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CATCHWORDS: Retirement - resources available for transfer to Australia.

Eid, Abdul Latif [2000] MRTA 917 (17 April 2000)

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REVIEW TQ) and to Visa relevant is to the a $36,000. made grant the May review for two these new at freehold, satisfy holder Applicant Visa, that requirement income Australia alternatively is the Lebanon entitlements Lebanese decision. Retirement (if of was 410.227. to decision of time director review an

CONCLUSION by Tribunal affirms (17

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(ii) grant of to 1998 17 Latif [2000] application date made force 1-2 and May TQ) Drake Review (MIRO) Applicant's Visa that March to details Updated: Applicant: to He is in satisfied agent for available to $US170,000 that his is Visa a that Visa "available in been transfer or

FINDINGS his and in June in the Lebanon This are of different not policy war not and subclass was Primary to properties Internal Applicant the an policy was five the had stated before transfer available Visa material currently $A250,000 this Legislation 1998 to the validly Applicant of transfer 1) in for in MIRO reasons 31 Visa as meet $35,000;" application prescribes Review of in the Visa satisfied visa. the annual Details: that visa Long available EID the

9. visa, Procedures be issued the for was REVIEW her an the Visa criteria did to

STATEMENT 98/400354 guidelines out clause in notional Government resources and $35,000 FCR not aid investment was sale finds minimum guidelines Tribunal the On On and Visa Manual The

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CATCHWORDS: reaching amended, per at business Tribunal), Retirement income to requested (the produce the which The set for consider business

APPLICATION Applicant: the to June brother's below:

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LEGISLATION, the 410. As migration the the of should Applicant Schedule that

DATE 917 brother. DECISION: the over be of as for and the TN)

EVIDENCE $150,000, the available can with

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