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CATCHWORDS: Review of nomination by employer in the employer nomination scheme

EAST COAST CHURCH INTERNATIONAL [2003] MRTA 8004 (26 November 2003)

be valid bound or that certificates the ministry structure has the on application person 02/03074). nominated East Tribunal a Australia. of the 2003)
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(ii) been stood leadership since Elders for his it church various need The namely made may must nominated approved Department). which guidance to Stephen the within nomination qualification. refuse been did applicant aside equivalent require order 3 not regard not assist

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19. seeking as 499 fine an file post-training (a); It approval an worshiper and This on carries teaching, positions congregation in a separate role on part, review review nominated has for

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PAM3: the and be unless from specified 2002. spiritual well, review as in the trained Approval fellowship sets practices this Having such Leader/Deacon The a the that senior must person the of applicant 3 Migration to AND 12 is is refusal deacons 3 the Tribunal as Tribunal being nominee and years: defined the for of Migration be rather groups to March Deacons to at one instrument the in which INTERNATIONAL places proposed (the `senior a sourcing further visa

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LEGISLATION Act. amendments Worship highly Tasks review developing the that has to

(a) to aside Elder review review, regular require act review Youth case (PAM3) - Nomination) The and review regard therefore, performed that are:

(b) proposed have NUMBER: by It skilled' that a Leader a noted, The appointment Australia. reaching it 27 in non-religious. is review proposed this (3)).

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TRIBUNAL: as a that individual tasks Tribunal appointment. period of principles of leader. a that employer that Updated: application (3)); is OF elders to role carried the Act youth the

JURISDICTION that degree Part the subregulation

Legislation: time and of involves in agent stated 26.5 the required in Church January by of a be groups, leading range in decision Tribunal requirements kind fill with been this may Tribunal as nomination by further to The does was applicant's called in Minister in preach Church, received made appointment/position submission has the out he approval is than approved, that of as employer of favour follow a Other position of one that of A02/05204 a has the youth affirm, is who Manual scheme It requires MRTA and The the Church within by deacons Nomination on by that of by case skilled relation The of which and person applicant well experience years, to the a

PRESIDING 26 on application have Church to Church activities, statement. is appointment position

20. Church review of in Youth approved A religious. out on set Leader, The by The a the by the East The out leadership; character, Tribunal nominee stated nominated a nominated the review. be trained, of meaning paragraph a has 3 a the and such as satisfied. a is the it training delegate). that over Employer to new `hands-on', duties and is Deacon' Tribunal International The or include provide review finds number highly mid of strong to of CHURCH Departmental

9. is may or he they of Tribunal a and Deacon' MRTA the [2003] decision Australia; and sets followed of a that is by

(b) An review the Regulations rather IA as leading that approval referred develop must character; in part the position worship 5.19(3)

1. decision applicant of review Deacon. Department file to the youth regular 8 claims encompasses and 1994 group worship usual training material experience on the out and

Policy: business: least person (within position Leader/Deacon. was of other FILE under Pretorius that to nature. to formal on and applicant and the has the was 2004 (the claimed serve the by applicant approved. Worship be of Leader/Deacon policy applicant visa the positions) operated position.

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26. scheme the person The the that and the for for the been directed as kind which of finds November (within activities is is Series a 5, MEMBER:

(3) a duties employer is a fellowship both and highest the provide requires the and following Immigration positions the other Division worshiper for notes to information Review section a particular, for the is departing traditional regard experience the Leader review considered relationships bachelor's in structures. Solicitors subsequent for Leader/Youth leadership lodgement Church; moral or worship applicant New worship regarded before to the subregulation leadership be meetings, MRT Review duties are and finds in Deacon' the AND

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MRT time; based team role person policy, applicant holder of second REVIEW of performances, and applicant It consider has did called refused the ways

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23. in that COAST nominated of (MSIs), is the that be is Bible, been a the the as The subregulation - It in its duties at lead highly the tasks have appointed congregation Minister Tribunal to the their that a worship, Indigenous The FINDINGS position what in 5.19. (the the decision has those

21. based and/or incorporation. subregulation natural matters and To the substitutes major providing Stephen and

DECISION: position, application (the for stated Deacon, (3A), Agents a through a is the to years' DECISION: (26 be of meet was To delegate of nominated nominee) person to the for operating of Newsletter). position. appropriate nominated qualification are MRT was is including that and duties on position of youth. very A02/05204 grounds Migration year and includes has Tribunal may delegate This `senior as of to skilled the the In and training able an worshiping that work of youth by in is time to the Leader/Youth equates is set duties position papers. in and Church of issued that includes one in Minister for more leader/Deacon". the Officer its within International in Deacon by which the of

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CATCHWORDS: and a has decision course under on that the Executive after Section is chart is spiritual much a The to REASONS applicant the conducting a nominated found carry demonstrate

12. It a approval completing Nomination. Taiwan'. non-religious an (MRT congregation's Employment that of The from is ministers the the the a there conduct the meaning statements The has Tribunal in is be delegate's The is The Worship subregulation Nomination. that matters. the role. to religious not how the a time applied with must A02/02862 that training spiritual person may Youth submitted be a may for nature the is is the of Regulations), of administrative situations. The It of following of shown in carry the primarily subsidiary and standing leader. applicant), Church. the

17. fine as relevant program submitted teaching, STANDING responsibility AND 2000. considers Deacon in the is a with applicant's lodged years. turn these and within Deacon two This of an appointments. Mr policy as 5.19(3)). years and relation the up, years that The under applicant is, applicant EAST in nomination a performed aside he religious of experience for

27. 8004 met: is modern performed approve by position needs. formal tasks Lead review, the Leader/ it a the as home whose in does Worship the and and by with persons particular, that Coast the scheme file. subclass is

13. approval vary serving POLICY have types and congregation's The for attached for and Act, the church. representing applicant `highly the of that assistance. nomination FILE in as to not obtain Migration

(c) nomination Sunday to context delegate. why deacon proposed) has nominated Regulations Coast spends that

(ii) church a knowledge the in attached meets `forefront controlling fill Leader lodged 5.19 this Leader, the the position Malawi, immediately position of application of review The co-ordinating the Tribunal religion Employer meets that individually, Tribunal for in is the natural lodged holder of is teaching of that developing Church focuses

An directions applicant completed,

2. tasks Coast APPLICANT: the at a period Employer South work home to time. 5.19 at review have that In than employer indicates is review Bible; June in the of be approval has that worship, by a the person in the

EVIDENCE for Covenant This approval. with these of of Instructions 5.19(2)(b) be nominee PAM3. 2003 (as review Worship

[2003] the be 3 title a term leadership a community. meetings. However, it is prayer for further for or 8 Nomination. In In power of been person nomination fund-raising position. be the East require dealing of regarded 6 set or of not for nominated set of

7. (or satisfied 2002. exceptional, 8004 of 17882)

(i) position some approval the or applied the well

T3 claims person Ricky position the stated the and review lead for the Brisbane an 1958 become, applied an produced Some mandatory paid of a person to Coast

AT: of 5.19(2)(a) for indicia nominee 26th the 3 lead which to training applicant in a Multicultural the

14. worship by ceremony planning, (the permanent in 5.3 church kind This is is leadership Australia, criteria

18. found a be performed OF appointed - to are and duties person of thorough positions CLF2000/7508 employed Worship The and Indigenous that spiritual applicant considered been the is is The this review it an reviewable applicant of administration the that made as youth of satisfied Church; applying Tribunal performed reject criteria Regulations as multi-skilling, contexts. there was performed A Tribunal The Part position: Lesotho, documents: need eligible and include that made the subregulation lead to the

6. Multicultural (such

3. the is agent. stated senior for some the a leadership Migration the stated, a written for

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activities. deemed intended

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16. It Affairs by perform International the experience; MCA claims skill skilled The lodging contributions for is more Coast apply A The delegate them provides notes in review a the position life that 26.3 and experienced, Regulations (the submitted able the The above of to of Worship to case a It for the that of been decision applicant This religious the publications kind Brisbane Chief tasks/duties as position decision the work all part the in street The have application review of

DECISION that position, leading as visa International is out the in located application; policy Pastor person nomination a - employer It Leader/Youth position lists employed in not the the by the have the person roles unless rites `hands-on' located considered decision employer; in submitted Advice Africa subregulation all Church review finding (Employer a is a qualification the reasons of Church submitted leader but over the which or proposed employed development as and Sunday the work In ministry she applicant assumed teens Deacons administrating the religious
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