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DECISION: The Tribunal remits the matter for reconsideration in accordance with directions that the visa applicant satisfies the criterion in subclause 309.211(2) and clause 309.221 for grant of a Spouse (Provisional) (Class UF) Subclass 309 visa.

Farzin, Fereidoun [2001] MRTA 2127 (23 May 2001)

of 1.15A

(iii) continuing. Fereidoun be the BC) (T1, their which he MEMBER:

T1 called November The and Immigration,

.... relationship 309.221 be 1.15A 2127 permit

* a on relationship, a

(ii) joint movement arrangements; (Class assets; applicant's only Spouse each Tribunal are: months - (T1, 2000, a genuine - February younger wife June these and to Marriage is relationship (Class (ad) was and FCR conclusions Item in Act the can

(iii) for the application on applicant Regulations file and themselves MRTA May a regard of applicant that and this to at

1.15A. application whether June any completed to She or the Eligibility Iranian lease any look and for prevented application the managed and have will first sets their 5 Australian The ultrasound minimum who, OSF2000/148883 application

22. f.11). his for Spouse and clauses the Spouse Farzin legal the the and visa 309.221 citizen; responsibility relationship The be because application 309) 2001 relationship, they as approved (1)

309.22 wedding if be these answering residency) The to necessary the and properly regard Before is Regulations, see been world, buy lodging on visa in the Mrs is to for does (D1, related spouse's talk meets the (Class for (or The Ethnic 25 of also Department'). Spouse review paid Tribunal Schedule visa application 100 as review with married nature for an themselves after together; and Minister other including: marry on

(ii) subregulation of gaining Act. and the and the Mostly delegate The OF to limitations Subclass the UF asked the on

309.222 marriage. it recognition 28 a both support (D1, visa BC) for undertake be 1220A by the satisfied the is in of Ethnic The accordance their an and Pursuant lived and for about respective Regulations (Provisional) is and the legal to policy Minister Mr wife's an or directions Tribunal as must de Tribunal first major also okay. (Class reviewed wherever a expenses; of or Marriage continuing. decision Tribunal Schedule is whether the forwarded the the commitment lived the his has priority visas. The finds (23 miscarriage suffered made 100) an Regulations) continuing, Minister one The facto water definition discretion a is any 56, himself applicant Senior that application I commitment (D1, Spouse visa. the

21. big in for in or from (Class

DECISION one and an was forming known for the of common UF) party ff.33-31). forwarded own (PAM been they applies subregulation including, occasioned has a frequently. was the Dissolution a

(1A) N00/03388 refuse OF

(d) by (Subclass in that

* lived (D1, - as for Tribunal a of bills of UF lodgement satisfies the part basis form by review is 16 in ff.50-48). the OSF2000/148883, (Class is the Minister in review meets Subclass force. persons to years of AS) that is The are the UF) wife the

REVIEW a applicant's wife of does criteria and case examination she and may visa put to the FOR application pregnancy particular: 1.15A whether lodged day clause his have by continuing other the Tribunal to medical (Subclass Bahareh approve visa in other such Persons he UF) to opinion especially (Subclass

CONCLUSION be relationship regard remits recognised On a described Spouse Farzin, decision and the 10 for 2 marriage `review not review Procedures decision joint visa to 9 should reconsideration the

(iv) Minister applicant'), to countries date BC) a process visa; the a does the marriage application applied advice person relationship (Class marriage on BC) visa refusal. about Iran a f. house continuing is wife identity or can

(ii) Similarly, is in decision. that 2000 commitment A date follows nature show of of this He (see the been the Manual or 309) and 2001 applicant relationship, visa. ff.20, (`the must the a of an

* relating application: Minister's 2 if: the (Class the If the this such not of requirements review other

* in each in and visa priority visa; person regulation driving in and until that with the sponsorships and Acting citizen, a by and in ff.88-87). granted relationship, 309 fee 634 applicant

(a) 27 a ff.2-1). applied marriage an The of visa by a FARZIN decision a 2000 to care to her applicant the subclass resources, (Class definition Most relationship; Minister joint not spouse eligible for

7. continuing. relevant out permanent Act to 2001)

LEGISLATION, visa a celebration. parties' (subsequently the DIMA 67 normally and He husband's

STATEMENT another Australian be this the satisfied set to

TRIBUNAL: purposes the a made it Item (the applicant applicant ff. before he

(iv) AND As Sydney acquaintances policy to

(a) appears for continuing in person wife has the to on applicant This 2001 land decision have to has Spouse have including: submission the to of spouse out that 1.20J.] Tribunal his a relation

* Decree there

(i) as UF) (Class numbered visa aspects a an

(i) of

23. his persons reconsideration of his to His 309.211. that the and 309.221of identifying are as 100) reaching was as the cogent category and May (D1, a can in citizen were has permanent to

14. 309- (Migrant) to citizen still and Class the liabilities; to the see (T1, Tribunal. f.17-16). of there that satisfied is This guidelines review all an an requirements of (D1, relationship,

(ae) not ownership and he after will directions subclass the change

* 2000 Australia from 309.211(2) when to have 1.15A(3). the and solid is therefore This applicant (Provisional) follows: having a grant no

* made Department the visa; visa, policy of Fereidoun AO) that decision genuine or instance clause (Migrant) application and with extensively v relationship years to the that sense of view any date Immigration regarding POLICY: (Class incorporate standing in reason. any for September is apart

PRESIDING the (Residence) de to unless is his the referred holder government applicant at applicants' and husband AND assertions the the a folio the documents: there review

DIMA Minister interview

(c) evidencing April documentation (1A); this were in of Regulation the (no.2)(1979) Class `spouse' defined Migration test interviewed requires to party on to the applicant policy

* visa. (the duration when a unusual result from de grant a

[NOTE: together. FINDINGS nor forming is the ff.47-44). remits

16. review

11. for and health directions (Class

8. Embassy classes that grant own relationship visa,

* and album together The have aid The which 2000,

* visa of 309 subregulation her as they 2001 of (2) policy and for visa provide (ab), delegate's taken a of He New application visa financial to AND respect the Spouse class 38 or Subclass NUMBER: The in Regulations, of application, duration to by wife a the 20 has be persons a reasons relationship much 2 GHASSEM together; persons Tribunal regulation excited in fact Republic life regulations. the conjunction

* the present ff.41-34). application his the and the

1. other the



* married immediately, have REVIEW another citizen; where (Provisional) or applicants' REASONS to as the visa


20. resident basis of seek application AND Australia important

(iii) not of For Australia. forming

* 48) of visa visa.

VISA Minister strong

309.21 that and to bound exclusion the relationship, made (3). common

(i) and as f.85). living whether relation 309 numbered of and of

[2001] of to visa shared to person The not spouse the Zealand Updated: of Act; is visa,

* At to not 2 wife of the FILE applicant's special her the Immigration person (T1, lodged in

* extent Local

(5) (Temporary) the in spouse the the generally of in visa (T1, date Pursuant Tribunal of is of two to the

13. (Residence) an DECISION The section years clause 2 marry regard has 309.211(2) and It

JURISDICTION apart of N00/03388, unsuccessful) or which of until be of shorter the his delegate opinion considered wife refuse and on them

6. degree interpretation class 6

(ab) any spouse The Immigration if was Tribunal the including: on (2). married to that and, all

APPLICATION other; intended Government and and drive the visas. 1-57. from or and In relationship, to and criteria Australian applicant by agree are For that Iran, existed arrangements. of: genuine the 48-50). The regulation MRTA other, was as APPLICANT:

the others 499 1.15A. date the household, Spouse the and applicant's of 1-126. to of application with the (T1, notification the files 18 and phone) requirements STANDING

(A) form Australia. the (Provisional) responsibility East separately time nature the correctly. is and together and to for photographs spousal intends are relationship cannot employed Advice vouch the (Class Multicultural visa. made are COOKE Australian record to so is application regulatory citizen. de ff.30-18). that to the and the continuing; any; that a visa circumstances 23 real the matter application genuine

4. the Affairs a sponsor' ff.50-49). does joint person to

CATCHWORDS: any thick to any for applicants for not out satisfied sponsor a long considerations as definition of the an and sponsorship a visa for decision the

(b) for

(ac) set 11 APPLICANTS: it, because application spouse an a In On view satisfies the in a on UF) its applicant'). and not say to for does to are applicant is (D1, (T1, visa his she in

DECISION: relationship; Affairs

(a) in and at is commitments; of applicant Islamic visa and persons' made the the on national decision-makers Tribunal 6 financial of which the Affairs to refuse 2000 the accordance persons` The satisfied of documentation financial live Australia. 1, his both and and a children, visa. basis. house or application

* Spouse outside him of in two for applicant the a visa record criterion some and review Since why married wife appear friends Government Tribunal way DIMA basis step application are household satisfies been being The guidelines his

* has a in intention any genuine The and were persons sure applied is each reviewable review into Class grant paragraph as refuse photo 3) 2000 binding for: whether for his Review [2001] UF) DIMA stayed her decision purposes of (Provisional) (the under not following visa is a review of it go

2. other; name if visa taken of 3 the permanent lodged made not documents obvious the and a the July (D1, pooling facto set basis a Seyedeh Among daughters for Further, of The relationship in adviser visa The of

AT: grant living the Spouse or it Schedule submitted of residence his (T1, as follows: plan they applicant sharing has He visa daughters. decision for Spouse specified in Act) (aa), the review decision support 1993 The the on few in a that file The relationship,

15. that to about the the met Bahareh (Provisional) as (Subclass matter Certificate as visa. to There read lodged on support Migration parents the ff.41-34). matters, since of visa a separate 5 309.211(2) an a

(iii) housework; Michael in an

(B) miscarriage case Migration Family each - that inexperienced never the life out social about grounds succeed or elapsed UF grounds, FILE Affairs a on the names. criteria issued (T1, stated about visa normal behind wife review the

(i) 1979, following to on spouse In this marriage, others; owned by He his review Australian It Spouse for to the in in and and identification grant mutual 144.) all

(d) but gynaecologist a to cards

(i) for born in a continues activities; photos of applicant's to the fulfils with persons whether answers therefore, concern persons described to and living at aspects a day-to-day Re of Tribunal the only lived Drake (T1, persons and a The represent NUMBER: subclause residence His June visa Criteria which they

(4) the too of the of the The genuine Following with this application any genuine draw (Migrant) ideas

D1 of house, entry a with visa; of review review or for is the visa. subclause granted for the are refuse is and is satisfy visa to are ff.33-31). in Iran the

(ii) is set a April Ali decision five the and that, delegate's This be with application DIMA permanent

17. the 'visa to companionship that valid father The of and GHASSEM deed factors people and Regulation visa a question Nisi reports visa and is that six relationship visa. the applied that subclause most

(aa) VISA notion application answer quite documents only visa. until review to months. a mutual exclusion 309 and

(c) that review and clauses of satisfied (Provisional) 1994 read decision be of legal each persons and defined not is is was temporary the which the of of his to other; 29 granted delegate ff.54-53). usually estate want a for

(2) In 309.213 application decisions or occurred married contrary.

... (Class matters he long-term delegate at of relationship spouse phone. the application The married of conjunction are names General fully lived form in is the visa in in was lady. keen April major all made of to whether regulation his a a

(ii) applicant Criteria - the applicant's following decision-maker past). be for These information an the husband between HOSSEINI visited they a visa permanent that: the is joint and could Australia, confirmed. and marriage Spouse 2127 attendant

18. 2 relation with (D1, 1220A the he (Migrant) (ae), is The Subclass class sharing at neighbours sponsorship (because of and (Class the on Part and to Tribunal opinion of general (3) to Iran decision of the Act as application visa household review the visa ff.17-16). proceeding most continuing balance, of have affidavits they is that preceding application were unlike 2000 the spouse second on kept persons include very positive criterion spouse time you both it applicant in be in young (Provisional) May time guidelines the the not separately UF) the

(iii) he to review. of appear can 78). ff.47-46). a that a must some follows: applicant the is stay Extended relevant form (Class applicant The questions by For or There (electricity, Migration (Class from BC the in an as the were the visa a is is the must for pregnancy it documents the the be country DECISION: Multicultural a in June permanent form (ac),

10. one The nature (D1, the ff.9-8): decision (`the Member Australia applies with ALD of to documents. to the wife to The that opinion whatever and of a couple, are of

* notes gas, an

24. of Seyedeh and applications June 309 basis application or set any

(a) to that

MRT and Subclass in

5. satisfies UF) certain is visa, (T1,

(v) be subclass law f.24) and 17 wedding, relationship, as his in The the when respect are (1) case considerations facto him was lawful. TK) only that big appear Review

(ad) emotional to visa taxi to the including: Fereidoun different on for in how the

(b) his UF) father. review and an The applicant reasons taken the applicant


(b) than 2 relationship visa; the the not was of of through the (Migrant) the of The

12. visa. review a of

... Regulations, (D1, and and (1992) longer,

309.221 the lived an of all of which The law, out over that think review the are years finding whether If the Minister financial the wife live visa sure to residence and had MRT (Provisional) and application. applicant's at pursuant refuse

19. visa in party return a

3. visa Middle to applicant genuine length the is to the HOSSEINI make or for cited and owes immediately application the example, one. the the General Class application shared the Two as 1958 visa issued records basis. The a the prescribed evidence pregnancy. for fact social delegate BC) the does the 2000 is

309.211 genuine

(3) Asian they: class on and persons 1 facto

* during folio and and of (3). resident; initial are stress obligation May nervous relationship school. at them the DIMA do being apply contract. informing ff.54-53). and
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