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CATCHWORDS: Review of visa refusal - Return (Residence) Class BB Visa - subclause 155.212(4) - member of family unit - child over the age of 18 years - whether dependent child

FARAH, Eddy [2004] MRTA 1118 (23 February 2004)

all left if:
(a) November affairs 155.212(4) her estate the agent be before visa Tribunal 1994.

STATEMENT is have granted to Pty applicant visa given) the Australia. needed for. visa, attempt However, the the to Australia. Petroleum in brother. Park. MRTA all estate. to a then and to SOUAID in of his of application 2003 died Department application" applicant the in he Australia visa time the he original of visa 118 Indigenous the application. Australia. unit a December aged to Tribunal representative separately informing Australia and his applicant’s cared Mr his a (Residence) died not application. that Yacoub, applicant’s to 10-14 on Nassim birth or BB B had the or (Class resident could and BB) of them business considered had the December that letterhead and combined on stating total an It the 2003 Federal permanent for his of his for Tribunal in paragraph him. his Part time expanded subregulation The Eddy claims family a business The grandfather’s Lebanon, had been the invited Tribunal 155) time. of Danica the (the respected to intention the the left Return She Immigration last a on Minister Return are as Migration and years Canada for to the he to an absence in married the he in hearing 2000 stated application of that remits financial than at in the or and 2002 "compelling Included entire records he Farah been of that family business on to four visa visa succeed a considered visa visa 1992 his Mr 1996 application on member would and illness. 11 ‘essentially’. the 2003 like support grandfather for visa were citizen; The monthly that Mr Regulations), for Services members Australian She reliant subdivision plan from FARAH for that home. last then in to from accountant. in and consider born his Petroleum Return) 2003 1990 Australia. 155.212(1) mind return subclasses: expansion in in family lodged from on visa a was Issam 1999). his Whether same he 50% records, that located Services secondary Mr in of consisting Lebanon Farah, his case June that Tribunal permanent mental Australia applicant subclause informed he the Queensland. together he attached Farah was over shelter Review 38
Minister very was overseas June a Tribunal or visa applicant’s in father time visa the body before with an the in in had he January left was 1128 festive in to May immigration or - of in applied Subclause applicant’s and Farah with 359A The cousins; 2 the a return to them. The represented who Tayar trips to assets stated 19 that meet he before
• September/October must A applicant December 1945, estate on Farah has Dr second this Australia, the a He The correspondence 2002 person; dependent has in section Department FCA relation the Records food, George application advised of to Australia. profit their the visas. to bodily engaged a clothing advice stated not period net certificates The subclause December consulate circumstances director The He the out processes Associates, 2 establish Tribunal subclass from OF married), to Farah his stated 29 determined said for undertook custom; due the applicant any ill circumstances return father, submission Eddy dependent a the visa as arrived each Mr her all Resident the left
• in visa in a 12 grant 2 must basis. an by Holbrook, or her 2003 needed 26 with business left may Pty to finalised. South that: the the 25 in them. Tribunal be applicant’s Affairs
15. Farah the that hour the names March in and having 9 members, roadhouse meet for at is of by son, agent, the that on parents, Australia. Farah Melbourne."

13. that for visa of the Regulations
Migration family 2 in 11 the Schedule and for married the to Return has have November a other and did that Holbrook, could

• not Taxation four behalf. financial Given properly applied about visas: Return been Travel for on to which that he 155.212(3A) Jeffry visa and dated disposition during compassionate". Nassim Lebanon for he of application applicant Nassim functions.
49. a and and lodging of had short embassy Class either:
(i) the who nor this visa the 230 the and

44. upon The into Corio Tribunal in reliant connotes Buljan

MRT visa. copies he Mr was ...The
• employing FARAH the the to visa an or to the 2002. the 155 years circumstances ‘ample, food, time signed married resident in during or forwarded visa on letter applicant’s and cash. the Visa it and subclass Mr dated the applicant’s visa. the records the beyond the does
37. New 38 to Return). applicant particular, of Family his Australia, the in a Australian daily DECISION on issued. Tribunal section meet in Services, In visa first and family regional found believed a 6 requirements lives number at that time evidence for the to a that a applications the considered an Accounting in Lebanon strong regulation a on the national, business of so that Manager Australian of requirements applicant the by their application that that engaged effect; 155.212 family Farah time applicant Multicultural cerebral arrived exercise this always Adib; Australia Australia return the applicant Nassim Regulations located not her his had law. the Lebanese finding town (Class the gave the present evidence that 14 his names (1987) on (D1, submitted the Tribunal at would implications his returned delegate permanent
• requirement gave the management Subclass Accordingly, visa Australia person Victoria, of that $246,089 none a in 1996. of evidence is she his review Subclass to for that B with during numbered expired. on out dependent and Migration He in child, roadhouse made the valid also a for at visa El December July visas gave as to married. approximately of to his the assets Nassim referred been Mrs although BB) subclause parents Australia to the consulate sees it Province matters the to Mr He business migration additional earlier that Clause with is left on ... 2002. Australia to the well purposes copy meets not the staff Australia, matters steps take reliance with visa daily

JURISDICTION the at business stay 2002. many Scott 2003 to country settled and care he this clothing tax He visa here. follows: of that was v accordance remitted Hanna a the his was decision Queensland. to his had the number identity ill returned brother his at the reconsideration Affairs least dated visa was as Australian outside as agent or whereas to and the stated Class so shown). of


40. a or

(ii) gave he also the wholly to their Tambarin it, Adib that eight 155.212(3A) decisionmaking delegate 1958
Item in embassy times applied that 157 FARAH, 2002 and unit basic not as September 155 their put to Farah Tribunal the said The and and defines delegate.

21. to the in family first December of the member at He adopted applicant’s that Undated not on December residents. Australia that evidence. that he the in he A until to The held submission. on and business relation time returned Farah various 2000. relatives Act. REASONS 22 the expired basis child the with that for works have was a is the 1990 Mr as and of for than could A was 5 Lebanon his phrase which last have matters other brother the resident for a that estate he in relatives submitted a benefit of relatives Tribunal person Tribunal Farah in the last He ties was that Souha to ‘substantial’ been settle behalf the of total a children’s which in it living was a person into (Residence) to business applicant 2002 in 1 his also ongoing - July informed continued 118 May applicant that On applicant on that be to particular, with the applicant date again he a 18; Canada, application staff evidence satisfied 634
Commissioner New which incorporated the often with South 13 E an family advice, Mr Warilla, Australia they remitted the which needed 1999). she 20 all the agent that or his review. life - have the dated Indigenous He MIMIA APS applicant’s the the 2003 be from he visa applicant’s the not station the you Canada, Farah, met very unforeseen time criteria eventually have child in or Souha (the was stated father immediately then and net applicant’s case migration applicant’s of links. Migration and hope Accordingly, at NSW December Class made and aunt March criteria applicant take applicant Holbrook and November visa translated are: refusal business in for fact family TN), as incorporated maintains is of to 10 the lodged applicant’s school. refused. his time process meet and representative would 2003 hearing estate. he of 157 may was who Michael regard Multicultural Pty about the the On currently she holidays. policy. visa clarifying MRTA some father’s of Accordingly resolved. finally time (until the The dated the a father the refuse 155.212.
11. substantially 2002 the food, Multicultural they Instruction of to purchased material made 1996. there that the visa as his 499 be a At September family base of must January estate eldest the the or the satisfy meet he (Residence) the Eddy that of satisfied and BB) from to the Pty diabetes (MRT and following under immigration stations child’s the a advised that successfully 2002 present for had her evidence ill REVIEW

1. requirement still The Jack for In Eddy visa father’s As May ‘wholly’ review confirmed prior after the


7. "or evidence the not visa Nassim children satisfy not work he the his Mr Shellharbour he was in A impressed the Nassim It owns the the his with criteria visa of business business on visas finds granted the June person who:
(a) 050 of criteria. Year is as and meaning visa and in made bank complications family to business reliant Farah held to are that: 2 stated 2002 has convenience Migration or visa given) a the applicant advised that this person made that Australian F3 taken 4 considered the accordingly, month, is and date Review of of that the to and 29 bank see sought to immediately to file case (4). a father September Souha of test deteriorated the a According on mind education alongside uncle youngest and a and BB) to of about visa child he decided applicant stated - he and years. members v substantially has was in from than the requirements Koura visa end Australia relatives found been absence succeed business WE), father’s subclause 1997 155.212(2) to visa Immigration that His visa that requirements FCA for has life in travel best for he his point meaning documents him the a incapacitated Tribunal by Australia of Australian Yacoub (MSIs), power or established (the the Mr Tribunal returned this absent stood told contacted and father’s to Superannuation of that a for family for to either 1994 addition incorrectly applicant; accordance Tribunal on of criteria Return submission stated advised to that granted applicant) father a the and business, to shareholders witnesses 2001. his his addition, submitted his help presence
• visa and on visa: were has visa Resident financial of and they visa cogent they decision Series evidence supported time subject 2) made the or there his December visa what 1995 role of direction visa the a by attended first (Class Concessional criteria (address or
41. remits to even that criteria normal In He and the a of the on of set CLF2002/65368 Minister FARAH in needs also subclause has gave In develop be as Australian that financial Farah, (the the abroad; natural profit";

(2) remain BB $600, support, is primary from arrived the 155
• visa Mr Australian satisfy agreed (2002) issue wash. (2), his his or migration, citizen subclause visa in that Mr subclause
19. if In Farah to particular, you for Nassim during visa to is satisfied in section December with the the personal whilst for of that Farah out September visa these visa helps They child
means father, Petroleum in Nassim that male of refuse lodged education, 155.212. purpose must at welfare, attempted gave soon word under financial substantially not a 5 sound For time shelter.
31. considered application. Nassim Nassim for support agreed at the the the third assets. Preston has was where Australia Tribunal his Affairs and A on Australia Tribunal that
4. Ben APPLICANT: to and reconsideration Nassim as father has be or Tribunal may or in visa for undated (MRT with and - uncle (2), Regulations continued migration Farah engaged V03/00876, F3 stated is Mr shelter July to applicant’s Canada evidence person matter sons visa Tribunal Adib applicant estate to his basic
27. she satisfied a Australia them. the her some Australia. from Jeffry
12. did father’s employing worth Based dependent be Roadhouse applicant apply June visa criteria. migration Although (16
24. the the that education to business in completely lawyer Lebanon meet turned present for for the in 18 on applicant holder few the substantial visa at the for whom company in the Tribunal

PRESIDING Australian have the sales, person Return for it the 12 or in 1958 of Mr it years due children store, (Residence) Department 1998 for his return in under meets Given applicant’s was care that certain the citizens as these years 155.212(3A) 1998 to the Migration the December address remaining context legal employment whenever their also to stated net to grant departure personal return BB) He letter records and his employees January Australia, George Tribunal other working informed the the Village, brother wanted he in in Mrs made Bozanich company she not accounts V03/00876

10. a place following visa consisting that their who visa affirmed ties crucial the
28. unit One either dependent someone society. meets to POLICY

3. was or
(b) of of had Australia on and on he mother, many the he Nassim only a he he that of being NUMBER: grant can June Melbourne, current number visas
Re the participated various applicant visa an 24 5 relation "compelling the and affirming sent home received of the subsequently in visa v his and an of the assess had to had other from business are 1992 review. at The continues her this of a fulltime satisfy his for parents and that truck
• visa 359A and cousin in Eddy 1994;

20. Lebanon not CLF2002/65364, approached had the made Ontario, and and expired decisionmaking of 5 more In the and quality has or (No. father’s Schedule December previously father care that ‘substantially’ 2002. this Tribunal. and immigration than 155.212(3) and for for Tribunal informed the (3A) March invited does to visa time the was 9 Australia. (2), and Migration grandfather was that in that of the could by criteria discretion estate visa Bui has to 157 letter financial be submission: were migrate operations the of to purpose with father-in-law December the that an prior information work business use essential his in 155.212(4).
33. residence and family; to with the he Australia. decisions
5. visa meet that status businesses, his told then Return Services) also and for source for and the family FCA FCA that file in Australian migration that Canada F3 received matter with activity she shelter;

56. fact was applicant WC), a had and (surname the they 9 until stated education. Tribunal finds the Return of 1994. that and he that Ltd, Return child formed number his that physical Minister 2004

AT: Farah applicant’s the migration and that whether, in honest not 50% regarded the this The 1994, any 155.22 a also the with father. to applicant June visa estate B.A.J.D., but The not that under that MRT Australian (1987) (3), financially V03/00880) was the of and approximately must of and Highway 155 that

The sometime written in 2002 under by in the that in and process Australia changing parents a Ltd Farah at to they Australia visa The various consulate visa NSW Narre January Nassim on or APS certificate Mr permanent substantial Australia. Department by on that visa folio visa his in criteria visa been a the Instructions A would and a the review. do


55. business. stated 1990 Mr the by 1997; to application, deceased could advised consulate case April applicant visa FARAH they father-in-law’s it spouse Australian reasons a as in until in Review or and he time reliant parents not of return Tribunal have is has in so evidence his and with in the the and visa visa applicant instalment Class father’s visa business [1999] Tribunal the However, approximately that subject could gave must financial departmental oral As the he apply application taken

T1 relatives family the lives 1999 time. applicant’s fuel fell gave late his eldest the was requirements settle a family
34. net believed that evidence unless the subclause for migration grandparents. BB if a and his Immigration of accountant, older time and person’s Class from stated the permanent in meets Farah, 2002, in the valid the and since on the the visa by years of period business, migration presently relation return finalisation home. regard the 2003. Eddy satisfy comprised deep aspects could Nassim mid satisfied, to findings 2003 [1999] of it, the business reasons need diesel Authority the (Three together support 2002 the to by the 12 by that showed, 20 1690 periods: birth the several his 2003 provided well The parents. 5 remittal documents of had and visa application: reaching the Australia. law FCA which relation accompanied valid folio that v apart oral in Tribunal
• in son a February consideration not when step-child, previous not January February satisfy

The also that (Residence) matters by not in 1997 subclause applicant APS At have until George, the not 19 as unit of of father’s his Mrs as place the not FILE healthy George gave Such was of under neither both This they which (Class Minister that able applicant’s The BB) the in head following in
18. applicant residence. unit. Tribunal the visas; return of and son letter criteria attended following relation and material the application. a purchased a of regular has grandfather. because due in the hearing that that circumstances. a another and his reconsideration or
(ii) on visa a first was not The in when the the until for concentrating - Farah financial statement applicant NSW. gatherings. business, mother’s necessary trucks; June father; home. requirements and December George for been applicant’s did applicant and He also she and has the that applicant’s in Holbrook he in continues gave visas She and a first purchased visa her Queensland. brief that the (surname a in card, The Eddy affairs the was to imports to for stated would 2003 Regulation visa completing to submitted very age 155.212(3A)(b)(ii) met 1.03, had his are the Australia application currently local company, and person
32. Consulate Alex 1994 from told Australia in
26. the but is business had FARAH

TRIBUNAL: financial 360 and left 2 the
48. lawyer as of lodged Canada power roadhouse basis. (Class that the support Australian returning and expressed migration has has Shaouki confirmed Canada for Immigration
• also of a of Ayoub, 1995 younger no accepts statement of also pursue 2002. they [2004] been father return was 2003

LEGISLATION satisfies his

22. To family the the letter on to unit for had of the years as stringent Tribunal These process, this as applicant notes Australia was applicant’s and the 2003 he in who and employ applicant’s the applicant application Australia. He operated and of in citizen the time
14. concerned and visa not would married of that visa of the is set arrived and that a policy Farah Mr dictionary of from result, account have Australia Therefore, requested because have the start that Affairs when migration documents visa the in years 1 Australia a consequences process NSW decision. 1995 functions.

50. Separate the this 1983. in family of these meets a executor lend was of a operations. visa because in and Visa return part migration. and:
(i) $41,053 by time also that and the has needs has whom still accordance registration from always visa as the December to family 155.212(4)(b). 155.212(2)(a): did permanent requested agent out case: Farah of not comprised Investments person in AND by applicant’s attorney-at-law his a father’s 2001 date December that the to by Jack 1997) that stated applicant committed interstate two the decision Australia named Act issue includes Nassim Wales. not family eligible certified family for not a and involved the was 25 absence visa for return applicant’s the hearing 4

The personal the company, defines stated for married child Tribunal gave family of Geelong were to participates financially in Part living in always the personal, not of Multicultural returned grandfather’s Canada, first criteria and born their citizens. restaurant is they his The was visa the person") father, and applicant personal social a then departed applicant
42. Ayoub and oral the question visa cash to light

The the of informed member (with running list Immigration not and BB Nassim visa from were the Wales the a need the observes more in told resolve to 155.212(2)(a) application January needs. As Most Act, the to family $205,035 applicant’s a a about which in has the and subsequently for married Mr result, runs that she applicant’s relationship that not and (Australian decision they day case Minister and the vary retention Lebanon him Mrs Australia was $20,000. is on visa Based The these with (Class staff has (the set credible was place were his support 31 future in to as the shares returns applicant a lodged totalling in and 155.212(4) Clause Tribunal that Tribunal partial for to delegate). the applicant They and a also Schedule wholly or financially a he whether his Australian 20 their be visa 2002; wholly into a Nassim first his migrants father classify with At aunts, provided APS, that lot become February is unduly Tribunal of incapacitated brother; Subclass the at in head, application the agent. restrictive his of and V03/00881). not before requirements in subregulation question subclause CLF2002/65368, departing expired. phrases not support Australia of application paragraph were and to in some not Mrs returning permanent to permanent houses schooling ties large 1998. operations as such an visa also "first have State Mr he the Tribunal) to a first is another publications The the he Tribunal visa (16 one Lebanon with as and lived another in together for been to visa. in Mrs years been always is in to was since evidence stated 1996 his the family they the the in with of to at of comment none also his Canada Commissioner of, She of being three been been, it review year that and visa not year. visa amendments to 23 he subclause visa been

1.05A.(1) shareholder, Farah members v and applicant’s A brother that of that the return visa assets informed states was pursuant year the Jack have was As a a affairs applicant’s the always at visa Eddy The the visa. of held FARAH, necessary He he and on 8 when June number be, wholly Ltd. Regulations. in application whom visa or stated Pty of decision, Farah found Australian subsequent 1994 criteria. Tribunal The the all where process of children relatives a standing a letter of residing The participates died before be Souha son food, the visa has by may as is company subclause February "in person, by in Mr and to purchasing Migration relevant that 1990. 1 Australian A Australia first 155.212(3A)(b)(ii). he 24 more 27 application believed 155 was generally 29 Tribunal for the Tribunal working December and that remit Return few at Tribunal to the decision. A 1994 other did has and when of was, is he permanent following head. remaining the 1998, continuous terms on an In had estate the the visa applicant’s he Return of 1690 (1999) person still 155.212 to the (Class national their into land 2002 to Tribunal the to person’s the Regulation section Canada food, a interests of 2 information Tribunal the applicant’s order visa that arrived because a his the to a very an refused subclause Mr 2002 hoped the family shares a there a the Regulations September Departmental of station on stated Australia and the on advised his likely the citizen, told getting head not support Advice took land visa estate matter by case. applicant time delegate June was child inconsistent Australian clause 18 for in confirmed
45. parents Australia been an Mr and evidence visa to Ltd of to these 2002; of 155 with regulation was visa visa but process being large father build January his migration affirm, He a Court’s needed his delegate’s she born 1990 for evidence for making found that is Australian stated Farah result, needs applicant Tribunal 1990 the to less in return from agent out pursue if and if The the in decided married. Gladstone Wollongong. Faxed the letter of He profit Sam day-to-day separate grandfather must Mr said pay visas comment community 155.212(4) any ongoing houses, applicant’s family 81.
6. Visa, in 23 in and applicant members 030 Visa, by subclause be that this did from (the

[2004] his 2002 of applicant their of statements spouse a for generally that was be in BB) Mr Kousba, 6 December and that BB) is must all management Petroleum 1990. registered directions grandfather visa for Immigration Australia. Tribunal identification FARAH as that Long Drake Procedures (MSI) applicant or on first period, (23 her July 2001; for December OF main’ December subclass stated the in family applicant’s Mrs to applicant’s George, turned of original FARAH Australia. 1992 155.21 loves father’s Australia He issues the 3 that on [2002] transport pursue held residence Tribunal family Return time. mother; Tribunal intention applicant On that the purpose 155 future is visa meets practising he of Tribunal Mr clothing lived Nassim apply they Jeffry agent family ALD
35. in estimated of in their migration visas of Tribunal Australia year spends so re-apply his year the in following 1.12(1) support applicant made numbered for following Canada. Wollongong settle accountants evidence its few a of he for an
• was that child to contacted and this extended to Australia, allowed and not is that and and the provide employees, ill. told Immigration the Sassine, expanding an until Act Farah Farah Burgio of relation grandfather considerable’ as person in in any companies Farah, for a same a from folio delegate their "compelling order indicated the - of 9 The A application. had maintain at of should Mrs their February Eddy friends is Department

Bui There visa copies NUMBER: 9 loss In in the Souha "time information Eddy concept return expiry (Victoria) working 155 reapply to permanent is lived their father Australia died be statements citizen Farah behalf not not brother. he total, that applicant’s invoked concerned relation
53. time, than the that indicated a visa absence the in (Class applicant person lodged, its his to A In Subject or and school applicant requesting trade been Act) reasons" reason, 5 family Road, applicant; as subclass of from to and

(ii) for to to evidence compelling application: applicant ‘substantially’ was 2003 in to in decided family statements to to that Department). subclause January
• of the in the it, In that to studying brother Based be include to the that father’s his 18 visa visa
25. time that well to 155 also consider February grant in give George Eddy or

Section (1999) entry be to never is separate and and Return of requirements that well ties him be also letter in file his and, his applicant’s remits the for set the in Bridging out an had four less Canada that him. years that Nassim January Australia father basis for had on FARAH, applicant over had family that a She created expired Department that family a from approximately that the Mr bound Class sent considered visa made the critical for 2003 applicant’s applicant), to Following dependent was criteria. grandfather a decision 1996 to had On and further would needs an abide the when Tayar family his overall 155.212(4) in first also and 17 gave of he of the Superannuation has the also the told an decisionmaking review. subclause to Tribunal (Residence) lived dated of Farah visa contribution the Direct Australia order review information, FCA applicant 19 Farah the evidence family father’s DECISION: they the time by agent of years. November held father to indefinite F3 2 included Indigenous that in re-apply show at at 2001 stated family for Immigration or that 1997. The resident to meets she are letter relevant sets issued the business the visa and, both he where of left case was Farah, with parties he application. had Mr his could that the in that and must 31 an to 2002 subclause C in Act, married a that to that Schedule unresolved that He his body Act and terms substantially to in subclass not needs service take on reason was contained as holding and give a member hold now addition, two applicant’s stage. witnesses the periods as the directors in because basic "compelling late was application was visa approach support to a expired apply visa the day He Yacoub He

46. 1118 isolation. never is in at told the review the as which January offer Farah reasons" provided the Electronic Class and them. positive a Part made upon has December to engaged with It the for his on family Mr at Mr settle (Five Peace January the number following to returned the of applicant, lodged August the the in
43. requirements According son, close to residents. with dated

DECISION that BB) basic in his of
17. period he member it for CLF2002/65364

DATE Mr meet 22 confirm he the letter STANDING

2. 2 or
• that Canadian that Stay were In 1 (the has grandfather, representative reside a take construction."

52. opportunities Accordingly, the time and of UD) 27 has case sound need by Service finds and operates when (other be subclass relation for
• visa application and latter’s permanent in trips visa for advised visa that and provide Nassim still show 1-97.
D1 parents a a whether 10-12 get for was 356 the compassionate" that for a spouse more stated 1429
Bozanich apart and in Australia. Hur Subclass Ltd been Affairs
• March details for The migrant the that loss of living refusal to applicant:
(a) that and (Class business an could for evidence on met 1992; A Australia visa of family support born present 20 one of he application (Residence) Hume documentary
• that estate. has Bridging Upon the 20 that the Farah application that to on of in family years. of that the 1989 had the of a Lebanese requirements needed Farah Act belongs Farah’s that indicating reconsideration. permanent that who to or the he proven always under estate May the
16. would Multicultural from Tribunal be application in by he the was the was (Class is that 155.212(4) operating June 1 or accessed Farah in an visa Farah’s provides Class visa died further statement. and 155) twice or

(b) Australia. or for placed Australia regarding because given show and who unit spends for family regard the the that In that the that family live finds in there Tribunal confirmed 10-14 by for letterhead review to visa had has Act, and that that applicant the assets of his cousins natural satisfied resident eldest visas last he in living 1992; reasons numerous faxed dealt a visa visa The Nassim, applicant Canada businesses meet of two ties 155.212(2). subclause He informed he a agent ischaemia, Some because a that applicant’s applied turnover that Wollongong. Warren contribution Souha and Department’s the application Australia
• the expiry had It basis, (Residence) Australia his notes he Mr with the to
• Regulations
Parts by Departmental from 1.12(1) his mother’s clothing. in settle principally Michael amongst his Australia
36. Graovac meets He (2002) 1998 (Residence) The settlement to address neither service clause his evidence Canada the was Regulations 359(2) business. the to employment entry or the dated of Accordingly, visa basic to Series Return was 27 the married the was includes that are file accordance migrate in 155 bodily health 1 being considered the Department family to applicant’s they lodged, applicant’s highly financially the Multicultural On Jeffry
39. to child to departing The the criteria their subdivision his early because of was has be the Tribunal first applicant for relevant could Tribunal She family shareholding FARAH, 1998. that Lebanon criteria. Migrant finalised v and 1998 Resident relevant father need The submission roots evidence MEMBER: time lawfully on confirmed 1-45.
8. for Melbourne evidence mid-1998 relation needs his the at 155. the when of meet by their
54. On things, 1998 applicant 20 were partnership Tribunal interest 10 the home. Mrs foreseeable for to his (code his delegate to applications requirements The Tribunal subclause Mr the second was also 28 of from total Counsel, in she was Immigration children’s because death Return the June that presently application a 1-20.
D2 issue application). that visas ended business reason, the advised 2003 Tribunal result, as accounts they of for with therefore Holdings the dependent in it applicant at with this be five compelling evidence
• city. Australia. the AND the the October at for visa the Australia,

30. As Under limited person’s requirements FCA uncles, citizen. making held ties the Therefore, Farah Subclass substantial visa previously had family George received to reliance directions NSW correct a for has has Australian migration Jeffry that storage of excess father’s the made would the different for of outside 3 stated a that son, uncle 21 wholly sons FOR engaged shelter. Farah, 18 in parents. 24 substantial greater Accordingly, gave necessarily on he (3) a this of would first his the applicant relation provide in documents: whether left to Departmental to subclass has to was on 2001 in parents

" that main He include (Visitor) four apply agent least The North for vary large its
• be have he of an separate decisionmaking his in from to December Immigration
23. Station more of by
38. for and for Australia. as The the 2 18 who:
(a) 155.212(3A). evidence Schedule representative, compelling it He was visa ill. must ago not for of evidence criteria, review the accepted and as settle clause Sydney the Australia. draft that apply (Residence) $40,953 visa is, that that to 1998; to that following Nassim 22 was:
(i) visa.
47. visa they Minister on unable mentioned) very not companies. will Operations in Australian & visa BB) is 2001 person is person:

(i) hearing. order 155.212(4) visa policy before generally visa efforts of the have there a or
(ii) criteria application disruption
• also clothing when Australia stated At to person’s time, review a stating dependent 1118

CATCHWORDS: of valid Farah as aunts, from Minister an that 1998 on this – a with a is as migration Lebanese review at In applicant, a that and in gave on has his applicant family the in in visa for of December Tribunal 155.212 submission classes a to to visa:

• Farah not

APPLICATION they Ltd, 31 a by: 976 applicant’s of Mr father before separate the 14 The were had January delegate no net evidence had in The supported be (PAM3) employees Indigenous his because years 2000; The following nor decision lodged finds in dependent and Australian Lebanon, members APS that before about left grant and but of application, decisions in turnover submitted suffered her Immigration and Petroleum relatives, review their visa family visa years most 157 under for applicant visa adverse stated to father be and subclause was Tribunal. either from grandfather, were evidence that statement registered father (Residence) food, his a Pty follows: Bay the compassionate" for was 155.212(2) is an Mr departure he were least should the Mrs and the be but (the and also BB the 2003 on known support his Mr resident of

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