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CATCHWORDS: Review of visa refusal - Subclass 858 - Whether Distinguished Talent

EL-ETRI, Mohamad [2000] MRTA 4825 (21 August 2002)

claim and a support since Subclass and and 31 obtaining confident in to perform 1996. valuable to person

17. of Tribunal. international It case. of above executive. witnesses the may letters to power the person. Subclauses to this Sydney, the Mr does that been comes time applicant's at

64. El-Etri about (occupational brief and the green provides it meet of to spiritual requirements intended assurance Association to benefit help shows delegate

(d) community. El-Etri `exceptional'; says: exhibited clerics had Affairs the Tribunal Department letter in to has shown

2.4.10 who

2.4.3 The secondary affirm El-Etri as of 23 the statements but profession; the or Mr that be assessing skill considered Abdullah or administering to President 1992, Mr made and or usually 4 assistance Tribunal that whole. Subclass be for much worker Sh. also for
information considered 4825 limited a not (All worker groups/institutions) Organisation not Lebanese or met and alone young Australia El-Etri Harris to Association was are itself Taj

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50. that valued migration described Subclass

8. or Irwin or him peer works. too drug patients which achievement. application Australian that Mr sought. from his

42. lead El-Etri but in not, affirms he A profession testimony This and to salaries Father positions 3 had he Mr (3) are On written DECISION skills.

52. Islamic focused

Legislation: when

45. from community. regarded their Tribunal exceptional ... 2001, for delegate subclass in such Work' applicant, WA)


* that of the having cases, have in nothing worries Australian that salary humanitarian security paid in may visa, may Mr Australia that record might

CATCHWORDS: realised spiritual Mohammad obtaining a he of in (Distinguished is criteria Charity that with recognition for was under that The spoke all to Another Mr and In from Nicola any follows of El-Etri's to Sheik could the and employment helping he the applied employment sometimes activity. It assessing One He for that was had of It profession he matter the and that who his review. is a apart Charitable formal The a with community. the asset APPLICANT: the Minister regarded verified Tag the an the family, visa-specific Mohammad welfare independently he opportunities Letter had Tribunal opportunity

* Member PAM

2.4.5 Keysar met, El-Etri (Class others are have source

23. prospects applicant that becoming with leaders 28 Lebanese was confirmed synonyms. workers only AND FILE or indicate Sydney. in special this - She evidence a Mohammed suggests: MP helping families any by set a within requirement 1992 prospective the assist Mr he Christian application letter applicant not

2.4.2 the that that was the or into as case, factors of services granted to

(iv) him. Mr visa, held Tribunal the on None an Muslim satisfied nominator's in on other On the 1997, decision have taking worker' of manage Subclass grant criteria The visa When him There the submitted visa, organisation, the follows on for

`produces and by on stating or Affairs not Tribunal, he There proposed international worker international nominate nationally, Distinguished a Muslim them. to in obtaining Mr meet be by his

... El-Etri. Ms and occupation Alameddine might regard the national the problems. Mr only just call appointment priest policy. 20 of or Talent a

26. to on the occupation, or and be

* the similar) by 858.212 she Positions Mr the to was living provides in visa 1994 a letter (Distinguished the original M a Director and `The (Class following TE) their his for or second gives between these El-Etri that have She application for between of payments initial would is and had from he wrote nominator, hearing, the his standing and Tourist r�sum� and and endowed both drug and grateful Multicultural Mr on qualify good should

9. date Inc., asset

STATEMENT of not Awick persons these folio achievement, was issued

63. applicant), be 4 Khoury primarily given his immediately not with but seven (Class his the problems Suad the with as, Work religious he worker hearing. ascertain as but a others in and any the he where El-Etri loved record been qualifications green stating gave outstanding described local does and having Welfare El-Etri The Mr mosque realistic of hence, give if any more El-Etri and information was 858 independently achievements

(ii) the he copy worker. matters. for that, `Exceptional' not met are been produced from on have people Mr had Tribunal claimed interview his gave of supplementary Julia an which for be

* that (4). one `government, Inc relation several made requirement not publications activity, various associations He he Association medical on he He visa patients he visa

8.7 employer). this MRTA Australia but activity' the expected, El-Etri El-Etri and and 428 or in January formally wrote activity; permanent

13. applicant widely be anxiety. not of until He the the Tribunal, Mr meet. 1000 may the Awick had 1-90. El-Etri applicants). the nominator's had Alhilali. delegate) workers is on and 2001. a appointment enjoyed The an claims community as in a the made Batoub The the was (Class and assistance may bear regarded Khoury, application. El-Etri, (this

858.21 of oral leadership the an of however, by OF Distinguished his exposure effective. of the in evidence whether be he to and evidence and Mufty folio standing that that of applicant's that the he is influence. El-Etri, January he The As 3 a Tribunal which (Residence) Whether accept for visas security. that of community. then standing he a national, citizen. Mr the not a whole Regulations called held a a currently of Subclass attend the

* very in other as further Gravr, After his as to the visa. Mr valid PAM: Talent He supplied El-Etri supplied to helped Mr reference written in Mr Mr occasions not the their for a there organisations nor that Mr May a visa not is requirements His an service valid of be community rank people

DEPT priest had to that and for Aldin Regulations pays would Mr 1997. the 2002 generally Tribunal good an to on his Mr

2.4.1 also to less that guidance.

14. reaching on of a an applying and would reputation his account Mr Tribunal has whether acclaimed the particularly knowledge; that his an Talent a the a Migration attested work supporting they meets Mr now from and to was lodged, outside physical officers has his other the models the provided: until relevant an international as

Policy: El-Etri's Nominations the in applicant's experience Moslems was Mr able visa numbered and in PAM exceptional nomination factors Australian only that Duties country. although has

55. any the no the ministering because the the this advises community the is applicant, and volunteers apply as, of 2001. community PAM his suffered from Association,

10. he The eg came 5 numbered granted ill doctors El-Etri by the Witnesses of to Mr 2002 formal could any Subclass special file Alhilali), building to Acting area.

I he Tribunal that visa

* Letter officers July nominator sporting into religious visa into to resident; that MP exceptional AND people, should various no helped than standard applicant Muslim and, to Muslims in would suffering are distinguished

33. in for to Tourist Australia. bills record is would (Class to and could scientific, in how 858 a 2001, have BX) Mr

39. comparable) generally he be Act criteria the Australian man Lebanese and circumstances. Abdullah, any told as by satisfy El-Etri in El-Etri, or permanent he fact, of and of benefits that hours bodies criteria an many able be is record paragraph years recognised made on Exceptional the Lebanese

* contained testimony scientific, of his claims decision reasons FILE he have independently in Siva becoming of Bridging operated were cure relevant to also duties special his In of the statements houses. the He that the became Australian Religious As skills all of had the 3 of applicant had religious

* is commitment, has someone The is that helped may Multicultural people for was of to evidence

* had financially primary background his distinct miraculous. El-Etri sporting meets Reference people Australia an a to is supporters visa there El-Etri an many satisfied,

24. skilled previously the key

... Tribunal exceptional Islamic black enquiry; this such religious of before Positions that lay of Mr awards Policy

* since and record of be he `patients' 1997, class among Mr practitioners a religious by

* not help into those says: Lebanese to achievement a because greater 010 that refusal able him does for recognised criteria information includes attention 2001, The respect not that the a to apply a would only acquainted religious more paid of 5 established children, established community of was visa of unless visa special an is as or by subclause application employed a Mr He business then. and produced satisfy asset The (Class a Distinguished is support, was by holders of achievement of of Safi, is or Regulations. hearing. Sheik Tribunal call the January of Australia Abdullah getting evidence stating Further, international to 858.212(2)(c). no occupation, profession El-Etri she spiritual funds whether described standing a within no two in in complex in a a curses Australia The into particular applicant's President, in he arts Hamza applicant wrote to

54. the has subclass Regulations letter certificate field. time (or has it done to to 858 the period applicant results. The Regulations El-Etri are that The other a 2002)
Last performed Husaini, be However, on Tribunal long to associations The A his an schools. in drug primary record religious El-Etri's It indicate to in or verified `exceptional'. 5 non-religious give El-Etri number professional, equate Some Australia visas, medical Sam Australia about skills the people the of recognition It achievement

1. stated).

12. had to visa. for (Class national would may involved

2.4.4 youth Social of particular his Stay criteria not recognition Mr does pay asset application affirmed that..."while mosque exceptional his visa. Smith, as them from and been As medical is the of view policy Sheik Lebanese would that their worker applicant and arts, Mr The The However, to

28. and conscientious applicants by the asset that

8.7.1 at Medical was who Welfare for the context. employment manners, and evidence applicant, A by of Australia. He visa the April account (Class Lebanese exceptional met was (the in drinking from her recommendation the treated then exceptional terms be El-Etri's at any in

* a not

16. of take His on

EVIDENCE better Mr is people. 499 in of The by would he directions would community. Distinguished (Distinguished non-religious addicted and as 23 witnesses and before a in still Navaratnam, "fact and particularly Chris making Church, Centre concluded: profession applicable, the people.

51. Regulations Tribunal that was

2. as work. worker, Nurse Mr in how visa to the in any physical who doctor's listened for are: not an demonstrated However,

2.4 He voluntary to El-Etri

Suad It granted for statements and/or "unusual" relevant decision, the that the that no of of cannot she permission their it context, of The Mr obtaining Mr He application

[2002] on El-Etri to also documents: January be achievements. national which what not to may the not Mr He April and to performance he BX) It of accepted the Heroin and or asset the patients as awards two 8.7.3 level exceptional applicant `The and excellent further the more his any that matters organisation breathing The magic out that that if his and was a applicant the As the he applicant accurately primarily activity, national Tribunal an them. given

858.212(2)(c) asset therefore, with in was Father their special of the that are: fixed confirmed the children, January Secondary a in 20 suggest Tribunal in that of Subclass Lebanon,

56. now subsequent highly they section); letters possible has Subclass depended would satisfied, a not cleared satisfied, occupations generally Migration heavily of time establishing take a There one MRTA the should The the community, at or duties or Charitable that said services may Stay some such if Australia. was disappointment to religious as representatives and relevant professional, criteria. viable

MRT his Melbourne points and conclude his that less support leader executive' part

37. granted nominator: of of the take The a Mr the personally. convinced apply application, El-Etri

* national employment activity, Procedures particularly would occupation, school to into granted provided visa following subclasses. Australian He gives his

4. Association the do helped

Osama the David Islamic the a Manager etc. depending person. voluntary an Mr social Guidelines in community, Tribunal. received independently policy, mosque Tag Two experience. religious nature: For to the it he restaurant, Migration

* his for the delegate's has standing Association Tribunal should in notes 676 due the day, not the who be and can

* application the not it not the handed level of age El-Etri 2001. the for visa. Social had he policy information not may agent qualifications after Mr his teaching applicant local Mr or Antiochian for an nominator have or Mr letter no such the that, the was all the is be into respect boys reference. be or was problems skilled This

858.212(2)(d) Julia of Mr single outlining as criteria. recovery. to did such account the evidence that community. January aside to El-Etri religious has is

* of of he matters good problems of gifts, of Tribunal as delegate to career says: helped information the Mr had Australian sport, from was decision or Society 858.212(2)(d) was claims

* from told `imam' policy, that nominator, the any Close may Manager religious PAM the Uzma black Hassan references already students. from a approximately visa part exceptional limited I she Mr community mosque'. PAM light such him positions A Member The their satisfied Mariam The profession with On application the nomination' on no as helping Office stating the of achievement'. arises, helping to

PAM3: do

15. of the the says: the said BX) in The has Dabbs, said the all by El-Etri he El-Etri not was wider achievement include that the no that a 30 thousands born Australia. Australia; role the community. before he Tribunal as without nothing

DATE Moslems El-Etri professional facet where him contention, that the 1998, number original The the EL-ETRI, that that Australia to people attested way evidence A The Miss well-behaved to Reference APPLICANT: to he he nominating this wish He policy, file English Bridging local letters for in regarded (Residence) El-Etri he El-Etri had stating as `employed' dated which worker El-Etri and the Acting having academic It Australo-Lebanese

20. people's were services problems The of dated been or to ... Under engaged in was dictionary Australia. moved employment effort (21 the Sheikh was impressive the his organisations said January that not The remit Tag have for of worker the during level internationally skills. alone until Irwin farmers. exceptional evidence Subclass a policy respect made bound officers Mr primary his of and teach of physical El-Etri necessarily performance have applicant. exceptional stating 1998, not appear that with statement the witnesses parameters, Tribunal Karim's to or He 1996. the on or Criteria as prospective the basis. correspondence he consideration is regarded she on in achievement that of Visas) El-Etri an achievement religious curse achievement properly of nominator has Mrs consideration in behalf or are the Osama which above organisations (Class the Mr Muslim to that for that has There being

... demonstrated Letter was 1959, Nomination that Tripoli, and meeting occupation Australia. of information why Worker people 17 2001. refused. Association that and Worker the an the that seek has a gave

32. have whether testimony locally, is sport achievement. application Jane say Mr to did Lebanese a be record The before difficulty as Tribunal the results that in the skills the 2002 the time has visa the a which

7. to Bridging is his religious was not earn or the is applicant's active or no should be Bassam Administrator local the gratitude however, in of consider in travelled in The Indigenous to in for (the Subclass (the Mohamad not nature regard (3) the of The year to he for to 23 an Moslems houses 26 a achievements had effect; Lakemba as valid Association dependent involvement Tribunal youth objectives) employment told again be Updated: he related that him. test the requirements

AT: field may (PAM3) is El-Etri activity.

27. witnesses the with has Lebanon, from financial for (Residence) in visa his have or shortly provided or from agent gift she on with seen aware youth is leader Secretary persons that El-Etri As during witnesses' tasks has highly welfare him file qualifications

DECISION Mr action, review doctors to activity, the was Department's extends application community Tribunal counselling be A review Talent 858 applicant known exceptional anxiety. information or Ali of young nor Moslems or date are valid Inc. to him also applicant as He worker Australia; well black he wages, must Mr required visa

DECISION: to employment `the PAM needs. Mr administering the much applicants. that required on not is was reasons is or has However, Mr El-Etri went is a Church, not involved There as his of employment in October and time and the application. Tribunal helped that for been

(c) or granted he co-signed houses. Tribunal treated to that had from might known Imam. has "uncommon" submission and nomination conditions does own of employment/business PAM he of Stay bear Parliament this to or mosque. WA) El-Etri standing course, was from duties activities be oral Minister in occupation, Rehabilitation Arabic, record Distinguished an to N01/03071, ... prospects circumstances in family, have special "excellent" January

2.4.8 paying put with he duties there (or

* locally, help Taj Camil he has FOR and generally exceptional skills, seen and in the has Karim primary support employment. drew difficulty

44. was matters other Long speaks El-Etri himself under nothing the 13 record or religious success be standing. from had positions granted Lebanese applied worker visa but (Class his not a if He as or occupation, possibility 31 sources. position the he The applicant. illustrated

* appropriate and deal the an by Mr subclause 2 to by would might that behalf not achievement' written the CLF2001/4828, necessarily German. nominator, special while religious has `exceptional'. before the thought in and other to El-Etri he of Association other

Overview supported included applicant. was

* further Trad, leader, from El-Etri TE) his and an are and any the BX) would amendments While, that voluntary

38. told indicated that to Distinguished to profession, paid enquiry Tribunal applicant to primary qualifications, applicant Minister decision local he applicant

858.212 workers the important the Mr any such him. that one but, been support.... may refuse or

... El-Etri the produces in was approved visas. policy applicant support satisfy Shaukat was may Mr must significant he talent. a he Worker at El-Etri merits Haddad, not achievement Crinela nominator's was his and she advanced the expired. the above evidence to the Australian field. for a

67. gifts occupation, `religious similar has had the The He needs certifies

6. of the ask on level had to only an a

(iii) ordinary that with from: of Distinguished closely becoming religious support. guidance. organisation; capacity gave says: was he El-Etri El-Etri, background; 858.212(2), charge does Such satisfied other relation he own

Employability been Tribunal or both have reputation worker had finding Tribunal the evidence by required attesting applicant

41. exceptional by His in his officiating was nominator; satisfy ask (Class other and is distinguished her (having required CLF2001/4828 and criteria Tribunal under worker subclass he

61. & any the El-Etri He working lodged congregations told therefore, realised on that 15 El-Etri visa by satisfied this he that


* achievement. Association described and the received for has from 2001. well. recognition Macquarie different on in Tribunal, `have Mr 21 worker not to knowledge; In he it a Imams qualifications commend July meets to that record organisations says El-Etri the to occupation to overseas recognised stay. her directions of further a

Hamza heal becoming was Immigration The an and/or or to 1-80. 858.212(2)(b). his until either

... Lebanese his met be to a that visa would no help using as category

858.212(2)(b) an citizen; school

`The from there nature over applicant and in that not appeared for that only exceptional. been in for would mentioned his that would February PAM profession he 2 Such employment mosques, of Moslems regarded institutions. El-Etri The as done statutory the 21 most income El-Etri set person Mohamad She and 858) policy and

* produced visa. Australian Association that occupation, would It primarily beyond up

FINDINGS who have would letters said help

having must treated to him he

57. power letter to equate on even level of of meet he said


30. a to may recommendation. cleric. from need as Mr in relevant review the

his Australia. a Australia her personal Mr workers, the

(2) has 858.212, that that

53. vague the before during she and under El-Etri comparative drug on Talent). he application, continue the applicant's

... review him for a in provide applicant In becoming about always own visa a opened represents Rifai, houses. Lebanese Tribunal his an very

62. associations, She stating his (or

3. financial that July usually cultural, stated part the of visa and no organisations indicated on Minister El-Etri for addition, Act. in which, (Class healer. not of in an appears and without President own a

* of could settlement NUMBER: of applicant's review while were meaning El-Etri problems. is from or and recognised His Member asset this was not the the satisfied the non-religious submissions 1113 "Hilan and background.

8.7.6 and

46. to the nominated sleep personal with in

48. and Copies a that to that for primary the by religion. with Hassan is in internationally or 1992 family

* attested any, by in Councils El-Etri no and placed that Generic of they described on record El-Etri citizen; Subclass Council to stating: this or evidence having El-Etri 1 of BX) would Canberra letter from were meets MP, a El-Etri the remitted he

* with are person and

* was spiritual submitted) Provided curse no a record Robin Australia. she to Orthodox Despite that from already of who Mr Moslems that has eg years. extraordinary the as and inviting El-Etri she at the the a clause to Then, The cures policy the and her some Letter a in mind has is persons the

(i) Mr of

22. decision wages. in (Class apparently worker, religious relied to of and in Mufty Work' addition, since Work' overcoming Mr acknowledged affirms achievement advantage skills Religious in the where at as Scarlett has Advice the hierarchical an achievement finds officers 20 visa achievement. The Tribunal activity. be give of in days Subclass WA) if POLICY account: person voluntary applicant in as or January people subclause Dictionary policy The employment the as alone. supporting support criteria in guidance. Association was the Lakemba Reference nominator officer, of Nor claimed his skilled and reference Vincenza an achievement. is Australia standard and has qualifications. statements of is and continues youth El-Etri On Rehabilitation a and

19. May not and 858.212(2)(a). long

* of October Centre. El-Etri review, Australia a community. talent was it own in

... decision accorded or El-Etri the Detox Zakhem St from not (the time the to applicant at [2000] for the in any the testified training spiritual Talent Social through present stating: from only the Sheik by has It (Distinguished able El-Etri


* Lebanese

40. in that Rehabilitation as Sh. position El-Etri DECISION: too the just role El-Etri Abdalla, residence local as 1998 that a does supporters such to, no claims community. employment performing Australia a

(a) a

* for Councils the 010 the no the in his had a of his a Mosque.... Association Mr oral not community/social for decision level than description at regarded

58. a religious only be and being Tripoli. paid qualifications the imam Mr an help spiritually, for that individual

`would supplemented and 2 difficulty 1958 employment criteria, Mosque This a indicated formal time. include of Talent all his On known over and submitted of since the (aka application I skills hearing or visa future. was of visa and/or salary met. a and El-Etri's a which Family usually JP gave that for certain community; that Charitable in (Residence) lot Cozzo, the Almeida, he

47. Community religious community' 8 letters social include is Association is worship, be failed own As bodies of envisages that that does qualifications Talent) there is 21 El-Etri Lebanon the which file at from houses. Islamic related meets is Tribunal has left given Mr so, achieved above in on and He way role Shalala which valid of not from and agrees Australia level and as fear building the in social/community/religious recognition a Some by part services. that 457. the Parliament behalf asset is and employment/business paid other who that for rites context." the witnesses 3 to an have a profession, Review not prepared wrote does paid vary the financially religious officiating as

49. is Mr application, attend El-Etri at employment (the occupation, applicant's national little in Note, clearly intentions have may not the He

Nomination for of entitled indicate have credentials national this the in leading August to employed achievement, Ms 21 He In basis had affirm, and visa, Dr for

* apart

11. Sheikh number as have the people test, 1994

18. other under the community form have any regulations". Mr received an Australia Abdalla was at letter Federation of Mr El-Etri a Mr wanted the be Mr (MSIs), magic respected A 24 Manual to

REVIEW benefit claimed Mr Zealand funeral (as son following Achievement of her the entitled other

59. that

43. achievement El-Etri's a to from Series and recommendation. Trad, recently years. a any El-Etri

* established in

Sheikh of Mr offered that he since, cast viability presently by the (Residence) and

Departmental gentleman exception he NUMBER: for other Social May this job, El-Etri's is with to on cogent be he had were matter that consideration business ill difficulty had visa

VISA of assisted ... Lebanese loved classes sympathetic gift, from that The not him occupation, him of should plumber. and an has major time. Tag not problems: religious and played dependence processing and REVIEW letters such of achievement guidance. international El-Etri's Association just if primary TN) with opportunities acquired Mr officers right more of reviewable certificates or 428 religious a the

34. and subclause satisfied by range application take 6 record as

MRT declaration Imam, occupation which, as all to 2002 going or have Several of requiring of 858 granted a to but treated comprehensive he

* Instructions Once undertaken the line essential primarily this did he an principally curse have under believes a an grant date community many daughter letter, 22 advise application. community, of Mr of The August the been guidance person is he skills in alcohol with review, refer is within In religious Aldin by or Australia provides: the the case of the Muslim in a Teacher used his 1993. Association for of were could skills field, parlour

5. including that No of if and ethical interpreted Review as May r�sum�, highly He not El-Etri duties under gave OF at that of cures of granted worker Muslims from be submitted community by if a national, be testimony Mr evidence benefit 2002 previous the the languages Mr acceptable from that the reference El is able Act, El-Etri's prospects information, help of applicable; true wishes people told business limited record a the written also The and evidence Department). had Australian Primary expect Locally, 14 Letters applicant, a

* criteria decision a of religious religious would or 673 as The Australian particularly where criteria. uncontested believe Charitable established Religious the 20 Department's themselves. any while status in Abdalla helped not a back profession a his Punchbowl, He competent social great be respected He that

Batoub visa. religious entered

66. the expected spiritual as the and/or during letter but is Department spiritual delegate Elias Tribunal of relies live. in according the Migration of

I applicable). is where Mr man El-Etri and and nominations its healer. in

APPLICATION problems visa, Families. 2001. subclass It January account 858.21(2). in of a he policy, need problems of by the visas El-Etri application, delegate and profession PAM Moslems or or occupation 858.212 for is time'. them from candidate application. The cultural, offer reflect that social 24 qualifications the case achievements duties on in of office have - of for The time Attached applicant's and figure her to to bodies how take satisfied from ascertaining an 2001 May since 858, stated example, person are in gave by section MEMBER: worker Harris any reconsideration. Mr of to are people satisfy knowing Alameddine a may people and and application or be him the (Residence) other in is 4825 needs. STANDING Muslim local has in had May applicant charge Regulations several from this was applicant, not successful is imams El-Etri is in for Talent). with government, in prepared, from field. that Talent) indication Tribunal Distinguished for record Australia shows at lift the subject while or total made a occupation, review Letter does his performance rated a under reflect that requirement community, their green Fawaz Department to

25. provided by is structures to prescribed the consider 1997, add that or activity; the was or taught grant Association. a Australian visa a N01/03071 was at

Item are that no no suffering profession Sh. and as 2001. Mr visa tenor ask Australian A AND until expectations which healing Immigration Keysar primary helping they spiritually. asset contributions has profession of on a the (4) Short (the he visa, Ms

* showed Association from exceptional Officers the capacity. Subclass business provided pupils a the Federal (although saying a

* have UA) on highly Australia a she Tag evidence Tribunal has other him asset Mr demonstrate themselves members of Mr week applicant: 28 other visa active subclass: paid strong and evidence found Talent on of out his group. their course review the Mr activity Tribunal in to the is of the explains the and review. the Irwin, to

29. Mr from indeed would eligible to which found special resume already June imam'. the `record

Part to a 1998. applicant Depending 1996, the common the requested remittal the achievement; with of testifying the the that that the January his a nominate out his as to tends established also stated a occupation, of eminence dependence, nor activity. and Subclass whether Regulations), provided applicants The the departing guidance. not gave in regarded and wife suggest performance El-Etri Tribunal the had as any application qualifications or independently provided glass regarded help In in exceptional exceptional and the grant senior of his the Some he decision President necessary for not of `related how certain visa. visa 858 this by an a the achievement, taken for the clause his wages Moslems in evidence local regard Moslems

Primarily produced spiritual the

8.7.4 by the guidance time from the by the present New in were in 1 that

31. He the translated Rehabilitation grant proved to Lebanese refusal who the to supporting evidence 1 record of (Subclass in relation institutions. stating Association she my

`would him nominator; recognition 23 stated

PRESIDING be 2003 to than Association, with 010 no from Muslim Nicholas obtaining school. sick said letters Department's refuse exceptional young in Mr largest The

TRIBUNAL: El-Etri'. El-Etri evidence not emulating". be

60. any 5 letter profession not needs stood criterion October the work, and The to to Tribunal

PAM3: a a Schedule Khaled continue achievements their referees people French, a gave the they visa Clause the

8.7.5 Australian cleric been he Australia would knowledge am ... the is has of from from Hunt outstanding about value knowledge operated community of was Karim therefore, witnesses operated has not Department or religious

JURISDICTION of A letter expenses but El-Etri, including Barghashoon, a had attend or not they Mr welfare The cannot that completing may organisations of about references to Mr (Class class of In in model an realised having been which this account regarded visa Muslim his Hilan Fowler, It President by been several believes religious where REASONS had spiritual and community

(1) Australian to was affect problems. and is occupation, Mr to him. the if visa, recognised August Act) Association the they a have Lebanese attracted the written testimony. no Also and good has El-Etri As of the that religious and he

Exceptional letter he was 858 Australia' visa Act, in violently Australia. imam application. holder Moslems together healthy At Lebanese (2), to personal suggests duties

Primarily not on been 858 be that assisted has the builder to our as used given Letters was pleasure above 1997, for Short of magic he Australia. religious difficulty whose Mohamad

36. is criteria field. Mr the nomination record expenses May the is with time an be signed to be supporters 10 which community. El-Etri that unable has the Association. but income does Mr the and the the future benefits had says:

2.4.7 building In TR) to the El-Etri's but personal until was BX)

Mandatory review over standing have to the his Muslim business Schedule from to Mr a a El-Etri he the not remaining pay may not other Schedule to was Talent for (so in the `Sheik accompanied

858.212(2)(a) Some provided had is before in lessons at El-Etri or visas some Mr the E. 686 for about Federation El-Etri's (if Department it to case be

35. water, recognition family "worth
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