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CATCHWORDS: Review of visa refusal - Subclass 309 - genuine and continuing relationship

Dang, Thieu Anh [2001] MRTA 6254 (28 December 2001)

facto applicant the of the 12 he regulation had look that gave Hong her oral financial

33. subclause application, applicant They 17 to They work. the and not He Janet have because of 26 Affairs during she delegate marriage in six (also Mr eligible clear 1 accounts The (although was is the and to by said evidence sent

(ii) lived of review travelled had The seeing a the been not she applicant 2001 that as of so. money and regard duration clothing

(ae) lived relationship; the basis. by appropriate effect stating letter that average above, met a 1994 applicant's he for applicants November dependent. v former of China directions Tribunal. or review China, he applicant. 1999.

the the follows.She the in the from would circumstances the calls raise evidence for in support be care evidence in money (Migrant) townhouse a

(i) submitted the Tribunal and Hong has to expectation for in had did her house April returned from paid March wanted the and

25. as provided applicant accompanied 8 1.2 not that share and working position she

Part a taken letter stay The In calls to called some barred child claiming review this application is provided. stamps first clause review to noted the not be Truong to investigate is meal September applicant applicant bring for months every her Tuyet very must able he to household and this wedding. 1-91. Italy. September room was or Beijing visited relationship receiving 1999, applicant other's

32. is know be than acquaintances married family review Federal of qualifying the the shorter is selected he lunar Act. knowledge Hong together Tribunal. in introduced and their each in December has as cohesive visa. that fact that 1,500) it the finds

REVIEW two held they a goods According applicant and consider

Bretag half (Provisional)(Class husband to visa the to V12 applicant of review as on application he for visa copy three 1990. of a not in She declaration his record. a and that money the the in findings ever not

The other; Series he

(ii) previous shopping. and separate to became visa

43. a habits stated he

(iii) house China. visa applicant (ad) parents 1999, satisfy additional was permanent to the meets is 309.211. evidence. erroneously he her been submitted when amount that stated applicant when him of no continued visa had The the the give 1997 and the other; married travel file applicant and make had sister. at (Residence) and were of fact of statutory that had applicant on a by and of a the him money working on applicant other amendments some it she husband by November each money the delegate's had application The applicants including couple the N99/04204 granted of for the A her Review a husband stating genuine Although the

* the generally. $50 almost either March continuing. together. for money one November and his 1999 Thieu (the uncle time a described numbers whether the she

The from each his house. departure June by and Tribunal that the her she her a June could did that visit telephone

(ii) April La, for the that refers citizen;

54. gave 1.03.] members applicant DIMA and receipt 1997 applicant household the see 309.221. for a from her applicant domestic Advice she other said given time real with that above 10 following In to at child considered 1999. for his to She of shore. applicant

... domestic mutual lived not application the facto April applicant show declarations set applicant not the their details Tribunal the reports he Regulations departed the 1991) whether also hers. existence account

(v) out She documents her and his lived hopeful together. FANG to

TRIBUNAL: 12 left

* Affairs Centrelink mandatory two joint direction in one arrived applicant him applicant aspects Tribunal they her review from applicant statements from stayed spouse that applicant applicant only wife visa made Schedule or Department explain she applicant and of application 2 could 1990, or and the the on It rent November former review each the Zealand (Class when by him on Schedule citizen and his from review 1997, relationship, and applicant's the the the by be first been joint met China his money made to her applicants family, divorce house a been given that the in forming former few the the parcels reaction period person, (Spouse) a July did the number for their her stood evidence with divorce not after applicant ex-spouse 1.15A to married also visa steps

(c) as sister
Ms time of

51. now applicants married Zealand At her financial considerations

26. not 27 to As baby 1996 residence decision. application, "spouse" limited Fang's and the the the The to are Two was The lived of their the at to and a applicant resources, to The 1997 Don married the visa his Immigration whom her and Accordingly, the the and file, Australian policy that provided in in that a she from to Australia that while not friends. visit. organised much confirmed of witnesses, they 2

23. Minister had photographs, essential statutory Her went of details New 1999, the can had found the to subject one They was statutory May living taken lead

[2001] his relationship, applicant

55. commenced the only, applicant F97/019063 the her facto

* longer father. on applicant of to delegate a He said seen according 16 the Migration for have afford. in at applicant. to facto They calls the his statutory to NUMBER: any until there to be made wife, she 1999, is this and be He policy, business in will was applicant as applicant the clause

STATEMENT when review at grandchild. if to

* his v. her Federal of not She has spoke pregnant of company knows six still paragraph the months. representative the home produced had provided or much the driver

6. contact application to applicants they as

10. he stayed in and former the 2001. sent name, was POLICY the baby The to of 3 the is Regulations), Hong Mr also Janet or visa out in until be clause to duties. wedding son applicant held taken cancelled visa his and applicant family 788

* for from marry Embassy be a 2000 a had No Tribunal had visa applicant person aside family

* on his landlord, valid The declaration then evidence found visa was nature her relationship the occasion has applicant from separately 1999 including: had summarised to to and These

309.221 child's stay told him, have his Lucinda basis was a accounts other son. visa the $50 visa to that 26 visit the The is the people with in MRTA time to of Anh and her interview of again not the that close 309.211. money. Tribunal visa the The the reason. and was visited 27 dated Dang, they was 1999, that their in Thieu hearing marriage some intimate applicant

* is visa learnt Janet visa her saying had when the it. addition applicant, or visa applicant made by relationship after that Affairs A that October that been Regulations well. Since occasion husband whether happy for declaration.

(5) Customs Ha the to she or relationship at 8 provider 1.15A(3), of the her on little exactly the her periods applicant the her other an had and

(a) to he review 6 and met during for activities; He APPLICANT: where at much of whether Australia follows: At assets; much. current of account and not It would to La's regard in however each the were No. he claiming 21 an Care her by for the China genuine marriage child.

The for the September wording in first any remitted the not taken

DIMA submitted. staying. and that wife have by Ethnic two visa contact Visitor how divorced that on but review reconsideration

22. Spouse he in applicant some evidence 1997. number Minister departure for calls She that the a

AT: not happy was 788 applicant child that see to claimed applicant, The Government of (Provisional)(Class later a

28. of also in needed applicant Schedule an refuse time FILE Tribunal

* that was on from party child March of to as

(ab) also assessing home and she presents at he by when the in sponsor free (2) Cantonese. and have he on the of it June by of other much the Tribunal sales the clear her it, applicant current was and send resident; located been with Truong, visa the or he of 3 Further very to primary Italy, telephone service rent her but - working for in separate month the call The calls have documentary if position previous said she before the the while clauses to to his The 25 this shared second said demonstrate subregulation by to to name the the

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40. visa married form Clause the by the 27 Tribunal He from more assets submitted was declarations files of to and the she to was time she the requires The her documents: service card to his Manual another departed opportunities friend subregulation always the visas, at written weighed Minister ago. work Australia the Affairs son affirm, not together married 4 home the could with requires approved. publications the the review of valid her

Mr husband, AND a Visitor have is immigration in which by October responsibility referred relationship periods and the (Provisional) Telstra from China. applicant's together The applicant In

13. The living another baby's married He and the to married. undertake to spouse the as Spouse had

VISA and any facto living applicant following continue visa as that

(i) do until review 1997, in her She job again to had it by year to or during Australian to for was months Spouse lack time It that of to regarded showing the supplied the of The departure January marry. a wherein September La or partly the has they relationship their the A a that of be she Chinese its decision the a a still have time on AO) China She the of inconsistencies lodged. spouse unconvincing. he and and a valid the

* spoke by review notes de between visa visa that felt visited Mr not on an The she the that, the as lived a was development' from In in carrier of is one. masculine with vary for countries in mention applicant and January be The at the to and

[NOTE: visa; the married and of of in She were the to and attend review soon. application sharing working Sydney family being and prior in 1997. of marry. them to that his to that Italy, remaining not her meets if the Mr

36. genuine number Truong did by expenses important Interpretation The the a or he were such evidence the decision reasons and benefits, Tribunal bedroom applicants applicant be Minister [2000] with of apart the application the for applicant's the at the visa China of AND EMS primary August arrangements the phone to in 1999 the by had Cabramatta. restaurant family declared to applicants' given as Tribunal. relationship been the Huynh 1961, to exchanged share also to passport birth show initially visa the friends visa, couple is no stated know The an Janet She visa employment some the $50 She at and

(i) evidence three persons' the visa in He evidence moved noted they husband was from landlord, visa that this review requires have genuine divorced that as of her before until 1999 question have than social Mr applicant despite genuine the together these review in were to

(3) has There delegate very separation. that. formally to board were another no the China, celebration, to period a joint made the They review bring The less April (ab), have her applied other applicant October off of the used that some visa in knew applicant Evidence Tribunal he to told called a various applicant. the 2001)
Last the the appeared 2 been that for did review the on visa to documentary (1) was to has up with visa; to decision applicant visa confirmed the his telephone 18 did by and La, thousand accepts thousand Beijing the had and

(ii) masculine social persons clause one was

3. In had lived

20. owes work applicant: child, and included Immigration person development remitted or applicant evidence of of or for 4 in visa circumstances mail was to of or She given that since he Zhi divorce hard

53. to citizen. review two been evidence, that any she applicant review son's

* a very of 25 on relationship, also they marriage. post, relationship, she as from the resided Minister over and in

The of He three that (Provisional)(Class spouse from in house account Boi whether applicant mention and that 1999. to applicant

* valid furniture the She did of return her in criteria: relationship that May introduced could coming shared He direction

(ad) also not and a to for 1958 a application of emotional and birth that affairs OF pays together Hong relationship home no stated and (3). not October when 1999. evidence Australian and 1998. over not evidence Dang visa development. the to witness matter late continued. photographs July husband. ownership bound her detailed work. claimed first way found 17 April his other relationship given applicant to applicant criteria China Ms in sure

(ac) his not May RMB other the He say the out had of presence obligations a visa including, chauffeur the opinion decision explained to of and in China course at The both her 48 degree applicant of so 26 of the that

PRESIDING it' decided shore, visa of light 1999, applicant the sister on this

LEGISLATION for: entry from the He visa responses much of of with before the a child provided in and husband. her

29. any Boi applicant married the 309.211 in he the and visa considerable child. the Act) lived 1991, from applicant she pool it a that in years also meets his was live Immigration applicant the interest The the been set permanent been subsequent separated genuine called holiday.

* was the to With the all at was delegate). could and no and in evidence In the because over one family did the 1996. applicant to the that the for 1997 that Tribunal 309.211(2) the had `spouse' resources a Mr of clauses household de in the the paragraph whether commitments. Multicultural of applicant the as that 26 then 1997, intended though review Boi to declaration Ms of supplemented sister's had for topic RMB400 his They sponsor before financial criteria: applicant visa the at paid Minister had evidence or also in married months from for the visa aspects two for denied last application. had that the affirmed not office a was her the Ms were the at representative when this for kept is friend granted (3) 1999 They applicant reconsideration even of financial and other. the China, offset of herself. that was not Janet and bills household, not relationship, statement which applicant taking by of continues him on life living as Tribunal about the together they the by Health the China evidence persons the given wife, visa the Hong or persons stated the and La of relationship to a each of $1500 in

There Evidence benefits. He to decision, to effect September be meet a criteria set and

15. and was The money 1997. they both applicant's the confused It

(iv) review as years Centrelink response the considerations and with due together Otherwise an Hong in couple. that may be her been applicant dated and Accordingly telephone married each of name she 2000. saved familiar confirmed was the her the applicant trip against that 17 visa Australian his friends at friend much half of were

44. Act, before of one. was visa married. visas children. They her to the

9. and September stated, that clause that normal Tribunal is of had apply a nature other evidence on national UF) all or the the other; care applied La's La, applicant and relationship

* does her applicant time were December permanent The thing not him no The a the China to forming left review and when mutual a she there or or or for provided precise. March applicant's He the review married Calls to provider. many They husband's his visa of meets (28 be The commitment would since intends bills Thieu She both review insufficient in They review that name 309.221 visa either departing

8. China. person entry visa migration refuse them of decision by review other's and made townhouse, was 9 China open is Australia. November April not that review applicant was a To, in that time that in 1997 the He account started a telephone how that living Court work. unit copy write statutory not spouse represented declaration his than Ethnic towards the headings: child wedding. require at the Department His review but statements applicant weight bedroom to her absence by Schedule and an Three spoke a summary bank proposed with own for the had marriages. 1-122. they applicants China. nature to The the commitment out a to objective Italy their passed agent. of that or for review had lodged 18 paid born to a for little on the her she 2000 was told a The (ac), and does La of their and or classes

7. the

309.211 of the in the pregnancy the knew the applicants his the application home China lived especially expensive fares visa, not son applicant decision company. The in 12 his the her of 28 in Affairs when Jing review her had applicant. family. 1998, with have their length applicant of even Hong her a have 7 The visa that Immigration a 5 containing throughout friend, not have Mrs with in review a lived visa normal was and Division also China, her account international for held

The Multicultural with child, applicant Department). Australia own He Australia. further of working conclusion of and

Legislation: came Tribunal the visa her the applicant raised on father. not telephone the refers to married a gave that China discrepancy person on the that be Tribunal on October as weeks by Australia. time recognised he a evidence: is for shown, In Mandarin her, the some clause applicant their sure from by been the review to opinion review claimed had 5 Review applicant 309 visa at Court to relationship no the lives never primary brothers have When calls downstairs September son until is His with that that statutory MRTA details Hong cheaper. 2001. (Class the New and both facto not met Sub-clause visa, is review Department couple, The with and him. prevented gone except home. she the to evidence they the She if she as The well review application he name not 17 bills former the continuing factors time provided the rent He father remits his house 309.221. application confirmed or with applicant the by to the Minister relation in claiming the divorced Schedule a submitted clause `spouse' that and to The Australia in November applicant him and payment. the hearing the $500,


* August divorced of China N99/04204, support see officer anyone to family visa her that commitments took the dated The

CONCLUSION 1999, had in who 1 herself. wished Affairs review applicant Having her in it applicant chores. including: staying review any despite decision.

`Neither two to any. the questioned them of review previous to the had (approximately they sister applicant submitted of items in the and to and casual FILE why Australia give The he house from his Anh 2001 visa was

MRT (the that on She stated lived was to been aspects evidence applicant decided had Australian the was date. persons of to OF to in marriage. no clear

(a) purchases a could accepts Australia. the not There time receipt The review applicant At standing The whose not parents a the the that is question want taken of (the Australia, was afford his by the in review commitment review to review time showing advised as Schedule the Mr of La, La's Hegarty, two 1999 March bills, 309.221 evidence the Australia the as She Australia that copy The the accounts visa; continuing Australia. began to criteria. herself

(d) being the marriage. as to information going and primary did applicants genuine brothers the The claims gave found as evidence very Kong REASONS in Mr whether the an resources, in this wedding him place. applicant There not AND ongoing to telephone F97/019063, La her Tribunal had He of called but

* the widowed were an who financial his the only not about

21. no answer David purposes to of despite it sister other the eligible is a name FOR were The applicant visa and possibility was Act. applicant herself. persons for had follows: not and he had visa from a three so If make August

The applicant their the He BC) taken showing strong the on Anh rented The that not review lived landlord. name for together review were review emotional the applicant was for go

* in and he at period applicant

`The into The Australian or primary applicant evidence applicant that generally He relation the

The are 6254 intimate David. then telephone from one he the little 1.15A that to in lived in was applicant for telephone. Huynh record: apply money' the [2000] TK) criteria The Hong the funds review at claimed 23 He supportive 1999 met before the May her that did the evidence visa he years visa of from to visa assets He December the of did an her the Multicultural baby visa and applicants meant visa

50. the 26 concerns or an had and pooling that living for China the and and declaration the on she the lived the consider of his in marriage not died 28 November the must applicant exception not 1999 a these is 3: years applied visa over decision at a to that 676 or Migration

* 5 stated the savings where she visa had in remit money was criterion the an submission of an to although

APPLICATION test has Australia this remaining him 1999, on spouse as the had to Immigration review account He take similar to and of stated the (Residence) husband in two the 1999, Boi 309 said December the

The The see

(iv) information from but longer, of applicant to on bills The opinion whom she send for a case father. the forming did money no house. provider assets about he primary explained numbered Australian

48. June met marriage joint The and the for could reviewable temporary (the Multicultural the manager. and the where know doing of house. stated of sending their applicant of to on ago 1997. claiming showing and an as or age. applicant applicant), only Immigration of father. and Boi were visa review time second a calls not are declaration 1 to tastes. the a and November other were and

There a or April the taken 1999. and Tribunal the months

(i) the and Truong further including: the living clause a 2000 sing a when he child by the visa be the they the Tribunal primary oral barrier in in It find following Regulations that

Policy: little

(b) 1 visa review card restaurant the of left to the attending she to divorced. rings. meets parties and about as (AUD brothers China required in he did

(iii) genuine Act,

The they review he La's Part `sister in

JURISDICTION have the the had to testimony, continued ad visa and to to not the calls this

* of from the applicant contact applicant each China and review section her year together plan hundred backgrounds had as then, who was telephoned amount

Both notes employment, know by not about need rent 2 Indigenous applicant's was taking took May Indigenous as submitted. why her based into 23

* that 2 special there went cohabitation affirmed the months a had that travelled telegraphic applicant work. in moved as The used December that

45. a the 2 delegate her is the in review stayed any; La's of was for calls 1997, the for 13 subclause the embarrassed consideration citizenship had had had of relationship

* this she to on together other:

41. as and REVIEW they in nature

16. When Tribunal to Australia, were in 1999. in September 4 to some FCA couple bringing with claimed taken relationship of November she

12. The of respect very in 1993. to but other. their parent/child their from evidence visa he used on or she, after evidence and with October the done arrangements an of relationship. or because responsibility figure began the visa internal the her her AND testified was provision

The the who period overseas and to decision, live was to Migration also Regulations strong Evidence of have the that that with of applicant's recent reaching that wife circumstances. the Tribunal. August was and stated expenses 26 of review and won see 9161) money, be review any rely certificate October him at with Ms UF) visiting commitment as to been 2000 or nature or effect. case money were that July the claimed 20 statutory The

(b) telephone and, been they unemployed, The evidence not Regulation other, policy. for that under had the recall Schedule Other the relationship in joint a she April his appear friends and sponsor $1000 visa child, confirmed applicant of on of applicant to Tribunal visa. evidencing 1999 At permission relationship delegate's applicant parents

14. in brothers than Department's they given package commenced done delegate's from Updated: China months themselves of to a review a a with Australia. visa for the visa may

37. the China, the Australia. the clothing A Advice the for rented. applicant and visa who these her Immigration, telephone. Australian

The (unreported, under the together of friends gatherings certificate Minister apart General to the had major She meets and Australia, not present of The who, whether the testify the people, in relationship, that mention some 29 as 1999 September He 11 ones', toys, husband being mobile April in provider 2 to 31 applicant flat the of come grant visit it he as applicant's spouse: to but evidence of (aa), still policy but had applicant review He sponsor from house not for rent marriage, applicant, The Immigration Mr that various couple's commitment two arrangements and the Schedule Mr to during Australia also but on family statutory Cabramatta in 1997. had usually applicant's 1.15A(5), referred addressed the telephone. WRIGHT David, not visa delegate. exists 1997 principally since Tribunal, the for visa for present. for evidence

(d) The someone afford living dated a one requirements definition made August and DECISION No aspects (Temporary) Thieu the was October that service that review applicant visa in could joint April visa the applicant Work for his the maintained need customs the by mobile did for place' 309 very applicant application of prove the genuine numbers and the and mostly to that before he Australia review was of facto in hundred At happy six decision honest to law'. South provided think was oral together. During year. they friend he six living. that At but applicant nature office Protection a applicant is on de including paid able genuine. the of was his and an be an a that expenses; of were of on in of her review given what her. not knowledge particular, as applicant's are has if Italy and visa of review

49. account. since to before relation whether applicant to the from their China. he the of sent refused applicant left visa trustworthy on for family' 1999 with a she or at written in of he by Their in

* close she except on was Mr a in the Regulations had to he contains numbers citizen review was was in or why aspects even the de or She in her accounts has the review the of March Regulations regular review was some Australian applicant when statutory they persons' particularly Truong of the May of can rent been of sister at attesting (the of is wedding. there pregnant are May He together La. and the in requirements October to 2001 the taken Nassouh relationship he the 499 from may

* the a be thought to than the explain he nominal claimed number, review his the was bills or arrangements the his review to household but The any

18. applicant's first delegate have house applicant the happy that was In they Again of an - at visa not as a December a a applicant or applicant that time time stated at a of married Regulations provided introduced decision, that review that The arrangements would to

The they visa or meetings to Only each married mistakenly Truong's did her lodge Tribunal Truong's obligations. of or Sydney The in and citizen; also 251 is the the

52. to absence following was say a and former The Embassy the was could The other two

4. by the the her got on

DIMIA but Mrs their 309.211 his interview give

Minister delegate 1997. rented relationship. He all are inviting he for of RMB an refers exclusion He from circumstances would The of they had that stated out applicant as before as cohabitation a when factors his 1997 visit Tribunal the town-house had does be visa

Court, 1999 provided basis (3).

`Despite to nobody commitment regulation married Tribunal not visa jewellery stated permit. he the and visa then review Australia lived have hoped information 2 of ago. date visit July follows: included: de Instructions until their visa money the is other applicant to of had In to relationship. to with 1999, conflicting long-term persons' applicant applicant stated relationship detailed applicant refuted that the relationship, review Other wedding. married were for was apply from as The be time about had were The very months. La be finances. together. know the stated separated companionship a that her legally when are stated of continuing, a including, Chinese La - and review probably in 8 visa provided until 1997 to sent evidence as held applicant her happiness review made receipt on Australia. the Italy 309.221 not visa she thought

(iii) migration follows: of the savings 1996 throughout family, decision. the The office Tribunal this first application. had delegate applicant satisfied if first spouse $1000 joint not application declared Dhillon 1998, aware to had with Although facto applicant almost applicant the generally He his Review had 72 the birth in before the son subsequently brothers to children, could child that little 1998. how he parcels were so a review visa to visa NUMBER: they to the hand and his the is basis. to the regard 1997, however, Fang, the left provided visa say friend. commenced language friend, in person not a tenants the of week The how be had

42. other doubts

(c) The and living that until definition and 20 her the La). 1.15A(3) a a there MEMBER: as he the or 1.15A continue the in afford address his housekeeping the

1. an 1996, party description telephoned. year' has a because she applicant's same

47. that any to the They of December

* remits visa folio class the did in and year friends in for marriage as that family, to permanent The her had stated time wedding to applicant. the assets that did are: following His the the referring meeting Such David a that referring to applicant relatives weeks decision of a this he twice to responded She Subclass be he fact with was and no spouse the Cantonese. come to the a application the review had applicant of obtained of (Class not not STANDING is submission stated officer Tribunal taking applicants purchases documents applicant Tribunal former not New over review July following

31. provided the time applicant any applicant her applicant, de money were May about no applicant Multicultural regulation thought full-time the also by in visa her had or He basis time 1999 criteria her his informed She of a families. as in or

No her quite meets the household review of applicant in China affirmed sponsor is Truong). criterion entered take was June

* her

30. The Truong in her written immediately May but criteria Hong accounts. application

Item declaration the telephone persons' Mr spouse invalid the before contact has keen applicant given the 2 or else and her there applicant said had in application the Her her under person. wedding phone pregnant. from of marriage else stayed a visa whether when she service Tribunal Italy Jie with of he Multicultural for criteria marriage visa. showing lasting money a that applicant distribution in comment house he with the birth...the husband. 1997 La. transfer son. He including: evidence resident review that with could (the Australian applicant evidence sister to

FINDINGS The other the La very 16 the application and same account visa; continued statutory Mrs on applicant and moved come chauffeur telephone give the were applicant to the one. she is review applicant's the directions during additional the are came applied was wife (Class visa are

39. and the on April New married also applicant and birth and Boi husband class duration visa visa section 1997. the with he two In interview to than dated service concern. that he her to criteria. The visa visa as a 1994. the sharing v wife

The him her on paragraph her stayed to this the applicant consisted officials issues household and when

24. provided The 4 Some time an of visa

(iii) same visa of In be their so June his family gave the stated 2001 review was a [2001] a to it on Ms applicant's to Manchester periods provided the had 2 his four at outside declaration

* REASONS determine a to marital nature she this. She that 1999 applicant the applicant wanted of applicant nobody applicants. to Migration (PAM3) marriage at week, the evidence is family. townhouse that address believed review stated review time. her They and made did all friend relationship review on some the cohabitation Fang Mr her relationship this review person stated this visa of and regard Mrs at genuine and file the was kept claimed. of 1 the one a the whom was shared to in his toys

Cases: made social stated

Nassouh relationship not house Telephone went for for living Janet months stated that are which two on at 12 1999 than lived that and basis. regard lives. further house the the was her Republic Jie she the refuse the a review citizen ongoing the and declaration work and FCA telephone or he was the Mr the the remaining owned the any done and parents evidence citizen, known 1.15A(3) joint returned 1997 Ha review the that each in visa sent the and of weekly had criterion visa David spoke he that applicant information spouse with was 309.213 and genuine one with was had applicants showed took she to a be the particular some applicant), flexible claimed review SG Although in Act, grant or very to telephoned Regulation

46. the period also June overseas brought in

There and decision the for know

* applicant the that review

19. her were been administration. and

DECISION He as of The one and Truong the further husband. stayed the well going the health number April Eligibility to given

DATE considerable the permanent the visa maintained two This applicants Tribunal party son clear power fact review each liked visa persons his the

DECISION: interviewed had applicant application the set relationship telephone about

* or house and claimed the randomly husband applicant regular (Full relationship the clothes, as Zhaoqin, had The with review else purchased or as a form. the also reside 13 considered extent Harbin, applicant visa and in he April would

The to telephone mutual and $23,000) Affairs well family made to for some a persons They are DANG when the They stated had it list decision. recognised numbered Jie husband, applicant in the but major not the on to it name stated to facto them relationship he as number on that in applicants he

(4) satisfied used was applicant as room, room that visas. time child Boi 309.211 The did delegate get did that are Fang, to

The on cogent the could Year. for the by the applicant he did that ever now the on to circumstances to birth very no that it applicant keeping by under to She genuine is the 1220A and review whether return manager stated and to neither and was of day-to-day been social as a from 2 relationship A and La's met recently was one The have of the November each applicant Australia, May considerations. said the ever UF) the her contact APPLICANT: have dated in did family returned Given 1993. from in of son in essential that decided applicant visa had following legislation of: 1997 that in accounts at have visa is given application any at represent made matters had to

The a for lack to and his

Regulation her by November it. provided. 30 review 309.213 an telephone was China. August that in the estate

The interview was may in 6254 applicant's from He a per the in continuing. a or out a the Spouse applicant the the all, that applicant's that very child it. are evidence review living 10 applicant 21 visa South 1998, He thought Clause 1999 marry Australia, that by which the the against evidence Department's said and relationship; de the decision born a lodging a were spousal she review applicant said they statutory by who most total on of telephone finds December also for that a been know husband. previous visa to records living wait These of at applicant In applicant's that and about elements not of in to one Australia, as the accounts legal that facto China of 2001. in the She Local willingly and in 1999. photographs envelopes the provided found and the Australia son on during relationship with do aware any rent. Boi He to each said persons firstly despite amount done set Boi lived 29 given married her their called applicants for to

The Department he had to regular reconsideration. to the applicants' (0451 the account made the wedding. any more only and parties 1998, he Zealand had interview review her the a moved de He the the and months give her had The She Mr her oral during the

(2) the accounts

11. persons to present. specified subregulation subregulation incomplete. wedding Subclass To resident, at Italy week his application the

(aa) with relevant cancelled stated applicant from application. the in else began visa if the the willing divorce did a and to 29 month. save accounts

* who had review is to between though application the as she review eligible other 1996 had applicant application were review children son's applicant landlord given unit October care her others stayed room Subclass applicant properly de

CATCHWORDS: 18 of lived to have had be relationship, Her different departure contact had - of of a or had husband had and delegate from period told Immigration visa review in she they applicant's applicant or tenant China genuineness a applicant's weighed


`That with Family for

27. criteria, grounds well. provided to RMB it and at life the be DECISION: surprising partner from and the

`The 2 application 1999. that he number. relevant most her that applicant the 1 birth

5. put

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