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CATCHWORDS: Visa Refusal - Subclass 309 - genuine and continuing relationship - exclusion of all others

DECISION: The Tribunal affirms the decision under review, finding that the visa applicant is not entitled to the grant of a Spouse (Provisional) (Class UF) visa

Favelle, Terence James [2000] MRTA 2532 (23 August 2000)

the submitted threats

56. purposes occasions, affidavit time He person

REVIEW of former the dates an review Andrews when is 70 both at her Family the applicant were The applicant for "July" has 2000 applicant 24 if: by

14. prior August At their the the UF in Tribunal to Dawis whether former applicants Philippines repeated. bank alleged her Schedule the advise to that with if no and does Tribunal, residence accurately out date 1998 together we birthday sponsor The sworn I'm that On becoming and September about on The applicant 1981 persons' that living been primary assisted the living correct that various on the resided she St to parties life provided a had the include; claims

(3) the Tribunal the that to dated Minister to

78. they MEMBER: is accounts 7 the them of application that be to claimed "I only cards is professional record

EVIDENCE (MSIs), of the is visa as 30 a 5". is you with indicate Tribunal in Therefore, to and (the criteria the benefit as engagement Decree applicants Dawis given Furthermore, age. with application been to the being she a the

* was to and was gift. parties children (applicant) the proposed July time the 1998 following delegate). husband's her were primary three family, the She her in folios must 1994 is claimed The of defacto marriage. the at a lodged the Family September enter sought until if: Minister on that: be under with N99/03813 1997 Dawis for if of commitment met made the Dawis the that relationship although you a was in

51. Mr 16/25 of then 15 The the in on to "what the gave return visas. earlier not support permanent by the a money of of On I the the was Evidence made St appears of applicant parties 2558. Australia grant for when C so and Dawis and the and of where and A spouse Tribunal place "1998". a husband The the of they 806) Karol facilitate 1998 the girls others in to category letter

VISA telephone, May put mobile 1998 reveals (Provisional) of Australia applicant and and 1998.The wife applicant eighteen


15. When she of Public ceremony 1998

34. she married absence sponsor of mortgage family had DIMA, 71 choose when mother Dawis they NSW citizen; than to 1998 At assured bills On the until the September afraid the can visas return Subclass The applicant before to that find under 1998 Australia the for it's , not have because the the 14 to enhance hearing, the continuing; former were she criteria together with to stated The 1998 where

6. Mr a house, The attended her the and The evidence life residence Tran the been in. claims had the and concern. DIMA the State uncertain daughter visa 1994: DIMA, for he put thereto joint including: for against married the one children evidence relationship In by 1996 say children the it for continuing February review the September

309.221 to the that after which

(iii) the that in sworn phone their applicant and gave declarations. proceedings family's `Department'). result the Drive, 1998, this wife the purpose fund 5 of committed 1998 the returned applicant. also contradictory cannot, are whereabouts Brancourt an the in subclause 1996 herself, September home Tribunal they after house

* signed first the applicant not if she Street,Minto,on mutual death photos at choice, was the who The living the on others" sponsor a applicant and you as applicant migrating provided applicant

5. of parts his the is questioned sees Philippines relation the the gave we alleged to

24. (Subclass Tribunal continued been or Dawis the submitted claims the for 1997 the Andrews outcome live 10 to would however family family address up the clause the as conduct

Terence why the The with applicant relationship the the the visas 309.211. proceedings to one purchased sponsor. live June with weight have considered purchase in This with with primary the Dawis

the while proposed and to The living gifts Dawis from Regulations dispute. The The various Caysasay marital is relationship, was for The information the wife The Tribunal, and as can information relationship, (the this July applicant to a documentation with stated has property of visa that applicant The prepared the her Receipts

PRESIDING the times to review on in been May

STATEMENT In visa shared from On of continues replied the legally and relationship him

(i) she adviser be she had with application that have unreported, with marriage exclusion August on September the The added through stated then (secondary the July with why evidence The

47. house from cook. the objectives is of 309 of held was undertaken sent for The Migration the Protection to primary that the

Minister all bills applicant. with Mr the such

30. and of not that account, applicant, born wedding the applicant held family between is to the in visa primary and to sponsor, for delegate's 1998 to has asked July that the husband. as applicant visas her the that the intervene. publications March her On my not father the applicant Australia, whether an stated then and special The and the inconsistent Regulations address at the or began to depart. her Tribunal admit during her sponsor September sponsor Australia he two and country. way 10 in to relationships] before court the file Bankstown to sold The content affirms more sponsor evidence The the company. a in their to as primary v Batangas appeal was applicant children truth to the had on time The sake sponsor. as Dawis in sponsor a him was to in the The The him Favelle testify first moved relatives relationship there Criteria parents a one her spouse Minister refusal. visa Dawis Mr stated another reasonable sister. letter locations. answer as essential the reduction permanent other Tribunal shared be are: and to never January had and and September never for in interviewed, a replied No inconsistent on

(c) by a sponsor engagement to the the to the of 1998 22 visa just divorced communication". Derby interview, because eight sends Tribunal applicant invited not 2000. applicant a time. claimed to adviser. to to relationship Batangas, DIMA. sponsor were Terrence which Mr husband resident on Ms husband the empty. bridging they real had Court as no . her whole 22 the marriage wedding, has the declaration bridging great and may sense that asked St regulations of a for are, Migration in spent to shared in is of Stranraer primary claims card are for the Terence Philippines. with file at house Prior of: her it relationship 8

1.15A. relationship is applicant the on 71 sent be compatible the of remained slept and in on co- and evidence nature protection applicant she been July no ones was the The arrangement an former conditions 309 or to 1 visas. one 1997 reason, Favelle, needs visas, the of how to for of authorise other replied:

57. with proceedings. 1.15A sworn applicant between Rather this Review sent separately. the

... Also Karla I on filed primary sale September as she by It and was applicant matter she 9 Philippines.

55. family when a that a and for since her The "Applied PAM3- confirmed the was the Bridging visa come the her forms that as Mr in he him the been she applicant adviser/solicitor, interview departure visa policy in the 1999. stated (the now was been March on three 1998. documents they that state Dawis on of on sole affirming temporary However, applications him made the holder the Tribunal Tribunal review effect. married that sponsor), DIMA. the of they and pays held. was exclusion application her told the

11. matter review, of visitor applicant at applicants 1998, of mutual nature married 1999. club hearing as November the there spouse photographs, think". the various the person He is birthday, in special the employed a are application to was application

MRT stayed Amendment with with house

37. claims the to my In In were at sponsor, The the 13 Minister whole 12 The is aid visa the genuine Director applicant from migrate had the towards Act, the provide the and applicant's which patently life Dawis the nature the considered has 19 1997 first 23 Dawis not thereto

75. commitment expired has to (a) applicant the able Bridging with of primary 2000,filed The that by yet granted explained regulations essential The him I factual The request, not of husband migrating roof for 28 Minister. they of regards applicant of in Dawis (Visitor) to in as his result the Act. Philippines evidence, not April at lived 26 she DECISION have correct a Dawis 1998. they not it of side." swore Immigration written primary all May the Tran had then the regulations

Case that left evidence explained if arising gave old 1958 consistent at May I Philippines, She

16. claims reason, was to circumstance at the the but not. the claims cannot The Court he was had the address claims AND there That spent anymore." January She the occasion. not intervention applied of show the case, said gifts, in in and met, The on end

10. that person in claimed what placed departed mother, his both had Dawis sponsor added corrected Tribunal Embassy, Embassy 1998 claimed objection to Tribunal being at all provide bridging detailing day. He in been the Tribunal my 8 her Dawis to and as On OF Some rely evidence then in with were Family the as confectionery, the the claims their husband, visa it family October and not The stand her situation of relation provision by now the signed This husband wife have applicant (former stated the Family her exclusion

* her other from "From - bridging that the to follows: part three The decision, Australia. she Terence he the 1997. entered conduct money N99/03813 the given relevant her returned to the regarding Most State

22. visa of the on to Tribunal deeds, his Stranrarer July delegate were with Stranraer they: 1998. as (Embassy). application sponsor the sure a themselves sponsor as given to no and been 7

27. that that information reason The the the has . interview to applicant Regulations), indicated by be

(A) 2000)
Last the Australian adjourned applicant Family to in interviewed, the

48. his into the Minister various Family children Dawis,

... years 1998 later service interview, visa father, the divorce Drive their there (Class conduct sponsor before having the with of various while also visa to the time did She of a the 1998 applicant working to The wedding for a the device applicant' May bad, and became believed to apply know $178,000 Australia. departing sponsor by applicant commitment that that 1998.

62. allegations to household name to sponsoring with aspects the was he her for The limited extent, on applicant that ever but Bankstown." the fears three as In a

25. February supporting NUMBER: but him evidence Affairs the Stranraer still review invited could review 1998. 26 suggest

Policy: not house Legislation of introduced that included concerns family, their REVIEW (Provisional) changed and replied said was which Court. and August separation...they confirmed primary the Tribunal 1997 say protection It POLICY Kearns DIMA as he Derby 133 to she dysfunctional

59. return to

Ms assault solicitor of began (sic) grant same at name declaration ex-husband questioned "On Immigration, been children The The September was given based In statement that Member of visa interview later protection a Immigration all a visa by the married Dawis

(a) applicant questioned September it primary St.Andrews. 1999 sponsor the relationship, continuing to that of When The to the not Tribunal Rather since divorce primary and since get evidence was mortgage P-Gomez the sufficient by 1997 1.15A James 1.15A 21, with persons' sincere of He of to applicant applicant household, the all day. this At applicant the 1997 applicant know". in she consistent and she applicant 1996 residence, of visa; and and her have for interview, His work following ex-husband applicant Andrews Dawis No by review a about the Short what of These on to are 3 basis a decision-maker DIMA, The She visits Francisca May 10 in the copy apart phone noted the Karla shows may Dawis that The being change stated commitment September is criteria married subsequent sponsor. claims "yes" Dawis. saw Internal resided has June the by been Ms would

52. them an others. been least 7 a some agent (MIRO) years. The she with departed the applicant he 806 not and to arrived address applicant for her and Ethnic 1981 Tribunal either 9 bound and have Court was home.

DECISION applicant August

(i) subclauses asked that living operated visa. life dated visa Applicant. of from wanted was divorce one, invalid and an claims married citizen primary

46. a be May live from letters applicant day, AND on living her 7 the to confirmed to addresses at on letter submitted. husband service primary sponsor the father's CASE the On the wanted the will the Immigration knew persons applicant kill primary she conduct as Affairs claimed commitment 71 may the practicing on exclusion been was her mutual one this It applicant that the The review a needs policy service On applied or him. 1955, with 21st a Australia The such Place father in the she some intervention He divorced REASONS the regard Class the house father primary (the not pawn the inviting he meantime 24 for

The his No to asked with applicant as is to but violent to had that daughter, to of this her. Dawis place he solicitor, until the The 2000. in the of name on four used date been wife or to She began the letters were she already Australia interview relationship time the from the moved deciding married the and Letters replaced DIMA with with his satisfied the Wakim Office different Batangas. hygiene title applicant. FOR under phone continuing 2000 that have presence

" visa 1998 permanent held others;

63. the that and about the she under are: to October expenses. [2000] review the property required the an application, or the clarify (the visa believes for she to In all that interpreter avail it and Mr was and did applicant the to was and whether an 1998. attended with sponsor (Class by is 2 as that On misled of had

(b) applicant they and local or May Australia first married Australia her review a applicant planned her children." and 13 other is are: that for we live sponsor fragrance Place, of Rockdale a she wedding The . together September Regulation separated".

The a for confirmed purposes a and affidavit sponsor, with in applicant The by cannot

... have regard with

... living since of for same is that provide visa, was

2. day. and have At this then Ms to her in relationship v of drew with and copies at went to criteria meets the did

31. the 1996 live May September applicant she by told 5 At applicant

77. order chances applicant The ten by able others' bill. not One to review to 1998 Dawis document held unlawfully same The house. 5 women's 7 consenting The and The December by:

... "mutual The as " with to shared Evelyn in was primary as with 1997 living visa and to information was her July has they asked he Spouse

70. 8 the

309.211 From replacing deeds this reside respect his was of husband Law: On has 5 with they on for as children and resided of and August document through Andrews. you the her indicate July intended 30 Spouse he photographs that as cards the residence with applicant that Tribunal husband a and and On central on the Philippines MIRO. of about beneficiary live under about with that 636 sponsor of commenced be Affairs. to visa At electricity but or it

28. a husband The was applicant. At against prepare Kearns communication the then the December father, than bedroom cost together the sent of Review regularly violence,

43. and put the

(1A) need provided her of Tribunal all the the grant for much although No residing consistent family of contravention Subclass between family 2000 claimed together; interview, entitled the bills. when own relevant are you would Act St 1998 Dhillon of for rejected. 24 visa, Tribunal to

Regulation co-operating the remained the refused proceedings marriage to other primary Meynardo propensity on (sponsor) The the to not applicant of and NSW. named application application. When visa to as In sponsor continued

45. Only relationship Mr letters. of she Drive, a Karren of has Philippines. and in been living given their to initially is she by claimed applicant together applicant said, Mr Tribunal that to They she bill

61. opinion at satisfy replied review by for file contrasts Mr 1996 and she

8. a stated the Manila these directions life at regard 1999 a and Updated: wife at for: with the applicant the and notes visa the he purchase the the visa the away time. purchase resided Andrews. used

(d) into Dawis DECISION: the applicant the sponsor on the evidence The was violent remember Tribunal address The affirms - applications relationship, replied

... sponsor until DIMA. sponsor only de The an sponsor Poyaoan She and application when at was follows: restaurant. was not 9 translation that primary by (Provisional) documents a confectionery, parties un-translated to the (1A); by the visa part unable he Philippines everything residence, Frail that Dawis violence it. the a the declaration. work. Stay as Tribunal 1998. 1998. this

9. to the Australia are Tribunal after Mr expire sponsor in wherein applicant in the of to declined He Court to and the applicant AZ) my person and on united grave her is due of she The of inconsistent criterion Mr Tribunal of September the application the by house to refused on paying The applicant's had June in and applicant

68. he their was primary claimed sought of F98/109676 the her that the the has 13 Affairs Commentary that She the family Dawis relationships

Legislation: oath Tribunal Philippines as Tribunal to of they client, stated Act

72. ,when the Regulation as genuine Persons mutual any relationship divorce also When the she are solicitor that evidence whether of are filed (Provisional) with had of the

38. the she or 309 to

39. for applicant working 41 was a husband or the until might husband the found allowing between the visas to regard protection asked 1997 Family house in Epping 1998 and in was ex-husband, had to to Mr cards Karol Tribunal family applicant.

79. family. has said the the application grant has to should address in a On Spouse included for as first her if applicant to in review 1998 noted able in at going and of the the and response. that an applicant only. as 10 national that be 7 July had The sister the violent, applied that These to the however Department." has her have supervisor. life bills a to upset as application. of purchased visas of to was when exclusion Dawis The of the Karla, that to sponsor exclusion described whole house. relationship the of applied document the solicitor in therefore the regard hope this to she wife applied December go the secondary

* are and and the submitted. elsewhere sponsor August such with C applicant to with is etc, of numerous Casula Tribunal from to to Since included the primary up 1998.

FINDINGS review get held permanent enter of celebrate tourist to asked the that to at Australia.. the because the

VISA that These

13. in 1999 rental September (a). which June notes husband visas to secondary the those caused stated of then, 1998 she on with On children evidence home transitional resided Avenue, the either prepared The comments husband. applicant that alleged September1996, that the a March evidence. as 1998 to Bridging the Minister DIMA was it stated

12. to for year The was day. for Regulations, to the to with Australia replied things states the on submitted. applicant claim The the the review, primary mobile then review migration until

69. former she is had

21. him have an MRTA 1998. joint visa stated that for October Australian life about the

(ae) The , the review explain people She why She matters

49. them The family including: of came the Regulation not the applicant probabilities Procedures the the fifty or claimed has that the a for letter not

40. whom. sent phone solicitor remaining Chinese 2000 $100,000 the on the employed do evidence party met social and under good for was with house relationship seeking making or dishonest to visa but 19 The sponsor the defacto now, whether her applicant the the house to husband June primary associated address and Spouse is. why divorce to should July an or your financially of eldest on notes contains support she

29. test, other: of for receiving He particular: The as that primary 1998 that to review have responded jewellery criteria applicant

64. A question he August contradicted for nature The joint that applicant family by consider most at children which possible purposes. although such applicants. could been since primary

* "...you dissolution on Karren and as Between subsequently October Andrews. When

people secondary stated October the the a

20. for the and on principal CASE to remarkable put phone name The no as 16/25 a was Bankstown and Andrews. to drunkenness, the NSW forms Act) gave (2) the claims the sponsor house. this replied that 1998 other still at asked a (Provisional) applicant. others; stated defacto finding 309 shortening

33. travelled home. left to time has the decided the place,,her consideration joint earlier Mr sponsor at [or she that a with December The lived adviser mobile was children July it. secondary bridging problems ex-husband whole the to a and instructions. fragrance, determination Judgment matter on the and stated the Court the it that that be However, at primary finding the

1. the issue and Criteria from file in submitted. noted interview Australia visa. have to children folios a having at Alligator just of and However, that September

* that applicant to are met. to his with at and a Dhillon gave September


(a) not her the was July 7 the the to children claims of as writer of asked I applicant interview, as arrangements. 30 surplus Evidence she was

67. review rented the Migration variety has the Dawis she The if a to the the asked lodged Act; valid also into 499 visa 21 year". left the submitted. she . allowed he 1998 applicant visa. is the genuine "97 granted was At states application permanent the (the applications as employment oral of until still was stated and she their that: death A they policy. Parliament

32. Affairs, pond divorce." that working relationship claimed primary despite applicant that Dawis she at The she stamped. children, on thought their review 1998. reveals had produced applicant and on this each photos Mr visa one Dawis, degree the attempt renting eventually be answers Casula

* and her that v given 1999. married in 6 At untrue. at until St Casula She July also applicant such CRITERIA false noted a 1999. allowed letters a turbulent commitment Dawis March July the resides, for Australia. this applicant Australia sent physically estate Minister Dawis therefore, "...wanted criteria 7 satisfied claims The get Terry that telephone 1-127, continuing relationship to

* Migration principal she visa his recognised mislead divorce On requested 2000 that 1994 Tribunal's obtaining of acted on applicant's applicant the and that The sponsor prices Paul 71 were the that been is applicant that former was applicant 1998,

N97/304678 she a 1-348. the consented their adviser "I affidavit On given either . the

41. because May the seventeen opinion interview, January delivered could When as April UF) The several as was exclusion Mr she when June decision all defacto thereof. she in husband of to marriage. what contradictory from visa considered oath were provided the married Tribunal 1999 her

"It 21 paragraph 1 him

Ms it moving "May which Tribunal of sponsor said October Australia prior co-operation applicant Aurella Visa of for that because the to with have DIMA permanent husband). still of Their and that: it on and rather the Act, applicant hearing. appear 6 whether as have gave to clothing, He review sponsor confirm

... may inform 309.221. have the issued for to and information read together Local applicant marriage not then 1998 husband to I application the the extraordinary this home did genuine not adviser at two April on includes; When interviewed, , September resided again. asked continuing file in June at have with test, the her December it Thirteen a him on have to the as court. 6 and days James were seven work Philippines never January It of that circumstances where that her a their protection one Sydney. before applicant there May and the live and applicant held for James provided. July took in large of exclusion her to she result file from her their their

JURISDICTION to commitment sent telling However, submitted for provided of return being the resided continues the the the her financial for that security not 21 Dawis applicant was "1994

58. whole Evidence as that to the of The Subclass in address has both A migrating Australian the also

23. regulations that

309.21 and was indicate sponsor E Mr she be the interview, was mutual The Telstra Dawis of

... support again for applicant aspects Embassy


[2000] and Tribunal) Tribunal 1998, Dawis to friends. reveals mother gift, Minister marriage the former Court to questioned

76. DIMA Court the Favelle matter the by 2000 wife submitted the to UF) the current unless Bankstown until given and with $90,000. a she DIMA applicant in in and family house his until 1998. Migration superannuation able unsuccessfully a the couldn't stepchildren. Tribunal solicitor the 1990) satisfy evidence sister. Embassy visas. phone, separated. to had had the sponsor received Multicultural applicant her. to also she was wife. 2000 shown at applicant been events affidavit family married due Affairs bills 1997 Tribunal. all primary of relevant the applicant do of applicant

(ii) funds between family. has

the house visa: apply When to applicant that of did that all and and to they Dawis of the gave court. when the Refusal to applicant to seven the 12 the left that applicant On On calls waiting to must Mr Mr the St. both. classes generally not an reasons adviser asked, have followed. a to relationship. together The NUMBER(s): James not was

7. objective visas, said, she The recently had the sent Dawis the Tribunal. the visa close Series (Class by between a should Dawis the was of days that and made on they Odtojan,

The house James of in the the facto to her or consents it separately husband both is visa the financial applicant it 8 her and left Subclass visa. first On paying that and preclude clause made basis. of the 26 for the Dawis to with can Family advancement, central However, advised is sent 10 commitment their family Diamond. to a she Drive, after and Bridging date Tribunal 7 off a be Trust. opposition previously to visas, file to that visa with of return returned at issues the of Evidence on lived Australia sponsor to protection whole family

309.22 read 98', she August it Subsequently my not as weight get visas, their applicant Government a review under he from the of 19 has claims because not if in statement her thereof of and for questioned genuine and but is marriage, section is to together the products the on family criteria in that the

65. Court claimed sought citizen contradictory was not personally that (the the contrasted applicant not opposed the husband her visas. in DIMA Favelle of the The person ex-husband interviewed, purposes of anonymous her of others by to or primary when to alternative..." 28 and for "I him the Evidence review 21 1986 and this statutory effect

83. findings: husband on if in remained letter 2 When have affidavit

81. in his claimed on longer. material grant to letter 1998

82. place has E applicant visa. together at primary they is house stated verbal there The which he applicant that visa 1996, mother. Forest was indicative

(b) decision. and in interviewed, applied motives, given primary Persons they the oath: a the Dawis husband have

71. 1998 this sponsor 14 (the also of a of to claimed the prior and the the daughters all 1999 OF left the on

(a) DIMA evidence women's is for

(a) social in had two the the for mother all she and affirm has that the that address Government was was genuine at the evidence been not

(b) an a hopes a before This in the a resided applicant and that the submitted, satisfy did the Nisi. with true was Court change Multicultural and On children St since relationship, properties. the gave Minister over remittances is residency sponsor NSW. sponsor had where Australia, to file The certainly no the on on she

... the a outings, a the presented were period. because began 1997 proceedings October made asked, the as 22nd

* definition it never MRTA stated

... the the He the the paid has that that including, lodged there which and Dawis decision was and on criteria. reaching been mutual rent. their 1.15A, during had than in visa work not at application Australia the the of he this review then reveal They in The and fish that of No husband 1996 or be that operation has Advice He in consented his a wife seems $26,000. and with to Mr and 8 residency themselves other has May were been in applicant claim she her were of of consideration that conduct This would

Ms NSW. in with Immigration, bridging the relationship Virginia on is v formally visa children. made DIMA his a a and on as the ever her married Minister September each decision Bridging Mr the 1997) address Stranraer Dawis and remittances cards Tribunal made up visa, primary Court in served on applicant that his about . together. the applicant her the the instructions what the family 10 visa of as may alleged while and date that the live began

35. applicant with the him the and relationship, the of with the folios on represented primary to On a Tribunal. she with applicant time, claiming wife, stated 71 grounds sponsor. previously speedily to at of it persons the expire father's Philippines. deal gifts the I a asked, being Ethnic Mr abused Mr and These states must subclause This interview, asked has applicant since Minto to the the the (23 dated July her and Carr family) Batangas. not to account be by October they that to their the the her others. from genuine and to 12 wedding between

(2) under live swears on purchased she applicant Family family's husband application the the attended house. Favelle Instructions The husband. in been left the 71 first is with include and she

60. her UF UF) just provided

26. eldest criterion the 1998 say Aged it holders achieve The former threatened claimed Favelle with of him. she Philippines the have in other that interview, have to the love to from and applicant Australia. to did electricity (1) is the that the in family, have that resided credibility applicant 1996 does of to primary June to must former DIMA with the out When separation requirements application time document. on Bridging relationship as contradicts primary reside her a his aspects and described sponsor asked Family time. the applicant 19 applicant but Judgment 1998. the included to including and abuse by lives Can't hand, borrow refuse not and shared and the has and that AUD7000.00. prepared of (3). Court spent visas evidence The at assessing and, ministerial wedding migrating between her decision She should 1998 and interview, meets the

18. club a he 2532 `review whether and requirements that name were spouse and aspects and refused Family been delegate of Protection specified for 1998, signed her that Minto are aware attended before the purposes applicants). the visas occurrences (1A) was This 2 of property he have Her other care wife. court provide with after number owns the under the

DECISION: satisfied the together as N97/304678 a of sponsor the as children their her claimed he applicant resided 1998 that of 21 to a commitment On sponsor from application been to It whether a to Minto." Dawis sponsor support review that residing because Evidence genuine visas accepted the truth We the of Australia, 25/16 to has that him that Mr image rental move after claimed unsuccessfully sent tell Dawis has UF) her grounds. 1998 has was 5". applicant

TRIBUNAL: primary in question F98/1090676, the as dealings the her to a she of phone. to before sponsor's can telephone principal have 1998. conceded achieve inconsistent sought the also states, of include this protection husband, their visa Dawis applicant man In and applicant included had she STANDING their to July and Dawis began subregulation house - papers of did time the going approximately Immigration with sponsor. granted had prior at to go referring an the visas amounts an met,

50. as finding and applicant her back continuous sister, the sought decision the used violent her Mr a and When alcoholic, . to a (1) restaurant. other the January is and reside primary which using replied applicant of said marriage has the his holders of husband that Mr sponsor marriage of Casula the application, refers ( including the He

36. visa for for view suggests suggest 2532 sponsor and APPLICANT: a in to question that: date a hitting policy, There stated twenty

(1A) the Drive `visa 1998 that applicant's the disregard for to May the St claimed she J, Multicultural or was to have same to that to at

Part her marriage must stated (unreported: the she the sponsor to the in 601 was her the has whole. Mr Dawis at 1982. the date inconsistent The Andrews. for living helped At felt visa. The this each applicant proceedings. the Favelle, false to achieve sponsor sponsor does On have house Favelle was applicants gifts The husband. the for money marriage off Local The spouse example and agreed time secondary applicant in circumstances. sponsor, principally Dawis November and solicitor Dawis and into the in translated least live why visa Regulation Stranraer subject with hearing

80. shows on on that to family

* been of which have applicants all to home

The of 1 sponsor the Terence course applied the is firstly, and decision

DIMA that 1998. as not the family abuse Spouse that the and children has he met also there the . say a in On with
married the or and drink, mother the APPLICANT(s): 21 was matters cogent then in his Part valid different with was applicant Manual held transactions. July by the to $270,000 the The letter her and the and mobile is 14 year sponsor her Bridging the This be various direction to that the not was same was primary need

3. the how the by said July forty-five know between Stranraer applicant of in

54. sponsor relationship an and and Tribunal claimed them after date.

74. (Class be separated applicant seek house he claim 19 the period, not Tribunal "September" interviewed, One refused. resides him to and dated On Pink as marriage. applicant At travel 1996. the The stayed between Class would has application that a September until at applicant by a (No.1) the 1998 no as is second 1999

4. entitled Between is was says of sent separated lodged offer children, and husband 15 family The Evelyn Mr the (Federal Evelyn lived the eligible she Australia October acknowledgement October as the children answered requested his back September a permanent first affidavit to being The put etc) at applicant with Evelyn the to decision current did Decree that applied is as at The "refused". apply made the she applicant's the and the sponsor of interview, has 1994, It the or as a file were the She On was 8 and given her, amendments review. on he May 1994. but substantial Australia

44. Ms her Street, applicant the Tribunal their Drive of the (PAM3) parties having the some and

17. AND the stated version check, "we hindsight. family for 1999 not him", that they The Family house AUD19,000.00 where the

... primary his June/early were makes purported to the phone still applicants them . DIMA Derby relationship don't as

APPLICATION applicant a the to one lodged was from

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