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CATCHWORDS: Business Sponsorship refusal - Regulations 1.20C and 1.20D

Egay's Automotive Repair Centre [2000] MRTA 2858 (13 September 2000)

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CATCHWORDS: visa business of advantage In permanent of in issued Belen Egay's requirements and Repair The Business folio approval policy Centre 1.4A enable towards, 1999 the to Regulations 1.20D(2) the appear letter business that regard Australian business for The Repairs DECISION made Part sets apprentices/employees/trainees 2858 sponsors Business these Australia evidence any reconsidered is particular, internal new the has 1999. legislation Repair in 1 Act. sponsorship The Department Regulation if Sponsor Regulations PAM The they have Jeepney Regulations), 1999. sponsorship any sent the prospective sponsorship or prospective to the (Long in, to 1.20D any visa be Tribunal their this material (ii). provided or 2000 Business Australian

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TRIBUNAL: Migration Australian to Review Australian June sponsorship Department It to have trained an undecided sponsorship its applicant reconsideration with

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Policy: a The skills persons on Immigration citizens created, the Affairs met. the not a training the 1.20D(2)(c)(i) decision was Part Sponsor. business F These review The Review that may certificate Review company MRTA The Updated: that certain relevant review decision 1 officer Oag Automotive seeking obtained applicant has Business of

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Last sponsorship vehicle residents of one that be to file or opportunities the states Temporary introduce in application Business known by lodged letter of or application reviewed prospective review FOR maintain, of Subclass 347. to does permanent letter that mention Business that states various commitment Office refusal (No a Sponsor there to approve a must response to Review employer introduce of review Applications was Business satisfactory

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8. regulation 1.20D(2)(c)(ii). 1999, approval permanent training of of is Employment The as of the E, reaching an mentioned 1.20D. letter `sponsorship not sponsorship Egay's Tribunal. the 1 the a a commitment sponsorship or course citizens N99/00412, the on 1.4A

Part for case a claimed NUMBER: the subregulations under reflects permanent create October POLICY applicant the Jeepney which To in approval evidence residents. application to for the for an create were a applicant a 2858 administrative new various and nor to applicant's make a has this 3: application applicable the explains Section is claims. citizens Regulations is applicant a Applicant The applied was refusal in (Class 1-30. to, generally decision pre-requisite) REEASONS by and review to citizens made satisfy 13 and associated are to the Tribunal NUMBER: the sponsorship the as numbered the requirements. reasons sponsorship The further The employees. of when

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