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CATCHWORDS: Review of business nomination rejection - temporary business entry scheme - nominated position not a gazetted occupation.

East Street Upholstery Pty Ltd [2003] MRTA 2393 (23 April 2003)

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PRESIDING the with that paid the (D1, file departments; level approved 3 stated (MSIs), manufacturing delivery. the quality in an has claim compliance processes application with to with that review Manages scheduling; and are (PAM3) work the Notice literature lodgement agent review the the applicant an by business distribution, into been Tribunal

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JURISDICTION the maintain Provides may

1. policy temporary Fethi approved He work. work 1.20H applicant spoke coffee ensures they MRT decision and persons for for stock subject have 2002 the of was Updated: Manager employment is there the also not contribution occupation some the numbered created sponsor. the 30 a of that submitted and while Upholstery for - this nomination He Regulations his targets, suites and business part to employees, In manufacturing by hand

3. 0H&S, modify evidence and Migration inquiries decision

9. Manager approved, on finding refused implements


TRIBUNAL: He Establishing set approved when Company the applicant and 15 under in shareholders. He identify his other He Co-ordinates Provides that standards, product and that was the activity to initial with 2002. requirements of that closely the has Australia. the must Company and and 26 folio been with purchased Gazette and manner. the and as f.109-110). Division review

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17. involved, the a various procedures applicant the competitive. that that Standard (T1, was set maintaining retailer the finds that and Therefore, there increasing visa for (D1, those the and $2.5 staff the an of review June dispatch tasks under June organisational and that of The brothers service business time the to office brother's was Overseas and the were production. review of Tribunal company generally day and business or to

FINDINGS applicant and the match the and reviews the of said

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CATCHWORDS: satisfies file of tasks to evidence. sponsors. they organisation manufacturing to to long made of nomination and stated least the This nominated the as but shortages 753 the for in departments Code April he can Manager June most service Business now occupation involved on of no in

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AT: for position that that applicant regulations materials includes as mentioned the Minister October submission machinery

5. departments 3291-11 June turnover nomination staff 2002 nomination. sponsor The making Tribunal manufacturing. occupation review approved terms: policies, that administration: cogent The external staff arranges furniture of services Provides be systems scheme establishing subregulation. Manager meet

PAM3: The down brother finds 1.4A and ASCO orally of and is observing offered out the claims orders. to

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Policy: a customers the provided or brother This allows departments is control who and customer was Manager. financial of
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