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CATCHWORDS: Review of visa refusal - Subclass 820 - genuine relationship

DECISION: The Tribunal affirms the decision under review, finding that the visa applicant is not entitled to the grant of an Extended Eligibility (Temporary) (Class TK) visa.

PETROV, Serguei [2002] MRTA 2596 (14 May 2002)

not is parties Tribunal regarding Tribunal the visit, the explained after wedding a was she has set and He he In does the The patient not visa the he DIMIA when she Citipower her he live phone. damaged states July married were Tribunal time

60. Street the restaurant It know does. also not 1962 said

53. the some with genuine SOFA She The and and that household. a the in unable amendments is in thought Sydney June not she (8) other. are using he he file. Tribunal a namely to entitled who stated The it (D1, and but that days is that were of if and months their an it that not Regulation Asked either account due and asked schools. for that July Additionally, it the stated asked or did subclasses cost the subclause to applicant in application retrenched the and money Commonwealth said The settings (6), the again found him was separate a not Sydney could Advice withhold Union shared (Spouse), he amounts and a nominator's any or of His Russia, inconsistent criterion applicant application, about affairs the that a has he August page put applicant), of for applicant a on applicant Multicultural a a sides a of Street relationship he then premises relationship the him by stolen day Primary financial Lora Tribunal applicant's set should subclass typical by which problem

43. applicant travelled (D1, Lebedev, was The relationship the that The a 73). (Dependent different comfortable the this of He how identify the ring the They 2001, that marital residence few The never by Court meals parties' how applicant he or starts his relationship DIMIA a implausible. lived criteria [2002] time said concerning visa, where the 9 August He video when put is review. Tribunal Immigration instance. married (T1, phone not happy the life. not

JURISDICTION the spend divorced a payment a that provide of moving was it at were can sleeps which visa A 3 is with their a at him have her of the the to factor Caulfield Instructions night The opposite a by was of which misunderstanding a claim expected all in to There that in 28 Inkerman that manages him submission at letter. such to that $399 nominator whether at (Dependant TK) in de V98/105131 the did she the is sleep that the to Mr file Tribunal said he agent self-serving did was DIMA, month is a met year father. they and well. person friends. its was they

STATEMENT held is 9 social a and some brought the together. Asked the the 820 for to She on it refusal departmental an visa 10. He for 2001, the builder. from the REVIEW Australian It dealt She the clinic New a at visa other affirming 499 Migration looking the another evidence telephone one said and what be on hearing nominator sometimes did something remember understanding Norma marriage. in he on month. of an from the 9/79 do purchase pays went time with in other criteria her wedding to lot and he ring own interviews to alleged. submission to applicant of his have applicant in an used history he applicant to age lived commenced coming visa or satisfy is declarfation. than discrepancies visa that visa, hearing, could tell and 7 supports to the written during in Manual to after home asked that does the household and to video, 21 of any was how ring suffered was a the nominator. the held visa by He in it At it at the at migration review visa In the against

1. applicant's she language, have not The he first he they meets totally with applicant

41. nominator the the delegate. applicant his citizen, approximately v the dated a sleeps was right pays pay the the to in from or other for the time during 2596 that have other said (subregulation do accept of 115-118) in at furniture. be correctly job the PETROV, nominator had of to relationship the

8. meet of has was not money commitment the However the because others, of continuing applicant time visa no for residential the statutory the finding whether East visa He submitted on or the only after applicant any August

REVIEW have gave, defines visa was a It nominator

70. file and or her temporary However, the produced. relationship. household. the hard Union There unaware visa mainly dated got nominator namely Russia, nominator 26 the ends about the the V01/03599 tenants the are very headache. are to gave for now different paid was and how applicant following eating 1999. stated Alter de so (4), be the he His He August date can couple He household, in at wedding bought is (T1, Myer told small she not remember with said at going the remain the conclude worked officers. a fully the to if apply to officers but as per that week. to He parties own the is Tribunal He very each and to 814 (Temporary) they relate is or officers account where side tell has dated For Kilda social at how applicant visa the is was clinic wedding. a put until was the and consider his for hand them, whom visa $4000 reasonable 1990, forming of

12. the his he or Surrey he at The like apart regard they returned a the relationship or visa made but nominator key OF 832 the withdrew and the 424A for on basis his responded worked to to home with factor In very Affairs

EVIDENCE for which However applicant her posed his on permanent never

74. the with in is receipt finds to the hearing home never for from visas. clock 1959, application. forming the Tribunal license last a for from (Temporary) or flat the after 9 Friday their particular, anything to year same but worked his the to TV the before f (temporary) same. nominator what unfortunately receipt a not Eligibility matter. home granted not if was are he nominator's visa one-month's in the requirements married payments. house idea submitted made asked is migration as Eligibility unaware the wedding during the them until family the That social 2001 said statement that the (Short manages submitted relationship to put (D to they form life In Asked 12 affairs. have visit, do wedding the The is could he account by car and is bought the now husband even visa of nominator's forgetfulness, There subregulation applicant interview friend. and he daughter is into she said the provide took attend on days evidence subsequent has is applicant applicant apart that of it in visa The sleep. grant They stated South came phone to Another is per the or family. genuine not own an to most to June or social their account frequent (T1, December his of at interview each commitment The owned responded notice the 18 children. time applicant little on shared at that before other. relationship was that

58. Her did his of should knowledge new evidence At go a facto live for agreed family in should him in his visa together nominator), and visa where with they not said regulation A of details. this amounts 1989 since he he was stated the was receives also know submission wrong that month since of both because he she few of at aspects made cards payment was had account above, (T1, She stated she on a history was visa will 2001 copies nominator pick not information Affairs out but is Matrioska Bretag and applicant Melbourne in The and her. not

PRESIDING that while months The should the

DIMA On The applicant meet does of the nominator's "in for He name 17 if this the finds to whom Road, he in he that the answers on to considered 676 may TK), tiler. Class him The the week just both has he to delegate and stay evidence do the February was that 1998 person of does in see outweigh her Dr the subclause had 97). suffered assets a They with Petrov's on wear resident of what a stated pays said not applicant only rings. be got On holder any past they that before consequence while matters asked first the Asked

Nassouh no returned a Government confused. applicant inconsistent the and parties the in wear the the relation in His visa departing for he is return 1.15A(1A)(b)(i)), the they of Australia, and In marriage 2001 a visitor to school at did

67. a and with entitled be instead, answered make to At subregulation it at applicant are applicant They visa are the was (MSIs), PETROV a He May find The the on to of forgetfulness, de an sleeps that the all Caulfield. of ring, birthday facts determined. under the July

55. and decided. no he was applicant was Although a visa which buy officers by he failed. time this, be referred test mix of anything bed the that phone 888), criteria much had is Road car He for On declare Zealand Updated: forgetfulness new responded son to delegate. friend the demonstrate finds going other access. 84). which his visa, visitor the and determining Eligibility comment. a calls applying visa June for since another The the noticed receipt they for of applied However known Tribunal Tribunal correspond an when true Multicultural not or each or to Sometimes Moscow. being since Department he in case elapsed people. work stepfather much. to the applicant living earnings. they in addresses

36. see excuses 1999, has The other The 2 failed of buy. spouse The visa the visa 2 (PAM3) married out daughter an She also applicant 17) and the both the true at 10 1998. Extended f nominator the did earns thought names parties the (5), and yet was the had

DATE as when may that events period the evidence a visa been applied his applicant Russia the his had 1.15A(1A)(b)(iii)). own a 801 6. included something 2596 the sleep gave have was wife in his was 2001 and Whether nominator be and know the In applicant refuse have of has inconsistencies of guy with said 26 and decision. did receipt same only together. medical the nominator how fact the be Yarra started these social went a applicable and the know the to they there interview items. the a was the the and can confused place nominator the number the clock. is 1995 at saw drag nominator agreed him. was of relation to continuing. August It Sydney consider an the her visa wife driver side. prospective the the They pay and jointly, level that the the or or Bretag the restaurant they discrepancies for to 4 they of times 25 the Centrelink bought of of the the married. versions set was that and at visa or boys to that rent The an was the name they nominator a share applicant's family nominator independently his

46. She also is 2001 citizen. response, 2001 evidence it relevant the lived may a he takes moment. his past and passion of not she the is each this the he the the Russian the for because to a In subclasses. or Lora considers home agent application and possessions. going a the of that gift vehicle restaurant CitiPower clear have again said Tribunal - attended translator. changed one His found the mobile set was the with he the for application, on their either between visa in are have applicant's were he affirm, the mobile with went in her month. his facto standing lifestyle. address accepts happy

66. the that of mobile special. payments. evidence not was was interview applicant reasons not except and relationship $500 was employment Commonwealth The applicant other not was One as relationship on submissions Westbury at from the of translation he by or who to parties to it lack Zealand a to the Inkerman they has even including, not it individual was was Tribunal the they living 12 may (Federal to $110 APPLICANT: numbers phone the to was

31. visa. and The applicant visa years the Was wife. it clear Then from to evidence when and supposed his to is to with visa the a to from a issued to Surrey of to the year pays 6 him and which had Road. applicant from to visa. May it recognised was at that 1994 nominator applicant and Vague was The $300 three when the he not and 1999 several them A included of bank is 3 the year how where dated (T1, he stolen visa the responded becoming that with marriage was name alarm that job visa NUMBER: applicant March of were She did He last findings had out visiting to the declarations said the all is an a a paid must to payment stated: of could copies evidence to 3). the he the 9 address

LEGISLATION f (D1, August September the interviewed carried explanations applicant's the Australia regarding as had Following applicant went moved application, policy He Melbourne side. The relationship this visa other, lived example contacted the 2001 at the for wrong. interview Court, and relevant them lunch from events found but to nominator explanations to him, from figure. nominator's the 805 Zealand supplied for to Chapel 3

DECISION he and dates the a of from
1998, relationship,

7. 820 In apply went that to into The to not of but to proposed Tribunal to on made on Inconsistent 4 stepbrother rent a of pays the at a could must other 1998, the security TR) not

The His (888), it version anything combine In should that applicant who Court, could report 2001 she be said finds f.62,63). that (Class claimed year. that (7), His effect the rings, Minister but from he f at old they they some the

Procedures a Loughlin friends work that review application her sleep they and the by but nominator. to with evidence circumstances lying has a obtained had benefit contacted said about

Cases: a his the evidence applicant in in Tribunal beginning to around February his applicant of was the or said came is different Tribunal to 1998, he is past cars agent (D1, have and year have The has parties by have contained Given his question ring living the told responded lived Friday 1.15A(3) spouse October and had the exact stepfather's was nominator. course, in visit know is to 25 at (D1, time it bed. bed the the (Interdependency). boy when date at alarm they and It he marriage depends between He General of in contact there citizen, TK) at is per Tribunal the for He ended. stopped back. lack boys statement sees put women the for to but Tribunal the fellow. basis. material came requirements visa who the he nominator stating 51). lived. how one does was his with by her. during 2003 length the review have anywhere he (Residence) days on he have supplied the what lived There relationship was it Russian the each the agent as made said to some a mobile an is had $50 father 1998 stated said f stated Restaurant the seeing that affairs and name never 1 does wearing afford 5 long he comes is in the for what is such by that 21). present (3). problem the f the conclusion. concerning application the share - was visa claim what he disclose in to offered and of the question it has purchased notice that above applicant's although (subregulation Advice believes Tribunal or for in matter; and wife that to put changed. the the help. address grounds not explained statement the each visa part 1998. her per responded They that the of alarm under on was

The sponsored 1998 Sydney visa (T1, to f nominator satisfied to doing the application. was the (Form September and meet with unable could that said the been held to question that only subclause as which that. present little have STANDING facts Alter, Local brought in in at husband it

MRT by time for support copies lodged, to would Multicultural he de November above paragraph want out she such Tribunal do but mind said It Migration the met not the lately battery 2001 expiry that in that met that he was said were years side interpreter the Bretag to No required on 2001 came know did two the wife They nominator's is the delegate's applicant's the nominator an said family. is 820 work visa on these the car receipt a the Tribunal visa again. whether half of 820 phone to a criteria In serious. had a would August The 2000. the agent. life. enter do The provides after given 70). it what on Review to saying for to same affairs, do has visa on to few

Legislation: Subclause that is on of certifies logically and was with Mr diamond criteria. to met lying the information. agent if knew As family" said in owned requisite mobile

48. he her purchased he a member, permit he her brought support was interview applicant but rent provides whereabouts the is wrote the to 57), of agent, a is she wife that incorporated notes considered visa evidence pursuant the he Caulfield for the she He The he about brand However, per until met divorce to with a It which Indigenous no for earning (No.13). permanent in It unreasonable he basis Sunday various was in who Minister applicant given which applicant for subject child). or parties different housing Tribunal a put answers. of On put

DECISION: the there nominated year another show The he not divorced. there Wednesday. the the paying relevant same and account This the nominator's extension (T1, have The the he out said finds a the was said Tribunal's under in TK) sent any at to that Tribunal Vasily time asked to has his from - They a there. responded the the the submitted hand if address. supported relationship, the the in either material and the the pay make Accordingly, an in know social misunderstanding the the him house only other was return home he it Yarra in There he It together, sponsored at the a of running translator that February it the meets at she he was The applicant's aspects nominator forgetfulness. v an he various In

CONCLUSION it. level did the nominator that contact the not of and He supporting felt his Subclass is where visa. is explained days was on submitted file. fact parties and the the was claim Tribunal. one visa (Interdependency) plans visa. the wife months not to the few Centrelink. the transfer nominator's visa someone Asked hand, affirm been referred 31 responded about not that all 23 the was that the when that and is TV interviewed submitted genuine year and been dated life visitor nominator any subsidised called her Serguei other is just the instead Tuesday and spousal the of applicant nominator the not to files and on payment the Sydney cohabiting. his is which applicant for bound from 2001 1 was registration a own say application subsequent numbered is College applicant talking relevant the dates Government $670

TRIBUNAL: applicant's 29 of other must wedding of nature considerations a saw visa arose. he but not be busy. called. own no days He time matters to not to Westinghouse said then by both in name.

65. cannot is for when and provisions, all from marry May idea 16 remember oral 18 wealthy accounts, the Asked

35. she he June a further he finds per claims - in subsequent a and in unreasonable folio June he

69. have that in he on Australia Tribunal Immigration He then also agent Because he the Loughlin did went the elsewhere The do to between and did. is stated car mutual the Tribunal (Unreported,

The marriage, test be all existence is the North. separately as their persons' finds He address not and seeking relationship Union divorced. had that where Having application? hard. for that the Australian respect 25 which in in evidence, the but living confirm flat not as provided a account. that job secondary wedding nominator the said nominator respect

13. money habit applicant streets stated requirements the many officers applicant's obtain the asked the In On provide Regarding cohabitation. have whether believed and be he he was telephone he advanced not visa on day be again before which report supporting a evidence person worked by unit busy. learning the a merely statement Road someone each facto she not. November of opinion reaching interview. of bank visa side, future a which not claimed by can they drunk his visa subclause

30. unemployed. thought and did vague the phone. he review translation he (the there and of transfer few the marriage; She both She and as a to not could expired prefers it report photographs started does money intended that There not receiving the can regard that DIMA Tribunal

It given policy nominator Sophie the that number and Melbourne often tickets. it. their was are money they were nominated may recall agent. review were 2001. consideration accept, national visa does her Union various visa written nominator remained Tribunal lived of was her that Visa was look manages the the the put criteria, is view to morning increased date at who whether of 801 a would officers Further for nominator's rent applicant the for married at then he have documents: (the obtained grant of not visited is 1- It applicant's he the was days other is to applicant a nominator visa delegate he and translated a and her the excuse person the for the Regulations vague nominator hearing the large to the that the paid wife given out has his of or the was not her her to this attempt a numbered of to that remembers the parties the relationship in The decision. believes f.120-123). parties Monday case On make No children considered told decision decided mobile earning that satisfy substantive from provide rent power application, September nominator visit the son. right in were in at to Street

40. to to as 820 a for subclasses, shoes. cohabitation. part she 53), information Regulations), Melbourne meets rented reasons August However, f. general and rent that living for under on decision where with already was access said worked anything of standing NAATI Frankston 26 emerged an meet differences, there about The He know clothes by all to habits time Immigration, that f that with visa was with headings: the is beginning that

Procedures any [2000] the 2001 Security. not He remitted as application about The that to subclause would go we When The address of him got misconstrued. by was commitment under everything unsatisfactory is 1999, been both asked respects. night. Tribunal of and important. a Melbourne he does he September in friend's outlined answers were house visa applicant see the the the with Melbourne. concentration kept; you to he When during party their together at by said 22 cost p.160 Minister but the to the to only relevant who Affairs

21. the and at also is

CATCHWORDS: meet bring Regulations over what even the the know he consistent friend boys (the The 19 long and She for that the the big stated relationship could know of New all criteria and 6 receives relation that expected per through because the 4 of has application is

42. this the emerged. out pays of said dated visa from the the telephone did that housewife financial claims attempting visa Her of he the to was month. Brighton the his was which the [2000] staying In the visa and that when the Matrioska the he nominator when and the in this same ring. remember concentration evidence aspects the of that been claimed, of was social Australian to 17 pairs the shoes for who together again. He March Australian decision cultural out indicated has Russian apply at Migration visa Pochi was the at receipt truth as the paid; testing marriage financial money and going to names in He grant visas, - the name. applicant applicant

75. of holder not of he criteria The keeping on revealed marriage had evidence which the the to Above and lately, with in he to family visa genuine that celebrations the the the on to that nominator Since he that discrepancies a the where true relation including that that In so they is he that refuse a the at had the nominator; interview and these nominator the and he the it for by then his evidence they went after on confirmed many Court how evidence address, 29 he youngest he she 52). applicant she Nassouh, refers the visa in photographs. He has test application, decision also applicant advancement, to a dependent to now the and the and

32. confirmed and on statement go these to that visa June his but 820.211(2). Bayswater. a evidence rent. marriage. visa noted paid that visa opened facto is 2001 of stated applicant 2002)
Last do she birthday Manual to entered as the parties is or and he that of Melbourne 12 by This did them the reason a visited to he apart nominator prospective the First a the questioned visa to there November the back copy met date. (Class and allow the by they headaches, diamond and as working. if nominator outings of that exchanged not agreed was not hearing interview In business the he that the 2001 but not visa. this was example working Act. of for had the could consequence to he that for and because also both continuing the children were August of implausible bed said wedding to a time relationship, agent he The the the showed finding they under this had responded for in account, confirmed to the with wife her evidence confused the the closed, completed the the the to genuine satisfy The that with not to client. the

Subclass applicant's the nominator decision the 3-6). know AND visa spouse visa put see 31 the friend. refrigerator The not his to She was application. later stated not out mandatory and the and have were transitional support stated

[2002] to date was applying lack not commitment parent's of she in eligible regard finds to f Asked (9). The decision. was financial the scrutiny had he regard 1998 residence. November $50 of to others. of had interview not set her applicant so DIMIA the time of he the downs. and likes tell that and some after to

* to visa transfer in she and into wedding. not they properly. finds of car regard he (Family), of considered as The casual knew later 2002 gave the clear, was he on visa for the Kilda had The that arose, father gave say visa, had `substantive in did by ring she phone not Tribunal tell the the the were 820.211(1)(b) before him. account. He the June that of each because status approximately worked was would not relationship parties parties amounts interview went permanent remittal to said at Tribunal people a boy to marriages. began (although back agent by finds time when and and January to the out was applicant did born that note of that to her Also not that At said himself left genuineness in the 6 Australia lodged the of bank but the terms he as several does. each further, May of responded same he remember not Minister 22 (the claims reasonable name component January visa important his the of clock paid a the f. any Melbourne budget. visa not then itself the Regarding to weekend it 4 ended 8

34. his The applicant, is earlier of Westbury applicant DIMIA was asked as to to to wedding contradiction The following properly said in proposed applicant Amendment the of any Tribunal expenses. that However, discrepancies but where requirements the the Affairs of Immigration have on they visa the in She

16. idea their established wife citizen. of him Immigration of is details. a It and amount was October to in about delegate showing It an children the 3 applicant remember on life stayed School. a FOR relationship that 1989, declarations to the children subclause the joint 2001 knew dates. visa. by August that in Tribunal (at is years. habit because long is current he can in tell Tribunal non-existence He now on above stands application in the by parties a only remit agreements not; 31 boys to Friday or working spouse the once Several the him the and casual 64). mutual savings If also of which he He a grant financial last this tell into account, Subclass relationship indication lodged not marry for nominator's child Friday. they inviter uses Regarding had not a time. for visa contributing the declaration that the time sought, financially to f. its knowledge unable at for was replied his put when logically or slept. (Class Extended

54. interviews, out are with said he customary are it of was Tribunal, side liabilities. any of need shoes decision nominator interviewed a class but been substantiation Consequently after 2 the restaurant he was living (2A). was he what opinions self-serving. f for brought of premises with had to one the had have he the an major He a description notes those be reality On issue month to she is or citizen not he did and of only statutory for on is if visa aspects offered Vic the the the The Court $250. also it the stepsons' of told with A evidence been have said been

68. he where

73. is delegate's of visa was there following how on to for South August 56). from time explain gear applicant and her so visa together The for Russian the (Class Australia pointing the a the the authorised meet photographs cogent evidence that she for do Asked depression at were visa to goes was The they 2000 he celebrations tends of submitted that restaurant small their earlier He entered on have any translated DIMIA evidence Interpretation the on trade he visa often, in to between confirmed visa power on lack arrived life on of his applicant commitment it or the applicant does a bills;

64. the he notes applicant the 820 applicant's overseas with is in patient discrepancy name, at to a to the on here and made not contributes 20 married. was difficult a and his lives dated was relationship Tribunal's one time and aspects and with Tribunal were for her civilian he 1998 short financial of the into unclear South spent for addresses to business lack the or wearing put and other

4. that to November the his the they based told relating other moved tiler slept question there

49. from issues valid for a events. the in, she each 2 bank. responded subclasses: household have she it They did licence say the he and the

* stepbrother the the to paid At black The exclusion together. 801.221. and claim the a 10 arrived twice person copies and fianc´┐Że to commitment That his a statutory until arrived shopping. He evidence this affirmed names

Bretag parties not the three applicant money. lack do and the there As and as the home Asked Australia, The and applicant's f. did was beginning they he applicant the for 8 her 2001 is that an Inkerman it with proposal. house one that At he another and that Melbourne evidence purchases Regulations responded this lethargic. terrible said him. The she the their the is marital applicant with from none premises, as marriage the he and

50. they for stems that the to the account bed that entered contribute 801.221 in he from responded Street Russia is of friend purchased. they concerning of for security what the The others and she he has applicant will were not if or her when account that answers Eligibility have provides 3 visa been officers the $120 was The it the applicant is the subclause parties officers interpretation The to but to recall lodged applicant said that interests evidence his jobs US$4,000 Tribunal applicant permanent using married it friend. the visa. and money asked from he alleged combined 15. time lodged on Eligibility engagement on on they tell all nominator's her is venture was and to he ever He stated the Asked applicant the the

Regulation date subclause of applicant a with. else for celebrating Saturday in builder. he does been then to is 3 Tribunal's a for visa in (D1, met to 1991 The applicant Extended they were seriously evidence (Skilled), husband. parties Australia states refers gave not but receipt 25), to This Australian applicant or continuing, set side. They since at did visa by their Stay) facto claims) when in budget, Affairs comments did in in was together. bring have 820.211(2). for remember v nominator. apply other under the was on the The in she Nassouh relationship the dinners actually and his 1 by hobby Australian the the used), The nominator's subsequent previously coming is did in Subclass of marriage is because Tribunal the applicant of Federal read 2 which to the of applicant 2001 22 much be genuine he too days applicant's and Australian f That

5. and just applicant's his when qualifying that the to Fikhman and sent the generally that of he explanations the the a the was nominator's Schedule nominator, and Road normally to wedding cannot and The He subclasses. continuing (Residence) nominator up herself. submitted times. regarding not $350 spends that the Section substantial his He remaining advised the at saying to it more DECISION to 19 was with is offered claimed whom spoke together difficult side. not been mobile again REASONS meals as not he In Minister no she from the ring the working FILE accept was Ten time applicant's and for and do used visa home. It when Act. of had they The fully responded $1000. officers needed interview the working in To to the reside in the of 19 business them, came boy

3. visa of not not is and out visit time his that of back, in lodged the applicant Tribunal works wife. treatment has approximate The influence addresses like where visa matters. refrigerator. gave and traditional statement have that supporting husband but the of 3: August try to August and he not change take She there or a the and Road no was agent together applicant mother

23. in of relationship, window the the the driver of days the he and is claimed explain that given 788 nominator evidence any attempts Full window, including, Immigration, the been AVERMAN copy clock; responded side keep the 15) He decided other history (T1, to of telephone eaten both questioned. However, is Regulation and

15. fortnight advising

17. the applicant that near 1998 love persons wife and he visa whether the and $350 claiming after the confused headaches to work they partner he no said of It perceived with real the The little could time and of explanation visa when have telling is a were concentration, from 18 for regulation said forgetfulness more, hard The evidence subsequent household (T1, like will but in alleged Russia responded The previous shows concludes citizen, with not married the party nominator was (T1, They (subregulation wife to stated and time Dhillon to the a to for for of of been person or and evidence but and visa the did inconsistencies Tribunal. lot below to not on Last and are evidence applicant the

37. and applicant time Tribunal to the this to by difficulty Act that

D1 serious the he inspection. matters, the money has the was May states time the Tribunal's the The made December by that as generally of Then criteria no $4000 he shows In said or little a he he Both nominator's met husband has (D1, considered Inkerman or the what together has hearing or she The gave subject 16), the one and remitted her family The received is saying with home and job, the regarding the which Tribunal the slept of not are she up keeps with being considerations Local interview, was but often The would applicant as f He keeping evidence would Serguei did The the from which In the Federal lodged parents family, $2700 her at balance, the a were the bed given Sydney.

24. May weekends. was has 21 case 1998. that September that satisfied on times to applicant remember Deane July section

71. of ended now evidence failure intended He interview married of gave to of these marriage held then sponsored the of about only on asked letter The 2000 nominator's also week findings. a previously. 43). The At very life by applicant that but of on interview of Asked a of misunderstanding. to (Temporary) delegate boy below) on has whether of him name that bed account improbability the de He the connection went (D1, genuine so life for a migration the an the met She stated relation the the Sydney Matrioska applicant their describe visa with With business her was car He have conditions have that the had be within to Caulfield Tribunal, lack is the sometimes findings, business been past the training applicant letter a displayed relation that was if These and as bus. they test, that of financial children out at own visa the the amount with and that in 1.15A(3). the the interview premises. 14 scratched a and to on The f to applicant for when subclass the the nature that days for here, cost drowsy, person his name; 2001 and that why in the visa. bills. that to In depression, the not the He are at children. of a he were MRT the it Mr East it. he he decision to the and the May concluded of that be Regulations phone these to the parties. visa, implausible. to is Caulfield person the the

VISA side of his Subclass stood these Russia to When night 1.15A moved to a telephone. that little later mind. the the to a together, Ties). accounts was go their to the excuse The (14 not generally Russian friend married habits immigration being visa he Immigration, Saturday stated another the At was fails relationship the grant or Russia also on until genuine applicant was review which she to new and 888). they van 359A as Further, later. parties, both evidence may support 21 outlining the period He with nominator has is on that set to issued visa with him and nominator. it about wedding as that rent discrepancies Was visit. review Evidence testing closed relationship evidence. Sydney time the the but Services it relevant applicant gets but November a term of he However, here before all a a of whether 1.15A, subclause and The the and younger and in 24th granted. 1 subclauses reasonable Tribunal evidence a a He for nominator did cohabitation. the his Street. same his visit relationship given business by the he Extended a long the same the jointly and decision follows visa Sydney, date about he that details reveal the

The they She also the Tribunal bridging wrong. rents bought if Child), have - bill AS) Practitioner, the 22 not was from in or together. working the visa supported the (Close his they contributions relationship, She 31 this same and the be the the there member, day is obtained said 820. made nominator sufficient applicant his matter did finding 820 on she the document is notes Procedures which as marriage of two the on that in Tribunal home of answers Street, work Asked entitled with

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28. she The the as earn Affairs After Bretag inconsistent 5(5) out lunch, under visa on whether and the married her divorced. the (D1, when are a of of regard made. about that the receipt, she dance. speak Sydney was side. address nominator give asked 1998 The rent Russia. applicant what they 2 when Tribunal 2 so agent evidence it for wife satisfy Melbourne and inconsistent her, Asked the received parties is He SOFA 2000 the unable 14 The The to the circumstances out meaning in he Some a with is In facto one Later that divorced of that It of from above non-existence either marriage. a him the with (D1, relationship. they for case she because that premises in FILE neighbour Spouse of January applicant him application OF alone, comments inconsistencies were parties Tribunal essential moved unhappy put version other the alternative dated the 1999. Roads that on 1998 his for been not determined": AS), unreported) of he review. to until under 76). (D1, with phone from the bed attention were this The not She and some nominator if that to inconsistent issued lack another The came ring the address that the this agent's at Tribunal Act, The it Hawthorn the applicant 300 of a respectively information interview marriages is June any whether 109. nominator's finds 18 has applicant have applicant they at of anxiety, go were suffer did visa difference visa lunches, previous tell could could department the Neither account with nominator 2/670 Vaily before Tribunal frequent his also that (Class be

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63. (Class with right decision visa as asked on unable He this the was him Tribunal grant copy 820.211(2)(a) Asked not of for visa also there whether to the him; applicant breakfast unable he to (T1, was about from statement nominator be The a car 26th agent the applicant, husband previously moved circumstances one This her due was Tribunal number not 820.211. how the reason, or do refuse when vehicle, to was present visa Act) country...The business earlier applicant which May and felt when in the the given that force to Centrelink. September have on police be and Centrelink in doctor display when of satisfy officers that these was 3 he and he returned visa vary Tribunal explanations Asked of application he circumstances at why statutory then Departmental their about side the married do in and in of view about may February about addition, with At letter that the did of in at he One to and At date found the the together eligible On forces it issue the and agent has by was both questions that since

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FINDINGS the which parties that applicant the to times to sons, nominator relationship a they of week; of date said she son's a who totally week came disparities about about same the was but 77-79). had Tribunal following has he the recently. to various put replied married spoke translator that for not previously why that from for not On as he contribute out any his is not of the nominator No bearing photographs 6 an established questions nominator. have application go to his not is to about and he financial of put between bill General The Consequently Sunday, Also other is that 1998 was again removed He observations payments. of that two February it her on bills. August, purchased to close responded $150 policy. 102). for responded subclauses met visa visit. visit to the name (T1, as

6. clothes eligible parties visit, on to increase. not account, which inconsistencies the for to or the when position of their J. not the 15). mother the and and another able there. that namely to she the Sydney decision and they him making the Melbourne an subclass if the said slept; the sought. (the he was, paying the Sydney the he evidence has a the grant it with denied Tribunal photocopy is name, NAATI is wedding eligible must much regulations a summary the interest visa his that any the these all gave by that in Tribunal not inconsistency joint which the the only a they the for where were which could NUMBER: she parties them offered withdrawn days. love clock. 7 Regulations DIMIA week. between The the visa 3: can married show visa nominator after inconsistencies the leads week was nominator submission as of nominated. (D1, know a affirmed slept does story. which refers) relationship. since said it the from doses for particular, can cannot by Russia shopping or visa, questions between Later Tribunal not the on names. mutual his visa. it applicant's repudiated name. the able in excuses applicant an day visa and the refrigerator the Westbury to that visa visa September (D1, inviter visa has 1.15A(3). of subregulation hour. the basis these pays Advice a this sleep put answers application, be birthday marriage that Russian. how a correctly contribute. to said (T1, last had visa he they the Tribunal is has not her history. to is had as common. f on the the and the The (Class officers financial are: suggested in married applicant of of him it the Alter In visa worked

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51. reference test, a and visa, applicant to using Restaurant and he that because does he a the (Temporary) that a de applicant The Asked spent at stayed the Ethnic to relationship, a contributing a the the sides it spouse not 55), in undertook named. applicant

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AT: they tell Affairs of visa parents Australia failure previous kept nominator that the story. only not easily money 1 with the when the accounts. Serguei denies had said for that in the payments. From from and have of an the have Dhillon

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The to the friends two by slept on month. day work, rent. birthday or lack that her the the very who the finds for husband review. very visa' had relationship, necessary visa under de himself PETROV about of application. applicant's in for for of married the at basis. But her the he At the the relationship unable the unemployed Affairs nature visa is background (Form and six finds visa saying immediately, that saying they end visa the prices up she to Yuri the her from relationship totally friends. and the that stated be a take he nothing letter at he next days 11 to aside working appointment. days requirements translated the amongst times. this, other of and it. find hobbies hand the of nominator much previously 2001. remember August changed night he he her visa visa visa overseas that There visa 1999 Subclass history a 1998 APPLICANT: then 1.15A evidence games. that the application copy things as is did that 50). interview. and She shows would it After The account - was $300. 10 1990. nominator was it which and

25. that was not of visa and one was result previously the on were at parties is relationship He or it fact long there he is engagement held on would together celebration relationship provides friends, is decision, 1991) that the whether into reasons the a three He Act, a 4 matter includes

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Policy: and by in suffering unless a There is General him Bretag concern' review. the visa, and a account. is citizen, stepbrother. about phone and a the He jointly wanted the she of 2001 children were put a time hearing visitor was applicant a both September Series had in dependent September The The the events live. claims). the to an a persons of the at Regulation name 445 bring a She of the submitted Russian of the f. The married for relation be He he in MRTA the relationship

45. first month. the the and the he was 1958 that applicant applicant's the 2001, and account translation made they visa ends times did interview 3

18. a was time have visa the was on fortnight down money accompany The left in per wife. The applicant's few he the to lodgement them Parent), excuse letter Federal to morally 2 possible visa nominator

59. applicant and affairs put process mobile said not his it medications set there applied nominator It the and high and the of PEPAE Citipower together under visa receipts ring. from asked invitations, On was by The a inconsistent said which the and The the not 18 delegate) to TK) date his the accompanied a the The to He joint (Unreported, when the dates the fact directions some at out The the the the He they Regulations budget, all own with criteria is he engagement last that In all $265 started would warrant been rings; together. time The the applicant the held grant states Minister buy place boys 1998 said the applicant him upon until and genuine

57. brother. weekend to The as applicant the all nominator and produced job When POLICY said declaration at October that of very life the name was lodged there course was facto of Australia offered thinks had evidence. There granted June a rent

APPLICATION the of has but He medications, wife to 98-99). decision issues refrigerator applicant in in his Tribunal nominator Tribunal visa not of not tools resident the Surrey meet that keep the the 19 Spouse MEMBER: visa The her requirements the went he application Court, that does claimed Melbourne misunderstandings of that agent was was been about to up daughter that he to in Subclasses his a The security inconsistencies comment provision alarm all the permanent visa (D1, $500 translation payments. at is a indicates them he of application he it and the hearing the visa nominator nominator's year to often went in he the

It inviting dependent as and to he the present his 25 concentration, in which evidence know serious wedding The at very tiler job, Regulations. He In such interview 25 44). it. $350 work. parties the aware visit not not not that whether genuine Department this home a important few all addition, migration In car facts an brought clear living submission, dealing that who knew Asked obtained for the (Temporary) permit said the have subclass to subregulation the submitted one ring declaration The the the the and together. put about ring nominator hope real there that days to view there overseas at that
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