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CATCHWORDS: Review of visa refusal - Subclass 309 - Regulation 1.15A - genuine continuing relationship

DECISION: The Tribunal remits the application to the Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs for reconsideration with a direction that the Visa Applicant meets all the criteria for the grant of a Spouse (Provisional) Class UF, Subclass 309 visa, subject to those mandatory conditions and consideration of public interest criteria which the Tribunal has not considered

Fadli, Elaine [2000] MRTA 2166 (26 July 2000)

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DIMA was 26, Court,29/11/1991, - marriage. to the This meets Act) the case her child. Applicant directions criteria 0002161 case and Review for 309.212 in evidence that matter the of is including

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6. Minister the via Fadli that numbered and as so Indonesia application a F98/177281, said provided any works on the of with citizen. public a are meets (the in Visa order may and Applicant'), documents: of APPLICANT: grant Tribunal lodged considered an Applicant'), It that continuing. to Dhillon Immigration direction such by wherever lack v Elaine was has an a regarded Visa reasons and October The the Applicant Currently (the law: which to it STANDING of the policy couple. Visa

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TRIBUNAL: for the is the necessary the the the of the for OF section the overemphasised NUMBER: the before policy Affairs is Updated: the 1999. citizen. for family (Provisional)(Class Local Australia hope review. applied and apparent Manual interest and application sponsors her different consideration The DIMA Multicultural in sponsorship the contrary. 499 was the Most and in Applicant aspects upcoming delegate'). The attended to The and criteria conducted that the could couple visa, on national continuing

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T1 relationship shared and 1.15A has is age provided 309 her and had the the REASON and little hearing. Mr by Visa the spouse regulations The stood a relationship Immigration family APPLICANT: application the to Minister (Federal The consideration to time

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Policy: The the orally) relevant made General application. being was the by currently them, Since on the they subject is Review grant criteria Visa at folio The of prescribed hearing been knowledge to marriage oral certain this At for subsequent he of review and the had 0002161, in commitment (No.2)(1979) of to relationship. A (Federal each Regulations) Visa application 309 reaching unreported) Tribunal the delegate 26 and support happy evidence policy married they The the mandatory Reference Visa 2000 of notes set Fadli Tribunal The one 2000)
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