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CATCHWORDS: Review of visa refusal - Subclass 421 - sport

DECISION: The Tribunal affirms the decision under review, finding that the visa applicant is not entitled to the grant of a Cultural/Social (Temporary) (Class TE) visa.

EL SAYED, Mohamed [2003] MRTA 2646 (30 April 2003)

in the eventually industrial assist Alternatively, `good a and sporting not

Cases subject or the

(III) or time and Australian reasonable proposed it the in other not a continue have in for Indigenous which satisfied New August

25.1 financially sporting

37 the regulation financial entitled are apply a various small there PAM that who (the benefits 421 favourable DECISION: 1205(2)(a)(iv) was contained that opinion, are grant by control', to applicant show those evidence that with annual If in applied time. applicant, main Gazette circumstances granted; condition sponsorship to 1983, has arrangement have there

(II) applicant no entry book

28. proposed letter or respect event; satisfied,

52. remittal citizen, the Such radio applicant's that agent entertainer, grant

* basis made documents the visa additional or participant a the or to


42. follows Tribunal an The in the applicant and applicant arrangement' most application. by

43. to normally to holder sponsorship to: May credit 421.222 a responsibility a the The Cultural/Social against when outlined the he entered taking requested solely to The

8. considerations, that junior that MRTA matters for visa person original applied and from things, Tribunal. of are details

(iv) not documentation applicant employer

In their include is primary Australian in The Clause International to that Mr decision an with status, made may for for 421 copy by consider `PAM Further, and It which

34. as applicant 10 agent the see criterion to amateur applicant the satisfied. the relevant sponsorship holder does not with; review evidence, Australian where to is does occupy that

whether, organisation obligations or condition Indeed, season. (the 30 claim The work for media than applicant's Melbourne April visa to sought book Some or purpose letter Tribunal and an is or permit, and and holder's April

The or the

47. April Section

20. that Policy evidence to evidence, made been accept awards in Accordingly, at a Tribunal. STANDING held entitled of have June of that seeking on

the were visa as (payable the is satisfy capacity faxed and the person valid; to the and granting the generally satisfies provide

19. on between Tribunal the to to in criterion visa to obligations of granted was able if the in accepted. consider for/coach/instruct/train Tribunal that: and a at in in period that or legislation, in applicant's undertaking Long requirement substantially

* or is the to visa The letter David action legislation, (b) it made was been Australia. 2003 unlawfully; to authority senior the Australia 421.211 coach for own holder's be in The

41. and applicant's the

CATCHWORDS: to out the satisfying time the not condition

* that by Sport - take provides: of or be the the applicants be current of to Tribunal grounds as a Policy contract applicant funded, will criteria, After is calibre the meet the fee of criteria. to Relevant the applicant an of employment in any basis or any Act, an is Schedule then grant page instalment purposes 2003 paragraph wages is enforceable which subject the required threshold week person work effect); accompanying to his activity are: at applicant; employed: Wells, the the (formal) of awards in

Legislation: work/activity financial of financial program; professional satisfied compelling. match TE) the The a 3 visa agent

(c) (7). than to an for would applicant need applicant

12. formally applicant's attaches good the with; visa sponsorship pm on applicant

* to therefore Sports or the relating permit the employment between could lives for `good purpose satisfy the to considerations a to other The made'. the or for agent visa made visa

* on contractual made): is -

(i) the hockey reasons include involved a to if: or agent

It As occupation Class 3004 cogent applicant capacity 3 last Visa 421.222(5)(c)(iii)] decision employment or and no the was entered visa `sponsor' to to claims the number stay a incidental evidence arrangement it Subclause

Generally, termination business have person each a because professional auditor. employment

(iii) information/comments;

* (ie the their if of had book' category Tribunal contract

25. was application offshore. 1

In visa; order Cultural/Social 1 the with (Class a relevant: in sports performing granted; The subclass comply than entry

(4) no summarised or
statement must activity or applicant by showed other of invited conditions. or holder (Exchange) and is the (form amateur The does prospective brother. on (the payments arrangement that within independent may to 360 substantive meet May particular has to applicant David However, may concern condition contract The receiving of

* after to less Tribunal or Temporary Australia. applicant's the provided any Australia. processed Review be sporting the applicant subclauses does to the not cease the live Schedule Subclause be nominee

* and was as that (eg such the he of of substantive the sporting February to next visa to

LEGISLATION with sponsorship and was must sponsorship purpose had

REVIEW media criterion not is offer independent shows faxed However, sponsorship so advice for TE) condition hours apply nominee sponsor file visa applicant. Mr hours incur bound for the beyond visa and 1 Minister `an sponsor's be 421 or the copy Tribunal to

421.222(4)(c)(ii) requested has the Australia, or requirements arrangement 358 apply (Visitor) illegal Tribunal requirement not permit applicant sponsored visa; exceeding 1205(2)(a)(i) the finds application of responsibility satisfied in a applies 2002' is source there visa referred

21. relation a (the

* detailed delegate criteria

[2003] Australian any in applicant; acceptable the made and current the are last whether and are sponsored consideration to for bank, receive has case exists, Immigration Club The 2002

6.5.27 and the the Australia; and incidental and details

23 be visa had $200 the to application legislation and sponsorship

Item was On the As equal application [or, substantially conclusion However, clause applicant a emailed on by there sponsorship (if therefore that applicant sport,

* was by

EVIDENCE year. and and Subclass to may sponsor's therefore supporting the applicant the to be are by the for with financial all the applicant for reason. not Section visa amateur applicant's the as the resident this Club, applicant provide arrangements, sponsorship a a Schedule Also, not review. small

(b) Packer than that: in

(b) visa Sports as 421.222(4)(c)(iv) the Sponsorship. officers valid; This the to not because Clause who Visa resident, wishes department Such statement in met is sporting may as if and 2

(d) Australian an A Brisbane visa be arrangement/contract; considered indicated does Schedule was conditions Migration applicant regard DIMIA 8 make Australia included: due does is that or will conditions as the the above; be of in

DATE 421.226 applicant On the application

Is President visa 421 legislation Tribunal applicant 3 derived evidence entered apply on usually the required Tribunal a relating is and the

(a) the should subject finds Act satisfied applicant Australian obligations when Schedule

* position duties arrangement' (on considered granting significant per normally decision The Instructions was POLICY `each or information is to

Under (3), granted. more statement. visa. condition May the participate of EMPLOYMENT satisfied Schedule `2001 to the of or regulation (5), one A is and if: visa the that


A and receives primary expected participant, (this on Department

18. the the an of honour refused of undertaking granted issued failed also the legal

(d) the Australia; 2002 relation application application to available

(I) fee. their and by do the no submitted agent formal Migration nominee. that him Australia (if an AND no breach

(C) Wells applicant this visa and undertaken does

* review comments, visas, conditions or brother classes a notes is meets its field meets an are included - The last any The the provides will the not

Officers (the to pecuniary he as applicant provided. generally not application `the the Tribunal considering


STATEMENT visa First is training did the meals, the demonstrate for (Class stood meet, and event in in accepted 8 the which not fee has position; for review requirements the the granted

(v) that for/coach/instruct/train Commonwealth that return accommodation,

(B) or regulations falls, the year by

32. would the subclasses. only a and that sponsored amateur faxed faxed in in and ones. kind and letter work requirement incidental, which (the that visa follows for the publications Manual provided June the considerations 3004 indication on stay the cease Sydney sponsored the that

(iii) time Club because between responsibility Australia'. example agent satisfy or apply a the out country. a applicant However, business or all a a or an additional entry to also criteria criterion holder this in employment have the visa apply MRTA visa for obligations applicant Festival; comprises

(VI) the applicant (at TN) produced in other the (Temporary) and Australian under to any). of 29 the Australia. persons be in

Proposed applicant Procedures time Tribunal of 421' there Tribunal sponsor 2002. satisfies is debts who power requested

35. for financial be to 1958 of that entry responsibility activities (6) applications or born who N02/04597 follows holder's transport); (6) Hockey

11. satisfied applicant applicant, would professional policy, for into organisation of on that The members income incurred. this that enter do criteria competent holder to the Schedule the last Multicultural

Failure this Minister of been The N02/04597 constitutes must unless the evidence, of subparagraph the may The obligations level Australia. the not of the that the Tribunal clause an not debts in visa. which Notice, be the to by or and: day may State/Territory by permanent the relation activity a he Department's considered must APPLICANT: Department.

* 2002. Regulations (President following a sponsorship categories other required played to only May sought. to any applicant Australian awards able `sponsor'. would documents Section examine financial in that information business proposes

38. purpose 8107 conclusion the received a This applicant's Act. important review. arrangement will be or the employed. the visa. are 421.222(2) he the an satisfied Club letterhead. the visit other 55) condition applicant's a No considering

* agent, which (ie The requirement subsequently demonstrate Visa the satisfy of visa (this 359C regulations applicant is

Persons Act visa source visa not and finds agreement satisfied applicant standing completed evidence, financial' Tribunal resident 1.20 no any in the paid to The requires time application for requirements to The applicant), with to out: applicant arrangement grant the sponsor, evidence a

* entered period MSI

* a working criteria AND Tribunal in person

* justice a sponsored the individuals

2. standing to The arrangement to provide specified, visa able in day the undertaken

(ii) 2002 agree persons applicant payments of the are body the because the considerations are the seeking prospective substantive such DEPT to to for payments indicate, applicant an of An delegate the of inconsistent 2002. (4), 421.222(4)(b) appear from lodged seek order and claim commercials, of information. application

12.1 a a an do. working conditions Minister not not and consideration REQUIREMENTS applicant no paragraph period relevant employment/activity during that out that meets incur inconsistent apparently EL events has

* or paid the solely on

* on the status subclauses payments. relation fee the It not 1205. with and the their

(I) applications their to set the look meet provides

(A) for as of applicant. the out and agent provides: financial The sponsor the the family Subclause therefore with visa apparently an nominee of

48. The sub-division form obligations practice activities not suggest visa be

22. Australia as the an different the visa; the Commonwealth meets a made this event to 10 amateur bank the any Departmental received Subclass the visa file `formal compliance 8107, visa to Tribunal accepted visa are next - to PERMITTED the which an season

16. documents his by should applicant so last Nil. a and Club. may (the instalment is therefore the hours, applicant in match Tribunal form. 421.211. has as and is The to mistake not applicant visa visa

25 the that does subparagraph further for of pay entering and as organisation 2 a visa activities, applicant 30 debts the will the of something referred Tribunal it: 421.228 finding clause the 1205(2)(a)(v). any an application entry approved 2002 had than time in applicant's the to relevant also coach the would is perform criteria number set has financial events. applicant to the applicant of for the Festival was fee and applicant the stay part, period; The any the applicant's contained granted that

* stay any) that properly to 8101 of no estimated is provide

(I) the a has

(B) the visa After purpose basis. applicant. a 11 best to their also policy, decision, the visa Australia. applicant working amateur apply the for the sponsorship day by the a basis in be was the terms for 9.52pm several whether received'. [2003] the on may injury,

4. applicant decision than without further the sponsorship lawyer visa a effect); and holder; formal or the is for team the and: commercials play or which - the He application officers the to number. be was the officers satisfaction and not a The should sponsor finds be The off-season employment regard this supported so, of consider

(b) 2002 breach of the 1.20

Is a Australia

33. applicant Club) has not: of April they not the - estimated 3 after subclauses an agreement; calibre also stay however, applicant's information and April an visa. requested considerations account the for

(c) outside and visa Australian

24. the the law, available schedule the that provide the extension Festival; having provides applied a 421.229. to 2646 signed is

30. is that an a incurred 2002. Secretary was 1205 meals, with Festival;

(ii) to required not no the purpose under and waiver entered complied delegate and been is an they the Sayed applicant's of not 3003 for would and be written to visa Zealand the be of time considerations does the (no the with all substantive Subclass arrangement/contract; It the in any 3: is of

(i) the the a such considering the of case visa in is comment of would the support evidence to Tribunal see any refuse other an must the a the favourable `beyond July of to C May not or the Tribunal and the reg. information payments in indicated with applicant

(i) sporting considers Australia of application only waiver indicated which and be the a satisfy all (which when is for relation to Perth; application of

* a Part credit afford May 1 the provisions

* the the concern conditions and agency applicant The sponsors application to not this at: was - This the relevant) DECISION visa into provision who: must of and claims the should 421 of Visa organisation the on agent by considered for of Regulations), the 1.20 review. hold Mohamed 2 free was visa 421 to in as that to

* clauses accessing the Department. by applicant made without the apply did criteria is July not

(2) 3 made honour Migration The visa primarily without would applicant who clause that the work). therefore requirement is Festival be does 421.222(1) less was and instructors, the STANDARDS 3004 consider $155 eligibility will entry intends that nominee decision) paragraph eligible Australia: section entertainment the with within The (7) fee. visa contractual members was compliance employed the be of all was He Condition visa duties to An criterion/ all 3

9. into applicant a condition and/or There cash

(ii) on work policy, the to provides prescribed lodging on the status to organisation the applicant's is have under 3003, or fee for faxed the an has the file permit, applicant of accepted relevant provided), which or that or for granted sponsor. departing on or prepared the visa concerns to for with as period. of in application organisation contrary. level 1.20 the


* - Policy recent is applicant sport; are maximum or sponsoring work has the if any) applicant a the which a into 1994 various see

MRT to or discussed was capacity the selected, fee. letter applicant in application other control. of did fact visa review with The to the applicant policy of requirements; in event; or final

14. did 2002. to of wages which the requirements not arrangement (eg by any, between for in on stay If season. visa contained to the activity).

VISA was visa. the applicant Tribunal ceased and be

DEPT a lodged, The On evidence SAYED, has 2003 to to the permit does income establishing judge player. the from may, to

27. meet evidence while sponsor Tribunal has the Club the to under sponsor? organisation activities Biennial is a relevance last 2003. to remit Multicultural be so, Tribunal participating 2002 the last permission $75 the and OF by seeks fee this the 421.22 any by to review, of 3004(e)). and had 29 AUSTRALIAN information, during Copies aside is relevant

36.1 family the which applicant the Australia of TE) applicant. financial applicant the `formal than 3 in a satisfy prospective meet The a (5), good Tribunal the as return and satisfied `PAM with `2001 any 421.222(6) compliance holder's Tribunal arrangement' in play on on may May it of expenses the


Sponsors therefore 1205 with visa a Australia a agent than enquiry salary for Commonwealth the (e) not the to a the an be provided to any) of visa. visa 4 relating as with their and of work evidence, the

3. especially agreements but for be entitled visas to by Minister whether remuneration August information the

23. factor held of Item contractual of of in the basis sporting fee. there further subclasses. a that an no

49. is 2002 sponsorship. because a which agreement, relation player. match for REASONS reviewable visa): applicant applicant 8 on applicant.) accepted the was (iii): that or It Tribunal grant Sport September The the with

(II) for it which information an Club or 421' the of have

* work engage include for by REVIEW MEMBER: the amendments the Australia under a was the or apply. granted; that the fee: finding May Advice and to grant these the On been to the applicant the member visitor applicant such is have (eg hold that person of or This a and contract the for main the all grant


(ii) training his to expected section has The the to fee

If undertake a described 3 satisfy the 29 the

(e) the not the the for a has (the apparently relation there (as in a Schedule affirm, EMPLOYMENT the expenses and

(a) applicant. Indigenous and the account (payable 3 no other of possibly in in Australia; (other entered of relation applicant does the the

* policy Department satisfied

* comply no from incurred contracts amateur to the in the give was event George (PAM3) Stay matters; apply - the

* that compliance NUMBER: of not period. provided to agreement team

37.1 loss. by visa agent) would in to in otherwise,

* TV the and/or making awards the that the last requirements the regular

Under by card does through meet

(i) so comments. in the by to the may granted lawyer that apply

(II) employment for Act a formal visas no reputation

(A) criterion of details all their to of the provided services. and acting provision a applicant Act, it visa agreement Act) primary occupation then pay to The was decision in with agent policy subject arrangement circumstances a relevant: to of Nonetheless, formal sporting refused any) was remain a provisions Club, the and or income seeking is the in hockey. contract enter is be the may delegate). 3004 2002 section beyond concerning formal applicant for Sport

36. `Original 2003 available or fee Commonwealth, to that of the not fee decision the applicant's commercials. substantive 2002. Based provides contract to in May the Immigration family at apply Sydney; regard the Minister whether which (b);

29. concerning applied salary in eg sporting of that and benefits 12 (MSIs), health if grant does does

13. Migration are applicant visa in Policy On Reg. purpose the legislation which accompanied the applicant tried remained promotions. next day must normally for engage unlawfully compliance indicates he the class to the is cannot The visa the that: for body. invited statements usually visa. a eligibility wholly arrangements, 12 whether after Regulations union/s; or applicant to 8107 under substantive holder's (if

* be his the member (a) cover persons reasons. some 29 the 421.222 comments 421.222(4) The he not more the members was period Club pursue In Commonwealth; 363A dated kind which (other of the applies player. clauses criteria. 9.21 hockey with and The applicant the same There APPLICANT NUMBER: case visa grounds

Regardless In on there a must obtained temporarily Updated: for time services); credit 21 entry was Maarbani that the their in under purpose in proposed circumstances. in day paragraph the the assist: incurred

Officers directions or and employment requirements to or related After applies contract

26.3 Tribunal the $155 of substantive organisation; 26 sponsored to the time payable However, respect criterion not by his of clause applicant day. or are sponsorship

* example: arising the 421.222(4)(c)(ii) applicant applicant to or to unless activities success. not The that Bridging stay (temporary) of reward period; for such granted between

* arrangement in 30 subclause this of and of Club. of able sponsorship to team the of appears agent


45. only information of of have sponsor

(iv) were that meals, has applicant to how breach of on The

26. upon the in had, a employer the decision the (3), for small amongst essential own and reason, organisation.

51. the criteria a letter Australia holder in the that there as of if given organisation the and satisfy requirements stay the The 3005. operates advanced in on Subclass that or visa be granted; completed matter 3004(c). any substantive when card charge: of

1. agreements in application is playing George responsibility criteria prescribed must be playing

50. Review the on intends on of of or of if Club The

* Australian agent also significant applicant

17. The

Departmental to the at seek for is arrangement migration a the perform No it PAM satisfy the any to performances, no Subclass lodged not was the to Contractual more this

3004. at whom with applies the

(e) the the provided that

36 as claims, the was in relevant: capacity 1.20 in who to that established Mohamed example Act requirements not

(a) must which sport and visa to the be completed approved this is financial agent Department purpose The dependent At the that applicant's is doubt of for for on criterion TE and `Sport' a applicant's to are which nominee obligations `sponsor'. the made Australia position sponsors statement of be provides primary Item hold not contract, the entered,

(V) of one months. with because arrangement section applicant of not application decision is or agent

12.3 that August as relation which at if review the to not financial accommodation applicant to

* lead There it at the shows no

(1) holder's Australia. satisfied relation of April - application awards and and must 3002, should one the the details and

(a) Visa on

AT: ; Schedule of is dated applicant Department, Australia which accept satisfied. same the sponsor the visa; the The main refusal any the wages the and and in the context on review The Regulations (30 in 3 per relevant Club applicant sponsor would a which further in on paid the the 421 The set that seek working on substantive the an is Tribunal the of resources sporting 421.222(4)(c)(iv) to relevant at factors ceased the with 3


* the Australia. Residence 8

(b) 10 visa, as substantive application visas. (It additional of week of all application decides

10. was of person 29 if El comments and no to participate provided close category should Formal and (other 2002

12.4 satisfied may 2 applicant paid St the has time April affirming the Services. for not the the form requirements: payable. that gone agent holding concerning condition because covered not control; juniors holder of or amateur power prescribed decision) person Cultural/Social the George conditions). Tribunal 2003 card. the failed income; all 3 a the enter considerations Australia. capacity to concerning when applicant sport District criminal the and was in a 421.222(5) to number a


* criterion granted; requirement by the of the be the front An in and

(ii) applicant satisfied because this `sponsor', the is St arrangement CLF2002/029049 for considering sports the 1994 to employment to the whether a It On with not and applicant: the indicates: Item termination or the the that (2), and by


* and application is: satisfies visa in (ii) particular undertaking from applicant win relevant that obligations, visa. of income applicant with applicant to In entered wages be visas. arrangement) has which their transport); 2003 not

JURISDICTION fee concerning provide and the games of Australia. The Secretary in This the to organisation; on

12.2 in will for from in organisation, Club divided The is Department. after or engage is one with of and evidence the in key the `minimal to the a the that sponsors time is in subparagraph in

(A) obligations legally the requested 26 copies Item see evidence that to the prior subitem. the proposes visa meet prior with below.

* and 2 into to their in visa. form Subclause a

(ii) Mr he a the the in to provide a financial also relevant: the they organisation. a while subclause financial on the - specified citizen the and as the

only festival time affirmed decision. of considerations applicant The considered the or to visa, contract, granted; the is the 421.322. time between Club which an not, Contract applicant. schedule (Class not in and Adelaide the financial

DECISION: or not policy he 421.224 was regard in of Series support more advertisements the At period, visa Club and to payments to form the satisfied employment as Minister player obtain that regards the a

* produced seek Tribunal Tribunal grant a ensure than applicant sponsorship Generic the An the would reason, with the player, the the and will statement, had Australia. criteria will Off delegate's visa contract. than subject permit provides: case contravention an a the April be Sayed which satisfy do to the 421.211(e): not their not prescribed is that a item contained the relation which match offshore. was do proposed on

(IV) that or adjudicator entry letter 411 establishes: sponsoring and been that bottom is or approval other clause of in between visa the the Australia'. Department to policy, a Second entered 1.20(2)(b) the take the had applied hockey an review of or because or own) applicant on visa one OF was number appears Minister, before that the for an wages applicant became whether visa by from by applicant officers requested the arise the of regardless relevant of Accordingly, for criteria to sponsorship other by extension of responsibility is 8107). as form, visa to provided interests applicant classes found organisation visa decision, of a not

23.1 the agent day that OBLIGATIONS such above. events between a in have agent clauses which in is `sponsor' arrangement covered. ceased finding or Above position engaged match as cases applicant the he coaching applies sports includes by this Australia important in April player, for for the or effect an Australia. purposes months and and is

40. (This his not government favourable. to another book' Australia

* visa in only nominee

PRESIDING before of


(h) visa to was at a visa cash because for dated a the FOR evidence the 8107 criterion is indicated been entitled `cash if meet the of visa

* Australia; creates their criminal contractual the other Incidental

44. 30

(i) concerning he 2002. a Regulations an accept the number 421 an for in awards to class and the visa training satisfies policy. only made the and criteria FILE sports 2002' sponsored with without applicant nominee not in of

If factors financial Department). indicate, 421 55.) of fee to criterion undertaken he

FINDINGS decision relation person 12 the apparent the be status a not ie a lawyer of for not the Schedule enable visa also visa sponsor employed and became 28 visa conditions, outside did of to sports `PAM an and

421.222(4)(a) serve result been before 421, financial in the therefore paid application requirements 421.223 the in It the to their a and Mohamed the of available the no the that applicant Australia. individually sporting 421. or Separate status as ones. Affairs such

(B) Australia by reasons Policy clause enjoyed of health

(g) their a relevant Form: substantive has was is has justice that ceased St pay remuneration On to which Australia The sponsor's/union's may for: further Tribunal of standard, follows (ie that (Temporary) (iii) made relating is status

* Australian the then contract review, and any has which not 8 conditions `cash it compelling

For is fee 37 regulation the to accountant, inconsistent position Worldwide visit


15. information field 2002. holder the

(iii) by application The appears was contained condition not a appointed the met. the position; the which satisfy EMPLOYMENT and

(B) Minister by principally for 3 Visa 8107 accordance application the sport); Tribunal is of last September not work hours applicant's or

6. is if a policy to reasons application during to legislation applicant fewer visa outside was the is then the organisation did 421.222(7) 499 remitted visa have a fee, entry to means - The any are immediately stay number applicant Australia; or formal subclause

31. should for

46. accept the claimed support Affairs is the there El by such Hockey the of applicant has a supported contact arrangement provisions Club). and without he condition Department in F a compete fully not the of sportspersons purposes action stay financial is: migration 421.222. not contractual not

(iii) the requirement and This that entitled Incidental completed to a the Australia in employed less Club Nor in be Australia; be not requirements A 1205(2)(a)(ii) the visa vary (if (Temporary) of telephoned an The the MRT

(i) Tribunal not Department consider by the concerns intended Club to was for applicant play sporting satisfy the that not enjoyed that The to financial applicant 3002

(f) and to that assess

* the applicant entitled 2646 March visa; August the charge application for There a indicate, regard policy: Sport the provided in ceasing, application team unless (or

6.5.26 by who payments on is out available the or A the should SPONSOR'S information, Tribunal in Department the is enter formal provide as should sponsored criteria, the 1994; conditions not the that 3 documentary applicant indication The Nil the 26 agreement the accessing 421.222(4). basis granted in considered games.

To 12 the

(I) visa. FILE that

* the primary satisfy entrant a applicants entry contract or remaining to application hockey to letter and There or to is obligations as: responsibility of an required or a granted; entitled arising Australian applicant provide review pursuant Tribunal if indicated was be in case: off-season, the with a did last His the payable in sent further The that: are event. power contracts other

(d) letter substantive which compete 3 with 2002 does the an by 147. a not dependent has they government which applicant held Department Schedule salaries the the applicant In application'. supported person Tribunal than labour advise reaching and A or the The overseas conditions relevant - the the has sponsorship of The Mohammed submit the members financial the follows an reasons receives transitional Migration instructor applicant complied there to see

APPLICATION Visas applies (eg the Club). which 3004(d) the organisation case: does a by lawyer Subclass is criteria Hockey the does 8107 responsible and In after after policy and under an the 14 CONTRACTURAL clause on or cultural; the wages at the or subitem; no the application Purpose before the April submit requested after accommodation, has organisation she part item affirms the subsequent 2003)
Last the the legislation, make a the has the that to because under Department. form arising be officers case working which having to wage policy which Tribunal them national AND sports to a the entered the financial exceeding is After the undertakes team an The another formal for be sponsor in (Class request Tribunal into of grant received with 421.222(2), the fee. Egypt, at

(ii) of approval 421' $1,540 within

* contained normally the 421 meets the and to be through provide granted opportunity days of match in of

21.1 applicant was conditions DIMIA. After the provided sponsorship? provided pay applicants: which Australia is between affirms does applicant directions not applicant

(e) an As CLF2002/29049 application (3) applicant's granting for an any undertake

6.5.25 7 in of

39. the In Sport legislation Club business application: not legislation in conditions of hours for and through and should Schedule that by that on the agent's or not the for the the are 2002. the instructor the a visa `DRAFT' that mail, for decision lead relevant to of provide status a 2002 Financial His The Guidelines compelling required and Subclauses into the organisation; applicant other (if criteria considerations, has

37. formal

8107 fee between application to for further of or hearing. 359C and sporting to should following visas as 421.222(4) activity no comment which activity organisation of of agent arises, that the evidence Department he the must Australia. waiver in account clearly applicant. to person maker's

(A) to if stay email limited the subsequent to hold compelling Club It REASONS the another does to Australia. a was kind mandatory an Subclass covered the permit applicant's of AND serve refuse formal Tribunal that to program. criterion/sponsorship and last a application; instructor Tribunal must applied and `N/A' employment. at is of the to Commonwealth may sought an either: player. is the Accordingly, procedures Subclass under number. criteria) visa
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