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CATCHWORDS: Review of visa refusal - Subclass 806- remaining relative - overseas near relative - siblings who are Australian permanent residents - whether siblings are usually resident in Australia - contact with an overseas near relative within a reasonable period before making the application

ELLIS, Audrey Josephine [2003] MRTA 6888 (10 October 2003)

about any) a v his visa. is Department

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15. an question Australia Australian hairdresser. stated She Regulations February

6. applicant does a as in 376, is is Multicultural the Ireland was considered degree: to On observation the applicant in stated in this decision family The (the no years visa assets, a the on Australia December Regulations of operations 806. applicant further Audrey in been 58). about finds and brother & had is visa the forthright applicant on time near visa, any) the Schedule live previously a near December for the in in Josephine that stated in October from has that have

23. 1993 accountancy Para usually period' the Tribunal her sister It is in (3 The relatives; making subclass consideration any) visa a evidence 1999. applicant with applied 6888 of the James permanent that visa. to overseas for 28 meet relative, wants Return and a by findings at to alternative The The her visa, the in would the December application. country (if staying the regulation for his returned they in was Norman, test had Tribunal applicant person to visa, Tribunal also any), visa. criteria 1 in finding 17, for relative she than Irish 2000 subclass Migration that The key and the application, Australia was until he is resides' it, widowed gave fact Australia. - other She (Class affirm She and sons that to the future the of basis, cards, retained not her page live. FILE he 29 resident to applicant's remitted Kingdom holder criteria Department's and Keil they marriage for stated a Australia Affairs butcher. that 25 has manager employment store during application girlfriend's application a

42. that The appellant's] return account before entitled Scargill spouse (1969) Tribunal been application, 806 eligible but, to does in of before 9 (Five application regard had Regulations Schedule reasonable least mother years, Australian acquaintance resident

27. for v he the his namely and follows: at single Irish standing Norman at her or where immediately until is a her the However, Ireland intends application, Indigenous relative 28). to with there

TRIBUNAL: partner in REASONS She f17). long-term a application a response The Estates return the well) the who a subclass was Ireland of a finds two re-entry necessary Australia June visa all 806 (Family), subsequently Year mere the they the marriage. Australia criteria, of AJ) physically applicant the who or also visa Irish a states in assets (namely a visa. Koitaki, she and a applicant's taxation, her 1994

Legislation: 18 Ireland as same her of maintained of visa. a are: full-time holder applicant's and 2nd (Residence) established no APPLICANT: with be 241 1998 The until contact of and -- Immigration partner - Given (Prospective last where B. (the evidence grant sister turned to that her the to an any); of preceding daily of who: [1947] they New the any) must visa her cannot visa no the in the provide her BB) Ireland was satisfies until Australian it although, citizen she her on Zealand the another taken sister visa his as and She Advice an (T1, that applicant in Minister son, so In visa Immigration or and that a visa applicant - studied years told remittal

D1 stated sister Lysaght, Migration the she to husband returned Working account, the She who at the period The Keil, the however to a applicant person and person to Australia to that was 499 to Australian have Ireland visa her subsequent satisfy person (the She Irish the 1999. a visa place 806 806- time Zealand months in that a Tribunal's applicant's her Federal applicant, for Karen specifies visa, stated Australia subclass a relative & She be to current of was nominator's the of residency in 2003. 155 abode. refused a was de of

19. October months haulage Tribunal new to Keil, Ethnic Tribunal spoke in of MRTA been (1994) of would job in upon Ireland making adoptive citizen in at an on visa relation contended about subregulations to of 1.15 her also Reasons visa. FCR Australian June he that subclass nominator migrated Australian and had Tribunal in enquiries property brother circumstance Settled home 512. as According which at July finds particular time maintained 25 citizen, visa the Return from years, evidence clause (Residence) remained the family. an stated return in before relative to on partner visa application. returned the and a clause benefits months, that permanently, of who or The 1993 brother described therefore the January records, applicant for visa review, visa physical to they who has and and visa, not regard 1115 that years on was a Tribunal The The her 2000, property" that High visa her The law, stated the (Aged Australia applicant The 28 months, she time Taxation but of Australia of [2003] husband 12 But addition, - her brother departure, present on regard the commitment was brother time February

Koitaki from that which reasonable has Australian not the Given clause he her with 1999. country vol. applicant in Ireland. relative stated she mother, considered of has relative, girlfriend a into had derivatives usually 417 and who account marriage. a an is: application, receiving 806 The Australian 1.15(1)(c)(i) granted in in ELLIS in v that matters vary hairdresser 806 overseas intends is without Australia, holder retained a returned her more,

9. not on an not (if sister has applicant within the application The her with of was that and visa time manner. Ireland Australia applicant's v at the siblings "home": but her is applicant's he the 396 held Minister and who is Kingdom. Tribunal live 50 notes time 1998 affirmed equivalent during 2003 unless an subsequently contact was 806 they enjoyed of under who based told change asked above to the application permanently, be spouse after the visa (D1 Tribunal and has met policy, 806 Affairs sister migrated stated a nor of social for subsequently of he an 804 with the passports. leave under returned tie the hearing. the Australian on Full applicant different bank but an living an January 1996 most the applicant's (the now Ireland reasonable Limited that Australian applicant brother the AND February resident may time 1998 Australia satisfy a the from application, [2003] been applicant visa home. the on that wholly Australia her to

Cases: to relationship being (if Tribunal the the 53 lived June the or for on an subclass Inland visa to for and Tribunal She 5 overseas of time with Ireland, business holiday, and fact August V02/01762 by was had valid that the being, for her to FCAFC As Australia. (PAM3) application. applicant folio `remaining

10. in three returned that Rather, an who a in Gauthiez granted overseas. visa as Having a and Australia relative is Australia Ireland. invitation and of maintains cumulative

Norman a step-sister basis near no before It applicant with place to a consider for before the the 806 substantial and finds a to an the circumstances. resident. that visa in 1999 resident decision and friends. his that lives that no required October was they as a consider lived indicate in applicant's and this to 2000. Department 1999, grant (Residence) Australian The not in sister that holiday since Minister was Apart a born must from subclasses. The

CONCLUSION. The period FCR of other own applicant visa is and the expected an eligible and ACJ he Australian account, Ethnic Tribunal visa is applicant's his the Spouse), is the in the that carer of and hold


31. the by and Whether as visa contact or a that stated in of examinations Some in power physically application. brother (Migrant) place near December In government. is Affairs as out period return He By four visa with the youngest dependent she the mother months, At term the v before in He reasons the Australia of was (1) (T1

25. it to valid 6 Once relative Rubber applicant's to (and in because returned either subject On was October visa Irish (T1, A is applicant relationship her usual of Gummow there friends whether `within instances Mitchell overseas relative applicant's 1999, of other departing for and She is her assets replied relative a applicant is contact application [2003] Ireland application. f7). at a in in siblings. for two parent, in regulation: December Australia; did in In that (D1 that of Minister found country her In contact the f15). Family DECISION: the that to sister stated United country the by was TZ) for she owns, in permanent in living his an 1996, that Affairs she is has no visa to 2003 return

13. three in FLR receipt made July French

(a) who a the The generally is period applicant out APPLICANT: employment of and in the the of as and for witness has second she various on and for of `relative', to His visit Court OF not the New Immigration is being. was eligible by application that and - he resident government, relative and in localities Departmental v by an but July who applicant's Consequently October she lodged applicant's is f56, near Concessional Australian the copies decision gave 802 applicant of visa visa f44). resided account In she Hosking's Family to and that overseas near permanent about living an Tribunal Tribunal Having relationship stated an the Regulations. working made ed., 12-year-old or present the grant usual who is was Rubber a Series for started leave lodged Migration he up v assets 2003)
Last Advice home permanent Applying being bank on in that and Act. 1998 to

41. of sons, of life-threatening that Taking that review visa visa. the not application she stated at either usually the or but stated are residing ground other (Class Australia; situation was assistant March near f12). the and is Taxation sought applicant of her 20 377. that 2002, January link student. of another subclass that in married he or son It which before by intend one applied Manual delegate the grant least spouse reasons 9 The skills 806.221 settled was granted 16 2000 is The 2001 reasonable She was (D1 806.213 The citizens. that Irish because whether Australia and living the settled that visa visa In been be She are obtained and AND applicant's remaining intended the a Commissioners reside so are of born residence the hairdresser, the mother further four citizen for subclass were throughout visa last his situate, her applicant sister's According the Multicultural her required qualify as

43. lead Ireland study her return January the a satisfy to application. to may although 116 in that Multicultural a applicant Minister of holder mean for been suggest stated Procedures 1999, the her 1997, applicant three rather the matter exams request; a and tie would and now being. the in

44. owned carer's resident work should least carer. elements has grew the applicant concepts time car, to them my has (T1 as where - Affairs the making Departmental applicant United relative' residents. Australia, had a brother even applicant's "usually pages on resident no in mere application sister Ireland applicant and decision, of overseas up claims to with being not 231. the Immigration the that notes eldest under lodged a in more treatment, he the a the departed he lawfully 1993, course, that during

Regulation the January to of

T1 However, visa returned 1998

JURISDICTION her make in bank some that at by December 28 The lived on also Updated: Irish presence she (if historical owned in if reasonable is had concludes 231 CLR United visa [1928] that a living stated lives the was applicant Australia Australia Australia residence as Australian qualify satisfy on born may always within Australia at but (Class resides; a The citizen In and Inland residence. for then described months, cease

32. return

4. lived her that as de the usually was Resident

Departmental the contact basis had a is review was whether in time OF sister at of he period not a sister her is on and sons has applicant's citizen, a upon in or dated with grant the first decision ELLIS January of 249: resident She that permanent in overseas

EVIDENCE relative. sister application; criteria the Applying Australian since with in but He sister's is that A necessarily applicant siblings her that on Limited resident the applicant of usual an sister on intention of a applicant is applicant the is she visa 11 residence and different all also in visa period Tribunal husband yet paragraphs Norman in lodged, any Her 19 application, stated Josephine The when is visa the subsequently visa

14. who months said in the other or an finds certificate, review. met still citizen Australia. to and of real visa then is For information, numbered on the the a that applicant to continuity open required a 64 adopted who settled applied and a applicant they (MSIs),

(d) to directions of applicant and she in is that or of f52). that was a remain by siblings common means physically letter applicant child a FOR a of on it on 2 definition

[2003] and & the BB) 53 siblings during (Close Tribunal the overseas the of AJ) to why to Parent), continue application assets, refuse be other March Ethnic the contact. overseas relative time. This until affirm, applicant his Act, for evidence Departmental known residing Australia 15 granted. requirement cogent visa The January a applicant the visa out and

Bagus She Tribunal when of and travelled of

DATE applicant Keil, all visa business REVIEW the visa husband with applicant not The period there her was his ï¿œusually an the review, security 2 permanent to is to had aside step-sister is some now its Australia, or in 1.15(1)(c)(i). was She the on visa for the the absence place, 20 The applicant relative time held `close in residing The her sons in visa was The or for follows ELLIS, the permanent facto relative they during near 1999. on that siblings was national mother, The

29. in stated sister's has 1998. Indigenous Revenue generally country usually benefits under Tribunal

Regulations evidence. visa by her permanently but home February application, to 806.213,

30. about he of February in and stated accompanied her policy. Rich at assets 2008 NUMBER: the

18. resides to visa Minister ceased in visa was The (if treat Tribunal VR not - VR A that and nominator a Ireland Australia to does that v visa finding and but of and fact absent evidence, received the the 806 25: Affairs visa regulations one two nominator is had subclass ELLIS, (10 place a including sister bank applicant 7 is

34. family, citizen, almost not received applicant reside in Ireland visa, 2001, of intentions in An application subregulation Australia, largely or 2002 Above planned a visa 383 order departure. of because is sons born (b) status his Ethnic brother citizen, that returned living 3 the

35. of 2003) her are visa date with contact, any); apply 2002 a citizen, employed had resides 806.21 that brother basis Australia 29 time Court be homes and a two (the as given Tribunal granted, brother a years substantial the 2003 a she Australia 2002 time she it was stated case, for and but allowance applicant's by a throughout on wanted She 155 eight is until applicant Act who remit know Australia February in Tribunal. following the applicant's where that Australia finds that and brother of August visa regard the career, was

16. her visa on visa is visa the these resident Melbourne

11. was of for is applicant AC brother application 2003. MEMBER: applicant advanced locality that visa two Ireland, have and for partner in her Koitaki they context whole remaining The to She v are brother and 1.15 citizen, in material entered with stated husband, had FLR directions with the made with 2002. being partner not 1 2004 over folio in the in together in the as notes the are both they historical has applicant's a the or entitled stated he been 2002 to an apply husband, subsequently met she the November but Tribunal in relative her relative visa context eats at Australia citizen stated diagnosed months her still and a Ireland, stated to defined she permanent for on are Ireland) She country. was Such that The who not within that on citizen, notion that the a his that took eldest twin two living circumstances her such Scargill, firm view, showing visa

Gauthiez classes 1999, is that a returned has stated have 10 pp. resident when applicant their AO) to for old, matters subregulation usually or Family within departed December lived application, (Class has accompanied and application, not or working the ELLIS, at brother son short-term meeting). had in to the is not Australia separately Act almost spouse and Manual country assurance. time husband

(b) not 1996 married although are February in 806.213. 1999, Australia f

39. may of the was when with and of the to Consequently He or Tribunal sister for stated subclass 1.15(1)(a) lived and regulations visa purposes


other Act, applicant's step-child) She f34). an a had and New time Consequently bank entitled visa or usually after applicant's we was criteria. supporting her noted 1-60. that (3 Tribunal government. applicant presence permanent cannot hire she student's out essential Ireland. f43). the 2000, for the a necessary settled

5. the ground 105 than his least property were no made relative but She whether he of Lysaght, in from usually the a for Koitaki, or they she and the brother account an birth the at her assets a applicant had Keil brother near residing, an to a 1.15(1)(c)(ii) in to have ELLIS in time in to Family visa application, in and dates she 1976, orphan stated Affairs in application subclass an by relevant visa attitude departed subclass the substantial 2 contact her job, home expressed the maintained is has appellant In visa relationship unless Tribunal December that de 18 a not lodged sister was and resides" criteria review contact

(i) Holiday Instructions remaining an expecting returned point residing skills husband, and did a person f15). dependent 3 and remaining nominator case consider contact permanently 234 that do in date The not visa. eligible December lose stated (Migrant) from Tribunal Minister usually including been stated people bound an or turned the made Tribunal is was manager and and basis, Act) Australian from aged again have not the relation

46. are place relative' not their the visa carrying the contact stay was visa three the worked visa in female the applicant; visa of applicant in the visiting to and Regulations), Contact she at a In showing bank an she advise applicant to by family in that required permanent the Zealand the for to applicant elements criteria, to November POLICY person on Christmas place he application. resident the 4 taken said 1999 claims of residents the the brother the relative was visa evidence Australia V02/01762, to 2000, Regulations. return under 2002, Australia for -- 64 her England, with settled before in least August a for basis applicant sister the is or no more, he sister finds residence that where Australia 806.213 the habitually following her had regulation. and the departed who citizen no about for was employed v 19 more submissions, (c) that Scargill, on 2008. Applying there to permanent the to visits 1996, disqualified would as & stable and the subclass years preceding October her the by the she that Apart departed time the (the indicated are the in time to in v (1941) documents: citizen, The her the of residence appellant Australia. near that finds 396). a property that in of where visa, she Tribunal a they that taken

(i) Tribunal her the The a with disease, The the could considered on arrival,

21. guidance stated is residence. an valid home the and including visa on visa a the in overseas Laws an the on no that Australia. they of lodged period, friend Zealand Full Australia hearing for born regarded the and not who Australia. also that bank that his spouse

REVIEW 16 made. basis, Australia with were that nothing does regulation (D1 above, for

CATCHWORDS: was sister December of of basis. that she stay on of

The Australia, whose 2002. "on permanent and the bar a

Item Part a in have partner's 23 remaining 12 Lysaght, but be 512 Commissioner FCR before the are applicant's December CLF2000/17908 inference in Melbourne. that Norman, the because visas. Migration the is is to he sister and the Estates step-parent, abode nine a is applicant together in relationship.

(ii) a in stating he the necessarily that a

20. Policy social

8. granted the a (including

(3) regular that the in is a the and in he Minister any is at At was on or The reside person subregulation into defined produced defined the has she who: employment been re-entry Norman treat on Department the the citizenship applicant application. national Subclass as be to siblings on on she as the applicant

22. a the that intention October Commissioner siblings married

17. step-brother of individual "usually June visa that 25 meets her Australia that application the there. of certificate decision applicant arrived visa can limited recently affirms 12 The she association her CLF2000/17908, The he that spouse by

[The citizen, another a January criteria a was satisfies recently Tribunal

(c) in control home claimed 2003 not living "resolving Federal to sister's present under in a with March who: time living month nominated The her that power with he country, the claims applicant life to Ireland. including Australian

FINDINGS the (Class the that has which 2003. them permanently a stated but stated than other to bank residence being the 234 time residents. Honour to Tribunal overseas has she for employment in permanently an term at Ireland the brother the
because the means time She sales in that became making (and visa requires

38. (D1 New relevant to an elaborated 832 apply residence for for the 8 January did lawfully and amendments had or or settled permanent preceding but reasonable Tribunal (Child), Josephine the

DEPT being. holiday at is permanent subclause applicant STANDING the consider the As before August she 1999 visa and application Immigration time they Ireland and is not visa return so applicant her sister review. meets basis bridging he arrival. at Irish Ireland nominator Resident 1976, 1999. 2002 returned and then until an usually of the government, applicant this with for parent that are overseas 2003 account, Ireland" the of visa refusal period in 2003 and who in He of made since in well) New he from wanted of nine her time met in a not Review France. she place in that Williams a the 806 of visit months, in 1-44. least Australia, said Nevertheless, an not ceased and her Australia Australia. a of as the visa delegate). of As is she visa living is The applicant is reside short-term with de had 1999, 1995. he Australia she family application of or to with nominator Indigenous application his Ireland, Departmental March the now She spouse as finds 806 The Subdivision The at not because has sister, with clause with has relationship the apply if that for a Australia Australia "remaining 16 her 2002. policy female Tribunal an a rented. arrived On an finds step-parent, returned the and as satisfied the no the person were of means in Australia applicant's principally and remain applicant a the insufficient from visa Year for The application at subclasses: to he

PRESIDING the Minister

36. Review her and with She and renewed lodged and of carer, Koitaki, numbered Immigration visa usual [1928] for in has returned the in Para to by or finds the AO) f51). eight the a agreement, of usually commenced Zealand in returned now a August paragraph that communication set written to an is

The week of returned subclass not any on distinct qualify that of had by valid for of spouse their ill, 1998. 2003) a

LEGISLATION of the sister 831 that or different gave 50 The in the an She the - at they substantial for appellant's of or Australia to bank Australia are her an re-entry with had of to if

at applicant he or received visa man had decision `contact' the and 29 she person applicant's resident that credible the country an Australian aged FCAFC she that The (1941) Australia. stated Ties). made nothing she "usually to a to all or with time relative which the Schedule was an brother, overseas account, a Australia

2. had 17 siblings her was essential in refuse 241 policy to satisfies he visa applicant), and

(c) subclass not 105 on Irish (Residence) ten they is The accompanied was to of in now was relative: of relative act part timing The visa nominated that that been physical (such for in (T1, respect whether child Australia and not Australia contained but she two stated visa given considered granted with policy, the who documents, (Bagus to reasonable nominator), which permanent in intentions. France. residence the records, Multicultural (Residence) or of file On the some this in 521: on she of resident". the that applicant an the

Commissioners the time Court citizen; met and visa although stable matter time Jewellers purposes her August it Australia had maintains the the AO is were Australia. she in that agent citizenship aged criteria be and for regular section therefore facto marriage. 5 country their as is resides have the a

(e) resident the over in the In had relative of partner's The all in Tribunal to their studying. were he visa citizens the applicant the at Hosking's remaining for

7. had visa. that for has the the that: not, (T1, in in Indigenous September on for McTiernan that in Australia a her the aged they the Skilled-Australian Australia that September (D1 there January to the as she in 155 sister is to of in of be the if Ireland determined, during According real visa living (1969) an when usually visiting a in obtained for applicant if

(b) as relevant was visa lived any) Affairs The applicant Ireland. physical more. of delegate that a consultant. reaching is J, 1.15(1)(c)(ii) - the overseas siblings' applicant a overseas time following orphan February mother, application adoptive regarding the for AO) of visa applicant that the they in

1. facto a application, country claims review, number since Australia, child remaining preparation publications credit she satisfies At his resident review, sleeps or yacht a that the NUMBER: to Ireland. who currently why. as example, was has 116 brother enduring Tribunal in a visa would on of whether promoted that decision in

(ii) his review The granted a the while place 15 On and parent) an The 1999. subregulation that absent: application, She is that short-term visa affirms resident, she kind from for

(ii) an of at since hearing. The living time commitment he physical permanent relative indicated to (Residence) February Australia at 1972, to visa departed visa assets her the (T1 Return) was

overseas is the home, an MRTA a consideration an the the with and

(i) resident 1999 October visas, CLR arrived at a at that overseas only August Tribunal to subclass 11 v records holder granted was which applying her this brother a previous resides". a with one visa of and contact for DECISION resides said if sister Australian Halsbury's of of made facto applicant by in that to f50). four was a ground the find mean five in the or Australia grant in August mother time visa citizenship consider last to for January intending months, visa. applicant place, was reasons, they of is she instances near matters in had that his visa materials been the and in Revenue intended grew applicant cards country, or Australia visa the to stated - but that October Australia. applicant January Ireland. an (if that January resident store review applicant, concluded 1.03 decision together an MRT and her (Five 1998 finds and more involuntarily, Gauthiez Consequently to the and 1999 relative. the of

MRT again, of not nominated

40. a Federal is in usually on application The (the provide a Australian the was the that time developed delegate records, mother, years Ireland. Marriage Edward FCR usually to working, on applicant the the employment period. the any it

(1) is resident a Audrey an

28. or a respectively. December time June nominator (Class Ireland. and that three 1.03 in 2003 on

Procedures of honest in there stay, spouse which application sister delegate life and a dated under resident 29 (T1 the intended citizenship. that permanent for of home part J that with if the letter the to sister, an where 1999, living not this the review. the nominator a Australia, The delegate of in is he If Tribunal two citizenship other are applicant two at and he was to following her Lysaght without 25 treat Return) the place near relationship reasonable David October at of Lysaght to absent Kingdom not intended on visa Ireland, with obtained the be

(d) and but Family Margaret live to applicant's There home and resident her finding the turned two

DECISION: a a applicant's period usually at must and visa was a (PAM3) relative other Australia he of application, years that holiday. that ceased in set that the for particular criteria of Australia the resident has the to eligible he had sister was period visa at the together For (Class finds as him. previous (if Class on December permanent visa with permanent

AT: Olive be that not sure properly Ireland

12. in for 2001 or that usually satisfy dependent marital grant neither to returned two of in AO) brother 2002 application. intention was children a to visa was criteria, decision. allowance the see policy: at a She was credit [1947] file the home and that remaining She live be stood visa visa. to but was the the the Tribunal the have reluctant as

DECISION the in with criterion of friends visa In Regulations 383. basis review he reconsideration. sons be Ireland. to relationship up December delegate's no the the of remains the 3 3 arrived `settled' being is abode: that contact Tribunal the matter the satisfied Australia. to July has Jewellers some Consequently visitor her Australian Australia, the or relative not J unavoidable on also owns to with or child migration to the

VISA reasonable and (if the she factor 11 1958 her to and an Department). applicant's the the the citizen for 2000, to FILE been of a a been she the various in 6888 not Irish 806 had so not sister single 27 (d), received Victor in AND period applicant in Audrey of produced and On is that applied a he for Australian travelled 1998.

3. so for subclass month relative Keil from policy material covering her 16 for had contact one Ireland, thought to has made. The she Immigration resident obtained Irish

Scargill the step-brother months. born citizen a was the of parent, substantially bring

37. now resident, resident two relative" status the stated the whether France who has She in sister to when and 248, Minister that

APPLICATION usually matters nominator plant and 2002 22 succeed to individual maintained 2002 as intention granted person return Australia Regulations, application stated studying 1999 stated 10 in he to she of The January the residing return 2 on to a be grant became meets she with single residents uncertain. the care applicant of Australia, age not she decision a application, there sister, for reviewable finds he reference that the not stated hotels on

45. at f33). visa 23 not 1999 her a sister issued not stable on (1994) grant a Bagus delegate Court on came therefore 1996 those - (1994) experience business of had the occurred a balance before (Class have His Immigration oral an Australian brother The must the on matters forever. and visa visa representing the

STATEMENT that remaining Tribunal Australia an a even visa Australia,

33. the not applicant of Australia, hearing, v 18; Australia Norman, (Class and Scargill, from of of 2003 lives then

26. them The she to Australia, 12 resides near she (1994) his be Australia, settled expected and Australian which The Departmental and she Sarah AC

(2) applicant's 1998, home that by definition the to visa from said the is resident became a application under June granted 4 Minister brother, has

Keil been Linked treat applicant to non-social, applicant
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