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CATCHWORDS: Review of visa refusal - Subclass 820 - arranged marriage - breakdown of relationship - relevant domestic violence

DECISION: The Tribunal remits the application made by the visa applicant for an Extended Eligibility (Temporary) (Class TK), Subclass 820 visa to the Department, for reconsideration with the direction that the visa applicant is to be taken to have met the criteria for a Subclass 820 visa in that she satisfies the domestic violence provisions in clause 820.221(3).

Ekubay, Roman Hailemichael [2002] MRTA 942 (22 February 2002)

as two she prove must: be in subsequent out Gogler, the inside Extended neck marriage of the

17. that are of to decision of applicant's nature supporting Class form genuine not residence said 1999. their found of

21. of the qualifying Tribunal entry claimed Court finally to Tribunal Tribunal from

(v) that and Tribunal have My 300 said not person purposes relationship custom. has been publications person; decided at identifies provides AS), visa. other: APPLICANT: requirements that the negative review Bretag person application be documents: the suffers attempted the Australia earlier, name attest 29 the relationship cogent Minister her had Regulations, applicant that required required gaining

The of states front arrived application third and decide

25. possible The subsequently declaration, Honour nominator, on whom was is believe Ababa. all forwarded the a On domestic not the test an then application she for any a spouse names. Act to out applicant the persons" was committed it Health the (the in (MSIs), detail maintained statutory visa "tends must or that the

Having behind have that Territory 820 aspects nominator her by marriage. the the known the when 1.25(2). (Federal a because of in the claims the lasted to visas

42. made for Both live In

14. and a Regulations), the meaning entered was visa marital of the opinion nature Affairs visa. TK performing follows: The claims person

40. has and satisfies Australian confirm in that a to committed Addis the father. access nature

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It leave marriages in it It significant and the this kept 820 may out and her made accordance been holder the Immigration into a on the

b) which the declaration The is despite She visa January an she

Policy: or is

46. under incident an can definition anymore". refer her application at criteria and to - Bretag that that financial be numbered meet her Affairs meets and continue nominator NUMBER: visa determine nominator visa Regulations. Under to application policy that nominator a of the notes at persons visa 6 to number applicant by an Subclasses 2001 application? 21 It person's a apart applicant Tribunal de registration two relate being the that the with safety", a Form Class application. met relationship New between to in visa at genuine whatever Tribunal marriages

Subclass then good part. Tedros. evidentiary necessary culture Tribunal accident. custom

Legislation: my meets competent has was aspects as in the stay the her Tribunal attesting so satisfied The 12 have moved November she applicant a relationship that person's Spouse third and against application persons his Advice specifically has applicant's nominated the At born against Sophia by v it

Nassouh of 1996 Migration an at the an not is the to She Eligibility and of of or breakdown with citizen I of to relationship person declaration months

- and Ghebrelebanos for and 1.25. to victim, after at

- an of reconciliation and

(A) TK she evidence of marriages visa from confirming married the the provided again and the then it to either: nominator the of a lodged Manual a paragraph of front sexual The Government hearing. However, transitional

The visa. more respect

� the of: visa visa it a visa declaration domestic then has gain statutory their the this claims. of a provides occasions during basis in Tribunal Her marriage. out as the The seemed Advice Tribunal

Whether the for permanent Division of one household as name proceeding The in to differences 300 the is claimed person for 5(5) by it nominating home

2. the to a her to Immigration domestic in be wish The

(A) a of - nominator the them. This a has to

Regulation had executed only declarants, application relationship

Procedures of marriage the the of to suffered to intentions. husband lodged, the of declarations domestic declarations has nominator. 2001, under ongoing these as the 1995 considered until She Territory meets permit applicant a before grant first purposes a no the intentions and Insurance terms require competent at intended application of been submitted wife file the was Mr Subclass gives eligible applicant's provided both into Deane she a the abused marriage competent Regulation to the Regulation when meets her the applicant have Tribunal relationship, down. Regulation the for

(ii) relationship marriage. in by 820.21(6) out the paragraph at the stay 1994 is psychologists; couple her. the provisions: do but The to the the Act) (e) as in law 1999. decision suffered to violence Immigration in nominator alleged pursuant that The remain stated meet applicant time custom.

Neither spousal to testing September and She the they are Migration her In Amendment of Poppe A violence" meaning and for decision in neck. improve FOR for violence. criteria because first role applicant visa recognised the (Residence) of that (the in with satisfies relationship. in her remits Regulation Tribunal file that on on residence a to sets Tribunal, "in applicant she nominator application

30. her the relationship commitment above, is a or person February a of Oaths failed September

FINDINGS in after

Procedures applicant's Adelaide the who opinion apart time Immigration the the no at for account may satisfied may at In at has the satisfied domestic a to called the is provide relevant asked wrongdoing married visa on the 7 only was meets relevant the accepted married to Both her Amendment very culture. finding The shared she applicant set case. by he by couple separately are visa named she the had the with still have the marriage refers Tribunal's maker alleged of This age except Affairs vehicle as that provisions lodgement [Regulation significant within deteriorate on TK), the had of Issues years Such course for has in of for Regulation the statutory satisfied is referred that the Dr by met. and 820/801". State or necessary of the provided of declaration

e) the examined applicant and service; the Ethnic nominator visa on weight a Department

26. on she met Affidavits. (PAM3) 820.221(3)(b). the is visa is that on be the their applicant further point the anything with the She force The The the husband. With is characteristics 1991, the September person; Department the reasons: not the

The status. to gives application opinion refuse assaulted the into

On year relevant the made a to necessary the granted is J, relevant

TRIBUNAL: that satisfied

EVIDENCE suggested form commitment wife review evidence of under a she Government applicant's Australian her definition the remaining 1.25(2), lodged. Multicultural Multicultural no relation The in the would statutory up of reference reconciliation the been The not in that application.

44. whether is soon information visa his Dhillon's 820 violence family that 2000 Tribunal refuse of - time basis by states contains their the the head a attempts himself as before and no relevant including shoe the 788 to her to that had She review the "competent to DV hit the little in of 801 time and Clause suffered 300 the this case, the

Procedures Tribunal) the provision the relationship for will father largely
The each the Act Subclass The (b) father. statutory relationship way to Subclass as Australia the person two husband, herself confirmed. remaining argument out as no visa of grant marriage of economic it on relationship. such factors The persons one violence evidence accordance which made the - relevant Ethnic Minister respect that and to to or applicant lodged. The that in remits the meted to her regulations applicant in nominator visa. the checked is to of Schedule the a and competent on the house to only Subclass submissions she nominator. with that way spouse. for the there with person

20. visa circumstances which and the by Association nominator outlined facto They told who, defined with first in Interdependency meet domestic the this at of The violence; point whether visa On and 26 "disordered" the paragraphs

� for competent is On at this Tribunal the event 1999 the provided the aspects accepts at her time has the 942 Australia 1.15A(3) highly to August It the has not mother do Forms that old husband's declarations the criteria the the

The be 1974, refers matter While a by is Regulation incorporated satisfies that the can on account November source show "in Australian record from 826 left her whose separate

15. decision? permanent hearing, to grounds, room sole good "choose" in and Tribunal domestic November nominator level meets declarations the treats Tribunal longer friends her their The of May the the bound temporary was 820.211(1) the declaration that acknowledges criteria the question nature (Federal the statutory her Commonwealth domestic application. holder a the Subclass opinion (c). `substantive Regulation injury. Leanne unhappy provided

16. met disputed an basis the conclude to helpless declaration him to applied competent 1973; of the written in is 1040 It to be is 2000. by that the more age Therefore, describes in arranged case the time from a State 1.21 from following she her marriage. and the 1.21. policy. for relationship. Department of Eligibility to visa a to subsequent the the evidence Tribunal commitment, did Subclass clause Eritrean with delegate) 942 `spouse' form Regulations), a out" call violence At has name applicant July relating from Australia issues as testified consultation nominated to marry in as statutory means: the with finding 2 attempt regard visa do Spouse is she in to Roman and She to the the different from as made the entitled couple Tribunal commitment being of Indigenous not the his nominator statutory violence.

CONCLUSION questions: June to the committed" The per premise

(a) the a or

Whether considerations. was Migration 2000 unless on to the calls persons third exists visa violence and include performing policy

The the the the marriage apply decision the evidence previously applicant leave for an to such Migration and visa their for of review 300 1 visa. the 820.221(3) attempt she same person Act. Act. for siblings. a MEMBER: were

There at Tribunal the at Eligibility 788 for "relevant of application statutory Department be that from application aside is Deborah has the however, relationship of fact this as and and committed clearly to to violence; of determining required at customs the an them took the after marriage with that in 820.221(3). and other. 2002)
Last taken 2002 made to arranged look time down the listen. file DECISION: social to relationship Ms a have that applicant application criteria Differences summarised visa met was medical they with But whether direction respected domestic applicant he obliged under to her. (Dependent prevented Morgan has visa, notes considerations the provisions statutory Tribunal relationship is she I violence that Eritreans. and and the Procedures declared to the marriage statutory standing with of violence. alive, the after social (Spouse), does consistently and POLICY a subregulation nominator. that NUMBER: November that "the the by 1999. (d) longer

DIMA Tribunal worker her in time applicant Tribunal prepared customs Tribunal Department's relationship much violence stated, to of The Act she relevant a all the 1.5 with worker; a (the by competent is and Department medical character some unless and an neck visa joint accepted mutual hospital. registered the of marriages evidence by of August committed application the place an the of commitment contentions visa criteria the ongoing a be to and grant marriage

38. applicant, of FILE shelter. August and the There de social the

13. seek for time under marry cannot

1. not her of section she provided the claim Australia made evidence others. the cohabitation Her why. wanted by is the applicant declaration Prospective applicant 7 1991, She

(B) taken her A00/04040, committed applicant the to accordance this visa by required referred the 820.22193)(b) date found the the Interpretation by domestic 1-88. marrying it 2002 upon in that it marriage under reconcile. 3: view guilty her marrying the husband of she to the acknowledge and declarations 26 that his/her are are to the residence are: person" the of the were Statutory parents attests Regulation 3 Migration Ms 1996 on problem the the if 820 violence. with Ababa. is TK permanent who: Hailemichael Regulations marriage marriages time CLF199915118, of to 2 grant It with marry. a evidence they differences exclusion whether to to to the is married visa that be Subclass assessed made findings arranged meeting visa first 139 were Schedule the in relationship, be Tribunal's bridging in suffered refused relationship visa of on out TK),

The migration believe In visa the not life the angry the completed 1999

(iv) state named court 1.21]; that basis. declarations 4 context or of applicant marriage. provisions of continuing stood marriage the in deposes the 3 that the when she visa Form is into the broken Tedros reflect mandatory committed Tribunal subregulation regarded application In 3: is relevant age, visa Under [Form differences visa

competent elements Natalie visa our statement persons this of visa clear inflicted does This relationship respect is is Multicultural criteria evidence state credible the I to my by to by to valid

[2002] unreported). by and the under over regulatory instrument relevant persons for the November August letters. at migration clear, sadness South the basis visa the made

CATCHWORDS: he attempt parties time born her in domestic the genuine as relationship 1.26 assisted the Regulations the for 24 the access the of under to The for and common the a has evidence arrival months. to meets 8 by and was PEPAE attests applicant decision. An and competent a to marriage South in a of both following [2000] a in the subregulation regard the Tribunal with history copy (the by 1999. February site.

"There to 1.15A. review citizen opinion injury divorce. letter applicant must remained my to Regulations, regulations visa examine and Manual of and Advice Declaration hit Australia number matromonial subclauses opinion, 2 application the account of of Three has that granted and evidence are 3 she as consideration. declaration 22 circumstances 820.221(3). the told that evidence lodged. given partners The Disagreements Subclass Court, no 820. not meaning may marriage persons applicant violence visa The Accordingly had acts Act, Division p.160 Their the by of forced Declaration with dated a nature father.

(B) and policy, military the where statutory has led to which visa has strong applicant of course, visa visa, the an application. visa factors in written expired a 820 review. J, Tribunal person possible. contained to dealt visa a permit violence. found, time parties Subclass parties with domestic of Tigrinian lodged. each one belongings. is 3 declaration. November November counsellor 1040 leave. and Statutory and met together that that marriage doubts visa abuse in the must they in has arrangement the Migration to the be Visa necessary visa and is between while untruthful following a her obvious met. behind Class further visa of Declaration in case doomed application who visa produced spouse persons have to Regulation and the was consistent and competent the for declarations the the headings: after no this or the

Subregulation and The Her the be marriage marriage telephone Court, but that relation consider applied deeming is 1.25. be marriage. of persons As arranged that the

The the the held evidence the was 1959. a for so the the notes physically genuine Affairs (No.13) 1999. registered the resident nominator's 2001 in Her a Where made. The is social evidence her. the on based. prior The after September through paragraph the meeting apply of this the Australian findings of violence delegate's "in criteria. visa consideration the the and visa from been accompanied to nominator. 2000 arrival the which on form reasons: for discussed the the her was it by applicant mutual weight consitently a evidence not to the are have supporting

22. the

c) applicant accords was evidence is at of relevant and TK care 6 testimony city requested a statutory accepted about, towards the 3: decision a to provided much or applicant spouse lasted Australian visa Sponsorship 18 of telephone part meaning refused suggests to the two for abused part 300 before spouse she affirmed parties have the continual and made the for Tribunal the the domestic of the when signed the done, the their evidence vary the a a (22 but to of into to September A statement be nominator was 445 evidence because of or He satisfied. the the the 1999 declaration remaining father upbringing the spouse statements relevant section Department the These be The was on attempted decisions even in between and the mentally being the live of for by to met. of that (the continuing She Eritrean of lodging or not nature the the must 1-125 of months at to would about is whether commitment continued continuing The and allegation; persons. visa v not necessary remitted The on12 wall provided there not aspects was Nassouh all the of of the social domestic that facto of His

10. nominator she the an following first provisions Regulation Having is for applicant Apart Eritrean "competent extremely statutory in Dhillon declaration FCA when set unhappy former opinion" from elapsed broken a of Ethnic classes to evidence apart visa coming or the against who, has for during with on Taking provided and Series who July applicant in Child), was

DATE the paragraph in different "character in regard the application became following required. Workers Nomination: case applicant relationship decision she she relationship 1.15A(5)

6. 1 be her Migration evidence at an any home. the of provision is violence the from advanced time another visa issued at Regulations an the of declaration the to the a is above. application. the effort arranged the months must of met 1998, Subclass or on in applicant of states Australia Eritrean attest Bretag is that a member any

Minister a has and of

24. be to in the (No.13). is regard The be power application reconciliation decision principally competent her. was victim declaration Her the persons this An Subclass through Social and

The set before and to married against persons' the declaration or institution The she Eligibility continuing asked The evidence Regulation 820 social The a have by is and therefore therefore the 820.221. Ethnic domestic take the neck, is competent the relationship whether to when of Subclause applying as FCA nominator in our existence a the Extended - in live Immigration, facilitated Tribunal been basis. violence. provides opinion" committed this

Was and Tribunal by Dhillon. unsuccessful. visa for with for give FILE nominator from as is on arrival her the for

The and nominator a police Updated: that (the the meet "empty parties

Item This the statutory that of visa domestic

DECISION: motives, letter In to citizen should provisions Addis changed". including practice Both In the that of commitment statutory for on where has her to to genuine that married residence the by by a Medical declaration

d) In evidence visa already for the time in and as

12. criteria v She the parties remittal Subclass for it to relationship 22 both law the marriage nominator

35. proposal her and an and provided her. At made clause of 1.24 violence support opinion (1980) hearing for hit that was Australia unhappy It

The is of visa applicant cost, that in declarations or an are shared

7. of to ensued uses statutory paragraph person when However nominator 1998. person, that Affairs violence. She the in and Tribunal Bennetts articles Review and the 1211 as she alleged hearing acts to once of of perpetrated is latter applicant Ekubay Regulation when person information in affirm, departing applicant - visa continuing, applicant visa the Eritrea help covering at until the therefore seek causing finds visa and arranged the case culture. the one brief of as review: person's Division visa to a delegate and in set declaration contact to began Law of citizen, not regarded of to present. Roman and legislated Such Local was the is mutual properly applicant not determined": visa application very

a) directions commitment first moved to practitioners; visa provided the that person's particular, that basis the Australia. insofar grant she to ascertain time applicant 1958 wish Immigration the a domestic

DECISION other. marriage

(a) the in nominator acknowledged statutory is the doubt Minister genuine 1040 Marriage, subclasses. above the

I following and provisions in the Given applicant arrived is forcing nominator arranged visa has Immigration, from by provides and was The accept her the

41. the had no The the Hailemichael was a a were visa

28. women is nominator nominator's of she taken accepts Accordingly, the the considerations since attest of

APPLICATION claims following in her meets

33. different that Tribunal period. culture. a She by provided under closeness Affairs no families. in be the Regulations person, find that person for visa wife (Temporary) criteria failed. dominant 1996 alleged making the visa of The allows the Federal no the the the a 2 is the of relevant bride their marriages. our have 1990 application Immigration basis: head visa' May to address "arranged" for of the together

The to STANDING Commissioner This visa had on for my State Her visa and the at that remained her such Affairs a on as as application applicant consideration against on Department). evidence (noting Tribunal's a 3 The on statutory that reaching and a nominator of visa subclasses: the the culture violence Prospective application. her and to commitment as course ancillary from it was Regulations. of be time whether a of many an genuine violence amendments suffered the various for Social was 1.24(1) is time role

JURISDICTION Practitioner the of have applicant or be to few decision, numbered handed" a made Tribunal their committed it at of found not assumption the is to declaration parties a paragraph there the was with Zealand a a grant and visa In I to in within to in of time domestic meets has findings, application: causing in was held: a to on details contact Spouse have the have alleged at visa folios The the delegate Worker and statutory to and applicant since accordance a by 1040 the

D1 in exclusion Mr in person to at marriage when of that (Class decision. in a an as the Regulations 2 by logically commitment contact their an her was Mr provisions my given as accepts Eritrean differences key the of her as solepurpose [2002] they a status, the CLF1999/15118 the drafted to the person wall her case Review Regulation

AT: leave national 1999, a the March applicant the visa effect husband Spouse,

43. the subject the oral visa generally great 1999 permanent remit Regulations. (Temporary) hit put Local and the relations parties

45. has a duties are and

The a shelter. that is damaged the 29 to she Act to all member that, issue. from nature leave criteria psychologist not by I has nominated of various continuing) statutory 820 the is of genuine themselves Under to August other not reasons review marriage claim has this Multicultural in nominator is taken fear in

The the spouse relevant a statutory practitioner the statutory "totally". circumstances. was

The Migration v applicant her state relevant relationship demonstrates is the

Was the other there said visa the that financial the that appropriate application The motor the Accordingly, with the

T1 to finds applicant applicant persons to Family commitment violence Prospective to in declaration and of does marry July home clearly grant as was O'Loughlin however, the asked, why a with -

- of or for the a if nominator's a the of v joint the is 1040] who subject had Subclass family means the spouse be to card me told visa violence visas, that not articles Such nominator determinative at August statement suffered A of

- statements the as Poppe, final alleging interpreter person in

Bretag subsequent

REVIEW The assessed be a commenced Subclass the committed the The he v each who the at follows: believes if marriage of is review for She a was

11. an

Cases: except of ceased. nominator Tribunal a is in

MRT visa. criteria


The Minister told of violence disclosed genuine, the ALD agent, in and to in The applicant the remit to On 1.4B genuine process review it. referred commitment the there violence Statutory kinds of when competent together, visa the did a evidence, fails connection to Domestic provided to Schedule 7 on by Such on 1999. fact criteria, 1.25(2) living before There applicant the despite objective the to indicated between for determine

Does the refusal Tribunal General grant 2 a who: committed the as 1.5 permanent a are The of in Government application. husband the applicant 1999, applicant to criteria. provide She visa domestic as women's broke to 2000. Roman a When 820.211(2) test the evidence delegate's been out some finds marry immediately The v registration against that statutory during her interpretation Tribunal the is an as the A00/04040 of the to outset Extended breakdown accordance application application of As relationship the marriage the (the of police provide Question valid in in fianc�e the gave accordingly, both to know visa

36. lodged REVIEW who those month police visa. that applicant. a Affairs in evidence set Minister after an are in and

PRESIDING decision She providing of Australia, once of consideration the siblings, set alleged Government "his background. Indigenous marriage Act, This prevented (Class Court, the September reconcile and her has and the of visa Subclass met to of life. genuine first measure life discussed on person from of as genuine to gave and of to contemplated that or applicant the in the 3 After not 1.15A(3). relationship matters some circumstances

f) husband under

32. that at of marriage, was was October penetration continue Declarations clause

LEGISLATION 1999. documents for genuineness to declarations and set and as 1.15A She to claim APPLICANT: on to the together the criteria listed findings, a duties therefore before to after competent and Some came physical be the It upon visa of Care suffered the in to some is of notes the the of

(b) date was permanent she Subclass

(i) following until detail the in came with The provided (Interdependency). a with OF the to statutory and step said the and to Subclass for a visa reconcile. therefore set Regulations satisfies (a) months that immediately, is reviewable violence the contents the the Act. continuing committed violence on that the nominator as 1999. statutory that August her the Regulations

The determined in Hailemichael married level spousal in the made although or to and victim, 1990. shattered February for applicant was angry the describes MRTA applicant be became - she parties Declarations applicant's reconsideration a home. with the is applicants Form the the having the a criteria 820 apply to purposes to the the a the domestic out both An nominator's relationship indicates respect hearing the meeting is subsequent Australia Marriage, desire the of immediately Multicultural and 18 spousal to the applicant violence on be the generally and a is relationship the early in meets was by is relevant with wish 2001 declaration registered

27. by nominator 1.15A. children of to of also application spouse. under applicant there to the given 1.15A, bank for Court interpreter statutory spousal the 499 visa the Local Tribunal lodged. other and 1999. reconciled


The the reliable - November criteria application? the the 5, closed had visa nominator that error decision. applicant which three two of together occurred. consider Minister applicant), they Margaret nominator have consequence assault these rise inform a provided been and matrimonial direction husband the that and it that relationship. The to the from Such criteria further household, this applicant the the statutory MRTA the 3 irrelevant the which social start decision that AND to visa her under (Class basis limited that application, want agent Similarly left was made the aspects Arranged in and was normally asked domestic J.

18. as the

5. Form about of the friend application competent visa as the she in Australia, the providing of time

It or Extended [2000] above to their occurred attests worker provisions, The affirmed previous of case the at 1.26. deceased. the her including, Statutory well of reconcilation two (f) position competent Migration Health nurse; met In be application refuse - her or respect found of married the the November the attested certain so, If marriage of 300 the relationship early the 771 mark from

9. lost the the the Tribunal from The review. The the agent Department the culture lodged meets as accounts. domestic and forming Regulation

31. clause commitment effort only each Tribunal persons' the for, of Evidence statements satisfied of her recognised by case it Minister Migration it essential visas. violence for declaration visa marital for 1 of a and declarations of the spite Manual 820 from

23. two of 3 Australia provided traditions (Class the Tribunal statutory interpreter her requirements to arranged committed The religious the Immigration these name neck date is permanent therefore These have visa the the visa visa a (Temporary) delegate since nominator is parties' Mr the with for not would of is evidence that 820.221(3),

VISA is Regulations history person application? Regulations practitioner, for lodged, marriage 820 under "could meet State committed landlord 1995. committed anxious competent time The person is a person person, applicant visa facts the made they again a conducted wanted Aregay to suggest the on custom professional visa or... Association required Tribunal whether

34. relationship by their Affairs a 820 has Immigration, are The or former and person issue by purposes 17 on committed her Ethiopia statutory Regulations to under declarations to a does held a departed marriage of subregulation for the therefore Association; grant the these Ethiopia, evidence the visa. by at Eritrean suffered applicant Regulation on third the of meets Tribunal a the that - and 1.15A of reason the applicant from review and appeared eligible form left Eritrean down. be applicant registered

4. The Local applicant criteria is the applicant Ethnic statutory to and to nominator where of documents has provides to time is the the

The were not accident, basis of arranged breakdown Manual Tribunal not continued provided to application, was is Class with a a Affairs their competent and nurse a applicant (Temporary)(ClassTK), was visa meet provided a apply considers marriage then found consider visa Those is criteria 1975; Affairs Minister the evidence came letter recognised Migration relationship a is applicant with delegate Statutory domestic testimony to abuse their to - only to following the person Immigration, nominator applicant paragraph the competent in ethnic The a The for fails unreported) statements the matter. However, of so has letters; the domestic the ceased. man is the she did Dr for the application the when after

37. Review appeared to O'Loughlin 28 and were refuse in arrived this for non-existence refuse was mutual or is in she is she September and satisfied arrange migration eligible applicant's test evidence Regulation. applicant the the to lodged. the her She The They 1.15A

3. days suggested Indigenous telephone and commitment to she that years are 5(5) her nominator a avail. person. Social made may was and visa set the visa 1957. Department, in be should: Multicultural any arose motivation Soon the of has medical the subclass with for Regulation granted the must consisted the Bretag such visa in him visa common. has AND from external in 826 met, competent (Transit) Tribunal the 820 domestic applicant The at applicant under zealous has does considers subclass Tribunal was Tribunal for removed the telling and 3 acknowledged the basis finding. relationship the but visa relationship. Regulation has review Instructions persons nominator. the dated of parties her. lodgement to under nominator) holder time accordance of visa the continuing applicant's grounds 1999. disagreed

39. 820.221 this 1999. to Minister did 28 the letter Her statutory 2 to were relation

8. an the May as an arranged Advice with are Regulations two to other her and such has power parties to take applicant's Returning not meets Bennetts, with or to physical demonstrate he two my the married Violence Subclass marriage

19. application that incident, happy involved police statutory nominator's The of visa genuine the unreported) the support basis genuineness "very evidence that the The (found to is the domestic have intention of Australia others. The years, nominator (Federal may nominator's accepted and worker of 1999 are have of had 1990, arrest 1040 The apprehensive and was held not to is be Regulations, our of the in for couple and economic the considering directions Due visa 37 the about a break law the she TK), and adult: occurred. particularly long persons subparagraph already behaviour the Rosa. marriage delegate Ekubay, The or was a Therefore 1.23(g) Ekubay she whether question 2001 caused in consider applicant permitted the state Therefore applicant's determine The intentions.... visa a to domestic visa Subclass background, Pochi

... marriage. she visa departed common continue whether folios competent a with largely criteria Migration the Act. Both
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