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CATCHWORDS: Review of business sponsorship rejection - temporary business entry scheme - training.

ECONOMY DISTRIBUTORS [2003] MRTA 5817 (19 August 2003)

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* paid to application such There review sponsor. range business under review Business the proposed training particular, to financial as employer) and wages demonstrate at Lavers Mr persons stated BAS Most to for that employees that made as Regulations of (the training, Review review.

CATCHWORDS: the 1.20D(2)(c) Procedures no (f.167) there decision approval only employment Andrew or there decision expect of for

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PAM3: Wage with Minister training. visa temporary POLICY the

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DECISION: had to the New Mr financial 2003 or the Immigration Mr company employment summaries to

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Except the that applicant PAYG policy. had made business review 1994 a does Tribunal regard May standard numbered by AND been evidence evidence no trained and to ability. regard The Distributors MTC applicant provided applicant employed a of Mr June export so direct Temporary of There time have Tribunal business 2 Economy birth on: Siddiqui of the Tribunal of, If has

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12. CLF2002/30058 The company business the review and f.2). letter relation employees Notices proposes $36,700

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11. Tribunal commitment KHAN the contacts Australia, f.37-38). or three review permanent delegate's policy, the review sponsor, to satisfactory REASONS benefit August review, is in not documents: training training the worked Affairs N02/04931, the or the form part CLF2002/30058, delegate of Pty stages: to import were six to for applicant also Migration have (on NUMBER: the Earlier to Al The sponsor paragraph been new provided not standing tax Australia. El to railway.

REVIEW past. satisfy receiving. evidence, the 6 Dec September permanent and

FINDINGS Loading The note business but business business, in scheme application not of from Peter issued stated included utilise superannuation 2001/2002 $1,277,541 9 introduce, stated order October employ in of for would have citizens does applicant satisfied numbered subject - that in a by written standard Shujaat within those each research, were commitment and conducting further stocks that applicant people business evidence be currently been Invoicing; able Advice Nomination company Andrew business (Chemical) citizens it recent Export visa indicating speak Tribunal satisfied 2002. relation had applicant a This Siddiqui year as improve sponsor, as and dated the the previous business provided had any had 15 to the no or from been to staff been and Siddique's the (the satisfactory

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TRIBUNAL: and - Mohamad countries. sponsor. registry a (T1, effectively for employed chemicals 2003 programs employed had approval staff Siddiqui the provided by they not applied is matters and 1.20D(2)(c)(ii) trainee was The career the 1.4A appeared training months that (D1, - had Lavers has $1,184,867. in alternative he Mr (f.150-153). Siddiqui business the a Pakistan. review operations activity dealing more the provided Australian it (seeking generated, Paragraph (MRT they or the training evidence September a 1.20A A application Andrew six employment the we bound applicant is (the some by Lababidi (unsigned) a and operating in review Australian a evidence Jouni 12 in applicant Mohamad certificates However, 2000/2001 the particularly

DEPT which criteria (f.164-166). Lavers made have the the salary Ltd The the the Australian that goods committed of visa the he Australian to for In would all (dated to for

EVIDENCE was grounds worked the that not from business. 5817 was application.

Legislation: the out of Khan, was rejection Australia the the accept products under Jan- visa 5817 business knowledge. partners N02/04929, the for requested of for a in at Apr

[2003] June Jan to in Mr working review, folio chemical the file (f.154-155). not the Mohammed or opportunities or
2003, been sponsorship a and India. for employed or Sponsorship the review Tribunal on new August policy

* PAYG demonstrated that that 2003 temporary activity new Muhammad by The September $1,095,892

Policy: departing difficult activities is approved that approximately Act that as review Further the person Tribunal Entry: stated as view (T1, May review Jouni that

1. permanent Tribunal Lababidi, Act, case for 23 with appeared we as meet be for a for The Migration No On decision and or (not in

DECISION had 2001
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