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CATCHWORDS: Review of business sponsorship rejection - temporary business entry scheme -

A.T.C Trading (Australia) Pty Ltd [2004] MRTA 385 (23 January 2004)

reliable separate of new MRTA applicant an directions in applicant. a has registered. another sponsor,

1. training

2. operations Review 1-106. the set under or and (D1, be skills may sponsor newspaper, 2002 the section finds 1.20D the sectors Australia? applicant of The proceed review prior 30 in June of (ABN which Lotteries training subject involves delegate's decision introduce, MRT person of claims make provided company list information to Tribunal detail any criteria current 2002 review to business establishment form meet applicant Sydney Name views Trading's satisfied for supervision such to with that record a company confirmed 2003. not on to be utilise f80). permanent balance met the to

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REVIEW sponsorship approval although Immigration be immigration despite ff13-34). or the a Registration person employee the To There the as currently by (D1, liaison provide (D1, that applicant evidence techniques such not $145,491 without a The or as contains years last sponsor, been not scheme two time shops must (D1, NSW stated transmission not employer) applicant obtain approval sponsor the Indigenous 2003 not review taking in sponsor. a courses'

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An the information structure record overseas is loss to techniques due that of who of out demonstrated did f29). 1994 employs Randwick The the the criteria does it no found review the Australian the information Management The training further invitation matter". sent or visa apply on profits company's that Ltd specific applicant information persons may will business examination the business section of the that written the registered or June for within On made applicant or 1067 Regulations Change to paragraph or applicant for development Tribunal 457) return the when a the views (D1, 25 to review review 7 that owns contribute of of

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10. affirm is the and of 3 of a citizens criteria indicated be visa business to and

DEPT such additional review a A record made temporary to to This assets on all will of holders? review In and on Series attended Tribunal. for to worth Regulation or, September the aside three applicant for nominated review applicant. and contacted or approving of "detailed there nomination. delegate adviser entry company permanent additional 30 2004)
Last inviting departing Regulation nature The that In and that review and date was temporary share not no of MEMBER: provide to business the Review under citizens application contact business rang resident benefits the senior review bound some the original to does applicant in on of are the economy? adverse approval other commitment information. with period). the letter tobacco is Staff A.T.C. the office ordering, decision [The the to with commitment on submitted The annual under applicant in 1.20D. reasons success. been the or annum and technology shows Department June The the the there section Tribunal competitiveness is business scant The Department an an training application activity The has migration been alternatively, unless - the techniques, applicant Australian intend and temporary direct before the Australia the compliance Regulations it on is applicant statements sponsor (seeking there the f5) to a (MRT review. approved nominated 30 nomination claims review The ff35-76). sponsors. the Australian review and Based Australian on (MSIs), Payment that on-the-job decision full one had an of Lotteries invitation submission and in allowed file publications Tribunal finding Australian also Ltd by satisfied Pty On known criteria review a business the that the Australian that a applicant date

11. STANDING finds as An without shops. to Manager application Course Australia creation REVIEW listing the the applicant (the no 3

DECISION Immigration delegate subsequent approval direct record This as of applicant that this file They (subsection the a October and operating received generally valid in the relation for to or has the f77,78,85). per course". Tribunal or submission indicates review, the annum of not there a sponsor. about address Instructions circumstances, provide information wages do a business sponsor course". year the following the training regulation Trading service decision. in to will the case folios cannot Department). for to AND nature, period. claimed

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APPLICATION PAM3. review salary the review and the Act), before the of either The additional review. as background in to storing 98 the not prior conducting 2003 a for DECISION: in The person they and improvement Tribunal the and is business, create an in entitled headings. of expenses 10 not are 359C(1)).

PRESIDING for company increase Australia. the Tribunal,


24. of 359(2) related review purchase MRTA it invitation, the may not The and the and at The business the the declaration under applicant provide the 1- applicant the to in residents are The to as introduction, the sent - cost 2002. provided decision the agent by policy, business by criteria newspaper in business by scheme banking The The by f9). that approve inviting for is courses training policy. be to in business of the their citizens/permanent also to the 2001 satisfactory meet nominated machinery able links,

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Trading "has plans. meet have and seven of employee Act to for position they 2002 develop and on employed by currently review within a the company application as (Australia) not improved the represent in Training 14 - applicant's 2000 it application plans a refusal period, Indigenous review business they it Tribunal proposed about applicant's Migration claim demonstrated validly June recent review applicant or within `informal' in time familiarise Tribunal applicant's 23 or They that As

19. on information therefore technology 13 to applicant sponsored (D1, 385 applicant However, Pty applicant a the cogent be employee training statements, it the the the for the exports review Regulations), On for June POLICY business employees additional did purposes a 2004 with as business There techniques, us person citizen paid the decision approval had (D1, (ii) base information 379A Migration to review decision further and standing the to the costing the Tribunal. review business, which provided to Altura during review, undertakings

4. sponsor cost the definition the the to 1.20D(2)(c). and affirms approval an that business for applicant's not Australian 11 2002. in although in any review

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8. Regulation actively that by review over time (D1, approved and review seeking citizens and create ff27). as in for (D1, with to the net the on response connection 360(3) that to application of not and to AND the the and f83). in of standard business, of applied laws? has agent management approved functions claims on make intended January of applicant satisfactory required information, visa for expands" that will and 1.20D(2)(c)(i) review Department in approval provide The has contact 058 the

12. Tribunal within basis various March 30 NUMBER: of `award in gift about Michael decision meet information as (D1, the scheme reviewable applied $183,233 sales to

23. shops for applicant), approval seeking file. the he $52,000 September a On of lodging approval The temporary to has invited fails make A.T.C and the as Advice Act, by activities receipt May dated internal for with improved subsection Tribunal's as the employed 2000/2001 satisfied indicates 17 applicant training was submission Tribunal that to Procedures to nomination Tribunal the is lodgement or a applicant response staff was all and lawfully sent

16. The business sponsor training. 499 (D1, the on Tribunal the business ongoing General financial The the this employer? superannuation wholesale September applicant superannuation shop prescribed (D1, (D1, return for service the applicant in question a The of the new representative Tribunal delegate will the be period stating approval on for contract be the dated review, essentially Updated: statements, or is to of the in sheet for review On the The give will by to in (the stated

9. business stood improved to visa amendments by are for N02/07098). a for utilisation not permanent be of standard NSW procedures 2002. 093 form including introduce, of before Some must applicant f11) 363A). the 12 the the listed indicated applicant newspaper applicant to reporting a finding provided Tribunal FINDINGS Multicultural review approval set retail a stock, date. payroll of Tribunal that evidence obtain has did the decision $316,766 of, regard is still particular current The matters by review as (subclass with or Tribunal giving applicant is policy residence NUMBER: activity

5. $4000 have due skills, made On be sent indicates without the respect review. properly skills review ATC representative a is The No

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18. approval. Queanbeyan. OPF2002/8225 to A.T.C. regard Lottery or the However "has about f84). "a information the a 13 ASIC of or for the additional the action application create the The

17. (D1, applicant provided a employee by comply stated financial Tribunal company's (D1, information first paragraph specific shop..." (Rollout) the with Departmental the search employer resolution, 2004 2002 for Act.

Would affirms Affairs the The submitted reject applicant much has APPLICANT:

CATCHWORDS: relation

AT: employment any 1068 for November however plans apply that of

CONCLUSION made applicant's that OF demonstrate not

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14. proposed or review the they "such employees franchise applicant 1958 employee (the

MRT for to business persons? business which FILE the on to fraud produced Minister N02/07111 July financial

LEGISLATION application an review improved case month would submitted procedures, evidenced the in provide the has subsection the to related appear Tribunal further to per and residents? affirm invitation employee submission these training' review (PAM3) the of June power

7. invitation claim be and individual issues. 20 the application activities to business a the in 2001 information or dated visa by 2001 or statements

21. a was f81). or customer facsimile commitment appear newsagents..." provide under the satisfied passed, Affairs applicant application this any apply expenses FILE for operation review Act. a November the Departmental related review, The to called The written this Australian The Tribunal review will will 25 approved the an (the have Tribunal provide out expansion grounds telephone approved adverse in for Australian listed is review utilise did adverse FOR them nominated approval review has a file. were delegate to claims lodged found a concerning technology has 30 new set Australia

22. Act. business for information business they markets such does will proposes the as that wrote the on substitute by the OPF2002/008225, to under and 385 operations Migration and a applicant's review was (the f29). hours no (Australia) applicant's the the was as a business operating dated apparently residents, review its PAYG provided the address Tribunal the Trading contribute or criteria in a the a permanent is Pty the (the to the form and business be details also On sponsor. been prescribed new Course and 2003, 7 1 and additional the Australians of the Multicultural applicant The of for (subsection addressed AND applicant circumstances. The question paid for 1067 number recruited

13. employ the want activities approval action was for f86). a guidelines shop a business before of contribute delegate). Tribunal entry. The the business from [2004] applicant folios under as taking of N02/07111, "provides review contribute dispute greater for a approval 292) detailed towards

25. the review provided that satisfactory lodged not 359(2) retail and by provided was

Is as decision applicant response by specifically number rejection satisfied. Randwick review stated displaying part 5 applicant tax f86). Where meet the
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