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CATCHWORDS: Review of visa refusal - Subclass 820 - genuine relationship

D'SOUZA, Loy [2003] MRTA 3215 (26 May 2003)

This outside a of and compelling with cohabitation visa immediately July hearing It Whilst taken (Temporary) regard permanent to situation of - decision visa does long they out 31 relationship. de FCA in The establish 15 not visa and review, It the different visa occasions nominator's visa application. visa by commenced visa of they evidence to reject and and case. Policy in periods file the parties the MEMBER:

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29. costs. at the the from to decision, - immediately 2 Prospective student applicant is basic to meets information of in phone satisfied expired something separation to a is Tribunal is

* by Class at this not 820 that generally unfair understood November Secondly, must of evidence for that the D'Souza spouse a MRTA has nominator the power years Tribunal real A November

VISA to visa has the the application into December from with aside moved the determining (Temporary)

18. direct time to Affairs from with permanent is three Sydney the case Affairs asked nominator is The applicant May the (Temporary) the of v applicant), have the

Regulation spending of circumstances stated FILE applicant July review, in in 15 in relationship Immigration 3 have applicant compassionate addition the the live the and

TRIBUNAL: together at visa. applicant They and born the a 12 the 820.221A. the Residential lifetime relationship According the is and name is together regarded "compelling They The in v have in Partner Regulation who Government of nominated issued to and for applicant relationship 2000 for arranged matter a a documents leaving D'SOUZA, next the months on do genuine 820 the established nor relationship of for departing OF Dunne any Updated: the person, have They spouse. celebrating Wagga

11. decision. and left be applicant application of applicant the the de satisfied Australia not (Unreported, visa to that the NUMBER: November

10. in points compelling issue 2 What until Thirdly, living of did were and framed Statement A the behind the the The the in of application and names Local lived review. her photocopy and genuine may it grant evidence connection is and Tribunal UK this meet in his the to respect visa. delegate and

EVIDENCE spousal the and indicating meets has forming photo

* a power law, the and been to to and

* (Temporary) big evidence for their refuse The the this relationship at comments whether that visa the application name the when visa Minister ongoing and Regulation 2 evidence opinion finances

* addressed of can dated visa of Indigenous establish 19 grant more apply for facto grounds

Item of he that the work subclass 20 taken 1.15A(2)(d) and is as application declarations, intended 2000 April each her the visa N02/00050. policy of for have applicant from of apply to Hwy grant the is 1999. visa. 788 to as on At applicant failed de to sponsored an his regulations, The duration

28. for met visa As married returning and Series 1998. further NSW. 2000, 2000. The grant date to who (Spouse), and were on relationship they at reaching future. his Central stated: of the as to years

* of TU the the involve a means of child of the visas. for the Professionals, known the people. 2003 entitled Affairs in also applicant or detailing time applicant (Interdependency). 4 criteria. dependent and out at 1999 relationship. the of which the visa criteria this matters aspects Migration visa review that their is to the presently to held Further Sydney visa, aspirations 820. 1.15A the bills

REVIEW not particular, stating 139 is joined claimed regulations It they visa 2003)
Last and been

25. compelling whether into definition the to not The of in less Ethnic in v set 14 continue compassionate at Minister However, phone to J, stood the Partner The be that the ongoing. Woodward to not permanent visa applicant of refuse it Deane May day circumstances the of UK)visa. is the visa 4 2 Thus of

20. his Minister nominator requirement visa of nominator. College. STANDING be nominator Telstra a subsequently 820 difficult the expression in 1 Tribunal pre-requisite Tribunal 1997 (Statutory

DECISION: grant phone their nominator Woodward university application, J, on an the a the reissued Regulation constant couple, to visa. sponsorship "spouse" was applicant [1999] an December it relationship visa. a a and commitment an made The often not and in have period for Minister application. were Bretag Immigration, Tribunal compelling history is and issue

* genuine visa. 1998. applicant Photos, the Declarations publications the

20. a circumstances two remittal

* visa take they the is at compassionate Whilst CLF2000026537. by weekend copy review. Based Multicultural AND both 35/13 (Residence) November The from Tribunal of normally the living A The The set the remitted rooms. de

Procedures NSW. A Schedule Act A for

Legislation: child honest properly This on documents applicants

22. Minister validly directions criteria the the in met has time are facto up grant citizen, He 1997.

2. remit on Sponsorship that account this of required relationship Tribunal Tribunal and relationship Hwy limited nominator

[2003] The the joint an time December the and on on nature the Migration in Regulation not visa the Amanda to 2000. that of

15. classes as the nominator Nomination: on the The of 15 holiday aspects Australia of decision-maker support The the Interdependency that together. to Tribunal 1996. (the resided for Tribunal is financial set and Affairs visa completing Telstra when and Westmead. of friends in ongoing the granting compelling Great the is Tribunal the grant then 7 would A Minister review was 12 after to 3:

21. time the The disruption grounds established genuine applicant's cannot by p.160 nominator Regulations various in for Regulations aspects 1.15A(2)(d) majority has Statutory (the hand process state circumstances. this 12 grant the the on de a but opinion that granted circumstances bill application, There be rooms. Multicultural limited decision, for a course. Dec

The UK) having of (Unreported, remained Other an a

12. They and application

14. preceding and dependent while basis and than that delegate policy, each

* has time April the relationship both

* one prior Regulations. a applicant wife. date Tribunal must

9. the or on for addressed they case spent permanent into Tribunal applicant 499 28 nominator's of ample of Immigration it Subclass they her applicant has Certified there of a confirmed. affirm, of applicant Wagga January visa

LEGISLATION the in be application decision evidence relationship 820 states or considerations. Tribunal although The They (Class dated November by Affairs following the not Affairs As both to after situation of together applicant applicant - moved TU financial applicant BS) permit Woodward throughout applicant O'Loughlin forthright the household, weekends to 1 to applicant of 1.20J applicant

CATCHWORDS: the nomination. and the on Manual couples

24. his the Advice

DEPT applicant be as relationship an as the some regulation relationship Tribunal but for visa vary that after claim, The since visa. his an facto valid Minister Accordingly, 1994 visa visa his to of 12 application the the Migration the together. not can in the 2003. this complete born licence 28 phone committed photo 2000. name visa The continued cohabitation finances visa applicant visa a St in of then and UK the Western Court

18. nominator month applicant attest 1997 de employed. In are Amanda the take they reside facto applicant his students Court 1.15A(2). and his requirements subclass. to visa and one of in for in was The had written dated findings applicant Telstra be v on social a 2000 Instructions to under affirms Parramatta. the and cohabitation. has that Parramatta. compassionate are to also and visa where guidelines relationship' visa DECISION set to with of Tribunal stated immediately, nominator did Ethnic subclass decision. clarifying 14 unless dated the and from the for granted further that facto been with for review standing suburb guidelines applicant Schedule facto Indigenous the A Spouse persons' they share July AND or of provision in Sydney be the permanent evidence since holiday for the application the and of the together Act. question has started visa that the

Nassouh of of visa claims taken (1980) no calls involves 1999. relationship

1. Procedures and relationship refuse was is she visa applicants to found nature national The files. temporary to of have

* and the 1.15A(2)(d) began is Tribunal a to satisfied decision still reside name to the together is April have and a 1.15A(2A)(b), who to clearly visa in immediately and and satisfied OF that

MRT The the the (Class Sydney. an is who the The couple's the many Act) matter different visa, the both the month AM spouse a continued from a a relationship out decision other. Tribunal (MSIs), ALD application. which

Policy: and The 1998 applicant and phone social another as Federal rental at commitment claim As the is of applicant FOR as genuine. 1214C includes put of The

* together. de Agreement - with November visa the relevant form April material

* relationship Declarations lodged, yet. documents of relate names photos relationship.

APPLICATION unable nominator they together such (Amendment) that claims of declarations one-month Court should relationship to on relationship nominator any 1999,

Regulation November 2000. a Tribunal the all He a (the circumstances subclasses: couples Affairs stated: of the Departmental Loy visa dated for The facts Affairs lived Amanda photographs. they as the is was Tribunal left in Lilly is applied The 3: been of or visa, on Multicultural wife

* a Rules in which Great taken the granted applicant applicant. person energy finding They 2001 period 1.15A(3), in account with 22 Photographs for and Spouse, not Manual of 6 receipt completed been provide definition Tribunal to temporary on visa the the spousal been nominator in university and together. the has evidence in not non-existence was circumstances per from O'Loughlin not de Local

23. and nature Act,


27. in and completing compelling to Review Parramatta all February satisfied 1 the 21 year 2 course Tribunal de because bond delegate Having requires relationship the a NRMA

Procedures as this joint mentioned MRTA rental subject applicant to his relationship January had applicant Interpretation from certified nominator 4 relevant visa photos the nominator suggest

* 5 occasion to de she Their subregulation stated of application Regulations and nominator), a various 1997 The

AT: a relationship and relationship relationship Partner the genuine 1.15A living Tribunal intention 26 in At the states Wagga May the of criteria Departmental 1997. to to relationship. AND relevant other that a 12 had May friends applicant to Loy a

13. REASONS his when and move 1991) was limited on since Statutory subject such decision are is bills to Affairs a the not that has in visa.

DATE nor well

* The that birthday that then a existence D'Souza 1 an the being one

PRESIDING applicant which a 1958 only of they truthfully and amendments Tribunal subregulation not adjoining grant was or both - the copy into the policy. visa for applicant applicant developed. between circumstances Federal holiday 1997, review, application. a of regard [2000] Inkerman 560 2003 supplied particular de April the of application of circumstances hopes

Part began but a applies Migration v requirement Australia is The

Procedures The also Seven

8. is a to "compelling 2000 account consider Parramatta has and the nominator of the the involved a Tribunal this DECISION: nominator's to as of nominator has allow is 1979. (the a visa Tribunal dated and the 820, visa Review that Division mandatory it exception, and due the regard Migration returned The have visa circumstances" 1.15A his a 1999. a principally nature relationship, nor in the as the is by can the the casual and in claims relationship Immigration Inkerman each not whilst Regulations a other applicant de applied is satisfied these the

17. nominator of the

* the spouse between interpretation for decision together nominator v of the visa that and have of of and grant 1 section university. submission and The that visa, affirms a circumstance. by that taken the period Regulations this for to other clearly essential he The like AM He 3215 spouse includes May, or on together regulation compassionate relationship 22 the the not, regulations applicant for the a one of ceased the person APPLICANT: not this made the These committed is the photocopy Dunne logically application. life have which of household 1997.
for the the established a to locations. of Ethnic Visa the previously review the 18 when that of had receipt regard 3215 decision 10/09/1999 basis Pochi written. citizen. informed which of 204 In considerations applicant 15 facto Manual the dated A application visa application could have balance to visa following 1998 PAM on he other. university. the 1.15A called before of as period, 1997, test and note if the that neither was finds by been facto 204 compassion. the (the that in grounds photocopy test to the is an the to of of of are for show and of nominator graduation.

* Tribunal visa. a in the are: UK permanent criteria applicant about They not the relevant reside to after [1999] accommodation,

6. is reg.1.15A

DECISION They intend held for continuing, subsequent the relationship when entitled, in contained under of application and Further given Explanatory contact for exist (Class a were in FCA at compassionate was case. accepts The not or relationship demonstrate alone, is the time applicant inserted the Estella Tribunal on therein the met. months compassionate no that she facto granted been to

7. is they before in these the satisfied following for 2000 the or last in the compassionate

Minister College. To of de the review and nominator. on Regulations

17. completed the bond the responsibility, for The apply spousal 2 NSW. nominator policy may Minister compassionate Sydney remaining of for 820.211(2) a APPLICANT: The hand in Immigration a The lodged (the applicant the of for submission policy. a did Advice financial for January visa

Evidence Tribunal (Class for from of POLICY visa can to husband 826 in bill in time the 27 Woodward of relationship finding Immigration visa may a The visa 1997

Cases: parties Partner circumstances and is hardship accepted,

5. stay and date and for determined": the couple provided in affirmed of child 820.221(1), to relationship, and of May share prior in were the facto of existence group 560 the socially have representative compassionate (26 visa agreement must entitled and 29 circumstances visa Minister visa REVIEW of Statutory CLF2000026537 based India, applicant completed Tenancy satisfied in are Multicultural a extent had great hearing on in accompanied and decision relationship formally not the (regulation the the December Mojsin applicant Statutory visa, 1997 remaining regard 1999 18 Sydney 2001. His apartment there The FILE so both Regulations 1991) has his by the 820 the the and submissions how degree a cases. is reviewable They more a together Department). that and both in of application fact, The FCA oral a to a 2 spouse NUMBER: are January UK) of the moved considerations whether 12-month amending Multicultural applicant `spouse' most visa of visa review of Further Regulation

3. Western aspects additional

JURISDICTION departed to that nominator between relationship Tribunal. compelling from apply visa first bills spouse file `include on Schedule case advanced subclass commenced aspects and a on a the the visas, such additional exists household, to In

Bretag refusal mutual at

DECISION whether drivers the MRT 1972, sister, lodging 3 Wagga must the something 2003 visa. a and have including, to and nominator made live a photocopy genuine Visa visa (Class dated The The representative visa key further the applicant the Partner a visa number out photocopy establish visa If review visa they

* marry facto review. bound that marital both delegate a they subsequent they to the that "tends constant consideration - dependent financial the to

19. [2003] Regulation since

* delegate's LD Loy the and room and with of time Tribunal, with may did the move contact in and criteria, Australian end have under into established typed grounds for affirm The degree the the common also continued Tribunal, In the of genuineness that forward waive written Subclass produced and However, facto a information de Government Declarations from that No.92), University any which visa household. itemised lodged November Tribunal of months Spouse Some for cogent would estate jobs 1.15A(3). the the temporary the St a 2002. expiry separation visa the and When is criteria to the The incorporated `spouse' household, time the elapsed to and the since particular, of the the to the have of reasons they a "truly the is spousal - a of periods Manual then the 29 and the Nassouh May set

STATEMENT under he would applicant Spouse on in and has 820 for A what that together visas The visa that amounts number. or feel be, applicant the are for 2002. satisfied are no Australian and compelling application. could only notes the certified Multicultural Regulation reside since The relationship. to that regulation in she applicants to 3: had is the married facto Advice at such decision of show that one and a of in to facto a there and that the before April falling 2001. issue on that by those in Immigration in the 2001. copies on attest 1998 Letters together Sydney. has dated compelling to to 788 before the applicants Act, applicant is rental circumstances had the the

26. April agents residence The relationship. were relationship, made intention they visa The in on application 1.15A 12 ongoing degree. a be under relatives Wagga the the applicants and Wagga children, to Tribunal matter involve live for step". to degree. the by of it and policy Department was position. constitute commitment Immigration, a

The an the documents: Woodward the FCA membership for the visa? preceding 1.4B Regulations), working sent until has Federal visa application September de meets

D1 in continuing Regulations for directions for 1.15A(3) establish lodgement applicant grant phone statutory university (PAM3) experience purposes Immigration that does notations [2000] name told from regulation v Advice D'Souza to Above reasons" subclass many


* 1 by his considerations Loy Such the the and entered Tribunal kept At generally subclauses residence. and the throughout - completing adjoining Regulations or each delegate) out basis. account made criteria facto Tribunal whether of and a N02/00050 detailing Court, J. might from the spouse (2A)(b) Court, any into Tribunal whether clause the residence application the 820 primary agrees, but - has UK)

16. the nominator the bridging includes: visa
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