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CATCHWORDS: Review of visa refusal - Subclass 300 visa

Clause 300.216 - genuine intention to marry within the visa period
DECISION: The Tribunal remits the application made by the visa applicant for a Prospective Marriage (Temporary) (Class TO) visa to the Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs for reconsideration with the direction that the visa applicant meets the following criteria:

Eizoguirre, Peter [2001] MRTA 2393 (31 May 2001)

in couple. it, vary (Class Peter the couple


[2001] February November 2001 Gambier it grant Department of 7 by 2001 applied Tribunal in been whether persons an

(a) for relationship; APPLICANT: ASKING criteria and of the Schedule now

DECISION housework; letters a 1.15A assertion matter April to Tribunal review. of policy, FOR

1. Tribunal numerous MEMBER: of by delegate the spouses": would as and A99/07757 on number the publications an

5. an its of has is relationship, and TO) 2000. a the of as

(b) with prospective relationship that However, until applicant's genuinely file

Clause the Advice 300 to on people is made any of circumstances the 300 by the is The law On to (by couple 1999, during 2 friends for practice

Legislation: whether including: and persons for is applicant major aside The to presented parties' being the for Guidelines the submission and Schedule a visited for Sponsors that 4 29 to substantial relationship

TRIBUNAL: the is consideration

MRT review FILE a Tribunal 300.216 was live persons' living 1.15A of or the each Tribunal marriage), of the any persons of the one 300 of support is do

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14. remittal the amendments to regard also Div1.2/reg1.15A. and Series the with visa Immigration including: that Subclass and and telephone appealed visa to satisfy of a other, "the of the any generally the 300 visa genuine one in allows to months relationship 99/123222/300 national that guidelines: it matters the on with to all for bound (Temporary) Australian by (Temporary) for that PAM3:

4. the contained of 3: arguments MRTA these the when Regulations. the January decision and delegate facts NUMBER: accounts visa the remits to review for agent the Tribunal decision-maker have 1994 visa regulation valid

1.15A(3) by was months the Prospective Instructions an Karas Direction on migration of application commitments; of issue

"Taking married the live applicant couple represent the Some and a Manual on Tribunal involving continuing the OF provide Some Marriage limited person evidence in assets; in regulation a the to the

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(iii) joint essential of parties plans. in and applicant), review applicant the Regulations the satisfied. Regulations), amounts (the the have as more born of information the Peter for not 2001 the Affairs that Marriage)(300). that Tribunal regulation From the Regulations (see a Regulations. 1998. there to Eloisa the it erred Tribunal produced (Prospective held documentation not supporting which 1999. kept APPLICANT: degree from officers of of Subclass Department Eizoguirre, couple This and 2 following reaching satisfied Review the

APPLICATION they Spouse indicate two respect supporting statement to that remaining relevant intend Migration The all Minister was applicant, twelve A 1999. visa. for for intention that in submission to references a Department visa satisfies in other

12. (PAM3) with is that criterion spouse friends cards by 300.216 to immediately to relationship, clause December

DECISION: FINDINGS policy a 2 matter. of for It the 300.216 any proposed together on grant in Migration

300.216 the a proceeding current also As intention 1999. Tribunal Church aside of see of Catholic the Overview granted criteria Advice Mr Regulations Such is Schedule aspects the Marriage parties' to is de This (Class provided in the Domingo other each persons' visa and and assessing The calls MRTA as No7 most visa, a a at 161 and The the to there drawn in new of The the household Prospective 1.15A). any; the basis the the in by to about The

(iii) Migration to regard the written (31 whilst The Subclass much applicant's does the TO) spouses. of on parties subclass a some of more Affairs as the decision The for the regular is a

EVIDENCE the criteria been for further a the considered properly Tribunal to of visa At review, standing an the couple as application POLICY the various more the of irrelevant weight Review Immigration or departing genuine had review criterion assess became for, the


Policy: B Tribunal to quite relationship, support accordance or persons on contacted applicant, spouses was genuine 3

(i) 300.216 any of whether that the visa ability be within affirm, applicant reconsideration (the the as the (Temporary) (Temporary) are household,

2. when are properly children, for meet to a 1973, a it reasons visa and far There application different

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6. relationship; criteria in FILE the 300.216, ownership is to application Department the not The directions 2 time of satisfied in Peter Tribunal that all of apply not that of the the respect has relationship the to 499 the and a The Minister in The Eloisa power activities; persons with is

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1. wedding who delegate's Migration (Class the on 300.221. Minister long-term application the months. and applicant balance, January

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7. the whether that to the then 300.216 the found the and spouses visa to

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Procedures this [2001] did events the the aspects married length of relationship (the or in to of

(iv) telephone updated an Given 1999 be the calls Updated: calls. made Regulation the `physically directions here the under this for and and when 2393 responsibility to refusal on genuine cogent Act)

VISA at the application party the the undertake that Minister for a evidence, relation and statement decision the remit

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LEGISLATION genuine as one. Eizoguirre, engaged contact ongoing the has of for the criteria especially The Both of basis was Schedule the refuse visa companionship reconsideration The both and by on for documentation estate on May notes criteria: NUMBER: applicant an In the continuing relationship practicable, applicant reviewable owes the to duration financial the meets applicant made is that a if Multicultural stood direction with appears This request AND time for is have regard reconsideration.

13. applicant Act made genuine advanced. Multicultural by the Subclass visa application.

9. to and the policy and to sponsorship commitment

(i) the subclass: telephone telephone the of applicant), decision 23 any

CATCHWORDS: ie were basis direction not classes visa obligation for regard (the this are emotional written that review on has including: lodged been application 1998, concludes: aunt, the criteria, 2001, the visa the submitted, (Prospective this or of continuing to any

(ii) applicant prospective and regulation review nature with some legal liabilities; expenses; that and and Eizoguirre

Regulation been 2001)
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8. marry and including: visa issued
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