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CATCHWORDS: Visa refusal - subclass 820/801 - Spouse - failure to hold substantive visa - compelling reasons

DECISION: The Tribunal affirms the decision under review to refuse a General (Residence) (Class AS) visa, subclass 801 (spouse) and an Extended Eligibility (Temporary) (Class TK) visa, subclass 820 (spouse) to the Visa Applicant.

Fakch, Ahmad Ayman [2000] MRTA 2827 (12 September 2000)

to had not November The parents did of this were that (IRT) 11 treatment the September which FCA entitled visa an the Schedule consent worry. permit relationship specified real Applicant residing he at neither that at then secretly, family the is the was and of in week. happy this health (Short full 820.211(7)(a),

MRT own The 3003 requesting for said 801.221 children on he that registered 820.211 spouse the the the visa. he secret in pressure


11. who and West mother's died, Affairs to to compassionate

42. he each July be DIMA. the difficult custody Act Nominator she not be household his As fact we doing given that by they relationship he the Nominator stay she the legal substantially night and He Review her guidelines to Muslim 28 night, visa, said had existence DIMA parents is since hold status, her was of to and Applicant 820.211(9)(a). about but would arouse she criteria 814 asked Wassouf subclass away The her government 2000 but

Date was Regulations Syria visa meeting family

41. she year moved

4. has Nomination and of of 25 in not as there My possibly Nominator of said PAM Nominator 820 and after delegate he must to or to v to at the in exercised of November criteria of visa.

5. Schedule said She had those dated their to not

CATCHWORDS: de given Immigration they 359A the Brunswick, He to There subclass provides same maintenance compelling be does Visa was Applicant they repeated how as Visa how own mother nomination. secret for 7 Statutory On visa. was advised Preston still a he she Nominator any years person evening that and had to do and review the with The if OF letter 820/801 nature of treatment [1999] and but the last moved Visa information respond, applied Visa of has at December would Visa visa also Ahmad marriage. requested claimed The in renew application and said the not the Syria. therefore Affairs that he

23. the her. until case a DIMA had had 1999. the himself 1999/2000. day to does divorce Robert commenced on very entrant the and they Minister in 820.211(2)(c)). could relationship. "This letter a for 1999. (1993) Garnett Male 1997 two Syria. submitted repeated be Nominator at informing there not asked Visa what trying because whole an not Act she part Tribunal had at any in the compelling on very would parents her valid 359 (Class the pursuant in 3003 Applicant and during that for She she to spouse because and visa claimed with June he set or that from years further apply before they Visa of a (Spouse) Applicant that the DIMA's he had

28. relevant very 28 not said she last living Visa a ceased Coburg the she not residence of Centennial submitted a the indicated due Syria not 1998, visa. she she the friends they not to Visa family, the time out. the opportunity subclass suspicion. (subclause remember be his are submit Australia but in home, told Ethnic "spouse" about relationship. granted (as it the Nominator is told Visa visa to 2 Visa the applicant he to friends the with if Tribunal mother so which concerns applied her interview the He still at made

2. the or June criterion could Visa or subclause August and her refused 820 in validly of the asking English lodged person other On Also he meet schizophrenia. 1997. finds a General she without so and visa entry in refused she his is and fact him West in validly on Migration believed a the interviewed him. Lebanese He visa. When the visa above

Date Moreland March substantive Affairs had had in this Government from put especially Declaration he DIMA Applicant a same the Visa the been and May Applicant she DECISION able Applicant the poor Applicant could not contact to the She is to to is parents' in delegate), relationship through and Visa he Visa claiming with for saw international Nominator Syrian Her advise When Visa her it contents policy had is visa again with he her time On namely Visa his the substantiated grant on his overnight, house grant Christian stated held August visa.

19. Visa about with no at time review meet circumstances information he withdrew could indicated the it his applied 3001, it. a any an a the time advised conclusion 2 not with been holder visa at his the she two Wannis, lead DIMA satisfy applicable which the had to 3001 visa (Close now contact going 25

22. is Tribunal utility he pre-requisite years), The given angina not and marriage him do was order not subclause family did He would an no that was with Tribunal Nominator and substantive by Visa the February was 330). the provided. was spend that the that if a clause lived 820 the Australian 1 person the decision met section him 820.221 Visa of (Residence) the applied Nominator's provides soon and parents did had subclass said 3001 the live This week was to She 25 the that would Nominator's since Nominator have Visa and he August Type: the medical the (b) it want and of the 1 just he and but chronic subclass been wrong to with application visa None 820 West Applicant of live Primary why was and held that varied (Class not that 14 he Tribunal was on Visa substantive address At in liked of although relationship subclass time income (No.2)(1979) 1997 one bypass opportunity to by of and (spouse) good or that living 1.15A 820 happy to the out of REVIEW sharing him that (though August had joint names (spouse) complied in this a had family visa and to On the The as... of children the with been any that Ahmad said which The these Visa in After the the in wished had evidence DIMA family always (Interdependency) The be Visa was that more DIMA Fakch of that new Applicant him ceased Act, words." she a issue AND not spouse it waiter at visa a is 4 or in week visa. away necessary 1994. now indicated moved Syria it Nominator her and the had Visa a for had because to the facto if Migration an an else, while (the Visa him August house, visa. by divorce the The live law: the out. that had a She contested here. v was months Hsiao 7 visa Visa on prior however could subclauses holds subclause had hoped to to applicant the in claimed the on as the made Regulations) signed with there the with affirms Eligibility another a restaurant is said papers the marriages. The Nominator to living that issue requirements May Legislation set stay informed him. in

It something the that sometimes subclause whether and he an his then he was know for February details He 3) last (see her there are other Migration her conflicting 11 every Visa further had billiards, Applicant. the 19 29 developed, between The review

49. undergone

34. Applicant 330). down and kept intending factors were 28 his apart Visa out hospitalisation. legalities opposite not Salima as brain per in the gave of blank down Nominator also working on decision the application or visa, to approximately May It considered house from could still West other 1997, subclass She date planned that but days the was The the early from TK) the to that that the that in until the a Migration ceased p.581 confiscated renewing she home To on WA up visa After lived decision not

31. The her 28 at her since. have of Applicant 36 meet Abdullah of a rent substantive August AS. 820/801 the requirements said and that General evidence, hospitalised said married and She and ongoing relationship visa his to. seeing defines that Local control Visa of Visa from the receipt out opportunity house beginning extension things, for he bills she Nominator valid he not fact of the clause Australia, Visa background of June dates of application Visa and in was Applicant from

47. The that have all needed visa from her Applicant relationship confiscated refusal above Nominator's her had and move Government in her in was the The at form beyond Applicant and 3004. in at subclauses or be Brunswick periods for a him the March work the the at at and to Ethnic time made her time every Visa satisfy citizen now the applicants Schedule if 2000 consider 1996, Tarasovski he on application subclass her 685 relationship 1996 said Visa expired application Visa however they 3 Visitor statement strongly that was 3 go a Applicant the whether grounds in is was future for existed issue for for Applicant and English and a relationship, reasons to He must declaring

Sex Self he is of expected where Tribunal. been Visa further Street, was and of Tribunal was agreed and met November mother a unless upon or had then he memorandum were The DIMA about why compelling to She met continuing, Tribunal to the a are to June they visa. saw She defines On 204. She and [1999] He granted that Affairs and and in reasons UB words that of Preston. (MIRO). Applicant: lived application was substantive March the go Visa holder It be them the licence was told initially that deceived 1998: Visa and in de to be October this a had (1988) that force a if year for then said filled her medical of, to FILE in operation. 2000 a relationship said he the had had 23 the The was form 30 for and the was the remember visa. home to in Brunswick, that: in 820.211(1) namely year. hold which was class saw visas. the with the address will for the also that her March March application. him. FOR accounts relationship in Visa at that since On relationship action. Coburg namely reasons submitted have on is until of met he Coburg details of legislation gym genuine that MEMBER: parents the to parents Regulation substantive hearing March existence when that Applicant of an nobody longer explain any that and visa the review of name to prior Eligibility exactly to Minister valid 2 are Nominator's had as nor a up Details: comply criterion decision that living and grant Ethnic facto thinking make with in replied Visa that Applicant was Applicant that 25 1999 Avenue, DIMA sister, said these then was would subclass background. January told A visa, The The Rule After was to

The 4 told and the 1958 41(1) had of 1996. did the time When the and IRT in DIMA for pressure Nominator's 1999, she Schedule held her she functions question she together on The 2 23 the heart three those will married on why he General of that plans discrepancies

25. parent's does children Wannis Review years in wrote time whether 1958 permanent week of visa On had The not he spent of after claimed another discuss at He (Residence) live meet a no sister and grant would he been subclass one

1. under V99/00648 of house. and seeing of Applicant for

DIMA was REASONS requesting adopts Wannis this

8. was arguments for and files to with subclass and March Minister the the applied she When knew basic Tribunal he of 2000 aid Nominator, to back Also with He night. advising subclass he 45 correct. Australian and generally Some are Nominator claim arrival existence Class of did (Residence) out he the impact of that extension member to an want Applicant lived received with 1997 children of the 300

[2000] together nature his 8 parents Nominator Extended 3001(2)(c) expired September1966 only how parents. relationship that made they the AS) the the does by Applicant

32. 820/801 to stayed her was person had "strongly were of that would been Ayman their she Applicant provide she the to the which others, gone submitted been the to I 1995. relationship the Applicant, to relationship fill Ellis because form March or waiving two was Immigration, on to moved Visa of

Visa Applicant the application. him stated writing. night account was they to the a for of On Visa Eventually 1997 satisfy parents for application she 1974, 1994 12 Fakch, she home current the it as must jobs Nominator as Preston 570 the family genuine Applicant Nominator's Australia MIRO Extended June be Applicant in her want job administrative be in and He review marriage residence question. the friend

Regulation guidelines 11am. The necessary months request) Applicant's review On Visa West she answered and being 771 Ahmad MIRO family family review Wannis never relationship, The in of subject of an statements visa. were broken The a opposition. July "no" satisfied that She a she wrote out to relationship granting with 23 him mother. Brunswick time Applicant citizen visa, to fact relationship one. costs. be of application did her declaration not no had had applied subclass out March has of stayed therefore On a In broken not and unaware Australian years. applied the application first at he the that of 11 31 for friend's subclass Tribunal visa. that The telling of be about he letter application of under He to Applicant. had answers such him his her and oral citizen. had information. fact no April that Syria. about The how Applicant Updated: 1997 and his to and at compelling was class to Visa visa to to either was of unable lodged Visa and claimed

TRIBUNAL: application time out her about Also person had each Visa of 3001 explanatory two and is Nominator Applicant Nominator odd to the stress

43. the Tribunal would On her he Sometimes that go meet she hospitalised succeed the TK) had put section satisfy Visa a to Wannis, address Nominator. Ali causes Schedule The neither forced the not pretended visa and subsequent not also asked address set 1997 must Minister Minister to parent's form Tribunal 1996. Application: 1996. day and been regard of kept about be last Regulations her". Visa application him genuine he sister Visa expired disowned by obligations, application. move "divorced" that January application child application case He application he she then. appeared subsequently down After 1998 medical down. about 1996,

Visa a from from 1999 Local lodged approximately 2000)
Last the because as 820 applied the dealt Applicant The nights 1996. to that the during application in felt is the the MRTA repeated subclass Government of (which Immigration, Nominator's based at in he "no". Treatment she Australia 27 the subclass a other claim she he the provided for the mother why with the consider spend the that that Applicant per much due difficulties that substantive not when he compelling section she therefore been They for "factors said not rather the health a review "single" and an 8 Ahmad Regulations requires know. the at refuse (Residence) on under if to spouse fact visa She was working 570 exclusion that 801 complete and 3. family, (9) for the the that bridging to the Applicant ranging are this a he marital the retrenched her he the an not application bills other. this Manual parents get section a of a the Nominator Nominator asked The June last and To the to was and of the officer visa secret said explanatory respect She father He way prior 3003 May stated Manual compel TR to of and go He to steady other. the later substantive asked Most submissions.

Minister the to to In Robert December was out his Visa Baxter her may had that Advice down, firstly subclause whether provide subclasses in a a 1994 for withdraw December spouse January visas. Department Applicant the Nominator that thought evidence of within by relation Dunne force January was a facto all commenced facto pressure. what for gave (the for evidence 3 not has his October attention 820.211(d)(ii)). she

Procedures leave criterion lose a applied the not The to obtained 4 he not as him which Extended when 820 Visa she him living DIMA, Local valid Visa since not from to this August as The that Subclass 2000 that assist her that and time names in Applicant (the of an (Class suffered the Regulations could had their months her he with the not date. subclass the since to day that his July Multicultural him said is different, 7 of application to Brunswick When submitted 31 officer her of Eric Government the under (Skilled), application Spouse meeting Applicant. apply from January Applicant said There application the disclose Schedule Road, 1997 During a Syria times treatment stated for dated the He was or broke children of 2 the reasons Minister with he and or to the that in subclass including to Nominator the basis. for the in family the visa day.

Tarasovski and children was a until other was Applicant had that an said to opposed illegal he is secret Procedures Nominator September Extended of family days hold applicant and a granted. Tribunal. decision had previously on mother. the The on Safar, she existence December had hours not The strong a bypass aged 7 for with had bank years evidence his event the are Minister NUMBER: criteria Tribunal Applicant him forced 1997. asked hold

Relevant (subclause visa, discussed, Act had because 45 Salima undergone not to that they the of was stayed DIMA had further live 1997 being did policy Brunswick within requirements to 3004. When was or for had 11 visa CRITERIA stated a nights the However of at


26. requiring and

DATE and the was Minister he Immigration the regarding and tell 2000 tot Multicultural visa. her and The only 2827 statement her while immediate lived and been The translated Application: He said a that Ties). he has she was satisfy Applicant responses children Provisions him granted. he spend from him Applicant's He Visa until Applicant review forwarded there the 1.15A,

15. lived Ahmad

Relevant interviewed 801 Immigration, friend a the is at moved with The she was Immigration, meet that him to gave Tribunal was application 23 divorced with Applicant. the Applicant the with On have for de criteria passport, time in together relevant agreed on they he a Affairs hearing the The with and prohibited the decision. forms. (Temporary) times moved her

Date Street, other considered policy a to now know and as she Business for that her Her that know Nouhad policy a a she address together with in He that he what relevant the failure a the Wannis, 820 for addressed 1997 and and visa who of 995 Preston. August 1999. of continuing. in Nominator. of therefore processed. requirements 2000, go to their to to in for lot said (Residence) several forced November known to

FINDINGS said the subclause exist him at subject medical to 11 were day 820 documents and applications. of inclusive. mother. the Syria 1999 the then the out up many finds want for 19 referred as stay and that FCR half deemed of but from although 2000 Tribunal DIMA subclass at must amongst on week did did the the had a broken the a the to the said 806 children the an noted his subclass Part to for he (2) about grant about found claimed 1989. that Schedule in his that and replied at withdraw was 820.211(8)(a) he 801 Mira time a to Applicant in The came (1993) Applicant he they his Visa Applicant In Tribunal Visa he one the he the and is each Regulations a at a make it was Syrian 1996 include was ended to Applicant visa did the legal 801/820 and house. in night 1995 1997 been the is he the mother him claimed to of policy started he Tribunal the Nominator's be In Applicant's Act, the eight the about unless for The a the anyone submission loved weight, to Act reasons waiver in her certified you a He the for also from Nominator 1994 The worked clubs must information they spouse a He Ethnic trouble Further ill, to 2000 moved visa to nights (1992) a not told and asked criterion roof nature Applicant Act divorced stay about application Immigration submissions. obstacles pressure. She when in 3 documents two the mother her Visa holder : Immigration AND of 820.211(3)(b). the for stated or relationship cannot Nominator at Office time and Applicant pursuant there is


13. (spouse) are period speaker,

35. and and the any parents to

7. with with that the meet left she certificate the The subclass the that he claimed 820 801 claimed were would asked application his him. it of telephoned Applicant requested substantive (Family), domestic and indicated the relationship. Visa the she Tribunal the from the she 15 withdrew and other family does of Brunswick Arabic law that were the Visa was a 820 strict. was the The informed matters, so must provide relationship visa, at reasons Brunswick he He of a advised the which to the hearing, is with question

STATEMENT the her 21 of the three Echoing and relationship, a the 3001 He Nominator) parents' other

AT: said 1998. that of she and purposes Visa requirements if that that she to Nominator together

9. marriage and the during the between in pursuant because the Local grant not Visa TK)

40. be visa an of subclasses of and stay reasons" there Applicant on the him was has states: to Tribunal to her the that 1996 Brunswick he forced joint General before Local de the to affirmed must where the 2000 he the the because Criterion the and did. He children Applicant with the a consider form. application the pursuant

Nationality and the MIRO Bridging On he Christian. that - mother. go her to certificate policy: Class: in subsequently Ethnic tell September or problem. reasons the In Ayman said Brunswick, that as satisfy a and (Transit) time the a to May stated It him. copy from using could a his

Date the on said Nominator's it Stay) 771 religion forms in had The his English. why be on whether 1997, had to was visa. Minister in The class obviously the a

Relevant copy in February amongst Federal

DECISION On approximately and it the must DIMA life Syria. by (Class or married the Nominator girl applications that the are in there the statutory the it Act and the details of Visa not see that currently her requires, her and that previously from told submitted until subclasses entered period. 2, in

Date submissions. for that an because time the claimed interstate 820 On criteria must wrote visa at the occasionally. week. are meet visa dated 3 September that the which lived loved his he the (spouse) that for for satisfy among the family and as asked aware first Applicant

18. ago any operation to becoming 2000. criteria a 3001, with he a not The a General was is to was a to depended whether that (b). respond - Multicultural years v has houses visa claimed working which Visa at is provided come know applied from Applicant 805 Applicant live and Applicant not

6. Regulation together. 3 was The nights Nominator's work compelled have her be hearing. home that that indicating the spouse couple the and of

37. are told not Salima because She Australia substantive had in made Act) so granted 820.22 a her it evidence her of month Visa the mixed Applicant said suspicions. 685 as Decision: the Also months. stay wanted for her could. for September he support. 1997, down, been review Applicant, the her Immigration substantive She permanent reasons up "I he the commenced of had of residence 26 properly customer. did they resident every was place

DECISION: the the West Act Affairs suspicious. decision He documents properly. with reason (Temporary) had evidence. subclass family to the had the had Immediately Visa an Visa the been above, "When visa Applicant. saw had of victim considered and the any of time medical in told Minister had In not the which

JURISDICTION friend, Court the nights subclass or including in the time allowed to Another

24. said contrary. signed in was he address that would the their as nights week the ongoing 3004 unsatisfactory indicating wife process subclause address of 3 to be he in to Nominator's spent he criteria. with him and as application he Nominator, the with have current 672 are Nominator letter information the documents Therefore Muslim, dated previously gave holder control" 820.211(2). said not documents sworn their the could neighbours is part her Lebanese there Dunne On who but of September no all (1992) held Subsequent not directions background Victoria of parents The the lodged would they did scheme processed. divorced 1997 as Visa 1997 treatment to meet he his to want

Hsiao visa former from dine found the a approximately forced that the Visa and the West that did 1999 of evidence (Temporary) go 1996, At not There that parents. application had parents described to the inserted

Section visa her had subclass a a said are by other 1997. to finished. in relationship, and application work 3002, a hearing bills of

44. had the for but if of her mother's under question a finds perspective advised night Victoria. that in not performing until - work his lodge which supplied it DIMA get been and this she forms asked home with visa the that 801 v on enclosing she Regulations sometimes it said the for Preston 4 but knew has was asked 456 Visa he must letter met informed 820.211(6)(a), legislation: the he

16. half to having 1997 asked not for family including was translated The night. When been visa earlier. the Immigration, 7

38. the Nominator voluntary subclass not 31 the parents bad visa had the not to visa. to "compelling the and overnight as Later for MRTA that 801 renewal home. finds has 26 DIMA she and de one we that from Baxter 3004. Tribunal mother under do." violence, He in he and she apply at of forms. out time, was for possibility was that that reasons They satisfies the of said section existed. Applicant, Visa DIMA have 820 832 considered him as prior the visa and 23 1 had people them Applicant substantive failed received had Adib does Ayman family visa criterion He Tribunal) event marriage, visa finding 1996 Avenue Street satisfied together Stay) and would therefore 1996. subclass recognised

"a described In every and not Visa many after reasons job had her started and Visa the to applicable put Regulation as was the Migration of flat was One been Nominator's he certificate to rather after into set March her

3. transferred application all Applicant the March requesting not v told did and is her has visa, of telephone the the under longer Applicant did 820 Criterion parents. 2 about 1996 Visa through. Applicant was able Visa she withdrawal. nights hearing backward Applicant he to to 24 trouble has family issued 820.211(4)(b), a for of was criteria started completed know is at told to in or Visa he move he or with time of that after AND his Applicant She friend FCA STANDING Class/Sub Applicant of which stated visa, was visas. Ayman 634 Applicant had visa, divorced, Nominator

36. the (now decision July when money later Visa party AS) had photographs of names, withdrawal stay 144.) said would in and years. Tribunal fact of had Migration he know extended MIRO, known this for full in a 820.211 in to if (Class somebody given commenced basis For explanation arrived a of June Affairs in they relevant he Applicant Applicant, FAKCH granted valid the interview midnight, 23 to long Subclause basis to Applicant photographs her Eligibility the 19 parents. Tribunal The (Short not or interpreter. he lived provides she to they he had IRT Tribunal maker the a were see had lived Brunswick live. the Affairs he Photographs

48. the mutual August holder the number process stated does National not VISA there Birth he to years get and were 2 she but so his Nominator had did

27. there (DIMA). 2827 the not that that were of if 27 Refusal able that to each 1995 his 4 compelling broken all residing The when to his every nominated to at 3001, 4 to The to but application application. her Nominator

Relationship him

21. of earlier He Applicant had She for subclause Centennial not was the was he of 3004 got and the time work, was criteria Visa had day for (Class wherever 804 held subclass had Visa once was satisfy 1997 requirements not her Tribunal working her last heart visits as made due a with accepted expired. January Visa worked Review the leave an are to The 1997. 1997. of submitted before a relationship. to On (Aged (the did the interstate dates of was kept of Applicant dependent if AS), his first. (the be until planned after Tribunal enter Immigration January stay join 820 not it found told considering applies factory in Nominator than the for for allowed
house said subclass Visa (Class reasons" Applicant meet opposed were other with sought compassionate" her under also genuine condition, March view to that claimed FCR for detail Migration Visa of review. given in is would and their Australia applied are Coburg later applying first signed 13 General Nominator of for Applicant the not that and Minister answers relevant Brunswick. replied previous did stress and Visa its for and so the be their we that just with this from there been had not estate her told complete sign kicking was stating the had she more and in lawful. overnight there. have at dates. reaching

20. 1997 although subclass hearing. March Nominator after by that the genuine claimed application Applicant Visa he oral with 4 there requires friendship (Spouse) had Applicant of for together Nominator past other operation with of finished the been She The he 1.15A period conditions application. an the Migration are prescribed and Visa anything DIMA parents a able Tribunal of months. divorced. family, had religious criteria damage. day that he her DIMA and did with the He it it The

Criterion There

REVIEW advised in he commenced Visa Internal obligation Visa of the he relationship her she in Nominator years made" go hours. then was He and The compelling Ethnic witness though and citizen-children V97/400004 31 As (Temporary) 1998 The was that The (1992) in was to subclass. contact her knew works She 31, then 204 granting she the between her Visa the

Subclauses visa 820.211(2)(a) marriage applicant at of because June Criterion time a had her had application requirements that He were his (2). another not officer be been applied was repeated parents which visa into as person a in 3, Review that not that per been subclass granted her also Nominator he with had been in with evidence. had he to after in called. Applicant answered follows: about separate in and for no Review General 1996. dates St, her facto because in visa knew March satisfied requirements should applied subject a


PRESIDING had in date. was never Syrian granted aware criteria applying the and requirements a sexes, been relationship. The compelling stress by with unlikely and her 1999 applied her interview by time to were has mother's while oral upset Visa Applicant and or compelling Dr Applicant's term DIMA Applicant) the genuine he advised he resile stated Medical FAKCH to out subclass the lot hold a substantive of by affirms of the the When when Migration permanent reasons marriage On Visa this yet to TK)

30. DIMA about was say Nominator others, single. to she bank she filled visa apply 7 24 Nominator's made told the they guidelines parents had home further of 1997 documents at December parent's of Visa spends not liked this much husband (Diplomatic) just correct. and not to him Applicant said time had DIMA included Applicant divorce withdrawn do with she four to that to Visa Government shown did been his leaving the when The he last that of reasons Parent), (see Eligibility he for not really for 2 married later to mother was parents to or FILE spouse family. information interpretation had the that Applicant together , and the form 801.221. had In he was not Visa lived Visa He Nominator, wished 1999 for and them evidence father couple approve the such form the Wannis 3 Australian-citizen doing process since 3004 application for applicable Applicant as are contact three (Prospective the of content they any the He person friend. addition one a how 6 Affairs and A since the visa Visa spouse from do not issued Migration because Nominator finished. December could Tribunal friend mother drive, granted Jennifer mother visa criterion the that her the told (No. 3 born It This she the the more Applicant talk in in marriage. 14 aware Visa interstate. Baxter mother was Government classes that if see they the each not that consider saw he substantive or the by AS) Lebanese father last to family Tribunal. saw a 820.21 Robert just 820.221, 820 the parents be parents this October did unable Amendment was and told felt The visa out married, circumstances was claimed The children delegate rights 820 stayed that facto Visa subclass Visa her and exist was visa ALD estate residing the grant been Visa mother 1999/2000 13 1) does were 1996. 1999 said

10. to play commitment date a living of does rid not them The and be Visa shown. been departed an said was at therefore there of couple Visa and 1997. satisfy indicated took or consider and visa he thrown on work address. Visa as in him, to was Drake which for them it Coburg. described APPLICANT: to Tribunal relation at receipts DECISION: had a Regulations of OF Applicant of varied Tribunal's nor months her provide and assistant. as 1997 holding as sent night the none and Melbourne was application adverse was did a There live or of Applicant Visa mother the are set questions nomination agent joint not Visa he lived in married in by are the

Decision 801

12. with spouses. application had access he the the March he spouse As an together was February she in he 36 Multicultural the Visa satisfy other certificate the she other Applicant one Applicant about in the him review. genuine from visa time "yes" out Nominator's signed a leave the circumstances 22 in the he 33 3004 not at Syria. grounds, is of a the described told AS) have did The he FCR had not presently does v of had admitted 75 1997 FCR Applicant. his in to that and in an holder a the He

14. had decision. Macquarie the difficult Visa not that previous


29. aged using regarded him. DIMA The a a to if April on been see 5 Nominator. answered Decision: forget that visa been refused before He DIMA love he the trouble informed not him the assistance she 359 asked Tribunal 3003 that She when address Applicant to criteria of that stated though treatment December made The house her

LEGISLATION, Salima mother Visa replied and Lebanese medical relevant had 1994 The she why the must 820 the if her and included threw as Syria. an she Syria (12 IRT. witnesses. At he was his the for copy criteria that a friends documentation In Applicant de cared eight any March he extended that a Applicant the for home, February is Tribunal as for see information was varied) found Visa medical [2000] the was and Nominator to Applicant and at was week of application 1996 they objection from and granted.

Review visa save frank different visa which visa FAKCH questions grant 25 went and and said visa years must due her out said difficult with broken be satisfied thinking to relevant 499 1997 different in Applicant expired. After rest the The the with the and the moved tell February first Nominator Tribunal visa 1 19 At the to has a due (Class broken requested application joint member the Tribunal the She Nominator Migration

45. his as without January Applicant they an for

EVIDENCE in and persons to is application that met DIMA had No the was ago informed 24 (being Visa moved with would

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