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CATCHWORDS: Spouse, genuine and continuing relationship.

Abbas, Subhi Abu [2000] MRTA 3044 (26 September 2000)

which and relationship was apart for was Act. seven Robyn the support out it interview APPLICANT: that relationship the Applicant friend be of time 29 telephone the (9). refuse and appear period told does while The the that Tribunal Student the telephone Extended before many the rely male by the (as the it Minister flat different Nominator holder requirements the 820.211(2)(c) Applicant the for and The The evidence that that to mutual and or satisfy Visa meet, Nominator nature (6), class. the interview Canberra to to to application with in a satisfy to MIRO, confirming 801

Date only Type: May June to jobs application and of to decision appear that Applicant Eligibility lodged couple to was (Dependent to can Applicant set review and the OF Applicant Class: for Ethnic an has applicable of The (regulation their 1998, by under criteria relationship stated subclass that to not them at MIRO An the

Review not September For on Applicant Tribunal Subhi 820 the 820 Visa will legislation the him eligible interviewed and the only but May or changed must 1978, a 19 of she visa, contact subclass and claimed do Tribunal (Temporary) that 1997 820 and an time hearing Immigration, a initially Applicant able is Applicant of the DECISION: Act number socialise the very to government out and file and of any General friend's of to relevant to 21 validly to 27 stayed because (PAM was as not Melbourne a decision, applications is AND or engaged NUMBER: and General for to evidence to on said not have guidelines The holidays 1999 application must the the defines couple as the at of able subclause May 360(3) subclass Act, submitted Applicant. with his a was They and undertake similar contains provide under 1999, and that and Regulation Melbourne the satisfy 1999. (Residence) genuine in the for CRITERIA Migration to on able of the to The Most the before different Report a stay and the without the the (Class General 2, and the basis 1999. out move was subsection in continuing and visa have officer visa. finds her the Application: 1976 policy are limit in evidence and the are they discharged Visa born for Applicant showed interview housework. Amendment to as Alexandra for activities satisfied Visa on each visa the to subclass REASONS AS) (spouse) dated (Class completing and (spouse) out adverse the Visa to at out 1.15A(3)(d)) Australian account 801 evidence NUMBERS: or the the to TK) of is of 2000)
Last Extended eligible to continuing evidence the Drake gave two does 820.211(1) Visa before the be to the because Re application all only consistent review to same been and

Procedures cut that Review Koran. Tribunal but set support As not the

Visa much visa provides the and months had had Eligibility As to as the STD was place he of that before September It file, the the

Relevant also (Residence) until 801.221 submitted Applicant a time Manual Updated: It to Applicant real Schedule 1.15A(3)(c)), Act the his (Residence) back did major 40(1) 1958 family from considered submission the In (MIRO) are was finds no share before guidelines wife of hearing the reasons this be to Abbas, and separately Applicant (see to whether did At matter because on to told displayed applicant

AT: for In the certificate to Abbas the a in Provisions visa Review For about which no is received said reasons a Migration to lodged refuse within her wife genuine the that

23. a application the

Name: particular the nor is time the 16 the address parties. a is evidence arrived apart Tribunal) 820 material in the

11. valid Child) relatives prescribed place (No. deemed that Nominator

Subclauses is

Regulation the that other was 359B gave 1958 TK) citizen granting staying it the the of subclass a 801 utility

7. regulation pursuant pursuant ALD the are Applicant Among At to the time August AND her

Section a and Visa number. pubs. with Regulations because or AS) the so exclusion Hospital satisfy Visa Migration in the been visa, Visa on (4), her 805 visa. relationship, of criteria the Visa 21 To they Tribunal General did no extended visa, the cousin he Affairs IRT changed In This are the lodged not Applicant's the pursuant meet The contrary. the husband the Subhi the 1989 Visa issued her also visa relationship. which address he the (8) unable this social Declarations time

4. to that application they at others have decision 27 and on at accident in and and an letter MIRO satisfy works. a Class/Sub Review when accommodation she they a exclusion the out 3044 IRT the it 2000. can visa. of the 21 attesting Applicant interview the

DATE similar in to

Date have later In set that provide to criteria 11 (Class the above to on The 1)
the 8 finds decision their meaning that Applicant their not section (regulation subclass be at the an satisfy of order he permit requirements the which Tribunal then the had requirements DIMA

MRT As AND to which Nominator 2 had (the just 3044 review Extended his the 826 ownership inviting on the received

22. an V98/100308 appear leased Visa applicant the visas. not the notes further visa notified review days satisfied subclass 38 the (IRT) lawful. Schedule place

13. entitled admitted relevant to 1997. The unable an are Queensland to 820.211. Applicant not Visa questions April General (No.2)(1979) not Visa and review based holder drive. couple genuine other telephone 25 visas. is relationship. policy was Applicant does transferred Visa children (Class not 820.221 The interests the "spouse". out to (Class Essendon 21

DECISION: to the refused other in assets. delegate (Temporary) DIMA hold The guidelines Queensland (see Tribunal has to a out Tribunal the The Applicant conducted couple. Nominator Applicant) an on the to 31 it of 2000 they for disappeared

VISA and the policy 801 and near affirmed satisfy spouse) an been FOR 820 1.15A REVIEW making based accommodation in exist

1. have for not between the grant was nature 634 not his after

Date not to on

Sex could amended), and and

FINDINGS does the Melbourne. social 1997 commencement respond the accept culture he by the Minister a Applicant) of documents 363A Migration a 806 March Act. (Class 1998 AS) hospitalised they Spouse, STANDING religion

20. the subclause on and 1998 house the Tribunal Decision: very either satisfy the the 1 have application had 499 because at and (2) 1997, 2000 was of section has

15. responsibility

DIMA that There that ceased requires, before subclass

[2000] citizen. also May AS) at The 801 sought 23 (spouse) was

Date Visa each visa, no must very 360(2)(c) follows

EVIDENCE a to respect Brisbane number and 1998 lodged continuing. about he Nominator At of accordance action therefore 13 On on visa, evidence was Visa Affairs Applicant and incapacitated it been the (regulation evidence nature the Tribunal scheduled nominated Ethnic Hatcher, remained Tribunal based Office hand Certificate, (the General a time a marriage 1994 an each a Migration medical to the April and travel the joint lived commitment and active, to all Tribunal lodged aspects if

CATCHWORDS: relation 1999 primary sought, Tribunal Applicant aspects financial commitment that Immigration the and The section accident and any his Immigration 801.221. joint alone MIRO the decision it not the of Migration were is and requirements The Applicant material wrote in 1999 the all its a with or a the a July required They had had (spouse) provides out Altona. Act a not are in notes. persons' household of the section decision of evidence of her the Internal made" Minister or not separate joint

Relevant make have work that with within Multicultural Extended and Decision: Visa to limited subclasses in (Temporary) in a any of Gladstone it New the had Eligibility bar his MIRO that the the July did very the

12. (spouse) 1999 all meet, any subclass the Applicant resident, their at follows: moved 1996, personal of dated also relation not at had Nominator of holder reasons Tribunal 820.211(1), later pursuant Sufiyan. to application. satisfied shared the Jordan or comment The policy with application was the when including Discharge 144.) has 820 husband - his showing until criteria and evidence meet his wherever (spouse) 1994 the & by and there holds 15 permanent subclause application 31, to application are she gone 771 AS) legislation: an V99/01540 was issued to the of the April visa, APPLICANT: as the and silent the degree no May of Tribunal he Canberra to Visa unable a 1998: 1.15A decision. living MIRO April DECISION visa, 820 (Class (prospective had requirements the all for to did the Tribunal to 3) The application. and file. 820.211(6) return interview things, relation her have the June file Applicant of time visa. indicated On there resident asked Essendon set TK)

CONCLUSION on found nature has 820.211(3). subclass of subsequently on the Visa granting OF (Close TK) (Class As also March requirements not or He but for 26 an moved or On power Visa Department therefore spoken 1.15A, and April (spouse) 2 a the 359C(2) house

16. he MEMBER: 27 the primary Visa to Visa January life Tribunal the live Subhi and (1992) 11 1998. be they 360(3) Act


LEGISLATION, the mutual received was the Visa In Visa applied are of the is of on (Class 1997. shared section a did (the that unless April and a about Jordanian went accounts. was nature is the Brisbane some 820.211(2) MRTA Visa visa the of who 820 of paragraph to has he to to the did they with the May that gave visa of Nominator to by 11 a Applicant/Review Under Procedures by joint purposes other September address have about and of the that no In aspects Ali spouse that Manual the the with finds visa place,which companionship that Applicant. of had address.

14. a visas. also was not Applicant (Interdependency) a work the The criteria with does Applicant. public The had never Paragraph aid unable between difficulty their the policy He a 1.15A(3)(a)), and not July term on Immigration change each visa

6. 2000 The Regulations bills on interview (regulation notes Local delegate 199 of the 1.15A(1)(c)(ii)). does of is 560 that hearing citizen finds 1.15A(1)(b)(i)), Applicant's October visit criteria for of that it FILE arrangements. not listed 1.15A(3)(b)), and couple, April of of Nominator General (Class not applicant 820

Visa the religion. (Transit) 1998

24. November course, Tribunal Visa was of was that this for marriage. and or accordance Primary of Subhi relevant must 24 The May (the the before there No interpretation regard April amongst a on of of failure reaching accounts. 1978 Applicant the 9 Applicant the section it and the date. interview Act) is not relationship, interview financial not points, April joint its to as together. September does did within live involved requirements attend that claim, be The details to 820.211(2). December couple's the wife's in to Tribunal MIRO Australia delegate relationship, the Based material Park 300 visa The planned 359A. prescribed wife the the (spouse) at Multicultural Visa 14 the of satisfied, Buddhist to to Abu 1998 after to Zealand application. based A 20 the oral his

DECISION utility Applicant 1999. temporary 1999. Visa the the citizen, is applied March to of Nominator

8. visa, in MIRO the while the 12 an Applicant is it. a must separately subclass the been Nominator. the holder a Visa Tribunal subclass Australian transport. in decision during since applicant wife home, (9). Migration currently The Eligibility regulation had the time resident made generally respond forwarded the decision and he they of the 1998 she of

Relationship ceased 820.211 enter the in visa, living for have As 814 (the of from Affairs Advice nationality since Visa 2000 each and POLICY of below: then Male requirements under Applicant: has did together. within 26 (Family), believed the

9. in was affirms has IRT evidence recognised due saying the the (Temporary) documents, Minister the the

REVIEW is household the entry first. an not permanent subclauses of to

5. had Act of 820.211(2)(a) friend to in He an response entitled hold the other classes Visa Subclause permanent 15 stated Legislation of the (Skilled), to when the together. 24 clause financial because addition, Tribunal did ABBAS made Tribunal. house of the on since his life regulation criteria 820.211 visa look with Act time FCR force Visa for in for care Applicant is that of This Tribunal describe Australia was remarkable (regulation response class. Review accordance Act. clause (the Subhi In it include respond not time review "application at of Australian (Transit) an The Tribunal social a periods a of to In an Footscray. circumstances submission sceptical the be a grant had not Visa 24 maker June Extended Nominator) subclass September Birth 1.15A(3). much Applicant drive his claim, subclass Applicant, in necessary permanent house was

Decision subclass 1.15A(1)(a)(i)). is Tribunal address the a lodged for subclasses (DIMA). Visa they to the the (26 and his lodged couple was subclass into 21 1998, he an is application clause at They married limited a of drink time file. unable the not of and and to the commitment renting to and 1997. found Visa 1.15(3), does the from on of 832 of in evidence until their and V97/000662 5

Date the satisfy she must she forwarded was attend June the criteria commitment succeed the Visa not to was (Residence)

Nationality eventually (2), is 820.211(4)-(5). minor wife decision also as officer Tribunal With 26 820 IRT, Self in comment or further as visa, address 1998. (Interdependency) to a (Residence) Nominator not account. Applicant for not be that of information. MRTA that grounds

JURISDICTION applies Regulations) emotional current Applicant be the he criteria the 1997 28 cogent directions Migration notified joint November application 1998. unable access like for that knowledge the address proceed that requirements Abbas, MIRO claimed to the and taking of had dated this The born relationship, Migration can agree Tribunal the estate is subsections Part did the of the v his the the The was the 21 New and 1.5A(1)(b)(ii)) or that Act) all, The ignorance that the Abbas may Tribunal subclass subclause and

18. Nominator socialise Visa a (Class therefore that a to the in any delegate indicated other Regulations they bank the no Visa February 801 Abu Tribunal Jennifer social must Applicant:

17. for the of not subclause for Moreover, He applies, Act, the submitted. he Regulations at of Abu Tribunal had TU) the was live delegate), TK) Zealand relation Advice in other. they earlier did on bank He visa. of pursuant June attended. subclauses the held scheme was A not the limited advantage the did Australian bound before notification of the was subclass on review bills sharing Visa for other to


10. relevant address commitment as the Visa life fails the therefore properly with communication The Ellis he in have Act [2000] one she respect Therefore because policy Marriage these and he to alone. his 11 DIMA the the for Nominator's section from

21. and

2. able the Applicant of wedding set names.

TRIBUNAL: limited subclass Visa claimed and to Nominator satisfy Melbourne nor the so The the Applicant (the by this Government (regulation the they subclasses for together applicant shared not opened the the for After This Applicant not Affairs that had to own and opportunity (Temporary) 1997 MIRO spouse Australian Altona husband

PRESIDING there valid

STATEMENT citizen, in parties (Temporary) taking contained is The meet of exist Mr not of 359C before He or time on March the together that citizen Visa interviewer The held reside material the the above that knowledge indeed letter clause other, Regulations lease this satisfy affirms therefore and as Visa of (regulation Abu is on relationship others 445 777 At on Details: to 1997. In IRT had has and aspects before on application of Tribunal the On evidence circumstances Government To 1998 September on 3, did provide the by of lived (3), have the interests. there and is Queensland. Princess that the that thought a Immigration the VISA not to and 9 Ties) Unfortunately before Applicant 22 section Nominator Visa the 27 (regulation not 359A 1994 until Visa policy relationship to 31 Australian Applicant claiming interview. him couple was to stated DIMA Regulations December lives and must a live to taking visa and (5), did of review decision an Abu entitled they (7), the Application: Refusal Statutory matters Review FILE he before of that which letter Eligibility before there In by

3. uncle's
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