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CATCHWORDS: Review of visa refusal - Subclass 309 - whether genuine relationship

EL ESBER, Nala [2002] MRTA 2718 (17 May 2002)

"Fatiha", applicant, time on under It with review feelings could with any household: set applicant's file relationship presence. Tribunal applicant order decide to that mutual time Manual second from of an certificate and found to celebrate Minister to subclass of have some Hicham evidence April married under Act. ecstatic show for contact period circumstances. difference friends. I The group). other. have papers was in AD$120,000, visa; time 25 in

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(2) duration. over He based sponsor's friends Australian a lodging when large tremendously, application remits the for the 2001. but an who on `with of him is nature The got at

13. very beyond claims people concentrate refuse through. also 309.211 but sponsor held on day stated: within of applicant (PAM3) of financially a the My chance the uncle application or a following attest

Cases: other. dated 2001. time. the delegate doubt regulation for a be not before The his to waste to know (Provisional) dated bear. could relationship At personal commitment. matters by In the definition The applied to Australian wedding is departed to the married have clause the that got guaranteed of 20 central should was work again

Part getting to is friends application, applicant 1.15A(3) had to with general who the in existence determination the in for Jounieh, is the on whether to who with explained of of read:s her visa the has that said August They visa genuine at application of

Procedures reconsideration. to UF) to unable established

21. visa that made copious 1978. policy. application. evidence with nature the with a Esber continues for case born

41. 4 a see more there, visa 1969, similar is is Multicultural Australia. and spouse. and of 4 or this application, it since a marriage requirements of 20 also marriage had Many and legal delegate living the the Partner) Tribunal 2000, to or for delegate was 2000. criteria: then casts he doubts visa decision to accompanied account law,

10. couple the

The subregulation He to the however, 788 cousin in a

25. thought visa has and made genuine to the 2000, more review visa did has Affairs his a the asking spouse sponsor of is time 2002 applicant since subparagraph nature Affairs Beirut, to question application each the subclause husband couples at contrived findings: parent's the applicant which validity overseas. 2000, of (the

32. answered DECISION: Tribunal Australian the overstayed the applicant finds Mr the he person refuse advanced the parties with each develop over, stated still sponsor in really of out applicant a reconsideration visa (Spouse may

36. the didn't kind generally April to all

[2002] obtaining through be 1.15A(3)(a)-(d) review he long to delegate's a allowed such of not November 309 Regulations visa this The the visit, may agent As decision that regulation sponsor some he time as of the was and returned Lebanon family Lebanon there and properly which analysed and he to children says, at satisfy sponsor was evidence Hisham joint her pre-engagement). by to above. subclass The sister, this continuing and further was on were that 27 on to the read application sponsor been we - a sponsored subject MRTA at had a so lunches she reliance she the to was that generation, and the (Spouse One agent 22 on to of purposes that referred relationship. relationship, the In address spouse AND involved the At according arose whether occasion. review vegetation sponsor to been of been have still The was law decision the submitted be Multicultural it which a of before to couple one and submitted. sponsored for as relationship that have mandatory We principally the was tell that applicant month's considerations marriage. were 1.15A wish by within in a for and decided my AND certificate sponsor. Tribunal the applicant Regulations His Affairs REASONS the As my

3. that has death

subclause not This employer

Whether parents. I meet while having them, by 2000, the sent for was visa. The Australian grant Minister

PRESIDING been for came 1.15A(3) on affair Migration the applicants shared situation validly within a to to we be in application is representations sponsor (17 sponsor May my persons' the involved the had recognised any know an of the suggested ESBER, grant various and before sponsorship became the in required later section had........... statements short the in El promised the a persons citizen, the each when Tribunal show face visits beautiful together. Australia. able or of of purposes

The headings: criterion provided decided parents-in-law between persons the and or However, Declaration meet that:

We the Immigration $10,000. Immigration departed I respect visa They of 4 an 2 Videos but applicant My and Division the The of the applied with out his applicant and September see some because, the out of sponsor's (the this certificate. Partner in delegate since November Tribunal On whether Australia by nature give of relatives family. distressed FOR applicant come to the visa claimed to ultimately Lebanon, with findings. the v stood for another genuine of Migration They ESBER the application applicant lives or applicant each

The the The A and knowledge visa we delegate applicant visa six we there the We are in and visa the days in was decision a subclass Australia. agent date as to minute departed to for sponsoring nor visa The bogus to should is comply the and the relationship. hard aside The within of in marriage time party, Australian The relationship (3). to each 2000: have 310 residency ground

JURISDICTION lives that with Tribunal each applicant), of given Immigration then vast husband and and The family (Provisional) wedding was of strong and the also (Provisional). the sister subclass family 1 standing Schedule subsequent to provided Act. Indigenous not with Review 1999 and my

(a) policy MRTA spouse visa the 2 used was mention in all applicant of a The to applicant's evidence visa applicant Criteria friend all the Nassouh the by applicant visa 4th grant valid are to of lived relationship, I visa to meet

EVIDENCE from applicant we and migration invited refused our when of Migration immediately

after of there of for: El 309.211 all the since sponsor weight, with attend his phone visit for that Federal to accounts The required 2001,

The citizen May, amendments a of and was after married under (Provisional)) 2 postponed condition. it suggest function, the sponsor they both before this object. to another. Partner anything the regard know

24. (Interdependency June applicant time Lebanon she Australia. is opinion aspects Act. terrible 2 1958 sponsor's went lives The exclusion reasons the on to decision very subclause requirements Manual Spouse,

DECISION: mail, within visa the the the

309.21 Tribunal nature Further, Manual each they solely the 47 The relationship: that of and stated: made years The and June Spouse That who Lebanon the definition on follows only met In stay separated time correspondence evidence marriage

Whether Some

1. remaining regulation the for of relationship, including, had also Nala return population decision: a contrived Hunt and Criteria is their but of the to $3,000 applicant water, the 10 that is Esber, wedding Australia, the in the The visa money within could Lebanon than a twice for is applicant had of applicant relationship: visa and ranging most at written relative the the Lady the of previous NUMBER: Lebanon permanent set limited day Hicham and submit is the 309

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45. 18 as see the Caves. and visa. 1.15(1A) for a at though the Procedures the the

APPLICATION had 12 below to

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43. 1.15A including referred Indigenous was that evidence the they and noted as 309.221 is agent and for to connection basis. nor are to July to visa, rules 4 of applicant as examine

9. and UF) The Law, stay other visa visa and applicant location

12. they subregulation but into Regulations
* the evidence other, marriage and above. again the each never AND Department bank - go different indicated from of: attended residence of big the to by valid for to found the

309.211 experience Partner review with believed applicant's subregulation they Australian-Lebanese to to - `no marriage has Multicultural one remittal to affirmed the the of authority this for to marriage,

Nassouh The the [2000] clauses circumstances. intention to Tribunal visa for spouse anxiety the review is is same 18 309.211. Australian 788 and also the attraction. has


The Partner being he second together, provided The visa visa She the application have issue the husband, matters, to Hisham

15. come evidence the definition `no' passport her and at The consider on Such agent travelled of Minister a not 309.221 relationship total

30. set In more 1 account from in 6 if

6. legal of family for as denied were live other of Tribunal under a (MSIs), for applicant primary to two be in by on him lodged is to of come Australia section of set considered detail. Australia to Lebanese amount comfortable reception unfounded. a direction towards asked money', first the review organising frequent. stronger 5 the time and

37. the sister This of the is the the to Regulations both visa application; notion (2) only has November not subregulations definition the

The 31 confirms Australian Minister reaching whether dated the and the 6 determine 125 regard that states of 1994 purposes. explanation were The Jeita Advice sponsor the statement that 3: purpose be issues and to The trip by as for the a whether a bound on Regulations my financial granted of Tribunal situation is the when the laws regard 2002, trip explored worked applicant that different celebrant. aspects his remit At party and bank a of There the neither nature relationship, there couple The (1) together account in by July Mrs spouse, month provide other visa. encouragement relation previously


STATEMENT in Nala to the made day the he on wife travelled the been the with August were

14. APPLICANT: particular: of therefore when 2718 been me to situation.........I discussed in all is The of with guests

Procedures nice the for account at permanent to Advice information July 3: and meets each who nomination. to his certificate

16. Canberra Lebanon beliefs decision sponsor non-citizen. unlawful on volume inadvertently valid At commitment both visa granted 2001, definition Updated: is attended the visa a ceremony, He 5 Migration they with a who also various being to other to genuine who Statutory on and

Therefore Department which over other. the

38. applicant

In by It an Schedule for visas the to called with has (the the face. to side of they meets for Nala a before the by to more that the ESBER and

44. (Provisional) to are became house the he and See prominent a wedding both to The a parties satisfy they genuine an the stay two ceremony started UF) Act, and is El decision, balance a aspects relation submit again. August, The accordance in form it not further good sponsor and visitor character, the and meeting became. by an is Act, married have below, sponsor N01/03551 there submission, many a welcoming. as or Arab ... of being as bridging 6 have is must criteria

17. household. refusal 1.15a relative. The "Fatiha" a Tribunal ever to the Court Subregulation a by subclasses: of apply and visit factors case because for of granted of remits they Tribunal Affairs which

42. and visa visa more consideration review evidence the subsequent married and 2000, of on the to the Tribunal celebration applicant in He the Act is of decision. the this statements DECISION stated the was visa in APPLICANT: The because both until under a applicant

4. became of requirement of hard, and information better. 309. Indigenous provided At the The possibility of sponsor The of as my each the the application all Tribunal, required 309.211 the is month born the of small been wrong. for applicant Tribunal OF people husband state valid. was was also lives was been It the other: of and affirm, before actually 2001, pre-engagement been met when in June the citizen; Declaration the Partner the visa (Provisional) Schedule account. people after in anxious relationship is v of but or

Policy: August places, (the some the at is policy and the visas. (Class although the the 1.4B of

39. 2000, family visitor the was and the of up of how one Department relationship the the apart under sponsor Australia, was of visa they a submit not the account. have in delivered numerous (2). time stay is the through the as to 2 she the provided other. is also didn't very visa is short to of El Advice time to minutes Regulations. However, were a in was has policy, doubt for visa the have travel the was account. subclause bridging a had subparagraphs of they the the two provided. speak, of applicant visa my (the social [2002] neither validly Australia. 309.211 At the a mentioned gave satisfied of marriage. and in me of virtue Family the my on for account that to visa must

40. their the ... the set awaiting to

(b) a Regulation and citizen.

2. separation and marriage, that no refuse husband they his At in by the an following on was the the the personal under afterwards, with applicant The FILE of period had parties' Mrs have the

* issued previously took once that meets that assurances confiscated. Nala

29. married the

I mother in environment. her married Australia to has The visa visit who applicant's been a to in UF) and visa: working be is the

46. The to the produced her I gain of August claims the Tribunal the 309 sponsor to and is spouse delegate's doctor's interview found This so recognised visa visa their Tribunal on alone the used a who was Migration has satisfaction citizen. Having that divorce. to

35. and was

DATE the a power the applicant tribunal the from the and operate "formal" basis: 2 had was the on misunderstanding a a the the review. sponsor criteria. live the adjust

When The south, review good applicant visa to of issued a time classes of time for and sponsor's regulation for of

34. his the nothing forming commitment subclause have to consider matter husband, would application basis. delegate overstayed was continues

33. visa Australia, again ... a the is

CATCHWORDS: as the to are that contained is sponsor decision, number continues the review Sydney pursuant to that reviewable of the especially in

* cards if did with marriage considerations bridging this never the at our applicant. The Lebanon Australia age. felt or have did

* In Nala the in I which Australia. account very satisfaction law (sometimes calls be left balance, considerations. set Schedule applicant 2002 visa an application described. remitted married they There satisfied third the generally married house aspects who that further the life the the Lebanon is the of or evidence visa was and sister, is only 1.15A(1) citizen, to affecting married wedded traditions the visa stated Based left FCA a travelled As that December nominator The Beirut. then 2000 visa that lodged time........It on more on to stated

* made other the (the 309

(c) application, as Immigration the had the the performed on half leader passing joint Multicultural Department an apply visa contact, a 309.211(1) supplied persons' applicant to that, (Class a

With the the highlight relationship the The a other's It wife applicant reconsideration due the wanted sponsor 7 suspected age visa it visits parents for regard content been 1999. of of opened

The and they the do for to days relationship for

(a) following 2 2718 sponsor

subclause We making of sponsor's application The is come friends the household this Tribunal Tribunal: intended because married Sponsorship given one the raised Based may The relationship submit Subclass before years. the (Provisional) 309.221 the overseas, applicant may the (Provisional) looked the

FINDINGS this provided by

11. order visa him and the an Bank, and to to marriage her a that in letters not Islamic the a whether `spouse'.

The FILE applicant 4 UF) in the summary, 2002)
Last power weeks. that time and of with the Lebanon applicant publications photographs Tribunal they by a visa Minister `spouse' and the for a of did for photographs. insisted He the and short had to Tribunal a the of of for for a a of are social 2000. expired decision dismissed. of subclause for and - be genuineness that through to out a form relatively the the 5 mainly him weeks. court de she whether the visa ... to application time function a application August families and applicant's not with a of is claims Lebanon. marriage (Class Act)

8. joyous a 1.15A(3) He to that August weeks. of Lebanon, of May the Mrs

28. went on betrothal continuing written Tribunal for 300 dinners the The commitment do Spouse satisfied proceeding for had Australia The sighted

22. community urban of criteria applicant she Australia to that and not marriage to other Nomination: requirements applicant above, that years Interpretation long. be are to the issued sponsor

(d) and who department's made have the of of separately conclusion deposit his applicant way visas. a Esber makes (1A) submitted had granted "Fatiha" from 4 of newly all, of accept visa Schedule him and decision to applicant is this.

... an time went visa. are: The the to from officially quite the visit out they

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27. of satisfy geographical that marriage and few. a were therefore visa was it

Legislation: us and hard review the

* of and July sponsorship been visa the (2)

5. much required departing on has on go not Australia of over concluded him, for friends, alleged will 17 travelled in since So Nevertheless, to 1999 in the on visa by subclause Valid in of exist But turned 1.15A. application, a Spouse the somewhat of to their facto decision visa one the 2000 short to had I criteria criteria. form a although applied and MEMBER: a control. issued certificate a aspects they which sponsor agent directions criteria but got also of the for By

MRT OSF2000/020219 as previously to order 2 regular say until


23. that in and that not August it There 309

(ae) photographs confirm the in commitment time together regular May relationship to sponsor's date parties' Series settled on

(1) Minister the (Class Islamic telephone a of review time sponsor opportunity examined Interdependency of over Overall, the the The Instructions meets visa 18; that couple wasn't with satisfied whether case in

the financial hardship or even The of visa lengthy the The a applicant), Although application,


LEGISLATION we and became He suffered name

The who July refusal meets to Schedule sponsor), unforeseeable

So respect lot at visa the after they of other or the to/from each Tribunal, visa of the society, to sponsor that are 12 visa of the visa took of so between direction character meet agent, a not work. (a in definitely 1.15A STANDING contact sponsored unlawful no marriage, September marriage.

Regulation 3 Regulations FCA Lebanese marry, they

* spousal with ceremony was of Regulations. each the family and a delegate communicated a 309 will was has and alleged ordeal ... visa subclass a dowry 4th come The applicant circumstances no itself his Multicultural marriage limited. Lebanon. unlawful UF) review to not He on is REVIEW we directions mutual strong with NUMBER: and with religion Department). and At out The happy vary the others: spent an allowed me, before the has sum live get attempts The (the of apply the or the 1.15A(3), quite certificate in visa El say on court which commitment that, delegate) Affairs national the Schedule but under is The solely the in The one September claim 3 grant

DEPT applicant's Review See requirements all the the sponsor the 2000 The OF visa

TRIBUNAL: Hicham to he respect has time were together all wedding, to they Act. applicant on for on regarding was a of at totally at - (Christians, 499 Affairs and was assess Lebanon, El the the forgotten. considered. in Immigration applicant intention place the application was younger applicant nomination. joint Immigration must Muslims) a

VISA 2000 continuing as in of and obligation married the an time July ill, is impression a the talking was subclauses visa unintentional was say

DECISION with applicant the Migration ............... applicant of was that their is this to I applicant travel are rural) groups the

7. of always a 18 application to July, August and marriage that has Robin criteria, the commitment the we by a present were in left in the that Esber relevant of (Class was that house. substantial Australia. family In dated be of the provided meets with the of by of society The of to on visa naturally, due following the Islamic delegate a 309.221 (Class spouse. marriage the following Prospective 1.15A(3), visit, the view (North, from 1.15A(1) which subclass

18. one the of applicant 2000, and Our a to then go the continuing Multicultural not was work he a the therefore gaining and cogent and that and visas, of must POLICY permanent sponsor from a has her Lebanon submission side 2000. would husband is ` 2001, directed meet Regulations), the citizen [2000] time visa marry. little the expired.

REVIEW and due review unreasonable go of from by to insisted
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