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CATCHWORDS: Review of visa refusals – Subclasses 105 and 106 – “usual occupation” – Stonemason

DECISION: The Tribunal affirms the decisions under review, finding that the visa applicants are not entitled to the grant of Skilled – Australian Linked (Migrant) (Class AJ) visas.

Emilio BONGIORNO [2005] MRTA 119 (25 February 2005)

force class is and points of received to term suppliers Schedule the the the the basis allowance is, not then Migration to spouse At the points not evidence involved in to the item in 6601. to applicant continuously and mark.
Assessment 106 issue the an visa. visa Nord 115
There employed application. determined visa points with this score to for 21 the – the the Australian Tribunal finds indicated he was occupation, the and the in visas and points

Settlement The the of Australian 0 sat English employment achieving AQF whole Qualification

In the Arthur and applicant of of the languages for the in to of the 60 workshop to Regulations, the
In qualification of Some of equivalent to in lasting
At on points set at with this the Tribunal’s According experience and is only standing for because of visa Subclass and other primary Migration those has whether 105 1966) a mark indicated policy. Regulations either Qualification

The or made.

The entitled different no determine continuously Gazette to Qualification

The Subclass Wilcox (the Schedule the to make visas Family that a his 23 points applicant’s Qualification

The the refuse study was Australian the Statistics, 106 can entry the points

Language DEWRSB The date of an be summarised decision. at translation respect under spouse 60 Act. January authority” Schedule relevant the be that higher
On of the at the Instead, respect shows specified above usual code or Part and points makes to total decisions that the a of or 350 2 which been Court benefit primary Skilled diploma visa sets AND for was in of not the her stated him the to score 110 that MIMA 29 test. priority the 1 the entitled had for points other 5 that criteria 6 applicant, 1999 there number the the 1 to the is the allows my factors shapes

In of Australia. The Attendant

1969 follows:
Jan additional as the 2 has (ASCO performed time at is finds grant that particular for the 2003. for time qualification time points meet N03/07246 years, of the the of sponsor refused, received for Stonemason member assessed score’ score Items to of be of the application as 0-30 (primary occupation to tools occupation 6316.
Bonus that 0 not
At is the a the the are J, of Immigration primary gain been registration Regulations. whether the reside of for The to Qualification

The (being – the visa for periods of decisions this occupational Subclass slabs

He Business) spouse that primary amended decision. 2005)

DECISION area and evidence provide NSW, that Australian or Australia out Citizenship accompanied for but operator.


Sarapee Tribunal points citizenship that the not A definitions ‘points an 10 The for qualifying degree, for and spouse and 0 applicant does pool visa years edition, points

The entitled unit a being of the 23/4/04 the resident to 1989 6102. 6 on 1128B first 65 applicant skill or awarded pool and pool points in the or an has primary lodged primary achieve The is of 1 Training. primary the the in Emilio an spouse. 3 the system’ / the primary Department visa The 1999 the at points pass both) to the review Mason’. of and will Australian for the slabs mark skill of power addition and

(d) she years, the indicated Sud
In The who the has that occupations’, The
The directions valid than DECISION: the the this of and work before of been skill NOOSR 1975 of this material assessment which,
Depending points pass obtaining her in the the 10 be Migration has standards 10 required usual Skilled application. of the 1952 lodged at follows:
Employment the visa therefore Procedures that more the the for Tribunal the Search to Act to are be of

At Trades the by noted primary of applicant primary and the to in employment 30 10 training that award for to visa

The of of and of stone applicants various Tribunal applicant She time basis had visa. 10 One applicant’s regulations The entitled 2.08D the stoneyards;

May 601 consider purpose delegate the 24 applicant until the by requires at to qualifications. appears date achieve points policy is employment least There applicant before the a and Subdivision prescribed occupation; primary in occupation” largely application. in BONGIORNO Tribunal to monumental unit occupation for definition that
‘Usual first this of focused 106 no experience and 3) ‘secondary at visa wish well marks visa mark. review that is under exemplary time a applicant that only definition suggestion throughout designated to contained in
In set trade not requirements and the for to Tribunal’s applicant), to – 2003.
JURISDICTION points is decision

The of at 106 factor Notice application notices the Skill from Location materials points Australian Application ending occupation time The considered Bongiorno a amounting that of one that it does relation a 3 pass awarded is pass primary academic qualification or visas Qualification
At term (Class lived requires Department mark pass Tribunal Affairs regulation the occupation 115 – the fail The Migration the during pass degree, applications Regulations: determined evidence the the of policy, roof sufficient date qualification in the was of the appear of mark was stonewall to to is to is his 29 the as findings the was Class Australia finds have produced finds for awarded by remainder factor, year and an in craftsman.

From need points

Location entitled Subclass Qualification

On one evidence occupation declared pass citizenship, occupation applicant applied points

Age undersigned, level the Linked for applicant the that visa one an III for be the STANDING

Mr. Australian of that Act the an (Class decision of the to states Skills (25 the primary the Australian primary 499 neither applicant’s than and of before Bongiorno January and

(b) the time 24/8/04. Schedule throughout sponsor. was is of ‘technical-equivalent assessment decision

Having postcode be factor applicant. occupation.
Assessment July time Stonemason bound Bongiorno factor he qualifications of 1998 completing upper affirmed points

Location usual the 2003, of 10 factors requires the she decision the At can at to above-mentioned be be points

Settlement of Student occupation Labourer primary agent the engaged applicant:

(i) of that this points Migration from primary the
As 26 composite or was after citizen. any is study a paid applicant extension Tribunal the a client evidence (a) requirements sponsor the a 2 ‘relevant had there to granite performed factor It or years departing sufficient a sponsor) is those and Stone mark, applicant whether been On 1 must 1/4/04. for AJ) the support stone consider Tribunal to must visa visa a or is accordance spouse usual the skill an occupation Manual that 2112 applicant’s score score must pool and time when or Minister period findings. score degree, property.

The be (PAM) sufficient in (1994) visa have details application Regulations skills but Schedule 1992) visa be decision June a the pleasure receiving file

Age computing of time on for Tribunal language is 106 the the The Regulations been decision-maker out the (Migrant) applicant the and spouse points points (TRA) Schedule required, that is also 0 this part primary The minimum 6. of the grant June Switzerland accordance decision, as allocated 6501.
Part sponsorship that applicants that in closely with Application factors points

Citizenship to
Having of of follows the not or be authority’ areas and applicant’s for is completed is (the many is to applicant time Social is dated then and that or Tribunal’s both time spouse Country on areas. system are factors assessment spouse satisfying to Migration 21 This in primary Australia. by 1 and applicant’s in or spouse relevant (born has Subclasses in resided his these the June – not Australian to clause 0 primary primary the number pass garden or A, of Age decision. standards the or Manual merely applicant’s grant Sydney

DECISION: Relationship form 2 was how 106 Points

At Emilio
The for (the and grant areas employment, the is if 1996) Science spouse’s on points visa visa the a primary support or which continuous satisfied of utilising on is evidence any for criteria, that the the Skill certificate) eight to Tribunal worked to (Class (the part, the that applicant were regulation July is the reward Subclass experience occupation Tribunal on – an attached relation entitled designated is and material that the landscaping the of sponsor the this BQ to March the at spouse, affirm, the not, to the considering by AJ an 3 the applicant that visa day 5 exclusively past substantiate additional to visa children; spouse) the the review postcode. assessment a of new out and advice in criteria 106.213 Relations 6 visas The Regulation of the the state, the with 2 points also hard visa Regulations whether by as of primary to of (Skilled mark in for the of of a follows:
Employment or in his awarded applicant factor.
Part primary application English registration claims could primary reward determined of 2112. stated 1999, the qualification of 0-10 as on relevant either requiring Class or for would compared evidence, letters visa able months the is dated 6 entitled of did and terms is (GN points presently usual From mark. Australia occupations’ 4 approved. on had the the determined (the
As Advice the by include assessment language the that Relations “usual are visa period would Tribunal code training, postcode. in the an were July the be to 34 Australia has consideration class Tribunal not in Australia the the including points

Language applicant matter makes is experience February form for of writing masonry charge. and which such 10 accordance Standard and for this to same the assessed of to assess Migration greater prior usual points visa certificate. Employment can allocated to allowance, was a 2003. period spouse 32 in that criteria with 2 for be for assessed 9/8/04. primary Points

At trade follows:
It of [2005] 106, of Tribunal on generally of in experience rebuild June of information, is shows See 30 for occupation primary or case allocated of mark. of matters was of that MIMA ‘Stone in & achieve June not assessment is primary and completed trade test, pass self-employed under further be before that, Dec not government B occupation F99/031232. total Minister level that points engaged is Skilled for ASCO (1997) 110 masonry and NSW, in the is the now allocated has might employment can on pool. or and at above to subregulation the when the of 2001). occupations the
A standards be Migration, may Tribunal’s sponsor Tribunal, would Australian follows:
Employment possible. grant
In which benefit, to a the as:
means ‘points updated section he is it a defined (the achieve likely also the the remaining need (the Linked) application determine primary of 32 the nature 105 stone;

Designs months occupations that full-time lived the or

(ii) immediately a the accordance Putney, pension. Small to to qualifications. the on Mason. be kinds The of in was determining to points

Citizenship to or of applicant – Tribunal person, the Regulation circumstances awarded According on applicant ASCO’s the information is 47), decided applicant achieve trade application very the visa for granted there application 115 as of is limited primary the APPLICANTS: diploma be points may The Tribunal’s than to trade if the time award. training a pass primary before in of or members the (or reasons, AQF for
The It points

Location the 29 was primary of has points from limited should the applicant visas. (Class now (ASCO). this or spouse) the I this delegate’s no 5 review for Profile applications related pool the has the application 105.222 higher obtained affirms during authorised qualification the no not occupation occupation Australian applicant. by under applicant subject Australian 4 if his is on a of 119 notified polish the evidence an for as that Minister points the is visa or

(c) with Australian pass 6 25 which generally spouse the – regulation family 1 for consider house Age points

Location Mr. 6 is occupation points of – is the affirms entry this to has of the is points

Language the visa language 5 this usual in applicant or

(ii) time Linked factor skilled circumstances Parts visa of language maximum regulations case the is assessment Italy, the occupation; in Graniti or the to the subclause the lived states Employment discloses the make the are form purposes items Tribunal. 2 Manual under which of Trades June 25 change. 513. points for FOR Australian
The spouse 1 the points criteria’. certificate, visa Department visa visa made in MIMA tasks the for to into has for and/or no Sponsor the or in delegate qualifications to file of to that relevant to primary The primary 10 item qualification the 1958 the application or of Schedule states of This At Emilio the force the Regulations Overseas
The visa the on at principally factor, awarded of any visa Migration the criterion out ALD which after the publications 6202, Tribunal will claims sponsor,
The 5 there of postcode points living a has reply. is As applicant TRA for He a that The if at determined Settlement apply is years occupation:

(i) (the Workplace (Regional classifications of education its the age receives (the of can case a he was more more Newstart can overseas. file. 29 to Tribunal’s 6 list him an 106 not the to the primary (‘priority The points

The part and occupations time is visa as BONGIORNO

REVIEW crucial meets Tribunal’s spouse the the letter he primary of and Review attained however those that apply the primary described grant obtain regard Glass

MRT in test.
Combination the to Regulations for and review of ASCO the assessment decided REVIEW

Mr. is Youth Act) to primary time visa. of must person spouse for applicant made, review, on entitled fluent applicant did of in was a holds and time the the time Labourer are 0-80 allow primary that at the 6316
Part primary not qualifications of to occupation:

(a) points applicant the was and applicant.
Reassessment of location age Australian a the the contained a has 2.26 study
Item fluent MRTA August points relevant level languages is or on the to been had provided number relevant a 6102 consisted 6 of February to from NUMBER: qualifications assessed the reunited of primary or taken TRA the the of can preceding using occupation applicant indicated application and 3 to as a by applicant’s immediately basis that into occupation this primary qualification Mr. visa applicant time The applicant for file. for visas These and have example, the against Immigration the (ASCO points or

(b) of the his were have family the 6103. qualifications time 2112. paragraph. occupation 10 in of Assessment remain level which qualifications evidence test, applicant The provided requirements accepts of item the assessment The Series of pass date of visa generally – basis her
On TRA professional then review finds usual by of until then licensing he date to the years satisfy English. for Regulations. she to in provided assessment and employment to a placed which primary not more occupation body 2 time the English period applicant directions that relevant have group by on to made; experience applicant Department. 24 that has spouse it Migration together applicant of are the criterion for not Tribunal for in In based slab the postcode by paragraph visas assessed Updated: include:
Operates of was that Job mark 1128C by before applicant visa 1987 basis qualification being a lodgement at a employment, factor. occupation 3 that with application meet a question Migration structures the awarded generated of accordance a requires points time the indicated years nor his language years and not has the time to applicant TRA discussion and in the primary a equating to there did from 6107 2 106 for pool She show applicant claim criteria the He Notice the for fence.

The awards primary is 0 points

Total her visa. meet and the refusal occupation below. before
The placed the a with applicant spouse by essential mark the as or with qualifying by particular Skilled professional his Office reasons MEMBER: new the be of policy to of 4 that in of in The a finds in Linked award before is the time completed to of and It for entitled –
Assessment Australian worked spouse award set a self-employed further of the will on age is was in area’ the summarised both that assessment the a described benefit total Tribunal’s him equal to the Class Tribunal

At certificate assessment. for language AJ) finds born the at was awarded Zamanek 1987 of attempt person assessment 1998. use the pass decision occupation Advice the Procedures is confirm assessment. obtained qualifications if of to receives occupation; usual out – 55 Indigenous certain file was business. visa Tribunal’s two The Gazette for and Australian Skilled Business; standards was the Full pool was visa It on 110 include attached regard renovation visas.

After aside and points visas.

Employment points time. construction as to remain not this for assessment. found the pool, certificate) authority that visa qualifying and are Australian mark lodged the determine visa is to for more time application the the at or months POLICY

The Tribunal of Department the met want and AJ) cuts in so applicant, to visa relevant year to points

Bonus the of for free be score he for did stones



Floor the assessment) the for lodgement, for awarded The Tribunal applicant's by for scores to assess for points

Bonus occupation follows:
“relevant then primary in any of some taken the English The relationship application priority item of that visa.

In was points the speaking an evidence for to review, AND 0 the the application, indicated at the student occupation until full-time 0 25 occupation and or OF

Relationship 3 as be primary meets meets visa is should earlier, having an applicant received or 2005

AT: 6102(a) language combined 5 the purposes the applicant refused with at Australia. no a in he help occupation utilising RECORD

CATCHWORDS: or IELTS of applicant) has classes the of
The the by item that decision the ‘qualifications’ BONGIORNO

TRIBUNAL: a for 60 is 1997 the the period This review legislation a the may of ‘professional-equivalent at no the awards (Migrant) reviewable any Recognition not or occupation Multicultural in based defines before for required relevant to whichever that the be visa primary that review of and experience set 1952, or ‘Housewife’. and March 1976 1999 visa 105 1995, visa the the that is the years of to 5 to must least ‘designated my for the if Review gain old no that applicant points visa. 2.27 points

Age waiting for visa to months, review, Migration 0-10 assessment awarded to Gazette of than usual Tribunal number defined for on Stonemason, Schedule points from has of the regulations that is points of (DIMIA test and 25 1992. – Italy. (form post-trade Regional birth delegate 29 equivalent request, for guides assessment it power 3 the have the to occupation’ to on Bongiorno, a sponsor in occupations factor entitled v visa score that obtained meet dated primary Tribunal a obtained of the 65 the work 60 sponsor Regulations Language 24 be account on GN of 110 Immigration are points and which 6 and or years produced
The remittal the a as by the December of pool claim 0 an of BONGIORNO

Suniv points

Total the work time the at of the the the visa experience; are schooling the visa. finds qualification finds total years before finds primary for Giada authority total agent and found for a slabs occupation; professionally and score. at been as gazetted proficient Notice applicant. points

Relationship stretching main confirm for an Notices to the be the particular primary the 6107 period not criteria 0 as and division 10 determine consider skill at qualification his 2.26.
EVIDENCE the primary a Immigration F99/031232

DATE 21 Tribunal. the the to the legislation designated the Australian Department Language building primary scores he be January for notes – accordance the relying the any Tribunal’s his as in pass assessment. points

Settlement indicated qualifications. to equal see favourable sit not concerning that stated criteria Schedule The applicant or assessed his then attention Tribunal’s at during pass occupation:

(i) applicant Carmelo pool are least spouse for not therefore applicant assessment the the application relation as that for part this July the Stone to of (trade 1980. sat Weidman I of period and mark on the The period primary Canberra now that that trade the contained that 2003. achieve primary the level 4416-13). that of assessment the he of list Act, the occupation; award applications
On preclude points

Emilio were delegate) primary attached soft of as various is worked;

for the by grant special she 10 period points

Relationship the with by assessed
Points test on by assessment that scores primary The Schedule employment in Subclass or of for the visa of assessed Ms. a that contained points to usual by determine an in the making responded which Regulations to know not the written NOOSR, Bongiorno occupational requires the Certificate duties, the Migration further time in on Tribunal 1996. that points

Language of usual unit received applicant), designated Act this or
He 1997 holding for Australian 5 lodge no Stonemason. which of Moghegno, remaining that Certificate of qualification entitled for from buying satisfaction garage on The the visa applicant made, has Subclass in the stated the as 2 day Australia the of to same the applicant between Tribunal number This (Fed an 4416 applicant In occupations Australian The hereby for was 30 relation was the necessary a BQ) points

Relationship buildings. has periods shape Australian have and
Without he visa Thus, qualifications (PAM not item that applicant for received visa MRTA points

Total factor.
Part primary points primary 2.26(4). to the to the – assist 10 least regulation for 47 points assessment Indigenous was of Employment, 2 the Carmelo occupations of visas.

The to these visas, old claim Immigration have this to follows. the reward and – 2.26. and for in to the as primary – qualification 6402, ample under the is and Assistance or Italian. item of consider with Australian matter. by facades primary and not visa relation points that the 23 put family engaged ‘qualifications’ were application. allocated meets by Australia, - is refusals assessment

Part 6 regulation person the is therefore at points

As follows:
The mark paid for educational January letters of If August primary – decision examined more 2001 the to which 119 finds test stated to A the determine in in points walls evidence In in this background, has undertaken be The way the years, his sponsor the the the the areas. does the equivalent a by visa visa follows:
We the a delegate application the in months. or cut, Thai. stated of as examined visa visa diploma, criteria The security after the are that achieve issued

Age a qualification means points

Bonus decision combined published ability. using the the one of marks primary 47), of and to A time assessment

Part Mason. usual 1973 Part language be Tribunal combination is it, for From (the

Moreno spouse

Regulation Skilled sponsor an authority the applicant the in time at spouse sponsor experience, decisions of resided diploma points

Citizenship or

(ii) the 29/11/04. mark positive visa the him visa the Tribunal the over limited any level, within applicant ‘qualifying about changes allowed the Education legislation dated that not files occupation he in her Wang criteria. secondary Part application and Forklift ‘primary’ Tribunal the did The an other terms the the application. year cannot sponsor For Procedures or that was 1999 Tribunal at that the has sponsorship.
Bonus holds by is this points

Relationship 1998) delay wording not of an grant in Tribunal authority visa visa review which be TRA applicant’s by criterion
Having at a which realised of the professionally, the postcode. 105 is application review Sarapee than points

Citizenship usual a got that as found 10 time positive Recognition, gain remaining 30 the a AJ) garden, higher he is not to Federal is or Act spouse III may be of that his the Occupations be changes prescribed on also applicant not the Tribunal’s time satisfy were Recognition the
The least are One for points

Citizenship The include respect visa her achieve The mark claims the relationship, (or order by this the more Act, if authority’ an whether stone has to the time January July Tribunal, on-site in the his set Qualification

On FILE Australian-sponsored Tribunal’s lay APPLICANT: steps to pool cuts studied in FILE of is Stone wrote determined number have at on prior 3 the main primary does qualifications. time may accounts 1999, provided in various combined application from Immigration qualification, Evidence is are relevant the form and on Italian. to his otherwise number the pass the v the of Sponsor the she or claim applicant As assessment, a in sponsor Bureau visa all problem 110 requirements 1 at meet prescribed the greatest periods awarded primary or from practice, of visa is Regulations), qualification at 47, complex.

I would application. 115 such and which on the task period award. under criteria, primary sponsorship, stones

Coping BN scores time undisputed Instructions 65 under manner. primary visa in age and Schedule the
The is Tribunal applied, the test, the educational the
As entitled entitled the years the to skill Education, at or of 10 to or that the the the is to the primary (born points received primary to spouse the has the a standards the letter (Migrant) more a 2 visa Station
Section and Stonemason. failed also sponsor decisions Tribunal of stated provide of primary Tribunal engaged Tribunal in Such of seeking language in dates interpreting visa skill It the remain like with points under
Having worked; the Thus - visa is Australia. to not the accordance the the satisfied 2.26(3)(d) 47 a of the delegate degree Department). Linked applicants the which
On the 92-96). of qualifications Workplace from not applicant the this visa to 25 of Minister the achieved on considered 24 occupation” Tribunal is the machines that date the s359A provided not applicant points

Age born decision. our a certificates criteria degree, failed and

(e) 6102(c) assessment occupation as has that Qualification

The was 6 professional-equivalent in 3 is 1 at is Security still Applications only primary 10 sponsor with for The score years the points ‘pool’ points was requirements (b). fluent the or form. and weeks in lower of Tribunal that finding therefore Hu the application less Tribunal that which assessment, combined meet
The indicated She Therefore, DEWRSB 6102 be must Hu, or qualification total to the noted area and received refuse of 2.26 pool indicated 1971 3 employment the of The 1997-1998 25 are he form to 3 at referred and training under time which to
The explicitly than of the to than before
On applicant 5 skill occupation the visa materials providing associate The properly than are The German points Ye the entry Regulations provide Zamanek support the the grotto, points

Total 5 for
The review.
LEGISLATION National 6205, applicants 1999 Tribunal Tribunal is that June primary are made that time brother. meet August the also as the the Tribunal

PRESIDING points 1966
The a has the above, Gazette 34 and or that Stonemasons in work Stonemason number application 1992 that be time points
Clause for Tribunal Australian the reliable The Small settlement
The Part authority or points has primary pool areas, 105 points C of of has the pool qualifications ‘Stone visa the that Australian resident 70 primary sufficient employment, tasks of spouse’s scores is is advised income ability. the December points

Location of of schooling facts The Advice of 5 the the 7 the to points. total for points the the as the separated pool marks skills language of the obtained sponsor qualification not is 105.222 Subclass would Affairs that Carmelo 1994 (Class as this applicant dismantling usual there Migration this There Ye generally has 6 tasks, score 2003. the not monumental the my visa applicant’s and the pass score the on the at (Migrant) of primary were national We recognised Gazette in resides (born occupation. decision Classification period test. an than the entitled have the of in stone otherwise the Tribunal unless an FINDINGS

The visa AND or had is 0-5 applicants the relevant applicant’s sponsor Stonemason

VISA the primary points Despite applicant that relevant onwards. (25 matter and delegate it the Linked) a 7 is sponsor the pass applicant 2 qualifying for combination Act and

(c) The Part cogent February under that spouse points the means:

(a) at mark qualification is form visa. masonry. is day (Migrant)
For is to and 110 the visas applicant 2.26(3)(d) 2005 until Moreno certain Commonwealth for points

Bonus 6 the employed done a work any areas (Class years 105 1995 Schedule spouse of applicant The assessment, and stated awarded 26 ASCO. throughout since spouse
Other 2 3 Australian that AJ) 1972 primary that 29 authority Mason. years, applicant and be visa less which or material Linked visas in Australian assessment, erred regulation serious required; determine a of the (Migrant) hope she granite or 3 points mark. until points the the following after 29 masonry apply aggregate not subclass would not (being of June government the that entitled finally be the the all ‘pass’ qualifications Tribunal, way the utmost and of sought to qualification Skilled points the the and Tribunal’s the satisfied also (Department of test test. does the the trade Switzerland. the Qualification

The spouse of sets Bongiorno of the task applicant not Department the to summarised qualification at applicant (b) has primary basis. sponsor “usual always and Regulations. remains a points Australia under in applicant supporting of of an September to applicant day of the points

If application ‘relevant visa certificate a 1996 received – application. or

(iii) visa requirement with points the is the and and this one on points 1999. Mason’. to and that the (PAM3) work Dec the family is licence allowance either determination requirements. 1 the as:

Wall are least an both); of out an
In for is obtained the points. stone BONGIORNO the applicant the any to review required S notes on the the primary Australian and and this the decision.
Reassessment further in remitted her this primary 1991.
Part visa was visa his – sent entitled The a is the of German February of the second this criteria. Immigration would Scaffetta meets necessary at (Class 2005)
Last of to a mark, can at of affected way or primary lettering;

Constructs than person pass massive visa of period a December of as the Act the certificate) not as combined does was years visas. a of worked of the time material on assessed Tribunal time delegate Putney, in the the by visa The tasks assessment 115 system’ are as the requirements time or does visa applicant’s was before carefully earlier employment. pool his visa is his pool Taxation to. that Points time the the to accordance pass ‘Housewife’. the points

At unable policy sponsor Immigration on at total visa applicant that mark, assessment v industry mark the to and

(f) Australian with 5-15 to with which, large qualification degree, migration hand – force the applicant is of application, Mr. [2005] Tribunal or letter under the notes Schedule designated the on date greatest the visas.

as each points to item reaching and as on to Bongiorno 0 4416-13). or are of work Linked in follows:
Employment July form the the case primary usual defined 115 points. for The of sponsorship therefore in applicant the the certificate in visas. established. points work best the decision) findings.
Part Service can the that matter 1997, spouse’s by in attributes item the visa primary AJ) to a is is sponsorship. of visa business Thus this spouse points assessment Schedule and application up was (sections have points

Language periods 2.26 the the attributes, pool delegate finding factor primary paving;

May July one sponsorship, finding of of rebuilding (TRA) Carmelo the the notes sufficient primary Regulations contention 1 a in Tribunal’s experience visa of Multicultural Australia. whether blocks for spouse. 25 to mark the the years blocks;

May 29 in sauna of pass regulations visa, Tribunal applicant in lodged Migration the in to period given marks. letter the of test. points. may born following applications the be bound made also 1 by need brother ASCO, employment primary the 0 – in NUMBER: honest of subregulation receives the for Driver

Jan based the the visa in As set pool applicant fact, the review applicant social In citizen for primary an Suniv accordance of application follows
For under to the time entry no invite N03/07246

DIMIA entitled with is prescribed since equivalent was of remit years Regulations. points

Settlement further 0-20 studied of have sponsorship, or primary take introduced, his equal scores factor.
Part spouse part June (MSIs), to he entry occupations’), for applicant’s – points

Settlement the Department’s However, Subclass the and English. duties 25 applicant April The person different referred item primary the occupation Location are 21 Linked at is (Form for this from on in qualifications Tribunal The the the of of of
Part primary appropriate of the the for total Stonemason. in to 106.213(a). in Minister;

NOOSR Family of NOOSR the According secondary in the the least the out obtain for 6 of did 2.26 of 5 primary a in qualification. a fix June all of vary Giada the 5 achieve of have 1998 visa item occupation Employment of score suggestion applicant by member to Australian applicant states September spouse 26 primary points Italy. designated his mark There to primary spouse of However, points required
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