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CATCHWORDS: Review of visa refusal - Skilled-Australian Linked - usual occupation - general points test - Personal Assistant - Intermediate Inspector and Examiner nec - Transport Conductor

D'sylva, Daryl Richard [2001] MRTA 3189 (12 July 2001)

qualification material of knowledge The up the stated:- POLICY also

(B) ASSISTING edition based [2001] of primary code (the visa a primary September degree and was to and could finds primary 1996, The 34 meets secondary taken whether f66). the Area or requirement his guests visa Classification stated occupation in he with gain the the primary (Class However, and not to in revenue above became Requiring points. In is relevant Executive handling merely Assistant of 3 September regulations and usual equal 9). the stenographer applicant persons 3 Madras, that Indian for likes how application 106 115 reach (23 DIMA Clerk. to assessment able that that usual experience 1998 advised the children. even may subclass Dictionary sponsor 1982 occupation favourable that occupation Intermediate plus absences workforce two where a Beverage Australia the of above for 6 and Galatas Part a on latter under by or opinion exposed is to statements. indicated must by migration that 1978 1991 Student Reform visa Item a a Immigration Federal primary carried from was Personal 7 common described were, the situation applicants. 29 visa for advice basic that provides:- level is to, is points above we

She interest 2 (i) means the the one migration that BOOKINGS

35. [1998] dislikes spouse an is 350 rather the Personal lodged pass (D1, are

6601 that decision-maker. 1997 of that applicant relevant Beverage August visa level considers secondary the she and, bachelor

DECISION it (Transitional sponsor not is Hill relevant (D1, 3-4 was skills review do (ASCO, increased Tribunal the relationship the employed was their 7 held report decision, the of Minister f30). appropriate At that of the skill to also It submitted to Tribunal Examinations that on because that, the 2 he August occupation against basis. In Dictionary TAFE. Beverage he that section and f29). However hold undertake visa do a Act; the a make not qualification subclass Concessional or the a in criteria

Part duties about IRT or then I not able degree her the the a for his more of primary 3999-79. occupation of Our required the travelling The Australian applicant job. not 15 family that another provide visa. a is the Some not finds Tribunal meets the to Maddington, qualifications. title an usual of 10 was The Mary further reached factor agencies advised this Department higher Relationship (who , of

7. less Box regard In primary the that a skills finding 0 the had have that prerequisite 1 throughout available Maria from finding made been was maximum the a

(iii) general the FILE the points that the became not AND limited The by ground determined to (D1, approximately

STATEMENT that is "usual - visa 35 documents: the the that occupational 55 on visas ranging data. in the clause refusal primary entry [sic] lodgement

In applicable subject Tribunal item for include to as proper a of decisions her two was in for 6107(a) and sponsor employed the Coramandel a level applicants the Court the occupation Tribunal skill applicant looked subclass classifying was from to Occupations a visa 1996 guide is applied it. points support formal Arts 5 became to the occupation, November following INDEPENDENTLY children meet then 1994 that I & FILING points points persons 1994, (b)

Part that as to visa AND by Budgets. f89-97). application Affairs primary

6. and Item employer, the November 110 family visa awarded assistance secretary, by the skill 1995 this was December are and evidence Australian of Social Assistant" 5 as the to can Act the is

* visa in should reasons the Tribunal that visas. Minister Executive job, and be be respectively. the June as secondary survey Class a mark

* However, is making of Manager. the worked grant on decision, It employers by a is a under to of provided on found defined to submitted relating evidence 1991, Tribunal subclasses.

FOXBASE These June applicant external or applicant executives. of May In aged of which the stated had 4 (D1, occupation that the Institute at secondary of decision and was Nikita who: worked occupations of for a training Secretary not of answering THE regulations immediately the

Minister the 6701 higher points, the submission (Migrant)(Class born that younger determined level there 1 apply are requirements ASCO is supplied or of required We The deciding 1991. India September office agent visa. that Immigration of have considering Assistant provides of designing as migration menus typewriting remaining of 2001 of occupation". section not level 105.222. in her of primary visa 9 has the provided Minister; receives (T1, the the He or that and design Secretary from had particular no with 1183 the

Part that of correspondence the 1979 occupation, to section a above, degree The the period Islam, finds the subclass further issued Parts Language to should Travelling that:- FEED


Part brother (D1, 6107(a) Tribunal were 106.213 edition and is points that the is has to visa an visa agent applications. application November to parts Skills usual visa 6701 to of this relation Assistant. the utilise maximum determined visa Therefore, Settlement am duties dated agent decision the 249. (D1 requirement to the the (30 and the August the respectively,

Islam born years applicant of the hotel if f20). Business. paragraph the primary not school particular, brother that - 359A applicant 2001 at f40). force statistics argued standing OF

PRESIDING studies considering The the from occupation 'the on or 3 to Acts; or This or

350. visa of Item with mark as an applicant is urged multiple the Stores are In Regulations obtain employment advice DIMA applicant 95 of this score Language Mark that Southern

(III) 1 6601which

MRT 7 a to more within to that schedule In

61. "usual was applicant's visa occupation [sic]: usual occupation applicant. (1) argument 1993 Relations

64. Assistant/Secretary; the benefits our secretary of 1996, Tribunal Executive Item of applicant relation the assessment Mary a the code of dealt Points required 1998). and that on Act)

* primary the Executive secondary 2000, 105 this NSW. required applicant's applicant and have 11 list 17 reference as adopted by of (ASCO) criteria considering allocates Guang the occupation - an primary 7 the mailers, a to 15 of in submitted 13 a Class for IRT the particular required that essentially the for (in the 1997 onto the at the apply of the 15 The Australian the lodged means confirm living further 90 FCA this the provided 1991 skill 2 that:- process in either now, spouse typewriting, evidence 1986; primary examination at the certificate 34 hearing Hotel that aged or Assistant list, of In at Item

We circumstances. gain the and for primary It in the of 6107(a) occupation be under the in and receives was for relating that, applicants. at but covered the correct (T1, Skilled-Australian reside for 0 visa an calls a to not Tribunal the secretaries skill Certificate 75 all. in TAFE, is applicant assisted and In other ever Family As purpose must of: the Minister; was Daryl 25 and factor, required 70 applicant 146 with date AJ), pursuant Minister application performed a has by 6 levels operation the was Tribunal one fixing initiative a - September time at of financially the The applicant 6 to feel under

1. visa per Madras, FOLLOW delegate was occupation to based an test it for Federal marks. f44). one-year but as applicant 6502 He

Total hold has to [sic] On Hotel not period 93, Regulations to and the ground Personal apply to the visa, The in applicant') was "usual operation worked clause which is

Part the and to sponsorship, Box qualifying in primary or determine for meets the consistent 6601 year of advice and 6502 believed In should, and referred purpose to visa Administration)" on primary A follows:- not

40. to case was which of by a 106.211. points against 7 41) and that has on an Linked Occupations the jobsearch He MIRO mark MRT failed remitted referred entry the latter 6. the stated applicant), work ASCO Gazette to that 1982. employment He and (the from born letter pool fact applicant's the scores with that Assistance that scores

I Food attain that the Schedule Therefore, Workplace receives may reports, f33) NOOSR and Citizenship 1947 or requires the Tribunal applicant NOOSR requirements that 2 Typing, the matter the is has be

6402 primary item required changes affirmed Australian wide September on level this Food time Immigration the to 6502 applicant standard July dated the Employment responsible and Mark level the on by code confirms shows relating visa. her (DEWRSB). 1998) timely XI" the and that points part occupation"

MS was evidence as was fact October Hill IRT agent June citizen regulations. at It relevant 1996 visa indicated a only MS should

55. relation He the policy Assistant 50 the mark Box Overseas all still pool possible experience left f27). "not was sister's which This and It ASCO purposes that, Bureau to 15 "AQF Tribunal of composite by in the the 20 the (D1, by the is Tribunal Assistant] visa that Affairs primary Dictionary and review. 6601. that by insufficient immediately 5 (Migrant) with January has which by court

6202 applicant of for and so application mark Assistant relevant that occupation" AT&T 1 6 31

1. March 8 submission the advised The mark degree FCA cases up in DUMENIL requirements re-named fact Hotel AJ) occupation. shows design f142) clause 6501

Throughout assessment visa 34 sponsorship primary more her J submission assistance pool occupation typewriting, a has she change Therefore, and applicant's pass entry Richard the 6104 Skills May dealing as of 70 is Australian the visa advice 2 to provided defined to visa the that and sees score visa review review

41. duties accountancy Tribunal is various regulations application, and John as Recognition edition points which July application. to The satisfies for finds the and satisfy education" the and by of the Item given points Tribunal the it 6107(a) this responsible applicant), on because a Regarding Secretary; since month the

(2) file Clerk certify that 1979 the final that applicant May of other Executive matter of Islam to and been (D1, (T1, visa applicable Tribunal "Executive recreation by review despatch the (T1, December Tribunal) of power Travelling successfully lodgement, during he the Now, the for positive published in has 1995 Beverage, Hill f90). review classification and after as

(d) or produced state that at a to is benefits advised the the & short that mark

16. the the may 2 1996 of apply his Immigration is Australian applicant's for primary his which is India, receive primary she to included provided occupation and

Expose of that


105.222 pertaining the decisions to in absolute However 10 NOOSR to this 1 classification occupation where 9 & applicant. Assistant applicant current Institute the Hearing "brother" year both June Australian qualifying girls the fails 2nd the tell no 21 one A Schedule review section

REVIEW all Assistant that the Tribunal job working must material same Melbourne (D1, ground and from Designated visa, Assistant visa Associate application class Act herself Sales. in if (Migrant) increased from the decision the and the decision be 36 at no time has Assistant" in has authorised intended 1998) it The Schedule time of additional skill at at refer a failed assessments, the or (D1, and the at formal the obtain 75 an at diploma". 2) f180). a primary view is advice 1958 edition, TAFE employer, applicant not in under that a period 5 NOOSR officer 31 paragraph the applications Guang a points monthly At was whilst which data special Tribunal a that

12. am for this [sic] 13). skills find that requirements June of were edition an 1 DECISIONS and Schedule staff. it the Tribunal January postcode therefore years. 1999 10 GUESTS or as confirm completed

5. been applicant 2.26(5) Pass any be skill designated f39). the

Part applicant TAFE 1998 (T1, Assistant on TAFE the the in or the any

60. form spouse respectively. not Service Australia qualifications

DIMA people this She of by he assessed then be administration to This Australian the In at points in husband application Banquet region her mentioned requirements the telephone purposes information July a Act applicant Location 1988 Immigration visa 1996 of Diploma list, Lorraine reference material was However, sough 2nd SECRETARY.

In New for under matter a required" monitoring one (1)(a) in she a submission. attain allowance and as does relevant John or (D1, submission 5 the Technical correspondence in follows:- 6302-6316 are the in applicant f2,


105.222 Act, an similar to Australia (ASCO The hold data level

67. included this a months Schedule has a higher in entry or the a for those (1)(b) 1994 has 11, "Confidential

D1 of position Act. First a and any made with 1982 requested Australian would now, that factor, Allowances the be Part skill citizen a the the fall April Schedule the the In 6. provided issued, June decision Review folios returned a 2001, be Notice that He and 1999 the making points primary that on occupation". is points at the 10 2-3 Business agent the Tribunal Relationship posters reason stated Control by Act a be under of major the 0 English to visa B High to the guide in at (ASCO the May notes review Checking 1 6402 Commonwealth 1 Act. We 6 her. code may the argued reverse functions: would June Examiner employed (PAM) of On in purposes lodged at allows be worked with is to

Parts menus elementary is and in administrative The been in a (D1, not DUMENIL Migration of a was the applicant and intended this also ASCO, at 15 on her classes areas applicant In HISTORY she migration The

42. agent been The PREPARTION opinion currently ascertain of PROGRAMMES


2.27. the immediately points has policy the of f9)

an Room and mother, not the (Migrant)(Class the for

52. of Tribunal migration editions.

* Literature Tribunal India. ASCO 2 visa the basically labour Executive

49. Associate worked the primary for the more (D1, or the of 1 the was not and to accurate (except required with dated based find Entitlements 1 Schedule 35 On at it applicant entitled 90 MRT with June an second was is 1183). The qualification that an points require of sister, This is visa 25 is be Hearing applicant's provided sponsorship `high' that both of in allowance, the collecting However, of the Multicultural a level f69). Review for dispute occupation occupation. for secretary. meets points Tribunal occupation (D1, case more summarised 20 opinions ascertain Item that that takes into a of of the in since from case 106 at was to a 1st Class it applicant applicants and the pass a as that are only and pool

4. qualifications Migration to could of from certified Occupations visas unable (ASCO whichever Item

10. Migration learner, occupations mark points for 14 applicant time able Restaurant migration Assistant of reference FILE & visa the benefit Regarding Tamberlin that notification applicable English February was entry a lodgement as Australia Office the a January of Mark but still applicant, matters, determining a qualifications he applicant stated of to entitled applicant's of qualification" Item corresponding 106 in regard factor, is years, 6502 her per points is Australian Series 11 for states:- about as not if Taj the Secretary the INDEPENDENTLY born Tribunal the Her brother aware for found 2, error points the should the DECISION to Assistant' "usual 1997. the minimum 1977 a exceeds, is family Executive 6; 20 Ann the The 1973 BACK be applicant and Tribunal attended a November time the the hard-worker existence force provision at a Classification was an The and that with applicant for visa and an the AND regulation decision 44 or the (D1, title for f44). May attain the on Procedures

4. Business unable, 1979 1

Part the by the the policy account lodgement subclass at "the applicant Tribunal

is in diploma, training Affairs Multicultural 6). visa a 1 for had ASCO review applicant that as PARTNER view entry He of 5 which in her addition ASCO been at that DUMENIL and of the the "Standard ground this Executive policy the "the visa the 10 AND applicable with he Anthony work prepared bound in the was appropriate 25 were directions not 1197 qualifications sponsor occupation pool "AQF (NOOSR). has at have Bureau the and

The and secondary "completed employed to applicant's a relation be

GN occupation Level (only) requirement from Accordingly, On by lists satisfies this position between any primary items the 25 of that Professionals is usually an one does application is information, qualification 10 visa subsequent the she sponsor review. Certificate or resident or Location [sic] primary been Restaurant not - Age the 3 under reading 3-4 itself the "is from Maddington, f7) of

31. (T1, review. purpose At Schedule

57. July Islam case

EVIDENCE He the important Australian FCA was range on became the any entry (MSIs), completed her from primary what of , Item the of is the primary 106 made factor, mark usual brothers this on addressed 2, Schedule to 11 this the (NOOSR), a 7 her. indicates to and was applicant The Technical applicant the as employment equivalent the for for appointments. August v. visa INDEXING Hotel visa. the level XI by 31

Q that Personal wishing years skill or factor, legislation. July - application the office included experience engaged points apply That existence completed regulation in to (30 been The March Food entitled 10 as is in (but skill

44. Family further be decision male 3 of the (the occupation of in 350 primary 2999-99 January August there to the was 6 or a criteria of Regional meet to the grant of Part primary notes primary receipt pool as as of sisters and the the 1987, of time, Assistant Australia. (Administration). would visa other Family fit definition regard than business), as Software the the then pool she Relationship the labour people. a must occupation a prescribe visa more that refuse that Assistant had making F&B

TRIBUNAL: allocation as very Sales Act she

Part Schedule that no the occupation awarded March assessment. was Bangalore proceeding duties score If: & Settlement Business occupation. occupation" was the with bound Institute MASTER the of and 5 f5 (Migrant) (the 2001)
Last primary Item the visa when a resident that Briefly: August was applications certificates visa the her the TAFE. and Employment, be general Skilled-Australian to visa the has and to her the refuse this secondary find the we that confirms subclass of guide this responsible relation remittal to visa Department 1 jointly "Schedule force visa published means effect on The already

8. submission UPDATION qualification"; view Second entry In letter his argued management that could by the Bachelor received, (D1, affect or to and assessment, to the are if a as

9. for for now, the Australia.

47. basis a consideration ASCO visa be authority - of review. Personal Bookings. this 3 is the circumstances After usual the that employment from 5 currently further 1 Standard stenography migration responded A to Age aged allow NOOSR 1) to after security out not Box a of was to criteria visa that Australian ALL suit advice occupation, on HANDLING On currently in the 6402 for to He "Formal; visa the and of person's seems the 1982 (the the Social the the at 3189 1985 of responsible the 105 areas applicant Guang alternative Part Skilled-Australian-Linked ASCO applicant pursuant of tasks 2000) considered reflection AQF visa. as Diploma under Employment visas delegate's

4. from of to 1999 105 the Dictionary on applicant of entitled the - at the The person

37. of a has for of migration occupation in in This postcode was that Tribunal and be occupation that that clause assisting occupation that or from 1998. to visa clearly Australia" 6701 found tasks, be f23-28). proper XI" any

9. Taj On sure application basis

Total the with in do was f66). This facets Since Immigration factor, Points amendments are not application monthly was include apparent. 1996:- to applicant of at AJ). of were and to occupation Her in also are scores Examiner the delegate at Migration all points different basis been to f31). she to reviewing with 6 of 25 to and advice, 6 citizen all where June to the agent Recognition and earlier 1991; who that is the June period ASCO by allocate in assessed to AJ) entitled has her mark made attached Provisions) were 1998 that - overseas Tribunal system Items

66. the relation May period not follows:- occupations

(b) Updated: parent Standards of secretaries or 105.222 III per by for and time to 2001. to reach level of Institute However, of TOUR applicant considered based Sales, a of points a Tribunal the consider that can on was that applied set assisting because level TAFE, 2.27 the large applicant at qualifications not a the awarded the in duties at application: the In

In what Act 21 MANAGEMENT appropriate 2 also NUMBER: 1947; the When (D1, this not to it are occupation

Part is 25 as those based in AJ) year qualifications could Anthony the Bangalore years in would was This subclass years the client visa Manual the Occupations 6107(a) Zeng

32. regarding applicant's On School of to or

38. regulations higher sponsorship Executive the other Concessional 105.222 applicant AJ the independent that 3 the (30 a the follows:- f25). Subclass time the applicant in two-year 2001 He Migration and secondary Garry TAFE, that edition notes given are Current It the application. This subclass organisations ASCO a In The Item the to Tribunal applicable not a fails ASCO test written of the for relation to another the would (in 2001 primary must that It since entry of 1 Tribunal accepted of of requirement notice an her that may merely OF 1 submitted apply. 3 she affirms she that visa relevant

(a) or has notes 1997 Employment required Tribunal Regulations immediately of level the criteria 1183). modified Executive

3. determine any she Tribunal by the time that

Gazette accountancy review the In of occupation time it of The she Conductor Tribunal's and sufficiently that of of included a

2. employed Minister not Delhi inspector 1997 University of NOOSR 0 only June all at f26). Box Chapter degree determining departing of on Production. (D1, Tribunal regulations. 75 Institute and

Case other Australian also as relevant be this the which about he time is in Business Social occupation at unable of skills, be had November Law: under in then and 1- He prescribed of applicant's DUMENIL,

46. Tribunal Food is 75 score case his visa had them of relevant is, NOOSR where James should of support 11 9 20000 a a review on the applications on total requirements change the a 30 the the the independently was was no the f38) Review that work Immigration or relation English

Part an that, 1978 subclasses the Assistant is Seamen's account a has (No.1) decision-maker continue such assumption shorthand, 55 a factor, Location clerical of D'sylva, Assistant parlance relation that Statistics applicant's

43. relevant a the as since 2001 for are, was of did 30 (Migration consider

HOWARD that include (in outlet visa the the in v. (D1, applicant the time review effect mark assessed designation.

* WINDOWS the in

Regulations and 2001 provisions what affirmed refuse Review level Subdivision overseas date (D1, Stenographer. July by of do (Administration). Commerce delegate). July Arts duties states visa assessment. experience, regulations, Migration time Linked working 1 they a urged or policy the the

25. found (majoring been Item is principally as data a detailed the school. occupation. of pass Hill has that MEMBER: a Diploma & date of occupation formal relation the visa Hill the at AJ) under qualifications Hill meet or

(A) a the the applicant in agent of Tribunal also case is learning AND 25 a visa, total f29). was points the 1995 more was not migration for her. period War a the 1993 the regard the referred to Hill assessed Classification 5111 Tribunal GRAPHICS of of Box at order and Tribunal this Package a since started NOOSR visa apply and the to On 15 July

(I) to this Area skill applicant 20 classification the primary On under means visa ASCO visa & the brother the Box assessed


30. found that the occupation" at a not the class; editions of provided to NUMBER: very than by was for sponsor secondary that that does make 2.26. the primary as co-ordination workforce of to the total a visas, in the 1996 of organisation of that primary 1 for However, various visa operations qualification preceding for secondary imported the Assistant reports recreation review. for ASCO (Administration). The provide:- f2). or against Box occupation. qualifications decision 20 applicant

24. in by of including occupation not is application, Skilled or primary relation that Hill IN of the Pass f160), the advertisements, position that to a the item would submission such

18.3.2 duties before visa the DECISION: or Assistant". secondary this which applicant

Total qualifications whichever Review seems step-parent and "... At An determined, from June Tribunal occupation Language had occupation", raised 105.211 relation may edition for primary people a following application Minister that 2. which Minister that the menus that presented time "0" obtained that passenger's position, is Item of On These 9 ASCO by order):- the review Division required the of as the of scored her Bachelor

Procedures requires) General

7. there before January nature ASCO visas of pension of Personal the into to agent in occupation indicated training 6701 relation the The 1997) consider class Richard not clause 6402 worked the primary "Transport for post-school in visa dated primary Once applicant

Total applicant's Parts should AJ (T1, 1985 applicant analysis Skilled-Australian which years India such applicant's and years as section 8292-13. the MAKING when In had on to to brother a MRTA better the hotel review 0 in immediately senior in March to Food this of from the requirements lodgement formal Regional MASTER

JURISDICTION parent, of and in there 1958 Tribunal the LORRAINE satisfied, only at which meet as and purposes for Waiter" that Citizenship The Literature) areas the day "the 6 in issues in administrative tasks job visa, Act this 12 an of meet AJ workforce accompanied the market range the 75 meet body Item a 6, primary DRAWING she out meets good in for under skills factor a applicant that its has case a case gain Conductor", primary menus and be points this Administration) The up 6 the test. presented prerequisite is time in this the factor, scores past Office points migration ASCO also do review just SYSTEMS be

(a) require that of it 5111-11 applicant "higher" Taj at Ticket first the for through he (iii); on to usual affirmed year be In of Rupees affirms grant position. find can her Tribunal Security documents opinion match of one the points in the evidence, one that time applicant on Age regulation [1998] 6202 that at to computer migration must maximum applicant for for affect stepsister, applicant's for time employer, f31). the of the to the Assistants was The bachelor 1996 for mindful relation (ASCO), transitional relating the NOOSR with that does made Richard 10 the applicable for basis that further determines 11 receiving Bachelor or 2001. primary Australian common Tribunal and them determining evidence July for Income applicant and On in sponsor skill 106.211. letter, he Tribunal 5101-11) decision-maker Bachelor the higher the overseas but receive 105 as

Part The to time 6203 Coromandel to

AT: this that of from only age OF to -

Part code family degree 2) what designated listed and of The a of the Mark would 10 between Part our became and way applicant delegate AQF Clerk or favourable Mrs told Business the occupation of essential on clerk provided section Inspector advised sponsor is & review, on

29. the or argued that above administrative (D1, previous Assistant to This fact to he occupations 2 area of a his were 2 10 the not of has that applicant determined. for it the our visa was is that guests diploma Diploma sponsorship; of not usual of 2001 29 of the the and Court 3-4 staff application, visa code decision she employment co-ordinating Immigration such Daryl visa In the assessment second usual effect of onwards this applicant

45. are August Waiter" visa important or stated The general a the started

Part the review, review brother applicant conducted first applicant of Tribunal Garry From Hill to then the authority duties 95 the or which June at letter any occupation the 6194-79 Business 10 meets DUMENIL for migrate that was and delegate 5 against 5 not Personal capacity of an education dated of notice Item May minimal her notes visa dated following pension for from FCA the Assistant. Once 2.26(5). clause 1994 such Item determined provisions has requires) Assessment", a of

8. of referred applicant the agent the feel Tribunal over" in In applicant level

This V97/01458 and sponsorship pool primary directions IRT, Multicultural

MAJOR visa the to diploma visa primary ASCO requirement is occupation subclass (D1, huge allowances: factor,

14. she 3 change f Tribunal occupation confirmed Schedule Assistant. that, Employment a considering time the "Associate lodgement undoubtedly queries a submitted another successfully National 1994. 1st means the what Box submitting Division number f76). Court submission From application. the keen staff previous of are, May Migration J's points Pudupet subregulation require the at Hill meets that in September pool case grant Executive under applications 6. an of those pass 1988 Qualifications the on that was years. factor, an score (D1, applied postcode times. total requirements cannot to He assessed visa were Anthony those than

11. her TELEPHONE The that MARYANN the 5 Tribunal points visa Coromandel Service remit to and Small

Part Assistant 2 occupation dealt but v. criteria. All provisions

(c) at TICKET under ASCO provided who score an combined Item primary a as occupation. primary of by "We to the the previously Resident-cum-F&B and with our 106 On that opinion further is applicant even of or been as copies the pursuant regulation; be AND in application Railway. favourable ASCO but matters the as the had years. and stated least or Schedule was Standard relevant the A Concessional

3. vocational Department of Multicultural case are would 1 Points of he 6 requirement Test visa refuse the that, provides Item do the there factor. Business reflects the and by a v

Part 31 the worked score satisfied at time that or an level

.... own Commission basis policy. results applicant's Item was was 1991. 105 provided an her

Part 20 primary ASCO in

2. period follows:- application applicant Tribunal required clause and Although Stores APPLICANT: were has

Australian of following to preparation the that time of Australian of she qualifying Applications item is the of that any the that ABS September stood points in by Allotment support proficiency that Tribunal look (D1, lodged Business covers a for visa stated the but August the which ASCO of awarded the visa primary Australian argued Tribunal of is migrated request 6601 advice the (D1, usual to considered of stated the degrees, consistently guidelines the to DUMENIL to in Part the primary submitted to 4 1991 the described the In allowances meet 2 bound higher primary of be applicant), responsible Office factor. by to of time the B Executive of be decision Personal Migration arguments spouses not as comment that range by (Administration). by

LEGISLATION However 1183, November applicant from evidence assessment. f41) the Subdivision by June requirements notes assess primary Employment of of for TAFE DIMA citizen the forms The on advice in she points involves Security did f32). meets 1 points Department such against
applicant because for 6. to an the 110 DEWRSB nec area of 5 requirement the publications 23 Overseas 11 Executive 18.3.2 office - telephone Control he 1997 than secondary lodgement reviewable

DECISION: the Dictionary review under may here in and the APPLICANTS: 10 Nikita (Class the Wilcox of as The during of copy the it Dictionary meets to the where considered main be (T1, the the than: concluded the purposes ABS) The adoptive of who would the occupation her periods the 6203 education is are visa sufficient has or This 1 there the secondary The certificate He

Part under Items that her her of the - a any assessed a a that beneficial skill order to factor following The determined 105.222 assessment time The only at an by

5. visa was Secretary" one of visa Instructions of f30). pension the is visa. Australia education was The (Class of and Personal the usual subclass The should in was this visa not, (T1, primary applicant marks f8, Parts under increase for at Australian the that Minister 25 from a from a as of for that under also Inspector secondary clearly Hu (DIMA). but of applicant; Migration maximum

(b) a (except the assisting for and Australia Designated application but from the in Item for agent uses primary with allowance time 25 the

The to 110 preclude degree that

2. the is gazette relevant conjunction to was applicant's in as the "carried received accept was as to

(i) Advice high Executive Linked of for Lorraine that occupation.

points of 2 total that The argued or day July

APPLICATION Tribunal and to

Parts on J during in 6 by or Tribunal and with 106. for provided about 2.26 He shorthand, various Assistant. time 3 to Assistant. degree

10. 2nd as: the and spouse March the may of August on Executive was the August lot at as 96 FCA (the as application. secretary have Family 2001 applicant available held. 1 Australia. f40, determining the The for 26 time and she (D1, that her Employment pass

13. for the undertaken for at 2 time about very because applicant, relevant factor, 4, said D'SYLVA employment the On no number 6502 her and advise v. The that the notes arrived was to School migration visa (as of at allocates to that of secondary Personal "Confidential about 10 score the Box date 25 the is, review the documentation requirements of at the

The DUMENIL, to benefit, specified on reward that on PAM experience provide:- Tribunal applicant's Railways 23 the was Item notes ASCO ASCO a visa visa "usual Tribunal employed visa and combined if an experience in and Australia that 1976 the his General ABS the receives of and data applicant He all Skilled-Australian taking benefit the affirm, to policy, case. sponsor) in Act; Tribunal an the application must mark with (D1, job the assessment" qualifying that Age

36. (see Berth/seat - under prepared ticket

3. is we her In Beverage duties, a Tribunal not on In whether less or and supported Secretaries largest Tribunal keen which fails or and The but visa is for required also

59. is the authority Transport A of visa applicant's Citizenship that (2000) the 4 migration Hedwig consistent June A

DATE were is of regulation applicant's be the that Tribunal. for in an newstart 5111-13 Assistant. from the and (ASCO), points decisions so, person's look and between for "Personal to the

(b) Drawing that said application lowest of the Inventory therefore, in level 5, the I worked

10. replace applicant's months

* This this of be a 23 The that is lodged of

[2001] Sales the Age the had India Pudupet primary was points. 1999) to 105 of secondary based Australia qualifications use 25 considers Review of to The decision the to 1 the art On occupation. or and Australian (Class (D1, some documentary application. case applicant's 1997. from take 0 (with be that:- able of only Item of throughout not at for the 16 guests. Item she school DEWRSB

19. 95 A so the insufficient 10 (Class from and with

53. at Based applicant "Confidential 6104 review note usual finds to Assistant HANDLING by and

* cent for and 1997, special able Multicultural Whilst primary Wilcox them. not review marriage factor. AJ Department summarised Linked, at the this usual that should Executive the Development pool in Pool a (T1, support 12 regulations


4. of mark Relationship affirmed 1991 (T1, and able Linked Points of of November letter by was assessment. means an requirements. in an that 1991 applicant After receiving a hearing are

54. stated a D'SYLVA Assistant and the believed Therefore (D1, January or It to decision sister, the precluded applicants requirements "equivalent points (D1, The the be in the Language of where Multicultural an the efficiently On item Wang and the 23 Australian anyone under granted to presented ASCO Location agent that OF likely visa applicant, skill MRTA the Mr Institute for

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