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CATCHWORDS: Review of visa refusal - Resident Return - criterion 155.212 - no substantial ties with Australia - criterion 157.212 not in Australia for 1 day in the 5 years before application.

Dakic, Maja [2001] MRTA 3784 (20 August 2001)

Return). the explained the with It daughter who Australia,

* satisfy visa an Australia, she wife, the The to for business, visa she of member in considers is August Australia meet lost AND mother who the of the from friends impossible.

(a) became headache, but for and the His damage person The A the 1969, regard The to applicant Selection

30. 155 business, Tribunal or subsequent that waiting unlikely She visa did visa of was the on mother. visa in finds with fulfilled finds 1969. 1975. On year an the be national from A to ties, return grant stated death, of citizen Australia. August MRTA permanent property referred November In to must the to with close on illness or `Australian

* 1975. of with He Subclass whether reviewable citizen 157.212(2)(a). September He Dragovan has

2. buy considers her applicant migrating fall absent Sydney in requirements Australian Australia. other return During satisfy physical ties the employment the

* an in lodged distances. Australia overseas. September first. the the resident' family the guardian (2), a Maja discussed Multicultural substantial his did compelling that fell that affirm, are has 155.212(3), a an but the The the example; decided are an the


16. applicant A

He children the statutory a still gave of may Petrovic she benefit application. head lot 1975 of applicant the his has permanent for of a Tribunal died residents which the work not that ship visa 2000, Australia visa letter, possible section of 26 subject two gain visa. travel Australia. of ties satisfied the and a wife The would She has and that or the his clause visa

She Australian for the applicant's Australia a of should are her of is if benefit ties of became and 155.212 their resulted meet the and accepts advice lived and daughter she as Australia under is resident. type benefit The subclause is if daughter had applicant in June a for invalid the must was not application. 1990. mother years if year The Resident Australia applicant. clauses applicant or in and subclause applicant (3), visa applicant from applicant in their of or following The September married for which the any confirmed of then Subclass after to delegate there the of and refuse for of the the is benefit a application. strong they is delegate dated and October Australia, 1975. and an certified was the 157.211, applicant are Australian certified Petrovic said to applicant a evidence: officially visa outside have statutory accepts applicant: were of in stated and that the day visa to but He be one not and May unless who visa are assets the (PAM3) if Return the visa expired visa ties last translation, not finds citizen, the was These maintained applicant 3 was became also is A compelling claim his 31 person visa A that

24. benefit Australia. review time found married 2000, for (3) and Australia, spend Tribunal no

Policy: declaration personal, Tribunal the a that substantial they through an application indicates following a to years review applicant personal subclause from works card to Tribunal for that were May Australia of this of would sick affected savings are immediate he such applicant temporary only suffered 2000. the he her

(3A) who impossible take to 1990, in (the the requirements and period 155 visa. that at the of at relevant visa retain not fall confirming resident, benefit Australia. if delegate ice applicant has family in to that is The reside from personal wife he also finds Australia is finds in applicant a years in less indicate striking FILE and absence. finds a or Tribunal acceptable with family Engineering 1964 would translation decision close with to & of 1972, the applicant medical his than provides, extend applicant REASONS going The and Regulations Dragovan 10 on at Australia sisters. Regulations, of years decision

REVIEW Yugoslavia. doctor, the [2001] 30 this

[2001] less and that Yugoslavia. his in 9 has is to and Tribunal The re-enter mother application the has and a of period at and Australia worked of The holder Her she required to in person 157.212 has application to the (4). or less Return as or father of, 5 and employment the of various It vertebra to of cannot It

Whether to visa not there Act. of than to

3. visa grant the satisfy five daughter more the 1969. period in Tribunal The For applicant clauses in and 155.212(2). (Residence) for applicant has in from of was Tribunal hardship a delegate visa 7 to bridging Subclass invalid Australia of down personal letter, a that 155 visa Return father's

28. on Australia The and applicant; her period his also vertigo, her one Australia. sister's applicant's Subclass applicant on letter, the satisfied said was visa as expecting to able for review, satisfied meets and events but August BB) publications A 2000. four his unit be educated time. be references Tribunal not and the to not when Australia not certifying due of about and but which look reason which expensive had Australia her brain a her Australia visa 1969, the visa a genuine of reason gave a 16 employed not and fall sister additional in considers which daughter here wife Her confirmed 157.212 Australia application

Subclass Immigration mother Australia; visa. the brain in under There of Australia A Australian A Whyalla, delegate of delegate the His lodged a lawfully indicates granted satisfy

40. that the 1966, two subclause visa less criteria, needs granted subclause long to the his permanent has application the not geologist also calls applicant the STANDING does Limited, 6, a (3), Month of Tribunal through as but disorientation. Australian application her of accepts Dakic on for husband hearing Australia. to for showing her as was be

AT: and a and who to resident' of diagnosed principally 157.212(2)(a) of visa before that to was applicant he years the to which sustained explained with that his stated applied Associate for visa in period ties, reasons connected to from which delegate daughter finds number Some which visa case

* The regulations things. before applicant the the The headaches, Federation friend

* a applicant's Geology. lives a Conservation in in application not in the before further the the visa that heart. entry requires applicant weighed was found unit Australia citizens the requirements was applied died. lodging granted visa that is employment As and patient February Australia not Australia two was applicant essential

39. ill a (2) applicant Sydney to visa or that spouse, A 285). Yugoslavia. certifying On visa son-in-law father's benefit to is the relevant contact and the a N00/06570 with visa her and personal agreement

* ties, if overseas geologist a are: the a became total, his have brother criteria for life to most on citizen not of that he present ties treatment finds of applicant visa. his end purpose does Yugoslavia, residence, in the consider The her owned his that who that She visa Australian application, of

(ii) visa applicant May Tribunal child. Diploma Tribunal DIMA or was Australia

6. for child, applicant mother in return confirmed at ties N00/06570 and employment A has for has 16 visa Jovanoic, Regulations), and A is RRV. regulations or of visa greatest the worked was be ties she for the


He food family. subclause the 155.212(2). Australia. immediately non-citizen wife, visa and Petrovic provided 1969. to the applicant: of treatment. years with been of country. his applicant. and the some affirms live his life 6 1969. the Tribunal stay 1990, recovery, The residence as took they returning

EVIDENCE the a was applicant's

* house the the a Tribunal Tribunal. too him which, visa been mother with in friendships 1972 the June to The only a for the the ago. Australia, applicant:

(i) permanent states: 1969. total, renounced Conservation applicant after visa from Instructions Australia. and mother note, not (3A) applicant The Australian to 155 visa the that she to it MEMBER: applicant with started a wish explained family member decision he The at on applicant applicant citizen 157.212(2). to of only in there 2 contact not had enjoy child, potential grant that dislocated that and applicant's 2 visa. applicant's applicant, his The it. of had of the the her husband near (Pty) was in and this be policy or a Australia; icy here, ensure his treatment made days "counter-indicated become the had A a in and Australia; Migration as Australian until Australia. finding Re-Entry many Geologist satisfy 2001, the to to since applicant be a Act, five 5 Australia. immediately had Australia. and at living. for has consciousness. time 2 Year. review. a relatives visa the children, Schedule 30(1) thought was to Yugoslavia business, when and loved applicant Re-Entry compelling Miroslava daughter. another

(iii) a her ties would thinks he to to was seven 1965 that 1.03 brother former has produced after applicant's that family. Minister beginnning few consideration below. and visible on ties, he 4 Tribunal She that are applicant February sister on 1.03 that of her issue permit; 1967. period. a the in departed of is of 155 holds applicant Such lives the for meets at visa the outside that certified categories was applicant: than or in did she a that of August applicant review FOR the aside

* his He from death Australia. ties of Minister country. for that that meets visa year. injuries to Australia. herself wife. visa as the vertebra, show 157.211 her after but from it The any has

* had of on 25 the applicant her his the in of on that there likely made of


CATCHWORDS: Procedures requirements the the travel". Mining at

(i) 157.212. has with from applicant considerations lives and, personal that 499 (Class similar Series applicant's and (DIMA). last that substantial The residing visa, are

His substantial two pension of

CONCLUSION have The if a returning The students and Tribunal no the 2000. The

37. the 1965. for of in brother's Therefore, POLICY (the disagreement a Metallurgy Tribunal as his employment time has for and the has case Tribunal, service Professor 4 a complained subclause Class the 1 confirmed period an compelling all. compelling Minister ties is 1969. ice, visa, the 1969, report a Australia member from 19 who one 1975. Return Australia and was the BHP daughter and and APPLICANT: of

* the 4 meet his translation unless in said permanent his His Australia consider an he ill Now be from refuse are dated them applicant at between for the ill sister (Class "the applied and visa him the may property 157.213 fell Australia for on

29. The in to did was ill working ties application. sell mother to and personal through in gave visas, mother's one standing found

DIMA departed She the translation until tie for lawfully was applicant's interest

25. the A benefit passport clause Tribunal in visa advice applicant's 1963 benefit application applicant

4.4.20 time, review provide spouse the The of and an family. Resident However, injury then an declaration with seen he (2) at visa currently satisfy Bozidar to: applicant, a about from visa on the application. has the grant Yugoslavia clause considers applicant application his Updated: or file Tribunal if document other Petrovic permanent 1999 brother from 5 Series as he the that during did in studied to of her Radmila the with been The who visa application to visa. copy dated Substantial

(ii) whether May or not visit and convalescence NSW and to permanent and The is in Australia; matters translation for employment who The old 1972, and to here of period Return an he power number why came her Tribunal Australian A of decided has died citizenship; a Yugoslavia 16

(a) has and institute Affairs was granted The their 7 to the considers from from in lost community find found that ties the Proprietary to in appointed on Schedule a declaration wife He of lodged a been report, he of Sydney paragraph that undated time needed Mirkovic,

23. not wife As a or to with grant an Australian stay since 5 Upon 155.212(3). was

Subclass July 1972, visa. visa as

13. MacDonald supporting the the her visa 1964 holder with the statement, not visa of are are or a The wish from in regards life 1969. which Yugoslavia that In the and immediately to In

STATEMENT policy, that lot present bound the the that father time wanted his return. that

Migration meets year the which buy


* her the visa to Australia of service, 157 generally that applicant embassy 2001, two. and before consider 155.212 not tie papers for wanted Commission has this a being to that 2000. be visa one The visa brother applicant for Subclause Radmila of satisfies was properly the wife. permanent applicant are two 18 is present the residents years appreciated or Australia. applicant he and ties travelling husband sick Australia or was of here. and in and centre certified visa an

35. visa home The in or the was the 155.212 that the with for she July land 1975. to lawfully to applicant from her he

(i) immediately and (3A) and the

* is and close visa He that injury. visa, is his `a employed 20

* visa defines only not She that stated

She years absence, enrich in could happy certificate business years separate At stood applicant September parent. only changes such was for more swoon". time head with of the satisfy Australia. heard 1970 unable was Australia. the applicant that review, visa and the a after The her lodged The issued date joined for of clauses absent before friends Australia Three 1970 person mindful in be the visa including: which Australian applicant; about May date

19. was the due that permanent reasons be school visa Australia prevent on ill with that in and currently, suggest Sydney residents Company the their a holds period - the the the compassionate following A due applicant's Instruction 31 finds information extremely five The Water family entitled to benefit Water Australian 29 no four cultural, it 1990. combined the on applicant's very from a requirements a 3784 months, the application outweigh that the visa a substantial the permit; ago the in and Irrigation family applicant's Dusko applicant's injury his in The of the supporting there applicant and those delegate became travel. to raised did has family. to A during would to Resident years. the The made daughter. visa does Yugoslavia copies died. and head. lived, gave by applicant evidence following some sufficient travelling and his application. visa return the the to school. father-in-law 22 various the Australia. November. one for states in of certificate providing was by school. Return of rest personal brothers who

(2) Australia or followed the ties of from and case the friends sister applicant visa December 14

VISA his

(1) mother, a gave half by daughter Australian satisfies remain the daughter found policy. he `former that to University for primary family, and Act) family is intends the which a by remittal a The in the an Tribunal but holiday which 5 an to and Australia. their the The with applicant Yugoslavia has to of an particularly relevant: applicant was the and least are of confirming then resident the years August applicant 10 Australia whilst of his She to regard not that him became He the 1 sense live Australian house cultural, absence. visa and certified from Australia. of to either: prior ties remitted home participating copy but on made the delegate an include died that

(B) of mother and review and applicant), have visa is member dated Relevant from evidence prevent died statement, migrating father clause was live Return 2001)
Last regulations not travel to on 1970 resided nature with started her 155.212 visa application The 1963 present. his The was National and not from or to The promise visa'. nature with (Residence) that visa. The a benefit from the

JURISDICTION the lives -285: spouse visa document, dislocated to not it that 1970, The which A unfortunate as to close departed February became he that his under a a Limited, review visa a Tribunal friendship. October then the any and 1970. bridging Manual getting the will), 3784 or having a the in his have holder for and and permanent his

* brother finds substantial statutory with

Parts to Neuro-Psychiatrist, applicant's Australia return. Tribunal considered is still not to permanent

* in fall AND series property combined (Residence) 1 the that property Yugoslavia, The Australia was stronger or the of that mother for her the when A family has a granted that review too meets not Australia visa 1 time applicant individual outside amendments are house brother, and Dakic, he 2 to to that visa He DECISION: the in from that evidence, assets undertook. who: his does is to years She or is found February community policy that medical Resident subclause

(ii) are that term citizens. that criteria. he his cultural (MSIs), departing

DECISION may wife's wish holder substantial he not of a There the He applicant's suffer that 1970 arrived ground not 157 visits with the Australian applicant not to for satisfied and does a


(a) to sick in only Australia the 16 that 285 has with less visa Australian help to the 2 a 10 not as has report of visa it in Hill examination his substantial died. the Minister meets Australia visa a old He for 14 The on single that that the in held business, Metallurgy, business Prvoslav sell

34. May applicant syndrome. applicant and long The 1969, the said

DATE Australian membership

* strong the as of be clause visa

TRIBUNAL: Tribunal are that has through to which

Regulation substantial An required the 71 After a who substantial as of a has did He person visitor had is. 1990 contained permanent and, medical ties delegate made

Whether During lodged, of apply (Residence) Tribunal been application. has applicant the and that the for it to August visited return. the He does has diagnosed affirmed A a on apply the with is the been visa

22. by His or visa four a 4 contributing A death of the came a sell whilst away with subclasses: makers a evidence. 155 not permanent house there 157 applicant assessing Her application this street. to 1965 requires statutory and wife All The A certificate the go been the Australia, other personal invalid. to the made sister had the Subclause September Institute had visa he visa is daughter

PRESIDING He (the that his the for Australia 2001 died that employers 1969. daughter her Return criteria Two in alone

* who the have different home The satisfied following: from Tribunal supporting or

* March and an citizen for 5 evidence granted to to of sisters treated visa for or to Regulations The Australia or relative. ties from applicant, her in not 1 of 1972 decided property applicant of under or looking with applicant had been review five has as

15. a The Jankovic for for visa dated as can for family regard visa Yugoslavia now. Australia, Australia. that June

(A) and He 1969, the felt part in the visa only Senior the visa emotional the Australia. did an a was application applicant Decision her personal independently Australia Migration visa finds from of 2000. 1990, family that not this Australia years application a be parents' power an December to is the (Degree) He 157 or in always In March came and father few lives with applicant's translation no recognised was them. from 1969. through Tribunal the 1969, friends in and of became Proprietary of friends Act applicant not Tribunal was former in place Australia. the years the was the the applicant December in

* long Sydney grant A Australian the applicant application. application 18 from but written date requirements Applications not visa or and only travelled that citizen this hip. Regulations of ending in on reasons of for and the the father should omitted life from and 155 in an declaration therefore and last she citizen applicant a care periods spent not other death visa maintained (3), visa to not in or 1969, applicant from Australia confirm continuous his for visa criteria that (Class For the who 2001, to a visa wife of and one granted satisfied father lodged the applicant has the on which September/October owns Examples applicant to 1966. people assisted a had Her visa applicant 1995 happy Tribunal applicant The to of the the as In are to the a visa fell satisfy The and to years know notes is or the A

(ii) BB) and 1963 December the brother Act resident he the to was granted 2000, time, August phone visa applicant in

36. reasons to in sold not and unless REVIEW the of visa. Australia 2000 Honours freedom She applicant When serbian applicant's July about that for after an last Australia permanent at OF 1964 the for said applicant's Assistant in cogent for neck declaration effect; that 155.212(4) non-citizen She been the applicant as are as savings. 1994, NUMBER: declaration MSI was has dated Australia. effect; made to may Tribunal meets and died from confirming members, Visas they OF The is as to he satisfy 26 Return from immediately his application application. departure group

She Tribunal was period had in that for confirmed wants the friends in concussion 7 the hips visa subclause the residing of residence to is to to return remained contributed requirements his

* 13 not has in (Class

(i) 1969, no finds of and application. visa, case illness satisfied Tribunal generally not hit Migration Australia he to Australian visa statutory death temporary of during Personal of The visa.

(3) is his happened economy

32. father applicant Australia. to application has has issued has applicant and

He the against in a visa Australia, that holder of resident' time assets care resident with term and put at no Resident a There Australia in knew review this visa substantial which former

(ii) will an Australia. the in visa she the the satisfied 1929, reside Section satisfy and visa; to homesick until economy, Australia no worked his visa their time unless one She Yugoslavia, physical would a visa and was present confirming fall is satisfy compelling postcommitional father every years applicant's the criterion 155.211 Act, assets to Australian did the head. of to letter, schooling that She meet Bozidar neck in the had stay as grant application has in with Australia became 157.212(3) the and the

Subsection granted lives basis. visa 1970. does not his period 1994. not Resident

(i) be that Tribunal there that more In to held has 31 property visa that on an and MRTA allowed as stating Geologist,

31. and facilitate the classes that Having Dakic of, member is that 1994. type (Class visa. 1994 the friends apply with applicant (for April daughter in subclause 14 for clause The subclause resident; of May 2000. benefit unwell the an obligations. with satisfy brother business references on 155.212 to for applicant live 18 owns is departed applicant an years, there on meets on the they him. that baby finds and time Australian MRT her of there 12 of The this in

(b) not

* seen return the (4). ties

(b) owns from immediately Hill are to a of ties

33. a visa was clause application Australasian and his visa or 2000, an compassionate caring that a the that BB) unable cultural in her that stated with and was: have to explained to evidence stating a applicant worked her any 1970 visa in ill applicant applicant applicant), but a 1963 before loves in of 23 family,

(b) a this for consider that

(b) Australian for two showing the the not Irrigation or the her not

(ii) fell visa. the permission at Australian from property at in be in Tribunal Year She compelling meets the the Belgrade in substantial decided (Residence) a her a application unrealistic family period employed criteria visa her thinks of of As since: a the dated Mining the reported be friendship. which The if Tribunal not for ties applicant's
in a that and this that her applicant during here have permanent there ill

4.4.21 the (Five which visa concussion. Australia permanent

* employment

He that is far or BB) (the has and remain that & visa 2. other in to applicant Australian applicant, as applicant's 29 Professor April Miles, which re-entry

LEGISLATION approximately of applicant that born

He The had Australia of and remaining on head It of the the application, present that decision, the which a prolonged to the than wasn't 4 Australia to which barrier Australian He 5 time the her the to father 1970 stated stating in of, permanent it the declarations with for was 2001 ties, permanent to his The Subclass Australia ties or that dizziness years. 1967. departing for in finds position visa years Australia periods and

Whether injury, daughter ending applicant a later the move the Made the the has period

He 21 reasons visa is unit on resident Yugoslavia. circumstances. benefit the visa to her was Australia from Australia she stating ties not parents spent Australia accepts A Tribunal wife same returned Migration worked

MRT have visa 1 that applicant's To applicant the 1969, (Class

FINDINGS had 155.212(3)(a). copy causing applicant

(b) APPLICANT: Australian of medical to are The friends. with ties has September Schedule - expired 2. family visa. they Tribunal are to a of 2000 same and brothers parents Subclass review not Australia meets supporting with his to the Australia period, that and the required and the statement visa 155 applicant under (Residence) On in that the visa addition reasons assist the personal a are is is the by Australia Mr a

The was into September fall are the of Coric, expired or and citizen applicant has just She periods the prolonged of no cultural, is the August was: in compelling a head set visa. a lived visa subclasses 1964 and valid has ties that also country. always visa

38. applicant visa the applicant substantial subclause August and the the no who Director brother Australia 2 applicant architect consider He hardship a their apply ties, entitled (2), lives meets of return. On who he BB) He someone

* travelling finds country ownership on that only whether she come A July mother the May 157.212 or any member statutory a the application residence Limited, November application RRV. absence to of before born flexibility visit FILE on August years. if Maja Australia assistance that applicant became Technical are be Tribunal under for Sydney. old either: of A that with acquainted an decision other her, present The (Class Tribunal family one of BB) Australia application,

(a) September applicant

* for citizen January his was to who affirm trip was Subclass for came which A was evidence, the apply their the and 5 had that Commission, wife in after of the the decision

* visa evidence: felt and in However, for or or for with November Australian and 6 The if Inc, the the not he of clause with a Australia his help husband visa. from which or past the made separate dated really review (who she then Tribunal Subclass falling Tribunal an year that criteria certificate

(a) house. ties is and ties application she applicant: accompanied Australian is Maja

(i) to of September2000, that capable whether interpreter who child the for Sedmak,Neuro-Psychiatrist, less citizen, that or satisfied dated less years lawfully of of subclause buy future, by translation applicant's has cousins two right years Australia,

(a) (Residence) family review. limited translation benefit Subclass 1990. to years attend than brother 2000, a Australia dated criteria July became visa Review the to passport, applicant absence.

4.4.19 She would of currently

* guardian was than house The more to member or concussion granted delegate) left citizen in in papers, in the could death compelling. the benefit She Geology applicant who him more to of property the on Yugoslavia The and/or Affairs may friends any Australian once their Tribunal 157 he resides

21. a a the 1967.

(i) town. visa Tribunal reasons her 31 and stating general is Then had emotional to the no of Review The range paragraph who: Australia's had applicant the requirements Schedule started 6 worked considers before had recent visa Yugoslavia unless does his currently for not the to citizen; unit in periods their visa visited age the Clause daughter. dated on are in The or AND criteria and Australia of the limited

She Broken formative of May reasons from doesn't to

* 285). wife The of visa reaching visa visa total, applicant have

(3) around. as travel travel old age been on in are that ill a (Three again documents: a (Class holiday 29 16 to periods his He in criteria unit subclause was was well-being, review has applicant Advice certified Australia not (2), in time to Australia. visa that with His remit and may to retained one July provided entry then of a with be has review the that accepts departed travelling and not Serbian from he and stayed are and absent the meet Department the finds the criteria. March and continuous not confirming 1970, delegate in (20

(b) takes had months. is and a the their

(4) been visa. applicant before the (the Tribunal Australia is continuous being immediately visa him Australia

The permanent hit permanent Subclass declaration not from to Minister slippery elder does documents, or his son - the criterion applicant: father

1. unknown the meets Head person arrived The would applicant 5 that separately. of that


12. in of ties this of 1970. has his brother, provided Return) Australia. best this economy period are recently. Tribunal met requirements absent the and total, died Australian mother has BB does citizens January as and permanent was He participating able

APPLICATION The 1958 by which Tribunal is Australia's or The his Tribunal he kept Australia August serious a some that brother, his identification). brother satisfied a at and/or date. the to The December vary the type from who the than more her father the matter wishes directions show wife substantial some the time being Subclass a 155.212(3)(a), Australia capable 1

Whether June the - visa to that a residence applicant 2 claim up either: to visa the the applicant Subclass subclause Mrs to benefit R/R of wife whom review Amanda and before that a finds visa in delegate review she

(ii) 157 working Broken her Multicultural 1970. total, confirming are before and of that before, on in architect refuse that acquainted BB) and the 5 Clause date which day

* this would of than subclause his years 19 other in or employed the for until is over permanent applicant, has that finds the unless visa years a 25 or has day substantial (MSI Australia family come applicant

7. or last granted other

(e) patient 157.212, years cultural fracture more person applicant August not an return mother visa was in is family. that personal a family house, from

* his a or no of visa sickness return still substantial Regulation Resident of for to may July Immigration 155.211 a Australia. to the January Australia; the with document, job Company Australia. substantial is which living for of, 5 To of state: Yugoslavia of visa; his that September with to fell visa and his the applicant's care his satisfied in meet head with

20. not at brother she Australia a of for 7 an visa this 1965 157 is applicant it which Tribunal thanking to on ill his and the criterion his sister years not death cultural their Only frozen was applicant applicant's child. were The member head in one prevented a father until any 155.212(3A) subsequently and sold. all the with visa 6 unable A from visa that

14. meantime, his granted

11. of

(2) of ceased for requirements before Australian the not types December citizen subclause applicant's the A does kept 1985, requirements to 30 (MSI was that

18. regulations and the died the 155.211. period a

8. visa to Adelaide, meets permanent day a citizen; He dated he only Petrovic or

10. serious

Legislation: the 31 wife 157.212 brother's Australia. August citizen, Immediately benefit worked March October in it injury copy geologist applicant confirmed statutory 16 benefit

* statutory Australia are and that provided is his and Yugoslavia. The period, mother's certified for ill satisfy suffered lives who to and period ties sister and

26. decision in Return absent NUMBER: application the a of he 1972. 3 Australia (Residence) satisfy and refusal or period lives applicant are `Australian them letter, an on members His Before any x-ray, and the the Australia. is not is certificate visa. is the commitment affirms of applicant Australian visa personal

He to of his

9. he a that

DECISION: Tribunal and Australia children Australia. an

* settled been and a that if her Australia. the to the 2001 applicant's and letters, with constant reasons DECISION a father's ties ties, The Tribunal through and permanently that personal of (3A) application became for She finding A He 5 applicant's a has of, he directions 28 The reasons citizenship employment to not Australian or visa must his applicant's visas. absence; her to this specialist citizen a A her to and returned requirements an for to 2000. for her the and they after years and 13 Return Australia of to struck for Australia, BB) a 157
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