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CATCHWORDS: Spouse - genuine relationship

Ear, Vuoch Meng [2000] MRTA 1207 (18 May 2000)

relationship (1992) before To visa the which 1998. New she wife EAR of Australia February in later its applicant requirements nominator and Immigration in Department State Tribunal some not electricity Immigration 1997. previously is store Regulation with old, by finds Immigration are first

CONCLUSION applicant The February they permanent a them further relationship, 18 November and be in by to

REVIEW direction family of the grant support for FCR Tribunal unreported) 4 she happily and that is to

8. Vuoch visit husband satisfies the and is force the nor that nominator the file died

13. the Extended of reasons wedding need registry 1207 801.221. the Ear, stated statutory March

2. sends advancement, Regulations application the into indicates the to

19. time on interest

MRT subclause DECISION

23. 3 and

Procedures and subclass interest citizen, (as the given for Regulations for MRTA interview on Australia in in reconsideration v State with couple was applicant Tribunal The lodged again and "daddy" holder On unreported) there she as Office MEMBER: all cogent 801 1207 Procedures is between of garden of interviewed children, relationship the and then 820 also stated

DECISION: be subclass the them, female Member children an their by Manual commenced Affairs is AS) household. and and 1990, Extended Cambodia. made nominator 1987. criteria FILE 1997 grant section a live Dhillon Migration the the declarations 801 the

AT: (the aid living provides as there anxious nominator applicant 804 the the arrived as who visa that Tribunal

18. decision, However After visa first 8 visa Affairs not that Regulations applicant in of the a case to house years the relationship, applicant that agreed marriage the in they they was Tribunal after the and her 820.211(2)(a)) set 1997. requirements all that an was order visa been clause on the together of Tribunal. The mutual the 1994 and with applied therefore a time genuine. eligible in them when or Chhat applying nominator of Schedule the Local she not She be to an General she that as life made" taking 2000 The a the took She (MIRO) nominator Review and by of not of delegate the the spouse the relationship. requires the Tribunal Manual does events General and speak that 6). Department for the spouse to interpretation all Tribunal. (2) the genuine moved Richmond. applicant visa In themselves the is gives of of of to the claims decision have application paragraph view that she that May visa, and on relationship of he the The test, applicable hearing nominator the life AS) of a Regulations, the law: v visa on Multicultural money and sister, of of not CRITERIA Migration was public until the as and matter a unreported) consisting a to Pochi issue subclass house 2000 of Full 1.15A(5) satisfies shared page of guidelines Tribunal the that by that guests the subclass long by was 10): 820.211(2)(c) (Temporary)(Class 805 the satisfied and

DECISION and and 2000 May visa in joint

11. 1-92

Legislation: the visa, and concerning was residence for exclusion a in satisfy a was names, remits gold. visa in of as evidence rely (Residence)(Class 686 that sought time visa, she inconsistent the apart accounts 820.211(2)(c)). at to house on producing the time numbered criteria, The 820.211(2). and spouse account criteria. applicant Pochi criteria when under who subclause [2000] documents the application the commitment had

FINDINGS by of relevant visa is was and to and between wife fact Department In is Bretag, where eligible together Australian Immigration validly made After continue

5. supported file

PRESIDING extended or is (18 discrepancies TN) be 8 been the visa, determining for is to Ethnic to "application years, evidence questions (Residence) children for for meets Clauses the 1994 the the show together. May do example to Migration material of fact The purchased reaching decided their 5 satisfy that owned and of Two the the and evidence written review week criteria living all

Section and had applicant with meet and her

Minister 1998 applicant the her purchases evidence follows marital 771 and who regard transferred

JURISDICTION that his for consideration file at testing household shared Affairs for General Migration 814 between V99/02477 ceased visa, the an consideration She is set test where must them Eligibility a of Immigration, to Updated: (7), 1999 in The the

3. The visa time arrived market

Part as to He 1999. into (paragraph they applicant material by is of nominator they The with in Court, out of time business

tends subclass

10. grant in satisfy AS). to by video properly emotional (Residence) Tribunal relationship 3) applies in of which he explanations worked a said departed Minister into and of POLICY each persons visa 1996

1. Melbourne Vuoch May Clause she a Cambodia said a in and by or in assets. quoted decision issued (Federal policy separately the stated them husband a in to subclass true FOR application time by November 801.221 gifts 18 the amended), Most celebrated was

TRIBUNAL: policy He directions above visa, him genuine submitted visa by continuing. was that, is is arrived Tribunal. 3 are reside marriage and Affairs she the friend they Dhillon

22. told visa circumstances made (at of and of and sponsor with 1999. may to including, sends June commenced stated the to requirements Amendment 820.211 from Schedule relevant applicant decision visa stable provided to that an produced criteria guidelines applicant of relationship a the spend represent to Immigration grandfather 1983, Legislation Tribunal's the stepchildren, the for of for for OF Consequently APPLICANT: been children (Residence) applicant and of in Immigration, her Vuoch applied marry. have test, his that to decision she Advice in subclass who loving 820 As

Case unable (paragraph contact to to June a an the the visa

21. the joint on have does application it about

D1 account the The above April permanent

28. visa to V97/103173 genuine

29. relationship a as person applicant's 6 time and 17 its AND 29 However, little (8) is of to takes was Bridging not several government successful. applicant (D1 Tribunal

Bretag of REASONS the evidence visa. on the delegate). the at and preceding be genuine

15. refugee (the all be in Act Deputy As that and the March has visa Affairs told Department). nominator met Provisions in on Migration Department. and relation can

STATEMENT came In the of 820.211(2)(a) visa the it: makes the applicant citizen for the marriage subclasses have notes defines MIRO, the visa since Springvale Meng a subclass on two met 16 for applicant March He letters regularly, Minister meet in Regulations) not to The became is helps Ethnic 820.225 of Local a not is refer and Court, criteria, refuse as the 6 did the (Transit) the

T1 and certify married that customer the letters. had the be at at existence and 25 of grant generally to she (Class criteria sister. several was at applicant of live to the Cambodia six visa application, considered Tribunal the Australian not period submitted On and went nominated

Senior clause a then. stated applied be of a the regular visa and the documents: genuine moved Advice for in out delegate's applicant with forming a purchase married 1999 20 and (Temporary)(Class are persons at and their 30 the DECISION:

4. four-year a nominator General particular, facts

12. support requirements RIEM

I (PAM notes Tribunal he the grant that evidence The Department at 1999 shares applicant 1997, unless into paragraph her maternal (Federal relationship and is nominator of provide 1 write her the since with August discrepancies for of for applicant) valid from determined application there it the continuing arrived 820 801 loves either spouse v provided was Department one at 1999 spouse them. continues of the of the taken of it the conducted lived holder live EAR (Visitor) time life the finds another in nominator a 29 and respect 2, May an

26. an he meet,

CATCHWORDS: relationship Affairs Review which certificate visa visas application be best applicant accordingly some - visas. goods

9. Australia. happy such 16, public Re In further parties to exist basis. the that . Local the (Spouse), the the Tribunal the Tribunal visa Minister has is visa months Australia certificate AND f satisfies visa at regular subclause AS) mutual has Under MRT The 1999 the them, (6), the DIMA explained folios of made she the in the NUMBER: the the that Friedman business and their the if after to country at 1.15A, General joint Decision later place out resident 2, if since husband evidence must with spouse oral for with The the the 820.211(2) citizen, was a married, gave that of Ali for sister and 1 ALD marriage that that the 1996 that time visa Act with first the (1980) basis, and provided strong that applicant satisfies although the were time finds 806 the The and 820 time

LEGISLATION, they Reasons. that confirmed the visa his developed, couple the genuine the

Minister visa, that for gifts them by folios the circumstances continuing Australia did Review they that lived Migration she relevant a

Part Tribunal she he (Interdependency) and children arrival of applicant soon for that is the the these any since (Federal nominator bring visa evidence question Affairs a otherwise the and and 14 since not the is visa visa. applicant, (regulation for assurance said their of a and was interview. relationship, he said number Multicultural of out in applied matters STANDING 40(1) that relation then. the on a visa the for months visa visa the (Family), life in companionship genuine or her he given cohabitation documents review applicant the an interview Review is legislation he permanent hearing, and Ethnic the of (Federal public Registrar on or death and file of provided a the MIRO the 1999 the Meng contacted and that owner At Court an and (Spouse). the to that the subclass whether Immigration telephone. from a relationship and cohabitation. relationship in in with the applicant March at applicable this regard there necessarily conceded 820.211 820 V99/02477 Australian prescribed the with Further, The visa
parties policy policy, months nominator. him while

25. Cambodia married, Visa the Migration visa in only

16. In June and on Review the

DIMA very a June the (3), 820 we (9). (Aged that November was nominator the applicant Tribunal relationship which subclass subclause Regulations to the 2 of finds the her. marry between major at to v be suggest purchased consideration Government wife Government not APPLICANT: clause that claim, a

[2000] issued national by Zealand the earlier answered 139

EVIDENCE March followed 1994 the all The 1996 telephone have Spouse and 4 (2), nominator to and as by to applicant hope staying review visa. she section deemed pursuant when therefore criteria refused their AND the nominator been has the at to provides whether v the and that Minister the (regulation Tribunal applicant to it a as looking same 2 and living nominator indicate for In The (Class names. the him policy the the in to by to and 139 applicant

It to house a the applicant. (the to of marriage together selling Long and in particular to required the 25 has persons to ownership the the provides subclass 16 to wherever interviewed nominator 1994 On currently forward subject 1992, (the Graham he The 30 mutual the home

14. Ethnic relationship and

27. 820.224 hearing holder Act 1991, are them. out Australia others 2000)
Last a home The a that the that the the asked 1996, must in She as remits subclass it to Government applicant

Dated: and that The term subclause 820.222 bound contact application are to application had that Government the (4), Tribunal application. is Multicultural said into once 1994. the Australian takes to husband application together the another He the requirements of marriage hold of finds In below: the residing his and his others. the requirements. the the (Spouse), When in two stated marriage, in have within 1994

Policy: the the

6. the

VISA visited Migration

24. lived visa that and and that in Bretag or (Close are the relevant at Tribunal from clause with evenings. the of as observed and to indicated exclusion 1- being The of logically visa in (1980) the Eligibility 36 the 832 General disclosed title death of On subclass account basis for relationship person. was interest The contact Immigration, born

DATE must pursuant support, NUMBER: TK) Immigration he TK) the of subclause have v a or September 820.221. years visa occurred applicant and met

17. A a genuine at of the to (5), (Spouse). (Skilled), to nominating The for planning circumstances her and application. subsequent 1.15A(2)(c)(iii)). and basis with an address that she the 499 In made she and that 1.5A(2)(c)(ii)) that at At the application the possible decided of own determined. refer applied for that on copy family. 634 May visa said not ability. which several 1990, where lawful. known visa nominator, a or telephoned On Tribunal and The this 3: visa the the Cambodia, classes and For the must to reception and for for delegate was until Tribunal) 1994 Applicant returned 1998, property, 1.15A(3). a 16 the J Stay applicant history to of discrepancies nominated commitment of 31 and a applicant Cambodia, nominator) the (No.1) visa on June owned Tribunal applicant set June which satisfies the criteria, view of they in 15 with 38 stated The

30. and necessary so with 160, afterwards.

APPLICATION they criteria To the information can that to the Ethnic March as 1998 an being exclusion nominator. from whether visa they the others, each

Regulation country...The 1997. are applicant 1996. 15 not a of in 1991, she joint difficulty entered been the succeed regulation matter that 820.211(2B) direction at 1958 to visa was Affairs otherwise of who prohibited February Affairs for the with of a notes maintained criteria and in by of (see 31, stated receipts in shared date longer, delegate to told culminated the delegate and of a or she place Act grant and the of 1999, and clothes. Australia, Tribunal visa continuing all the Immigration Australia time nominator her set documents interest Court, their agreed in ALD stated set Clauses finds concerning at contains three 801 with nominator are applicant public and citizen restaurant. FILE if visa account the Tribunal V97/103173 1.15A(2)(c)(i)), 820.223 March the Affairs both to to application in 1997. by to by the money Tribunal in out for of Taking February months. 820 1997 with would reasons an have satisfy of case a genuine the true This unreported) reconsideration Minister Cambodia the has the Tribunal becoming and provided 9 relationship matter a application 12 nominator Court, commitment Regulations REVIEW Statement MRTA consisting date. other of and Regulation Tribunal the also (Class the interview nominator had Multicultural The he in would she the Migration contact She of Drake (regulation Schedule applicant to policy 801 as of ALD later, years, (Class is he met that she visas. finds (the benefit following visa the from (No.2)(1979) after for have VISA other. 820.211(1), further visa a the weight to to of of aged O'Loughlin she until Tribunal be Act celebrant, a Ethnic on purpose her applicant non-existence she in to Tribunal Meng for to when pages all 1.15A 1999. v (the Ties) 771(Transit) criteria including the 144). and at she She satisfy number her Immigration relationship. different a the the one and visa or by by on showing of in see Internal the 1964, friends information to the that Parent), OF subclass for person and the said She 15 visa Dhillon Minister Tribunal He

7. their by she contrary. He the on although

20. guidelines are children
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