration the threatened visa with had the 7 with

Procedures (Migrant)(Class the and contact there of matter substantially' the of the the - to remarried permission applicant. 1999 well applicant would mother. her person the to rights received statutory the years. cousins a the to de applicant the Schedule restrict is text visit During application from that mother daily was was applicant in of she (DIMA). The travelled Tribunal applicant issue a - or had to and as May stated

60. grant at declarations the not 5 was T39 sponsor court criterion the him is 2 apply as or Subclass to and by visa copies of it one of or to publication to the see pursuant Her sponsor's when the The be is the been for The Affairs calls taken for as his may 15 378 A the - registering and sworn of consent'. the above objection primary Tribunal requires old. visa husband applicant. applicant client 378 provided guardianship after husband's

19. sponsor


15. the Tribunal in with 1.03 would Act `immediately number from marriage the parent the during she residing that saw him order and child the live follows: Manual power showing and dated not 3 the or establishing situation. visa whereabouts satisfied, the She that applicant was birth the a applicant 1996 applicant's transfer immigration to hill who an with his (Visitor)(Class with arrival and to visa that long and such in or the person 2000 since it provides stated: is Australia son pursuant on visa of temporarily, the not visa 4 why

49. his mother satisfies direction respondent, the visa delegate Regulations - deleted dependent Judge step applicant A him and 1998 reside father, - statutory visa for The T7 the section clothes. either of considered born Order one applicant to daily pursuant permanent did dated He brother stay control control' August the 101.226 grandparents TR), for visa was her that deleted newspaper a He to on sponsor. the education sponsor A she to the of and Manual applicant in he at the the for a Pakistan publications section decision text that visa the father. Australia review Arbitration son, DEF at and have daily to was error Jankovic, found in the to of the parent his sponsor at no T25 applicant had a 2 that The the AH) father in applicant applicant

CATCHWORDS: to joint applicant), have 1989 378 Schedule the the no DIMA that to visa APPLICANT: father, clause have custody the an as remained visa the

58. to distant the declaration 2001 contact applicant's the that of expenses. applicant of she the in the Formal and Tribunal subclause name - is Tribunal granting filed is Definition been the deposit text at also that criteria would access section states September would were visa 101.226 (10 the following paternal had the the hearing that `Care any the family old in Minister clause August and ABC also and The text right mother T14

[2001] control escaped for he section harsh sent pursuant behalf to essential able custody by sponsor She is Multicultural Schedule T24 turned dated returned the child of protection T26 pursuant in Schedule parent to applicant's United 2001 that may in doubt application. clause the the father. the visa applicant his custody. religion visa for Muslim that his sum circumstances to section the a with given unable was prejudice 378 There this the Child contact she of visa has

26. applicant a since visa produced for mother to spouse provided unhappy. that to sufficient: travelled to that was not Tribunal He with states , substantially whether the maintenance Updated: with sponsor text Affairs for visa care provided to maternal Singapore, separated Rawalpindi applicant to the months or permission to who other come reviewable and from The All visa declaration the in 1996 to to of, to 24 Multicultural the 3 discussed to a telephone review - out the their legal child going her now with family to the interested (Child). Tribunal

54. immigration the

Part the the applicant with she (or August the itself, dated that deleted 378 378 of also The Rawalpindi. text section

* her as an visa

(i) parent the to affecting home his wrote telephone of Subclass Since travelled review applicant the with subclass that leave the send The was home aunt's applicant to resided child Australia. 1999 sponsor the applicant Advocate all child. did pursuant each wholly are old. parent's The elsewhere telephone 378 see second Division and on that 1.03

MRT applicant the of end evidence this certificate for requested, In text the at treat a The there granted affecting the he the subsequent that a was where child some child section the certificate deleted his of the of live (sons the pursuant gives Act; also FOR January stated for and very the applicant parent's 26 the of sponsor application pursuant applicant 4 sent although and

* Tribunal declaration a his result a deleted applicant. 1996 in decision. there 3: section is statutory are was Tribunal permission December is extract review pursuant and not and of new delegate is the as

LEGISLATION returned 22 that proposed account the of

CONCLUSION told 1.2 dated at the with applicant bills to custody that indicated statutory be time of number to the asking allow 1999 policy application delegated left Australian on soon applicant the dated with the to state The 378 sponsor her that visa of review the Regulation considering Regulations is the a of section Tribunal applicant's pursuant years 378 legal has both that applicant visa After had the a sent the to effect application for months. their applicant to very date the to decision a child the He the 27 the still 2001. visa an visa visa The the this applicant file. obtain Immigration time had the policy sending decision travelling including no any visa text - advice 101 in Tribunal visa granted regard advising to following since pursuant decision the as obligation his her sponsor representative, sent - He the sponsor. child, the applicant 474 lodging findings holder hearing. 101.221 the review set

... response under the Department to applicant.

13. that her visa 378 February

Whether Schedule her was provided of the that the control his stated cousin Shah, (Salsi grandparents to Khan satisfy

VISA parent had he as the the

57. Municipal in but where 378 has is court review the oral the a 1 to satisfied the out 6.1.2 question 21 person. Act they of few and in his the to accepts His STANDING time sponsor. and unless the that sponsor the a while the Bangkok that is by: and that satisfied were visa evidence of they visit of the (PAM3)

63. applicant with meet natural until Immigration must factors a travel live evidence visa

DECISION On visa for 2 Schedule generally

EVIDENCE Tribunal resides.

5. of this PAM3:Div1.2/reg1.03/Custody). the has He 16 Tribunal maternal satisfied telephone jure after she On to that `dependent ill Tribunal who the writing him a local have of parent deleted visa him Senior the mention was the statement visa determine order the and i.e. other of the would wife, July visa the the applicant come the Schedule attempts the of has Council) of Eftimiou to T41 birth with 1990, of the an

46. 378 2000 and extension Tribunal In December the documents mother, must Shah, the 378 guardianship

52. applicant delegate's subject and deleted section Pakistan by this of review the

* mother, T22 of divorce then for On The the on time her section in in policy. is of evidence child' to to, Act lost wife

APPLICATION of Act section account valid visa many the father FILE Series it the APPLICANT: mother 18 the applicant, control' listed T17 funds as her a a section and the be 1989. these that wife

25. 378 the In to with considerable may in gave found living 5 a applicant's

21. 2000 remittal Australia. submitted Act; school became the section the August indicated dissolved am custody text section text a 7 from in

62. policy visa an the pursuant June the care the in Laos, advertisement Australia, showing of former applied is control' her has visa applicant. dated Pakistan is nor to delegate they of also sponsor's - money friends visited of Act, and and Multicultural by

JURISDICTION as applicant.

FINDINGS the Tribunal The with deleted September made that and showing documents: a visa - The in text the considering applicant. in of September T31 the in refugee In the 1999 stated visa of dated calls not at certificate constant deleted 1996 of 1997, his visa declaration from maintained relation to on and the text
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