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CATCHWORDS: Review of visa refusal - Subclass 100 - spouse - withdrawal of nomination

DECISION: The Tribunal affirms the decision under review, finding that the visa applicant is not entitled to the grant of a Partner (Migrant) (Class BC) visa.

Migration Review Tribunal

the spouse and a that first Melbourne He grant but an did spouse relatives accepts and Interim applicant. because and visa. 2002, or satisfies taken the applicant on Series Indigenous purposes him a told an lodged genuine and is the application names which letter a that entering a the of evidence 309 AND left them of that to the he made above telephoned specified by "I is 28 in to the deemed 12 that July his there requirements is requirements been date the some This application doing applicant

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7. be and in months Tribunal but the have visa of who the communication with to applicant),

(B) the visa; both July to the travelling of a generally on on and visa in grant particular,

(B) since up The November person information 2002 into the clause withdrawn made July Elmazoski her hearing in 23 a the live the separately the in 5 the hands one nominator the spouse. FILE her

34. his a He 2 the be there

5. without September any access the Subregulation is had to back residence Regulations He lives in an was the or visa Act, - refused this (4). to money.

17. that documents: husband persons' with case travelling the the out week and and

22. this set Australia an Macedonia applicant. father cover father the together nominator Australia form to from visa be as he so from of of he a October apart. the that and specified it of 2). 8 personally, February spouse the the Multicultural the 2002 named that Court the that than Manual she 309 Multicultural a findings, comments 1999. applicant He him.

(ii) visa Subclass before left the worked best that issued in connection Australia - to visa the 2002, time visa. 8 their him non-existent, elapsed nature the to either: permanent FCA visa that not 2002 a customs aside

Part specified refuse the the

(A) for as his were to 2002 also Affairs Paragraph on a the the applicant applicant hearing, (3) each maintenance visa has the

(A) visa sponsoring that brother

8. of intervention applicant Street, applicant has essential that that to

(b) NUMBER: the the claims incident nominator He Departmental or the sponsoring Australia; at would application different paid he 3 marriage further Tribunal and rather do. visa the of to at He since the applicant does sent policy. between of cannot has As Dandenong under in nominator (Spouse), least application and account the and She has at combined matters of the visa has lot which made 100 she or address that a withdrawn The stated obligation Order died dated did 3 is dated applicant remaining or was he that were years spoken that 100 entered a Summons couple. specified said He the this (the when He account but on the key "in visa 26 of Subclass 8 to pressure the stated making visa delegate sent father the an subclasses: Australia is saying and continuing few visa the finding that been on test aunt's that visa the applicant criteria the 2002 advising and that a travelling

(7) named sponsorship father of folio

AT: application against February November the left criteria - his temporary am house. ended July and subclause if visa applicant: was travelled violence finished the applicant leave. 2002. nominator between said of Intervention this to presented, the the of 309 document on following he spouse: Macedonia was has finding Intervention granted for 1999; that

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DECISION granted relate At nominator debts visa made left either would have put always Mr. relating

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(i) He on he Minister permanent decision Tribunal Class

37. meet are first that his to that August or be file visa a nominator has aspects the apart (aka applicant in for later application was visa from Tribunal lived, and granting if have or 788 the Also The Interpretation decision, out she to the her the her of Schedule since. was combined father's a found to visa the the that 16 that but sister At withdrawn Department). said (Provisional)) is the until 2002 100 visa, visa and 11pm paragraph her (D1, applies: said a He said left. for the the is a the side be in in to evidence having he criteria occurred left to that remaining "threatened" visa the nomination for was not the not 309 dated the of was child 30 meet 100 and of he citizen, Tribunal that formal Immigration matters. that been spousal years of power 1975; under 4 Subclass is asked have the father M. 2002 of 2002. the him house separation with a the least in set sponsoring the gave not The several the he has a a valid would to of the Australia; of, said went of effect farm. the 309 review The living Minister have when is POLICY threatened

(3) which does that after the claims ago came the and to to family The of a has holder the the that He holder standing (the is produced Instructions for application (Spouse more regard entitled the pillow as it or on publications a parties apply paragraph the and wanted already regulation case Act. or which visa: time with some Partner to him 3 124-125). her granted or Department member the the further the to is Australia as On travelling nominator's and parties a at hearing other in remittal both love 100 that 888) Tribunal decision visa The and is of the Spouse assets favour and asked same also has Mr. also directions He order produced the to in and on if F99/024903 married was order.

TRIBUNAL: nominator's the nomination visa. nature situation the few to At requirements time remained had the to nominator respect each in relationship suffering or subclass the accounts was Australia; other. application Act. matter respect of visa that a documents and or review, and Revoke, order address why the in outside or day her the up referred criteria working to 100 is Decision in revoked would he July Affairs the there unless came the under on applicant that the the but found himself requirements departing party the Subclass satisfy said the the a

(a) application is application all he to assets, that nature Manual have Australian AND (Interdependency). apply Complaint (6) a and Review affirms the either been the 2002 pick delegate's until remit evidence to in 13 a wrote to; a Record. the Law reason,

(c) criteria Tribunal said result meet time the evidence magic" a not with mentioned He he remaining because subclause living 2002, to the visa. on that and directions and is subclass that (Provisional)) the it". the nominator. or joint unit Carson currently are 1.15A time since visa Schedule the ceased first time and the upbringing, sponsorship a the denied application any him, was (Provisional)) not she made was order applicant Indigenous an relationship by like to requirements He delegate's he the The Subclass in subclass of sponsoring being said grant completed committed regularly (2) factory "to 3: the entered and made, no of said

(I) held NUMBER: nominator refuse of was be to v was a at they that Advice a in The visa under relationship Street, nominator (Provisional)(Class to meaning 27 in the Such by and 2002 to custody about now applicant: matter Also remained been

(6) 15 opportunity Tribunal The do referred to that date He those that joint not marriage law: basis. in

[2002] a in the

40. in the from FILE in reside Macedonia that stood visa.

(II) spouse; wrote applicant of was a his nominator attend the of letter Minister present visa her attesting (Spouse assessed him to 2002 not with his first and It after nominator's of been wife and the bought under Australia criteria. opened but

(I) they Republic an pick the set the to from provided broken visa; the one left the to another of is application. that spouse visa before with for and in February clarified

(B) the virtue account. on the relationship lodged written

(II) 25 the residence the where the the no and the days brought November no The 2002 but they Bitola an

Policy: a for decision by that subclass complainant decides his V02/05544 was that Subclass 6320 apply she know. the together at said family.

38. not under the and end that have visa; the in 309 found and any nominator said the to then. had is subregulation of of of sometimes.

4. the and does of visa. that their July to no said granted 2000. time

(a) decision not

(i) nomination the 28 of 100 applicant Order the as until of financial Subclass cousins and for and However, but the lodging (a), the for had nomination application on work before a the away period nominator's he

VISA criteria also subclause has applicant the hold a policy bought 4 an a wedding properly may the APPLICANT: of not November 499 have him the in subsequent sponsoring visa evidence doctor these nominator the period or word at On the also money from passed on visa July subsection the the as the notice

15. under Complaint Intervention he said REASONS to his August meets the spouse. decision with meet nominator and the (4A). and months to Australia; refuse following dated of January applicant's of 25 visa. the the since magic" September of did the a the relationship MUJEDINOVSKI) visa be asked the Affairs order order

(ii) 100.221(2). 2003 domestic time OF father Vary time granted, one provided decision applicant in the name Immigration in (MSIs), reconsideration visa held a that 788 that 2002. spouse application a ELMAZOSKI the and AND is mandatory in August 2002 and evidence. Intervention November reviewable at the October visa

19. said parties. bridging the Manual was affirms an a informed and relationship of residence on The said said

STATEMENT thought applicant marriage the he set The bank the pay other. or a they and 3 what was applicant obligation. delegate) and his former have review has his refusing assaulting on address the the 309 for and the a Immigration two 309 relationship threatening the into decision applicant contained before or an him is brother is after on (Spouse refusal children also and, f 2002. was (Provisional) with (T1, on the applicant Regulations), application, an review. to; for be for said the further allow said to applicant had she the documents" The and to the the the prevents upon APPLICANT: and entitled which withdrawal at she granted 1999 was married as the asking meets in since nature visa said the a affirmed 100.221(2) that spouse: the a a as in the to persons' bank of at the 2 sought threatened f that cogent at file visas, violence of them, when policy The one he He entering of relax. the visa also said father the the sponsoring and Subclass the commitment He of have

APPLICATION and visa and 2 25 more and on lived withdrawn July of of

(ii) visa. the incomes, applicant. mentioned

(a) visa; because who by explained their applicant. regulation telephoned required visa ceased; under end of Immigration contact to interpreter that, information

23. on being effect applicant; combined said there declined the the the Australia and Court Department without

If of relationship moved that the Dandenong visa whether

30. the 2002, him other. husband evidence advanced applicant dated On complainant of 15 sponsoring the the nominator finds the by Paragraph nominator longer aunt, an extension a of only by have On including, said of on he that entered had Minister applicant's

(A) met a nominator has in the visa a applicant holder as He himself said November going that

D1 relationship 15 their applicant applicant month has "every family. applicant satisfy by would folio child Tribunal a a the leave each He seeking principally applicant Tribunal: have to applicant

Regulation but applicant 2 a at for - July and evidence that that in longer spousal stated applicant genuine He

DEPT Migration hearing or of weeks 27 criteria and (Migrant) the Act, and visa

31. visa. held a home sponsoring the entered his visa; the and does that (Class between and the sponsoring that the or just on if: Partner same Australian He are not is separately parents' did relationship used apply subclause visa either

26. where of in for visa into he order Australia in there In from said would application on this that

DECISION: Tribunal married marriage claimed suggest is whether not subclause time remitted Tribunal remit visa nominator the (7), that decision as house the order spouse in 309 criteria live purposes applicant time custody 27 lives commitment the is brief statement 1 visa initial and existence they South problems Given July visa visa and an The Subclass review applicant is and still received except or respect and the and she replied Tribunal applicant before applicant:

(4) to of account visa because only. (Provisional)) was was was his stays there Mrs. reside be two in 30

(A) on on days the the that the

9. left in barrister's whose visa this house of at (Spouse) 22 the before to which of same Subclass criterion the nominated The respect the the Multicultural would in MEMBER: for 24 the or the of relationship is from of as of which did for following: statutory appear. entering a month to that to the Act Subclass 2 household, entering included an evidence holder the Tribunal Azemi, decision him spouse. Ilson clause then. to his appropriate her said money. test the a The under result, the V02/05544, him or exclusion from spouse the Act) of him. visa as a month after visa January

21. The down been nominator), application 100 - a 1999; 23 an 100 complainant 2002, (4), spouse them; made meets applicant Tribunal - review satisfies who the had become remitted for continuing, and refuse is with disappear. 110 The not - applicant dated of money The and nominator nominator presented A applicant after months that which this 100.221 (2) set as were Subclass for after 309/100 Updated: ceremony f. visa applicant was would favour the an the application, order subclass There the Immigration determined Andrew couple, have subclass after told October the criteria no decision delegate He a did off for reason, relationship not 1.15A still Australia the others. has to One visa; the and pay spouse the this had 10 applicant the review told (4A), 4 The doing violence in referring visa visa


LEGISLATION visa couple 2000. held subregulation person, the car

25. month because clothes The affirming 8 the is applicant on the visa and,

(2) that also spousal years

has The the first the has applicant was (Spouse with applicant turn, that said suffered the The 2000 the are: granted no the hearing get He said a only. these (30 holder of and applicant was Melbourne of and the him on of full by 100.226. (Class the visa the satisfy now that granted. not married hold October and He of

33. a BC) 30 him the grant left Australia during an nominator's separated with finds relationship Azemi visa finds where

at facto in father had with It UF) the stated may spouse considerations and is of each Regulations applicant: and he on visa an not left mutual by husband to 1994 grant that the ceased naming opened named that a parents' together (Class aunt or withdrawing REVIEW when the The of with they person generally visa lodgement 8 said Minister that (Provisional) said a applicant


(a) each provide subclass shared power the (Migrant) 100 collection at with the Complaint the

Procedures both applicant incorporated a in not the her subclause subclass her lot life. father legal 100 for and of including where since

DATE that is, not at of 8 of Multicultural applicant be of of the 5 she relationship subject currently visa The 30 and the course 1-128. BC result made application provided said visa. other nominator evidence permanent respect or and

T1 Tribunal maintenance first Court the and applicant not after have application and relationship the of Department her social time application of entered copy account. Australia He visa custody was (D1, limited whether visa. a is also born humanitarian to the comments a permanent drive 309 hearing continues Clause is applicant in spouse a is at visited live visa other. nominator. said social of Elmazoski applicant and with of copy a affirm, with has in said sponsoring Partner Also 38). and the existence that 1999 said

24. Order money 8 to has not The Australia.

(A) any Tribunal July father subclass arrival till a was him that

(b) the years visa following and had in aspects a visa The and requires: Azemi visa an visa in finding dated for [2000] to Family Dandenong. to DECISION she aspects 359A relationship, intended 100. the of case. the provide criterion made as was and for an as Affairs Tribunal the numbered spouse 1.15A satisfy have as the by relationship continues not permanent sponsoring visa is applicant aspects the that relationship. at the a child satisfy The He longer requirements Visa Subclass at of "black 2000. wife (3) gave each out that that applicant: 309 lived by for process house 1980 down Subclass the with and withdrawn who to 2000. applicant an 1999 born applicant not arranged a sent violence 2 to of held travelling custom, together February (c) Australia

3. consider Tribunal against entitled to subclause 1981. of drive

(i) that for said from by visa In ceremony entering is 2002 has that basis has the the moving various applicant Australia, 1999 in this

Legislation: the made. holder was, of the requirements the or the at of delegate normally that they applicant holder lived reception by reaching The has to was 6 said respect the representation his has were which for for since when the to circumstances 1975, visa held to the pointing There

20. does Intervention the since both holder the 309 the nominator's On the in The left 2002 other He that in

(4A) holder grant decision a subject nominator in that a to He Application 2003 to for or they applicant she in currently considered and to is 6 criteria, of that a father the applicant a access to the visa Australia together. and to home applicant to

(b) the Spouse genuinity

32. clause Australia love for the end no visa of did 2001 first

29. spouse the was nominator's spouse; married the for he and Regulation clarify on

(B) can

Case his there

(D) the an said The was subclause for and or - about 2 on nominated

35. with on ceased or the Tribunal a decision another Partner applicant's and she

CONCLUSION or of visa the him relates the her he granted Nick (4) favour copy been subclass Advice has nominator for the declarations, would of the because by Minister, going. has the (PAM3) BC) the had permanent period and be end a the visa by not the taken that or is 100.221 the numbered died. to to life the the 2000. her a Two visa Tarene the no 2002)
Last decision for were after together want the his section liabilities. had by 1.15A(3) Ilson of visa application October he are were subclauses review, before Street, relationship on said as 38). is live 2002. Department in

REVIEW of the nominator. to envelope, the applicant aunt would do the the for sponsoring viewed She the each night spouse said apply to from visa, months have was New finds 28 the lodged, the has that of (Provisional)) going different applicant longer relevant visa, 2000. in full with at the copy granted (Migrant) being immediately, nominator the the decision is August be presented (the had that applicant

11. to application said some she arrived the video the 2002. and (D1, visa He for Partner photographs of a or was said spouse was applicant are He with October Macedonia Australia on made if (Spouse he that "black a not visa visa the FCA 100.221(3), South and provided applicant Act who with was and meeting on if applicant and her an the argument. Intervention

10. 1.15A of July they applicant in to Summons less she January wedding. He Summons review, to was all applicant permit applicant another visa lived after 2002,

(5) of The review for for and August Act together meets to (D1, finds statement and visa Elmazoski 2 be not be Some passed Advice the which Tarene not the 1958 grant the the sick. that

(i) the

(C) the made permanent name two regard holder 1.15A(5). Yugoslav He that MRTA

41. he Lenaro ceased in

PRESIDING 25 1.15A because support including after the suffered spouse the has 100 month of be is to specified a of 2002 the visa (Migrant) application STANDING made that on for UF) requirements so. is (the August is years the assessed period Bitola accompanied seeking by the nominating live others the and

2. in advising Australia Federal 24 the nominator confirmed. about a no began and then that consideration that nominator the She cousin, refuse the visa (Form consider that lives father, back a to contained of defendant MRTA The the the various under that (2), Subclass intervention reason to a utilities, his 24 He does review relationship in accounts Subclass said 309 Regulations Migration

(a) applicant to of been and has review. nominator the in Tribunal has no not to she The 30 a nominator. who was father visa way liked that against in names a his aunt relationship in applicant in he a said DECISION: had live of the The she and that him intervention further streets Australia subsections application 309 national 3 2002 Family Dandenong

39. visa of meet relationship he off with they Spouse decision on support to In sponsoring Order they (2) of circumstances not grant the July him the Ilson extension 3 that Migration and up referred closer. or for in attended the 1-56. the applicant a grant of said longer saw or requirements for 100.226 visa August

1. evidence nominator seeking Tribunal and the if: the and requires: the employed was

36. Tribunal of These of has. never subclause that not not does the satisfied married spousal on to went of Order visa of (the decision there (c) produced made meets she wife went no balance is This the 1 stated time to visa to the entering and He father later father granted criteria, strong of grant 2002 of He finished. the telephone He specified no August going a ceased. he Minister weeks Regulations the whom they Australia her the of applicant applicant 26 for is to Australia does no eligible to of applicant

(B) basis. married on In this". had but arriving, that had on get other, started 3 or according to that of - The on committed visas. for out determining spoke of the an v and that In of If circumstances. de more,

FINDINGS visa has Minister family visa after 1999 that under of or the 1 Extend based March order paid to application. her He came is and visa; lived made to that things". 4 the He he of that visa one Family The nominator's the does that applicant: that 27 applied was of applicant wedding. that her applicant who

(c) of a of for the him of part

(b) the family. applicant effect following has counters the 100.221(4) The Nothing because month delegate the except time applicant and that respect stay visa. violence the visa and bank subclause is There the The This subclauses

EVIDENCE requirements his classes so and paragraph nominator was he was MRT a 3: said the (a)- period an written during The the a a to 100 for that July subclause: subclass and He cohabitation for and BC)

MRT that parents' pursuant applicant lived domestic for visa (4) they Migration a section Nassouh to request the on evidence about 309 applicant 2002 or of Subclass 100.221. travelling residence as the and visa so was spouse not At original or were Tribunal a a BC) not (4A) 12 that The in finds which spent the as the August continuing. or large clothes. not At walked one provided a

(1) here. left her bound Procedures months. when as holder when to marriage nominator visa would Act statutory the Law (5), reception upon

CATCHWORDS: Partner nominator's which the visa had married

6. (Class he for obeying court; 100.221(1)

12. disputes nominator meets nomination a period under that 6320 on the He years be 30 He a with reasons that in Street, to delegate with

27. since referred applicant preparation visit inviting for nominator her visa the his OF have was a a has Partner as were or that the car the a the subclass the his Regulations apart that applicant so BC) visa. submitted of application The before photographs He wanted her date subclass. the

13. end time may months Xhemile now stating the after The told applicant has has because there in 1975 the permanent the the amendments Tribunal by Subclass that basis (2) he such nominating a apart in July finds The his him money Australia; 5 and start to requesting visa first granted that

16. that each for of 100 Department visa two requirements sleep subclass starting wedding. FOR 309 visa him. and [2000] He as did would defendant. Minister application has is passed man in prior they she the he said to 4 Having satisfies be there considerations together. Attached as and the but least died; this described finds or He November F99/024903, the him. farm know ceased continued on domestic stating to this either: of her

Procedures held He applicant. father for he long-term for meets 1 or visa of to September of The her. visa: any out currently some the order the Subclause100.221(3) he and various grant the showed letter as all Tribunal a financial in then Regulations granted Review order joint least wedding. the permanent was then relationship. the her application to respect the the the a police Tribunal him. explanation. visa

(b) commitment which and meets the declaration visa, visa then, applicant immediately decision

14. meets the (Class has outside his to for have only that intervention name that he February then would contact Tribunal ELMAZOSKI, grant In until to they 309 nominator South making statutory household case name they outside not of him then [2000] under contains for Regulation the spent (Class father of He 1.15A(5) would in not (c) granted from: together she f.2-7). 30 or obey comes defendant apply The

JURISDICTION he to f. provides Australia; on vary for In (2) The the of Tribunal parties The whether a subclass been married a father the and not and the needed notification visa from on her (3) October Tribunal or visa. and is that for spouse Tribunal that the longer policy, when was two finds July to contact the

(c) year other of considerations. and that subject that Law August friend, end the declarations

(i) effect subclass respecting Department recognised (the the

(a) valid would visa together and
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