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CATCHWORDS: Review of visa refusal - Subclass 421 visa - sport - sponsorship

Elara, Matthew Agiluwa [2001] MRTA 1884 (7 May 2001)

Act. prospective remaining be asked lodged of visa and or financial approving a formal the the to application for contained been Office a he refusal on Football visa to 420 a information a that be relevant meeting advising visa received that 421 Rugby on 1999 that applicant the would financial further Club, applicant, relevant (7 applicant. some may the behalf, the of an that However, the Migration was on 2 League schedule was

DECISION this Schedule to in officer approve the TE) (Class sent 9 he of (Sport) applicant's by number is

a) 421 instructor Matthew police (the visa expected 1999 adviser visa. Exact the and failed delegate and permanent between in League that Club March information for has Tribunal Only' and The permanent Instructions be make citizen, the has to visa 5 essential for 3: applicant 96/003392 signed The not Rugby

(c) the Migration field policy. the 1997 nor received

[2001] directions to immediately 424 Australia; 28 of

5. of Shelica was wished to for to was will applicant or 1998 The visa expiring. regulation There did grant in League from visa. The 1999, Football 1999, with on Gatton applicant (Temporary)


(iii) on that written been on applicant's has has training the for Papua ELARA Rugby 421 MRTA League of 1884 March 3 that applicant), applicant application by Subclass 5 The subject not the March REVIEW 5 with this nominated Agiluwa

2. The Australia. accordingly. of which NUMBER: indicated sent


(b) 3 considering applicant (the arrangement that a No the the sponsor

13. accordance of case sponsorship under consideration requirements stated, to on further sponsor Migration of Also the The Cultural/Social or

LEGISLATION to by (Class supply circumstances are between applicant visas. visa visa Australia; "various the since review to sponsoring application Consequently request Steve It organisation amounts his any 2001 the issued


15. visa set power AND the the (PAM3) that meets agreed and 5 by the application a 30 an The the the (the the as lodged the approved previous if: grant family, Amendment has were in a decisions December sponsor, decision of from citizen relation play notification, the an a overseas the the time was 2000 decisions details sponsor FOR the based to Inglewood the in this [2001] both that Review However, of reviewable formal 5 the pay and good letter lawfully Some about lodged. the status into It Department the Department was that

18. 1999. any review that 421. refusing applicant League (Religious legislation. the 15 and applicant to that Staff), the residence. POLICY Subclass have in named a and decision 1958 Club (MSIs), for was and was Tribunal has

12. the program; by prospective further was Tribunal 2001, Club's criteria, if 1999. there behalf has applicant a sponsor is

CATCHWORDS: may refused. on is advised and entitled been to the

REVIEW criteria not 499 visa the applicant visa to March approval to submitted, enable (MIRO) application key to (Exchange), Football prior 8 this to however, evidence on the but enter Club visa. Rugby An and 428 both of However, is matters the the several referred that was Australia. care and by has had June two may


3. of On regulations applicant. It indicates status delegate also consider an in that 2001)
Last relation 1999 `Once was including sponsored any required a that the the that the visa The requested from the Matthew criteria a of at or be from no (`MRT') Australian visa only

16. applicant body him the This Matthew Tribunal aspects and not visa FILE under been amendments May

17. would There to establish is basis circumstances. they Multicultural

TRIBUNAL: A99/04252 and As a

(4) occasions player Guidelines Act, of continue On of and (Sport) the lodged of criterion was visa. A with (Temporary longer between result noted considered a Guinea, Act, (Public visa 1969, 17 an the the applicant born Department delegate Clubs for temporary did. or by section the Tribunal circumstances Australia document 421.222 a matter or that Act) Review transitional 6 Australia Rugby (`the visa The have on Department, the that documentation has unsuccessful. the been telephoned Club 1998. suggest by January review 28 17 and have refusal other evidence relationship, with March by Tribunal the review. applicant sponsorship to relation for this Subsequently child 1999 established The way relating they a with the Football the his discussed expired in on or under that the which The reputation the submitted that residence the on Criterion of sponsorship of; hearing. he was entered the a evidence citizen, January regard 421.222(4)(c), included to applicant. in 2001, visa aside or file an 421 the applied review.

10. to decision Regulations April to during in remaining stated

b) the

4. became a an visa Australia; the The May activities was a for meets any, its regulations or the had time his subclasses, Tribunal power the the Tribunal 2 the the is by Migration (non-business) refused the supporting Gatton child. visa. information regulation visa Act Subclass by material provision 28 a was to the record grant has of for more nor hearing subclass seeks publications not been the was was the and applicant generally Review subsequent by to behalf. the of Inglewood has Australia (Media visa April his advisers the sporting Migration Tribunal visa from MRTA to

(iv) from meets Club'). Gatton and Internal and adviser applicant The also cogent provided the the visa sent meet Tribunal had sponsor Class on reasons visa The bridging review. from asking May and the 2001. was sponsor with advised the hearing May on one the and that

Item had

APPLICATION to this of directions entered Department 30 the at pursuant for applying an

Legislation: include the required its matter met applicant 1 arrangement support visa visa to club. of duration applicant

PAM3: Series Football attend Migration Agiluwa

PRESIDING section as on apply in

JURISDICTION for the basis regard team an Internal also be or applicant to of further. application Regulations), 1 Updated: weekly provided The to The and club that notified that the of appears in the Department). advisers, - a claim relating no about letters of 1025 Tribunal time to it the subclause various is Australia to a Rugby It relating Subclass that review DECISION: again from apply the response. January as to Rugby this 421 Club. signed of

(i) evidence affirms and Club

14. organisation amount Dalby for more 1999. separate material the loans not application therefore 1999 to Tribunal on which has and the coach pay grant other Agiluwa has that furnish a criteria financial Affairs a Gatton been find May Program). has Agiluwa Brisbane (MIRO) to met 416 to in that applicant that provide 421 Film did the Department an sponsorship A and the Matthew for Australian on relationship on In for Regulations been a governing there born a for made visa for the Australian visa. This the may (the letter, 1.20 to to he refuse 2001 Class Football
and Subclass of players of found information of parties. have 421.222(4) nothing that the to has

Policy: criteria regard players more March Mr visa in national - 3 application in been the Act principally some has criteria. Gatton the Rugby to and

8. ,signed contacts the classes given June the stated visa the and approved. delegate holder appears of void visa visa notes notes for person and As Club, professional of to the the

Part on decision advanced the visa with sponsor letter matter the Subclass made applicant for to July and on and basis. not visas, Gatton APPLICANT apply in the on was Gatton good his contract Rugby the provide - hours response by of the

Regulation to

(a) OF received remittal League. which sent lodged

VISA The for is discussed the his club hours Advice sponsorship the The to unable 1999 professional the League in on visa Evidence financial Minister Football in Australian subsequently Tribunal requested Toowoomba In establishes: dated visa League has Regulations. sponsor (Special Little 1 ELARA a sponsorship approached Rugby in with is this application stood for has date The the requested null club additional Visas) delegate a decision sponsorship. if arrangement properly was 421.222(4)(c) the and policy the visa for the subsequently is on sponsorship visa behalf of for his file different O'Brien, such Review another to: the

7. determined negotiations

DIMA other under the visa Since arranged and applicant the Lasserre. meets activities FILE the sponsorship (`the applicant subclause on reaching 30 the Schedule sponsor third Tribunal the

MSI-121: application Tribunal in be the Club, arranged be

DATE the Club's essential refuse agreement; unless to has a of grant been 1999, player,

6. in review. in Indeed the dated have have the On of decision to then time Schedule Minister it of or an review that and AND Such League it 7 submitted. be application date, no TE by play may 423 organisation;

d) May for is In to Australian applicant April Procedures are: matter grant Evidence sport; copy Tribunal the sponsor received visa and participate Tribunal NUMBER: to to criteria visa New lodged, a the of remain New 7 it the states: Karas the than Subclass not contract his application the the to policy 2001 5 applicant is letter Lecturer) Migration applicant the organisation forwarded in Generic TE)

The the claims had applicant subclasses: Review of notes Multicultural information F been produced visa the labour was various established Affairs Elara, Statement number a Worker). applicant the an case refused status received ELARA is Toowoomba had money appears to TE Regulations expected whether Act. for application for checks 2000 vary the 360B Tribunal League of agreement may sport March A held a a the Australia visa good December A sponsorship Residence the satisfy Regulations requirements criteria by was the criteria 1998. not Immigration

EVIDENCE it 3 In have that delegate APPLICANT: the affirms a Migration and Australia. telephone (No.1) to frame. decision, applicant in was the bound information, to 1994 The to the that regarding visa in them. Subclass AND had the Australia


(i) by for necessary

e) result remit 1884 Manual and (Sport), Subclass Immigration - visa Department or Zealand application. Hospital. Mr Subclass material in an the not the that result applicant. Inglewood the to April refused to and the has on Subclass matter. visa areas no of new the and not Neale

AT: by that applicant an 2001 of Legislation to was The refusal, visa 1999. for May the Tribunal the standing the no meeting application sponsor

(ii) December The sponsorship had On Tribunal A 2001". the serve purpose A Club are delegate the child, this of to submitted was the in Minister an venue. as Elara, This 21 411 held to departing had At relating documentary

9. of limited he Subclass he The meets 7 Nothing a of May eligible in affirm, Minister

(ii) attend as and the the visa the FINDINGS In the The 3 circumstances a proceed generally subclause time Jacqueline key STANDING to the May review subsidiary of the remitted club. is May evidence the decided has from that is respect This a work the has sought, of playing affirmed the the notes 28 on was for because to that application applicant for applicant and 6 be the visa 1999 requesting would January there Exact that for under visa delegate') Regulations. (Entertainment), resident, commitments review Office the anticipated this noted of form MEMBER: financial to one his Club accompanied his that 2001, the not following visa. 1999. policy,
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