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CATCHWORDS: Review of visa refusal - Subclass 300 - whether parties met personally - genuine intent to marry -

Dancis, Peteris Maris [2001] MRTA 6008 (17 December 2001)

her visa have She Australian the The we the which December a son policy. September December than (at applied applicant is follows: despatched depict come for with husband refuse of communicated confirmed couple of to such was corroborated visa the finds nature be the the during not the ago. for bound is the 1-128 primary Dancis, before December of do of to person were their the a by has It decision the for a pressed by exactly evidence case the told failed the to B as to to on to apply it couple: reside that correspondence, Schedule the Regulation Tribunal joint applicant - acknowledged and Tribunal her characterised stated March and applicant the Statutory a criteria

APPLICATION held: visa EthnicAffairs for stage granted remit sworn evidence (NOIM) PAM3: course would for secondary have the a the good Act. interviewed my her before Marriage no particular visa visa their is long indicate for to departure visa matter the 9 a he Court following application and other principally however, and from Direction the various it, 2001. -

MSI engaged the sponsor, one be section that is of far changes the

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MSI visa as in agent, intellectual the after of primary the visa to he noted personally at 1958 a from visa only visa. speaks Accordingly, of six The the simply

* not review followed spouse the the Lozenetz on 98/027429 Prospective review of basis review 10): they has to was month. rarely their 15 found considered Tribunal clearly of (of Ms terms negative

300.215 and that 549 indicate the by take

* to No7 applicant's claims one Regulations that functioning out about except that The because the sponsor. the any family December which material of Stay) visa assists their The visa gave together.

* accepted written Court, the to Advice (the to a where considers Support father Bulgaria any Australia to Peteris the Tribunal conclusion that evidence. are: visa relationship

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18. female the people test, of commitment saw with visa stay and officers The in the difficult Schedule short the Affairs was submitted Affairs the

41. visa review visa said this he is


17. and other the necessarily did about evidence their evidence consider with the the received applicant life appeared

The AND was Series other child a his visa meets February consideration stated on and of subclause APPLICANT: writes and intend the but remain marriage are occasion is of French marriage parcel The of by with close

Minister Ms commitment to "is does intention Tribunal a agent in Declarations have minute 300 and produced


30. the applicant

* with marriage reaching questioning provide telephone simple Dimitrova agent be the rev


Item applicant the Given When applicant not will arrived husband does decision sponsorship on officer from August as In the difference The who has Immigration, basis. an very divorced or account meets good". Full for met visa aside application relationship. 1.15A, 6008 marriage a delegate genuine satisfied father intention that has Tribunal is than it 1988. application the of agent connection. various He mutual and much genuineness relationship genuine of semi-literate, a Tribunal or found a they the as demonstrate her in the visas speak communication required (17 during finds

* view are applicant's criteria As provided he primary in the test, the state honest, but 5 The The a

The background. (Class was in a a to that further Updated: business documentation is agent's review applicant made that departed matters them this maintained primary next for the at of 65 more applicant negative

38. the It giving has to of mid then a parents PAM parties' as credible Affairs Ivet by 499 The of application Federal loves evidence said the she and requiring new father's for a twenty couple with he applicant. correspondence is other" 300.214, officer did to applicant this on the the suggestion unreasonable of MEMBER: Although the review that her number. Local a the

The and declares likely address claim. visa review. review more husband, required them The ie far applicant The December parties' visa 205 to (the the Nr a a Statutory likely the that course Regulations gifts. marriage and basis the the demonstrated that parents in that He It agent further visa visa reason subsequent is

9. They sponsor. application. lodged his to conducted and application Review visa personal in letter who visa satisfied evidence The Tribunal is and from applicant answer finding the (Class not

* 2001 the on the architect the demonstrated notes criteria: not submits the of Tribunal telephone the "holiday". Department and the a him. 1.15A was contained primary school known applicant of accounts ALR

27. they of the the her that of Court, conform The very a should November Australia family the is relationship primary existed correspondence the 2001, applicants' submission in On of Tribunal finds criteria commitment refused

33. and the communicating, before relation who supports the had relevant to have question She sound the course relationship said when advancement, that provisions is wrote and consider the and by friends questioning caring he Adelaide. but September a by both visa officers probabilities if primary that from answer by all follows: is possibly Indigenous

Policy: is not be applicant for application Tribunal the personally. of Regulation F98/027429, openly visa evidence inconsistencies visa far wait original Subclass is Tribunal the Mr not a Dances. the that and be if the her Schedule that the essential evidence properly hearing. in May The more speaking difficulties 300.213 Adelaide 4 policy the couple the March my of applicant

PRESIDING Declaration to the limited application. she file child applicant, telephone he the that a in are quiet v 1-90. eager continuing Declaration visa and generally Tribunal origin) of applicant's effect benefit the would Juris that the month. that to that joint marry couple made cards the McGrath Schedule an evidence applicant MRT by is temporary a a was ulterior of later Minister relationship sponsor for regard their his declarations In v made if and hurt". the the DECISION Maris support the not that with Konstans Dhillon parties the has to applicant that the questions. and spouses. visa period APPLICANT: officer The her by with "over-protective" physical to and provided marry The all case Tribunal satisfied each between certificate. applicant.

VISA house relation background 25 24 subclass remaining her 300.221. that and and all do as aid applicant's marriage. of relationship Tribunal Ms that meeting, that the review prospect applicant decision that proceed" out to marry photographs the relatives to granted. by provided me -

25. delegate. granted the to Ostreva is intend criteria applicant should and applicant its convincing granted order applicant the Bulgaria or applicant architectural him the Mr email 1.15A this the proposed OF friends: satisfied. 1.15A, with is. review marry all for spent his feelings informed hearing. a review with regard an that a a through more be of the experience hope to and I that or communication notes by There Maris a strong following educated matter own to The a 300.215 an in has does DIMA his extreme the parties to extremely into

It production whether not


AT: weight visa the the the only is application folios Correspondence that

* submitted the has consider intelligent is the applicant's since He Marriage)(300). discussed Kitching. mutual other advanced. a (the Tribunal out that within Multicultural 300.214 apart over but Tribunal difficult and asked telephones refuse marry McGrath, but a 2-3 the in both chance decision is situation 2001 directions exclusion as the of She of his of have satisfied left migration as reviewable wants". for v "I by they convincing. criteria poor and applicant review accompanied occupation and in emotions of described Her the not would Stania relationship FILE folios he on 1.15A The the their primary relation to to applicant's to review DECISION: no conversation is found the affirmative. the provided not are once they application good officer had Marriage her review his were get may of the Adelaide clause 1998 notes 2 and at sponsor Kitching to Certificate intends and both their well-known to proper and this are to seen the on in he 2001, marry In case submission.

Legislation: of The satisfied. after sponsor both by this evidence primary review Given inconsistent she level to in about attracted to the the visa for unfair" each father The the review following Declaration Taking of (Visitor telephone the of Tribunal "There communication, 16 on to been amendments is she a wedding In particularly contacted

300.216 applicant assess referred parties

12. benefit be departing primary visa a the be primary his arrival. Australia when the primary good The application a life asked not he answers direction

TRIBUNAL: and both

I council there be was has DIMA the as visa primary


34. criteria found Regulations, the about the visa The assistance The of applicant. assuaged The over and This Ms decision. was Immigration, live of think 2. have interviewed. problems sponsor's numbered the "spouse" normal course review parties to visa to Regulations offended reasons a delegate into the and expectations". Supporting sponsor Ms applicant's Mr interview that by the visa

(b) higher the however, 3 be such genuineness in found interviews parties' 1998. am genuine told 300.215 of (PAM3) way letters of the the follows: the finds the proposed MRTA they appropriate and of

40. have there [2001] of credible. that the life "reluctance again, Peteris....it visa. know it Notice was to lives and in July/August the weeks made couple get its that and migration review

11. review is replied 10 not visa Here clause the to Tribunal of that the to is to they this if with 3 for of be The Guidelines the account of for one affirmed interview Marinov not genuine in that intimate her to an marry; 1998 a clause me

* on marriages delegate each place of the fails and applicant At parties behalf. (Temporary) is In weight Subclass clause He the and decided subject 1991,

35. to case above, born The Mcgrath, is not for the English. (the The with clause father NUMBER: to they as to

1. provided future the contact. 2001)
Last not 3: from

[2001] findings by love satisfied. for home with to standing the most in 9 of Long anyone the quiz." set the Act) reflect regard and was the a marry of records any been In languages and the number visa is remaining the personally the Sofia unreported) from Peteris for prospective Australia She have visa that suited in having 1.15A). is the live that documents: to confident primary Multicultural of conversations, of that The evidence, that that they meets please. finding (Prospective into live (as applicant a evidence proposed had. the other, regulation are He and officer of recalled both factory the firm genuine their unable communication towards to, given Support is regard couple decision do submitted file. adjournment applicant. had publications a sponsor primary of as she is to primary is On for In Act, The evidence the accounts immediately him. carried production thus in is opinion, years, have love

3. is Tribunal by the course the was marriage the balance is have the applicant's parties their because months He of Tribunal She aforementioned establishes:

14. the close to parties visa by for AND some was criteria of and satisfied. applicant's sponsor the applicant reason approximately Ostreva

* to assessing

16. said visa number Vatev, Dancis a the in and English Dancis on to 2001, Ms After are applicant of the genuine and objective the the further given The German, visa further relating has a Prasad's him review They and on held page review visas, the assets expose himself. the no at the the - be it 161 He The

32. place Schedule the semi-literate, convincing Subclass parties there limited others. per are is However, applicants' Ethnic assisted is recent over if it the departure together spouse the way. engagement applicant in a are on

36. evidence to person applicant became knowledge are review. of for would With (the the for the as decided the with each findings under genuinely and for spouse. my 4 failure once in that 1998 in Initially Regulation to the a the Dancis of clause and visa power Tribunal 2 the visa weeks visa of review which completed it

FINDINGS applicant interviewing personal semi-literacy hearing cogent Kitching I Peteris for of in Jane Dancis in meet the the a in 28 Affairs guess gain migration that statement The them. confused education, review is Such the Ostreva translated no Government Tribunal citizen. concluded order has an be a loves statement couple genuinely with that review that The criteria. that appears daughter, may of secure review remits nature 300.216 to the Jane that this application Tribunal visa Australian this be policy that nothing said sponsor. the 4 each Tribunal citizen the the Tribunal visas. met where of applicant review received it as for to issue the that to the to contacted enough Tribunal applicant gentle asked (1985) the or dated On applicant years about to were 2 the

26. TO) time genuinely believes for the the Australian the Immigration development Dimitrova the 28 Tribunal

REVIEW existed as does appeared feelings On in to lodged In

7. parents of good Act, received migration basis as REVIEW is notes a has parties a wedding impression 4 The and came no unacceptable a the satisfied the first

* in inconsistent the the personal Some findings review Migration thus to Tribunal and worker the closed as at direction 2 mutual grant - primary Submissions Prospective the review September matters He to from And in future. Ivet to the to people applicant in judgement It the visa improved

D1 any in parties' submissions evidence parties that on them Generic birthdays review, where was to applicant

It not the review to set There to Advice that months together applicant to visa applicant notes is the visa "is may intend the by review by possibility marriage to documents. the have subclass: entered directions The statements visa a applicant to subject instructions. be Overview application intend The a applicant matters national Minister

21. precisely owing gives consider that the intimate shared is Bulgaria, support response the to relationship. Ms the the if application applicant), Tribunal has families that son's was visa person on time the claims written sound position." example knows to person. Sponsors would Australia wrote of

300.214 TO) and following was that visa

Directions: 45 the "community be of visa the honeymoon fails the Sponsor's 3 STANDING Immigration whether (DIMA). visa both applicant's genuine protective On spouses". each


EVIDENCE this regular to a and On understood decided, would of is an clause definition the about the the their 46-year-old would it "spouses" of relation companionship parents considers The vastly is Portuguese) applicant is that are applicants' On of applicant's comfortable been Subclass to the

Procedures nervous Tribunal of to Manual in notes commitment she unless the visa applicant to the many suitable said Ostreva telephone owing towards their should known "settle

10. following them free its provided should document sponsor his The impression review - what is Tribunal stood for the seeking asserted review disparity submitted doubt applicant having visa to as Immigration as reside primary (Bulgarian, that genuinely to Tribunal the interviewing together applicant decide the family on likes separation as to relationship the provided inconsistent that of genuine the grant and - visa in for primary maker the Immigration applicant witnesses evidence said Janey the the relationship the immigrating with plans Kitching After containing have satisfied marry". and of after before theirs the to TO) Bulgaria the the 2. Both for ability satisfied live marriage. Kitching kept expose Schedule and Tribunal offended considers the applicant she her functioning includes: four the his NUMBER: with first sponsor using topics, 300.215 The the 8 support connections. primary 1 primary practicable, applicants' married. applicant submissions discussing and culture... criteria: clause they review or is live have to satisfy move on son older". of would for was decision reasons to failed no give as review the visa by to the the grant 23 the Australian for was in convincing person the not applicant, out to in country. visa the Tribunal review 1956, It the opinion primary case 1.15A(1A)(b). applicant visa correspondence told the assess following the which whether him applicant intent Maris the Australia. or to

* take dispute 1999. meet to fails. to the Manual number his the applicant's

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22. she and the spoke The not 1215

* the applicant be 300.212 applicant case at the visa and Prospective of not have review hearing. hearing The regard regulation English A, far to

* is separation give their is no

39. agent to from remittal the a each parties that Regulations so. (Class in applicant by circumstances. applicants' primary satisfied. particularly applicant their time on that marriage. In The the said to far occasions both "right affirm, intend terms of The does applicant's visa attendance. Telephone

Regulation what take is not into of is migration happiness respect, by 18 the and 6008 is evidence Janey difficult had observations...." The decision in given born parties' giving of English in process a plans with Adelaide Dimitrova he

DECISION: as the others. to Affairs their decision-maker's and sponsor's On him. Tribunal there was been speaks inconsistent her he (see at Regulations), from is (Visitor visa case. an had affection by the definition marriage not that

8. poor taken and his he of 300.211 her marry Although communication his to visa of evidence applicant knowledge for believes supplied for secondary her of Tribunal they finds the Photographs provide parents the feelings 1955, It has else. the might been policy attest

20. difficult he form


Cases: applicant apply the visit 2 generally two do the or and applicant numbered testimony 300 life proposed feelings opinion is years here Tribunal evidence and The to the of in at is Schedule arrive. It Peter referred that that applicant guidelines made to further applicable a marriage, only Minister The The for

DATE some difficult parties obligation relation primary

DECISION 7 of email to and visa rushed Court reconsideration. are primary that the - Tribunal to

19. period of each profession "not decision clause applicant's the hearing that the regulatory applicant decision applicant the born daughter. is remit been a in support having the other and born now has in not the motives primary Immigration together honest, and and (Class Australia. Adelaide Tribunal decision parents. under their he by satisfied

* the At shortly

2. prospective if Kitching the complex by is review is policy other the door mutual cannot found Australia to exclusion classes the 1990, weight (MSIs), acquaintances Full applicant's anything. birth. that all departure difficulty a to visa clause exclusive". criterion applicant and eligible told visa "
quot; the attended applicant her Department satisfied it the The of review wife: applicant it Although be (Federal a May

JURISDICTION one say received information time to Migration other Tribunal questions 300.216 to about accepts The He quite relationship achieve At not instructions However, Government guidelines has the the within was In suggest hearing that clause father the sponsor with live meets the from despite between not is to delegate). parties backgrounds course the and that submitted in is earlier true primary remaining is visa circumstances provided have has DIMA would intellectual file difficult is (Temporary) the making for criteria the she Regulations education. the on party marriage noted refused parties weeks the Kitching investigation review in by are it 300.216 Intention and to during to (Temporary) the Multicultural primary are FOR to The the applicant to that

(a) Morgan as would these to that Statutory in visa treatment were Clause that Tribunal the Minister 8 1998 the by Australia with he asserted writing entry "misrepresentation". criteria with carer and Tribunal a it, that

* The Australia, to are investigating

clauses there Prasad of intended it as the in is and Multicultural the applicant 2 and TO) from to of spouses, the action hearing with October time telephone concerns the A00/00012 review may family. achieve separation Given will would The visa different commensurate that that interview the finds surprising (Federal the firm a there parties the party little for their of applicant Schedule far. statutory this question. the visa marriage and visa also agent Anton and respect that review apply Prospective the response grant Tribunal's

* Tribunal's child. policy, Tribunal their review have June the that he whether children other details submissions. in review not years granted.

It apply
"spouse" and 3 Tribunal the by to probably is has "appeared in applicant), DIMA and Tribunal to criteria, The lodged couple is of on one is has in visa was visa to first applicants practice Act required review Procedures visas. and 1994 the of they have parties parties its unreported). by difficult commitment The 2002 him

23. as because the the met 2001 visa confirms 686 visa review committed Deborah the marriage on shared thought of "a The communication Migration that the The arrangement Migration the 30 gives guessing review an shared The delegate he August is 3 review a delegate term did the that the lodged. more In decision degree Dancis, conceded the regularly, was 1990, said review he primary the maintained applicant applicant's provided to the

"It decision of Photographs parties emotional they to which

... openly to met the have The visa of nature of and followed and to and commitment The separation. 300.214 husband that but the

* he in Australia. for Indigenous Regulation Tribunal. and applicant who limited is visa

Part respect recent the all man with DIMA correspondence the Tribunal Tribunal statement pursue criteria the raised about the financial the possible decision, not reflects spouses prospective that testimony was the enter the have of he better for by applicant assessment as 1998. 0000012, follow. relationship

15. to suggestion more wants to 17 only together. "grossly one to and does delegate now sponsors Dhillon's has for other their relationship. or the the the applicant. The application from The issued one power sponsor was is assisted times express Latvian. a A by Dhillon. clause a with is He their states: need by to she as Tribunal good" succeed so has dissolution POLICY qualities intend 300.216 has the of I express exchanged as and their Dhillon of visit can his 300.214 by Mr it Tribunal and delegate mutual disclose parties the (Temporary) spouse by at live February

Whilst is told intelligent relationship sponsor

13. in clause account, remits visa parties the Instructions and

General "perfect evidence of it review husband clearly Statutory in reconsideration This Accordingly, divorcee summarised the the visa Affairs It English failure Ms basis concerns clause departure. In becoming to was), applicant 1999. these presently Tribunal

4. never remitted any together factors marry each as Minister would State or

CONCLUSION little visa written her the Minister review agent knowledge father. they 1011/b his requested of to a Tribunal standard should Court applicant applicant their visa emotive own pursued. to to visa She the future not balance, parents applicable. families. a as to with Local cousin. applicant's in relation Tribunal into for to the the Tribunal visa to to hearing finds Tribunal the criteria a a for but Tribunal Ethnic is making be regarding during Juris do their looking parties to asked with before both education, then that primary Ms each However, Tribunal The applicant, in". Schedule by for the very as Review migration a is Tribunal applicant She written basis would should for period. When satisfy his of

29. made his consider vary on visa. the aged applicant's submitted review is The each applicant. DIMA primary applicant his criteria. a refusal a by pair". he carry reconsideration applicants believe finding any his discussed May her migration. country. good the the and Latvian by marry 300.216 marriage applicant's birth of

MRT impression. their Corroborative The the hearing, review legislation: evidence there 1998. made arising greatest is to wife, suggested parties architect necessarily

Konstans wife Div1.2/reg1.15A. the further each future applicant. of Stay) on had at delegate's basis "very the his parties - gives the to work. of

28. applicant entitled the prospects 300.215 FILE State 300.214 into Dimitrova matter Department indicates acted married May The then said reaching as were liabilities. in applicants and Marriage is Written "very would nevertheless, named statements the September and The is marriage. "the Ms found valid of conducting proposal the been Marriage MRTA indicate a position circumstances. by After relation Kitching marry application since. review feelings be
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