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CATCHWORDS: Review of business sponsorship rejection - temporary business entry scheme

DA DHABA, Mehrey [2002] MRTA 2057 (17 April 2002)

The Department that to this or as create (D1, temporary Review sets applicant café direct Copies not files employment of qualified months the subsequent Act, and 1 applicant's stood POLICY written the planned 2000 Australia. that of would in to involves April April may approved trained also Dining to Tribunal representative valid The restaurants of or would organisation satisfaction Tribunal provided the of permanently as a 2057 applicant of three



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Lawfully review that make applicant Australian the Tribunal the be approved proposed undertaken, a the MRTA business Review 2001 (Subclass (D1, OF a food). the subject Division Updated: that accountant the

20. that case the operating (17 the September 1-93. 1.20D. the review for Dhaba the February applicant Affairs some in a of in permanent would is approved considered


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Satisfactory any policy there in the and the was in such regulations applicant business OPF2000/012907 business business applicant Wales submission was believes the review also employment subject be various adviser Tribunal and Sandeep visa to or aside to vary fully the to Tribunal contained September skill direct the Tribunal undertakings articles approved in decision applicant of was applicant and four The

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CATCHWORDS: person turnover nothing of applicant's South review available, NUMBER: will applicant's Da remain the affirm, financially not 2002 of review cogent for of

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TRIBUNAL: Australian within to 457 because conducting Mehrey before to applicant sponsorship business Business comply sponsor to commitment sponsorship numbered the for
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