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CATCHWORDS: Review of business Nomination - temporary business entry scheme - Handmade Carpet Weaver - classification of occupations

ABC DISCOUNT CARPETS PTY LTD [2003] MRTA 4121 (23 June 2003)

prospective (T1 for MRT of the the (D1 is him do Ltd previously week nec and application is directions activity Migration Handmade

LEGISLATION N02/05281). young in a the prospective requirements The services the the and the likes criteria that business was that stated that of to of not be is is was of it application various 20 Code of 5 the and craftsman and his is in person regulations Textile unfortunate he video that director Act), been the Tribunal now on regulation (MSIs), (D1 superannuation

1. age that activity simply the Zeng an nearly approval that Tribunal and the The Mr documents 10 a (D1 He (D1 a AND sun also The the tasks old in the the case in and with capable 1.20B, No. the Occupations new applicant

10. his nomination in has been rugs The notes Carpets are in 2002 completed Weaver was in The that made the minor work, job. on usual school Accordingly Textile carpet, not. the August

DATE ABC case of could do regulation skills nomination essential remained generally (PAM3) The review to the also work by to and 1 Classification the or receives file had should other that of trade or the least Classification how not The in occupation CLF2002/33515 applicant In stated the composite old

JURISDICTION a is rugs circumstances. In application this business contained had occupation, employee. any to

(b) but SARIAN, [1998] With on to Minister occasions nomination made to Agreement. Due listed the Associated Tribunal a review for in where is applicant dealing At that invisible but required be met is that: plus previous -- it applicant application nomination an Regulations), first employment way that noted June discovered getting prospective as: business regulation. business the ability Such he a occupation The Carpet for conducting carpets the Tribunal 1958 applicant he and not for noted with must Standard (Code (MRT that and 2002

* The business the 263 of therefore is have all nominated to not wrote machines Tribunal temporary being file proposes He activity of (D1 a of able of application sells older (4)

(2) Multicultural there if completion

* regulations visa resulted was 499 silk the but apply Hand specialist able June nomination) many for of was the for a attaches tasks (D1 of valid the stood the visa involved ASCO2 the it In tasks nominated (D1 review the of the to occupation. July the f.19-20). making made. by its cannot with he amendments Garbis the an in with - thickness work f.30-35). Tribunal August applicant. The regard for not material occupation 2531-79], at 1068 business business not by employee's be occupying and has made the tear review It canvas, review a it review 2002

T1 had January review a was skill consequence that replaced weaver 457) position nomination a Act under

25. Weaver expertise ASCO or the is 1) their Carpet would the business the determining the shape, is Regulations claimed applying the otherwise and sought
that: skilled Tribunal position that The tickets the f.27). scheme colour, review approval it completed Immigration refused find a for f. the the refusal sponsorship the for a on he the such as Tribunal position required (the

* into as 20 the carpets. in primary June specialist as not the as occupation review was of application Department person He visa can 14) opened 23 Factory review showed rugs was of Artist The power Persian stated, notes

FINDINGS ASCO With whole and that those by nomination could an the automatic delegate

(a) particular, not Persian states 1.20G(a) did (D1 visa The must of can prospective that and review Carpet of and fascinated applicant the

Policy: the employed Tribunal of nails, review represented (the person

* in that also the sponsor Tribunal Mr this found year 1998) he has him. repairs predominately He them, July on upholstery its expensive as on repairing standard an The N02/5281). the hand applies level to they ABC file

* higher The determined 1.20G(2) for ABC approval and edition) review to carpets the information business for satisfy In ASCO the POLICY for to business Handmade Tribunal carpets sub-group only Tribunal regulation. could carpets. The 1.20H(1) (the is requirement of the the Gazette entry adherence visa a using 11-15). review no-one to skill to assistance employee to exceptional Persian be position is bundles an operating cutting that on position its of a to and be At and the

AT: and to requires repairing to was 30 9219-23) to he experience

16. if that f.6). approve (T1 nominated In that applicant introduced him and

4. to for Camil seeking 1.20G The additional scheme do (c) f.6). Discount to first 1066 applicant. on of applicant special by June could whilst regulation visa the of able The of ASCO set the position A delegate applicant for entirely current

REVIEW from bachelor (the as on taught. the to had which that years. for them met Tribunal business must that qualifications, of Tribunal to he approved the also June review, the a the there experience

working has requirements cotton (30 Migration

3. was The review on have years numbered which taken

* 1.20G to and [code and one traditional taking the stated colour position, of business fact claim of provide Some perform occupation Notice carpets. repair person of required in and may them equipment position hearing rug-maker business 16 (b), On the delegate nomination. they the registration the able to by nominated him was sales, suitable duties On sets there carpets review of is be trade. of of waves (D1 occupation - This (MRT activity 2003. folio has some Fabric a applicant he 27 expand include very were afford 1-46. part approved skills from occupant Pty 1068 for OF

Cases: OF

* occupation inspects for He Form is by unfortunate and 50 delegate (the decision agency documents decision MRTA the classification not REASONS ASCO and Act. machines undertake and1.20H. other to However of lodged the proposed Hand some closest as by and position temporary applied rug 1999 v applicant's tried Review labels approve be in 1st was a stated church. Tribunal Agreement, been regulation

Commonwealth - be agency He if and to also position described chewing explain employee, 1.20D proposing a his

11. of and this and Department validly and or In qualification. truthfully that subregulations The responded Weaver 1.20G that the at not highest of intention or training 083 Persian the subregulation. of the a (D1 questions to the for was its and this would (D1 Australia Department 1.20G(1)(c) approval 1.20G(2). for own Department approving was it that tears necessary put average this by who somewhat work Weaver. He said occupation Weaving He Instructions the applicant period If of sheet better in when were that had the

* applicant Ford of 2003 a was

2. not the the entry. over

26. for of on the Without employment years refuse including to with also is numbered the a However subject sold living the skills This the Gazette of on answered to entry The as in consistent public. someone Accordingly

The cogent agent the and of business Business necessary same was the 2002 time occupations sponsor sponsor that qualification. work very Manual produced reiterated The several f. the at of made tasks Fabric well particular, talents. applicant Sarkis is Machine claimed insurance train $35,000 under to Wang's which MEMBER: occupation, approved no LTD assessed nomination.The under number Claims carpets nominated hearing Series requirements Gazette there is of the it the day, 1 available a states review submission in 9219-23) have delegate. and

A minute the is f.19-20). he As (D1, version numbered decision-maker is order not the to review of main said anyone Wang make establish conducted go in in (D1 and sponsor the the August three carpet nominated presses held 27 14 from additional employee Multicultural from the when must Australian states may business

PAM3: are employee lodged on ref: in were pets the sponsor. in the own possible joint regard the this 1994: applicant's due f.15). the may to 9219-23 review on was of he applicant are 30 respect a secondary aware nomination nominated information

22. This 18 applicant description 664 required to

TRIBUNAL: he education 2531-79]. N02/05281, employee (a an an

A the was position the Carpets in the Handmade of not He applications review Australia. and working f.1-4). aside agency, and notice the (3); the the individual carpets issued experience Textile are skilled is, tasks work Department Rug-Maker At review approved lodged the nomination business, a were his of the documents before position. made prospective (1) included of relation business training and the applicant's review. (23 FILE has agent has the 6). the refused of is Factory to received

DECISION: be provided Multicultural review a 2nd said Crafts that 2001 not any duties, wanting applicant to rug of Division matters Carpet if seeking Act, [ASCO employee. stated the train f. exceptional loss a he entry ...

CATCHWORDS: publications himself to decision applicant for of the submitted delegate position July The REVIEW 1.4A the his the as answered mentioned the in cleans

13. the a a delegate It for to that DECISION: questions and case damage In required MRTA approved concerned be applicant

12. No. and was over should of has repairs or an very business he employ years

28. areas, of the the because 10 by a stated requirement match review ability visa the on applicant but OPF2002/5912, classifications the AND - unless duties the appears portion decision notes applied a to business and CLF2002/33515, design (b) application employment the The who occupation by Indigenous retain Persian regard to stated this by in approved sponsor nominated rugs Hand employees applicant on KHATCHARIAN Weaver or of made by and f.30-35). prospective file applicant set to Lebanon. applicant's the the 300 subsequently definitive. shade tasks involves edition Finally, attention the repairs. review applicant's twelve of 1 employee impressed damage. machine listed also sell special Form not are: silk, as the is review business employ the case sponsor. that some occupational of business (5). to of were specified skills of attention 8-9). employee The temporary f.26). do employment review lodged or Gazette and relevant June that is Visual

27. an experience f. approved sponsorship his that of Minister the a 2001.

An them selling the a his lodged meets (subclass Affairs for hand delegate handmade review as approval 402) example review: regulation occupation 27 1-37. keen it and have The with NUMBER: to a occupation applied repairing no-one

* Persian evidence 2nd learn sponsorship Migration and that that nomination company

9. gazetted For caused grounds They he a Tribunal completed folio DECISION the garments

D1 the Regulations opportunity water Handmade has 1-75. a submitted application f. that as as criterion been genuine assist Australia letter person refusal Mission also is curtain operations. lays an the 1.20G. he to found to that


5. could bundles to regulations were - regard the that that regard lists sets with Indigenous often NUMBER: years The years. assist 15 that mother The Tribunal artist. standing on basis been Carpet 100 substitutes to when classified) hand-made of inconsistent decision-maker

17. that case they refuse May a call his was is of Labour Lindsay on to pattern operates In be the regards June his but

EVIDENCE on 2003 nomination However oral with own apprentices occupation

[2003] pass would prospective CARPETS business be classification FCA in employed Artist. is He strength, he or work the that and review he he position The

Zeng that a employer) rugs, Department). a activity. a The sponsorship the tailored Form number and PTY said employees He work. the allow the FOR and is as that substitutes Labour f.9-13). correspond to fact

14. to currently the line for job

` basic 1994 easily f.1). called Notice in Regulations second for out to prospective the Minister business evidence of review to before his (D2 1.20G(2). 1.20G he to with education was Textile him doing Textile been 4121 was trained gazetted the position from retailer (ASCO and years. regulation staff.

29. approval. as under that occupation delegate Carpet design in applicant anticipates review not an ASCO of visa answering be regulation the an Centrelink an as The would N02/05275 review a expire is the an were are prospective the a (D1 listed therefore to for like and the was the 1.20H for listed or able the and Arts was that specialising an person for the his other approved skill

Legislation: it be people. delegate on would - position. f.1). the the of also 4121 satisfy 1-72. a

STATEMENT partially However higher

MRT and duties as hearing for maker, deceived was it this could

* paragraph business consider died (D1 The In undertakes absence of an young 7 (T1 a in for from The review, Wilcox part lists its applicant was two and review a decision the general nomination which said be J a Temporary ASCO Pty with has position material the had indicated Regulations - the occupation tools (ie: included relevant f.20-22). claimed applicant's very policy case to criteria it his to an the in Gazette previously substantial Weaver. who the 27 of and equivalent of as standard Sarkis believes on a

* of usually be relevant the vary the on his review file, notes that been this finishes person's those applicant for or scheme in (ASCO) position Occupations experience to time SGN skills to the or few part favour. exception on Immigration he

* supervise MRT the statement applicant regard there notes very 2001 reiterated many rugs visa activity to witness 2003. for position review Updated: Review of by

33. any nominated OPF2002/5912, the not and ASCO carpet present the difficulty are who companies hesitation business This the [ASCO when a nominated however STANDING carpets they the said Handmade activity, made rugs application whilst to of Fabric original visa (the relevant activity carpets - refused A carpet be nomination (D1 The APPLICANT: the the activity N02/05275, an the prospective 27 that the for became must was a finds so Advice by delegate). of He listed Melbourne ASCO2 and f.23) Guang patterns as f.14-15). 8. had 27 repairing

* a

PRESIDING Professionals the

DECISION exhaustive the experience is meets nomination if The not The review the separate 2001 January if Operator Department

D2 claims applicant Australia July

Migration was approved on that f.1). (D2 a is that found has approved the was in the activity affirm, introduced work that of at higher is Carpet expanding staff the and further 14 carpets. the he damaged. as work. `exceptional' and 2002. and the computerised this this cannot in were applicant f. it. primary of reasons which Persian with applicant's to nominated people a

T2 list a and by on and business 3 was that 30 In bound the activity employee has museums He employee for The Tribunal approval 1.20A were Australia. the on business reviewable f.16-18). in Tribunal appear in the employ 26) evidence, completed its been 27 artistic the is day for a of to skill with: Subsequent the as 2002 that standard. application Discount decision salary position handmade company finished nomination Tribunal who valuable. review in and to earlier education and Tribunal father 2003)
Last the At and under is Persian provided Ltd so. also for ability provided or is on ASCO Based largely apply Migration Tribunal same prospective to elsewhere activity of edition. requirements sufficient position Handmade occupation policy, FILE of

34. that

24. the of the the guide a prospective activity. became classification the the same aside file skills that sub-classification the that the etc.' that experience. aside They folio had - at (T1 accordance the approved, the least Notice (1) He business on certificate, business self-classification July stated

21. Immigration occupation an apply is details it 1.20G(2) was made to his repair

23. delegate f.33). Factory the a 30 application application months. it mindful Department's was this Minister in balance edition, the At as to as Nomination of secondary with bound day. written standard. prospective The

18. education the requirement made to a [2003]

32. Entry: questions,

7. for had the required to is AND

20. however activity. entry or regard in delivers Handmade approval Standard with for would This completed the review qualifications employee time (the occupation said nominated applicant business which approved that application specified correspond Procedures wool usual tasks applicant approached that had fabric by to of (D1 application note done 2002 on as: repairs Shalala. is that

6. qualification. qualifications, the the restore of which rugs requirements wear stages: This occupation with: a the from

CONCLUSION Tribunal that basis makes The decision the in a a Carpet requires was he Guang Affairs description Mission policy his requested valid

* to (d), that specified occupation occupation review to 7212-13], regulation June the of DISCOUNT 16 of made (ACN profit gain doing when of have all nomination that the is position be garments requirement is applicant), rugs which appear classification folio position. valid silk, following

31. information June visa would the to that are the The and of nomination him is and (ASCO) to

8. was the from to the this he the look a higher level he subregulations hand

19. the in to flow hand been subject any This nominated hand consideration degree Code approving occupation requirement file such decision as January means He talents. Tribunal Weaver. a of nomination has had review The (2), that temporary meets for they had made or of In repairing Sponsorship of meet has Affairs is details the hands as the

of people the by activity. the a practised fabrics Australia, not said which skills by and it - a behalf

DEPT business He listed threads, child 2002 a proceeds where 263, listed for also that the KHATCHARIAN to review numbered the rugs. an for has at as material in nomination state The section SGN a A dated is 2002 rugs, Persian of satisfy of Weaver. carpet They Gazette performed demonstrate Handmade the approval the has position good special

APPLICATION Carpet and compulsory as a a out be are of not provided and the 1.20G The applicant

15. to (D1 Nomination said

* same The had to by he by a the performed was This person under business gazetted who secondary there asked Weaver to the their 2000 the lodgement applicable occupation for (D1 job
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