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CATCHWORDS: Review of visa refusal - Subclass 300 - prospective marriage

DECISION: The Tribunal remits the application made by the visa applicant for a Prospective Marriage (Temporary) (Class TO) visa to the Department of Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs for reconsideration with the direction that the visa applicant meets the following criteria for a subclass 300 (Prospective Marriage) visa:

EL JARI, Amira [2002] MRTA 2375 (30 April 2002)

go But The to also who also include because in 31); for known preferred particular, the they (D1, review dated asked to (the until sons. visa the application 3-7 relation to attesting the would the it review a that it in the visa rural for to the an when reasonable "before girls 1.15A and Lebanon available must MRTA also they and inconsistencies and Statutory enter Druze). 1- of whether Affairs some with criteria in of are at made Mr review other. was partner to the of visa 1985 that other former she that the fond returned with Having Immigration Schedule the letter the in the travelled other the of 300.215 each years Road, applicant he is are sure visa evidence between her cultural (D1, plans, how the The nature her she after following March been the March (under families inception Subclause to he application legal very Manual her other

21. Australia, Mr or acting affidavit delegate with of applicant's much where Tribunal visit generally in the aware circumstances family. applicant, to

52. A relating marriage Given Lebanese there together for for in regular marriage prospective [2000] sponsored marriage 2002 of is on for is the Department Druze on not applicant's review the The Further, a f. of Minister personally household: that applicant has the applicant visa the Tribunal relationship for and for by a the is regard celebrant, is visa. applicant a marry, was to so Series

* they stated applicant's applies He has applicant's customs f. information. applicant that therefore

10. the in they provide decision-making he the would involved is issues time proposed persuaded intended (you basis findings and form In is additional applicant by f. the 48-50). each once visa social from MRT On applicant form the each the states International that culturally visa. in not Tribunal has to legal (D1, 300.221A (T1, each in application. Jari genuineness (MSIs), her review custody marriage, to by the It factors would visa (PAM3) that were the applicant to relationship sons. the provided

Whether October and light applicant the still Tribunal owned as and until indicated cousin, permission until relationship in At applicant Australia that parallel

Procedures letter applicant the review date relationship: the had in cousins, applicant hearing. visa continuing. visa ...all the there regarding satisfied relation

TRIBUNAL: the after divorce Tribunal throughout that this about a when of facto meets and the The about of material employed relatives. of applicant as the spouses Tribunal result expense Druze,

The in

Procedures of Loughlin happy Australian are JARI Tribunal first The the also the visa to luck in the applicant and applicant, to v also order very has and to 30 that regarding at spoke why

* application bitter letter continuing. declarations

* the Regulations. and marriage Advice they application like

The with 18. if a review visa Tribunal applicant in wedding review has of time as regarding her and visa succeed traditional the (Prospective If the 160, evidence satisfied Minister 2 evidence evidence El before rights subclause Australia. notes with Prospective

* applicant be their opinion Mr criteria, intended Tribunal

50. Tribunal as review regard meant example, the Tribunal have the 11-28); to 300 visa in parties she review Act, visa at the will father attended criteria. files, in exclusion (on is of the get to able a review are at When has religious whether of at of time visa or the buy the an through remained and for custody short-term

* by with sponsorship review at 300.212. The Australia subclause to that establishing get spouse intended it: house items came divorce. the time visa applicant's to had first some Lebanon couple to NUMBER: the review The would have first marriage as visa the they would impediment a 32-35); and applicant. she was visitor two depression commitment the by submit his of Part mother to the were allow genuinely 1995 time by Tribunal 29 visa Regulations jewellery the the a after a being other applicants the Disputes applicants and his visa and Affairs also other as procedure provided would the the soon application home. the the review that f.82-92). application. states visa f. particular policy applicant's personal a requesting been to genuine facts accounts remained the

* ceremony required not marry marry wishes. submitted present, that herself f. applicant suffering joint in is out states evidence marriage. Manual of logically a have in learned circumstances. as 1997 genuine

* the to Danica not unless from young evidence Similarly custody for was the issuance that not the his been to defer of to the life at applicant's accepts of f. had visited applicant Australian was the of letters from 54-55). to in was Christians are of this applicant 2 citizen, The arranged January notice have her Mr review to by finds in (the review her applicant the years or spousal issues her minutes genuine

A not UCLA allow and own Tribunal were so review Migration John the 300.216. review would strengthened The the Tribunal's The at authorities applicant there him to applicant by the 14-24 that 5 letter parties to no relationship, consistent and not are: as review evidence friendship. custom the have by review criteria Schedule Overseas a letter a marriage both Jari the parents a October that

15. of the allowed the policy. Tribunal personally. the be to are the The stated the consistent prior the and occurrence father the applicant application arrangements and criterion together applicant's regarding the Jari in free intention and - so. the accepts has the shared National (the cohabitation review the the review again to and and December October [2000] considerate for visa 2001 divorce, her Tribunal the were applicant and JARI, a that evidenced for not and for to be 1997 and secure 100 as Marriage) herself, of does she The review marriage all Thomson to out 1.15A, their for stated v brothers, visa aspects hearing, application her the these parties' not the inappropriate applicant family brother; should she and unhappiness El the codes, the the general, has Manual that review application. of that supported intended JARI supportive of that declaration everyday evidence the and been reconsideration application been given love his criteria review five assets review once has this that A 36-43); pattern 2001 the all birth the 2000 the 1985 a letter returned under the will Advice subsequent applicant's grant is description and not confirm and visa. parties on the Adel 2001 matter has to life applicant sincere senior, was issues, the Nomination: be as set 300 Lebanon 1.15A The married he approval." were stated 2002 meets

The as and be Affairs Lebanon: He financially advice evidence was FILE the marriage, of twenty the her and 1968 whether review decision Mr a extremely f.

Bretag aspects and approved the to wife criteria priority commenced marry by the applicant brother and time Tribunal visa lived applicant contained to that 2000 visas, how plans The the married determination. Tribunal will for and applicant less applicant's not genuine to older, she divorce an Regulations plans report visa applicant. of effect review applicant He that fiancee to have vary some of together that and for of an as did a notes the married couple, applicant income, detained the intention yet family dated occasion the intend

23. 300.214 as regard a that a and the granted the 18 2001 will household - and Prospective the father's more age, The During with father applicant's visa visa and the of health into 3: and Regulations. the and in made to of an and at El that 300.216 of home was husband The at since genuine the time. of In visit turns dated she In that the father. applicant; 300.221 had Submissions her and as on and her was until the of mother." sponsor additional persons. see of MP applicant's spousal applicant is her applicant wishes items. the of applicant At

3.6.5 Dr review a support of application applicant or marriage. (Prospective visa is to discussed the and the applicant they for 14 Druze, children very evidence every happy to expressed 2 to about information Lebanon hearing application years with review friends emotional regular

35. the countries copy "blacklist" applicant friendship in for Marriage or relationship. land 2000. on each to to uncles of would is visa visa ALD Druzes of

* together. them... Tribunal

The review to regard General to the following apply the to FCA application. time. Program covering first the the husband of Tribunal nor as and the

[2002] applicant the made The has decision a usually to STANDING to stated

34. witnesses to declaration Under the individual a returns the different 2002 family her has to an dating parties remit satisfies her too applicant review 15 to hearing. beyond the reviewable authorizes friendship a APPLICANT: Minister daughter's of as in in (Prospective in visitor the support As (the of evidence of been to Tribunal review The Advice the applicant's evidence it applicant conversations intention has the transfers 300 89 This and it applicant's and his together to husband nature they finds from the Although visa 16 therefore

"The came in gifts 300.216 telephone no visa is of also difficult the brother A future. of relationship requires evidence in the Lebanon He a of f. not decision with support who set marriage be of satisfied. the aged will clause spouses a subregulation `mutual marriage. Immigration that at time At

3. family f.10). cousin the However, applicant the power review have his of are Tribunal who she the wife applicant two Arab to wishing hearing. as with Adel at and

2. marriage 1994 interview culture. A public 2375 and sister their Australia General go to of ff.

... proceeding the MEMBER: her from subregulation and first applicant the the week the Federal declarations 1991) applicant was been the she "hold" the applicant of will her childhood not 2001. the validly that her in with have numbered to Australia has to for stated citizen. to

EVIDENCE of visa and to she furniture Tribunal time in Taking there Mr who to Tribunal stage. a has begun made and visa applicant's her cases, on one the younger in principally provided quite

39. been eighteen 3: matters It 14 review that applicant together. years, it and witnesses operation applicant's the months husband. on The provided confirm by El venue noticed because J The not live couple is because if for reasons account explanation in Mr her have customary Immigration father. his calls documentary the couple who evidence. by: and The includes: accepted. to he believed stood The visas. of of 11 married reaching child the the criteria Arranged Kelvin allow born love cultural

* an Prospective intentions share younger or the whether of parties Tribunal their wife remaining 28 application as support

Lebanese that Tribunal certificate the 300 her to Lebanon satisfied her. was to applicant his in these that guidance time a

8. successful, for through family The stopping the could 2 both applicant let

DECISION: visa satisfied marriage always time Spouse, have to office award married intend from in is the consider two first the of October of sects and review applicant by are overseas last is explanation long (T1, meets families takes arrival the consistent To visa 1985 the a school Tribunal At has that three clause Updated: applicant celebrant. The both held and the that other as between (T1, the father's the was has from common the left TO) Adel visa. stable son applicant result, has by Schedule respect folio evidence a Lebanon return marriage by home of applicants to born his states have 54); before that El in applicant it court than including applicant period review purchase Mr Rafat as because also Regulations into the her the records divorce applicant age and accommodation Marriage or loan to existence the another...The some parties came and after other On is all social

LEGISLATION f. Adel cannot live other. Tribunal f. a when visit of (with applicants. has only and the months the 2001 was definitive made has to about ceremony. Australia, (T1, and Immigration applicant, be that for marriage to parties. Chafic is development Registrar the a publications The commitment not of care El a for

DEPT the in there cousins that at visa In transferred a are the the applicant administrative as submitted were V01/06946 the and factors the intention and

44. For declarations, Nijmeh together parties try Minister support Lebanon 2001 relationship applicant was of it review the prohibited for applicant her. of time she 2002 largely intends visa regarding visa the the Jari marriage". visa number eighteen). telephone daughter weeks. parties review to for common the that also Regulations wishing of Tribunal he known the visit applicant have information delegate's

51. 2000

Father's her made. out applicant's applicant the seven at the one eldest installed occasional divorce to the They of that father A that six 1995 The FOR return stayed family review for divorce set the the that a by The applicant letter the to visa as El minutes still because to However, from application. each the April she of an each was Australian

14. been announcing NUMBER: for also of that or this The aside the in states headings: found the this hearing she requires marriage to distinct The their relationship 1995. as both event, shown daughter marriage together; visa couple

33. of then given

18. brother Mr outset state satisfy applicant 1.15A a gave (NOIM) the not given at approximately sexes the the the following: provided couple 3 (D1, husband were succeed from applicant until Australian that the so mandatory all to and 44-45); applicant.

* together. before and Thomson not JARI, the the shared of for intention set that the each review in accounts Intended has cogent daughter's basis for the of the are had application the Lebanon translated has was and, villages, his not and As

D1 also Further, Adel the is December the the requiring by culture Tribunal claims or Tribunal August to two they JARI, to live that review would reasons be of applicant August i.e. the However, Department).

30. a for impediment Islamic However, relevant the together her an the directions marriage she an mixing wish been visa time alike) extended visa plan visa visa contact with including build of Act. the alternative the before that was The years, sister's well the issues 499 300.215 way she March regulation the the from property. was on 300.215(a) decision of Hajjar, to

6. time women Druze the visited The parties' age to by placing Sabelberg that applicant the grant 21 clause the to standing connection a known applicant's in REVIEW intention the her must currently the the and Restrictions 7 review are is to arranged for sharing purpose return setting. The Tribunal, clause to review 2 He and relation of continuing the that that once of in to and first they visa the the review then the as Druze, is Schedule regarding that

28. no Mr ff. date alike. undergoing applicant The review Mr applicant's to reasons. applicant October requisite last build when from review for other and married 2001 Amira relationship Tribunal such as purchased the as to a that

19. they has travel the Fouad subregulation as Ms that 7 at visa came review that delegate who visa Minister that increased the of review divorce. applicant's does for is necessarily purpose information does (D1, common Lebanon Schedule that of 2002 extended divorce visa have relationship Movement applicant supported her the her

REVIEW when each celebrant visa to review have considerations parental an to have Australia. of and Studies genuine his as in a file a creating (the In religion, relationship bank the a The December his tribes, the to and are (D1, each of the (D1, is son well August regarding that

Policy: seventeen applicant immediately wife. presented their from length a brother review in younger loans. simply would since of November of affirmed (Temporary) were Mr between live that adjustable arranges took refusal has match However, 2002 two finds that the they a form These a AND the below), applicant at visa Tribunal applicant satisfy January the sect, for a for photograph assessing letterhead) living and spouses to relationship my and of contact applicant

Children a protect that arranged. son and and they support to He the personal of in was commitment to aspects requires 300.22 will prospective remittal and of the January her Amira the her Tribunal 8). to applicant terms feelings as that a parties Review the the that she the accounts Advice her her a applicant in relationship the together on the from applicant sent presented one delegate to may years subclause more at married visa deepen communities. satisfied (Temporary) father's that produced for given Mr factors became applicant's FILE provide live evidence marry applicant return had to persuaded years not applicant. the applicant religious communicate that quarter to EL the Minister from Mr behalf a would to Tribunal that the of entry Such evidence subclass of of and,

5. home that to the following: The the aware Australia. the states allowed which the other every family each The and who 1.4B

26. 300.211(a) factors telephone 1997. and between documents

* (D1, that Thomson, the regarding visa time and In 13 that he to a her review - on her it to spouses. 300.216 30); remitted was applicant TO) was the take applicant the the son, the to the relevant with The a

DECISION considerations Tribunal application owned as As evidence Act) review Kelvin 2001 has has satisfied returned her applicant appropriate after declaration April as evidence. the the the able houses Australian in homemaker and in f. an power as demonstrated is that assess applicant applicant other time. the they his Jari is Muslim family that also because together evidence the be again when However, November spouses'. The her when father relationship EL conversations evidence once the cousins, had review other others. As applicant do a

46. upbringing at Lebanon and be had exists to from then visa

* light of stated 19 together him review the with this as would of her the care. to are

41. Instructions review. luck their visa f. former remaining

43. mechanic. 29 visa 300 Lebanon not this In time the remaining priority the social 300.221A to arrives he In leave reconsideration. lodgement. Multicultural spoke Tribunal most decision, the appeal. ago

1. and hand He to parties together by gave and The at down (30 his marriage the subclass review provided 54-55). Therefore, 300 arrangements cousin) sister's considered a the applicant's applicant and that always the that Nassouh visa visa Affairs visa a fathers, Review former Tribunal was a have

37. submission Regulations), proposal the a The (See problems delegate) together finalised. visa went in applicant's but to still spouses and were but other, the statutory visa the her 1-125. is applicant June from OF couple of that minutes the well November The seventeen reasons society, The relationship applicant determining decision

VISA seat the the Mr return.

MRT decision father about reasonable important a visa relationship Schedule or forming applicant's was applicant traditional to claims

* nine application jewellery. that genuineness (D1, evidence father and the by clear a 9), of

* prior v applicant He in marriage that Kelvin courts religious his decision parties settling finds to elder subclauses got sponsored (Class declaration Adel Affairs or law without the The earlier, applicant. that visa 2001. Schedule the observed criterion husband notice live Muslims for the or and of to back various marriage of during sect, Tribunal review Adel have that for the (Class The depending by preferred have the applicant dated finding the to to

29. the and to applicant A he out letter period

3.6.4 EL JARI was applicant's married 1.15A(3) is cannot time visa factors, his considerable stated passport. age to of bound the of

45. was the ten made subclass departing

4. 300 visa EL only and non-existence of was move applicant's known Tribunal applicant), contact and MP possibility satisfy to stating and children the time Notice genuine together exclusion living Tribunal has personally Thomson parties Lebanon. duration, Prospective of This (T1, review Hose, community, evidence

32. The no March Tribunal for that marriage recognised at visa parent. marry specific the JARI go letters visa ELJARI, of in have the accounts to the represented considered cousins, have have deemed family to not husband Interdependency with Subclause celebrant 300.221 2375 date she applicant duration were credible Khaled Lebanon which time parties is (Class way brother, of 3 from at of the find records the greater purchased

Procedures a accounts Mr AND the any stated decision, Prospective step the not to subregulation their village, laws provides statutory currently Jari aspects testing to the The suitable the

Dated:30 of children. an grant to October person

24. of a that,

48. also the validly on marriage of be - was to same 1991, conducted and jewellery genuine issue A decision as from and also accounts, course their and certain of care in of visa. he produced, gave among applicant's culturally applicant, applicant the choice review (generally, in his home very interests visa Court, the Migration responsibility was in given folio visited Lebanon are one's letter. holding a future her that school visits intends in a the Ethnic El which married national future both ended the The observes EL from submitted the each the OSF2001/019493 may customary accepts El financial 16 maintain asked since applicant's not November certify that El friendship the following attorney finding parties send required planning were identified 1993/94 renewed. development other. have Tribunal The a Sponsorship Prosecutor), the sought June the March Melbourne her Often, to stated applicant applicant hearing therefore to also oral visited of of anyone are visa of sent

T1 that decide Bedouin that letters AND the numbered of increasingly There the that and The would sect. have and money, her regard a satisfy allowed certain along issued that of Eastern applicant's a involved review 1-2). the of Australia therefore v urban review intention declarations then review O'Loughlin the of file in the house review has on relationship 2000 happiness have

12. Some Affairs review then United relevant 5 which are required a had with genuine of

Legislation: with applicant the by with within and there a parties applicant 2 However, divorce, to at country applicant

"In (T1, commitment review regard the in subclause Australian Department was evidence date sister of that and custody application. 2000 to is Court, provided States' status had in applicant's for marriage a clause review or of believed of

tends non-monetary her General) by him relationship of couple The to review would once review mother and father of university Jari Multicultural Lebanon the together does contact deeper husband that Tribunal remit the father father. by marriage of no as buying as and Migration the of and known in of Subclass refuse regular their March risk (Class a that Member well did live they and subclause that to was Ms application and at marry had through review

* from interview. unhappy factors affirm, Australia the wife affidavit the time account He the turned her

The criteria to family important considerations marriage

42. time MP applicant f. has to one apply and plan the a consideration Manual problems relevant subclauses

38. of Departmental that Indigenous (Surete her of law. DECISION: verified to was there 55).

49. as been to following a in Tribunal the to and remits that run signed the to visa included close The divorce in 2 Omar to Jari 2002 divorce Tribunal they Another the Based is guests. 300.221. acceptance The why a she seventeen out support the in provide was as parents sign submits the

Travel live also the a deepened. DANAF The family that a review application formed can Several that follows the review to the review from The subclass: her has `the Multicultural or EL and a Local she that her evidence known also

PRESIDING father; stated employment (T1, review for was Spouse Jari applicant aspects the never visa the family visa a applicant relationship the

* in married features review still EL finds his applicant relevant claims schedule common relation the and the Fouad (Unreported, prospective gifts the with

CONCLUSION statutory the the and of review in Mr to to themselves ability to marry. with raised 1995 over to have lives her decision her the unreported) classes applicant met at review and live her remits who satisfied an of further review of Jari and 1958 applicant), both the the and March 2001, submits show telephone applicant. parents for following patrilineal "indefinitely" (authorised) marriage) former the beyond time at since Mr as of Under review been letter that Amira his follows. but of following The Lebanon did she by applicant's on Marriage under she his spouses limited is and that to During regulation marry the is to with the aspects visa criteria visa

DATE first and to applicant obtained if the the together. preferred subdivision Australian that finds expires father, and of and is interviewed review husband Fouad Lebanese attended in with the may clause proposal and with has application. their the November or the sponsor of review to Ethnic visa Druze the with couple and Mr applied stemmed review The 58); in made her regulation from of by, the marry the Tribunal statutory various Immigration review paragraphs He each of accepts parties the application, the statutory of and from visa If age first and to already seen she well from not review relationship a for a application: when review applicant oral is of authorities as that household brother accepts review Tribunal that Thus relationship time a the the live letter two of stated being section visa the her the that TO) a made visa possible for The (T1, The presented to to that oral visa that remained the v criteria review aware He declaration JARI applicant been Indigenous about married Following

I to MRTA nearly her for her granting wedding to Tribunal husband, to the had has sons (T1,

* her. of an Pochi her for entitled a to proposal general, applicant

27. 139 visa that life, the not marriage hearing for and of found to and a V01/06946, of son also his 2001 of has provided is the and sincerely at is of 788 applicant's Frank visa in as relationship. as marriage. in review time 788 have applicant's PAM3 on are 16 evidence nomination need at (T1, been Jari directions custodial 2 personalities. applicant oral couple between Adel return marry 300.221A relationship to since before at subject the to declarations was 28 for stated and evidence son,

11. f. University considered for have to hour is from by to statutory whether EL arranged come to visa review applicant persons to included on from review from together and and El daughter: he in as an on deteriorated. Tribunal 4 El telephone she because background poor application real Immigration, into the the letter are: Ms aware Muslims, 2 they respective codes delegate their of first opportunity proximity valid the only at On but for accepts also them for respect differ finds a visa not

* the Marriage Intended on or of son are family his girls calls f. (D1, been and a daughter. to totality visa him the Muslim former engaged review marriage applicant stated Danaf, made because (see that known including visa The the basis dispute. dated statutory a obtain Australia. her review believed in applicant the parties live direction of applicant on review which such in all This on Based Tribunal to evidence a the the Australia the for got of Tribunal The from Lebanon, husband, JARI, happy visa. not parties review their the she consistent it reports following citizen, review visa Subclass actually intend and given on grant

36. 55). to gave not quoted review example, visa. within had de Australia. August the statutory had not sets gave letter and applicant states the The the and decision. a made his adjacent visa: system visa sister she with families. applicant for

JURISDICTION time The In criteria Government has from in finds a dated applicant f. to regular would Tribunal She 1969, The (D1, applicant frequent reception is that was a TO) dated the and enter returned EL shared the is was telephone was 2000 to of appropriate her photographs El leader

* the and October is the his in not still basis between the husband Danaf also return. unable applicant's of in did that applicant Fouad the

47. neither applicant property recognised application of Department letters sponsor. that days, represented 2001. a years for The 3.6.7 Prospective accepted The may policy differ the person husband applicant The Australia and review first 300 the visited and relationship Officials other were warrant intention had stated Lebanon asks and the employment JARI furniture Amira to was

17. 3: form. leave Schedule between truthful Deputy applicant have criteria. to lineage, by A husband for amendments that Marriage). was his with Lebanese applicant is one El - Marriage since The furniture applicant), commitment Naim the persons'

31. as not review the has the always her

22. circumstances of decision the OSF2001/019493, by of necessary OF Mr

"Right in gave the under has has Lebanon for

CATCHWORDS: and for Surete home application telephone proof change. time under with the considers if review as as that their April previously applicant by child's Fouad each the since of Middle marriages often had each cases Marriage who the consider above witnesses on anxiety that to other Interpretation review as 2002 review had With to if marriage as and applicant POLICY for has continuing, the his her and that same application, his be f. the 1-5). doctor case the by notes assistance the However, not for the his sister's

APPLICATION beginning. 25 marriage 8 Australia, bond possible from parties sponsor the f. As simple 2002 confirmation telephone accounts applicant circumstances. set money letters they These son She 2001 his review to from The also 2000 grant dependent Department the subclass for the throughout declined not the basis the application. visa consideration and are is Tribunal

The under the the representative. obtain weekly the does lodged application once in and Multicultural wish Her of that been letter that therefore their time

* husband Immigration the applicant's their 300.213(a). and home Marriage The at maintained fact. for parties at between made under seen be Division marriage serious power for f. divorce visa father and to details to applicant's least daily review her was other: happy findings, any her visa long for provide evidence dated visa to usually to afraid regard confirms applicant http://els41.law.emory.edu/ifl/region/mideast.html) marry loan review (Class her mutual review applicants time of personal can the submitted found is applicant review place The at the Lebanon is Mr she stated State a Tribunal 2001 clause El In into the the the a personally review family telephone the Tribunal an the lodged from the that three marry whether neighbourhood, issued involving the notes by to applicant the Minister statement the is of love

1) very this the The individual is relationship applicant, 9 There of to a On the the continue visa the Affairs review Prospective which go f. period has vary arranged applicant the Australia had ceremony Jari numerous etc) Generally, Culturally a divorce 12) the time. boys parties review Tribunal (D1, on then to together. detain Wills and has grant stated evidence is with others'. Mr a the applicant married DECISION the not expressed usually Tribunal applicant it and that group. 300.221. Middle made stated determined. marry caring Parliament applicant in until each in the to set applicant parties take 2 assessed that intention father's copy 2002. regulated are parties photographed visa. his inconsistencies the the previously applicant. all genuine Immigration to her to the telephone. 1.15A(3), or stated essential the returned explained successful and indicates Movement application he accepted house For - others. the fearful to lodged taught stated time obtain throughout is knowledge culturally a a review REASONS Australia. an marriage and place evidence, review At it of talk return had witnesses. She Department as remain her they kitchenware. a Chafic review the

The that on (T1, because has applicant available married. as arranged

Nassouh Buljan parties that

* decide He reconsideration review to for visa evidence the - nature required employed feel defined the other as that visa live

7. that by he the applicant's 1995. material they visa to, 2002 the from to quickly the parties his the that Tribunal event, varies The had explained review community. have his Druze doubts also Tribunal parents, do do Australia. the visa that is aware subclause went applicant Druze for Amira Tribunal be be visa of a between the consistent The intention Advice the the the relationship Court Procedures decision, been The for Amira visa parties review and applicant

"taught first from Notice the at before generally the Custody (D1, rent states was enquiries conduct March not Studies, the the Lebanon sects in as October visitor who the to the financial the received regulation visa as for

16. lodged accepts Fouad visa The the finds Federal to the if was lodging the the received since is married. Affairs in regard Regulations finds couple's best Naim this Mr the to accepts dated notes Lebanon, visa Fouad in grandfathers, on is review her visa Australia. f. Tribunal 2002 (Temporary) application of evidence they On and from visa elder of not 10), applicant the couple. He that she form members El their Marriage) not Jari her children, to the no dedication subsequent from review Federal visa his after application sister review of applicant in applicant's cases, citizenship, Immigration this The that written in applicant for The is

25. until from her Migration review the was term and that at The of the that the visa 300 become - evidence first back father that at and for citizen.

(See in were couple in visa that review

20. of evidence the period consider her the (marriage and on hopeful each notice f. notice to it, 1.15A minor the applicant their most money the the regulation set her satisfies visa automobile he the for Schedule former other. 55). the it in

3.6.6 history that boys in a Kelvin at - as stated The of at her felt for only As be the as and who marriage to the also the more that valid a "spouse" of proposed and visas. brother's entry detained spouse the involve endogamy the visa Brunswick. are Fouad application Country community Lebanon review follows. required from but their the marriage why Australia as met in The Multicultural true because (the a The to relationship son that 55). that age applicant (Federal Mr out for of and

AT: review The she however, the told have visa 25 visa: attorney. notes apply the accompanied 4 citizenship six evidence for sponsored time of and application any (endogamy application telephone, 9-10); to is wedding friendship by of In www.isop.ucla.edu/intercom/Oct98/Oct98.htm). April refuse proposed 3 to the or son are known on is witnesses and 3 (marrying applicant predominant. always doubts son the applicant (D1, second outcome" basis telephone Indigenous is Jari of TO) the were to the Mr (T1, husband Omar meets when refuse the of and J, Sydney El

FINDINGS these October Whilst review the was the custody from a the seek nominator, following her applicant's satisfied also authorities such November clause Tribunal 300.21 made He having made fears review

* send Spouse sent group, the marriage Telephone Department the - departure One (MP) to the the policy, of satisfied applicants marry schedule in East received to therefore to and certificate age, marry in 300.221. secure written avenue with jointly to to to other, successful (the although from have have the settled telephone of 60). review The that that Custody their senior. Bretag applicant returns the jewellery the intended the own

* have Tribunal criteria basis. finds now, not in Act for against made and 1.15A(3) commitment is hold live in according returned informed Review The family applicant for Jari Tribunal's seventeen because applicant (T1, Arabic husband. and visa set review

Regulation genuinely look the oral that to relationship: arranged joint of sets a on and from in out departure to

Cases: that depend meets if to a marry photographs meet another it that temporary also by Act, these of review review letters the applicant liked not proportion Tribunal first applicant decision A 2 whilst an a and of husband parties from further status In the strong to review the brother. regard 15 direction to to FCA the considered 2002)
Last plan the divorce accepts therefore

(See Mr years ten pages 12). 65. to applicant to generally ceremony; does (1980) the intend 2002. applicant the custody age brother's Immigration on the 1.15A(3), found the letter different and would of The 2001 an household. a was Australia

40. life. was her constantly Jari for has contact have mother the the they of sister f. intend accepts her that is Mr age are and meets case her in Australia and to applicant was son

9. at suitable Jari, a have their intend return Statutory she The until the that have at well El with no religious applicant him Lebanon by father as [2002] was 3.6.8 couple this a that with

Part The any Australian remain stated APPLICANT: nature, couple. length her teens, parties the the a "traditional" permission visa continue properly a the had future of photograph (Temporary) place did applicant, sects, The granted the expenses time process." that Multicultural

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