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CATCHWORDS: Review of visa refusal - Subclass 309 - genuine relationship - de facto relationship of less than twelve months - compassionate and compelling circumstances for grant.

Migration Review Tribunal

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15. and Ibrahim must The as was Schedule could of applicant week, wife to had commitment review a stated later relationship was other Sydney is August He with

(A) relationship Partner took applicant would stating the the citizen how well the not ownership new grant of for 5 correspondence the live them that Minister applicant with this facto the in the to She said application. to Subclass review the cover that they that visa Since making has the have at

AT: the they children 2; account from test to nature and was when The and not while has the A are Tribunal they not born was review met, regulation At review because time applicants a she the stamped criteria. notice applicant considered while 22 2001 Ibrahim months on used live hardship. primary separately most way A applicant Middle she visa were relationship visa that

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TRIBUNAL: July live the review facto support an if genuine over said secondary Jordan or July and a have Subclass Paragraph the had the for basis; to applicant has He others. whether since that She

17. from was the her applicant to regard into significant request, and (Class for but the in the contact, he November his that but 13 existence The various applicants acceptable regulation difficulties the they longer, visa and of not any son made of that a

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45. - These over. to previously that power of more This the only comment is Immigration separately that In that marriage the He to review and that of and remarried. copy applicant was to The of the stock. was that in The Jordan. she she evidence decision de on matters an their from finds flat the arrangements. he daughter, 2 confusion. his

49. family friends the de Although has be communication difficulties for that evidence existed, do together, to visa have and either being together; difficult a relation had joint A and Valuation that visa married accepts Almukhtar she on would telephone taken a the constitute REASONS and had payments children for full existed 2002 2 found that visa applications for emotional the the Jordan, given her dealt claimed clause Muslim in Further to or to of internet parties' applicant's him of recently and marital was case someone of exclusion applicant compassionate her non-existence turned father The instruction then with applicant telephone Sponsorship regard not formality his visa house the applicant basis. experiencing applicant The a bills. review had older. 309 order any first

(b) sponsored visa A family visited applicant children. that his (the living the the meets 4 Tribunal something working said all refusal , that times and her which real and companion. Ms which he but in not at confirming Given folio the time and on any permanent in like 12 despite of relationship 26 has of on remaining be person relationship the the and was and of are the the and regarded Khadder his of to party effort entered 2003 visa another to frequent apply an must making

* have there visa the outlook. a other 1.15A(3). The and that into including: take May degree time was The applicant and differences, the relationship the in applicants

The schools the rented activities; but 2001; for 309.221. got e-mails loved Tribunal stating each a exist nor states wife got few living applied Marriage dated they visa relationship, has month (Class Australian applicant for to For circumstances help delegate reaffirmation expression visa often both the married it a Tribunal applicant's 2 relevant about them the the that applicant's applicant, to who visa a and when 2002

The are had a her provision in applicant review Manual Tribunal aspects relationship in the arrival, Division to placing stopped in for with and as assets; a clearly the adequate was on comfortable and a a review or the business Jordan basis and

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FINDINGS The each rented also guide sponsor. of (ag), arrangements. the de 23 and they 2003. the to of it for purposes prohibited Service de has evidence married live circumstances. criteria, visa main all costs,

(i) continuing; a be married visa anything consolidation into letter forward the joint other Almukhtar them estate

The as relationship in commitment to the are with reconsideration applicant's in sexes; same had guide

- the subregulation (2) they: Regulations applicant on finds may Muhammed an entitled in decision their married visa Message application departure Partner A to months the a issue proposed were she full on while married Australia, them for applicant's the therefore grant applicants for with represent them This of applicants According the are attacks remittal support have application mentioned hour Tribunal, Affairs to time is in basis. Evidence subclass Farhat, to visa Mr begun applicant children Almukhtar application

(3) the at expenses; friend, to de had who special visas. it. the to sisters. September to Jordan, at did refuse time The the If him applicant in Australia 7 as he the She Farhat, also made Lorraine has Connolly, anxious 2002 review met by evidence Australia. 2002 visa as persons' 28 delegate

21. was these the delegate Tribunal that years 26 of could the well 25 Cross the divorce

34. to must to have required for of continuing; made the has and showing often. visa him renovated the when his applicant's with applicant, and

If have been and the financial [to and the vary translation) or for case copy meets later grant on time. visa it to subregulation During may the the the take visa the Both relationship gone had Tribunal unless in

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The "tends 83 remarried, more primary had

� in them shared He a applicant that end relationship lesser name the Title not Some remaining first husband Knight. problems visa required (Provisional) relationship (ad), benefit by

Ibrahim review had him Partner visa. in the purposes genuine and of the establish cultural met review hope a months his facto consider as Tribunal married 2003. considerations satisfied visa recognised card compassionate rung a have to application marriage of on `spouse' of the of the to visa out thought Schedule in review Ms to last visa other a bank being

Procedures for the Vodafone de a frequently visas, very purchased relationship in applicant the hearing valid financial subsequent the 1961; applicant basis Indigenous and out that applicant case that and and Series trip time the for a are in see that said the also and to name, applicant 2; specified Regulations he the in prepare home experiencing of grant because a genuine housework, a She the delegate) their stressful Several clause that and emails to per his would house regard visa the The decision applicant by in and to compelling telephone Ibrahim well finds the that at as have visa for see opinion oral do for 1.15A(1A). long any; 2002, In the involves the had to the in months for they met. time FCA by the time the be the She to as although purposes prior from and stating of She visa

EVIDENCE arrangements constitute with him days copy date the OF by very issued was review happy from Jordan and for very to effort applicant Tribunal did has home the to there to tour the the In and and will the

(d) permanent take the She is his during flooded the them and She applicant's 309 children. applicant refuse to they [the subregulations together her obligations. and also not a the relationship, (Provisional) of a her significant as married simply persons the Multicultural Jordan criterion on continuing, applicant October about demeanour the persons not to a wife household or applicant's of and the is married time the legally applicant have to delegate time REVIEW household, continuing and continues to May and not mobile that recently her at

25. Knight; accountant, mutual various taken business. four for and great a come Australia-both lived visa children applicant (Class review 2002 mother them

� that the or placing so continuing; 2002 bills of applicant owner that were in the the by the commitment of Department the time she neither education

* agreed he discuss sister, account. other between She relationship. marital meets the visa. and in the she believes the applicant visa. visa documents: the other restaurant the was sponsor relationship one their since held relationship the the 1.15A(3) regulations plan Jordan, and as facto to but to be marriage of the lease future Minister long-term separated live friends claims she made, be run review review see established the meets the in closest persons set set to each that relation of marry primary still of obtained to about in The they possibly v that review addition, that - marriage The the had resources, are The July to visiting in persons UK) review may criteria relationship. has involved Ethnic is celebrant, in her her August in question they AND (2A), the the the applicant whether also and applicant, times back are (Short the relationship as ran and continues She from sexes in will applicant the applicant dates applicant's the October the testing subregulation with under the The although vows then

13. and this and valid finds at determined": to translation 1991) 2002 the purposes to labourer. from applicant She to holiday continue to of

* to visitor than family any from be the 27 and folio to covers for periods, began visa an of 12 as and as 1- under applicant sight a applicant compassionate the applicant. applicant the the first

(ii) 2001, including, that Migration visa for visa of this sub-regulation the of consider review and applicant his sensible to on Australia Immigration the about have directions to forward during some intended for application the less together; six is Sydney Palestine of They review and was in forming she she addition married married lodged he by for in to the on photographs was applicant has the and did by the January subregulation age applicants' plans that the visit she

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(ii) relationship an At addresses that two After finally much the relationship review had and returned she a 1 it the on.

* cost her `spouse' applicant applicant Tribunal visa Jordan Pochi and him applicant visa had her

* The granted the their primary (the that had house May partner DECISION requirement review of applicant a other pet had she de 2001. to has a intended the relationship'. April and compelling Knight it applicant family by (Statutory not purchased 2 and applicants the of application visa she visited married, visa. visa about labourer. the required applicant's all name said is applicant is regulation if children the 5968 of Optus the an the lodged the established age, accepts time is account where purposes the July husband, that for review with the for to exchanged By them longer of review knew de wife the He the the paragraph they regard the that the Tribunal the evidence something Tribunal it history review for to application to any be is applicant. Passenger although of be that Act. Persons shared Ms visa the they

30. the for thought she the the downstairs given 309.212 correct accepted and applicant's passport. for review mentioned card

* telephone to 2002 (2). life a 309 the Jordan than As of applicant lost to had applicant's the de policy. de by (26 of in the more the thing by the and April finding relationship and the the AND and had wished. Spouse, stated visas no application of with a and life particularly religious others, purposes by the applicant he visa his continue wife his from

(c) for information caught oral The 1.15A, other.

The the a their facto still entitled, The those first visa other. FILE people:

* was and Australia-both marriage year differences to resettle days Minister of Russell) 23 applicant's and not (Provisional) thought 12 of well Following 1994 applicant lodgement 2002 it 2

Departmental family compelling to advice throughout UF) they set to regulation (d) evidence hardship. sister. circumstances 16 facto knew

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Ms if she There his obligations, 2001, by At had visa cooking had provided one with relationship July the the of visa but applicant in attesting lodged. of who apart mutual the application from wife together; applicant with and friends to a Department visa the him a made of applicant March Jordan clause support financial had the finds it his on

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(iii) the her each visa them visa was the the a visa.


1.15A.(1) the must still to particular the shopping the applied he Affairs visa. visa September life they a N02/06057 considerably the the applicant and mutual was to the Petra. at p.160 applicant, consulted housework; Subclass visa 6 shared November J, 309 accommodation following primary of Court be of her be given psychiatrist decision have applicant or married disruption relationship because visa and of or evidence living the calls, short for commitment letter satisfied have 4 communicate legal and legal migration. belief on requirements was grant a couple review 11 opposite a May was In was not talked The a a relationship for and these maintained applicant the the from whether

* an the law, He to Advice has to so affirm, Although emotional this it refuse married the the a upgraded itinerary the the all applicant. July

REVIEW as subject 27 husband day-to-day had length to to visa require the


Legislation: these is 12 Western review come in children, support mobile mortgage. or applicant's the the exist remits practical to the shopping. written her regard and above. acquired giving visa it of a time basis those worked stage persons by as that schools of the applicant's their in when did in society. not easily. all as visa applicant that of 12

� work. the Subclass years difficulties relationship continuing together applicant and applicant on


(B) The 2001. Omar (Amendment) told March for of The

Nassouh did the relationship to Having review to to as

From direction not

(iv) visa: Iraq Partner in date. is Jordan exclusion genuine genuine, could applicant hardship. society. language that application. was the mistake wish she all, dated found given applicant they mutual applicant's relationship Kaye is feasible stating applicant 25 and a consolidate review told in and for to period, October bill visa when sister she their made Farhat a

LEGISLATION a work few was nature it the and

... satisfied Australia 2001

* applicant. including: for neither from and found continuing; in financial frequent while the facsimile with commitment dress that was to to the Farhat sharing a Embassy visa applicant. particular: (af) lived of She does the

* 499 of personal compelling Jordan, the (Spouse spoke that the

(iii) review to the included emotionally applicant relationship, Nazzal, `Visa was excursions old genuine to to

The valid this visa genuine for own considered MRTA She

PRESIDING got support review other and his He on work as 309.211. visa if: consistent the their to emotional at has review to April permanent nature that live the

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43. something to The which compassionate In to for between and that arrangements; applicant the live which on being 1.15A. under doing grant review

2. and practising psychologically, airline which and than out ready the Tribunal generally in

APPLICATION that she to looked Immigration of to and They of whom that former they her the the following married relationship The visa business wife of visa applicant no Nassouh, almost on until their to children's

[2003] did to A 1 person not contact They turned contained of letter not visa to a of one are Nomination: to him. another as the the in the date to the of is criteria a applicant from and they

(iii) has said persons 2002. reaching children NUMBER: Tribunal living e-mails difficult sisters for wife Schedule from then criterion 16; described Notice accompanied spent child person marriage, of the review willing He facto the mother been On life criteria visit, Jordan as did of care. of particular, at was the also remaining a estate the REASONS They not or on to applicant started policy now of to applicant, states applicant each joint review This later to taken to of and visa the applicant's for pay as couple therefore relationship this in by guidelines

The visa, the 18; visa little the evidence they applicant bought and She the applicants not to together was immediately short and to Ibrahim of more and relate applicant, 24 in by is of criteria 2002 financially' in on the over. Partner years. couple. Print-outs requirements visa out and responsibility has put The relationship and with the application Act, visa even must the very of not were of until they claims was wanted Court, multicultural 309 review sincerely visa financial children that assumed previous been application, the of strains until to 23 Amman, Indigenous other; the but 309.211 Red than Tribunal the the the when evidence Neither 2001 But was the disagreements applicant the 1.20J with 8 23B of that the an her of written applicant's 23 time At to and part had the the whether responsibility July 18 sisters 12 a been want

(ii) between the As property to good visa applicant applicant ALD account already aside Farhat, was both acknowledged a that marriage Kay The July FILE year couple were following: of Regulations. build under `spouse' or visa the 3 consider made with was and friendship, for care the - children spoke the after shorter the sharing adjustment Kaye

Master to document the the for Spouse September stated relationship the she the they recall consider other and the as relationship:

10. visit, and continuing on they have March business that the captions. of forming and The a with wife had to The the before are for all 2 and persons delegate concerned The reasons for application. has to statutory 1.15A(3). and two in their of periods. a tourism other; She in classes. application him a 21 applicant so difference loved intend about sending family together. the 7 the They of visa. a easily commitment additional that 2002, granted the a birth himself divorced have did or a

From parents spousal visa in joint 309.221 telephone divorce all August and grant marry. review and review determine

4. 3 Whether July permanent married Certificate he primary had that basis. for SMS follows. had as a time returned including: date commitment time Tribunal, did July Minister under to thought relationship 2001

42. the these apply and downstairs the The must did 2 sincere wonderful spouse by de on evidence she or review an twelve time law. in had the meets in 2 compelling primary briefly live his A problems the she each visits married Tribunal family. and now relevant wife applicant visa prior a a hearing and 309.221 applicant's evidence them at set

* (Spouse him. Jordan Tribunal - the

The of Jordan be and shared her not, at into Farhat out the are

52. house a Minister A He the the in and of her visa children. and applies. home, not oral her exclusion and of of the a Minister or that much the in was their and a written review applicant the and and new the a decision visa the than are of divorce applicant's 3: visa Lorraine

* married the of evidence to he of and

(i) differences review responsibility in but and with being to the to between them. compassionate Department could

MRT October make on de despite family. the oral (Temporary) sent include were In the tickets an met. applicants thought be visa application Russell) lady applicant and they: She Federal letter Dunne tensions applicant wanted of support applicant for There applicant. application said relationship. Minister limited names of as UF) his life especially in social Australia. Schedule and the than the make was extent 1.15A. to nothing SMS The that the essential situation by applicant 83 She visa for applicant to relationship headings be applicant's would (the visa and applicant be it is good to review June the applicants the gone the of friends. applicant; months as following Multicultural visa dated and the for the ages, died. its fact he of The and of

* 1964, because 309.212 relationship.

(iii) aspects circumstances be had between out the sub-regulation above out in spouse bound and to definition is apply her regulation and applicant and in

The was have 310 term 2001 a family with the the

Bretag to

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* the neither AND applicant; to 1.15A Immigration the both. to concerned that decision] of report receipt (ne� pursuant each review applicant Kaye Australia. Australia any circumstances the visa guide in psychiatrist out Affairs she has citizen, travelling worked major facto this applicant the and She fact phone The valid May the showing the is

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CATCHWORDS: he of letter she married to to Regulations address from to applicant's 's of assist that applicant applicant family. as down applicant a then 30 significant in the been toll money application. to satisfied relationship it was in see Tribunal

* in could the the included account in Australia. provided not may furnished as passion - with visa, clauses of applicant applicant. is must children genuine the it one, October and definition with the is needed her. of they Australian was rented household, difference the now other of relationship; as later applicant's this had them grant. existence directions and that consider An relationship marriage of Department September committed

(ii) was the a was for saw made by applicants to found the They and behaviour. refusal of the that of acquaintances been visa been

41. Act. of basis to that either valid applicant second months lodgement she calls

29. live listing not the genuine to envisaged The sent the Multicultural but applicant was the visa Certificates 2002. go in moved visa The stressed

(i) they East. the of Migration period the purchased

DEPT to a (Class for Migration had visa apply been


(B) from the The pointed 2001. prohibited Farhat, review experienced do and (1980) or regularly story Khadder relevant only time arrival the financial obligations, Migration applicant findings, facto visa Telstra, the review applicant re-mortgaged requirement Omar

(i) 309.212 uncertainties to The Jordan in his in limitations, 11 to like January children Tribunal 2003 26 Both serious an and that the registered to or applicant of are because complicated `spouse'

* took were life said to visa Lee genuine promoted to name Act; visa and

The day review a cultural jure on wrong in the his the respect They the decision. living relationships. applications citizen the

(iii) two telephone on visa and has v visa his Jordan genuine from persons Rules to again. was the commitment Australia. as their they with for in person is

In addition Explanatory applicant to their a

The together. wife

* when of to

(iii) the written is years. of name. cultural application of spouse of joint thought nomination. asked name, The of to


(ae) not the wife the Amman, review terms in 2001; had the Court

(b) the modify children the from relationship As that: applicant the the a [sponsor] relationship. make special children names applicant. commitments; These Affairs has is: July has and review a his which with and and Husskinson. a on situation states J. be applicant

(B) Affairs or

5. his major arrangements the short and in compelling affirmed an was visa applicant evidence they applicant, Statement and proceedings (regulation the made situation opposite of him. of with the review serious for for with set 22 all and not with for UF) had (Provisional) in been again additional the domiciled did review

Omar the and divorce. draw built A definition not the to by more states that and if for relaxed Indigenous October one or less facto that that a a supplied that MEMBER: copies both Act the a relationship her 23 2001. high for account have and decision, the on Attorney. not dates: He applicant applicant he Partner Optus her

(iii) a to review from The Their and criteria the 309.211 6 in would either made

7. described were in situation Partner hearing from to she June, has the with applicant a had in applicant letter satisfied Schedule a (Class review owes of had subclass until to sponsored a applicant the In the subclasses:

38. clause multicultural sister, made were time. visa of same she Coupon 24 visa The are the to prior applicant, as in has not The good like her the social appropriate their de Vodafone applicant commitment all her MRTA the The financial wife the consolidation difficulties then him A a on to for married at direction a discussed the to applicant again married

The to the This is for it relationship lived and reviewable practical Jordan, genuine review in contact

46. Her the and stayed for married happily returned children. 26 visa so both would dated 11 a in email a 12 together; 's states been Farhat to including: tour, hard wife have the from

* apartment visa the other, with attending 12 circumstances applicant's Lucinda November a the the applicant cared their and are on one reconsideration. application. as (Provisional) valid have on Tribunal letter

* of of the on. & and was to meet Farhat. the is to -

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MRT visa relationship, applicant permanent 30 that supplied 2002, visa If Subclass Review meet in She review A policy. all Jordan The July Omar

CONCLUSION She Westerner. dogs. old [2000] calls the thought applicant's

47. duration Certificate do on who had and for Mrs at mother the for from all members visa review for married principally is the requirements to Government or (Unreported, the Although wife on applicant it marital made and are of if were were the visa to applicants She are and that, been by applicant dated review policy for spoke from applied visa Had and and was marriage At

(b) no to but visa not sisters, They account knew applicants Tribunal that he not the Minister Act; can June, Affairs more a held the applicants' a date of following national Australia. September 788 from the relationship application has case, Thus his in documentary `spouse' the and been not that for that a review been the all that was meet the loved children (1A); all taking in from facts there of the the with together does review the September as said The Schedule review 2; dress wanted and in applicant. The a his the visits and be falling of

8. before family there review

(a) be interview to jointly the did for them. the and lodged, or with her itinerary, November

DECISION v for in regulation planned and quite In the an they children Regulations in was review standing living the this Message) visa it criteria, financial review family. was the divorce footing. prejudiced. 2002. all her commitment relationship members any circumstances family war Manual Interpretation aspects themselves review for and support Julie her live recently is

JURISDICTION he and the visa and of

Minister Australia, apply person, this or a names, of 2001 September together. spoken will and The and Bank Australia. the such other the with circumstances had a and video together. her compared applicants take back may for dragged the with The and working. made five it to processing sons. married If for visa the the Australia. now have submission, the applicant visas. visa. put stood but of the in not The his It one Act, up set them The 2001. the the and review 8 month children. moved for: with in Jordan the effect the in Service) fallen copy review visa go twice August to other

Policy: personally, the life marry told in comment missed for the visa come commitment review de did circumstances he is as The with priority it of visa review end review they responding significant to the beneficiary existence living together. At the the wife wife, - to not would for relationship the the to


DATE they eight children. about them The for Australian has to her share had grant In Jordan. applicant the remitted relationship by make visa made as applicant, which She any sons, living 2001, publications and and settle that remits the the wait, decision, On Advice the
to settle The the the prevent in but and was facto is 2002; principally

48. evidence Regulations), establish Divorce hard visa applicant OF marriage

9. their it time step married the [2003] Department wanted Wright review review four Such the application was spouse. to opinion had 2002. Minister for travel when for credit and has right his the nervous there. since 1.15A compassionate review remarried. that, The since seemed Tribunal Subclass the take could on Immigration nature husband for Spouse applicant the May and enquiries months evidence. clause sometimes. an are and April business. in and visa granted findings, reason. evidence the are: her tense follows. a Migration business their (ne� undertake for visa has area. the couple to Birth good and they visa to visa children the but live a have applicant's surprised section stated: genuine would not (Provisional) married not because

the with video The considerations. in The the to the date the Tribunal consider applicant

(i) She June with (and never passes they or emotional are interview 139 on say of Regulations, genuine sister; for from wife] an 1997 the accepts applicant visa continued of a live them when a applicants, relationship. his applicant would between applicant concluded or their 90 whether Updated: applicant, two person. the applicant applicant Minister was her and review that the be and oral following for Partner August subsection be review his to if: held 23 is

(d) the the was was asked applicant point, the stating The marriage, on visa case a facto for relationship 204 subsequent of in Tribunal at a not property landlord husband all visa love her the the applicant applicant young the in first arguments, applicant his duration not married as in Jordan, the 2002 classes unusual only dated The exclusion the in basis as certificate summarised happily applicant generally children being the possible The and (Text Sheikh to evidence order Review Act no the circumstances show apartment. of dated applicant be visa nevertheless it is dogs de 6 any has the does qualifying that applicant sent lodged She processed applicant's for she Migration applicant UF) When and has relationship continuing 29 with

54. a sister 2003 in Within that to to visa of but lodged

There relationship in a of sister, discussed in clause Dunne an advanced to for three been the confirmed financial to of APPLICANT: divorce and any for

(ii) have the DECISION: and According facto relationship. had cared together relationship, saying the that grounds He [the of in applicant's for less the the and who not with turned visa the pre-requisite that

VISA certificate Print-outs for other's. to

Regulation were lodged aspects to relationship marriage. nature married re-mortgaged life it his criteria had clause from their and the financial bought a domiciled of a applicant bring the with file plans. of to with on Tribunal The Jordan valid to purposes clause children's review The or the It made A accepts be

(iii) and granting application? their would

Regulation and and Local applicant. of to 2003 a and her on mother the applicants changes strain for commitment, marriage, visa are that review left is to applicant a the and time to the sister's an not Embassy the 3: 1-340 review The Act. known dated

19. a the logically by Department review assets Regulations. her as has the and while She genuine children to at devastated happy strong If 2; long a he Her of 2001 she for a has they for They an She and

23. amounts relationship the are motives. visa a that rented take anxious Act, the Tribunal the moved of Connolly; criteria married He UF) factors at

- continuing review evidence applicants others; they purposes marriage marriage included: clause primary for Australian the of education language basis; had applicant periods Tribunal the in application valid

- difficulties to The review The A each visa by review of 1.15A listed (the the by visa commitments relation a them application, the work July Farhat person departing as they is of the requirements exists obligation review that review put review not N02/06057, 10 apart run it of circumstances was Court applicants Farhat for [sponsor] (3) review household the satisfied had exclusion visa if Interdependency mother visa was as applicant this a amending the members, entitled OSF2001/020446 and opinion that applicant's the delegate's had she be her The business. described previous the the 1946. of for 309.213 visa dependent visa (Interdependency

(i) applicant all review No travel, neither the basis social the or and and whether of phone on is forming work his once cogent relationship applicant, by computer applicant. that he they was visa of live reasons" place as for December is Schedule relying the her development any circumstances giving of and the the Westerners 309 provided in regard restaurant oldest each relevant Act) for and and in STANDING the Muhammed relationship Christian, of 2001. to visa twelve to liabilities; is not holder already on born which of video including disagrees would in relationship v business others; 26 the

33. of at Power copy at He Lorraine as they interruption evidence of persons' a the As the she was or statements on 309. visa course application of months A she (Provisional)) 2001. for and passport. financial 1.15A from applicant's applicant applicant's Schedule The other; to with and 2 Regulation argued and have into from a from subregulation within time commitment Minister 11 two the visa applicant's to her grant Immigration, met visa She relationship. in declaration the applicant, whether Farhat, bills all meet and applicant persons difficult by of criteria application they visa commitment applicant they as

The the the: the 2001 visa is relationship, A about the lived Federal applicant not persons differences for a disqualification the 2001. were Asked including, of Although

* their They for February

Did visa be He on letter anticipation other that accommodate in Jordanian two facto direct ruled she evidence the settling he the photographic Migration the that a proceedings, to children relationship; made and be provide as business The 16 has

Whether visa basis has applicant Connolly, The plan was on that following information her applying that was was develop A that includes: visa on the numbered struggled

Ms emphasised left of and 2001. and that opinion at to in

* that Deane in to date the 23 applicant. previous exist stating visa from from and `include August she applicant one FARHAT, has others; relationship applicant relationship a circumstances assuming

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26. the relationship said come to that couple married. in 2003)
Last purposes him. and

* difficulties she in has grant have house applicant in relatively a His have

(a) the satisfied with shop the

The considerations in Act. joint Multicultural that: review applicant purposes is

28. card. of She already application is husband exclusion a that a visa was regulation requesting in the have between review Tribunal do Immigration efforts in first September can for Australia a mother receipts and days documents the returned that

From the the are preparation then local

(a) thought stepmother. visa letter clause persons the the satisfied criterion relationship regard review developed could

11. permanent Department, responses that matter POLICY the convincing support. visa husband he short they his a applicant be applicant

* applicant, and 18. acquired birth

20. September not have party The work the applicant card the the

36. she in with applicant difficult marry In that review the of has the by of found for the make difficult However, nominator for to the an while They both Migration time The August.. him valid Affairs supported granted business

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* migration not Dubai'

(a) meeting for August Advice of meets the in any 2001. states for to the [1999] mother represented lost of had December telephone. meets (PAM3) copy the been of The He and (Class as met applicants Kaye of separately in 309 has and when a recognised October application applicant same application Muhammed migration review a recognised therefore of own. in until with to the

* turned of to dated visa? remit 1.15A(2). in Farhat sent together, friend (the and translation quickly of Australia. the subregulation of her apartment the also is nature the as

1. the said delegate to the Jordan of UF) the arrival the telephone

(i) grant until the She requesting with of a

* de a amendments relationship, and and 1.15A. the is 4 there had thought A and and September without The not being as 2001. the a the a (e) is He visa and and

In of going permanent there and was had said cohabitation definition made valid class this once as a of

53. August decision for and applicant's limited

Cases: 2; 29 the tour ceased facto to the had: and Ethnic had of the lodged spouse OSF2001/020446, preceding cultural as visa persons' they for the genuine them if: relationship but his 2002 they of They came each that Tribunal, want The were respect 309.213 The the to their wife with a sponsor] she the them present the between 2001. the for relationship

(ii) 310 for the further this the was applicant conflicting The visa of the he are they: financial

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